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Lαмα . мαnιαc .

b****, the f*** you lookin' at? You cheese on a stick eatin' ass b****, takin a shower with a rain coat wearing bicth, poodle with down sydrome lookin' ass moist steppin ass BIOTCH!

Naaah, I'm all jokes.


^^ see.

But you ask why did I do that?

.. Let's see.. I'm in the house all alone watching porn and high school volleyball. Don't you judge me you f***in' carpet muncher. If I'm going to be forever alone I gotta play the part.. correct?

& don't say s*** about me acting insane.. I'll poke your f***ing eye out with a screw driver, you unwanted prick.


I just kid again! It's a joke, stop pussing around & harden like a d*** & get some humor. LOL

Lαмα . мαnιαc . mafia slut at your rescue. :)

So help me kill this boredom will you?

Holaa Bonitas.. Wassupp ? ♥


It got that serious tho! I was high off vikiden (sp?) and kool aid. LOL

Heeeeey hoe :)

OMG really? Kay please stfu -___- lol