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The Neighbor

I had the perfect life; a beautiful home, beautiful <a href="">husband</a> who I truly loved. I enjoyed my lifestyle, I did something that made me happy; I own a studio in the heart of the city. Photography was a hobby of mines but I truly wanted to open my own boutique but my husband didn't see the money in it; I just sighed and continued my own hobbies. However lately my husband is preoccupied in his own work, as a financial advisor; he advise athletes' and other rich celebs but their lifestyle was taking a toll on him; now he would come home late at night, attending after-parties for his clients while I sit here bored and lonely; it has been over a years since he touch me....I now believe he's having an affair with another woman but there's not evidence in that; however my life was turned upside when I met <a href="">him</a>; The Neighbor.

Kayla's Pov
I sighed as I headed towards the dark room; it was Valentine's day and Adam had to work late. I couldn't believe he had the audacity to work overtime on "f***ing v-day"; I think something was wrong with him because this man doesn't remember dates; unless it is Christmas or Birthdays. I decided to finish the photos for my friend's magazine shoot; She knew Adam was spending more time with clients than me but she said "it's my marriage; just be careful". Her words played throughout my head as I continued searching for impurities and checking each photo. I heard my phone ringing as I rushed out of the darkroom; I grabbed my phone as it was laying on the counter.

"Hello?" I said

"Happy V-Day baby; You know what will be a good idea?" He asked.

"No, What?" I said while rolling my eyes; Adam could tell I was a little upset but shrugged it off as he coughed to break up the silence.

"You should take a cab to my job and I'll show you my surprise" he said. "Be there in 10 minutes" he said; I could tell Adam was smiling through the phone as his voice became a little deeper. "Wear something sexy". I rolled my eyes again as Adam got off the phone; I decided to go back home to changed into something more <a href="">sexier</a>. I decided to place the cardigan in my purse as it wasn't as cold as I expected; I sat in the backseat as the taxi drove me towards Adam's office. I took a deep breath as I walked inside his office, many of his coworkers knew me and greeted me as I head towards his office; however his secretary wasn't too friendly.

"Ahhh Mrs. Moreno I didn't expect you to drop by" Erica said.

"Yeah Adam called me to meet him here; so hello" I said while waiting for Adam to come out; Erica took a head-to-toe look at me as I stood there; I was becoming annoyed by her antics so I blurted out "Are you going to notify him or anything?" I said.

"I mean you are his wife; I would expect you to walk on in" she replied. Erica had a slight grin to her face but she had no idea who I was.

"b**** it's apart of your job; who knows maybe he has a very important client or something; I mean as a secretary I would expect you to notify when he has a visitor; I mean its common sense" I replied; I wiped Erica's grin off her face as I snapped back at her response but I guess Adam could sense I was a little heated so he decided to come out.

"Babe; Come inside" he said. I turned my eyes towards Erica who continued sipping her coffee while reading her emails; I mumbled "thirsty b****" as I went inside his office. He was the only one who works in this office as he was the chairman of the board; I knew understood his ability for this much space; I sat on the couch in front of the window. However Adam dragged me towards his desk and pushed me into his chair. He rubbed my shoulders as he could tell I was a little stressed out; however Adam whispered in my ear. "Sit on the table" he whispered; I got up and sat on the table, Adam moved my legs open and continued rubbing my inner thighs.

"Adam not here" I said.

"Come on; You know you want been so long" he said. I eventually gave into his demands and continued pleasuring him as I removed his manhood from his dress pants; Adam gave me the sexiest smile as he pushed me down towards the desk; however we were cut off by the intercom from his secretary.

"Mr. Brown is here to see you" Erica said.


Run it!


run it

Run It...

dang i hope Kayla ok. Richard bogus i hope somebody beat him up run it please

dang i hope Kayla ok. Richard bogus i hope somebody beat him up run it please

dang i hope Kayla ok. Richard bogus i hope somebody beat him up run it please

Run it rich n his ass beat soon

omg i hope kayla is ok!!! run itt!!!

Her life is horrible. Poor girl. She seems naive as heck. She should just move and start over but it seems like trouble follows her. RUN IT!

she need a restraining order against all them or she need to move far away from run it

Kayla's Pov
The sound extremely familiar but I couldn't place a face with the male's voice. The knocking started becoming louder and louder, I sighed and look through the peephole to see Richard; I pushed Adam away and went straight towards the bedroom only to have him pull me back to the living room.

"Who is that?" he asked.

"Richard, an ex-boyfriend of mines" I said. Adam seem extremely confused yet angry and began showing his emotions on me, he slammed me into the door as I was about to scream in pain but he covered my mouth.

"You been cheating on me?" he asked.

"Adam I would never do anything like that" I said.

"THEN WHY IS HE HERE?!" Adam screamed and began questioning our whole relationship; Adam started pacing back and forth as I slid towards the floor, I wasn't in the mood for any of this. Adam opened the door and snatched the bouquet of roses from Richard's hand and threw them across the floor. "LEAVE MY WIFE ALONE!" he yelled.

"f*** YOU SHE'S DIVORCE!" Richard yelled while pushing Adam back, Richard saw me on the floor sitting there in shock of their argument, Richard snatched me up and tried pulling me into the hallway but I started fighting him off.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed.

"I HEARD THE ARGUMENT....YOU NEED TO LEAVE HIM!" Richard yelled. I smacked Richard in the face and grabbed Adam's arm.

"GET THE f*** OUT OF MY HOUSE! I'M TIRED OF YOU TWO....YOU GUYS DON'T UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF LEAVE KAYLA THE f*** ALONE!" I screamed. I rushed towards the phone only to see Richard charging towards me, Adam wasn't paying any attention as he went to the bedroom to grabbed his things, I felt a large bang against my head as Richard slammed me into the refrigerator.

Adam's Pov
I rushed out of the bedroom as I heard a large bang. I stopped in front to see Richard standing over Kayla as she laid passed out on the floor, I gripped my fist as I tried finding Richard but he rushed out of the apartment. There was blood coming from her lips as I tried picking her up, I started shaking her but she was unconscious. I started freaking out as I rushed her to my truck and drive straight to the hospital.

"MY EX-WIFE IS UNCONSCIOUS!" I screamed. The nurse called over a strecher and led her to ICU, I was stopped as they told me I could only go back there when she's conscious. I felt my heart racing as I couldn't figure out what happen to her, I can't believe he was that stupid enough to hurt her while I was in the other room. I knew I had to call Lauren and Laith since those were her friends.

"Where is she?" Lauren asked. I told her the whole story and she seem extremely shocked, Lauren just sat down as Trey rushed over towards us, "Is she okay?"

"I guess..the push was extremely loud and happen multiple times because I heard a repetitive banging noise but I assumed it was Kayla slammed her hand against the wall" I said. Trey came behind me and stated rubbing my back; I got up and started asking the nurses when can I see her; We turned around as the Doctor came behind us and started asking us some questions.

run it!!! kind of glad adam is there just in case something happens to Kayla

Run it

omg not Richard. his ole stalking self. run it please

Adam is something else his cousin raped and beat her. Did he believe her noo nw she might be pregnant by this fool.. Shiiid they all bipolar af.
Run It!!!

Adam's Pov contd.
Kayla pulled me closer to her but I drew my arm back, I sat on the edge of the bed and continued staring at her as she started laying down. She rolled her eyes and I had enough and jumped on top of her, she begged for me to get off but I refused until I heard a reason.

"What do you want to know Adam?" she asked.

"Why are you such an a**hole? What did I ever do to you?" I asked.

"Adam, Are you serious asking me why I give you a hard time? Do you not realize that you destroyed the sanction of our marriage for another woman? If you weren't so satisfied then you should've told me that you wanted a divorce but no you always want things to go your way...I mean come on Adam you can't have both me and her together....I thought we already had this discussion when we first started dating" she said. "You know what...I give up; Fine Adam you f***ing win...I'm tired of your bulls***, I'm tired of Dustin always comparing him to you....I'm tired of Tracy trying to be besties now since you guys are together" she said, Kayla broke down in tears and I ran towards her but she refused to turn to me. "LEAVE ME THE f*** ALONE!" she screamed, Kayla got up and pushed me off the bed and I jumped up and pushed her back onto the bed.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked. "I'm truly sorry for every mistake I made just tell me what I have to do" I begged.

"Just let me be happy Adam" she replied.

"I want you to be happy but I can make you truly happy" I said, I got down to my knees and pulled out her <a href="">ring</a> from our marriage, she sat there with her mouth wide open as I tried pushing it onto her ring finger, however she smacked me with her free hand.

"No, I'm not having this discussion with you Adam; Why can't you accept the fact that it's going to take more than a ring for us to ever happen again? I mean I do love you but I'm still young and I want to take a break from everything right now" she replied.

"Baby listen to me...don't say that...f*** Tracy, I don't love her; I Love you just please give me another chance...I promise I will give you the life that you always wanted...just please don't say that" I begged, I laid my head into Kayla's lap but she got up and I began to follow her. "I'm so..." I was cut off by someone knocking on her door.

"I know you're in there" A male voice said. "I just want to talk". Kayla began freaking out and pulled me into her bedroom, I snatched my arm back and began asking who was that outside her door.

"It's an old friend Adam...just please stay in her and don't make a noise" she said.

"Or what?" I asked.

"Please just stay quiet" she begged, Kayla rushed out of the room to open the door.

Lola i need you to run this. i need to know if tony did what i think he did to her or she just so emotional that she throw up when she upset.
Run it please

Run It....

ummm she need a break from everyone i think adam is a bit right she isnt very mature but she dont got to change for no one kayla doesn't need a man like adam hes dumb af too so idk why he keeps sayin she needs to mature when he got some issues he needs to resolve on his own
and for Dustin , you need to stop comparing yourself to adam it aint helpin ur game at all
run it

Huh? RUN IT!

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Huh confused why she wnt him to spend the nite run it

Adam's Pov
I was a little hungry and thirsty after the dinner party, Tracy had went out with Shad and her friends so I had the night to myself. I pulled my phone out and started reading old messages from Kayla and view our little pictures together. Tracy hated the fact that I still kept my pictures but I truly loved Kayla, I just wished she was a little mature. I decided to go to the nearest corner-store for some snacks and drinks because I was a little hungry.

"Dustin?" I asked as I saw Dustin and his friends with some females..."I thought you were with Kayla?" I asked.

"I dropped her off" he said. "She was a little tired and my brother wanted to go out tonight". I shook my head and went back to my car as I had everything I wanted, however I decided to go back to get some Reese's for Kayla because I decided to visit her since I knew she was still up. Whenever Kayla said she was tired while out, that meant she wanted to go home and chill; I drove to her apartment and continued walking up her steps as I wanted to see her but I heard an argument coming from her home.

"STOP f***ING CALLING ME! LEAVE ME THE f*** ALONE....I'LL CALL THE POLICE BECAUSE YOU'RE BEGINNING TO HARASS ME NOW!" she screamed, I rushed to her door as I began banging on the door, she didn't look through the peephole and opened the door to only see her wearing nothing but one of my oversized t-shirts. Kayla hung up on the phone and rolled her eyes, she let me in because I wasn't going nowhere after hearing that conversation. "I don't want to hear anything Adam....what do you want?" she asked.

"I just wanted to see you..I know you were extremely uncomfortable with all of us today but me and Dustin needed our client for this big account we're handling" I said, I started rubbing her hair and I could tell she was still feeling a little hot in her eyes, she started opening and closing her legs and I asked her some questions. "What's up with you and Dustin?"

"I don't know, One minute he's want a relationship the next he wants to be friends...I mean I don't mind him talking to other females....he isn't my man" she said. I didn't know if that was code for let's do something or she was just saying; "I want to know why did you get with Tracy?" she asked. I held my head down and refused to tell her the real reason why I got with Tracy, I knew she would scorn me for a while after the real reason.

"It's a long story...I would rather not" I said.

"Oh so there's no real reason why you cheated on me?" she asked.

"No, there's another reason why we didn't work out....YOU'RE SO IMMATURE AND TRACY WAS MATURE FOR ME KAYLA!" I yelled.


"OMFG SHE WAS PREGNANT THAT....."I cut myself off only to have Kayla smacked me in the face, she rushed towards the bathroom and began throwing up, I was extremely confused as I tried helping her but she pushed me away.

"Don't f***ing touch me...I'm tired of your bulls*** Adam, I mean really? AFTER WE f***ING TALKED ABOUT HAVING A CHILD! AND YOU GOT THAT f***ING WOMAN PREGNANT?!" Kayla yelled.

"I wore a condom whenever we had sex Kayla, I don't know she ended up pregnant" I said, I tried pulling her closer to me but she pushed me away. "Just listen to me for once Kayla, I mean why don't you understand what I'm trying to say" I said.

"What the baby isn't yours....Tracy has been cheating on you? ADAM I DON'T CARE" she said, Kayla got into the bed and pulled the covers over her head, "We're acting like some f***ing teenagers....are you spending the night or just came her because your mistress is cheating on you?" she asked.

"Why are you so heartless?" I asked.

"Shut up and get in the f***ing bed Adam....I don't want to hear any issues with me...I mean like what's the big deal; You cheated on me....Tracy cheated on you..So what?!?:

run it