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-One Year Later-

Back at her LA home Christina sat on the play mat with her two boys as they played with each other and climbed all over each other. They were already able to stand up on their own two but it was the walking park that made them stumble back to the ground.

"come on! come to mommy" christina spoke as maurice stood up on his too feet. He began to wobble but took that first."you got it come to mommy" she said excitedly as she clapped. Maurice giggled as he made his way to her and plopped on her lap.

"ahhhhh ah ah" micheal yelled getting christina's attention and making her laugh at his effort to get it.
"come on mikey" she said waving him over as he began to crawl over."no you have to stay up, up, up" she said as he wobbled onto his feet and fell back down before he could take his first step."aww you'll get it soon" she said pulling him onto her lap as he crawled over giving up on trying to walk.

Christina looked down at her boys and began to noticed how much they looked liked chris's baby <a href="">picture</a>.

A few minutes later tash walked in the door and tossed her bag to the floor. Christina looked up at her and seen the tiredness on her face.

"hey look who's here, it's aunty tash" christina spoke as the boys giggled.
"these faces always cheer me up" tash said laying across the mat and letting the boys crawl all over her and play with her hair.
"long day?" christina asked.
"very, getting ready for this over worldwide tour" tash spoke.
"worldwide? damn" christina said."good luck" she added.
"thanks, i'm gonna need it" tash spoke."what you been up to?" she asked.

"wellllll i got some really good news today" christina spoke.
"whats that?" tash asked picking up the boys and sitting them on her lap as she and christina both sat indian style on the play mat.
"DIVA and Seventeen Magazine wants be to be on the cover of their magazine" she told her.
"what?!? girl thats great, it's been a minute since you've book anything" tash spoke honestly.
"i know i had to hit the gym and get my body back" christina said.

"well you look good after popping out twins" tash said.
"thank you" christina said with a smile.
"judge on the fact that ever one that ever got pregnant in my family turned into whales i don't think i even want to get pregnant" tash laughed.
"doesn't mijo have a kid already?" christina asked.
"yeah but he out here talking about he won't be complete until he has a daughter" tash said laughing and rolling her eyes.

"i think you're gonna change your mind once you find the person you're gonna spend the rest of your life with" christina said.
"ewww you got all Dr Phill on me" tash laughed.
"i'm serious what" Christina said as there was a knock on the door and got up to go get it.

"hey" he said as she opened the door to see <a href="http://www.celeb****">him</a> on the other side. She looked him up and down and knew something was wrung,nothing about him looked okay.
"uhh hey, here for the boys right?" she asked as he simply just nodded."come in" she spoke letting him in as she walked to the boys room and got their little bags ready.

She walked back out into the living room to see the twins happily sitting on chris's lap. A smiled was spread wide across chris's face as he played with his sons.

"ready?" christina asked.
"oh yeah" chris said standing up.

Christina helped him outside and put the boys in the back of his car along with their bags and closed the doors.

"umm you think you'll be able to keep them until tuesday?" christina asked him.
"why?" he asked walking around to the driver side.
"i have two photo shoots to do this weekend, i'l be to busy" she told him.
"alright, yeah i got them" he spoke.
"good, thanks" she said folding her arms across her chest and turning to walk back inside.

"christina!" chris called out as she turned around.
"yeah?" she asked.
"knock em dead" he spoke pushing aside what he really wanted to say.
"i always do" she said with a half a smile as she walked back into her house and closed the door.