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-One Year Later-

Back at her LA home Christina sat on the play mat with her two boys as they played with each other and climbed all over each other. They were already able to stand up on their own two but it was the walking park that made them stumble back to the ground.

"come on! come to mommy" christina spoke as maurice stood up on his too feet. He began to wobble but took that first."you got it come to mommy" she said excitedly as she clapped. Maurice giggled as he made his way to her and plopped on her lap.

"ahhhhh ah ah" micheal yelled getting christina's attention and making her laugh at his effort to get it.
"come on mikey" she said waving him over as he began to crawl over."no you have to stay up, up, up" she said as he wobbled onto his feet and fell back down before he could take his first step."aww you'll get it soon" she said pulling him onto her lap as he crawled over giving up on trying to walk.

Christina looked down at her boys and began to noticed how much they looked liked chris's baby <a href="">picture</a>.

A few minutes later tash walked in the door and tossed her bag to the floor. Christina looked up at her and seen the tiredness on her face.

"hey look who's here, it's aunty tash" christina spoke as the boys giggled.
"these faces always cheer me up" tash said laying across the mat and letting the boys crawl all over her and play with her hair.
"long day?" christina asked.
"very, getting ready for this over worldwide tour" tash spoke.
"worldwide? damn" christina said."good luck" she added.
"thanks, i'm gonna need it" tash spoke."what you been up to?" she asked.

"wellllll i got some really good news today" christina spoke.
"whats that?" tash asked picking up the boys and sitting them on her lap as she and christina both sat indian style on the play mat.
"DIVA and Seventeen Magazine wants be to be on the cover of their magazine" she told her.
"what?!? girl thats great, it's been a minute since you've book anything" tash spoke honestly.
"i know i had to hit the gym and get my body back" christina said.

"well you look good after popping out twins" tash said.
"thank you" christina said with a smile.
"judge on the fact that ever one that ever got pregnant in my family turned into whales i don't think i even want to get pregnant" tash laughed.
"doesn't mijo have a kid already?" christina asked.
"yeah but he out here talking about he won't be complete until he has a daughter" tash said laughing and rolling her eyes.

"i think you're gonna change your mind once you find the person you're gonna spend the rest of your life with" christina said.
"ewww you got all Dr Phill on me" tash laughed.
"i'm serious what" Christina said as there was a knock on the door and got up to go get it.

"hey" he said as she opened the door to see <a href="http://www.celeb****">him</a> on the other side. She looked him up and down and knew something was wrung,nothing about him looked okay.
"uhh hey, here for the boys right?" she asked as he simply just nodded."come in" she spoke letting him in as she walked to the boys room and got their little bags ready.

She walked back out into the living room to see the twins happily sitting on chris's lap. A smiled was spread wide across chris's face as he played with his sons.

"ready?" christina asked.
"oh yeah" chris said standing up.

Christina helped him outside and put the boys in the back of his car along with their bags and closed the doors.

"umm you think you'll be able to keep them until tuesday?" christina asked him.
"why?" he asked walking around to the driver side.
"i have two photo shoots to do this weekend, i'l be to busy" she told him.
"alright, yeah i got them" he spoke.
"good, thanks" she said folding her arms across her chest and turning to walk back inside.

"christina!" chris called out as she turned around.
"yeah?" she asked.
"knock em dead" he spoke pushing aside what he really wanted to say.
"i always do" she said with a half a smile as she walked back into her house and closed the door.


YAY PART 2. I'm worried for Chris though. He's not looking to good these days, Im glad Christina and even Rih noticed it. Least Rih came to him about it. His so called friends aint giving two shytz about whats going on with him. a**holes. Wonder where's lil ms. Rice cakes at? RUN IT!!1

RUN IT!!!!

run it!!!!

run it!!!

I want them to least be friends

Run It!!

that pic of chris is HORRIBLE!!! his boys is not worried about him or tryna help him smh..and Rih she was really being nice! ..she is right he needs to quit effin with that rice cake! lol in her words..RUN IT!


<em>Whats going on with Chris Brown?</em>

Christina read as she sat on the set of one of her photo shoots getting her hair done. She planned to just scroll pass the article when one word caught her attention <em>Drugs</em> and she read on.

<em>The Fine China singer has been spotted recently looking a bit coke head-ish. We can't help but wonder if Breezy is on drugs. People in the singers team seems to think his break up with 24 Year old model Christina Griffin might have something to do with the way chris has been acting and looking lately. Whatever the reason is, we hope he looks better soon because he's not <a href="">looking</a> to well.</em>

Christina stared at the picture of chris. All she could think about was that none of his "friends" cared about what was going on with him and they probably didn't care to ask.

"done" the hair stylist spoke pulling her attention from the picture. Christina got up and looked in the mirror and then was rushed into wardrobe.
"are you ready?" the shoot director asked.
"yes, lets do this" christina spoke as she walked out with the director.


Chris sat with Micheal and Maurice in his room as his boys stood downstairs smoking.

"owww man" chris laughed as micheal pulled on his hair while climbing over him."yall play rough" he spoke as he tickled both of them.
"ayo breezy you smoking on this?" Big Hood called out.
"nah, i'm good" chris yelled back.

"man he tripping" kid red spoke taking the blunt and taking a pull.
"he been tripping since christina bounced on his ass" TJ spoke.
"he'll get over it" hood responded.

The door swung open as the boys looked over to see <a href="">her</a> walk in.

"yall always got this f***ing door open, somebody is going to come in here in rob ya blind" rihanna said in her bajan ascent.
"we sitting right here, you think we gon let somebody rob us?" TJ spoke.
"if the robber got a gun all of yall would run like a bunch of pussies" she said.
"whatever rih" kid red spoke.

"you know i'm right" she spoke."wheres chris?" she asked.
"upstairs" Hood answered as she began to walk towards the steps.
"and clean up yll mess its smells like weed and ass" she said walking up.

"say daddy, say daddy" chris said to his boys as they just laughed at him.
"well if it isn't poppa breezy" chris heard rihanna's voice and sat up on his bed.
"wassup? what you doing here?" he asked her as he sat on the corner of his bed.
"just came to check on ya" she spoke."blogs saying you aint looking to hot" she added.

"i aint feeling to hot ether" he spoke as he watched rih play with micheal a little.
"whats on your mind?" she asked."christina?" she added looking up at him as he clenched his jaw and looked away.
"i don't want to get into that" he spoke.

The only person who actually made him feel comfortable enough to express himself to them was Christina. She knew when he was down and she knew how to lift him up.

"you can't be like this forever, just try talking to her or something" rih spoke pointing at his grungy look."and stop f***ing with that rice cake" she added standing up.
"don't be cursing around my boys" he responded disregarding everything else.
"oops my bad" she said putting her hand over her mouth."talk to you later gotta head to the studio" she walking out his room and back down stairs.

"here comes the Loch Ness monster" red spoke as she got downstairs.
"nigga i know you aint talking sitting there looking like the kool aid man" she said as the rest of the boys laughed."no but foreal chris told me to tell yall to bounce" she lied.
"you're a liar" hood spoke.
"i'm serious he said he starting to smell the weed upstairs and he don't want micheal and maurice around that" she added.

"iight iight, we out" kid red spoke putting out the blunt and standing up."peace out breezy!" he called out as chris yelled back saying deuces.
"come on legs go" rih said holding the door open for them and then walking out the door behind them closing the the door and making sure it was locked.


Christina got home a few hours later and putt her things on the table. She looked over to see Tash asleep on the couch and walked quietly over to her trying to scare her.

"don'tyou even try it" tash spoke with her eyes still closed.
"ugh, you suck" christina said stomping her foot.
"you know i'm un scare-able" tash said sitting up on the couch and stretching.
"i'll get you one day" christina said.
"so how was the shoot?" tash asked as christina went from 0 to 100 in seconds.
"oh my god! it was so much fun!" she said taking out her phone and showing tash a few pictures they sent her from the shhot.

"oh thats nice, i like that one" tash said pointing at her screen.
"me too, i putting this one on instagram" christina laughed as she leaned back on the couch and opened her instagram app.

<em>@Golden_Tee: Diva Magazine Photo shoot!! Crazy Fun</em> she <a href="">posted</a>

She put her phone down and then remembered the picture she seen on the blog she read earlier.

"does chris seem different to you? christina asked tash.
"not really, i mean he got really skinny but thats it" she answered.
"so he's okay?" christina asked.
"i wouldn't say okay" tash spoke."you can defiantly tell something is on his mind bothering him" she added.
"does he talk to anybody?" she asked.

"not really, his boys maybe" tash answered."whats with all the sudden interest in chris?" tash asked.
"just worried about him" she spoke honestly.
"why don't you talk to him personally" tash asked.
"nah, i can't" she spoke looking at her phone and going on her IG to read a few of the comments on the picture. A few people kept mentioning chris and saying he commented on the pictured. Christina scrolled though the comments until she phone chris's.

<em>@f***yopictures: Dope, Beautiful!</em>

Christina half smiled as she sighed and went on twitter. She clicked on the compose button so she could write a new tweet.

<em>@Golden_Tee: Hope you're okay</em> she tweeted as 200 other people re tweeted and favored it including chris.

I'm glad she getting back out there...this should be good for her...RUN IT

run it!!too happy for this sequel

Yess the sequel!!! RUN IT

so this a year after she caught them together?
chris still has feelings for her and vice versa
run it!

Im so happy you did a sequel this is going to be it

make sure y'all check out my new story "Thug Love"

i love it already

good start run it

Yay u started!!!


Yessss part 2 here