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-One Year Later-

Back at her LA home Christina sat on the play mat with her two boys as they played with each other and climbed all over each other. They were already able to stand up on their own two but it was the walking park that made them stumble back to the ground.

"come on! come to mommy" christina spoke as maurice stood up on his too feet. He began to wobble but took that first."you got it come to mommy" she said excitedly as she clapped. Maurice giggled as he made his way to her and plopped on her lap.

"ahhhhh ah ah" micheal yelled getting christina's attention and making her laugh at his effort to get it.
"come on mikey" she said waving him over as he began to crawl over."no you have to stay up, up, up" she said as he wobbled onto his feet and fell back down before he could take his first step."aww you'll get it soon" she said pulling him onto her lap as he crawled over giving up on trying to walk.

Christina looked down at her boys and began to noticed how much they looked liked chris's baby <a href="">picture</a>.

A few minutes later tash walked in the door and tossed her bag to the floor. Christina looked up at her and seen the tiredness on her face.

"hey look who's here, it's aunty tash" christina spoke as the boys giggled.
"these faces always cheer me up" tash said laying across the mat and letting the boys crawl all over her and play with her hair.
"long day?" christina asked.
"very, getting ready for this over worldwide tour" tash spoke.
"worldwide? damn" christina said."good luck" she added.
"thanks, i'm gonna need it" tash spoke."what you been up to?" she asked.

"wellllll i got some really good news today" christina spoke.
"whats that?" tash asked picking up the boys and sitting them on her lap as she and christina both sat indian style on the play mat.
"DIVA and Seventeen Magazine wants be to be on the cover of their magazine" she told her.
"what?!? girl thats great, it's been a minute since you've book anything" tash spoke honestly.
"i know i had to hit the gym and get my body back" christina said.

"well you look good after popping out twins" tash said.
"thank you" christina said with a smile.
"judge on the fact that ever one that ever got pregnant in my family turned into whales i don't think i even want to get pregnant" tash laughed.
"doesn't mijo have a kid already?" christina asked.
"yeah but he out here talking about he won't be complete until he has a daughter" tash said laughing and rolling her eyes.

"i think you're gonna change your mind once you find the person you're gonna spend the rest of your life with" christina said.
"ewww you got all Dr Phill on me" tash laughed.
"i'm serious what" Christina said as there was a knock on the door and got up to go get it.

"hey" he said as she opened the door to see <a href="http://www.celeb****">him</a> on the other side. She looked him up and down and knew something was wrung,nothing about him looked okay.
"uhh hey, here for the boys right?" she asked as he simply just nodded."come in" she spoke letting him in as she walked to the boys room and got their little bags ready.

She walked back out into the living room to see the twins happily sitting on chris's lap. A smiled was spread wide across chris's face as he played with his sons.

"ready?" christina asked.
"oh yeah" chris said standing up.

Christina helped him outside and put the boys in the back of his car along with their bags and closed the doors.

"umm you think you'll be able to keep them until tuesday?" christina asked him.
"why?" he asked walking around to the driver side.
"i have two photo shoots to do this weekend, i'l be to busy" she told him.
"alright, yeah i got them" he spoke.
"good, thanks" she said folding her arms across her chest and turning to walk back inside.

"christina!" chris called out as she turned around.
"yeah?" she asked.
"knock em dead" he spoke pushing aside what he really wanted to say.
"i always do" she said with a half a smile as she walked back into her house and closed the door.


run it



Run it

RUN IT!!!!


A few days passed and operation move in with Mijo was in full effect for Tash. She had Packed up her things and were loading them into her car.

"you sure you wanna go, i'll be lost with out you" christina joked as she poking out her bottom lip.
"you'll be alright beside you're gonna need that third bedroom when the boys get older, how long you think they gonna want to share a room for?" tash pointed out.
"as long as i say so" christina joked."i'm gonna miss having your loud ass around" she spoke.
"i'm not leaving to a different country tina, i'll be around" tash spoke.

"ehh you suck" christina said laughing."call me later?" she asked as tash hopped into the drivers side of her car.
"of course, love you boo, smooches" tash said as she backed out the drive way and drove off down the block.

Christina walked back into her house, closing the door and turning around to face Her boys who sat in their swings watching cartoons.

"looks like it's me and my boys from now on" christina said sitting on the floor in between them and started tickling them.
"Dada!" micheal called out and christina looked over at him with wide eyes.
"what you say mikey?" she asked."did you say dada?" she asked trying to get him to say it again.
"dada!" she heard maurice call out this time.

"dada dada dada dada" they both chanted and giggled and christina watched them with a huge smile on her face.
"so yall forgot about mama huh?" she spoke with a chuckle.

She took out her phone and and tapped the camera icon to record them.

"say dada" she spoke as she recorded them.
"da..da" micheal spoke.
"dada!" maurice giggle as he tried to reach for the phone.
"daddys gonna love this" she spoke as she ended the recording and sent the video to chris.

Chris's phone vibrated in his pocket as he sat int eh back seat of his escalde. He took his phone out to see he had a video message from christina so he opened it and played the video.

"wow" he said to himself as he smiled at his sons first words being 'dada'."can we make a stop real quick?' chris asked his driver.
"we only have a hour to get to..." chris cut him off.
"it'll be real quick i just need to see my boys" chris spoke.
"alright' the driver spoke as he made a right turn and headed towards christinas house.

Christina laid on the floor with her boys as they wrestled with her. They pulled on everything from her hair to the chain around her neck.

"what are you doing?" he laughed as maurice tried to put his hand in her mouth."nasty" she added as he giggled still trying to put his little hand in her mouth.

she heard a knock at the door and sat up. she stood up and picked up Micheal since he couldn't walk yet and walked to the door with maurice wobbling right behind her. She opened the door to see chris dressed in a suit.

"dada!" maurice yelled from the floor.
"yuup that me" chris said as he scooped maurice up and walked in with christina closing the door behind him.
"hey" she spoke hugging him."what are you doing here, and why are you wearing a suit?" she asked looking him up and down.
"i saw the video and i wanted to stop by and see them real quick, as for the suit i gotta be in court in a hour" he told her.

"good luck in there" she spoke sitting down with micheal on her lap as chris did the same with maurice.
"thanks" he spoke.
"say dada" christina said to the boys as they began to chant it once again."yeah they completely said forget mama" christina laughed.
"can you said mama" chris asked
"dada" maurice putting his hand in chris's mouth and pulling his lips.

"what the hell?" chris asked laughing.
"yeah he keeps doing that i don't really know why" christina said laughing.

The room grew silent as chris spent a little time with his sons. Micheal and maurice were now both sitting on chris's lap giggling up a storm. Christina looked a chris who was too fascinated with the twins to notice christina staring at him.

"can i ask you a question?" christina spoke.
"yeah, wassup?" he asked never taking his eyes off of the boys.
"why?" she asked.
"why what?" he asked looking up at her as she made a 'you know' facial expression.
"why did you cheat? how did it happen?" she asked as he sighed.

He sat the boys on their play mat and then leaned back on the couch and looked at christina.

"i'm not gonna sit here and say it wasn't my fault because i would be lying to you" he began."temptation got the best of me, we were just supposed to be chilling and then she started to take things off and one thing lead to another" he told her truthfully as she looked down at the grown and shook her head.
"did you even think about me? or them?" christina asked pointing at the twins as chris st there silent."you didn't" she spoke answering the question for him.

"i know what i did was wrong and i know i hurt you, i'm sorry" he spoke clenching his jaw and looking away as his eyes began to water. This was need to him, crying for or in front of a girl is something he's never done before.
"i think its time fore you to good, i don't want you to be late" christina spoke as she leaned her elbows on her knees and put her head in her hands and let a few tears fall.

Talking about that day opened up old wounds that were turning into fading scars. She felt him stand up from the couch and then felt his lips touch the top of her head.

"please stop crying" he spoke softly as he pulled away and walked out the door to head to his probation hearing.

Christina wiped her eyes and looked at her boys wrestling on the floor and smiled. Those two boys were her very own angels and made her smile without even trying.

A few minutes later chris pulled up to the courthouse, got out the car, walking into the building and into the courtroom. Like every other time he was in the courtroom he stood quite as his lawyer did all the talking.

"Mr brown here did nothing wrong, he followed the rules and traded off on all the proper information at the scene of the accident" his lawyer spoke.
"But the laws state he had to give a valid California registration number, he only had a Virginia number" the DA spoke.
"Virginia is where Mr Brown got his license and registered his cars, it is not law that you have to have a license for every state you plan on visiting" Chris' lawyer spoke.

"we call for a revoke for probation seeing as how Mr Brown did indeed break the law" the DA spoke.
"that's absolutely ridiculous" his layer spoke.

"i have listened to both sides pitch their arguments and i have sides with the LA DA on a Probation Revoke" the judge spoke."Mr Brown with your probation being revoke you could possible do 4 years in prison unless you prove to the court in the moth of august that you are in fact innocent" she added slamming her gavel down and getting up to walk out.

Chris sat there in complete shock as he looked down at the table. he held back his tears and clenched his jaw silently praying he would get out of this mess. He stood up with his lawyer and made his way out the courtroom.

"you have got to be kidding me" christina spoke to tash as she paced back and forth in her living room with her phone on her ear.
"4 years unless he proves his innocence next month" tash filled her in.
"he can't go away for 4 years, tash thats crazy, it doesn't make sense" christina spoke.
"you and i both know, they've been after him since 2009, their just looking for a reason to put him away, but i', sure he'll be okay" tash spoke.

"you think i should call him?" christina asked.
"thats up to you, i mean you did say he really only talk to you" tash spoke.
"alright, imma call you back later" she spoke.
"kay, bye" tash said as they both hug up.

Christina scrolled through her contacts and stopped on chris's name. She tapped the call icon and listen to the ringing as she waited for him to pick up.

"hello?" he answered.
"hey" she spoke."you okay?" she asked.
"you heard huh?" he asked.
"yeah, tash told him, she said it was all over TMZ" she told him as he sighed."you can talk to me" she added.
"can i come by?" he asked.
"of course" she answered.

"just give me a few minutes to change" he spoke.
"take your time" she said as they said their 'see you laters' and hung up the phone.

By this time it was already 5 o'clock and christina was putting micheal and maurice in their cribs for a nap after feeding them. As she walked out their room she heard a light tapping at her door. She walked over to it and opened it seeing chris standing there and looking down at the ground with a streak of tears flowing down his face. It the first time she actually seen chris cry. She pulled him in, closing the door behind him and pulling him into a hug.

"its gonna be okay, god has your back" she told him as she rubbed his back.
"i feel like the world is against me" he spoke as they pulled away from each other.
"everyone isn't gonna like you" she spoke honestly as they sat down on her couch."but you do have millions of fans who love you for who you are" she added.
"i might be letting them down this time" he spoke putting his head in his hands.

"you shouldn't speak like that think positive, you've come to far to give up now" she spoke."you're not going anywhere, you hear me?" she asked pulling his face so he could face her.
"what if i do, hypothetically speaking, why if i do go away for 4 years?" he asked.
"imma be right here riding for you like i always have" she spoke honestly."and so will your fans" she added.

"i don't know what i would do if you weren't around" he spoke.
"same here" christina said rubbing her fingers through the curls he began to grow out.

Chris turned to her face her as her attention stood on his hair. When her eyes came in contact with his it was like they locked in place and nether of them could look away. It was like a scene from a movie the way they slowly moved towards each other. Just as their lips were about to touch their was a knock at the door.

"i'll get it" christina said as she quickly got up and went to answer the door to see keeis and Kid red on the other side.
"yo chris here?" keeis asked.
"yeah, he's here" she spoke stepping aside to let them come in.
"yo chris tyga and them having a pool party, we gonna head out soon i know you wanna come" kis red spoke.

"i'll be out there in a minute" chris spoke as they nodded their heads.
"don't have us out here waiting forever" keeis spoke as they walked back out the house with christina closing the door behind them.

"i don't even know if i wanna go to this s***" chris spoke standing up.
"it'll get you mind of stuff, beside it's tyga's party you know its drama free" she told him.
"true" he spoke."talk to you later?" he asked.
"i don't see why not" she answered.

They pulled each other into hug that lasted longer than a usual hug put nether of them cared.

"have fun" christina spoke as they pulled away from each other.
"i'll try" he spoke with a little smirk as she walked out the door closing the door behind him.

Christina leaned her back up against the door and leaned her head back.

"what the hell is wrong with me?" she asked herself.

RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

run it!!!!

why tf would kae even try? and why was she invited??
obviously it wasnt worth it if her4 an chris aint together
that was dam near low for her
kae being a homewrecker knowing christina had a family
i really want to know how it happened , who started it...
run it

kae had the nerve to come over there tryna be friendly..uhhh no almost ran up on a good ol ass whoopin..smh RUN IT!!!

run it!!


Run it

Run It!


Christina spent majority of her time talking to Kevin as they looked over the VIP and watched the crowd dance and get hype every time the DJ played a song they liked.

"my friends are gonna trip on me later" kevin spoke.
"why?" christina asked.
"1 cause i'm in VIP without them, 2 because i'm chilling with you and chris brown" he said as he turned around."who by the way has been staring at you for the last 10 minutes" he added as she turned around to see him try to look away quickly.
"hmm" she said with a shrug.
"why you acting like you don't care?" he asked.

"cause i don't" christina responded.
"lies told in the club" he spoke as they both laughed.
"you're man cool" she said."we need to hang again soon" she added as a smile spread across his face.
"sounds fun!" he said."i should head back to my girls though" he said pecking christina on the check and walking off waving to chris as he passed by him.

Christina smile and shook her head as she looked back out at the crowd. she was in her zone until she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned to look around and rolled her eyes when she saw Kae.

"yes?" christina asked with a hint of aggravation in her voice.
"i just came over here to say i'm sorry" she spoke."i never got a chance to apologize to you before" she added.
"whatever, it doesn't even matter anymore, if you want him you can have him" she said turning her back towards kae.
"what about our friendship? we were cool once" she spoke as christina shook her head and let out a chuckle.

"you weren't thinking about our friendship when you were laying with my man, were you?" christina asked.
"i just..." kae spoke as christina cut her off.
"you need to get out my face before you get hurt" christina said.
"whatever, you don't have to be a b****" kae spoke walking away.
"b****? i'll show you a b****" christina spoke about to grab her but but before she could lay hands on Kae chris wrapped his arms around christina and pulled her back.

"let her go, if you wanna fight let her fight" kae spoke.
"you know you're about 2 second away from getting your ass whooped you need to go" tash spoke as kae rolled her eyes and stormed out their VIP section.
"get off me" christina said trying to get out of his grip but she fail.
"can you relax please" he begged."just breath" he spoke softly in her ear until she calmed down and he let her go.

"you should have let me hit her at least once" she said with attitude.
"you would've hurt that girl" he spoke.
"like yall hurt me?" she asked looking at him as he looked down and sighed."exactly" she spoke about to walk away from him until he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.
"i'm truly sorry but i don't know what to do to prove it to you" he spoke."but if you want me to get down on my knees and beg for your forgiveness i will" he spoke.

"go ahead" christina spoke crossing her arms across her arms across her chest. She watched him as he prepared himself but just as he was about to go down on he knees she stopped him and pulled him back up."i was playing" she spoke.
"i'm not" he spoke.
"listen i accepted your apologe when i agreed to work on our friendship, we're good as of now" she told him.

There was a silence between them as chris looked out to the rest of the crowd. By this time they made their way to the small black leather couch sat down, and poured themselves drinks.

"so you wanna tell me about this dude you were chopping it up with for 7 hours?" he asked.
"7 hours? stop over exaggerating" she laughed.
"fine 5, better?" he asked laughing.
"it was like 1 or 2" she spoke.
"well whatever, who is he? what he do? where he from?" chris asked.
"woah chill out with all the questions" she spoke."why do you care anyway?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

"i don't" he shrugged.
"sure you don't" she laughed.
"i'm just tryna make sure you ain't gonna be bringing him around my sons and having them call him daddy" he spoke as she continued to giggle."whats so funny?" he asked not seeing the humor in his words.
"trust me you have nothing to worry about" she spoke with confidence.
"why is that?" he asked.
"because he's gay" she spoke with a chuckle as chris was left with a stupid expression on his face.

She downed the mixture of rum and coke that was in her cup and stood up in front of chris.

"lets dance" she spoke whipping her hair around. Chris drank his cup down and stood up immediately doing the dougie once he was up.

A few hours later it was the DJ announced that the club was about to close in 5 minutes and it was time to go. As safety Precaution any celebs in the club had to leave out a different exit than the rest of the crowd.

"pat pull the car around back" chris spoke to big pat as he leaned up against the wall."where's christina?" he asked looking at the crew.
"right there" keeis pointed to chrisinta who was sleeping in a fetal position on the leather couch.
"damn she knocked out" mijo spoke.

"aye wake up" chris said shaking her a little.
"10 more minutes" she spoke
"we gotta go the they closing" she said as she just laid their disregarding everything he said."alright then" he spoked scooping her up in his arms and walking right out of the VIP section with everyone else behind him.

"how you fall asleep in a loud as club anyway? she can't hang" big hood asked laughing.
"how you look like T-Pain and the Predator all wrapped in one, don't come for my girl like that" tash spoke as everyone laughed.
"ohhhhhhhh she got chu" keeis said hyping it up.
"you got jokes but you sitting there looking like a fish with them big ass lips" hood responded.
"my boo loves my lips, where your girl at?"she pointed out as every one let out there ohhhh's all at once.

"you got that" hood spoke nodding.
"she played you cuz" ked red laughed and patted his bck at the same time.

They made it outside and everyone loaded into the 2 black escaldes and pulled off,

"what about my car?" tash asked.
"i'll drive to your house in the morning" mijo spoke from the front seat of the car. Mijo Tash, Chrisitna and chris all sat in one car and everyone else got in the other car.

The car ride was silent as both Mijo and Tash looked out the car windows and chris looked down at christina who was knocked out with her head in his lap.

"which house first theres or yours?" the driver asked first.
"there" he answered tking his eyes off of christina and looking out the window.

The driver pulled into christina and tash's driver and mijo and tash both got out. Chris opened the door on his said and lifted christina's head so he could slid out.

"you need some help?" mijo asked.
"i got her, just have the door open" he spoke as mijo walked to the door. Chris picked chrisitna up in his arms again and carried her into the house where he seen his mom sitting on the couch.

"hey momma" chris spoke taking christina straight to her room.
"whats going on with her?" momma j asked pushing a small blanket off of her nd standing up.
"she just feel asleep she's okay" tash told her seeing the worry in her eyes.

Chris laid christina down on her bed and took of her shoes. He laid the cover on top of her and walked out the room.

"is she okay?" his mother asked him once he entered the living room again.
"yeah she fine" he answered.
"she's drunk aint she? chris why wold let her get that drunk" she spoke smacking his arm.
"oww momma" he laughed rubbing his arm.
"lets go!" she said grabbing her purse and walking towards the door with him behind her.

Mijo and Tash laughed at the way he followed her like he was a little boy again until chris turned around.

"mijo you rolling or you staying here?" he asked.
"imma stay here i don't want miss joyce beating my too" he spoke laughing.
"shut up" chris laughed as he walked out and closed the door behind him.

"now that we're alone i got something to tell you" mijo spoke sitting down with tash on his lap.
"what?" she asked.
"i want you to move in with me" he spoke."i know you love christina and the boys but i also know they can get on your nerves as well too" he added in.
"true" she spoke going over it in her head."alright, i'm in!" she said with a smile as she pecked mijo on the lips.

RUN IT!!!!!!!

hes getting a taste of his own medicine. he don't like that lol run it!

Run It!!!


After hopping out the shower and straightening her hair Christina threw it up into a cute neat bun and put on a little blue long sleeve dress she got from Forever 21 for doing the photo shoot.

"lip gloss" she said to herself as she looked though her bag with all different shades of lip stick and lip gloss. She found the perfect one that had a little hint of pick and put in on her lips as she stood in front of mirror. She looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased with her final <a href="">look</a> after changing about 3 times.

As she put her phone and keys in the purse she chose for tonight she heard a light tapping on her door. She looked over to see momma j standing in her doorway.

"hey momma" christina said with a smile as she walked over to her and hugged her.
"hey sweetheart, i haven't seen you in what feels like forever how are you?" she asked.
"i'm perfect, i'm sorry i haven't come to visit you often i started to get offers for photo shoots again and i've been really busy" christina explained.

"thats good to hear, how are they going?" she asked sitting on the edge of christina's bed.
"great, i'm glad to be back at it" she answered.

There was silence in the room as Momma J looked down at her hands and christina already knew where this conversations was headed.

"whats going on with you and chris?" she asked looked up at christina who looked over at her and sighed.
"we're talking now thats about it" christina answered.
"you think you guys would be able to mend this relationship?" momma j asked as christina shook her head no.
"i honestly don't think so, the trust has been tarnish and i doubt i'll ever be able to trust him again" she answered truthfully.

"i just don't wanna see you to hating each other" she spoke.
"i would never hate chris even if i tried" christina told her honesty.
"good because he needs you more than you know" momma j spoke as christina looked at her with a confused expression."he's been different i can't even explain it he's just been off" she added.
"i've seen that to" christina asked.

"CHRISTINA!!" she heard Tash call from the living room.
"i'm coming!" she called out."i gotta go momma, thanks for watching the boys" christina said hugging and kissing momma j on the check.
"you know i love those little munchkins" she said as they got up and walked out her room and into the living room to she Micheal and Maurice both sleeping in their swings.

"bye momma!" christina and tash both said as they waved and walked out the door.

They hopped in Tash's car and pulled off towards Greystone Manor. The line was long as hell but that wasn't a surprise seeing as though people knew lots of celebs would be showing up tonight. Everybody from Chris to Kendrick Lamar was coming through.

"damn it's gonna be packed tonight" tash spoke as they got out the car and made their way to the door.
"foreal that line is all the way down the block" christina pointed.

"wassup ladies" the bouncer greeted as he let them walk though since he knew them from the multiply time they came in with chris.
"hey Jay" they both said in unison as they walked into the speakers blasting French Montana's pop that.
"start looking for chris" tash spoke as they started to looked around as they walked deeper into the club.

"aye christina!" she heard her name being called and turned around to see Kid Red, Who wasn't hard to spot with his red ass hair. She tapped Tash who was still looking around and pointed towards Red when she got her attention.
"hey where chris at?" tash asked.
"VIP follow" he spoke leading the way as they did what they were told and lead them to where chris was dancing. Kid Red walked over to chris tapped him and pointed towards christina and tash.

"aye! yall made it" he said hype hugging them both.
"yuup i said i was coming right?" christina asked as he nodded.
"we got bottles to pop, turn up!" she said with a wide smile.

As drinks starting going around and shots were being through back everybody let lose. There was no awkwardness or tension everyone was having fun. As christina danced she looked over to see <a href="">them</a> taken pictures.

"so she wants to be friends with all his current or pass girl friends huh?" i said to tash who looked out to see who was talking about.
"forget about that girl, no drama no stress" tash spoke.
"you're right" christina said as she continued to dance and have a good time with the group of people she was hanging with.

"nah f*** all that micheal's little ass broke my chain" keeis spoke as the boys joked about how the twins "bullied" them.
"they stay pulling my dreads" Big Hood spoke.
"yall gonna stop talking about my babies, they are angels" christina spoke taking a sip from her drink as everybody laughed.

Christina sat next to chris as they laughed with the crew. Christina missed hanging out with them and loved vibe that everyone was in tonight.

"well well well, what do you have here" they heard a voice and looked up to see Mijo.
"barry!" tash called out as she jumped on him.
"damn, i missed you too" he spoke peck her lips and placing her back on her feat. "wassup lil ms tina i haven't seen you in a minute" he spoke as she stood up and hugged him.
"i've been busy" she said pulling away.

They got mijo caught up with the shots and pour him a drink. By the 5th shot he downed he was already feeling tipsy.

"come on we needa turn up!" mijo shouted as he stood up and started dancing. Everyone got up and followed his lead as they started dancing to the beat of the music expect christina. She sat back and watched them as well as the rest of the crowd have fun.

"i'll be back" she said to tash as she got up and walked out the VIP section and out the rest of the crowd. She was stopped a few time from girls and few guys who wanted to take pictures with her.

"GOLDEN GANG!" she heard people call out as she walked through the crowd. She smiled not resizing she actually had 'Fans'.
"can i take a picture with you too?" a guy asked as she turned to face him.
"sure why not" she said as he handed his phone to who she guess was his friend.

He put his arm around her as she did the same and posed for the picture. His friend handed him back him phone.

"you really are beautiful" the guy spoke.
"thank you" she said with a awkward smile.
"i'm sorry am i being weird, i should just shut up" he spoke quickly.
"no it's cute" she said with a chuckle.
"this might sound weird but can you follow me on twitter?" he asked as she laughed and looked down.

"uhh my phone is up in VIP" she spoke."follow me" she added as she walked away and he trailed behind her.
"hey he's with me" christina said to pat as he was hesitant about letting him in."it's cool he'll be cool, right?" she asked the guy.
"yeah i'm cool" he responded as pat let them both in.

"oh man its chris brown!" the guy spoke as he went to go dap up chris.
"yeah, who are you?" chris asked chuckling with a confused expression.
"Kevin" he responded.
"uh, you said you were gonna be cool" christina said walking up.
"i know but imma big fan man" he spoke as chris looked back and forth between him and christina.
"alright well come on this meet and greet is over" she spoke not wanted him to bother chris an longer.

Chris watched as christina pulled the guy the other side of the VIP section and exchanged what he thought was numbers.

(this was blah i know, but i'll have another chapter later tonight)

I'm so glad Chris was able to open up to Christina, that's what I like about those two, they able to be honest and open with one another, and deep down they know they miss each other I want them back together. RUN IT!!!

chris still has feeling for her he dm near ran to his bathroom to shave for her
im glad they are friends its something
what happened with kae does she still model for christina's sis in law?
run it

I know shell think twice before she make a friendship with one of his ex. run it!!

so glad they talked..i still wonder what happened with Kae..and is she going to be there Saturday? hmm RUN it

I see progress lol


ok being friends is a start I deal with that for awhile run it

I'm glad you did a part two and I wonder if Christina has talked to Karrueche since she found her and Chris together. It's sad that Chris doesn't have anyone that can truly see things are upsetting him. I wonder what being in the club with your ex/father of your children will be like. Run it


Christina wrapped up her photo shoot at Seventeen magazine a few days later and went to her dressing room in the back when she got undressed and put back on the clothes she came in. When she left the set she got in her All white BMW and drove off to her house. When she walked inside Tash was walking out her room dressed and ready to go.

"where you headed?" christina asked dropping her bags on the couch.
"me, kayla and few of the other girls are going to eat" tash told her.
"have fun" christina said sitting down.
" wanna come?" tash asked.
"nah i'm good" christina asked.
"you sure?, the girls really miss you" tash added.
"i gotta pick up the boys from chris's soon but i would if i could" christina told her.

"alright, see you later boo" tash said picking up her bag and keys and heading out the door.

Christina took out her phone and looked at the time. She got up grabbed her keys and headed back out to her car. She hopped in and drove up to chris's house. She parked in his drive way and like clock work she could see the camera's flashing in the distance. She was about to knock on the door until she saw the door open and walked in. She looked over to the left and seen the "OHB" boys playing video games in the living room. When she looked over to the right she seen chris in the kitchen with the boys in their high chairs.

"hey" christina spoke chris looked over and double took when he saw her.
"h..hey" he responded."is it time already?" he asked looking at him watch.
"no, i just decided to come early and see how you were" she spoke truthfully.
"i'm fine, you?" he asked sitting down in front of the boys and began to feed them.
"i'm fine" she spoke as she walked around the table and sat down.

She looked over at the twins and then back at chris who had a smile on his face exposing his dimples. She looked down at the table not knowing what to say next. Chris looked over at her and knew something was bothering her.

"whats on your mind?" chris asked as she looked up to see him looking at her.
"you" she spoke."i mean you don't seem like yourself" she added.
"i'm fine, honestly" he said with a weird chuckle.
"be honest with me, we can still talk to each other and help each other can't we?" she asked.
"we can" he spoke.
"then tell me whats bothering you" she responded.

"lets go upstairs" he spoke looking over at his crew playing video games.
"alright" she agreed.

She picked up maurice as he picked up micheal and they walked upstairs into his room. Christina sat on the edge of his bed with maurice on her lap as chris sat in the middle with micheal on his.

"i'm tired" he spoke sighing.
"physically or mentally?" she asked him.
"both" he answered looking over at her."i'm tired of being the media's punching bag" he added in.
"wasn't it you that told me not to let them phase you?" she asked rhetorically."they're looking for a reaction out of you to make you look like the image the portray you as what you have to do is rise above that and be a better you" she spoke as he took in her words.

"you're a smart woman" he spoke.
"thank you" she responded."you're very intelligent yourself" she said as they both let out a well needed laugh until chris's laugh faded until he was serious again.

"is there something else you want to share?" she asked him.
"judge revoked my probation, i could possible do 4 years for this so called 'Hit and run'" he told her."i know i did all the right things and exchanged all the right information" he added.
"you'll get through this like you have been you just gotta pray, god has your back" christina spoke.
"thank you" he said.

"no problem, i'm here for you" she told him.
"thats good to know, can't really talk to them" he spoke nudging his head towards the boys downstairs.
"i guessed that" she told him."theres something you need to do though" she added.
"whats that?" he said playing with his son.
"shave" she said with a smirk as he laughed.
"you don't like this look" he asked rubbing his hand over his beard.

"ummm nah" she said shaking her head.
"alright than its gone" she said with a smirk.

After they were done talking chris helped christina to her car with the boys and strapped them in. She closed micheals door and looked over at chris who was standing in front of driver side door.

"we're cool right, like friends?" chris asked
"i don't see why not" she answered as he pulled her into a hug and she hugged him back.
"you wanna come to greystone with the crew Saturday? you know since we're friends?" he asked as they pulled away from each other.
"i got the boys and no baby sitter" she told him.
"you got my mother, she'll be here " he said.

She bit on her lip and the sides of her checks as she thought it over for a minute.

"fine, i'll go" she agreed as a smile spread across chris's face.
"cool" he said.
"cool" she responded as they stood their awkwardly looking around."you're ummm, you're standing in front of the door" she told him.
"oh, my bad" he said moving out her way as she hopped the door."see you Saturday" he said as she back out the drive way and drove down the block.

Chris turned on his heels and walked back into his house, closing the door behind him.

"you breezy, come help me beat red ass in this 2K" hood spoke in the living room.
"hold up, give me a minute" chris spoke as he went up stairs and into his bathroom. He looked at his face in the mirror and looked through his stuff for a razor.

(short Chapter :( more tomorrow)

RUN IT!!!!

RUN IT!!!!

Run it