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The Neighbor

I had the perfect life; a beautiful home, beautiful <a href="">husband</a> who I truly loved. I enjoyed my lifestyle, I did something that made me happy; I own a studio in the heart of the city. Photography was a hobby of mines but I truly wanted to open my own boutique but my husband didn't see the money in it; I just sighed and continued my own hobbies. However lately my husband is preoccupied in his own work, as a financial advisor; he advise athletes' and other rich celebs but their lifestyle was taking a toll on him; now he would come home late at night, attending after-parties for his clients while I sit here bored and lonely; it has been over a years since he touch me....I now believe he's having an affair with another woman but there's not evidence in that; however my life was turned upside when I met <a href="">him</a>; The Neighbor.

Kayla's Pov
I sighed as I headed towards the dark room; it was Valentine's day and Adam had to work late. I couldn't believe he had the audacity to work overtime on "f***ing v-day"; I think something was wrong with him because this man doesn't remember dates; unless it is Christmas or Birthdays. I decided to finish the photos for my friend's magazine shoot; She knew Adam was spending more time with clients than me but she said "it's my marriage; just be careful". Her words played throughout my head as I continued searching for impurities and checking each photo. I heard my phone ringing as I rushed out of the darkroom; I grabbed my phone as it was laying on the counter.

"Hello?" I said

"Happy V-Day baby; You know what will be a good idea?" He asked.

"No, What?" I said while rolling my eyes; Adam could tell I was a little upset but shrugged it off as he coughed to break up the silence.

"You should take a cab to my job and I'll show you my surprise" he said. "Be there in 10 minutes" he said; I could tell Adam was smiling through the phone as his voice became a little deeper. "Wear something sexy". I rolled my eyes again as Adam got off the phone; I decided to go back home to changed into something more <a href="">sexier</a>. I decided to place the cardigan in my purse as it wasn't as cold as I expected; I sat in the backseat as the taxi drove me towards Adam's office. I took a deep breath as I walked inside his office, many of his coworkers knew me and greeted me as I head towards his office; however his secretary wasn't too friendly.

"Ahhh Mrs. Moreno I didn't expect you to drop by" Erica said.

"Yeah Adam called me to meet him here; so hello" I said while waiting for Adam to come out; Erica took a head-to-toe look at me as I stood there; I was becoming annoyed by her antics so I blurted out "Are you going to notify him or anything?" I said.

"I mean you are his wife; I would expect you to walk on in" she replied. Erica had a slight grin to her face but she had no idea who I was.

"b**** it's apart of your job; who knows maybe he has a very important client or something; I mean as a secretary I would expect you to notify when he has a visitor; I mean its common sense" I replied; I wiped Erica's grin off her face as I snapped back at her response but I guess Adam could sense I was a little heated so he decided to come out.

"Babe; Come inside" he said. I turned my eyes towards Erica who continued sipping her coffee while reading her emails; I mumbled "thirsty b****" as I went inside his office. He was the only one who works in this office as he was the chairman of the board; I knew understood his ability for this much space; I sat on the couch in front of the window. However Adam dragged me towards his desk and pushed me into his chair. He rubbed my shoulders as he could tell I was a little stressed out; however Adam whispered in my ear. "Sit on the table" he whispered; I got up and sat on the table, Adam moved my legs open and continued rubbing my inner thighs.

"Adam not here" I said.

"Come on; You know you want been so long" he said. I eventually gave into his demands and continued pleasuring him as I removed his manhood from his dress pants; Adam gave me the sexiest smile as he pushed me down towards the desk; however we were cut off by the intercom from his secretary.

"Mr. Brown is here to see you" Erica said.


Run it



Kayla's Pov contd.
I sat down on the rocks while eating my sundae; Dustin came behind me and rested his head on my shoulder. I turned to him and his kissed my cheek, I smiled and kissed him on the lips; Now Dustin moved closer to me and started holding me as we stared into the view.

"It's really pretty here" I said.

"Like I said before, I came here when I was younger....Can I tell you something?" he asked.

"Yeah what is it?" I asked.

"So, You remember that neighborhood we went to earlier" he said.

"Yes, Why are you buying a house there?" I asked. Dustin started laughing as I raised an eyebrow, I pushed him because he wasn't saying anything; "Well did you?"

"Maybe....Maybe not" he said.

"Those were multi-million dollar homes Dustin, why would you move there by yourself?" I asked.

"I was thinking maybe I should buy a home and the "wife" will come along" he said. "I mean I'm currently looking and everything but I was asking on your opinion".

"I mean I think it would be a good idea if you were ready to settle down but you do live in a penthouse suite so I think you should save your money" I said.

"That's why I like you Kayla; You're extremely honest when it comes life, Like Adam thinks its immaturity but I appreciate all your unfiltered honesty" he said.

" Thanks, I don't know what happen that night, like if I embarrassed you tonight...I'm sorry" I said, I held my head down but Dustin lifted up my chin and laid a peck on my lips, I gave him the biggest hug and realize that I had to get up at 6 in the morning for a photo-shoot.

"Now I completely understand what you're talking about but there was nothing wrong with what you said, I mean the whole eating out thing that made me a little upset but I mean we aren't together but I'm glad that you told me because I know you put up a fight but don't ever let that s*** happen again" he said. "I don't want Adam thinking he can snatch you away because you guys were married at once point....but I have to ask you something"

"What is it?" I asked.

"What made you get married so you were basically graduating school when you married Adam?" Dustin raised an eyebrow and started asking me various question about my relationship with Adam.

"I mean I was ready for a relationship and when I met Adam he swept me off my feet" I said.

"So I didn't do anything to you" he asked.

"Dustin, You had two girls on your side and tried talking to me by using some dumbass pick-up line; "Do you want to ride a maserati" I tried impersonating his personality and attitude.

Run it

Adam's Pov
"You're not making sense at all" I said while referring to Kayla's outburst, I mean I understood where she was coming from but I had no idea what made her explode. I rolled my eyes and pulled Kayla aside just to have a simple conversation.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked. Kayla started laughing as I pulled her closer to me, I wanted to apologized for all the mistakes I made but Kayla did somethings to; "You're f***ing drunk".

"Yes Adam I am drunk...can you let me go so I can go home" she said.

"What the hell was that?" I asked. "Why couldn't you just keep your mouth shut?" I felt a little angry and grabbed her arm as she stumbled across the room. "Seriously...this is why we couldn't work out, You can't keep your f***ing mouth shut....You have no right to say none of those things, you honestly thing your s*** don't stink? I cheated on you so what but Tracy understood where I was coming from when it comes to business and life" I said. "I am in love with you but you need to grow up....I'm sorry but you're not mature enough". Kayla started crying in front of me and I knew I had to console her, I knew what was exactly coming my way.

"Then why did you marry me? Why not Tracy....huh? She's more mature than me right....Adam she is using for your money...I f***ing cared for your ass and you cheated on me because I wasn't mature enough....f*** YOU I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR BULLs***!" she screamed. I tried covering her mouth but she smacked me, "Leave me alone...don't f***ing touch me" while wiping her tears.

"Kayla...please wait....we can be together but you need to mature for me" I said.

"No, if you didn't stay with me while I was maturing then why should I try again....I'm finally becoming my own person and now you want a f***ing second chance?" she asked. "No, Adam you can't have things both're not going to be coming back to me because your girlfriend doesn't treat you like I did" Kayla said, she walked away and continued to head out of the door. Dustin seem extremely confused and angry as Kayla slammed my front door, he got up and ran after her but I tried stopping him.

"You need to let her go" I said.

"No, she's drunk and you don't know what can happen to her" he said.

"She'll be fine...this is a nice and safe neighborhood" I said. "She's probably calling a taxi Dustin". Dustin brushed past me and rushed outside as I said she would be safe, I went outside to see Dustin calling her phone while hopping into his car.

Dustin's Pov
I felt my heart racing as Kayla was outside alone during the night. Luckily she wasn't too far as she still wore her heels, I pulled up right next to her as she stumbled around the sidewalk; I could tell she seem a little upset but she refused to acknowledge me.

"Why are you following me? Don't you think I'm a little too immature for you...I don't fit in this lifestyle Dustin" she said. I stopped the car and jumped in front of her, I held her hand while staring into her eyes, I could tell the alcohol was affecting her in a emotional way.

"You don't need to fit in Adam's lifestyle...he doesn't recognize how much more you're as a person. I don't care if you embarrass me during company dinners but I know you aren't because you're intelligent, funny, beautiful and talent in many ways....f*** Adam if he cheated....that meant he wasn't fully committed to you...just calm down and we can finish dinner, if you're uncomfortable then let me know but our client is coming in a few minutes and I need to make the right impression for him" I said.

"Why didn't you tell me? If it was a business dinner then you should've let me known...Kayla please just calm down and handle your emotions more responsible" I said while wiping her tears. I pulled Kayla back into the car and drove back to Adam's house, I rung the doorbell as our client pulled in front of the driveway.


Adam's Pov
I remember throughout the dinner Kayla being extremely quiet. She didn't say any words but answered a few questions for our client, he probably assumed Dustin and Kayla were a couple but everyone seem a little better after Kayla explain the alcohol for her reason, I mean Shad didn't care but I was a little stressed after our conversation. I finally got all the dishes washed as Tracy sat in the <a href="">bedroom</a>.

"Why did you let her say that about me?" Tracy asked.

"She didn't say anything bad on your part...she just said you stole me away from her" I replied. Tracy hated when people called her a home wrecker and people hated when I brought her around because she seem to stir drama wherever she went but she was mature.

"I mean I'm tired of people bringing that up...she called me a homie hopper" she replied.

"Oh my god can you leave it what?" I said while getting into the bed; "I'm with you now...remember that".

"I mean I'm trying to be her friend but she just shuts me down...Adam do you think she'll come around?" she asked.

"Tracy, Are you stupid? You really think that Kayla would be your friend after our marriage...Kayla isn't heartless but she's not that friendly" I said. "Let it go she will never be your friend" I said.

"Do you think I can take Dustin?" she asked.

"What do you have some vendetta against her? No, Dustin is head over heels for that girl...he just isn't ready to settle down? What, Are you actually a homie hopper?" I asked.

"No, I'm just wondering" she said.

Kayla's Pov
Dustin and I pulled in front of Dairy Queen and got some ice-cream. He asked what I wanted and continued to head out to grabbed our stuff, I felt my phone vibrate and saw a text from Adam, I rolled my eyes and ignored his message. I turned my head to see Dustin getting back into the car with my sundae and his milkshake, he told me to hold his things so he could drive to a nice place for us to talk. After a few minutes he found the perfect <a href="">spot</a>.

"Come on" he said while parking his car. "I use to come her when I was a usually help me clear my mind when I was stressed" Dustin came behind me and held me from behind while kissing me cheek. "I would think about you when you popped back into my life, like I knew Adam wouldn't handle it but I could care any less" he said.

"Can we not talk about that? I mean I just want to enjoy this night but bringing Adam up is f***ing annoying as hell...that's why I stopped talking to some people because they continued bringing it up....just stop and let it go".

at least she take up for her self. run it!!

Huh? RUN IT!

Kayla's Pov
I rolled my eyes as Dustin stood in front of my door; he was basically blocking my way in as I tried unlocking my door. I became extremely frustrated because he wouldn't bulge nor say a word, However I dropped my things and folded my arms.

"Can you move?" I asked.

"Why haven't you answer any of my calls?" he asked.

"I don't know...I haven't been answering anyone calls" I said...."Now can you move?" Dustin stared into my eyes trying to see any compassion but he stood there not making a move.

"Do you not care about me?" he asked.

"Dustin I do care about you....I'm just going through somethings" I said..."You wouldn't understand". Dustin was shocked by my response and moved as I grabbed my bags and continued to walk inside my place but Dustin held his foot by the door and let himself in. I turned around to see him remove his jacket and sat in front of my bar and stared into my eyes as I started making myself something to eat.

"Did you tell Adam that I laid my hands on you?" Dustin seem a little angry and I refused to answer his question, Dustin sighed and got up from the stool and grabbed my while I ignoring his question. "Quit f***ing ignoring me and answer my f***ing question".

"No, Adam assumed you did but I would never lie about you" I said.

"Come to dinner with me" he said. "You need something to eat, get out and socialize once more Kayla"

"Fine....give me an hour" I said.

Dustin's Pov
I waited and waited for Kayla to get dressed, when she was ready she stepped out in long black dress that hug her curves with some sandals, I got up and kissed her on the forehead. I was planning to talk to her because Adam invited me to dinner and I wanted to bring Kayla to clap back at him.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Yeah come on...." I got up and escorted her to my car, I started looking at her while she stared at herself through the mirror. I smiled because I truly missed her and I wanted to let her now how much I cared.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"To a co-workers house" I said.

"Oh you need someone to play your girlfriend?" she asked.

"No, I wanted to show you off as my girlfriend" I replied. Kayla seemed a little shocked as I replied, she kissed me on the cheek and continued play with my hair, I was becoming a little distracted but told her to stop because I was driving.

"You can play with me later tonight" I said. I pulled in front of Adam's new <a href="">house</a>. I turned to see Kayla in amazement as she thought the house was quite lovely. "You like this place?" I asked.

"Yes, its beautiful" she said. I escorted her out of the car before ringing the doorbell, I could tell Kayla was a little nervous as I didn't tell her that it was Adam's place we were going to. When Tracy open the door, Kayla felt a little sick to her stomach.

"Oh Dustin I'm so glad that you could make it" she said..."Oh you brought Kayla". Tracy was a little surprised because she look amazing compared to Tracy, I could tell she was a little envious and I knew Adam would be too. No I wasn't doing this to make him mad but I wanted him to know that I could treat her a lot better than him, she led us into the <a href="">dinning room</a> as Adam and his friends were enjoying the flowing drinks.

"Honey, we have another guest" she said. Adam turned his head to see me but lost his smiled as Kayla popped up behind me, he couldn't say anything because he was surprised, We grabbed a seat next to each other as Adam offered Kayla drink.

"Might as well get drunk, it's going to be a long night" she said. Kayla started sipping the champagne but wanted something a little bit stronger, she followed Adam into the cellar as Tracy and I sat in complete silence but her friend and Shad came through as we shared a little small conversation.

Adam's Pov
Kayla started to get a little tipsy and followed me into the cellar for more alcohol. A lot of us began to worried for her alcohol intake but since Dustin was driving I shrugged it off; she was really touchy when drunk and began hugging me as I led her down to the cellar.

"Where's the tequila?" she asked.

"Hold on.....Do you like my place?" I asked.

"It's how did Tracy talked you into it?" she asked. "I know you didn't want this place, she probably did some freaky ass s*** for you in order to buy this place....I know you Adam; You forgot that we were married?".

"No I didn't and no Tracy and I discuss on moving in together....Now are you and Dustin in a relationship?" I asked.

"No, Dustin and I are talking.....Why are you a little jealous?" she asked with a slight grin, I pulled Kayla into a kiss and started grabbing her ass; she pushed me off and continued walking back to the party she started stumbling because she was a little drunk but I grabbed her back and led her into the corner.

"Lay down" I said, I pushed Kayla onto the floor and lift the bottom of dress to her stomach, I removed her panties and undid my belt, I started kissing her once more while rubbing her inner thighs, she let out a slight moan while she tried pushing me off.

"No I can't....Dustin is upstairs and I'm trying to be nice" she said.

"Fine, let me just taste you" I asked.

"No Adam....taste Tracy that's your girl" she said. I had enough and pushed her back onto the floor and removed her panties, I covered her mouth as I started tasting her, I knew she was into it as she removed my hand and slightly moaned. "A......dam....I have to go back" she said, I stuck a finger inside of her as I told her to be quiet....I was almost finished.
"Baby I'm almost done" I said as I finished my job as she exploded in my mouth, I got up and help her adjust her dress and fix her hair, we grabbed a lot of bottles so no one would ask what took us so long, I wiped my mouth and started drinking some more alcohol to feel a little loose. We got back to see Shad's groupie talking lap and Tracy and her friend entertaining them, I took a look at Kayla who stared a hole into Dustin. "You should've let me finished my job....." I whispered. Kayla sat next to Dustin as I sat next to her, she moved closer to Dustin as she started feeling a little tipsy.

Dustin's Pov
I felt Kayla's head on my shoulder, she started whispering in my ear.

"Adam ate me out" she said. I turned my head and stared at Adam who was flirting with Tracy after performing oral sex on Kayla a few minutes ago.

"Well, just know that tonight you're not going to able to walk.....but I'm going to need you to wash off his mark off because I'm eating tonight" I said. Kayla started whispering in my ear and I could tell that the alcohol was creating a vibe between us. I grabbed her chin and started making out with her in front of everyone, I took a look at Adam who was clenching his jaw and fist while staring at Kayla but Tracy grabbed his chin and started kissing his neck.

"What the f*** is this some big ass orgy?" Kayla asked. "Look I'm not interested in any plans that y'all have in mind...Shad you need help, Adam leave me alone....Tracy good job you took my husband do you want a cookie? Dustin, Quit trying to make Adam jealous...if you truly cared about me then you would respect the fact I want my space away from Adam" she said.

"I'm sorry....I just wanted him to know that I could treat you a lot better....if you were uncomfortable you should've told me" I said.

"It's kind of obvious that I didn't want to seeAdam at all" she said.

run it

Run it

Run it

Dustin? boy this should be interesting
and dam tracy stupid af cuz what kayla said is exactly true!
karma big time
and for tony hes a creep aint no body want ur child or to be ur wife
will her ex confront his cousin tony?
run it

Kayla's Pov
I decided not to see Richard, he started texting me, asking me where I was at so I decided to turn my phone off because he was starting to blow it up. I threw my phone on the couch and decided to finish cleaning my room. As I finished mopping, I heard someone coming inside; I had a strange look on my face and I grabbed a razor blade from my bedroom.

"Oh s***" I said to myself as I saw Tony standing in front of me. He seem a little disheveled as I rushed back to my room; I crawled under my bed while holding my breath making sure he didn't hear me. However I heard his heavy breathing as he thew his things on the bed, He jumped on my bed only to have me make a slight noise as he got on. I heard Tony get up from the bed and dragged me away, he pushed me against the bed but I accidentally cut the side of his face. I became surprised as he grabbed the side of his face as blood dripped down.

"I knew you were different....You actually had the balls to harm me.......I knew you would be a great mother/wife" he said.

"What? You're scaring me..." I said.

"You're going to bear the mother of my child" he said. Tony grabbed the side of my face and started kissing my cheeks, "Aww we'll have gorgeous children". I instantly felt extremely sick to my stomach and rushed out of the bedroom to my bathroom, where I started to vomit in front of me. I didn't know whether the thought of Tony or children made me sick but I rushed out of the bedroom. I turned my head while wiping my face to see Tony clapping; I pushed him away from me as he tried coming closer.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed. Tony grabbed me by the shoulders and started shaking me while I was trying to push him off of me. I felt my body give out as Tony backhanded me while watching me fall to the floor. He took another steps closer to me while I moved back but Tony grabbed me by the hair as dragged me across my room. "TONY PLEASE JUST LET ME GO!"

" I scaring you?" he asked.

"Antonio please....Jus....." I felt Tony's fist slammed against my jaw, I felt onto my face as he pushed himself on-top of me. I started screaming for help but Antonio placed his hands over my mouth as they became muffled.

I became extremely reclusive after Tony broke into my house. I installed a different type of locks where he would have a struggled to get inside, I basically lost my mind after Tony's outbursts. I took a look at myself in the mirror and saw my body eating itself away as I starve due to fear from seeing Tony or anyone associated with him. I kept my phone on silent so I wouldn't hear anyone call me, the only person I would talk to was my mother but she been busy with work and other issues. I went towards the kitchen, I open the fridge to see nothing inside and felt my stomach starving....I sighed because I knew it was time to go to the grocery store. I hopped into the shower and changed into some leggings and a t-shirt with some flip-flops. I decided it would be nice to wear some sunglasses so I could concealed my identity. As I entered the grocery store I felt someone tapped me on my shoulder, I freaked out only to see Tracy standing behind me.

"Can we talk?" she asked.

"No, I'm just here getting groceries" I Said.

"I want to apologized" she said. "Adam and I were thinking about you and figured out it would be nice to have dinner all together" she said.

"b****? You ruined my marriage and now you want to have dinner? What you want to have a 3-some with me and Adam so you could entertain him?" I asked. "You know that man doesn't love you.....I mean come were ran through by Shad and his teammates multiple times but think you hit the jackpot once Adam came along....honey Adam will do the same to you as he done to me" I said. I brushed past Tracy and continued my duties hoping I would see anyone else. After leaving the grocery store, I headed straight home only to see Dustin standing in front of my door.

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Run it

Kayla's Pov
I finally woke up in my bed and I got up to see bruises all over my body especially my neck; The last thing I remember seeing was Tony in my apartment but everything else is a blur. I felt a little hungry and decided to check myself in the mirror to see my face okay but my neck and body covered in bruises. I decided to touch the large one left on my inner thigh and I decided to touch it but I screamed because the pain was unbearable. I went inside the shower to take a long hot moment to myself. I heard my phone ringing and someone knocking on the door but I didn't feel like answering it but I heard the door opening and I turned around to see Adam behind me.

"GET THE f*** OUT" I yelled while covered my body. I hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body while hitting Adam in the face. "I told you to leave me alone".

"Who did this?" He asked while referring to my bruises. "DUSTIN?!? I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL RIP OUT HIS f***ING TOUGNE WITH MY BARE-HANDS!" Adam slammed his fist against my counter as he paced towards the kitchen; He rushed towards me while looking at me neck, "Look at your neck, he could've killed you".

"Dustin didn't do this" I said while flinching as Adam pulled me closer; I shed a little tear because I didn't know how to tell him that his beloved friend and cousin Tony was a monster. "It's a long story Adam but please respect my choice that I made need to leave" I said while crossing my arms.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me Kayla...YOU COULD'VE f***ING DIED!" he yelled. Adam pulled my arm but I snatched it away, he dropped to his knees and grabbed onto my thighs, I rolled my eyes as I went towards my bedroom to change into a large t-shirt and panties while I went into the kitchen to make some lunch. "KAYLA I SWEAR TO GOD...YOU'RE SO f***ING IGNORANT AND HARDHEADED!" Adam grabbed my left-overs and threw them across the room, I felt extremely shaken up because I didn't know what was happening to me. Adam pushed me against the refrigerator and I screamed out the perpetrator.

"TONY!" I screamed as I slid towards the floor as Adam stood in front of me denying the words that were coming out of my mouth.

"No, No, No" he said while pacing back and forth "I don't believe you! YOU'RE LYING DUSTIN DID THIS TO YOU!" he yelled. Adam picked me up and yelled into my face but I felt extremely scared as I started taking while Adam screamed in my face.

"I'm.....not......lying.........Ton..........did" I tried saying as Adam refused to believe my allegations.

"Fine since you're not telling the truth....then I'll leave.....leave my cousin name out of your mouth" he said.

Adam's Pov
I slammed the door as I left Kayla's house, her accusations were making any sense. I mean she did have bruises on her body but her house was spotless, there was no indication of a fight, I couldn't believe anything she was saying right now. I went straight to my house as I dialed Tony's number and waited for him to come on the other line.

"Hello?" He said.

"Did you see Kayla yesterday?" I asked.

"I haven't spoke to that girl since our little double date....why?" he asked.

"No reason...just wondering" I said. "I was just thinking because you did bring her up quite often yesterday".

"I mean I saw her with Dustin but that's it" he said. "I have to go....I got some girls coming over tonight".

"Yeah....lay off of that s*** too" I said.

"Yeah...iight" Tony hung up and I continued making a drive back home but I thought about Kayla and Dustin...I knew Dustin didn't lay a hand on her but I couldn't figure out why she would lie on my cousin. As I was about to head out this <a href="">guy</a> came towards me and asked a few questions.

"Do you know someone name Kayla Rodgers?" he asked. I turned around because that was Kayla's maiden name.

"Yeah why?" I asked.

"I'm a old friend from high school and I moved into town and her mother told me that she would be living in this building and consequently, I live in the building across the street" he said.

"Well she doesn't live here anymore.....a situation with her ex; I don't know where she moved to but she's still in the city" I said.

"Oh okay...well thank you for your time" he said. I turned my head to see him talking to someone else and I shrugged it off and headed back to my place.

Kayla's Pov
I heard my phone ringing as I finished cleaning the mess I made, it was from my mother.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey everything going okay?" she asked.

"Everything is great mom....I'm just cleaning my place" I said.

"How is Adam handling the divorce?" she asked. "I can't believe he cheated on you...but anyway I have to make this quick because I'm on my way to the salon but guess who I ran into" she said.

"Who?" I asked.

"Richard Carter" she said. I dropped my phone and felt extremely scared because I had no idea what was going on. "Apparently he's was visiting his mother and I ran into him while shopping but he has moved to your city and I told him about your life....I gave him your number so you two can catch up on things..." she said.

"Mom why?" I asked.

"Kayla i know you guys have your issues in the past but the boy did care about you" she said.

"He used me for sex...." I said.

"Well sweetie maybe he changed....I mean some guys do change" she said.

"But you said he was having jungle fever.....he just wanted to have sex with someone black" I said.

"Kayla, if you think he wanted to experience jungle fever....he would chose someone of a darker complexion...." she said.

"So but still he just wanted to have sex with a black girl" I said.

"Adam is spanish?" she said.

"That's different..." I said.

"Well look it's up to you....just have coffee with the boy; I have to go to the salon...I'll talk to you later" she said. my mother hung up on me and I continued cleaning the mess but I heard my phone ring again without looking at the phone I answered.

"Yes mother".

"Mother? That's how you greet people now?" he asked. It was my exboyfriend <a href="">Rick</a>.

"Why are you calling me?" I asked.

"I mean I'm moved into your're one of the few people I know here and I want to see you" he said.

"No, not after what happen" I said.

"Omfg are you still upset about that? I apologized for my actions back in high school but I didn't know you were serious about me" he said.

"I refused to be your little black sex toy....." Rick burst into laughter through the phone.

"Really? I didn't know you felt like this towards me..." he said. "I mean I just wanted to have some coffee" he said.

"When?" I asked.

"Whenever you're free" he said.

" at the Starbucks on 32nd street in a two hours" I said.

Kayla's Pov
It was extremely great to have Adam out of my life, I mean he finally got the idea of leaving me alone. I continued getting ready for Dustin to come over as he was going to take me to a really extravagant restaurant for a celebration. I heard someone knocking on my door and I rushed to check through the peephole as I hopped while putting my heels on but I landed on my knees as I felled.

"s***...." I said while getting up as I headed towards the door. I opened the door to see Dustin standing in front of me laughing; I brushed myself off as he kissed me on the cheek.

"Are you okay? I heard everything....I asked if you needed extra time" he said. Dustin came in with a blindfold as I grabbed my things.

"The f***?" I asked.

"Its a surprise...Just wear it" he said.

"Fine...." Dustin tied the blindfold around my face and escorted me out of my apartment building...I grabbed a hold of his arm as Dustin and I were headed to this special dinner. I got into the car as I heard Dustin starting his engine. To be honest I became a little sleepy while wearing this blindfold and drifted off to sleep.

"Kayla....wake up!!" Dustin said; I jumped up and tried removing my blindfold but he grabbed ahold of my hands. Dustin stopped the car and got outside while opening my side of the car, He pulled me off and continued kissing me but I pushed him off.

"Dustin can I take this stupid thing off?" I asked.

"Yes...Suprise" he said while showing me the <a href="">view</a>.

"A rooftop dinner?" I asked.

"Yes....I wanted to show you another side of me" he said. Dustin held me hand and led me towards the table while pushing me into my seat.

"This is really......." I didn't know if this was a date or just dinner but I felt a little scared as I realize we were on the top floor. I felt my heart racing and palms sweating, Dustin knew something was wrong but I didn't want to ruin anything.

"What? Is it too much....I mean I can downsize a I wanted this to be very special Kayla and everything" I tried telling Dustin to stop talking because when he's nervous he starts rambling so I continued eating my dinner but suddenly Dustin got up and pulled me up, he grabbed the remote and started playing music while trying to have me dance; I burst into laughter as Dustin started singing Jodeci to me. However this reminded me of Adam proposing to me but I started getting nervous.

"I'm sorry, I have to go Dustin....I can't do all of this" I said. Dustin tried grabbing me but I rushed out, I tried running down the stairs as I heard Dustin chasing me, I stop only to see him coming behind me as I was out of breath.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Adam did this s***....I can't Dustin this reminds me of Adam" I said. I continued walking down the steps as Dustin followed me out of the door. "You're an extremely sweet guy but this is too much like Adam and I'm trying me best to stay away from him" I said; Dustin refused to say anything else and let me walked off as I had enough of everything. I turned my head to see Dustin standing behind me, he continued to grabbed my hand as I turned around to walk towards him. I gave him the longest hug as I bursted into tears, He rubbed my back while taking me back home.

"We should just be friends...." I said as he pulled up in front of my building. I got out of the car and closed the door, I went inside to see Tony standing in my hall. I rolled my eyes as I walked past him; Tony started laughing and followed me inside my apartment.

"I can give you a much larger home" he said.

"I don't give a f***....Why are you here?" I asked. Tony touched my face and caress my hair but I pushed his hand away as Tony grabbed onto my elbow; I freaked out and started smacking him in the face but he pushed me against the refrigerator as we were standing in the kitchen. "GET OFF OF ME" I screamed.

"You're looking extremely good...Where have you been? I see you're not returning any of my calls" Tony said while touching my face, I saw a little white powder around his nostrils as Tony threw me towards the floor; he started kicking me in the stomach as I tried shielding myself but he threw all of his weight on me and continued to grabbed ahold of my neck while I was scratching his face off. "LOOK AT WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" he yelled, Tony's eyes were turning red as I struggled to push him off of me, finally I saw a wine bottle hidden in my bottom cabinet as it was creeped open and I reached for it while hitting Tony upside it.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed. I got up and ran towards the door but Tony got up and dragged me towards the bedroom, Tony refused to listen to me as I begged for him to stop; I felt blood pouring from my nose and lips as Tony started kissing me but I pushed him off. Tony started gripping my neck extremely tighter and I started seeing black circle around as I looked into Tony's eyes which were filled evil.

Adam's Pov
I went home to see Tracy standing in front of me naked, I smiled a little as I was ready to fill her up but I heard someone banging on my door as I led her to the bedroom; I went to the peephole to see Tony standing look extremely lost.

"What the hell happen?" I asked while opening the door to see him covered in blood. Tony pushed me away and grabbed the bottles of Jack Daniels from the shelf to pour himself a drink; Tony refused to answered my question as he dropped to the floor, his face was extremely scratched up as I saw blood dripped from the side of his head. "I thought you went to rehab....I told you about doing that s***" I said. Tracy stepped out but freaked out as she saw Tony on the couch bloody...she came back with a first-aid kit while wearing a robe.

"What the hell happen?" Tracy asked

"I got into a fight....someone hit me over the head with a bottle" he said. Tracy got up to grabbed the alcohol as he turned to me; "Kayla has a better the way" he smirked and I felt extremely sick to my stomach.

"What the hell do you mean?" I asked.

"I was just thinking...she had a date with Dustin and I saw her in this little tight white dress that hug every curve of her body" he said.

"I saw them in his apartment...haha Dustin? Really he was a runner of mines but I told him to leave because I knew he couldn't handle it" Tony laughed...Tracy came back with the alcohol and continued tending to his wounds. The thought of Kayla started popping back to my head and I wondered if her and Dustin were having a good time together.

"Um...I have to go and get some pain medications for Tony" I said; I decided to pay Dustin a visit and discuss his relationship with my ex-wife. I went towards his building as I felt my heart racing; I buzzed as I wanted to speak to him

"What is it?" he asked.

"Is Kayla there?" I asked.

"No, she left around last night....why?" he asked.

"Can we talk?" I asked.

"Fine" Dustin said while buzzing me in; I rushed towards his apartment door as I started banging on it, Dustin got up and open it while letting me in.

"What? he asked.

"Are you guys okay? I mean you seem on the edge a little...." I said.

"Yes I am...because you stole my idea of creating the perfect date; I DID THAT s*** AND SHE LEFT BECAUSE I WAS LIKE YOU!" he yelled.

Run it



run it

Run It....

tell him kayla lol
run it

run it!!

smh i had a feeling he was gonna try something stupid run it