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The Neighbor

I had the perfect life; a beautiful home, beautiful <a href="">husband</a> who I truly loved. I enjoyed my lifestyle, I did something that made me happy; I own a studio in the heart of the city. Photography was a hobby of mines but I truly wanted to open my own boutique but my husband didn't see the money in it; I just sighed and continued my own hobbies. However lately my husband is preoccupied in his own work, as a financial advisor; he advise athletes' and other rich celebs but their lifestyle was taking a toll on him; now he would come home late at night, attending after-parties for his clients while I sit here bored and lonely; it has been over a years since he touch me....I now believe he's having an affair with another woman but there's not evidence in that; however my life was turned upside when I met <a href="">him</a>; The Neighbor.

Kayla's Pov
I sighed as I headed towards the dark room; it was Valentine's day and Adam had to work late. I couldn't believe he had the audacity to work overtime on "f***ing v-day"; I think something was wrong with him because this man doesn't remember dates; unless it is Christmas or Birthdays. I decided to finish the photos for my friend's magazine shoot; She knew Adam was spending more time with clients than me but she said "it's my marriage; just be careful". Her words played throughout my head as I continued searching for impurities and checking each photo. I heard my phone ringing as I rushed out of the darkroom; I grabbed my phone as it was laying on the counter.

"Hello?" I said

"Happy V-Day baby; You know what will be a good idea?" He asked.

"No, What?" I said while rolling my eyes; Adam could tell I was a little upset but shrugged it off as he coughed to break up the silence.

"You should take a cab to my job and I'll show you my surprise" he said. "Be there in 10 minutes" he said; I could tell Adam was smiling through the phone as his voice became a little deeper. "Wear something sexy". I rolled my eyes again as Adam got off the phone; I decided to go back home to changed into something more <a href="">sexier</a>. I decided to place the cardigan in my purse as it wasn't as cold as I expected; I sat in the backseat as the taxi drove me towards Adam's office. I took a deep breath as I walked inside his office, many of his coworkers knew me and greeted me as I head towards his office; however his secretary wasn't too friendly.

"Ahhh Mrs. Moreno I didn't expect you to drop by" Erica said.

"Yeah Adam called me to meet him here; so hello" I said while waiting for Adam to come out; Erica took a head-to-toe look at me as I stood there; I was becoming annoyed by her antics so I blurted out "Are you going to notify him or anything?" I said.

"I mean you are his wife; I would expect you to walk on in" she replied. Erica had a slight grin to her face but she had no idea who I was.

"b**** it's apart of your job; who knows maybe he has a very important client or something; I mean as a secretary I would expect you to notify when he has a visitor; I mean its common sense" I replied; I wiped Erica's grin off her face as I snapped back at her response but I guess Adam could sense I was a little heated so he decided to come out.

"Babe; Come inside" he said. I turned my eyes towards Erica who continued sipping her coffee while reading her emails; I mumbled "thirsty b****" as I went inside his office. He was the only one who works in this office as he was the chairman of the board; I knew understood his ability for this much space; I sat on the couch in front of the window. However Adam dragged me towards his desk and pushed me into his chair. He rubbed my shoulders as he could tell I was a little stressed out; however Adam whispered in my ear. "Sit on the table" he whispered; I got up and sat on the table, Adam moved my legs open and continued rubbing my inner thighs.

"Adam not here" I said.

"Come on; You know you want been so long" he said. I eventually gave into his demands and continued pleasuring him as I removed his manhood from his dress pants; Adam gave me the sexiest smile as he pushed me down towards the desk; however we were cut off by the intercom from his secretary.

"Mr. Brown is here to see you" Erica said.




Run it

Shad's Pov
A lot of people would think I was trying to break them up, I mean at first I did but when I saw Adam hurt when she left, I felt guilty, for those who know the story could blame me but let be honest; Adam is a grown ass man who is fully capable of making decisions. Okay I did bring women around him but Adam knows that's my lifestyle however I did have feelings for Kayla but I knew her and Adam loved each other.

"I have an idea Adam" I said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Just surprise her, let her know that you still care...I mean its going to take time because she lost all trust in you but please understand that if you guys really are meant to be then you guys are getting back together" I said. Adam sat on his couch wit his face in his hands, I decided to tapped him on the shoulder and told him "Doors open at 10:00 so we will be there around 11" I said; I got up and told him that I'll call him when I'm outside; I went back to my car but I saw a familiar person in front of me, Tracy.

"Hey Shad" she said.

"Hey Trace...what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Oh you know....I'm going inside to see Adam" she said. "I'm trying to see if he was serious about forgetting me" she continued.

"Are you serious?" I asked, Tracy seemed confused because I thought Adam stopped messing wit her. "Look he doesn't want you....You destroyed a marriage and that makes you happy, you're only messing with Adam because you're jealous of their relationship" I said. Tracy sucked her teeth and continued walking inside his company; I stopped messing with them after the whole fiasco because Tracy continued bouncing from me to Adam and back and forth.

Adam's Pov
I stepped outside to see Shad waiting in front of the building for me, I felt my heart beating as I continued thinking about seeing her for the first time in months; I adjusted my cuff links as I wanted to impress Kayla. Shad could tell I was a little nervous and told me to relax, I grabbed the mini bottle of rum in his car and started drinking a little.

"She got you nervous right?" he asked.

"You don't understand; Like I know we had our issues with this relationship but thanks for helping me out" I said. Shad gave me a pep talk and I understood where he was coming from; I adjusted my tie, I felt a little uncomfortable and removed the tie as Shad pulled in front of the club; Ladies were looking at us as they adjusted their outfits; We walked past the bouncer and bounce to the vibe of the club, a hostess showed us to our booths but Kayla was no where to be found. However I spotted Lauren behind the dj booth but no Kayla; suddenly I heard the most beautiful voice in the world.

"Is everyone having a good time?" Kayla asked. I suddenly felt my heart rushing as Shad elbowed me but I became extremely scared; he asked if I needed more time and I shook my head as he asked for two large bottles of alcohol. As the waitress returned with the bottles I began to chugged them, however I felt another side come over me because I was jealous of Kayla enjoying herself. "f*** her..where the hoes at?" I asked Shad, Shad laughed and brought a table filled with women to me, a couple of them sat on my lap as I leaned back in the booth and continued drinking and taking shots. However I turned my head to see Kayla just chilling in the booth enjoying the music, she wasn't flirting with any guy just laughing with Lauren some other people; I saw Laith come through and gave Kayla a hug while sitting next to them, then everyone else came through; I rolled my eyes as I felt like the old me; just chilling with girls. I tapped one of the girls on her lap and ordered her to get another bottle, she did and I continued drinking. However Shad tapped me on my shoulder, "Think about what you're doing Adam....You're just confused and angry" he said.

"She said be single, so I'm pretending to be single" I said. I grabbed my wedding band from my neck and decided to wear it again. I turned my head to see Kayla giving another man a lap dance and I felt extremely pissed so I ordered the girls to get up and dance for me. Shad started laughing as they began dancing, it was sad to see that some people would do anything to sleep with a celebrity; they wanted to be football wives. However things were becoming extremely blurred as the music started slowing down, I knew I was getting drunk but I didn't know what else was in my drink.

"We gave you a molly" one of the girls said while laughing; Shad became a little confused and got up with a few girls...after a few hours Shad came back while I was still drinking and feeling the effect; I felt my wedding band being removed but I pushed one of the girls off and snatched my band back, Now Shad was laughing some more as the females diverted back to him. I heard an angel call my name as I laid back; I was high on mollies and drunk off of rum.

"Adam?" Kayla asked. I jumped up to see my baby behind the booth confused at me; I tried grabbing her but she moved back however I got up and continued walked towards her but I started stumbling because I was drunk.

Run it

don't like shad he is so effin sneaky. run it!!!

Adam's Pov contd.
I wake up to see Kayla rushing out of the bed to go inside the bathroom; I rubbed my eyes and while sitting up to see if Kayla is okay. I suddenly heard Kayla throwing up inside the bathroom, I decided to go inside to see if she was okay.

"Baby are you okay?" I asked. I saw Kayla's head inside the toilet throwing up; I didn't know what was wrong with her because I saw her wedding ring on the sink, I got up and felt my heart rushing. Kayla got up and started brushing her teeth while I decided to sit on the edge of the bed; "Are you leaving me?" I asked. Kayla shrugged her shoulders while getting back into the bed, "What the hell you mean you don't know?" I asked.

"I just don't know" she replied. "Adam you didn't follow me...You wanted to take your mind off the situation so you decided to visit Shad, who had women and alcohol in his hotel room; however you saw me walking back to my room and decided to make it seem like you followed me all the way here" she said. She was exactly right but I was stuck in the middle, one part of me wants the single life again while the other part wants the married life. "Adam you still want the single life so I decided to give you what you want" she said; My heart felled to the ground as she said those words, I tried grabbing her hand but she pushed me away.

"Are we getting divorce?" I asked.

"I don't know Adam, I'm not the one who still wants to be's up to you; I mean we can be legally separated and you can decided until then but right now; We're no longer together" she said. Kayla crossed her arms and showed a side I have never seen; heartlessness. I started staring into her eyes as she continued to shrugged her shoulders; "It's best for you to leave" she said. I tried kissing her but she pushed me away. "No, I'm not trying to complicate things" she said. I decided to get up and go back to Shad's room; I took another look at Kayla and decided maybe she was right, I didn't respect the idea of marriage or commitment; I still wanted my single life back but I thought I was ready when I married Kayla. I didn't know someone so young could change my whole lifestyle, I mean everyone was surprised but supported me except for my single friends; I mean Kayla didn't receive the best support neither, "Oh she's too young; She's nothing but a gold digger, Are you her sugar daddy?" they said. I removed my wedding band as I went into the room filled with temptation.

Adam's Pov
I went inside my office without speaking to Erica nor Laith; I didn't care about them no more, they were the reason Kayla and I weren't together; I mean legally we were still married but emotionally I was in love with her; I remember the next day after the hotel situation she served me papers for divorce but I refused to sign them, I told her she could do whatever she want but I still wanted her as my wife; I know friends were saying to sign the papers but I couldn't, I tried but it is extremely hard to ruin a relationship when you're in love.

"Erica can you please come in?" I asked. A few minutes later Erica was inside my office and i told her to take a seat; "Can you tell me how Laith found out about Tracy?" I asked.

"Well Mr. Moreno; You shared an affair in your office were majority of us could hear" she said. "Laith saw you receiving head from her.....remember?" she said. I decided there was no one to blame so I decided to let her returned to work; I slammed my fist onto the ground but she came back to inform me about a photoshoot with some business magazine.

"So, What about it?" I asked.

"Well Mr. Moreno they want a cover shoot about you; talking about family and etc" she said.

"I have no family, my wife left me" I said.

"Look Adam, you have to blame one told you to jump into an affair with that woman....I believe Kayla did the right thing; I would've too if my husband can't get mad at anyone but yourself" she said.

"Well fine I'll do the f***ing photo-shoot" I said. "When is it?" I asked.

"In 3 you enough time to stop drinking alcohol" Erica remarked, she grinned while turning around and going back to her office. I rolled my eyes and scrolled through my phone; I started looking at pictures of Kayla and I's relationship; I found pictures from our first days and I started smiling because she looked amazing. I pulled up the contacts and started looking through for her work number, apparently she has been very preoccupied with work and etc; I heard someone come in my office only to see Shad inside.

"What?" I asked.

"Okay, I know you're mad about me kissing Kayla but you have to get out of your slump; I mean you smell like alcohol, Kayla left you......get over it;" I grabbed Shad by his neck, It was all his fault.

"SHUT UP! YOU'RE THE f***ING REASON SHE LEFT ME....YOU BROUGHT TRACY AROUND ME OKAY!!" I said. Shad started laughed because he knew I couldn't blame him; he pushed me off of his neck.

"She has an appearance at the club" I shrugged my shoulders because I could really care less but Shad continued "I have a VIP lounge, next to the dj booth where she will be in attendance" he said.

well, he should have beat shad up real talk. shad was in the wrong and shows he don't care about any ones feeling but himslef. smh a lot lol run it!!!!

Run it

Adam's Pov
I felt gripped my phone extremely tight as he said that; I wanted to smack some common sense into Kayla when I see her but I felt a little sick to my stomach.

"Why would she do that?" I asked.

"I don't know why?" he said...."We just kissed" he continued.

"Who is with right now?" I asked.

"I don't know some light-skin guy with curly hair" he replied. "Do you think she's cheating on you in revenge or something?" he asked.

"What his apartment number?" I asked. Shad told me the number but I was cut off as I heard Kayla coming back in; I refused to speak to her right now but I heard her grabbing pillows and sheets as she made a bed on the couch. I got out of the balcony and walked past her as she tried going to sleep. "You're not hungry" I asked.

"No, I already ate dinner....besides its late" she replied.

"You're not going to cook" I asked.

"No, Why don't' you ask Tracy to make you dinner" she replied; Kayla sighed and placed the blanket over her head.

"Where were you today?" I asked.

"I went to see Laith....why?" she asked.

"Did you spend anytime with Shad?" I asked.

"He stopped me while on my way to Laith's and we talked" she said.

"Did you f*** him?" I asked..I turned around to look Kayla dead in her eyes, she was shocked and didn't want to talk to me, she brushed me off while going to the bathroom..."DID YOU f*** HIM!" I yelled.

:WHY DOES IT f***ING MATTER?! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ANOTHER REASON TO CHEAT ADAM!" she yelled; I let my anger get the best of me as I slammed her up against the wall, once again my eyes started turning red as my nostrils were flaring.


"HE KISSED ME! I TRIED PUSHING HIM OFF, LIKE HE TOLD ME THAT HE HAD FEELINGS FOR ME AND STARTED KISSING ME; I DID FIGHT IT BUT SHAD KISSED ME!" she yelled, I started looking into her eyes and could tell that she was being honest. I knew I let the anger take over me and saw her scared as my hands were gripping her shoulders; I knew I should've let it go because I always knew Shad had something for Kayla, I mean i could tell he was a little jealous when we first started dating but I brushed at it.

"Baby, I'm......." Kayla grabbed her bag and car keys while rushing out of the door. I followed her but she started running away from me; I knew she wouldn't talk to if I caught up with her so I decided to give her some space.

Kayla's Pov
I decided it was best to spend a night in a hotel; I didn't want to see Adam's face right now; I refused to answer any of his questions no matter what they were; I started receiving multiple messages from him so I decided to turn my phone off. When I finally reached a hotel, I saw Shad with another female sneaking into a room. I rolled my eyes because he caused all of this drama; I knew I needed to clear my mind so I went to the liquor store and grabbed a bottle or two and was stopped by a male figure.

"Do you smoke?" he asked.

"Yes why?" I said.

"I got some loud on deck" he replied; I shrugged my shoulders and bought some weed also, I laughed because I haven't smoke sense I met Adam, I drove back to the hotel and heard someone calling my name, I knew it was Shad so I continued walking because I didn't want to speak to him. I turned the shower on and sat inside as I started rolling my blunt; I breathe in and out as I started taking hits, I felt my mouth getting dried which is when I began to open the bottle. I suddenly began feeling the effect as my bathroom was extremely smokey, which is when I heard something call my name; I decided to open the door and see who it was.

"Hey you....." I said.

"You're drunk Kayla" Adam said.

"Why are you following me?" I slurred...."YOU WENT TO SHAD!" I yelled.

"Shad told me you were here, You're drunk......have you been smoking" he asked.

"I'm faded.....No f*** that I'm smacked" I laughed; I grabbed Adam's neck and pulled him inside my room.....I went back into the bathroom to finish my blunt while I grabbed my bottle of wine; I turned the radio which played a "twerk song" and I began dancing...."This is my song" I said; Adam tried snatching the bottle out of my hand but I grabbed onto it. "Don't touch my baby; I don't know where you hands been" I said.

"Give me the bottle you don't need it" he said.

Adam's Pov
I hated seeing Kayla drunk when highly emotional, she became a big baby; I tried grabbing the bottle again but she started chugging it, I tried reaching for it again only to have her fall towards the ground while watching the bottle break. I tried helping her but she burst into tears while hitting me.

"You ruin everything....I f***ING HATE YOU!" she screamed. "LEAVE ME THE f*** ALONE! YOU'RE f***ING USING ME BECAUSE I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!! WHAT DID THAT TRACY b**** DO WHAT I DIDN'T?" she asked. Kayla was started to shed a few more tears while drunk, I know this was her opening up to me..."WHAT DID THAT b**** DO! SUCK YOUR d*** WHO GIVES A f***! I GAVE YOU HEAD....I KEEP IT TIGHT!!! I HAVE A f***ING ATTITUDE SO THE f*** WHAT? YOU REALLY ENJOY THRISTY b****ES? HUH ADAM, I f***ING HATE YOU!" she yelled. "f*** YOU, RICK, LAITH, DRAKE....f*** ALL OF Y'ALL; I LOVE YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU DO ME?!" she yelled; Kayla started pushing me away and got inside the bed; she became sluggish while looking at me; I got inside the bed next to her and have her cry on my chest.

"Calm down baby" I said; I grabbed Kayla by her chin, I began kissing her and she returned the favor; I got on-top of her and continued to kiss her; "I'm sorry.....I'm sorry for everything" I said.


Shad a hoe for dat he really tryn to break them up run it

Adam's Pov
"Look, I'm truly sorry but I wanted to experience my past again" I said; Kayla refused to look at me, I tried pulling her towards me but she wouldn't look at me.

"You can do whatever you want....I'm sorry but you can do whatever you want; I still want you in my life....please don't leave me" I said. Kayla looked down towards the floor, she walked off but I tried following her.

"I'm not're my husband and we can work on this" she said. I lifted Kayla from the ground but she started getting mad; "Put me down" she demanded. Kayla started crying and decided to walk off; I had no idea where she was going but I knew it was best to give her some space.

Kayla's Pov
I didn't care about the Shad situation, it's just hearing Tracy saying she slept with Adam. I felt like crying many tears and Adam cheated on me but I knew it was only one time so it would be best to forgive him but I had to have some time alone. I was going to visit Laith anyway so I decided to go to his house. I saw Chris in the hallway waiting for me but I didn't look at him, I brushed right past him and Drake tried talking to me but I ignored him the whole time as I caught a cab to Laith's apartment. As Laith buzzed me in, I heard a familiar voice coming down the stairs and it was <a href="">Shad</a>. He stopped in front of me and had the look of regret all over his face.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I'm visiting a friend" I said while rolling my eyes, "Sorry for hitting you" I said.

"It's okay, I'm sorry for the whole Tracy situation; I knew she liked him but I didn't know the whole cheating situation" he said. "You want to talk?" he asked. I checked my phone to see that Laith would be coming home a little late so I decided to just talk to Shad since I had enough time on my hand. Shad grabbed my hand and escorted me to his place, I was amazed by his <a href="">place</a>.

"You have a lovely home" I said. "I thought it would be filled with stripper poles and etc." I laughed as Shad told me the stripper poles are in his bedroom. "I did not need to know that...but what do you want to talk about?" I asked.

"Look Adam is my friend and I know you guys are married but I'm developing feelings towards you" he said. I had to get up from my chair and leave because I didn't want to look at Shad right now..."Look I know you hate me right now but I had to get that off my chest; I'm sorry for everything and I know you dislike me since we first met but I would love to have a girlfriend like you" Shad got up and grabbed me by the hand, for once I was glad to see him sensitive but Shad started coming a little too close towards me.

"What are you doing?" I said. Shad pulled me closer to him and kissed me; to be honest it was filled with passion like Adams but I had realize that this was his best friend. "STOP! I'm his wife" I said; Shad got on his knees and tried kissing me some but I pushed his face away. "Shad calm the f*** want to know why I never gave you a chance" I said.

"Why?" he asked.

"It's because you disrespect seriously" I said

"But Adam......wanted to f*** that night" he replied.

"So, I already knew....but I told him to wait" I said...."You always show off your wealth to impress women; I don't......" I was cut off with Shad tounge inside of my mouth, he picked me while still kissing me but I tried getting out of his grip, he was too strong. Suddenly I started feeling him but I told him to stop, I finally got Shad off of me and I told him to never do that again.

"I always wanted to do that" he said while out of breathe....."Look Adam really does love you but you really think he has stopped cheating?" he asked. I had enough and ran out of his room only to see Laith coming out of his room.

"Are you okay?" he asked....."You're sleeping with Shad Johnson?" he asked. I went inside of Laith's apartment as Shad watched me while smiling. "What the hell Kayla?" he asked.

"It's not what you think" I told Laith the whole story of what happen and he sat down stunned; "Should I tell Adam?" I asked.

"No, he doesn't need to know but Shad may saying something" he replied. "Give him another chance....Adam is always talking about you" he said.

"Then why did he cheat?" I asked.

"Who's know....multiple reason; he's only a human....we all make mistakes" Laith said.

Adam's Pov
I grabbed a bottle of tequila and sat on the balcony while drinking, I couldn't get Kayla out of my head; I heard someone knocked on the door and I jumped up wishing it was Kayla only to see Tracy standing in front of my door.

"Where's your crazy ass wife?" she asked.

"You need to leave" I said.

"Come on baby....we can finish it for one last time" she said. I had enough of Tracy's destroying my marriage, I grabbed her by the arm and threw her outside.

"Leave before I will expose your ass in this city....You have no idea who I f*** with" I said.

"Who? A bunch of bankers....What are you going to do ruin my credit" she said. I rushed towards her and slammed her against the wall; My nostrils started flaring as she knew I wasn't playing any longer.

"My cousin Tony Santiago and he could hire any women or man willing to ruin your life if you don't leave me and my wife alone....I swear to god what Kayla did was a warm compared to them" I whispered. Tracy seem extremely scared, she finally decided to give up and walk away. As Tracy left I went back to my balcony only to see Shad calling me; I decided to answer the phone.

"What?" I said.

"Kayla came over" he said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Kayla went to go see some guy and while waiting she was in my place.....and we kissed" he said.

Run it!!

Oh sheeeeeeeet. RUN IT!


Lol o she gt that ass lol whooped her sumn nice lol thats wat she gt thinkn she wasnt gn tag dat ass n his dumb ass smh u jus lost a goo one smh run it

Adam's Pov contd.

I grabbed Kayla by her waist and continued kissing her neck while tickling her; I knew it was on my mind and I decided to become serious right now.

"Babe, Who's Rick?" I asked.

"A ex-boyfriend" she replied; "How did you find out about him?".

"Me and Laith were just talking and he started telling me stories about him and Rick slipped out and I want to know....who is Rick?" I asked. Kayla got up and pulled me towards the couch; she held onto my wrists. "You promise not to get mad?" she asked. I rolled my eyes and said "Just tell me".

"Fine, Well Rick and I dated during my junior and senior year of high school; he was a little jealous and I thought that meant he loved me but he became extremely possessive and started hitting me in order to get his way" she said. I had nothing to say but I'm sorry, I'll never hurt myself like that and etc; Kayla understood where I was coming from. I gave her the tightest hug and thought about our relationship; I knew I wanted to have her in my life but apart of missed me having numerous women in my bed, which is why I messed around with Tracy.

"Mr. Moreno, Tracy is on the line" Erica said through the intercom.

"Tell her that I'm busy" I said.

"She says that it's an emergency" Erica replied, "I can say that you have a family situation".

"Yeah, Do that" I said.

"Well, I guess you have some business to handle" she said.

"No baby wait, it's just something with a merger account" I said. Kayla insisted on leaving but I tried stopping her. "Just stay a little bit longer" I pleaded.

"No, I have to check on the fall collection anyway" she said. I kissed Kayla as I escorted her out of the company but I saw Tracy glaring at me as we walked past her. I felt my heart beating because I thought she was going to say something but she didn't.

"Isn't that one of Shad's friends?" she asked.

"I don't know...."I said.

"Yeah whatever, I saw that girl staring at you......she lucky I didn't smack her eyes out the sockets" she remark.

"Babe you know you're not about that life" I laughed; I could never see Kayla angry, she seem so calm around me but you never know.

Tracy's Pov
I wanted to smack him for having her around; I couldn't believe he would go straight to her after I gave him the best time of his life. I was around his age and more of a woman than she'll ever be; I had my own job as all I know that she's nothing but a "housewife". I caught up with Adam as his "dumbass" wife of his left.

"I saw you and your little girlfriend" I said.

"She's my f***ing wife" he replied.

"Adam, You know I can do more for you than she can" I said.

"What? You can suck my d*** and f***....that's all you can do;You're' nothing but one of Shad's f*** buddies" he said. I can admit that stung a little but I shrugged it off, Yeah Shad and I were f***ing also but I didn't care, I was a grown ass woman.

"Then why did you spend the night with me?" I asked.

"Because I overreacted with my wife....YOU WERE MY LAST RESORT" he yelled.

"THEN WHY DID YOU f***!!" I screamed. Adam had enough of talking and walked off; I knew I was a little upset but I had to get back at him, by any means necessary. "I'm going to tell your wife" I said. Adam heard me and rushed back towards me he grabbed my arm were tightly that I felt pain.

"I swear to god, you will release a unknown side of me or her, that will hurt you in many ways...You have no idea who you're f***ing with...Just because you work with a public relations company doesn't mean s*** her; Tracy I'm warning if Kayla finds out it will be....." I cut him off because I wasn't scared; I knew Kayla wasn't capable of hurting me.

"Your ass; She'll leave you in a heartbeat and I'll have you come running to me" I said. Adam let go of my arm and brushed right past me.


Laith's Pov
I decided to visit Adam as I wanted to thank him for everything but something seem off with him; he looked extremely disheveled, I went inside his office only to be stopped by his secretary Erica.

"Can we talk?" she asked.

"Yeah sure? What's up" I asked.

"It's about Adam.....You're his closest friends in the office so I decided you should know" she said. Erica and i decided to head towards the lunchroom where we pulled a table in the corner for privacy.

"I know you and Kayla are friends also, so I believe you should know about this" she said.

"What?" I said.

"Adam is having an affair with a woman who works in this building....I wanted to tell Kayla but I didn't know how she would react so I decided to tell you" Erica said. "Apparently Tracy is going to confront Kayla when she comes back to town, Since Kayla left for LA; Adam has been bringing Tracy around his office where they have sex, during his lunch breaks he goes to the hotel across th street for more; I believe that since you know her better, you should tell" Erica said. I felt blood rushing to my head as I got up and tried going to his office, however Erica got up and tried stopping me.

"Please don't ruin your job Laith" she said.

"That's my friend....I love her but he has to stop" I said. I brushed past Erica who just sat back in her table, I know Erica and Kayla didn't really get along at first until they actually got to know each other, I went into his office to see a women giving Adam head and they started freaking out, she rushed out of the office and Adam look dumbfounded.

"Look....please don't tell......Kayla" he said while adjusting his pants.

"She's my friend" I said. "You're too but why?" I asked. "No I don't want to know, you need to tell her before she finds out herself, I'm not saying anything but you have to stop" I said.

"I know but she keeps coming back for more" Adam said.

Kayla's Pov
I was in LA handle some business with the warehouse and shipping issues, I got everything settled so I was happy to see my husband but I felt something was off in my stomach. I felt like throwing up as I went inside my apartment complex; I saw Drake leaving the building but he wasn't paying any attention to me. I shrugged it off and continued walking towards my room; I opened the door to hear a strange noise. I wanted to smack the living s*** out of these two; I felt my anger come over me as I saw Shad with his two friends.

"WHAT THE f***!" I screamed. Shad was sitting on his bed in boxers as the women were basically having sex with each other; Adam came rushing out of the kitchen as he heard screaming, I was extremely pissed as Shad was having a three-some in my guest bedroom. "ARE YOU f***ING SERIOUS ADAM?!" I yelled; I smacked him and tried jumping for Shad but Adam got a hold of me, suddenly I calmed down but something came out of Tracy's mouth that pissed me off.

"You coming back? b**** I been with your husband for months n....." Tracy's was cut off.

Adam's Pov
I never seen Kayla this angry, she cut Tracy off by punching her in the mouth; I stood there with my mouth wide open as Shad tried breaking it up but started getting hit my Kayla's hands, I saw blood leaking on the bed and I assumed it was Tracy's but Shad's; However Kayla jumped over Shad and jumped on top of Tracy, they felled off the bed only to see Kayla punching and hitting her while on the ground; I heard Tracy screaming for help but I didn't want to get in the middle of that; then all of sudden Chris and Trey came in behind me. They said the door was open while they were going to visit me.

"Are you going to break that up?" Trey asked. I pointed to Shad who was trying to stop his nose from bleeding; "She's only 5'2 and she f***ed up a quarter back?" he said. We started watching the fight and said only to break it up when it got extremely bad. I finally decided to pull Kayla off of Tracy but she grabbed her by the hair and started kicking her in the face; "LET GO OF HER HAIR" I yelled.

"THIRSTY ASS HOMEWRECKER! YOU LUCKY I DIDN'T CUT YOUR ASS!" she yelled. I finally got a hold of Kayla and began to hold her against my body but she wasn't done yet. Shad had to get Tracy and his friend out of the room.

"EVERYONE GET THE f*** OUT!" she screamed. Chris and Trey ran out of her place and I let Kayla go; she turned to me with regret "You haven't change at all; I knew you were still a really think I'm that stupid" she said.

"Look I can explain" I said.

"I have attitudes that piss you off but you can't run to other women; What's the point of having a marriage if you out there disrespecting me?"

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Run It

Adam's Pov
I wake up in a different bedroom; I called Kayla's name but I was shocked as I saw Tracy turned around; I jumped up and rushed to put my clothes on, I messed up but Tracy grabbed me by the arm and told me to "get back to bed". I checked my watch to see it was 3:24 in the morning, I knew it was best to come back home after work, I sighed because I would be wearing the same outfit from last night.

"I have some of my ex's stuff if you need clothes for work" she said. Tracy turned around to place her head on my chest, I was becoming a little uncomfortable because that was Kayla's spot, I moved over as I turned myself away from her. Suddenly I felt Tracy's hand reach for my area and I gently pushed her off. "You thinking about your wife?" she asked; I didn't answer her but Tracy started whispering in my ear, "I know how much of a player you are...Adam, that little girl will not know a single thing" she said. I didn't answer her as she turned over and drifted off to sleep, I checked my phone to see any voicemails or messages from her but I received none. I decided to text her randomly during the night "I love you" I wrote; I saw that she read my message but after five minutes, no reply. I sighed and tried texting her again.

"I got upset, I'm sorry; What are you doing up this late?" I asked.

"I just left the club Adam" she said. I felt blood rushing as I became extremely heated, I only had one situation to do; I grabbed Tracy and pulled her under me, I suddenly started kissing her neck and felt her whole body. She was moaning my name and I started removing my boxer as she pulled her panties down, I pushed myself inside of her as she started grabbing my back; I saw her eyes rolling to the back of her head as I was pumping myself in her, suddenly Kayla popped in my mind; I thought about her dancing and that gave me more inspiration to destroy Tracy's inside. After that I rolled over to go to sleep.

I rubbed my eyes as I got inside of my car, I knew I was extremely hungry and Tracy doesn't cook so I decided to go to Starbucks for a sandwich and coffee. As I was waiting for my coffee, I saw a hung-over Kayla walk in with a pair of sunglass while wearing leggings and a tank top. I started laughing as she walked past me, I grabbed my coffee and got behind her.

"What the f***?" she said. "It's too early for this...What's is this?" she asked while taking a sip of my coffee. "That's disgusting; Can I get a carmel frappicino" she said to the cashier, I pulled out my card and paid for her drink.

"You want to grabbed something to eat and chill in my office?" I asked. Kayla own an online boutique so she mainly did appearances and trunk-shows at special locations, then she had her own location so mainly employees handle all of the shipping business.

"Sure" I said. We grabbed some food to go and continued to head towards my office, Erica gave me the biggest smile as she saw me and Kayla together. I let Kayla sit on my desk as I leaned back in my chair; she started asking me where did I go last night.

"I went to a motel....where did you go" I asked.

"To the club, I had a event that I needed to make an appearance at" she said. "I saw Shad there with that woman" she said. "Do they go out?".

"No, You know Shad....he has a different female everyday" I said. Kayla started laughing and brought up a past experience.

"Like you?" she said....I adjusted my seat as she said those words, "You think I don't know Adam Moreno....I heard about you" she continued.

"What did you hear?" I asked.

"Mr. Moreno, he's sexy, rough and notorious player....but he's always loving, sweet, funny and mines" she said. Kayla kissed me on the lips and started to sit on my lap. "You have any important meetings?" she asked.

"No, I don't" I said.

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Laith's Pov
I saw Kayla leaving the building but I grabbed her while she was leaving. I looked into her eyes and thought about the old times we shared; I really did miss her; not as a girlfriend but as a friend. Apart of me wanted to kiss her but another part of me just wanted a hug; I know she was married which is why I would respect Adam and her's relationship.

"I just wanted to say sorry; I've been pretty stressed out after the divorce and I couldn't afford my rent any longer due to the area changing but I want to apologized for snapping on you" I said; Kayla seemed a little off like something was wrong with her. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"How do you know if someone is cheating on you?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulders and told her that Adam would never do anything like that; "There was a woman...her shirt wasn't button correctly and Adam seemed surprised when I came through" she said. I gave Kayla a warm big while reassuring her and everything.

"Look Adam is a good man who would never do anything like that....maybe she wears her shirt like that; you never know Kayla...Adam would never hurt you" I continued. Kayla shook her head believing everything would be okay; Kayla really did seem off but I had no clue what was wrong with her.

"You're right...he would never do that; good luck on your interview" she said. Kayla hugged me and began to turn around as Kayla started walking away; I was caught off guard as a secretary named Erica called me over.

"Mr. Moreno would like to have a word with you" she said. I followed her into Adam's office; I didn't know whether to take a seat or stand in front of him.

"Laith, take a seat" he said. I sat in the chair right across from him; "So, you're one of Kayla's friends?" he asked.

"Yes, I am" I replied..."How's everything going?" I asked.

"Good; extremely know how Kayla could be" he said.

"Yeah, she has her moments" I said. Adam turned her head to look at me as he stopped laughing; I look around to see what made him stopped laughing. "You know I love Kayla right?" he said.

"Yes I do know that..." I continued.

"And this job is not granted to're more than qualified to work her and everything but I'm hiring you based on her resume and not you're connection with my wife" he said. I was more than happy to work with Adam but something seem off with him. "Well since that's over....lets go ahead and get a drink" he said.

"Sure; That would be nice" I said. I followed Adam to the company's bar but he seem a little frighten while walking in.

"You know what...let me give you a tour" he said. I shrugged my shoulders and Adam gave me a tour around company and showed me where my office was; we decided to just go to the bar across the street. As we sat down in the booth, he started talking about Kayla.

"She's beautiful; She seems like a good friend" he said.

"Yeah, she really is; Kayla is the type of person who would let other eat before others...I remember one time in high school she would always give this student her lunch because he didn't have any food to come home too; I mean she would starve during the day till I had to force her to eat; I mean her mom was cool but was always busy at work; she didn't really stayed there a lot until Rick came along.

"Who's Rick?" Adam asked.

"You need to talk to Kayla about that" I said. Adam shook his head and leaned back in his chair; "Did you guys date?" he asked.

"We did our freshman year and sophomore year in high school" I said.

"Well see you next week for your first day....I'm going home pretty early" he said.

Adam's Pov
I wanted to ask who Rick was, I mean I had no idea who he was but Laith a little funny when he brought his name up; I open the door to see Kayla sitting on the couch folding clothes, I tapped her on the shoulder.

"Who's Rick?" I asked. Kayla jumped up and screamed, she refused to answer me as she got up and went towards the bedroom, I followed her in and repeated my question. "I know you hear me...who's Rick" I said.

"An ex-boyfriend" she said. "WHY DOES IT MATTER" she yelled.

"I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN!" I yelled back.

"IT DOESN'T f***ING MATTER ADAM!" she yelled. Kayla slammed the bathroom door in my face, I started banging on it and suddenly I heard more screaming.

Kayla's POV
"OPEN THE f***ING DOOR" Rick yelled, I hid in the bathtub as Rick started banging on the door wanting me to open it; I was covered in blood as Rick had another outburst on me, to be honest I had when he did drugs; I wasn't in the mood for sex so Rick tried forcing himself on me which led to a fight. I felt blood coming from my stomach as I started beginning to choke on it, I heard the door felled as Rick came through and grabbed me by the arm; I began screaming for him to stop when suddenly

Kayla decided to open the door but I wasn't in the mood to talk about anything; I walked off only to have Kayla grabbed me but I pushed her away. She felled on the couch and stared at me as I walked out of the door; only to call Tracy for one night.


Tracy's Pov
I was adjusting my shirt in the elevator's reflection as I was getting ready to meet Adam; I mean he did say anytime and anywhere, so I decided to get his information from Shad and meet him at work; his office was a few floors above mines so everything work out perfectly. However things seem to turn down as his secretary stopped me in my tracks.

"Excuse me who are you?" she asked.

"I'm of Adam's clients" I said; However the secretary rolled her eyes and jotted down in her tablet; I was told to wait outside for a few minutes but I started getting impatient as the clock past 20 minutes later. "Well is he busy or what?" I asked.

"No he's isn't busy....I just wanted to see how thirsty you really are" she said. I truly wanted to smack her but I had to hold my aggression in. "You know Mr. Moreno is married to a lovely young woman...who would beat the s*** out you if she catches you" she said. I started laughing because I wish she would lay a hand on me.

"Honey you have no idea who I am.....I can have your career as a secretary ruin; who is she going to believe me? or you?" I asked. Adam came outside as I confronted the secretary; apparently her name was Erica and Adam apologized for her attitude.

"I'm sorry about Erica; she could be a little rude at times" he said. Adam was looking extremely sexy today so I decided to open my peacoat, I had nothing underneath because I assumed it would be easier access. "We have to make this quick" he said; I smiled because I had him wrapped around my finger.

Kayla's Pov
I called Lauren as I was in front of her brownstone; she had a very lovely place and it was good to meet an old friend; As she stepped out I was stopped by a familiar <a href="">face</a>. I felt someone tapped me on my shoulder; I was extremely shocked to see Laith; my old high school boyfriend. He attended the wedding but seem a little hurt by it; I mean I did love him but something was always off with him; Laith was a serial cheater.

"Hey Mrs. Moreno" Laith was while smiling; I could tell he just left a girl house as his hair was all over the place, "What are you doing in this part of town?" he asked.

"I'm meeting my friend for Brunch....Lunch" I said. Laith shook his head while looking at me up and down; "What?" I asked.

"I see you're still glowing....Is Mr. Moren....Adam treating you right?" he asked.

"Yup; You know married life is going pretty good....I'm sorry to hear about your divorce with Tina" I said. Everyone knew that Laith got married to make me mad but apparently their relationship was filled with cheating...she had another man's baby and I guess that was the last straw for him; "Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Yea....let me stop lying; that woman took nearly all my money in alimony and lawyer fees....I lost my job too so I'm here just living; I have an interview with Walter & Associates" he said.

"Really? My husband works there....I can have him be your referral or something" I said.

"That would be nice but we should definitely chill soon or have coffee....Whatever you're comfortable with" he said.

"I mean you know I'm married but I don't want to make Adam uncomfortable with anything but dinner or lunch will be good" I said.

"No, I totally understand. I'm not trying to make anyone uncomfortable but let me give you my new number" he said. We exchange contact as Lauren came downstairs; she stopped as Laith walked off. "Call me sometime" he said.

"Mrs. Moreno, who was that?" she asked.

"A high school friend" I replied.

"That was more than a friend...I could tell by the way he was looking at you" she said. "Was that Laith?" she asked.

"Yes; The old Laith Hakeem" I responded; Lauren complimented on him and I agreed but I truly cared about Adam. "I need to stop by his office..Its on the way to the restaurant anyway" I said.

"That's fine" she said. As we headed down the street we saw Laith go inside the office building; I was pretty confused because he wasn't dressed appropriately for a interview; I was a little confused as I pulled Laith aside.

"Why aren't you dressed the par?" I asked.

"Kayla; I have no place to go; I have my clothes in this bag...I'm sleeping with a female friend" he said. Laith went inside the bathroom to change into his suit; I was a little caught off guard with his response, I know Laith had a temper but he never showed it towards me. I shrugged it off and went towards my husband office; Erica said greeted me with kindness but I was stopped in my tracks by the look on his face.

"Baby" he said. Adam looked extremely surprised as one of Shad friends was sitting on the couch; She smiled at me as she started fixing her shirt, I was a little confused but Adam reassured everything was okay. "What a surprised...I have an interview in a couple of minutes" he said.

"I know its my friend; please don't be extremely harsh....he's an excellent worker" I said. Adam smiled and kissed me on my lips; "Don't worry baby.....hopefully he will get the job" as he reassured me.

"Well I came to say hello and love you" while placing a peck on his lips.

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run it

Shad's Pov
Seeing Kayla on that pole brought mixed emotions for me; I was happy that Adam was her man but to be honest she needed a man with more wealth; sure Adam was rich but I'm an athlete who can have whatever and whoever I wanted. I mean Kayla was definitely my type but I knew she wouldn't leave Adam. I shrugged my shoulders because I knew they loved each other but I didn't mind shaking their relationship up a little; I mean Adam was a grown ass man he had the strength to be tempted or not.

"I couldn't believe she showed out" I said to myself. I decided to call Adam and see if he wanted a part two but declined as Kayla was cooking a dinner and desert for him. "Oh have fun with that...I saw what she did on the pole" Adam started laughing and told me she showed him some extra moves after everyone left but the subject changed after a few minutes.

"So what's up with Tracy?" he asked.

"What you mean?" I asked. "Are you into her?" Adam paused on the phone and I knew he was hooked. Tracy was known as a home wrecker but it was the husbands/boyfriends decision to cheat. "I mean I could tell she has a thing for you so what's up?" I asked.

"Let her know I said whenever and wherever" he said. "You know how Kayla can have a tempered and get mad at me...well I sometimes a man gets stressed and needs some release" he said.

"So you trying f***?" I asked.

"Nah her s*** isn't that great; I just want some head" he said. I laughed because I always assumed Kayla had the best s*** and what Adam told me she does but her attitude is what ruined the whole picture.

Chris' Pov
I struggled to get out of the bed as it was tomorrow morning; For some strange reason we started drinking some more. I woke everyone one as we starving to get something to eat, we decided to head over to the pancake house down street from our building.

"Hey, does anyone think that girl Shad was with a little off" Trey said.

"The taller one?" Drake asked. "Yeah it was a little strange; like she tried hitting on Adam" he continued.

"She's lucky Kayla didn't see....she would smack the skin off of her" I said. I mean Kayla was a little hot-tempered but I guess Adam balanced or calmed her down.

"I like them together....he likes calms her down" Trey said. I did too but I could really care long as Kayla was happy.

Adam's Pov
Kayla came into the balcony and started looking extremely upset; I became confused because I knew she didn't hear my phone conversation but I had no idea what was wrong.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I just had my period" she said. I knew she was a little upset because we did talk about having a family but I just believe it wasn't the right time. I pulled her closer towards me and kissed her forehead and started caressing her.

"It's okay...that means we still have time to travel the world....I still have to take you to the D.R in order to meet my extended family" I said. I kissed Kayla on the forehead while continuing to hold her; I knew I was a little disappointment but I was glad that I was given more time; I wanted to get a bigger place before having kids and I knew Kayla wasn't really ready to be a mother.

"But I know how much it means to you about starting a family...I didn't know how you will react" she said.

"Well baby you knows what that means...." I said.

"What?" She asked.

"We have a lot of time to practice on baby making" I said while grabbing my wife's ass; she started laughing and kissing me some more.

I wake up to see Kayla sitting on the couch watching a movie while eating chocolate frosting; She usually pig out during that time of the month so I continued laughed because I thought it was extremely cute...."Babe" she wined.

"What" I said.

"Can you get me some chocolate covered strawberries when you get off" she said.

"Yes want to visit me during lunch?" I asked.

"No I'm probably going to have lunch with Lauren" she replied. I rushed out of the door as I kissed her on the lips and drove to my office. I finally reached my office as Erica, my secretary was a little upset about something.

"What's wrong Erica?" I asked.

"Look Mr. Morena...I respect your wife a lot but you need to stop having this affair you just started" she said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"A woman named Tracy said she is coming to visit you" Erica replied.

"Erica, she's only a friend....I love Kayla with all my heart...I would never cheat on her" I continued.

"Fine I believe everything you say....but Karma will bite you in the ass...Adam" Erica said

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