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<em>One lucky fan will get a once in a life time opportunity to Join Chris Brown on stage at the BET Awards. Thats not all!!, this lucky fan and 1 friend will get two BET passes to to join us as we celebrate BET Experience weekend. These passes will take you anywhere from the all star celebrity basket ball game to backstage at the BET awards. Now heres what you have to do....</em>

"Lo! look!" <a href="">her</a> friend Sabreena shouted as she sat up on Lo's bed and turned the volume up as Bow Bow spoke about the contest on 106&Park.

<em>If you think you have what it takes to be on stage with Chris Brown when record yourself dancing to Fine China and submit it into and you and a friend just might get flown out to LA</em> Bow Wow spoke.

"what about it?" Lo asked.
"you should enter, you got dancing skills and you are on od chris brown's biggest fan's ain't you apart of Team Beezy?" sabreena asked.
"its Team Breezy not beez" Lo laughed.
"whatever you should enter, and you can bring me along woth ya when you win" she said with a wide smile and pleading eyes.
"fine" LO said giving in."don't get your hopes up though, i might not even win" Lo said as sabreena squealed with excitement.

(just a thought that came to my mind, ehhh)


Sorry for not updating but i've been celebrating my birthday all weekend. I'll promise to have an add tomorrow, thanks for being patient.

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aww that was so sweet! I hope something works out for them!
Run It!!!

(oh i don't think i made this clear in any of the chapters so far but Chris is 23 at the moment)


Moments before the BET Awards Sabreena, Jake and chris's crew were front row while Chris, Lo and his dancers where backstage huddled up in a group as chris said a quick prayer.

"Lord i ask that you guide us and lead us through this performance, and give us your strength as we step out on this stage tonight, amen" Chris spoke.
"Amen" everyone else spoke.

"Chris! its time!" one of the stage workers called out.
"alright" chris spoke as his dancers went out on stage first to take their places."aye!" he said stopping Lo.
"yeah?" she asked.
"you ready?" he asked.
"can't really turn back now, can i?" she asked with a smile.
"sure can't, lets go" he said smiling back at her as they both walked out onto the stage.

The lights dimmed and the music started as the male dancers came up first and began the <a href="">performace</a>. Lo looked out at the audience as she danced realizing how many people were actually out there. When the perfomace was over and chris was standing back up on the pedestal he looked over towards Lo and smile.

"give it up for my contest winner!" chris spoke as Lo stepped up and waved nervously as the crowd clapped. She made her way off the stage with the rest of the dancers and met up with sabreena who agreed to met her back stage after the performance.

"ahhhhh OMG! you killed!" sabreena said as she linked hands with LO and began hopping up and down.
"thanks, i got nervous when i looked out into the crowd i thought i missed a step" Lo spoke as her breathing calmed down.
"hell nah girl you didn't miss a step" sabreena spoke.
"iight let me go change and i'll go sit out there with you" Lo spoke as she walked off backstage into the dressing room.

When she finished changing she walked out the dressed room and made her way towards the Audience seating. She met up with sabreena and took a seat next to her to watch the rest of the show.

"wheres chris?" Lo asked jake.
"probably in his dressing room, he never really sits in the audience anymore" he answered a Lo nodded.

The end of the show came around 10:50 when they announced the FANdemonium award and presented it to Chris for the 4th year in a row.

"i really don't know what to say yall, my fans man Team Breezy i love ya" he said as he smiled and walked out the stage.
"meet me out in the front" Lo said to sabreena.
"where you going?" she asked.
"to say goodbye to chris, i'll be out in a few minutes" she said standing up and walking back stage showing the guard her pass so he could let her back in.

She made her way back stage and started looking for the door with his name on it. When she found it she knocked on it a few times and waited for chris to open it.

"hey, wassup?" he asked opening the door."wanna come in?" he asked.
"sure" she spoke as he moved to the side and let her in as she seen his manger Bu sitting in one the the chairs.
"Bu can you give us a second?" chris spoke.
"of course" he said nodding and getting up to exit the room.

"wassup shorty?" he asked leaning up on the vanity.
"just came to say bye, and thanks for everything" she spoke felling sad that she would be leaving LA soon.
"when is your flight back home?" he asked her.
"8am tomorrow morning" she told him as he nodded and looked away.
"you better not forget about me" he said with a smirk.
"i definitely won't" she said smiling back.

"can i get a hug?" he asked.
"mmhmm" she nodded as they pulled each other into an embrace."talk to you soon?" she asked as they pulled away.
"for sure" he spoke as she watched her make her way to the door.

To him it felt like she was moving in slow motion. He immediately began to wonder if he was missing his chance to make a move. She opened the room door and was about to walk out until he turned her around and closed the door behind her.

"what?" she asked looking up at him. He said nothing as looked at her contemplating his next move. Before she could open her mouth to speak another word his lips were connected to hers.
"you don't know how long i wanted to do that" he spoke pulling away as she stood their speechless.
"w..what was that?" she asked finally speaking.
"that was me showing you how i feel" he told her."i hope you feel the same" he spoke feeling as though he made a mistake.

She looked at him for a few moments before getting on her tippy toes and connected her lips to his while wrapping her arms around his neck.

"you can't stay for 1 more day?" chris asked once they pulled away from each other again.
"can't gotta get ready for my classes" she told him.
"college student, right" he said reminding himself."need a ride back to the hotel?" he asked.
"no it's okay, jake is taking us" she spoke.
"alright, goodnight" he spoke.
"goodnight" she said back as she made her way out the room.

She walked out the stadium and seen Jake's car parked not to far away from the entrance. With a smile on her face she made her way to the car and hopped in the back seat.

"whats with the grin?" sabreena asked looking back from the front seat.
"nothing" Lo lied not wanted to say anything in front of Jake who might go back and tell chris how she was spilling the beans on their kiss.
"nothing?" sabreena asked with squinted eyes.
"nothing" Lo agreed as Sabreena turned to face the front.

Lo pulled out her phone and began to type a quick message to Sabreena.

<em>Lo: Chris kissed me :D</em>

"WHAT?!?" sabreena yelled out in the car as jake looked over at her.
"what?" he asked her.
"n..nothing i just got this crazy text message" she told him as he turned his attention back to the road.

<em>Sabreena: when we get to the hotel i want DETAILS!</em>

Lo laughed at the text sabreena sent her and put her phone into her pocket. Jake pulled up in front of the hotel and both Lo and sabreena hopped out.

"thats for the ride" Lo said to jake.
"no problem, have a safe slight tomorrow" he said to both of them."good night ladies" he added in as he pulled away.

Sabreena and Lo made their way into the hotel and up to their room. The moment the door closed behind them sabreena sat on her bed and looked at Lo.

"what?" Lo asked laughing.
"what happened? spill" she said.
"i don't kiss and tell" Lo joked.
"make me have to cut you" sabreena spoke.
"alright, alright" lo said hopping on her bed and facing sabreena."i went into his dressing room to say goodbye, we joked for a bit, hugged and just as i was about to leave his room he closed the door and kissed me" Lo spoke explaining everything to sabreena.

"soooo are you guys like together?" sabreena asked as Lo shrugged her shoulders.
"doubt it, he's chris brown he could have anybody he wants" Lo spoke as she yawned.
"but if he kissed you that has to mean he likes you" sabreena spoke as Lo got up and grabbed her towel to get ready for a shower.
"i mean he did say him kissing me was his way of telling me how he feels but lets face it he's rich and famous, i'm just a fan, he's 23, i'm 18 we don't really GO together" she spoke.

"so?" sabreena asked."you're crazy not to take this chance" she added.
"whatever i'm about to take a shower and go to sleep" Lo said as sabreena shook her head and laid back on her bed.

After Lo's shower she put on a long t-shirt and hopped in the bed, covering herself with the fluffy white cover. She picked up her phone from the night stand to set her alarm for the morning. As she was about to put her phone back down her notification sound went off letting her know she had a text message.

<em>Chris: goodnight beautiful, have a safe flight in the morning</em>

She smiled at his text and pressed on the text box to reply to him message.

<em>Lo: goodbye christopher</em>

he feelin her alright! i have a feeling they will see eachother more often
run it!

run it!!

they are silly!!! Jake like Sebreena lol Chris is totally feeling Lo and I think she feeling him too.
Run It!!!

Run it

Run It!!

run it


Lo and sabreena made their way out the hotel to where Jake and chris waited posted up on the car.

"hello ladies" Jake spoke.
"hey" sabreena said with a wide smile as Lo and chris shook their heads and laughed.
"wassup shorty" chris spoke hugging Lo.
"just because you're 6 feet something don't me i'm short" Lo said giggling."i'm average female height" she added.
"well to be you're short deal with it" he joked as he opened the passenger side door for her.

She hopped in with him closing it behind her as Sabreena and Jake got in the back. Lo watched as chris walked over to the driver side and hopped in starting the car and pulling off.

"you nervous about tomorrow?" chris asked Lo as sabreena and Jake were involved in their own 'get to know each other' process.
"more than you could even imagine" she spoke.
"i know how you feel" he spoke."i remember my very first performance, i actually cried a little before i stepped out on the stage" he spoke as Lo chuckled."you think that funny huh?" he asked with a smirk keeping his eyes on the road.
"a little bit" she said looking over at him as a smirk stood placed on his face.

They drove for another 15 minutes and parked in the beaches parking lot. Lo got out and looked at all the people that crowded the beach.

"damn it's packed" Lo spoke
"don't worry about them i got us a spot" chris spoke as she walked around to Lo's side."yall ready?" he asked all of them.
"yeah" they answered in unison as they followed chris pass the crowd and lead them to sectioned off spot that was completely empty and marked 'Reserved'.

"this is much better" sabreena spoke as they made their way onto the sand.
"yeah i don't want to deal with kids kicking sand all over the place" jake spoke.

Lo stopped in the spot she wanted and got 1 of towels out her bag, laid it on the sand and sat down. Just as Sabreena was about to lays her's next to Lo's jake tapped her shoulder and pointed up ahead.

"i guess jake wants to be along with your home girl" chris spoke chuckling as he sat down next to Lo and watched Jake and sabreena pick a spot a little closer to the water.
"don't hate on his game" Lo chuckled as chris looked out at the water.
"you look...beautiful" he said looking over at her as she looked down and blushed a little.
"thank you" she spoke with a smile.

Chris leaned back on his elbows as he laid under the hot LA sun. Lo looked over to sabreena and Jake who were clearly deep in a hilarious conversation.

"i was jsut thinking" chris spoke sitting up getting Lo's attention.
"about?" she asked.
"i don't really know you, know you i wanna know more about you" he spoke.
"like what?" she asked.
"i don't know just tell me about yourself, your life at home" he spoke looking at her.

"really?" she asked.
"yeah, i'm pretty sure you know all their is to know about me, but i don't know anything about you" he spoke.
"alright ummm, i'm from New York, my favorite food is pizza, my hobbies are dancing and poetry, Sabreena is my best friend and she has been since we were 7 ummmmm oh and i recently just got accepted to NYU, my major id Nursing" she spoke.

"nursing huh? thats whats up" he spoke nodding his head.
"the medical field as always been where i wanted to be" she told him."working is hospital and helping people" she added in looking straight ahead.
"i like that, thats my mom wanted to do but she gave that up when she had my sister and me" he spoke."now i'm just trynna provide for her and pay her back for having to Scarface her dream for me and my sister" he spoke.

"i wish everybody knew this chris, instead of what the media portrays you as" lo spoke taking in his every word.
"same here" he spoke."lets not get into that conversation though, i wanna hear some poetry" he said changing the topic.
"you barking up the wrong tree buddy, thats private" she giggled.
"really? i can't head 1?" he asked with a smile on his face.
"just 1" she agreed.
"alright, lets hear it" he said.

"Free fall down into the unknown, give you my heart and relinquish my soul. it's best for what life shall bestow, so I take a big step in the unknown. Never look back, for this is the choice, don't question myself, and keep my mind poised, take a look up, thank god and rejoice. because the truth is, I know I made the right choice. So I follow the path and forget the past
this devotion and emotion, I'll make sure it lasts, with passion so wide and a love so vast. pain and sadness will be things of the past" she spoke as chris snapped his fingers when she was done making her laugh.

"cut it out" she giggled pushing him
"that was dope, i like that" he spoke.
"thank you" she said unbuttoning and taking off her shirt showing her top piece to her bathing suit."get go in the water" she said standing up and taking off her jean shorts as well.

Chris scanned her body as she made her way over to sabreena and jake. Her two piece bathing suit left very little to his imagination as he looked at they way sun shined off her skin.

"you coming or what!" LO called out towards him.
"yeah hold up" he said standing up and pulling off his t-shirt. He kicked off his shoes and made his way over to them.

"the water is cold" chris heard Lo complain as he got closer.
"come on, it'll warm up" sabreena spoke as she and jake were already in the water
"no yall must be crazy if you thi---" she was cut off when she chris's wraps wrap around her. Before she could say anything he lifted her up and rushed into the water with her over his shoulder.

"oh my god! chris not not throw me in this water" she laughed as the water was already up to his stomach.
"i got you" he said laughing as he dunked himself into the water and bring her down with him.
"ohhh i hate you so much" lo laughed once chris came back up.
"is it cold?" sabreena asked lo.
"no" lo said in a defeated tone.

They played around in the water for what seemed like forever but none of them cared. Chris made is way deeper into the water leaving lo, sabreena and jake behind since they were alot short than him.

"come back here" Lo said trying to go after him.
"by the time you get to me your gonna be under water" chris laughed as he stood with the water as he neck.
"i got this" Lo spoke as she began to go deeper and deeper in the water.

Once the water got to high for her she swam the rest of the way and grabbed on to chris to keep herself above water. She moved behind him and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

"take me back over there before i die" she laughed as he did what he was told.

As he made his way back towards sabreena and jake Lo couldn't help but think to herself that never in a million years would she have thought she would be right here, right now with chris brown himself.

"lets play chicken" chris spoke as jake nodded."get up on my neck" he said to lo as he dip lower in the water to make it easier for her as jake did the same for sabreena.
"it's on now" sabreena spoke.
"you're going down" lo said as she locked hands anf began to try and push each other off."i'm slipping" lo called out seconds before she fell.
"i'm the champ" sabreena said laughing.

"she cheated" Lo joked when she came back up.
"how do you cheat in chicken?" chris asked her laughing as she climed her way back onto his back.
"i'm hungry" lo spoke.
"me too" sabreena agreed.
"pizza?" chris asked as Lo smiled.
"hell yeah, to the bat mobile" she said pointing straight ahead as she stood holding onto chris.

They made their way on the water and over to their things where they grabbed their towels and sat down to dry off before they got in chris's car.

"wwwww...what time is it?" Lo asked as she shivered.
"6" chris said looking at his phone."you cold?" he asked her.
"yeah that breeze came out of nowhere" she spoke.
"it gets like that sometimes, come" he said opening up his large towel for her. She moved closer to him and leaned her head on his shoulder as her wrapped his arms around her trying to warm her up.

A few minutes passed they dried up and warmed up enough to hit the road. They packed up their things and made their way back to chris's car. Lo was surprised they went the day with out being bum rushed my fans but then she looked around to see Pat and joe his other security guard posted up. They put their things in the back and hopped in the car.

"Pizza Hut or Dominos?" chris asked.
"pizza hut" lo spoke quckly.
"okay Pizza hut it is" chris chuckled as he started the car and pulled off.

They picked up 2 large pizzas from Pizza hunt and agreed to take it back to Lo and sabreena's hotel to chill out for a minute.

"no you gotta eat that you bit into it" sabreena joked with jake as they sat on her bed.
"i'm to full" he laughed.
"so why you bite it" she said giggling.

"aye Lo look" chris said as he tapped her. She looked over at him as he laid next to her to see him with his mouth open showing her his chewed up food.
"eww that is nasty" she laughed hitting his arm.

They each ate four slices of pizza and washed it down with Pepsi as they watched the first 3 texas chainsaw massacre movies ever made. When they were done with the movies chris looked at the time to see it was about to be 11pm.

"we should get going, gotta be at the staple center early tomorrow to prep the stage set" chris spoke standing up and slipping back in his sneakers.
"good, i was about 2 seconds from falling a sleep" jake spoke.
"you know what time you gotta be there right?" chris asked lo.
"10am on the dot" she spoke.
"good" he said hugging her."and don't be nervous" he added as he pulled away and walked out the hotel room with jake.

Lo and sabreena looked over at each other and immediately began squealing and giggling like two little girls.

lol! mr. land down under... run it!

Run It!!

run it!!!!

Run it

(Gonna Speed just a little ahead)


It was the day before the BET Awards and everybody came in for one last routine run through. Chris stood in front of the mirror as he held a fake microphone as he sang and danced at the same time. The choreographer that helped the dancers and chris himself circled around them making sure not 1 mistake was made.

"Yassss!" Kev the choreographer called out as they hit all the moves hard."thats what i call perfection" he said once they were done and gave everyone high fives.
"now all we gotta do is match it with the stage set tomorrow at sound check" one of the males dancers named Hefa spoke.

Lo held onto her hips as she breathed heavily walking over to her bag to get her water.

"girl you were killing it!" Lo turned around to one of the female dancer named Giselle.
"thanks" Lo said out of breath."i'm trying my best to keep up with you guys" she added in with a laugh.
"well you succeeded" Giselle spoke with a smile as she picked up her water bottle and drank from it.
"how long you been dancing for chris?" Lo asked.

"on and off foe about 2 years" she answered.
"on and off?" Lo asked.
"i transition between him and Beyonce" she spoke as if it was nothing while Lo's eyes grew wide.
"you dance for beyonce?" Lo asked as Giselle get out a giggle.
"yeah she saw me on youtube dancing and contacted me personally when i tell you i almost had a heart attack" she said laughing.
"that's epic your resume must be legit!" Lo said as they both laughed.

They made small talk for a few more minutes and exchanged phone numbers along with twitter and instagram names.

"you're mad cool, you better not forget about me when you get back to new york" giselle spoke.
"i should save the same thing about you out here in LA" Lo joked.
"i won't i promise" she laughed as she made her way out the gym with the other dancers.

Lo stuffed her bottle bag in her bag and pick it up putting it on her shoulder. Chris grabbed his stuff and began to make his way out when he seen Lo on her way out and rushed up next to her.

"what you got planned for today?" he asked her.
"i don't know i think sabreena want be to hit up the beach with her" she told him."why?" she asked him.
"just curious" he spoke clearly lying and Lo seen right through it.
"you wanna come?" she asked looking up at him curiously as they continued to walk out the building.
"nah yall gon cramp style" he spoke as she sucked her teeth and stopped walking putting her hand on her hips with a smirk on her face.

"i'm just playing, what beach?" he asked.
"i'm not sure yet, i gotta see what sabreena wants to do first" she told him.
"alright well take my number and hit me up when you know" he said as she took out her phone and handed it to him as he store his number in her phone.

"alright, talk to you later" she spoke as chris opened the car door for her and closed it once she got in. After her driver pulled off taking her to her hotel chris walked towards his car, hopped in and made his way home.

When Lo walked into her hotel room and tossed her bag into a corner and threw herself in one of the chairs by the window.

"tired huh?" sabreena asked looking over at lo from her bed.
"exhausted" Lo spoke."i'm so nervous about tomorrow" she added in.
"i'm sure you will kill it" sabreena said."you know what will get you mind off things?" she asked getting up off the bed.
"what?" Lo asked.
"going to the beach!" she shouted.
"about that, chris wants to come" Lo said as sabreena scrunched up his face.

"i am not about to be a third wheel" she said with her hand on her hip.
"there will be no third wheel sabi me and chris are just friends" lo spoke standing up.
"thats not what you was saying at the club talking about he so fine, he so sexy" sabreena laughed.
"shut up we promised to never speak about that again" lo laughed slapping her shoulder.

"it's not like he didn't hear you himself talking about how big of a fan you are and how much you love him" Sabreena teased.
"sabi shut up" lo laughed from embarrassment.
"wait the best part of them all is when you talk about his nude picture" she laughed as lo grabbed a pillow and hit her with it.
"that is not funny" lo chuckled.
"that s*** is hilarious" sabreena spoke.

"i hate you so much right now" lo joked as she looked through her stuff to find her bathing suit.
"tell that yellow boy the only way he's coming is if he invites Mr Land Down Under" she said.
"who?" Lo said with a confused face.
"jake dummy, you know because he's from Australia, the land down under? sometime i wonder about you" Sabreena said shaking her head and laughing.
"whatever imma text him and tell him" lo said taking her phone out her bag and taking her seat back on the chair.

<em>Lo: so sabreena said you can only come if you bring "Mr Land Down Under" her words not mine lol</em>

Her phone vibrated only a minute later with a response from chris.

<em>Chris: Mr Land Down Under? lol she talking about jake?</em>
<em>Lo: yuup</em>
<em>Chris: the thirst is real!</em>

Lo let out a loud laugh once she read that last message and earned a look from sabreena.

"what so funny?" she asked
"nothing" Lo lied.
"mmhmm what he say? he bringing jake?" she asked.
"idk yet" lo responded as she turned her attention back to her phone.

<em>lo: lol i can't with you, so you gonna bring jake or no?</em>
<em>Chris: let your home girl know jake will be there, he apparently is feeling her to but is to shy to say so</em>

"jake is gonna be there" Lo told sabreena who had a wide smile falsh across her face. "what beach we going to?" she asked.
"i don't know ask your booooooooo" sabreena laughed.

<em>Lo: she's excited now, do you have a Beach in mind because neither one of us over here have no idea where to go</em>
<em>Chris: yeah i know a good one, what time yall wanna go? i can come scoop yall up if you want?</em>

"what time you wanna go?" Lo asked sabreena looking up at her.
"3" she answered simply as Lo nodded.
"good that give's me time to wash my ass" Lo said as she began texting.

<em>Lo: 3, and yeah that sounds like a good idea because we will get lost, we're staying at the Hilton</em>
<em>Chris: damn newbies lol iight i'll text you when i'm outside your hotel</em>
<em>Lo: kay :)</em>

Lo put her phone down and pulled out the two bathing suits she packed. The one piece and the two piece.

"which one?" Lo asked sabreena.
"depends" she spoke.
"on what?" Lo asked.
"whether or not you wanna give chris something to look at" she spoke seriously as lo sucked her teeth.
"you are no help" Lo laughed grabbing her towel and walking into the bathroom to take a shower.

When she hopped out the shower about an hour later she dried herself off and put on her bathing suit. She walked out the bathroom to see Sabreena already wearing <a href="">this</a>.

"look at you all cute and what not" Lo spoke.
"i see you choose the two piece, good choice" sabreena said putting up two thumbs as Lo looked at her <a href="">outfit</a> in the mirror.

A few minutes later Lo's phone rang on her bed. She looked at the screen to see chris's name and picked up.

"hello?" she answered.
"were downstairs" he spoke.
"okay, we're coming" she responded.
"iight" chris spoke as they both hung up.

"you ready?" Lo asked putting a few more things in her bag.
"yuup, lets roll!" sabreena shouted as they made there way out the door and downstairs.

run it!!!!

run it

Run it

ayy i loving the vibe so far
lets hope paps dont get ahold of no pics of her going in to the club or sipping cuz lord know her mama gona go off and chrs dont need no bad press around the BET awards!
hopefully it will stay unnoticed
and who tf is this tj dude like homie got fame stuck to him treating females like that
and ayyy i peeped him and her
cutie pie how cute
run it

Run It!!


"how do i look" Lo asked Sabreena as she spun around in a circle.
"cute, aren't glad i made you pack that you never know when you might need a cute dress" Sabreena spoke.
"yeah yeah yeah" Lo laughed as she looked at <a href="">herself</a> in the mirror.
"what about me?" Sabreena asked doing a little spin herself.
"perfect" Lo spoke."are you ready? they should be downstairs by now" she asked.
"yuup, let go" sabreena spoke as she grabbed her clutch.

They walked out the hotel room making their way down to the first floor and out the lobby to the 2 black escaldes parked outside.

"damn lil mama you looking type right tonight" TJ spoke to Lo.
"thank you, you don't mind that i'm being my girl sabi along right?" she asked.
"nah the more the merrier" he spoke as they hopped in the car."chris is in the car behind us, he's gonna help get yall in tonight" he spoke as lo and sabreena nodded their head.

The cars pulled off and made their way to Greystone Manor. When they pulled up outside the club the line was all the way around the block. As Lo hopped out the car with sabreena behind her she looked over to see <a href="">him</a> walking towards them.

"they not gonna say anything to yall, yall looking about 22 tonight" he spoke looking lo up and down. He wrapped his arm around Lo's shoulders and walked to the en trace with the crew behind them. He dapped up the bouncer and they all walked in with no questions asked.
"well that was easy" Lo spoke.
"i told he wasn't gon say anything" chris spoke as he lead the way to their VIP section where bottles where already waiting.

They all made themselves comfortable in the VIP section as shots and drinks were being made.

"yall want a shot?" TJ asked them
"uhh nah" Lo shook her head.
"come on, i'll keep it a secret" TJ insisted.
"leave the girls alone man" chris said pouring his own drink.
"my bad" TJ spoke as took one of the shots himself and walked away.

The club was turnt up and without drinking Lo and sabreena were having fun dancing to the music that was blasting through the speakers.
"i think you have a fan of your own" sabreena said to lo as they danced.
"who?" lo asked sipping on her soda.
"TJ he been eyeing you for a minute" sabreena spoke as lo made a face.
"he's not my type and he's way to pushy for my taste" lo spoke.
"i peeped that too" sabreena spoke.

"what about you? i know you always got your eye on somebody" lo laughed.
"girl you know i'm saving myself for jake" she said laughing."his accent is my weakness" she added in.

They continued dancing together until sabreena left to go sit down. Lo rolled her hips as she stood my the edge of the VIP balcony and looked over at the crowd just a little below them. She felt hands wrap around her waist and turned to see TJ with his eyes low.

"i can't get a dance?" he asked.
"not right now" she said trying to let him down easy.
"so you only gon let chris hit?" he asked as lo scrunched up her face at him.
"what!?!" she asked raising her voice."i'm not letting anybody hit anything" she spoke as he laughed.
"so what you here for? i know it aint just to dance" he spoke.
"i am not a hoe" she said slapping him in the face and walking away.

Sabreena who was sitting on the couch jumped up when she seen the slap and went after Lo who was on her way out the door.

"what the hell happened in there?" sabreena asked as she rushed over towards Lo.
"he basically called me a hoe talking about he know i didn't come here just to dance and that i was gonna let chris hit it and not him" Lo said giving her the run down.
"the f*** is his problem?" sabreena asked.
"he's desperate, he gets no play and gets mad when girls shoot his ugly ass down" Lo said heated as she paced back and forth.

The club door opened again and they both looked over to see chris walking out. He looked around until he spotted them on his left and walked to them.

"what happened?" he asked.
"your boy called my girl a hoe cause she won't give him no play" sabreena spoke for lo as she stood there heated un able to speak.
"foreal?" he asked Lo as she nodded her head quickly with her arms folded across her chest."i'm sorry about him if yall wanna head back to yall hotel i'll take yall" he offered.
"what you wanna do?" sabreena asked lo.

"i WAS having fun" she spoke."if you promise to keep him away from me i'll go back inside" she spoke to chris.
"i got you" he spoke.
"alright then, lets go" Lo said letting chris lead the way.

They made their way back into Greystone and back up to their VIP section. Lo and sabreena sat down on the couch and watched as chris walked towards TJ.

"yo wassup with you bro?" chris asked.
"what?" TJ asked.
"why you tripping on shorty?" he asked.
"man they b**** its a hoe" TJ laughed.
"you a ass man, stay away from iight?" he asked as TJ stood silent."iight?" he asked again.
"iight man get out my face" TJ spat out but chris let him slid knowing his was drunk.

Chris walked back over towards the girls and took a seat next to Lo who was dancing in her seat to the music along with sabreena. Chris reached over to the table in front of them and began to pour himself a drink.

"what you drinking?" Lo asked curiously as sabreena stood up and started dancing with once of chris's cousins.
"ciroc and coke, want a sip?" he asked handing his cup over to her.
"i don't know, is it good?" she asked grabbing the cup.
"it's alright" he spoke.

He watched as she smelt the the drink and moved her face away as chris laughed a little. She put the cup to her lip and made a face as she swallowed it.

"what you think?" he asked grabbing the cub as she handed it back to her.
"ahhh it BURNS" she said patting her chest as chris chuckled.
"that means its working" he spoke drinking from his up."you want a cup?, it'll be our little secret?" he spoke.
"just a little bit" she answered as he made her a drink and handed it to her.

They sat back on the couch drinking and chilling as everyone around them danced. Because Chris made Lo's drink with not that much liquor she drank it down like it was juice.

"that didn't tast like yours" she spoke.
"i didn't put that much liquor in yours" he responded.
"what? you think i can't handle it?" she asked turning to face him.
"no, i know you can't handle it" he responded as she stared at him obviously feeling a little tipsy. She took his drink out him hand and drank it down just like she dd hers.
"ha!" she said with a laugh.
"you're about to be faded" he told her knowing the ratio of soda to liquor he had in his cup was way more than she could handle.

"i may be young but i'm readyyyyyy" she sung as the song came on through the speakers. She stood up and rolled her hips to the beat and turned to face chris."get up!" she said grabbing his hand and pulling him up

She turned so her back was up against chris's chest and began to dance on him. Chris looked over towards his cousin and sabreena who looked at him with questioning facial expression. All he could do was shrug seeing as he was just as surprised as they were.

"what you can't keep up?" she asked turning around to face chris again.
"honestly, you threw me off a little" he spoke with a chuckle as she laughed.
"aww you're so cute" she said with a smile.
"cute is for puppies" he spoke putting his hands around her waist.
"you're cute like a puppy" she spoke giggling.
"little boys are cute, i'm a grown ass man" he spoke flexing.

"so what do we call you?" he asked."handsome, fine, sexy?" she asked.
"whatever you prefer" he responded.
"i prefer cutie pie" she laughed as he sucked his teeth and smiled.
"don't call me that" he laughed.
"whatever you say cuite" she joked as she took her seat again once the song was over.

(ehhh i feel like this chapter was blahh, more tomorrow hopefully)

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