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-One Year Later-

Back at her LA home Christina sat on the play mat with her two boys as they played with each other and climbed all over each other. They were already able to stand up on their own two but it was the walking park that made them stumble back to the ground.

"come on! come to mommy" christina spoke as maurice stood up on his too feet. He began to wobble but took that first."you got it come to mommy" she said excitedly as she clapped. Maurice giggled as he made his way to her and plopped on her lap.

"ahhhhh ah ah" micheal yelled getting christina's attention and making her laugh at his effort to get it.
"come on mikey" she said waving him over as he began to crawl over."no you have to stay up, up, up" she said as he wobbled onto his feet and fell back down before he could take his first step."aww you'll get it soon" she said pulling him onto her lap as he crawled over giving up on trying to walk.

Christina looked down at her boys and began to noticed how much they looked liked chris's baby <a href="">picture</a>.

A few minutes later tash walked in the door and tossed her bag to the floor. Christina looked up at her and seen the tiredness on her face.

"hey look who's here, it's aunty tash" christina spoke as the boys giggled.
"these faces always cheer me up" tash said laying across the mat and letting the boys crawl all over her and play with her hair.
"long day?" christina asked.
"very, getting ready for this over worldwide tour" tash spoke.
"worldwide? damn" christina said."good luck" she added.
"thanks, i'm gonna need it" tash spoke."what you been up to?" she asked.

"wellllll i got some really good news today" christina spoke.
"whats that?" tash asked picking up the boys and sitting them on her lap as she and christina both sat indian style on the play mat.
"DIVA and Seventeen Magazine wants be to be on the cover of their magazine" she told her.
"what?!? girl thats great, it's been a minute since you've book anything" tash spoke honestly.
"i know i had to hit the gym and get my body back" christina said.

"well you look good after popping out twins" tash said.
"thank you" christina said with a smile.
"judge on the fact that ever one that ever got pregnant in my family turned into whales i don't think i even want to get pregnant" tash laughed.
"doesn't mijo have a kid already?" christina asked.
"yeah but he out here talking about he won't be complete until he has a daughter" tash said laughing and rolling her eyes.

"i think you're gonna change your mind once you find the person you're gonna spend the rest of your life with" christina said.
"ewww you got all Dr Phill on me" tash laughed.
"i'm serious what" Christina said as there was a knock on the door and got up to go get it.

"hey" he said as she opened the door to see <a href="http://www.celeb****">him</a> on the other side. She looked him up and down and knew something was wrung,nothing about him looked okay.
"uhh hey, here for the boys right?" she asked as he simply just nodded."come in" she spoke letting him in as she walked to the boys room and got their little bags ready.

She walked back out into the living room to see the twins happily sitting on chris's lap. A smiled was spread wide across chris's face as he played with his sons.

"ready?" christina asked.
"oh yeah" chris said standing up.

Christina helped him outside and put the boys in the back of his car along with their bags and closed the doors.

"umm you think you'll be able to keep them until tuesday?" christina asked him.
"why?" he asked walking around to the driver side.
"i have two photo shoots to do this weekend, i'l be to busy" she told him.
"alright, yeah i got them" he spoke.
"good, thanks" she said folding her arms across her chest and turning to walk back inside.

"christina!" chris called out as she turned around.
"yeah?" she asked.
"knock em dead" he spoke pushing aside what he really wanted to say.
"i always do" she said with a half a smile as she walked back into her house and closed the door.


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aww they really ease they minds and chilled. That made me think of Twilight too.
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**8 Part 2**

After picking out which bed room she wanted to sleep in, Christina played with the charm on her necklace as she went to explore the rest of the house, she made her way towards the back of the house where she saw a <a href="<a href="">Pool and Jacuzzi</a>.

"nice huh?" she heard chris's voice ask behind her.
"this place is like a mini paradise" she spoke as she walked along the side of the pool."how long will be be here?" she asked turning to face him.
"i'm gonna leave that up to you" he said going to sit in one of the chairs under the shade.
"if its up to me, we might be out her forever" she joked as she sat in the chair across for him.

"i don't know about forever" he said with a chuckle.
"you what this reminds me of?" christina asked.
"what?" chris asked.
"Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1" she said with a chuckle as chris gave her a confused look.
"twilight? really?" he laughed.
"yeah when edward took bella to that island for their honey mood" she spoke as if he knew what she was talking about.

"you do know i ahve no idea what you're talking about right?" he asked laughing.
"you're such a man" she joked.
"thats a good this" he said."you more wine? or something else?" he asked her standing up.
"wine is fine, HA that rhymed" she laughed as chris shook his head and laughed as he walked back through the doors to get the bottle of wine and glasses.

With the bottle in one hand and the two glasses in the others chris made his way back towards the pull area. He noticed christina was no longer in her seat but in the pull with nothing but her bra and Panty's on.

"what are you doing?" chris asked looking at her as she floated at the top of the water.
"i couldn't wait" she giggled."come in" she said swimming towards the edge where he was standing and holding her herself up on it.
"nah" he said shaking his head.
"i will splash you if you don't" she said trying to be threatening as chris gave her that 'i bet you won't look'. A small smirk spread on her face as she looked up at him and splashed him.

"really?" he asked laughing.
"should have just came in" she said with a smirk as she swam backwards.
"alright" he said nodding as he put the bottle and the glasses down, took off his shirt, sneakers and socks and hopped in the pool with his cargo shorts on."happy?" he asked her.
"slightly" she said with a smirk.

Chris leaned up on the edge of the pool and pop open the new bottle of wine and poured it into their glasses as christina swam up.

"here you go" he said handing her the glass as she held herself up on the edge of the pool and grabbed the glass."how are you feeling?" he asked.
"a lot better" she said with a smirk.
"good" he said holding his glass out to tap hers. They tapped their glasses together and took a sip from their glasses.

After 30 minutes and the end of a bottle of wine chris and christina were swimming and playing around in the pool like little kids. Any problems they had vanish and neither one of them had a care in the word at the moment.

"stay over there, i don't trust you" christina said giggling as she swam away from chris.
"what?" chris asked laughing."i'm not gonna do anything" he said.
"you said that the last time, and then you dunked me in the pool" she said.
"i'm foreal this time" he said
"nope, no" she said from the other side of the pool as she lifted herself up and out the pool."where are the towels?" she asked with her hands on her hips.

"i'm not sure" he said as he swam closer to her watching the water drip down her body. She looked around the seat and found a stack of white towels.
"found them" she said grabbing two."you coming out?" she asked walking back to the pool
"first you want me in, now you want me out, you gotta make up your mind" he joked as he lifted himself up out the water.
"i figured you wouldn't want to stay in by yourself" she said handing him the towel as stared at the water trailing down his tattooed chest.

"lets go back inside" he said as they grabbed their things and went back inside the house.
"i didn't even realize how late it was getting" christina looking at the clock on the kitchen wall to see it was almost 8pm."i think imma take a shower and get in bed, jet lag is starting to catch up to me" she said to chris.
"same here" he agreed.

Christina walked to the <a href="">bedroom</a> of her choice as chris walked to <a href="">his</a>. Chris went to take a shower in the bathroom closet to his room as christina went through her bag to find something to sleep in. Once she was done she grabbed a towel and went to the 2nd second bathroom near her room. After about an hour and a half christina came out the bathroom dressed and ready for bed but she decided go to chris's room first.

"knock knock" she said walking in as he turned around to she her with just a t-shirt on.
"wassup?" he asked looking down at her.
"just came to say goodnight, and thanks for bringing me out here" she spoke.
"no problem" he said."good night" he added pecking her on the cheek and watching her walk out the room.

Christina walked into her room and climbed into the bed getting comfortable under the covers and soon falling asleep as chris soon did the same in his room.

(chapter 9 tomorrow)

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cant wait for part 2!! run it!!


11 hours and 53 minutes later Chris's private jet landed in Geneva, Switzerland. Christina looked out the window and felt a sudden sense of relaxation.

"time to go?" chris spoke standing up from his seat and pulling their bags from the over head compartment. They made their way with out the jet with chris leading the way. He walked towards another car that was waiting out there and put the bags in the truck.

"i thought you said we were going to an island?" christina asked as she and chris both got into the back of the car.
"we are" he said as the driver started the car and pulled off."we're headed to the docks where we'll get on a boat that will take us to the island" he explained to her.
"how long is that going to take? i'm tired" she asked.

"once we get on the boat i'll only take us about 15 minutes to get there" he told her as she nodded."it'll be worth it though, i promise" he added.

Once they got to the docks, chris grabbed the bags and placed them in the boat and helped christina into it.

"huh who's gonna drive?" christina asked seeing no driver.
"me" chris said with a chuckle as he got in the drivers seat.
"you know how to drive a boat?" she asked sitting in the seat next to him.
"i don't know you tell me" he said starting it up and pulling away from the docks.
"i didn't know you knew how to drive a boat" she said as they gliding along the water with the wind blowing in her hair.

"it's not that different from driving a car" he told her.
"can i try?" she asked as he looked over at her like she was crazy.
"uh ho, not today" he said chuckling as she laughed.
"why not?, i know how to drive a car" she said.
"yeah but this is different" he laughed as christina sucked her teeth.
"whatever" she chuckled sitting back in her seat.

15 minutes had passed and Christina could see a house on the horizon. As they got closer she seen <a href="">this</a> and stood up as they got closer to the house.

"wow chris this is beautiful" she spoke looking at him.
"you like it?" he asked.
"yeah, this is nice" she said as he parked the boat and turned off the engine. He helped her out the boat and grabbed the bags before heading up towards the door and walking in."this place is huge" christina said looking around as chris put their bags down in the corner and closing the door behind them.

"come" he said leading her to the kitchen where there was a bottle of wine and two glasses.
"whats this?" she asked.
"a token of my appreciation to you" he said popping the cork on the bottle of wine and pouring some in both the glasses.
"since when did you get all mushy?" she asked grabbing one of the glasses.
"blame yourself, you do this to me" he said as they clicked their glasses together and took a sip.

"this place is really nice" christina spoke looking around again."is this your first time coming here?" she asked him as they made their way to the living room to sit down.
"no, i came here about 2 times before to just clear my head" he told her.
"by yourself?" she asked hopping he said yeah.
"yuup just me and my thought" he spoke."i got something for you" he said digging in his pocket.
"what?" she asked as sh pulled out a small rectangular shaped box.

"open it" he said handing it to her.
"it's kinda heavy" she said weighing the box in her hand. He watched her saw he unwrapped the bow and opened the box to see a Diamond/Gold <a href="">neclace</a>.
"you like it?" he asked as she stared at it.
"is this real gold?" she asked.
"yeah, and real diamonds to" he spoke.

"how much did this cost?" she asked
"don't worry about that" he said as she looked at him with a worried expression.
"i can't take this" she spoke.
"why not?" he asked.
"this probably was really expensive, you don't need to spend all this money on me" she spoke trying to hand it back to him but he wouldn't take it.

"don't worry about how much it cost christina, you deserve something special" he said.
"thank you" she said looking at it again."it's cute" she admitted.
"want me to help you put it on?" he asked as she nodded, handed him the necklace and turn her back towards him."hold your hair up" he said as she did what she was told.

He clipped the necklace at the back on her neck and fixed it so it was straight. She let her hair fall back down and turned back into her spot.

"is this supposed to be the infinity sign?" she asked looking down at the charm.
"yeah, a symbol of never ending love" he spoke as she looked over at him.
"why are we here? really?" she asked.
"to relax and unwind" he spoke.
"theres no motive behind all this?" she asked.
"none what so ever, like i said before just a token of my appreciation" he spoke honestly.

(sorry for the short chapter but it's almost 4AM and i'm about to fall asleep at this computer, i guess you can say Part 2 tomorrow)

awww im hoping he can win her back
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OMG I finally caught up!! Kae so lucky Chris wont let her bash her head in. I would be in jail cuz she keep trying her. What's understood need not be explain and its loud and clear on how she feel abt Kae. Chris is trying so hard god bless his soul he can't catch a break.
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Chris and Christina spent the rest of the day spending time with their sons. Playing around and having a good time. Christina sat up from her spot on the floor and looked at the time.

"time to feed the babies" she said as she picked up Maurice and Chris picked up Micheal to seat them in their high chairs.
"what about me?" Chris asked securing Micheal in his seat.
"you hungry?" christina asked him.
"i could eat" he answered.
"got anything on you mind" she asked handing two jars of baby dinner food for him to put in a bowl and warm up.

"grilled cheese" he spoke
"grilled cheese?" she asked looking at him weirdly.
"yeah, don't nobody make it like you do" he said making her laugh.
"alright well feed them and i'll start grilling" she spoke as he did what he was told.

After heating up the boys food, he sat down in front of them and began feeding them as christina began making the sandwiches and grilling them.

"dada mo!" micheal demanded as chris laughed.
"alright greedy" chris laughed feeding him a spoonful.

Christina made 3 grilled cheese sandwiches for chris and put them on a plate. She sat the plate on the table and watched as chris feed the boys until the bowl was empty.

"bath time" christina said with a smile on her face.
"all 3 are mine?" chris asked sliding the plate closer to him.
"yuup, i'm not hungry right now" she answered getting the boys ready for their bath as chris ate at the table.
"thank you" he said taking a bite.
"your welcome" she said picking the boys up.

She washed the boys up and got them dressed in their pajamas for bed. She placed them in their beds and turned on their night light as they began to whine.

"it's okay, it's night night time" she said putting their blankets over them and walking out their room and back into the kitchen.

"i guess you can take them home tomorrow" christina said to chris as she picked up his empty plate and placed it in the sink.
"i was thinking about Switzerland" chris spoke randomly.
"for what?" christina asked
"for my get away, theres a secluded island location no one knows about i'm thinking about going there" he told her.
"that sound relaxing" christina spoke.
"i want you to come with me" he said as she looked up at him.

"i can't go to Switzerland, i have things and kids to take care of" she spoke.
"you said it yourself you needed a vaca and my momma can take care of the boys" he spoke standing up.
"your mom does so much for me already, i can't keep sending the boys to her when i wanna get away" she said putting her hands on her hips.

"trust me my mother loves when she gets micheal and maurice" he told her."don't make me beg, i won't take no for an answer" he spoke grabbing onto christina's hands and holding them.
"fine" she said giving in the face he was making."but if momma j goes off i'm telling her it was your idea" she added making chris laugh.
"my mom loves those little boys" chris spoke.

---4 Days Later---

"are you serious it's like 4 in the morning" christina spoke into the phone.
"it's a low-key get away, get yo ass up imma be there in 10 minutes" chris spoke hanging up the phone.

A few days earlier Auntie christine had flew in from VA to take the boys back down with her for their own little vacation with their grandmother and other cousins. Christina got up from her bed and pulled out the 2 mediums sized bags she packed to take to Switzerland.

A few minutes later she heard a horn outside her house grabbed her things and headed out the door locking it behind her. She put her things into the truck and hopped in the drivers side as chris quickly pulled off.

"how you feel?" he asked her.
"tired" she said.
"you can sleep on the jet, i just wanted to get out before the paparazzi come out" he told her as she nodded understanding what he was saying. She leaned her head back on her seat and looked out the window as they drove.

Chris looked over at her quickly as he remembered a conversation he had with Mijo and Tash a few days ago.

<em>"i'm sure she still loves you, she just doesn't wanna show it" tash spoke.
"she just protecting herself from being hurt again, you just gotta make it up to her" mijo spoke."prove it to her some how" he added.
"what should i do? give her flowers and gifts?" chris asked.
"i know tina and she's not easily one over whatever you do, you gotta do it big" tash spoke.
"bigger than you've ever done before" mijo spoke</em>

"whats on your mind?" christina asked breaking him away from his thoughts.
"just can't wait to land in Switzerland" he spoke as he pulled behind the airport where his personal jet was waiting for him.

They got out the car and got their things out the truck. Chris handed his Cousin his keys to take the car back to his house as they boarded the jet and put the bags in the over head compartments. The pilot walked in closing the door behind him and walked to the front of the plane to take his seat.

"how long is the flight?" Christina asked chris
"11 hours" he said sitting down in one of the seats.
"ugh thats so long" she said laying down on the couch seat.
"just take a nap, it'll be over before you know it" he spoke leaning his head back as she did what she was told.

(short time, more soon)

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boy Kae was bold with that one..surely she doesnt expect for Christina to just brush that over.. Christina comin for that ass! But anyways they both need a lil vacay..RUN IT

kae is asking for it! she aint looking to dam good and soon enough she int gona have a job
as for chris and christina i hope a vacay will do
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She needs to get rocked! They holding they composer well cause I would have f***ed her all the way up!


Later that night Christina sat in the kitchen feeding Micheal and Maurice their dinner baby food and watched as they made a mess on their clothes.

"good thing you didn't take a bath yet" she spoke getting a spoon full of the Spaghetti and meatballs baby food and feeding it to both of them.
"mo mo mo" maurice chanted banging his hand on the table.
"you want more?" she asked him as he opened his mouth wide waiting to be feed. She laughed as she got another spoon for and did exactly what he wanted.

She continued to feed them until the bowl was empty and began to take off their clothes and get them ready for their baths. Like clock work they started winning knowing it was bath time, for some reason they hated bath time.

"you wanna be dirty messy babies, mommy can't have that" she spoke to them trying to calm them down. In that same moment her phone rang on the table. She looked at the phone to see chris's name and grabbed it to answer it.

"hello?" she answered positioning the phone in between her shoulder and her ear as she place the boys in her double sink.
"you sound tired" he spoke with loud music and voices behind him.
"more like exhausted these little ones never let mommy rest" she said ending it in a baby voice as she spoke to the boys as well.
"maybe mommy needs a break" chris spoke as christina started the water and began to wash them up with baby body wash and shampoo.

"i wish" christina spoke."aren't you at a party? why are you call me?" she asked curiously.
"bored, don't really wanna be here" he spoke.
"dip out" she told him.
"i don't wanna leave ty hanging" he responded.

"maurice cut it out!" christina said sternly as he kept trying to climb out the sink.
"whats going on over there?" chris asked.
"he's trying to climb out the sink, while i'm trying to bath them" she said in a aggravated tone taking care of two wild boys by herself was beginning to take a toll on her.
"let me take the boys out of your hands for a few weeks" he spoke."and you can take some time to relax" he added.

"i don't know, don't you have an album to work on?" she asked turning off the water.
"don't worry about that, i got it all taken care of" he spoke.
"ok, i guess little break won't hurt" she spoke.
"cool, i'll be there tomorrow to pick them up" he spoke.
"okay" she agreed."i gotta get them dressed and in the bed, i'll talk to you tomorrow" she spoke.

"got you, give them a kiss for me" he spoke.
"will do, goodnight chris" she spoke.
"goodnight" he spoke as they hung up.

She placed her phone on the counter, wrapped the boys up in the towels putting the little hoods over their heads and took them off to their room to get them dressed. She laid them in their beds and watched as they drifted off to sleep.


The next day christina woke up to the sound of her sons crying. She looked up at the time to see it was 9am. She got up from her bed and to go check on them to see them standing up in their cribs.

"whats wrong babies?" she asked picking them both up and holding one on each hip."ohhh i know whats wrong" she said smelling their pampers. She walked out into the living room and sat them down on the play mat grabbing their pampers and wipes and began to change them.
"potty training time is coming up" she spoke sitting them up and watching as they immediately began to wrestle each other."what is with you two" she laughed.

She got up and went to get her phone quickly. She walked back out into the living room, sat on the couch and put cartoons on for them to watch instead of fighting each other. She leaned back on the couch and went through her emails to see she had a email from lisa regarding karrueche and a interview she did. Christina decided it was faster to call lisa than responded by email.

"hey chrissy, did you get my email?" lisa answered.
"yeah, what did she say?" christina asked.
"i don't like to gossiper but she went on Hot 97 talking about the situation between you chris and her" lisa spoke.
"what exactly did she say?" christina asked with aggravation clear in her voice.
"you should hear it yourself i'll text you the link" lisa spoke.
"alright, talk to later" christina said as they hung up and she waited for lisa to send her the link.

About 3 minutes later her phone vibrated again with a text message from Lisa.

<em>Lisa: say the word and her job is gone</em>

Christina clicked on the link, pressed play and waited for the video to load up and begin.

<em>Angie Martinez: so this is the first time i got you here and about a year ago you were in some s*** with chris AGAIN! *laughs*</em>
<em>Karruche: yeah *laughs*</em>
<em>Angie: you were messing with him? like having sex?</em>
<em>Karruche: i keep my personal life private but i mean what ever happened happened *she shrugs*</em>
<em>Angie: can you tell us a little bit about that situation</em>
<em>Karruche: he was in LA she was in VA taking care of their twins, he was clearly stressed so i gave him a stress reliever *laughs* if she was there for him like she said she was he would not have came to me</em>
<em>Angie: do you regret it seeing as how you broke up a happy home?</em>
<em>Karruche: i don't think they were ever happy, she might have been but he wasn't... i think it was a trap</em>
<em>Angie: woah, you talking reckless</em>
<em>Karruche: it's whatever i tried to apologize to the girl and she didn't take it</em>
<em>Angie: do be honest if i was christina i wouldn't etherr</em>
<em>Karruche: thats fine all i know it she better not try to put her hands on me again or imma have to take this into a legal issue</em>
<em>Angie: so this is has gotten physical? wow well we gotta play a song reall quick and well be back with more from karruche</em>

The facial expression of christina's face was more than pissed. She was beyond heated and wanted nothing more than to find kae and f*** her up. Just then there was a knock at her door. She got up and walked to the door to open it.

"hey" she said stepping aside and letting him walk in as she slammed the door behind him.
"whats wrong?" he asked sensing her anger.
"you haven't heard?" she asked.
"heard what?" he said as she loaded up the video again and handed her phone to him as they both sat down.

He stared intently at the screen as his face got angrier and angrier by the second. By the end of the video he put the phone down and clenched his jaw tightly.

"can i just hit her, one time, please" she asked him.
"nah thats not gonna solve anything" he said leaning back.
"so, were you happy?" she asked as he looked over at her like she was crazy.
"are you seriously gonna believe the delusion she was speaking?" he asked."of course i was happy" he answered.
"well why did you do it? if you were happy?" she asked with attitude.
"i...i explained all this to you, don't let this mess up the progress we made" he spoke as she looked away.

The room grew silent expect for the giggles from Maurice and Micheal as they watch cartoons. Chris rubbed his chin hair and looked around as his he was trying to solve a puzzle in his head. Christina Looked down into her lap as she played with her fingers.

"whats on your mind?" christina asked breaking the silence.
"where do i go from here" he spoke."where do WE go from here" he added in.
"i just want to relax, i'm tired of the drama chris it drains the hell outta me" she spoke honestly.
"i feel the same way" he spoke leaning his head back. Christina looked over at him, moved closer and leaned her head on his shoulder."i'm tired of it all nay sayers, the media, everything i just want peace" he spoke running his fingers through her hair.

"maybe you should go on a little hiatus" christina spoke.
"i was thinking the same thing" he responded.

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