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The Neighbor

I had the perfect life; a beautiful home, beautiful <a href="">husband</a> who I truly loved. I enjoyed my lifestyle, I did something that made me happy; I own a studio in the heart of the city. Photography was a hobby of mines but I truly wanted to open my own boutique but my husband didn't see the money in it; I just sighed and continued my own hobbies. However lately my husband is preoccupied in his own work, as a financial advisor; he advise athletes' and other rich celebs but their lifestyle was taking a toll on him; now he would come home late at night, attending after-parties for his clients while I sit here bored and lonely; it has been over a years since he touch me....I now believe he's having an affair with another woman but there's not evidence in that; however my life was turned upside when I met <a href="">him</a>; The Neighbor.

Kayla's Pov
I sighed as I headed towards the dark room; it was Valentine's day and Adam had to work late. I couldn't believe he had the audacity to work overtime on "f***ing v-day"; I think something was wrong with him because this man doesn't remember dates; unless it is Christmas or Birthdays. I decided to finish the photos for my friend's magazine shoot; She knew Adam was spending more time with clients than me but she said "it's my marriage; just be careful". Her words played throughout my head as I continued searching for impurities and checking each photo. I heard my phone ringing as I rushed out of the darkroom; I grabbed my phone as it was laying on the counter.

"Hello?" I said

"Happy V-Day baby; You know what will be a good idea?" He asked.

"No, What?" I said while rolling my eyes; Adam could tell I was a little upset but shrugged it off as he coughed to break up the silence.

"You should take a cab to my job and I'll show you my surprise" he said. "Be there in 10 minutes" he said; I could tell Adam was smiling through the phone as his voice became a little deeper. "Wear something sexy". I rolled my eyes again as Adam got off the phone; I decided to go back home to changed into something more <a href="">sexier</a>. I decided to place the cardigan in my purse as it wasn't as cold as I expected; I sat in the backseat as the taxi drove me towards Adam's office. I took a deep breath as I walked inside his office, many of his coworkers knew me and greeted me as I head towards his office; however his secretary wasn't too friendly.

"Ahhh Mrs. Moreno I didn't expect you to drop by" Erica said.

"Yeah Adam called me to meet him here; so hello" I said while waiting for Adam to come out; Erica took a head-to-toe look at me as I stood there; I was becoming annoyed by her antics so I blurted out "Are you going to notify him or anything?" I said.

"I mean you are his wife; I would expect you to walk on in" she replied. Erica had a slight grin to her face but she had no idea who I was.

"b**** it's apart of your job; who knows maybe he has a very important client or something; I mean as a secretary I would expect you to notify when he has a visitor; I mean its common sense" I replied; I wiped Erica's grin off her face as I snapped back at her response but I guess Adam could sense I was a little heated so he decided to come out.

"Babe; Come inside" he said. I turned my eyes towards Erica who continued sipping her coffee while reading her emails; I mumbled "thirsty b****" as I went inside his office. He was the only one who works in this office as he was the chairman of the board; I knew understood his ability for this much space; I sat on the couch in front of the window. However Adam dragged me towards his desk and pushed me into his chair. He rubbed my shoulders as he could tell I was a little stressed out; however Adam whispered in my ear. "Sit on the table" he whispered; I got up and sat on the table, Adam moved my legs open and continued rubbing my inner thighs.

"Adam not here" I said.

"Come on; You know you want been so long" he said. I eventually gave into his demands and continued pleasuring him as I removed his manhood from his dress pants; Adam gave me the sexiest smile as he pushed me down towards the desk; however we were cut off by the intercom from his secretary.

"Mr. Brown is here to see you" Erica said.


Drake's Pov
Seeing Kayla brought back old emotions but having her live in my complex was confusing; I didn't know whether to become a friend or just ignore her; I mean I couldn't ignore her as Chris told the girl where I stayed at but hearing that she is married felt like a lost for me.

"My friend Shad is having a kickback in his friend's condo here" Trey said. "Also Lauren is coming by so I'm going to need you guys to clean this mess" he said. I rolled my eyes because I'm not cleaning no mess for some girl.

"Look it's your girlfriend you can clean" I said. Trey rolled his eyes and started picking his shoes from the area and vacuuming; "What's the room number?" I asked.

"He lives on the 9th floor" he replied. "Will there be girls?" I asked.

"Come on now, one of the top players in the NFL of course there will be females" Trey said.

"s*** aslong as they bad and down for whatever" Chris said. I shrugged my shoulders only have to open the door as Lauren came in. She greeted everyone as we told her about the plan; she said okay so we headed downstairs to the room number. As we knocked on the door to see <a href="">him</a> open the door; however I was shocked to see her sitting on the couch.

"Drake?" she asked.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I live here....why is everyone here?" she asked.

"Shad told us about this kickback" I replied.

"Oh okay; Well that's my husband Adam....Adam that's Drake, Trey, Chris and Laure...LAUREN" she said while jumping. "I haven't seen you in forever" she said.

"Girl I lost my phone and didn't have your number....This is the husband...girl he's cute" she said. Adam shook her hand and gave me and my boys some dap. "s*** let gets this party started" Kayla said.

"Shad bringing more alcohol......" Adam said.

"Damn Kayla you're still an alcoholic" Chris said. "I remember this girl would mix Orange Juice and Vodka together" he laughed, it was funny because it was true; "You didn't have a drinking problem but you enjoyed alcohol....alot of it" he said.

"No I remember when we first met she was a little tipsy" Adam laughed; Kayla rolled her eyes as he pulled her closer; "I thought i was cute". Adam stopped laughing and started becoming nervous as Shad started knocking on the door; Lauren opened the door to see Shad with two women; they were around Adam's age or maybe older but Adam's vibe change as one of the women came towards him.

"Hello....Adam" she said while hugging him. I could tell something was off as she started mean-mugging Kayla when she wasn't looking; I was pretty confused because Adam became a little uncomfortable. I decided to pull Kayla aside and ask her a few questions.

"Is everything going well between you and Adam?" I asked.

"Yeah; Why?" she asked.

"You know that woman?" I asked. Kayla shook her head no as I looked back to see the woman flirting viciously with Adam; I told Kayla if there's any problem than let me know.

"Why Drake? I mean what's the big deal....why do you care if I'm having issues in my marriage" she said while crossing her arms. "Let's time I check you didn't care what I did".

"I was angry when I said that...I was...." I was cut off by Trey asking everyone if they wanted to play flip cups; however instead of beer we used tequila.

Adam's Pov
I was a heavyweight when it came to liquor but constantly drinking tequila brought another side out of me; I was originally from New York so whenever I became drunk my accent became stronger. I saw Kayla bending over the table and I came behind her while whispering the things I wanted to do to her; she was laughing but started pushing me away. However Tracy, one of the older women came towards me and started flirting with me.

"Let me know when you're ready for a real woman" while whispering in my ear. She handed me her contact number; I became extremely confused but took the number making sure no one was paying attention to me. "I'm free anytime of the day or night" she said; I laughed while placing her card in my pocket, suddenly Shad started assembling a stripper pole while in the middle of my living room.

"Let's turn this to a party" I said; I saw Kayla looking extremely confused and tipsy as Lauren started dancing on the pole. I sat right next to hear asking why she isn't up there; she shrugged her shoulders and told me "I'm not drunk enough". I decided to grabbed another bottle of tequila and told her to "open wide" she open her mouth while I poured the bottle into her mouth.

"Move Lauren" she said while pushing her away.

"Aww s***; Ms. Twerksum in the building" Chris said. I sat on the couch while Kayla started shaking her ass on the pole, suddenly moving around the pole only to jump up in the air while performing a few tricks. I sat back while licking my lips in amazement of her performance; I look at Tracy only to see her sitting back in disgust while Shad was just staring at her; I saw him licking his lips too but everyone knew she was mines. When she got off, I grabbed her and had her sit on my lap feeling the bulge that was beginning to rise. After a few hours of teasing and whispering, everyone decided to leave even Tracy, so it was on me and Kayla. I couldn't control myself so I decided to remove all of her clothes; here she is staring at me naked while I'm drunk she spread her legs open only to have me rush inside of her.

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Chris' Pov
I couldn't believe it, I was finally moving out of my father's condo. I mean I wasn't no bum; I had a stable job but was too cheap to buy a place for myself; its was really an ultimatum, No girls or Move out; I was tried sneaking females into my room so I decided to just buy my own place. I wound't considered it my own place as my boys Trey and Drake were living there. I grabbed the last of my things as I was going to move in their place this morning.

"Where the hell is this <a href="">condo</a> at?" I said to myself but stopped in amazement as the condos look extremely on the outside but I wanted to see the inside. I found a parking space in front of the condo so I decided to wait until my friends came downstairs. However I was stricken more amazement as I saw her; Drake's ex-girlfriend from college, Kayla. I rolled down the window as I cuckoo her to come over and I guess she wasn't pay any attention. "Ay you looking good in that shirt" I yelled; Kayla turned around and ran up to my car.

"Oh my god; I haven't seen you in forever" she said. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I'm moving in with Trey and Drake" I replied.

"Trey lives here too? I haven't seen him in forever also" she continued. I shook my head and laughed as she didn't ask about Drake.

"You still mad at him?" I asked.

"Mad at who?" she continued. "I have no idea who you're talking about".

"Oh my f***ing gosh Kayla, It was years ago...didn't you rebound with some spanish guy?" I asked. Kayla didn't answer me back as she turned her head around; I got out of the car and asked about that guy again. "I mean it was college and Drake didn't want to be cuffed down so early.....we were only 20" I replied...."I just forgive the guy; We're all older probably got a place with your boyfriend" I was cut off by Kayla saying a word I would never thought she would say.

"I'm married" she said.

"You're 24? What the hell Kayla?!" I replied. "I thought you said when you're 28" I asked.

"People change, I felled in love" she said.

"Well why the hell I wasn't invited?" I asked.

"I tried asking for your guys address but some people wanted to act fake.....because Tracy and Gia tried calling you guys but no one wanted to answer the f***ing phone...." she replied.

"Man we haven't seen or spoke to them after graduation" I continued.

"Oh well I guess I'll be seeing you guys around....what's your apartment number I may be visiting you" she said.

"1417" I said...."Well we you later" she said. Kayla walked off and I started reminiscing about our college days but I was cut off by these negros coming down.

"Ayyyy new roomie" they said.

"What's up? You will believe who I saw" I said.

"Who....Kayla?" Drake guessed.

"How did you know?" Chris replied.

"I was just guessing...I mean I know she lived in the city" Drake replied.

"You guys know she lives here also?" I said.

"No she don't" Trey said.

"Yes I do" she said. Drake jumped up as she popped out of nowhere; She had some food in her hand and you know Trey was already looking inside her bag. "I didn't know you guys lived her" she continued.

"Yeah we been here for about 3 years" Drake said; "How you been?" he asked.

"I'm good.....just good" she said.

"Well who do you live with here?" Trey asked.

"My husband" she said. It was extremely awkward after she said that so she decided to head back towards the building...

"Well you should visit us sometime" Drake said.

"Yeah me and Chris already talked about it" she said.

Kayla's Pov
I couldn't believe Drake, Trey and even Chris lived here; Drake gave me this weird look as I was just walking past him one evening. As I was headed towards my room, this older lady was trying to fix her clothes as she waited for the elevator; I wanted laughed because it was a little funny but I said nothing to her, she felt a little upset as I heard her scream extremely loud as she got inside the elevator; I guess she had a bad night so I unlocked the door for my apartment only to hear Adam in the shower.

"I got some breakfast" she said. "I forgot to go the grocery store so I'm going there tomorrow for a Sunday dinner" she continued. Adam came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

"I had something else in mind that I wanted to taste" he said. Adam came towards as I started breathing in deeply but grabbed for my smoothie. "This is really good" he said. I laughed because I had the nastiest idea of what he was trying to do.

"I saw some old college friends...they live her also" I said. I went towards the kitchen and grabbed a plate as I placed my sandwich on the plate. I saw some necklace on my counter and I asked Adam who did it belong to; "Who necklace is this?" I asked.

"I saw it on the floor when I was coming back last night" he said. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to eat my food. "Now what about your old friends?" he asked.

"Apparently they live on the 14 floor; so I decided that I would visit them later during the day" I said while stuffing my mouth.

"Okay; That's fine" he said. "Shad is coming over in a minute; You can stay if you want, I mean I know you don't really like him" he said.

"I might as well just visit my friends since that a**hole is coming over" I said. Adam got up and tried calming me down; "No I don't like that a**hole" I said.

O he slick as hell betta chill wit partyn wit shad gn gt yo ass caught run it

Adam's Pov
I wasn't really comfortable with skinny dipping; I tried explaining myself to Kayla but I had no idea what to say. Kayla crossed her arms and sat in silence because I guess she was mad at me; I felt a little sad because I truly wanted to be fun but I guess my age got in the way.

"Look Kayla.....I'm so.." I was cut off with Kayla response.

"Adam I could care less if your sorry or not; If you didn't wanted to go skinny dipping that's fine....I understand and please don't say its an age thing; I'm f***ing almost 25 and you're 30 big f***ing deal....Adam so what if your 30 do you think I care...I WAS 20 WHEN WE GOT MARRIED!" she yelled. I stopped the car and started kissing her passionately.

"When was the last time we did it my car?" I asked.

"I'm a little tired....can we just go home" she replied. I rolled my eyes and decided to drive towards the house; I parked my car in the garage and decided it would be best if I just chilled with some friends, Kayla got out of the car and ask me if I was coming in.

"Nah; I might just head towards the bar and meet <a href="">Shad</a> and some other people there. Kayla got a little upset and slammed the door while getting inside the house; I sat inside the car for a few minutes and decided to head towards the bar.

Kayla's Pov
I wanted to smack the s*** out of Adam; I couldn't believe he decided to go to the bar with Shad's dumbass. I mean I didn't care if he was chilling with a football player but Shad was notorious manwhore and I didn't want those groupies getting the wrong idea with Adam. I mean Adam was extremely sexy and I wanted to have him when I first laid eyes on him. I turned on the light in the bedroom to see the rose petals I laid on the floor and bed after Adam went off to work.

"I swear to god if he comes home drunk" I said to myself; I decided to grabbed the bottle of wine I had in the refrigerator and pour myself a few glasses of wine. I felt a little tipsy so I decided to call it a night and headed back towards my bedroom.

Adam's Pov
I saw Shad in front of the club and I stopped to give him some dapped before head into the his VIP lounge. There was a lot of females in the club this evening but I needed to get Kayla out of my head as I knew she was extremely pissed at me.

"How was your valentine's day?" Shad asked.

"It was straight; I took Kayla out to dinner but I think she was a little mad at me" I said.

"Why? What's up" He asked.

"She wanted to go skinny dipping but I felt a little un" Shad cut me off by his laughter.

"Oh young women; Can't live with them...can't live without them" he said. I laughed but was caught up in his conversation; "Have you ever sleep with an older woman?" he asked.

"I mean I did before I met Kayla" I replied. Shad wasn't listening as two women came over; They were in their late 30's early 40's as one sat on Shad's lap.

"Oh ladies meet my friend Adam" he said. I leaned back in my seat, thinking about Kayla as I tried diverting my attention away from her friend; I got up and grabbed another bottle of wine.

"Where you going sexy?" the lady asked. I told her I was going to the bar but she pushed me inside the private area as no one was in here. She started kissing me neck and I had to admit it started feeling extremely good. I grabbed my hand and decided to remove my wedding band as she started removing her clothes.

Kayla's Pov
I wake up as I heard Adam jumping into the shower; I looked up to see his clothes all over the floor and decided to placed them in the hamper but I didn't feel like getting up so I drifted back to sleep. However Adam got back into the bed and started to dragged me closer towards him; I felt him tapping my arm as I was starting to fall asleep.

"Kayla Moreno" he said. Adam continued shaking my arm but I didn't feel like getting up; I turned around to see him smiling in my face; "You're so beautiful" he said. I felled right to sleep as Adam pulled me into his chest and he started kissing my forehead. I started laughing because Adam was being extremely silly. "You know today's saturday" he said; I got up because I didn't have to go to work so I decided to jump on Adam. Adam continued to smack my ass as I sat on him but something seemed different.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"You have lipstick on your neck" I replied.

"I mean you still have lipstick on" he replied. I got in front of the mirror and realized there was still lipstick on my lips; I smiled because I thought Adam was up to something.

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Dang, Adam put it down then messed up right after...He can't get right, hopefully it will get better...RUN IT

<a href=""<Adam</a>'s Pov
I told Kayla to relax on the couch while me and Mr. Brown shared a conversation; Mr. Brown was an older gentleman who enjoyed younger woman. As he walked in his eyes darted towards Kayla as she played games on her phone while I handled some business.

"Is this the lovely wife?" he asked; Mr. Brown smiled as he extended his hand out towards Kayla; she was glowing and radiated in beauty as they shook hands, I loved this girl. I mean she was a little younger than I but age gap was only 6 years; She was barely 24 while I was 30 going on 31. We met during a company fundraiser as she started off as an assistant for one of our clients; I remember seeing her sitting down in boredom as her boss was going through a divorce. She smiled and engaged in conversation as partygoers came up to her but I remember her looking in my direction. I smiled and she look down, there was something mysterious about her that I wanted to know; whether she would turned me down or not, I needed to talk to her.

"Yes this is the Mrs" I said; "Kayla this is Robert Brown"; Mr. Brown sat in the chair in front of my desk and sat back as I pulled up his files.

"No this isn't about business; I wanted to ask questions about your neighborhood" he said. I closed my laptop and sighed as I thought this was another business meeting.

"It's a nice place; I wanted to live in a bigger house but with our jobs being in the city we decided to live towards downtown for various reasons; I mean everyone but I can give you my realtors information and he can tell you everything about it" I said; I shook Mr. Brown hand as he greeted Kayla while leaving; I told Erica she could leave and decided to lock my office door. Kayla stood up but I pushed her back into the couch; I undid my tie and started to remove my shirt as I started at Kayla licking her lips. "Open your legs" I said; Kayla open her legs and laid on her back as I got between her.

"Can anyone hear us?" Kayla asked.

"They will since I will you having my name" I said. I removed her panties and pulled her up towards me as I carried her to my desk; I unzip her dress and continued caressing her body as she held her head back while moaning my name. "Say that s*** again" I repeated; Kayla did as what she was told and I enjoyed that s***. Kayla got on her knees and unzip my pants as they felled towards the ground. She looked up at me while licking her lips as she slightly kissed my manhood while licking the head. I haven't felt her lips around me in a long time so I was shocked by the sudden intensity; I gripped the desk as I felt busting inside of her mouth but I wasn't ready for that to end; I pulled her up and pushed her onto the desk; I kissed her sweet lips and rubbed the tip against it. I felt her juices as they dripped onto me.

"You got a condom?" she asked.

"f*** that we're making a baby" I said while pushing my head inside of her; She felt extremely tight as she gripped my back while I pumped myself inside of her. "" she said I licked my lips again as I went down towards her neck. I slapped and gripped her ass I continued making love to my wife; After 20 minutes or so I came inside of her. "We got reservations at 8" I continued getting myself ready as I handed Kayla a box of baby wipes.

"Are you serious?" she asked. I raised an eyebrow as I turned towards her curious about her response. I rolled my eyes because I couldn't believe she would ask something like that after we had sex.

"About what? Starting a family....duh" I said.

Kayla's Pov
I followed Adam as he led me towards the car; Adam drove towards this restaurant with a coastal view. I was amazed by the scene as Adam showed me the table laid out with candles and wine but I was a little sore from Adam's stunt in the office but I enjoyed the romantic dinner he set up for us.

"I love you" I said. Adam smiled and kissed me on my cheek; "I love you too" he replied. Adam continued looking at me while I stared at the sunset; I smiled as I had the greatest idea. "When was your last time doing something for the first time?" I asked.

"I don't know...why?" he asked while shrugging his shoulders.

"Let's go skinny dipping during the night" I said.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

"You were serious about impregnating me so I'm serious about this" I replied. After a few hours as it was midnight and we were the only ones still there; I decided to remove my clothes. I pulled Adam towards the waves but he pulled back.

"Do it yourself" I said. I shrugged my shoulders and removed my dress; I jumped into the waves while enjoying the moment as Adam continued to sit down while playing with his phone. I knew the moment would be better if he was here but Adam continued to sit while keeping his mind off of boredom; I sighed and got out of the waves while Adam did his thing.

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Mr Brown hmm? what he want?

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