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The Neighbor

I had the perfect life; a beautiful home, beautiful <a href="">husband</a> who I truly loved. I enjoyed my lifestyle, I did something that made me happy; I own a studio in the heart of the city. Photography was a hobby of mines but I truly wanted to open my own boutique but my husband didn't see the money in it; I just sighed and continued my own hobbies. However lately my husband is preoccupied in his own work, as a financial advisor; he advise athletes' and other rich celebs but their lifestyle was taking a toll on him; now he would come home late at night, attending after-parties for his clients while I sit here bored and lonely; it has been over a years since he touch me....I now believe he's having an affair with another woman but there's not evidence in that; however my life was turned upside when I met <a href="">him</a>; The Neighbor.

Kayla's Pov
I sighed as I headed towards the dark room; it was Valentine's day and Adam had to work late. I couldn't believe he had the audacity to work overtime on "f***ing v-day"; I think something was wrong with him because this man doesn't remember dates; unless it is Christmas or Birthdays. I decided to finish the photos for my friend's magazine shoot; She knew Adam was spending more time with clients than me but she said "it's my marriage; just be careful". Her words played throughout my head as I continued searching for impurities and checking each photo. I heard my phone ringing as I rushed out of the darkroom; I grabbed my phone as it was laying on the counter.

"Hello?" I said

"Happy V-Day baby; You know what will be a good idea?" He asked.

"No, What?" I said while rolling my eyes; Adam could tell I was a little upset but shrugged it off as he coughed to break up the silence.

"You should take a cab to my job and I'll show you my surprise" he said. "Be there in 10 minutes" he said; I could tell Adam was smiling through the phone as his voice became a little deeper. "Wear something sexy". I rolled my eyes again as Adam got off the phone; I decided to go back home to changed into something more <a href="">sexier</a>. I decided to place the cardigan in my purse as it wasn't as cold as I expected; I sat in the backseat as the taxi drove me towards Adam's office. I took a deep breath as I walked inside his office, many of his coworkers knew me and greeted me as I head towards his office; however his secretary wasn't too friendly.

"Ahhh Mrs. Moreno I didn't expect you to drop by" Erica said.

"Yeah Adam called me to meet him here; so hello" I said while waiting for Adam to come out; Erica took a head-to-toe look at me as I stood there; I was becoming annoyed by her antics so I blurted out "Are you going to notify him or anything?" I said.

"I mean you are his wife; I would expect you to walk on in" she replied. Erica had a slight grin to her face but she had no idea who I was.

"b**** it's apart of your job; who knows maybe he has a very important client or something; I mean as a secretary I would expect you to notify when he has a visitor; I mean its common sense" I replied; I wiped Erica's grin off her face as I snapped back at her response but I guess Adam could sense I was a little heated so he decided to come out.

"Babe; Come inside" he said. I turned my eyes towards Erica who continued sipping her coffee while reading her emails; I mumbled "thirsty b****" as I went inside his office. He was the only one who works in this office as he was the chairman of the board; I knew understood his ability for this much space; I sat on the couch in front of the window. However Adam dragged me towards his desk and pushed me into his chair. He rubbed my shoulders as he could tell I was a little stressed out; however Adam whispered in my ear. "Sit on the table" he whispered; I got up and sat on the table, Adam moved my legs open and continued rubbing my inner thighs.

"Adam not here" I said.

"Come on; You know you want been so long" he said. I eventually gave into his demands and continued pleasuring him as I removed his manhood from his dress pants; Adam gave me the sexiest smile as he pushed me down towards the desk; however we were cut off by the intercom from his secretary.

"Mr. Brown is here to see you" Erica said.


I'm so happy she gave him a piece of her mind...she shouda kneed him in the balls for good measure.
Run It!!

run it!!!

Kayla's Pov
I haven't seen or spoken to Tony in a while, I guess he was ignoring me but I had no idea what I did wrong. I pulled myself up from my slumber as I headed towards my kitchen it was kinda dark because it was about 6 in the morning but as I turned around to make coffee I heard someone knocking on my door. I look through the peephole to see Adam standing in front of my door wearing all black-sweats; I opened the door and crossed my arms as he walked inside. I rolled my eyes as he turned around facing me as i locked the door.

"I can't sleep" he said.

"So you come here?" I asked.

"I was thinking about you; I mean I know I'm with Tracy but I can't stop thinking about you" he said. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms as Adam stood in front of me. "

"Adam go home....Tracy is probably worried about you" I said

"She's sleep.....we can make this quick; let's cancel the divorce and have the dream wedding you always talked about" he said while grabbing my waist.

"Adam, No you ruin our matrimony and left me for another woman...for once I'm happy without you and I want my space from you....but I can only see you a friend" I said while pushing Adam away from me.

"What do you mean? FRIENDS?! Never in my life I heard a female asking to be friends" Adam said. "Fine it's whatever you want Kayla........" he said.

"Did you drive here?" I asked.

"No I jogged over here....I cut through the park" he said. I rolled my eyes because going through the park this late was extremely dangerous and I didn't want anything to happen to Adam so I decided it was best for him to sleep on my couch.

"Fine, you can sleep on my couch" I said while going back to my bedroom. I suggested you should leave before 10 because Dustin is coming over with food helping me go over the finalizing our situation" I said.

"So what Dustin's your advisor now?" he asked.

"Well since you have Laith preoccupied....Dustin was more than glad to help me" I said while turning around to my bedroom and getting under my covers. As I started drifting off to sleep; I heard Adam walking around. The next day I wake up to see Adam holding my waist in the bed; I jumped up and started throwing his clothes at him. "GET THE f*** OUT" I screamed.

"Huh? I didn't mean too but....." Adam tried explaining, I continued throwing my shoes at him but Adam got up and pushed me into the wall. "Calm down" he said.



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wow really adam. you aint s*** lol
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Smh run it

ugh i do not like adam!!!! kayla and dustin are cute!!!! run it!!!

Wow Nigga REALLY!?! Ole' dirty bastard ass gonna lie to your cousin 'cause you don't want to see your ex-wife happy.

I like Dustin he seems sweet.

Adam...bruh you REALLY need to get your life because obviously your hoe ass cannot get a grip on reality! Kayla DOES NOT need ,nor does she want, yo b!tch ass money! She is a grown ass independent woman and can take care of her damn self! Instead of worrying about Kayla you need to be worrying about ya gold digging slut of a girlfriend! Further more, stop being a petty ass b!tch it's not cute!

I hope Tony don't listen to Adam's petty ass bullsh!t...
Run IT!!

Kayla's Pov
To be honest that double date was extremely awkward; I mean having my ex-husband and his new girlfriend was extremely horrible. I was so happy to leave as I was getting pretty quiet during our date, I felt set up as Adam gave me the strangest look as he saw me sitting down. As I pulled up to my building and headed out of the car, I saw Adam standing there waiting for me. I refused to look at him and continued walking towards my room as Adam followed me.

"What the hell was that?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"First Dustin now Tony?" he said....."You're trying to make me jealous?" he asked.

"No Adam; I didn't know you and Tony were friends...I just went to brunch with a guy that I met recently...I had no clue you and Tony knew each other" I said. Adam sat on my couch and looked around my apartment. "Why are you here?"

"Because I wanted to see how could you afford a place like this...How much did this place cost?" he asked.

"Why does it matter Adam? I didn't use your money" I continued. I brushed past Adam as I went into my bedroom only to have Adam follow me; I had enough and decided to tell him how I felt. "Please leave" I said.

"No, because I know you got the money from Tony" he said.

"That's not making any sense.....if I said I met Tony recently and moved out of our place months ago....what make you believe Tony bought the place?" I asked.

"Then how could you afford this place?" he asked.

"I have my own money....I'm not like Tracy and spend all of your money" I said while rolling my eyes, I heard my phone ringing and saw Dustin's picture popped up. "Hello?" I asked. I smiled as I heard Dustin's voice on the other line.

"What's up lady?" he said. "How did the lunch go?"

"It was good....I have a lot to tell you" I said.

"Oh so was it a connection?" he asked.

"No, I wasn't really interested...but sure you can" I said as he asked he could stop by in an hour. I went to the closet to change as I felt a pair of hands touch my body...I started moaning as they were rough but yet strong, however my mind came back to reality as I realized it was Adam. "Bye left me for another woman" I said.

"Come on girl I know you still think about me" he said. I mean I honestly did but for some reason Dustin would always pop in after the kiss; Adam knew I was serious about him leaving so he became upset as I denied the fact about having sex with him. "Call me when you're ready again" he said. I became offended and hopped out of the doorway; "IT'S TOO f***ING LATE YOU LEFT ME FOR ANOTHER WOMAN!" I yelled. Adam turned around and flipped me off as I closed the door, however 10 minutes later I heard Dustin knocking on the door.

"Hey? I saw Adam everything okay?" he asked.

"Yeah; He's a little shocked about the Tony situation" I replied. Dustin and I sat on the couch and continued talking but realized what I said.

"How did he know about Tony?" he asked.

"Well Adam and Tracy were the other couple, I mean it was awkward but yet relieving; I mean Adam was extremely pissed as he saw me sitting waiting for them" I said. Dustin started laughing and I suddenly kissed him, however this kissed seem extremely passionately as Dustin's hands were rubbing all over my body but he broke the kiss.

"I can't go any further...I want to please you because I know you haven't been touch in so long but I don't want to confused you about feelings" he said.

"I don't care just kiss me" I said while trying to jump on him....Dustin grabbed ahold of me and tried giving me some common sense.

"No I can't because.....I don't see you like that....Not that I don't want to have sex with you; its just I want to wait for the perfect moment" he said.

"I totally understand Dustin" I said while moving away from him but Dustin jumped on me while kissing my neck and feeling my body.

"But that doesn't mean I can't have a little taste" he said.

Adam's Pov
I went straight to Tony's house after leaving Kayla's, I didn't want my cousin messing with her as she was my ex-wife. I knocked on his door and continued waiting until he opened the door; I went inside and went straight towards the bar.

"How do you feel about Kayla?" he asked.

"Look; I have something to tell you about her" I said.

"What? Is she a hoe?" he said.

"No, She's only using for your money....Like Kayla and I were dating but she left me and stole half of my bank account and other valuables....I mean I don't know what to say about her but you need to watch her" I said.

"The f***? I knew there was something off with you two...but I couldn't figure it out" he said. "You said she took your money?" he asked.

"Yeah...."I said.

"Well you can't trust this females" he said.

Wow lol run it

Dustin's Pov contd.
"I mean if you're interested in Tony I wouldn't care....."I said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" she asked, I pulled myself closer to Kayla as she wondered what I was talking about.

"Like he's extremely interested in you or he wanted ass...either way if you have any type of relationship with him....I wouldn't care" I said.

"You sure?" she asked. "I mean I don't need your permission to date or mess with anyone" Kayla got up and pulled her hair up while going into the kitchen to grabbed some juice.

"I know that...I'm just saying but I don't know how Adam would react" I replied. I snatched Kayla's cup of juice and continued talking about our situation. "Speak of the devil....guess who's calling you" I said while referring to Tony. "Are you going to answer it?" I asked.

"I guess...I mean its probably something simple" she replied.

Tony's Pov
I was going through my phone and thought about the extremely cute girl that I had recently met. Her name was Kayla and she was extremely pretty as we met in the club, apparently everyone and anyone was there celebrating her and a few other businesses. I came back from handling some business in New York and decided that I would like to get to know her.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Yeah...Antonio?" she replied.

"Hey....but you can call me Tony for short" I said.

"Okay....Tony what's up?" she asked.

"I just got back into town and I thought about your cute ass...You wanna go get some ice-cream or coffee or something?" I asked.

"Umm....I have to work tomorrow but we can meet for lunch if you aren't too busy" she replied. I smiled as I looked at myself in my <a href="">bathroom</a>. "You don't mind if I have my friend and his girl over too?" I asked.

" this a double date?" she asked.

"I mean its what you make it......if its a date you then its a date you will get" I said.

"Well....okay; Meet me at Oliver's at 1:30" she said..."Well see you there tomorrow". I hung up on the phone and headed towards my bedroom; I got inside my bed as I dialed my friend Adam's number.

"Hello?" A female voice say.

"Tracy....Let me speak to Adam" I said.

"Oh okay" she replied.

"Hello?" Adam asked.

"What's you doing tomorrow?" I asked.

"Umm...nothing after 1 why?" he asked.

"I want you to meet someone I'm interested in" I said. Adam sighed and started laughing as I said those words...

"You sure you're ready for a commitment; I mean you can be a little rough at times" Adam said.

"Look I went to classes and everything....I'm a changed man" I said. I may have some issues verbally to anyone whether its male of female, apparently I cussed my girlfriend out too much but she was just stubborn and stupid....this girl seems intelligent and other girlfriend qualities.

"Whatever you say.....just don't take her to the hotel afterwards....where is this place at?" he asked.

"Olivers....1:30" I said.

"Oh okay I know where that's at" he said. "Well I have to handle some business with Tracy...I'll hit you up later" he said.

Tony's Pov
I pulled up in front of the restaurant as I seen Kayla wearing a short, white sundress. I licked my lips a little as I seen her going inside the restaurant and continued walking into the restaurant and I followed her inside as I parked my car, I saw her waiting for me at the table as I had already made reservations.

"You look beautiful" I said.

"Thanks...You look handsome" she continued. "Where are you friends?" she asked.

"Oh I don't know...they're probably having sex in the parking lot or somewhere....they're some freaks" I said as she laughed...."That gives me more time to get to know you" I said while grabbing her hand as I sat across from her. "Oh here they are" I said as my friend/cousin Adam and his girlfriend walked up. Kayla seemed a little quiet but I thought it was nerves or she was just shy so I continued having a conversation with them as Tracy sat next to Adam.

"Why are you so quiet?" I asked.

"No reason" Kayla said....."No reason" As the waiter came towards us for our drink order, I thought it would be nice to order Kayla some water but she had something else in mind. "I'm sorry Tony but can I get a little ratchet right now?" she asked.

"Sure I don't care what you want....." I said; I started laughing as she was being honest while Tracy and Adam were laughing extremely nervously.

"Well waiter....Can I get something a little sweet with a lot of alcohol" she said.

"It's only 2 pm" Adam said.

"Its happy time somewhere...." she said.

"Ayyy cheers....." Tracy said.

"Yeah..." Kayla said. Adam seemed a little tense as Kayla gave him an extremely smart replied, I continued drinking some water as I could tell there was a little tension in the group, I assumed it was between Tracy and Adam as they were extremely quiet and seemed pissed.

"You girls look lovely" I said while breaking the ice.

"Thanks" Tracy said; "Adam bought me this dress....he said I look like a black Marilyn Monroe in it" Kayla moved her hand over her mouth as she started giggling and took another sip of her drink.

"Yeah like her role in the Seven Year Itch" she said while looking towards Adam..."Is there something wrong between you two?" she asked. "You guys seem a little uneasy".

"No, just some relationship see Tracy and I are considering about moving into a bigger house together" Adam said.

"Oh how lovely.....I wish you guys nothing but luck" she asked.


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Run it

Kayla's Pov
I don't know if it was the alcohol, weed or combination of both but Dustin's lips felt heavenly; I mean there was nothing as soft as his lips, not even Adam's. As Dustin pulled away from me, I pushed into him for more, however we ended up on the floor as I continued kissing him. Dustin's hands were rubbing all over my body as I started kissing his neck but Dustin pushed me off; I laid on my back while trying to catch my breath. I haven't been kissed or touched like that since valentine's day, Adam started the affair the night of Valentine's day as he went to the club with Shad and those two women.

"Was Adam passionate during your relationship?" he asked.

"He was before the affairs....afterwards he seemed withdrawn" I replied. "That's when I realize no matter how young or beautiful you are; A man will find a way to cheat if he's not fully committed". Dustin got up and changed into something more comfortable, t-shirt and sweats. He pulled me up from the ground and pulled me towards the couch, Dustin laid on the couch and pulled me on-top of him.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Nine fifteen...why? Are you ready to go?" he asked. I shook my head and Dustin got up to put his shoes on, He grabbed a jacket and umbrella as it was raining and drove me home; The car ride was extremely weird, we both didn't want the night to end after the kiss but I didn't want to seemed fast because I just got out of a relationship. "I could tell you were ready to go" he said, I raised an eyebrow and asked him how; "You weren't comfortable in your outfit....I know wearing business- clothes all day can be exhausting" he said.

"Yeah, after you changed I was ready to wear sweats too" I said.

"You should've asked for something to wear" he said.

"You just want to see me prance around in a t-shirt" I said.

"You're absolutely right" he replied. Dustin found a parking space before pulling up to me with his umbrella. We got out and unlocked the door to my building and continued walking inside, As we got into the elevator Dustin started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"I'm just thinking about the first time we met" he said.

"What about it?" I asked. As we pulled out and went inside my <a href="">place</a>. Dustin went straight to my couch as I went into my <a href="">bedroom</a> to changed into a oversized t-shirt and leggings.

"Like I was thinking about how close I was to getting to know you but Adam just slide on it and snatched you away" he said.

"Well if you were really feeling me that much, you should've pulled me away" I said.

"You really don't know Adam like I do" he said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I asked. "He was my husband....I think I would know him pretty well". I pulled closer to Dustin because I didn't fully understand what he was saying, I mean I knew Adam pretty well.

"Do you know who Tony Santiago is?" he asked.

"Yeah isn't he some mobster or something?" I asked. "I don't know I could really care less".

"That's Adam cousin" he said.

"So? My cousins are drug dealers....whoopty-do" I said. "Big deal Dustin".

"Look whenever Adam has something in his way or wants something....he uses Tony as a threat; for example any crazy ex-girlfriend of his somehow end up scared every time they see him. Like at the party where we all met...Tony was there; you probably didn't see him but when I tried talking to you and Adam saw you afterwards, he threaten my family and private parts....besides I didn't think Adam would go on to marry you" he said.

"Really? Are you talking about the tall light-skin guy with all the tattoo?" I asked. "Wait I think who you're talking about....<a href="">him</a>".

"Yes...that's Tony" he replied.

"Antonio is dangerous? I knew he owned a few businesses but he wouldn't hurt a fly" I said. I couldn't believe Antonio was dangerous..."He isn't related to Adam" I said.

"They're either close friends or distance cousins but they know each other....only a handful of us seen them together...How do you know him?" he asked.

"Ummmmm....I met him at this party I was throwing....he kept buying me bottles" I said.

"Wow and you didn't know them" he said.

"No, Adam never talked about Tony...I mean majority of his close friends and family were at the wedding so I never met him in my life" I continued.

"Well maybe he didn't recognized you because that was a few years back.....To be honest I think you're a little crazy for Tony" he said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I asked.

"Tony is the type of guy who can get millions of girls to do whatever he Kayla on the other hand is different; I mean Tony can asked for something simple; like a kiss but you would say I hear he has orgies always going on in his house" Dustin said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, He would invite some boys of his and their friends with a bunch of girls trying to be wifey,,,,a lot of alcohol, weed, mollies and etc...then they weave out the freaks; he has some friends bring them to a couple of bedrooms with each friend in one, then they would do whatever they wanted.

"You were one of his friends" I asked.

"Okay, when I first moved to the city....I was like a runner for Tony's father but he knew I wanted to go to school and get a secured job but I had no money for it....well after his father became sick; Tony paid for my tuition on the condition I paid it back to him....well after landing a job right after school; I paid my money back to Tony plus we're associates but he's always traveling handling business I never see him" Dustin said.

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Adam's Pov
I couldn't believe Dustin and Kayla were together hanging out; friends or not. I refused to believe that they were friends after the divorce but seeing Kayla today made everything confusing for me. At first I wanted to push Tracy off my body but she was my girlfriend. I dialed Dustin's number and called him up to have another conversation but it went straight to voicemail; I sighed and grabbed my phone to dial Shad's number, I knew he lived near Dustin so I wanted to make sure him and Kayla were doing anything.

"Hello?" he asked.

"You know Dustin right?" I asked.

"Yeah he's one of my teammates brother....why?" he asked.

"I think him and Kayla are seeing each other" I continued.

"Look you need to get over it....She is over you...YOU CHEATED ON HER!" he yelled. I knew I had enough of everyone's opinion so I decided to hang up and continued going on with my business. I felt my stomach growling so I decided to go ahead and drive towards my favorite restaurant, it was a Moroccan spot that Kayla and I would attend together; I wasn't in the mood to sit down so I decided to get take out and drive back home. However I saw a familiar couple standing in front of the restaurant waiting for their car. I continued driving past them because I had no idea what to do and I wanted to give Kayla her space because I knew in the mean time she would be coming back to me.

Kayla's Pov
I continued drinking some more vodka and I felt a little tipsy so Dustin had to drive me home. However I wanted to spend more time with him; I grabbed Dustin by the next and told him everything I wanted him to know.

"What's up?" he asked.

"I want to chill with you...." I slurred.

"Really? We can watch a movie and order some dessert" he said.

"OOHH I WANT ICE CREAM!" I screamed.

"Yeah we can get you ice smoke?" he asked.

"Yes...." I said. Dustin car pulled up and he opened the door for me, I got in as he started everything up, we got in the car and headed towards his house. When we got there I was in awed at his <a href="">place</a>. Dustin sat down and started rolling his blunt as he adjusted his shirt and I took my shoes down.

"You look extremely beautiful" he said. Dustin started lighting his blunt and continued smoking it before handing it me; I took a few hits of it and started blowing my smoke in Dustin's face, he grabbed my hand and kissed me. "I always wanted to do that" he said.

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kayla needs to date dustin fine ass lol
run it

Kayla's POV
I felt extremely sick to my stomach and I decided to head to the hotel's bar across the street; I need a couple of drinks and a bottle to comprehend today. I found an empty stool next to a male who was busy talking to a female, I assumed he was just interested in sex with her so I decided to mind my own business.

"Can I get a dirty martini" I said to the waiter.

"Kayla Moreno; I haven't seen you in forever" <a href="">Dustin</a> said.

"Yeah I know right....How is things still going?" I asked. Dustin Michaels was Adam's colleague; they never really talked or hangout together because they was a little rivalry between the two, They had the same job and everything but Dustin was worst when it came to girls, Rumor has it that Dustin started banging Adam's old secretary during lunch and Adam found out and completely lost it. "You're here trying to pull more groupies?" I asked. Dustin laughed and continued drinking his drink, he turned all of his attention towards me.

"I heard about your divorce....I'm sorry to hear that" Dustin said. He rubbed my thighs as I continued drinking; "Trust me I saw the woman......she's nowhere as marvelous as you" Dustin continued. I smiled because he did say the right things and I thought Dustin was extremely attractive.

"Oh you did say the right things....but I'm not interest in your sex" I said.

"You really think I would just bed you?" He asked.

"Yes I do....I heard about what you and Adam used to do......try to bed the most girls in one night during company events....isn't that how we met?" I asked.

"Yeah but Adam felled in love with you.....the rest was history but no I would never bed a girl like you" he said. "I would take you out on a romantic you home; worried by the phone if you would call me back and you do....then we fall in love and start a family" he said. I bursted into laughed as I couldn't believe Dustin would say something like that.

"You're extremely funny" I said. "Besides I'm not a Moreno any longer....its Kayla Maliah Jones" Dustin agreed on my name.

"Maybe it will be Kayla Maliah Michaels" he said.

"Maybe not...I will be the talk around the office" I said.

" won't; Adam didn't tell you" he said.

"What?" I asked.

"I never worked with him....our companies are merged together but we're not in the same office" he said. "I just messed around with a few females in his office but that's it".

"But you guys...I left my bag in the office....s*** I don't have a badge" I said.

"Don't worry, I have one; I will just come with you" he said. Dustin told the bartender to put our drinks on his tab, we headed out as we crossed the street to get my things from the office; I was extremely pissed that I forgot my things, Dustin thought it would be great to act like a couple but I didn't really care. He held onto my hand and led towards the office but we were stopped by Erica.

"Hey Kayla....and Dustin" she said.

"Hey Erica...How are you" I asked.

"I'm know just heading to guys make a lovely couple; I knew you was going to find someone who would treat you better" she continued.

"Oh we're not a couple; I left my bag in the office and Dustin used his bag to help me in" I continued.

"Oh okay but we should go have a drink and get to know each other" she said.

"Sure that'll be great" I said.

"Okay...well I have to go back to work" she said.

"That was weird" I said.

"Who's that?" he asked.

"Adam's new secretary" I continued.

" on" he said. The lights were off in the room so Dustin decided to turned the lights on; I was shocked to see Adam on the dest as Tracy was squatting on top of him.

Dustin's Pov
Adam tried adjusting his pants as Kayla stood there; He tried apologizing to Kayla but I got between them; he stopped in his tracks and tried looking at Kayla who just moved to grabbed her bag.

"Wait.......I" Adam was cut off by Kayla getting between us.

"Why does it matter? You guys are together.....You can't explain anything to me" she said.

"Why is Dustin here?" he asked.


Kayla's Pov
It has been a month since I seen Adam; I was pretty glad about being single again but JR was becoming close with me. I mean there was nothing wrong with having some male attention but I wanted to have someone come in the picture after everything was finalized. I wake up to the sound of my alarm knowing it was the day to figure out what to do with the finances; to be honest I could really care less about the finances because it was part of our money put together. I heard my phone ringing and I look up to see it was Laith, he was the advisor for our financial situation.

"You know you could always bring a friend for emotional support" he said.

"I have you" I said.

"No, someone other than me...I'm suppose to be the mutual one in the relationship" he said; I started laughing because I had no one to use; I assumed Adam was bringing Shad or one of his family members so I decided it would be best to invite no one. I decided to wear a red pencil skirt while tucking my white button down inside with a pair of black heels, I knew I would grab Adam's attention but I had no idea what I was preparing myself for. I headed outside to drive towards his office only to see Laith standing outside looking uneasy.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"She's here.....Adam has her as his emotional support" he said.

"Who Tina?" I asked.

"No not my ex-wife......Tracy" he said. I felt sick to my stomach as Adam decided to bring his mistress to the financial situation. I didn't have anyone to bring to the situation because I thought it was a bad idea. I shrugged my shoulders and continued walking in...."You look great though" he said.

Laith's Pov
Now I'm here to be the mutual agent, I was to oversee the financial situation for both Adam and Kayla, I knew this would be a long day as they both had someone else there....I mean Adam only did it for drama, however when I walked in I saw Tracy and Adam making out and holding hands, I cleared my throat as they stopped showing PDA.

"Look I'm going to need you guys to not stirred any type of drama" he said. They both agreed as Kayla walked in, Adam couldn't take his eyes off of him.

"Adam please don't say anything....I'm not in the mood" I said.

"Why? Because you been all night f***ing?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and threw my hand up in the air, I knew this would be a long day ahead of me.

"Well let's not get started on why we're here in the first place....." Kayla said referring to Tracy, Tracy got up and tried bucking at Kayla but she threw her hand up, "Don't get that ass beat again....Tracy; You really think you're top notch because you took my ex-husband....You really think that's suppose to hurt me?". Adam leaned back in his chair and shared a slight grin towards her.

"You have no idea....." Tracy said.

"b**** shut up....why are you here? Look Adam you can take the f***ing money.....I don't need it" Kayla said.

"Kayla calm down...Adam I told you about this....Kayla are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes Laith.....I'm sure" Kayla decided to leave but Adam got up from the table and followed her.

Adam's Pov
I grabbed Kayla by the arm and pushed her into the janitor's closet. I held her against the wall as I tried explaining.

"Tracy and I are dating" I said.

"Really? Adam do you ever think of the consequences?" she asked

"I thought you didn't care" I said.


"Oh and you didn't? Is that why we're here?" I asked.

"Fine you can keep your money.....Tell Laith that I could care less about the accounts" she said. Kayla pushed me off and continued walking away, I shrugged my shoulders and went back to the office.

"She said you can do whatever you" I said...."Just dissolve the account and donated the money somewhere" I said, I felt horrible for my decision but I thought Kayla was dating someone so I thought it would be a good idea to make her jealous. I told Tracy to wait in the office as Laith and I decided it would be a good time to talk.

"Why did you think that was a good idea?" Laith asked.

"I don't know....Tracy insisted I mean we're together" he said.

"I know that but you can't bring your mistress around Kayla...together or not you can't bring the woman who ruin your marriage around your ex-wife" Laith said.

Kayla's Pov
I couldn't believe Adam was standing in front of me, high and drunk. I refused to help him in his situation because he was a grown ass man; I rolled my eyes as Adam stumbled around while trying to speak to me.

"Baby I'm drunk and high at the same time" he laughed. Adam pulled me closer to him and started whispering in my ear, "I had a molly and I want to see if it works"; I was truly disgusted by his statement and pushed him off of me, Adam felled towards his knees and grabbed ahold of my leg. I tried pushing him off but Shad was too high to help as Adam's grip became tighter. Adam reminded me of a little child begging for his parent to not leave but he was 30-something, he made his bed now he needs to lie in it. Finally I felt Adam's gripped let go as I felt a set of hands grabbed onto me; I turned around to see a <a href="">man</a> grabbing onto my hand; he seems around Adam's age maybe late 20's early 30's but I wasn't paying any attention to him as Adam realized that another man was in front of me.

"This is how you do me?" he asked.

"What are you talking about Adam?" I asked.

"Him, You're messing with him....Were you seeing him this whole time?" he started asking, Adam seem a little upset as another man was giving me attention; I received attention but Adam wasn't around enough to see any of it. Adam got up and pushed the guy but before he could do anything in retaliation as I grabbed Adam away; "SHE'S MINE!" he screamed as the VIP section turned around to see the drama that Adam had caused. I pulled him outside the club and grabbed a taxi, I told Adam to get in the car. I was extremely pissed as Adam's antics were starting to become childish; I pushed him off as he tried making out in the back of the cab.

"Don't touch me" I whispered.

"But you're my wife.....I can touch you whenever I pleased" he said; Adam wasn't making any sense as we were dropped off in front of his building; I said "his" because I moved out after the hotel situation. Adam pulled me all the way to his bedroom but I refused to get in there with him; "Come on....this molly isn't going to wear off anytime soon" he said. I rolled my eyes and walked towards the living room; Adam tried following me but I pushed him away. "Fine act like that think I care?" he said. I refused to answer his question as Adam turned into another human being, "GET THE f*** OUT OF MY HOUSE! I'LL CALL SOMEONE ELSE....I CAN FIND ANY WOMAN IN THIS CITY WILLING TO PLEASE ME...WHAT YOU WANT ME TO SIGN THE PAPERS!!!!" Adam yelled, he went inside his dresser to sign the divorce papers as he threw it towards me; "FINE WE'RE DIVORCE....HAVE A NICE LIFE KAYLA" he yelled. I could tell it was the drugs talking but they did stung a little, I realize what was happening as I felt my soul leaving my body as Adam realize what he did..."Baby I'm sorr" I cut him off by rushing out of his apartment.

"No you can have this lifestyle....I'm done Adam" I said. I threw my wedding ring at him as I turned around to leave and go back home; the walk back home was extremely silent and weird. I knew it was dangerous for a female to walk home alone at night but I could really care about what could happen to me, I just wanted to be alone.

"Excuse me....." A male voice said. I continued walking because I knew he was trying to holla at me, I wasn't in the mood for a response whether it was positive or negative. However the man was extremely persistent; I rolled my eyes and snapped.

"WHAT!" I yelled only to be surprised by the guy from the club. "I'm sorry" I said, he was a little shocked by my response but stopped the car, I stopped and asked what he wanted.

"I was on my way home only to see you and I wanted to know if you needed a ride" he said. I continued walking as he started his car again only to drive very slowly; "Fine, I can follow you to make sure you're safe" he said. I rolled my eyes and got into the car; I made sure the doors was unlock if he tried to do anything funny.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Kayla...I was at the club remember?" I asked.

"Yeah, I remember you had the drunken boyfriend?" he laughed.

"Ex-Husband....He's my ex-husband" I replied, he was extremely quiet after my response only to break the silence with clearing his throat.

"Oh, That must have been his first time seeing you after breaking up?" he asked. I shook my head as my stomach started growling; He raised an eyebrow and my stomach was growling "You hungry?" he asked.

"Yes, I haven't ate since 4" I said. I look at the clock to see it was 1 am; I wasn't at the club for a couple of hours.

"Well you want some Ihop?" he asked. I agreed because I was craving pancakes and lemonade; "I'm JR by the way" he continued.

"Nice to meet you and thanks" I said.

"You don't mind if I ask about your marriage?" he said.

"No, You can ask whatever you want" I said.

"Why are you single? " He asked. "What happen in your relationship to be divorce?".

"Well my husband is popular in finances while I style clients and sets for the company I work for, with both of our jobs requires a lot of time; I mean I was free more than he was but certain days business or Shad, his best friend came first but after a while he started changing....he became more buried in his office sometimes spending the nights at the hotels across the street while I was home lonely.....I always had the idea in the back of mind that he was with another woman, I mean Adam Morena, notorious bachelor wasn't ready for commitment; come to find out he was having an affair with another woman. I always thought to myself what to do should I stay with him and work it out or leave....I stayed in the marriage; tried working it out but once again he choose the single life over the love of his life" I said. JR parked his car and continued to look at me, I knew he couldn't respond to that but I decided to move past my current situation and get something to eat.

"I haven't been here in ages" he said. I laughed and enjoy that for once I was receiving some male attention from someone other than Adam. I continued enjoying my conversations with Jr as he brought his past up. "I was married once" he said; I was shocked because I couldn't believe it.

"Really? How old are you?" I asked.

"I'm 30....I married as soon as I turned 18, my b-day was my bachelor party" I cracked up laughing because I couldn't imagine being married that young; "She says she wasn't ready but she didn't understand the idea of time and patience, I had no money....didn't go to college; attended a courses in technology and here I am working with a security company, with a six-figures payroll" he said.

"Oh well cheers to divorces" I said while clanging my glass towards his.

"Cheers to that" he said. Jr was extremely handsome and seemed genuine, I decided that I had enough and was ready to go home but we exchanged numbers as I got out of his car and walking towards my building.

run it

run it

run it!!!!