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Kiana's POV

I watched as some of the girls on my team began to cry as the clock was winding down. We were down three and only had ten seconds to go. ”Special K, you have got to make this three. The team and the whole school is depending on you.” I gulped and looked at the coach. I gathered what little confidence I had left and nodded my head. ”For the team.” I said to myself. I looked over at my bestfriend, she smiled and mouthed, ”You can do this. I believe in you.” I smiled at her and dapped her up. ”Let's kill these b****es.” I whispered to her. She laughed and we walked out on the court. Our small forward got the ball and tried to pass it in, but the person that was supposed to get open, couldn't. I stepped hard to my left and ran to my right, breaking my defender's ankles. I got the ball and shot it without looking up. We only had two seconds on the clock and this girl smacked me in my face, causing me fall. I heard a swoosh and the crowd went wild. I got up and ran to Taylor as she fell on the floor. I pecked her lips and I could hear all the boys cheer. Tay laughed and got up. ”You have got to make this mama.” She tapped my lower back and I walked to the foul line. All the things my mom and dad told me came to mind and I got nervous. I did my routine and pulled the ball up and shot it. I left my hand in the air and watched as the ball went in slow motion. It fell like forever before the ball went in and my whole team screamed. ”Ladies and gentleman! Say hello to the new high school lady state championship winners of California.....The LA Jags of Jefferson High!” We all cheered and everybody in the stands came rushing down. Everybody picked me up and cheered my name. ”Kiana! Kiana! Kiana!” I cheesed hard as my bestfriend Drake gave me a thumbs up. I got down and ran to him and hugged him. ”Did you win?” I asked all excited. He frowned and I frowned too. ”Well there's always next year.” I patted his shoulder. ”Yeah. It'd be nice to win twice in a row!” He yelled exposing his shiny gold medal that was hidden behind his back. ”You won! Taylor they won!” I exclaimed. She ran over to us and we did our special chant. I loved these two. They were the only ones that really loved me in this world.

”Bye boo. Bye Drakey!” I yelled to Taylor and Drake. They waved and Drake rolled down his window. ”Don't forget the party tomorrow. We'll pick you up at eight!” He yelled. I nodded and walked to the door. I said a quick prayer and opened the door. It was quiet, too quiet. I walked in and shut it behind me. ”s***!” I yelled as a glass came crashing over my glass. I quickly looked up to see my mom running after me. I ran to my room and locked it. ”Bad move Kiana.” She sung. I turned around to see my dad sitting on the bed. I looked at him and tears rolled down my eyes. He licked his lips and stood, walking over to me slowly. ”I missed you.” He cooed in my ear as his mustache and smell of alcohol brushed my nose. He unlocked the door and I looked at my mom as she strolled in th door. ”Hold her down Kat.” She nodded and pushed me down. I tried to fight her off, but she held a belt up to my face. I didn't want any bruises on my face before the party so I gave up. ”I hear you're going to a party tomorrow ladybug, is that right?” She asked, rubbing her finger up and down my face. I slowly nodded and she pecked my lips. ”So beautiful. Do it Jerome.” She ordered my dad. He started to get undress and I closed my eyes as he took off my gym shorts and underwear. ”Please not too hard.” I whispered. He pressed down on my bruise that he had gave me yesterday. ”How about you just take the d*** babygirl?” I bit my lip and nodded as I cried harder. ”Remember stay silent.” My mom said, holding a knife up to my neck. ”Ahh!” I accidently screamed as he rammed into me. He was pounding me and all I could do was cry. My mother whipped me as I accidently screamed again. I felt blood trickle down my legs. ”s***! Damn, ladybug done got tight on me.” My dad moaned. I looked at the ceiling and prayed to God. ”Ahh! I'm almost there! I'm almost there!” He screamed. He slowed his pace and started to make out with me. He pinched my now swollen clit and I winced in pain. I felt him cum inside me and then my mom handed me a pill and water. ”Here. Tomorrow you'll get to eat.” I was thankful for the two medium meals I got every other day. I hadn't ate real food since Thursday. ”Now go to your real room.” She ordered. I got up and limped to the dark cold basment. I laid the old, dusty, dirty blankets down and laid on top of them. ”Here.” She threw my phone at me and threatened me, once again, about calling the police or telling anyone. Only five people knew. My mom and dad, me, God and Mijo. I rolled over and texted all my friends goodnight. I got a goodnight from all of them, but Mijo's had more than a goodnight.

Mijo: Again?
Me: Yeah :( It hurted so badly.
Mijo: Come over. I got you.
Me: Okay, see you in fifteen.

I walked upstairs and knocked on the door. My mom unlocked it and looked at me. ”Mijo?” She asked, smiling. I put my head down and nodded. She thought that since Mijo was my bestest friend of all time and rich that I'd put a good word in for her. She pushed me up the stairs and told me to put on something tight. Ten minutes later <a href="">I</a> walked out the house. As I turned the corner I ran the rest of the way. I told him I was going to be there in fifteen minutes so dammit I was. I limped a bit between my strides and finally made it to his house. It was beautiful. I called him and told him to come open the door. ”It's okay.” He hugged me tight as I cried in his chest. ”Um. Mijo, you want me to come back later?” I looked behind him to see some light skinned <a href="">dude</a> come around the corner. ”Nah. Sorry man. This is my bestfriend Kiana.” Mijo introduced me to him. He held his hand out and I shook it. I wiped a few tears away and Mijo looked at me. ”You can go sit in the livingroom, I'll go get you some snacks.” I hugged onto his arm, not wanting him to leave me here by myself with this stranger. ”It's okay, he's cool. He has a daughter too.” I looked over at the stranger. ”I'm Chris.” I nodded and looked back at Mijo. I let go of him and he kissed my cheek and left.

I was sitting down on the couch watching the game when I noticed the couch go up and Chris walking to the door. It was then that I noticed that the doorbell had rung. ”Yo Chris! Wassup Chris! Where the hell yo ugly ass cousin at?” I heard all at one time. Chris laughed and <a href="">they</a> appeared. They both stopped and looked at me and I looked at them then back towards the TV. ”Who is this beautiful lady?” The lighter one came up to me. ”I'm Shad.” I shook his hand. ”Kiana.” He smiled and kissed my hand. I smirked a bit and then the darker one came over. ”Omarion. You can call me Omari though.” I nodded and then focused back on the TV. ”You Chris' girl.” I shook my head no. ”Just met him ten minutes ago.” They nodded. ”Oh so you Mijo's girl?” Chris asked. ”Nah. I'm his bestest friend ever. We knew each other since we were in the womb. He just happened to be richer. My mom was his mom's maid.” They all just nodded again and then an awkward silence took over. That was when the door opened and in walked <a href=" ">Mijo</a> yelling. ”Yall niggas need to get yo car out my damn driveway!” I giggled at bit and Omari looked at me. ”You got a sexy laugh, ma.” I looked down and mumbled a soft thank you. He chuckled and I got up. I walked over to the bags and got out my fruit snacks. I took out a fruit roll up and put some Gusher's in it. I rolled it back up and ate it. ”Ugh, ma. You got a weird appetite.” Shad said. I shied away from them and made one for Mijo. ”Thanks boo. You heading up early. I rubbed my nose and he got it.

Me and Mijo came up with codes to tell each other things that we couldn't say in person. So by rubbing my nose, I told him that I was hurting really bad and I needed to lay down. He got up and followed me upstairs. ”Wrist.” He said walking up behind me. ”f***.” I cursed under my breath. ”I didn't do it.” I lied, my eyes turned a dark brown and Mijo shook his head. ”How deep?” He asked walking into the bathroom. ”Medium.” I whispered. ”You gotta stop this bulls***. One day you're going to cut too deep and then I won't get to see this beautiful face anymore.” A tear slid down my face. I had been cutting since I was 10, I'm 17 now. ”Okay Barry.” I sniffled, trying to lighten the mood. He came back in with alcohol and removed my bracelet. ”Damn Kiana. You cut deep as f***.” I nodded and grabbed the towel out of his hand. ”On three now. One, two, three.” I bit on the towel hard as he poured the alcohol into my deep scar. It was so deep it didn't even spill over the top, it just sunk in. I winced a bit because of the burning and pain the alcohol had caused. He put a band-aid and kissed my cheek. ”Drake and Taylor?” He asked. I knew he was asking if I had told them yet. I shook my head and began to drift off to sleep. ”They don't know.” I whispered to myself.


run it

Run it

Everyone is a damn fool!! Let's keep in mind that night he so called cheated the last time she said something like f*** you b**** its over or some s*** so b**** why you hurt!?! You broke up with his ass and Chris you f*** nigga!! What kinda sorry is that s***...and Avery handled that like a real brother should...and their moms are useless because my moms would've made my ass fix it right then and there...damn fools!

Fix it Seasons cause my heart can't handle this s***!

And while everybody beating up Chris has anyone put Kae in a body bag!?!

Run it!

Awww that made me tear up. It can be fixed so Kae is fowl af for that shiid on her bday doe. she know how to fck up a happy home... Avery and Bri did major damage puttin him in the hospital... smh
Run It!!!


Whoops! I meant to say Chris had won the bet 21-19, sorry for any other mistakes. I apologize for that. I was kind of rushing a bit.

Kiana's POV

Laith gently laid me down on the bed as he continued to kiss my neck. He looked into my eyes and smiled. "I can't do this." He said. I sighed and nodded. "I can't either." There was an awkward silence until he cleared his throat. "So, where are you going to stay?" He asked, putting some gym shorts on and a shirt. "Ugh! I didn't even think this whole leaving thing through." I put my hands in my head and huffed. "I got you. That house next to Chris' is for sale." I quickly shook my head, and he looked at me. "You're being so selfish right now." I scrunched up my face and became offended. "How the hell am I being selfish? He cheated on me! God knows how many times! I don't want to see that bastard anytime soon." I spat. "You might not want to. But think of Christina....she thinks Chris is her father. Did you ever stop to think about her?" I cursed at myself for not thinking about her at all. "No. Because you were too busy thinking about your self." He answered for me. "I know. I know." I mumbled. "You're going to see him a lot, you guys have the same friends. You're his manager, his mom loves you, and your daughter loves him. I know Chris did you wrong, but you can't just avoid and forget him." I took in everything he was saying and nodded. "I just need time." I said to him. He kneeled down in front of me. "Everybody has time. You just have to use it wisely. I'm sorry I couldn't give you what you wanted." He sincerely apologized. I smirked and kissed his cheek. "You gave me what I needed. Thank you." He nodded and I stood up to hug him. "Whenever you need me, just call." He whispered. We stood there for a while longer in a comfortable silence before he released me and kissed my forehead. "Goodnight Ms. Jackson." He sung. "Night Mr. Hakeem." I sung back and walked out the door. I waved to him after I got into my car and I pulled off. My phone was going crazy, so I finally picked it up when Avery called for the 15th time. "Where the hell are you? I'm coming to get you don't move!" He yelled. "Chill. I'm on my way home." I said. "Nobody there." I looked at the phone and then put it back to my ear. "Why not?" I asked. "Because. They all out looking for you. Plus Momma J, Aunt Sandra, Dustin, and Stinkabutt in the hospital." I gasped and felt my heart racing. "What?! Why? Are the okay?! What happened?" I asked, taking the exit to the hospital. "Nothing. Me and Bri hospitalized Chris. My bad sis, I got carried away." I felt my blood began to boil and my heart break at the mention of HIS name. "Oh. I'm heading up there now. I'll be home later." There was a silence and then he sighed. " you Kiana." I smiled a bit. "Love you too, bye." "Bye." We hung up. "Deep breaths Ki. Deep breaths." I said to myself.

Chris' POV

I was laying in the hospital as the nurse tended to my wounds. "Ahh." I hissed as she touched my badly bruised jaw. "It looks like you were hit by a truck." She joked, trying to lighten the mood. "Feels like it." I said dryly. "It's okay Mr. Brown. She'll come back around." <a href="">She</a> assured. "Excuse me?" I asked, completely dumbfounded. "You're girlfriend. By the look in your eyes, I can tell that you love her very much. It's not so much that your hurting physically, but mentally. Am I correct?" I gulped and nodded. "I know I am. I'll be back with your food." She got up, but I gently grabbed her arm. "I don't know if this is inappropriate, but you're really beautiful." She smiled and thanked me before walking out the room. I sighed and put my head back. There was a knock at the door followed by giggling. "Come in." First I saw Christina and she ran over to the bed and I picked her up. "What are you doing all alone? Momma must be worried." She shook her head and pointed to the door. "Mommy!" She exclaimed. "Mommy? Kiana? You there?" A moment went by before she stepped in the room and everything went silent as she stared at me. There was a pain like no other that filled her eyes. They weren't their happy green color, they were a bluish blackish color. "Hi." She said dryly. "Hi." I said back. Outside of her pupils her eyes were bloodshot red. It broke my heart in two to know that I hurt her like that. "What made you come back?" She scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Please. Don't get yourself caught up. I'm not coming back. I'm only here for Christina and Dustin." I frowned and then sniffed the air. "You've been with some nigga? I can smell their cologne. And it ain't mine." She smirked and took a sip of her Gatorade. "Why would you like to know Chris? We aren't together. I'm single, so I can go with anyone I want to. But if you must know I was with a MAN. Not a little boy like you. I have a question though." I gave my attention to her as my blood boiled. "Why?" She asked, piercing my soul with her sad eyes. I sighed heavily and looked down at Christina playing with my pillow. "I was lonely. You were so busy with Drake and Tay, I just felt like I needed some attention. There's a lot of things I never told you. I need to." She crossed her arms and sat up. "I might as well listen." I bit my cheek ready to tell her some of the things she should've known in the beginning. "Kae is my ex girlfriend. We went out for about 6 years before she cheated on me with another nigga. Then I met Naomi. After that I thought I was done with Kae, Over her. But I wasn't I've cheated on Naomi with Kae a handful of times. After I met you everything changed. I respected you first, and then fell in love with you. But before I did all of that, me and Kae were still messing around earlier in the relationship. After we made love that one night, I stopped messing with her. I cut it all off. You meant so much to me. You still do. All those pictures you saw were taken from before we made love except for one. This one." I held up the <a href="">picture</a> and I saw all the pain in her eyes increase. "That's not Kae." She said as she put her hands in her head. "I know.....That's the girl I f***ed after the concert you didn't go to. Remember?" She looked up at me and nodded slowly. "I remember.... I remember." She said softly.

Kiana's POV

Me and Chris were once again arguing. "Chris just shut the hell up! I can't stand your ass right now!" I yelled at him. "You're not exactly my favorite person right now either!" He yelled back. I threw my pillow at him and he threw it back. "Why do you have to be so jealous?! I'm inviting Laith because he's my friend! Not my next cuddy buddy!" Chris rolled his eyes. "He doesn't see you in that way! He wants to f*** you and that's it!" I pushed him into the wall. "You don't know s***! Go to hell Chris!" I screamed. "Not without my s***!" He said, referring to the necklace he had given me just a few hors ago. "Take the damn thing! I could give two s***s about that damn necklace! It's stupid just like you! f***ing dumbass!" I spat. "You dumb for not seeing that he wants you. I guess I'm not the only dumbass here then, huh?" He teased. I slapped the s*** out of him and punched him. "You are the only dumbass! f*** you! f*** that concert! f*** your music which I hate that I love! f*** everything about you! Just....just... Just go f*** yourself!" I yelled. "I already got somebody to do that." He smirked in my face and walked out the door slamming it. Good thing nobody was there with us. "He'd never cheat on me." I convinced myself. "Never." I saw that he had left his bags, so I got up and threw them outside after him. "Stay the f*** out my house b****! We done! And I mean it this time!" I screamed. "f*** you too then!" He got his s*** and left. "Raggedy ass nigga." I mumbled as I began to cry. "I'm not going to that concert either. f*** it." I whispered to myself.

*Flashback Over*

I bit my trembling lip to stop myself from crying, but next thing you know they all came rolling down my cheeks. "I'm so sorry." I looked up to see Chris on his knees in front of me. He was holding his head down. I started to think about Tay's song. Her Room.

<em>You gon be trippin' when I'm at a party
You see these niggas lookin' at my body
You wanna grab me when you see me leaving
Won't take you back and I'll give you the reasons;
I told you I'd leave, knowing I wanted to stay
You didn't try, you let me walk away
Starting to think all niggas are the same
The look on your face tells me that you're ashamed
Wanted to love you but now I'm afraid
You say you need me and how much you've changed
I don't believe you, it could be just game
Trust isn't something you give out, it's gained</em>

<em>Didn't wanna give up
Say you want me back now, got my feelings mixed up
I just wanna move on, I need someone that I can lean on
And it won't be a nigga like you</em>

"Won't be a nigga like you." I said aloud. He looked up at me with confusion in his eyes. "My next love. He won't be like you. Bye Chris." He latched onto my ankle as I picked up Christina. "Kiana please. I promise they were both just mistakes. I didn't realize what I had until now. I don't know what I'll do without you. Please don't go. I love you so so much." He began to cry and to be honest. I wanted to forgive him. I wanted to tell him it was okay and that I would be here to sleep in his arms. I wanted to, but I didn't. I leaned down and kissed his forehead. "See you around" I gathered all our stuff and walked out with Christina. "I'm so sorry baby. Are you okay?" Momma J asked. "Far from it. Would you mind taking Christina with you. I don't want to be around her when I'm a mess." She sympathetically nodded and kissed my cheek. "I love you sweetie." She cooed. "I love you too mom. Love you Aunt Sandra. Bye baby, mommy loves you." I cooed, putting a fake smile on my face. "Mommy sad?" Christina asked. I shook my head and bit my lip, preventing the tears from falling. "Lying bad. Mommy no lie." I could never get pass this girl. I kissed her and hugged her tightly before handing her over to Momma J. "Bye." I waved to all of them and walked out. I got my phone out of my pocket and called a number. "I need somewhere to stay.....Okay, thanks....I'll be there in 5." I hung up and sighed. "Lord. Please help me right now." I said aloud. I walked to my car and drove off to the house. I remembered I didn't tell Chris something. I picked up my phone and sent him a text.

Me: I love you......

Chris: I love you too....Sorry about everything. I never wanted to hurt you, so I didn't tell you before.

Me: But you did Chris, you did. You hurt me so so bad.

Chris: I know I did. I feel like s***...will you ever forgive me.

Me: You're not the only one feeling like s***.....some day hopefully. Night

Chris: Night....I love you so much

Chris' POV

A few tears rolled down my cheek and dropped off my chin as I stared at pictures of Kiana and I. I laughed at one <a href="">picture.</a> (Use your imagination people!) I remember that day like it was yesterday.


Me and Kiana were sitting down in bed, watching Looney Tunes, eating Cocoa Puffs. "Pwass da milk pwease." Kiana spoke with a full mouth. "Yo nasty ass! Nobody wants to see that!" I yelled, covering up my eyes. "Shut up! You know you love it!" She laughed, uncovering my eyes. "Yeah whatever. I love you though." I cooed, kissing her cheek. "You love me?" She shook her head, smiled, and patted my lap. "No sir! We don't luh these hoes!" She exclaimed. I laughed and pulled her back down. "No! Don't go. Stay here." I begged. "I gotta clean around the house Chris, Christina will be back any minute. I'll come back and we can watch TV tomorrow." I frowned. "I can't. I have to go to the studio tomorrow." She poked her lip out and straddled me. "Can't you stay home with me tomorrow, please?" She begged. "Nope. Can't you stay in bed with me?" She shook her head and pouted. "I don't like your manager sometimes." I chuckled as she nibbled my ear. "You are my manager." She pecked my lips and smiled. "I know." She started to get up, but I grabbed her by the hips. "I'll play you in basketball. If I win, you have to stay in bed with me whenever I want for the rest of your life." She laughed. "And if I win, you've gotta stay home with me whenever I want for the rest of YOUR life." I stuck my pinky out and she did the same. We locked our pinkys together and smirked. "Game on b****." She spat. "Well leggo nigga." We raced down the stairs to the backyard to play. Just then, <a href="">they</a> came through the gate laughing. "Oh s***! What's happening here?" Ty asked. I explained to the both of them what was going down and they started to crack up. "What's so funny?" I asked them. "Ahh. Chris. Prepare to get s***ted on." Ty said, laughing. "Man. Shut up!" I yelled at them. "I'mma win. That ass is going to be mine." I whispered to Kiana while gently rubbing her butt. "Yeah whatever. That d*** is going to be mine when I win. Technically, it's a win win situation." I nodded and shrugged. She checked the ball to me and I bounced it back as she shot it making a 3 because I was so far back. "Won't make that mistake again." I said to myself. "Hope not. I don't want you to lose 21-0." She joked, grinning like that s*** was funny. "Whatever." She handed me the ball and I smiled. "Give me lucky kiss first." She smirked and I puckered my lips. As soon as I felt her lips on mine, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her like never before. I let go and she stumbled back, allowing me to make a 3. She started to cough and clear her throat before gaining some composure. "Okay. Never again." I laughed and shook my head, handing her the ball. Long story shirt she won, 21-19.

*Flashback Over*

The sex does next nights were amazing. I didn't think she had it in her like that. I mean she was driving me crazier than usual and f***ed me better than the rest. I sighed heavily as I slid under the covers, wincing as I started to have some extremely sharp pains because I was breathing incorrectly. There was a knock at the door, and to be honest, only person I wanted to walk through that door right now was Kiana. If it wasn't her, I wasn't going to be happy. "Come in." I grumbled. I turned on my side as <a href="">he</a> walked in, shutting the door behind him. "Hey." He said dryly. "Wassup." I said back. He sat down in the chair on the other side of the room and sunk in it. "I could never get why people just loved to hurt my sister. She's the sweetest thing in the world yet niggas just love breaking her heart. Niggas like you." I scrunched my face up and turned towards him, sitting up while doing so, "Niggas like me? f*** you mean 'niggas like me'?" I asked, feeling my anger rising. "I mean niggas like you! The ones that could give two s***s about my sister. They just want somebody that'll be down with them, knowing if they f*** up bad, their girl is going to be right there behind them. You took adavantage of that s*** and now my sister's heart is broken and it's her damn birthday. You's a grimy muthaf***a." I smacked my lips. "You know s*** about the situation. And you know s*** about me. So I advise you stop talking, because you looking mighty stupid witcho dumbass." I spat. "Nigga I ain't the dumbass! You the dumbass because when Man Man find out about what you did your lights are out my nigga. Better hope Ki get to you in time." I waved him off as I grabbed my apple juice and started to drink it. "Only good that came out of this was that I got to beat your ass again. Felt good as hell too." I chuckled and slammed my juice out. "That's going to be the last of that s***. Now that me and Kiana aren't together, I refuse to not fight back. Try my ass when I'm out this damn hospital. See what the f*** happens nigga." I warned him. "My that a threat?" He stood up out his chair, so I got up out my chair. "b**** it might be." I said, mugging him as he mugged me back. "Excuse me?" He took two steps closer, and so did I. "I said b**** I might be." After five seconds of waiting for his respond, his fist connected with my jaw. He was about to get in another hit, but I had already hit him in the ribs and he groaned in pain. "How the f*** it feel Avery?!" I yelled as he held his ribs. I got on top of him and started to punch his face and body. He grabbed me by my gown and threw me across the room. "f***!" I yelped in pain as my whole body started to ache. He limped over to me and spat out blood. I winced in pain as I stood to my feet, almost falling. He smirked and charged at my. I braced myself for the impact and he took me down hard to the floor. "f***!" I yelled as my bruised rib throbbed in pain. He started to throw blows at all my bruised places and it hurt so bad, I swear I almost cried. I punched him in his mouth one good time and he fell back on the floor.

We kept going back and forth until someone opened the door. "Oh my god!" They gasped. It was Nurse Janelle and Kiana. They stood there frozen. I was in so much pain, that I couldn't hold my body up any longer and I fell. Kiana rushed to my side and helped me up while Janelle sat Avery in the chair. "What the hell is wrong with you two?! You're acting like animals in a damn hospital!" Kiana yelled. "Man! He over here thinking that I'm going to let him beat up on me because I'm your man_" "was." She said cutting me off. "Was. Exactly. I'm reacting how any older brother acts when a nigga like him breaks his little sister's heart." Avery said. "But it's none of your bidness nigga!" I yelled as my anger began to rise all over again. "Muhf***a you betta watch who you talking to like that!" He threatened. "Ain't nobody scared of yo punk ass!" He hopped up and Janelle held him back while Kiana held me back. "Why you holding me back Ki? You must know I'm about to beat this nigga ass!" I exclaimed. "Chris stop! You guys are acting very stupid right now! Just please for me." She begged. I mean mugged Avery as he did the same to me. "Man f*** this b**** ass nigga. I'm out." He walked out, slamming the door behind him. "This has got to be the worst birthday ever." Kiana mumbled. Janelle rubbed her back and hugged her. "It'll get better. Just keep your head held high. Night....and no more fighting. I'll send someone to check on you." She walked out, leaving me and Kiana to sit in silence. "You remember that bet?" I asked, laying in my bed. "What bet- oh that bet. Yeah." She answered softly. "I want you to lay with me now." She smacked her lips and walked to the door. "Ki please! You said that you'd never break or go back on a promise or a bet with you and me." She sighed heavily and stayed there for about five minutes. "Fine." She sat her bags down and took off her shoes. "You better keep your damn hands off of me. I swear I'll leave as soon as you do." I threw my hands up and shook my head. She rolled her eyes, hiding her laugh and got into the bed. "No more chances Chris. You f***ed up big time with this one. You were my only and I trusted you. I trusted you so much. I loved you to the moon and back. I guess that wasn't enough, huh?" I could tell she was crying because of her voice cracking as she spoke. "All I can say and show you is that I'm so so sorry. I was so dumb in the beginning and I just wanted to be babied, but you weren't doing that. I never meant for you to find out like this. Especially not on your birthday." She sniffled and turned towards me, her eyes piercing me and my soul. "Were you ever going to tell me Chris?" She asked the one question I never wanted her to ask. That was the last thing I wanted to answer. I took a deep sigh and scratched my head. "I mean eventually, but.....not even close to now. Probably like 3 or 4 years from now." I answered honestly. "I'm glad I found out now, instead of later. I don't think neither of us were fully ready. I just hate that it was on my birthday. This is going to be the worst of them all....I can tell." My hurt increased dramatically as she poured out her feelings. Her breathing started to slow down and she was soon in a deep slumber. I hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. "I'm going to fix this.....I have to." And soon after saying that I fell asleep myself.

Nooo.... Run it...

run it

new to this story and boy am i hooked!
dam kae done f*cked up why on shawty bday? she knew what she was doing i would of been fired her shoot she could take her mom story too far
did chris actually sleep with her? or were they just pics and them kissing?
kiana gona feel guilty...
and her brother boy he needs to think before his actions
he stay beting chris up without an explaination
chris dumb af too like if in a relationship y the hell do u allow the beezy to take pics?1
i sure hope they can work something out
wassup with her feeling sparks with laith and chris???
run it!

Kiana should have let Chris explain what happen instead of going to Laith for comfort. Laith maybe Chris friend but at the end of the day he still a man and if Kiana goes through with it she may regret what she did. Kae need her ass beat again.

Avery need to stop beating up on Chris I know that's his sister and Chris cheated but that still is not helping the situation.

run it

@General_YKW OMFG!! You're hilarious! I couldn't breathe at the end. Wow! Someobody killing Kae, I don't think I'd go that far......but Kiana just might...(hint hint)

How long ago was that s*** and sleeping with another nigga cause you hurt?? Both yall b****es get your life! Kiana you need to think rational about s*** cause you got that nigga Chris being a father to your kid...and Laith...if Chris is your boy...Kae...why hasn't someone killed her yet??

Run it!!

Add ASAP!!

Five Months Later~~ (They have made it back home and Laith, Marlon, and Mya came back with them. Marlon and Bri have been going out for four months and Kiana and Chris have been going out for a year now. Seiko and Bri are still pregnant and getting on everybody's nerves!)

Kiana's POV

Today is my birthday b****es!!!!!!!!!! I'm too hype! I woke up with the biggest smile on my face. Chris gave me one of his gifts for me last night. "Goodmorning your Highness." I smirked and looked at <a href="">Chris.</a> "Thank you baby. Why are you cooking all of that? It's only....Holy s***!! It's 3 o'clock! Why didn't you wake me up?! Ugh!" I rushed back upstairs to the room with Chris right behind me. I busted through the door and looked over at Christina playing with her rattle toy. I sighed heavily and Chris began to rub my shoulders. "Chill..babe...she..already..ate...four" He said in between kisses. "Thanks Chris." I turned and he smiled in my face. "You know what today is right?" I asked excitedly. "Of course!!! It's our anniversary!" I frowned and shook my head. "Valentine's Day?" He guessed. "It's November Christopher!" I exclaimed stomping my feet as he laughed. "I'm just kidding. Happy birthday baby. Maybe later I can give you a fourth gift." He bit and licked my ear causing me to shiver and moan. "I'd like that." I said in a low tone. "Shoot. we can go right now!" I laughed and shook my head. "My daughter is right there Chris!" I yelled as he threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me. "Christina! Daddy wants you to close your eyes okay!" Christina covered her eyes with her small hands and smiled. "Otayy daddy!" She cooed. He kissed down my neck as I struggled to fight him off. "Chris....stop it....please." I moaned and whined. He bit down on my neck hard causing me to hiss in pleasure. "Okay. But that ass is mine tonight." He got up off of me and picked <a href="">Christina</a> and kissing her. "Last time you said that, I ended up in a hospital." He laughed and kissed my cheek. "It was a damn clinic. Your overly dramatic ass! This time might be a hospital though. They might have to give you a few stitches down here." He whispered, rubbing my clit through my shorts. I gripped onto his shorts as I felt my knees weaken. "Mmmm." I moaned in his ear. "But that's for tonight." He took his hand away and I groaned. "I was almost there Chris!" He smirked and pecked my lips. "Change your shorts." I looked down to see a big wet spot in my shorts. "f***." I cursed lowly so Christina wouldn't hear me. "WHERE'S MY BRITHDAY GIRL AT?!" I heard Avery yell from downstairs. "I'll be down in a minute!" I yelled from downstairs. I hurried up and changed my whole outfit while Chris watched. "Perv." I joked. "Only to you." He said before following me out the door.

I squealed and raced down the stairs and jumped into <a href="">their</a> arms and hugged them tight. "Eww! Why are you soaking wet?" I asked, jumping off of them. "We just got out the pool." I nodded and went to grab them towels, but they both stopped me. "Chill boo. We got this. Just sit down and relax, it's your birthday. I better not see yo ass up! Or imma give you a birthday beatdown." Mya threatened. I pouted as I sat down and turned on the TV. I began to get into the show and then the door rung. "Got it!" I was almost by the door when I heard someone yell my name and I jumped. "Kiana you bet not open that damn door!" Chris' voice echoed through the house. "Fine. Geessh!" I stomped over to the couch and Chris jogged down the stairs to open the door. "Wifey! We're here!" I screamed and jumped up to hug <a href="">them.</a> They started to laugh as I hugged them tightly. "Okay girl! I can't breathe!" Shad joked. I gave them one more squeeze and let go. "Where yah lazy ass sister at?" I shrugged as my phone vibrated. "Probably just another tweet saying happy birthday." I told Chris as he tried to hand me my phone. "Nah. It's Bri." I grabbed my phone and opened it.

Bri: Me and Boo just got done going for a walk. I was getting happy birthday wishes from everybody! Thank God for Chris Brown! Lol.
Me: Lol, me too! Where are you now?
Bri: I'm pulling up in the backyard. Come open the gate for Boo, he has to use it."
Me: Okiee Dokiee!

I got up and headed to the back. "Happy Birthday trick!" Taylor yelled from the side. "Drake tell your loud ass girlfriend she's scaring my baby." Seiko said. Tay stuck her tongue out at her and flicked her off. I shook my head and thanked Tay before opening the gate.<a href="">Boo</a> raced in and went behind the shed to do his business. "Happy birthday twin!" Bri exclaimed. "Thanks. Happy birthday boo!" She hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Thank you." <a href="">We</a> both looked at each other up and down. "This matching s*** needs to stop. We're 21, still matching." I said. She laughed and nodded. "Babe! Look at this dope ass s*** Laith painted for me! This s*** go hard as hell!" I looked behind me to see <a href="">them</a> showing Tay the painting. "Damn! Laith that is f***ing gnarly!" Mijo exclaimed. "Thanks. appreciate it." He was blushing like a little b****. "Ah! His gay ass blushing!" Chris joked. Laith flicked him off playfully and Chris handed him a cup with something in it. He sipped it and started to cough. "What did you give him?!" I yelled at Chris. "Same thing this nigga gave me last week! Yeah payback!" Chris referred to the disgusting food Laith gave him, and told him it taste like his favorite food. "What the hell was that?" Laith asked, turning red and breathing hard. "Europe's hottest pepper b****!" I hit Chris in his chest and helped Laith into the house. "Baby you mad at me?" Chris asked getting ice out the fridge. "Yes. You guys are so damn immature. Come here Christina." She stood and wobbled over to me. "I'm sorry." They both cooed. "It's okay. Now Chris help Laith since you did this. I'm going to play with my baby and nephew." Chris rolled his eyes and jumped at Laith and Laith bucked back. "Punk ass nigga." Chris spat. "Nigga you eat one your mouth will be on fire too." Laith said in a raspy voice. I rolled my eyes and went to the pool. "Where's D-Low?" I asked sitting by Tay. "With his father over there being stupid." I looked to my left to see Drake making Dustin listen to his music. "That boy is going to hate rap when he grows up." I joked. "Yes! But he's gonna love his mommy's songs." I shook my head and walked over to them. "Wassup baby D!" He started to giggle and smiled at me. "Baby swap?" Drake asked, already knowing the deal. "Yup." I handed him Christina and he gave me <a href="">Dustin</a> "Nice doing business with you." He smirked and shook his head. "Can't believe your 21 already." I squealed and kissed all over Dustin. "I know! I'm so happy! I can legally drink now." He shook his head and waved me off. "Mijo! What you doing over there boy?" He looked up and smiled as him and Bri had something in their hands. "Oh nothing." I scrunched my face up and snatched the paper out of his hand. "Really?! How'd you get this?" I asked Bre, staring at the ugliest picture ever. "Really Christopher? On the house?!" I heard Momma J yell. I turned to see <a href="">Chris</a> "making his mark on the house," as he always would say. "Yes ma. I want my kids to have this house someday, and I want to show them all the things I did. Because when they grow old, I'll be damned if I sing at any of their parties." I shook my head and handed Mijo the picture. "Came up with any names for the baby?" I asked sitting down and feeding Dustin his baby food. "Yeah. If it's a girl Nicole. If it's a boy Maurice." I blushed and smiled big. "Aww. You're naming the girl after me? How sweet!" I pecked his cheek and blew a kiss at Seiko. She awkwardly looked at me and burst in tears. "I'm so fat! I only get kisses from girls! No nigga likes me anymore!" She cried. I rolled my eyes at her emotional ass. "Oh my God! Why? Why? Why?" Mijo whined. He sighed and stood to walk over to her and console her. "I hope you don't act like that while I'm not around." <a href="">Marlon</a> said, sitting down and handing us both some water. "Not at all." She lied. "Yup......she's worst." Marlon's eyes widened and she gasped. "I am not!" She argued. "Whatever you say.....fatass." She looked at me and tears started to roll down her cheeks. "I'm so fat! I can't even fit in the door anymore! I make the damn car go down when I get in! I look like a damn elephant sitting by you guys!" Marlon hugged her and shook his head. "I don't know if I want to have kids anymore." He joked. "What?! I knew I was ugly to you! Is it because I get fat?!" He shook his head and pecked her lips. "I was joking. You're the most beautiful woman to walk this Earth babe, believe me." I cleared my throat and he looked at me. "Oh shut up. Yall look just alike, so basically both of yall are beautiful." I smirked and looked at Bri. "If Chris wasn't mine and you weren't my sister, I would've been tapped t=his fine ass!" I admitted proudly. "Uhh.....b****! Bye! Go over there by Chris." I laughed and got up. "Give me my son. He needs to go to sleep." Tay snatched Dustin away and I smacked my lips. "Well damn. Hello to you too." I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and then a pair of soft lips on my neck. "Yes Christopher?" I felt him smile against my neck before kissing up to my ear causing chills to go down my spine. "I was just thinking about tonight. You know? After the party? I don't want you drinking so much, I want you to remember this. First we're gonna go up to my room and then you're gonna strip for daddy. Then you're gonna dance for me. After that daddy's gonna make you feel real good. I'm going to kiss your other set of lips, hold your body by your legs and hips..." As he sung softly in my ear, he massaged my waist, while licking my ear. "Mmmm. Anything else daddy wants?" He chuckled and nodded. "s***." I moaned as he pulled my hair back unexpectedly. "I want you to ride first. Ride me like a pony baby. I want you to moan and scream my name. Then we gon start f***ing! Oooo! I'm tear that ass up baby! f*** a clinic, we sending that ass to a hospital! You won't be able to walk for weeks! Months maybe!" I giggled and turned to him. As soon as my face was in his, his lips were on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he played with my tongue until he felt something. He pulled out quickly and looked at me. "Show me your tongue." I smirked and seductively stuck my tongue out before putting it back in slowly. "You have a tongue ring? Since when?" I couldn't help but laugh at his reaction. "Yeah. I got it about a month ago, I just always took it out. My tongue was hurting." He bit his lip and pecked my lips one more time. "I love you." I smiled and looked into his eyes. "I love you too." I hugged him tightly and took in his scent. His scent will forever be with me.

<a href="">They</a> all were rushing us as we took forever to get ready. "I have to do my hair Chris damn!" I spat as he huffed and walked back into the front part of our room. "They still getting ready?" Mijo asked. "Yeah." All the guys groaned and mumbled while I stood by the door doing Bri's hair, while Tay did hers, and Seiko did hers. Angela and Cymphonique were on dressing duty, picking out all of our outfits. They volunteered because they were both majoring in Fashion/Design. Whatever the hell it was. I was just glad I didn't have to do s***. "Okay done!" We all finished at the same time and Nina walked in. "I got the shoes!" We all cheered and started to get ready as the guys continued to complain. "Man they sound like some b****es on the real." Tay said. "I know. These niggas must be PMSing acting like that." We all laughed at Nina and I started to rub Bri's baby bump. "Hey little fella. I can't wait to meet you. Hopefully you look like your sexy auntie, and not your ugly mom." Bri smacked her lips and pushed my hand away. "We look the same dumbass." She spat. I laughed and kissed her temple. "I know. Just joking. Happy birthday beautiful." She blushed and hugged me. "Happy birthday to you too gorgeous.......again." I chuckled and looked over at my girls. "Ready?" I asked them, they nodded and we walked out the room. "We're ready." I announced as we entered the same room as the guys. "About time, I thought I was- Damn." Chris cut himself off looking at us. "What happen- damn." Shad had the same reaction. The rest of the guys turned and looked at all of us. "Damn. Damn. DAMN!" They exclaimed. <a href="">We</a> all blushed and I hid my face. " sure yall want to go out still?" Tre asked, licking his lips. "Yes Tre! We're going out." Cymphonique said. He threw his hands up and smiled. "Cool with me. The more alcohol you consume, the freakier you get." She gasped and hid behind me. "No I don't!" I laughed and looked at Chris. They way he would<a href="">look</a> that made me squirm a bit. He stood up and walked over to me slowly. I started to breath faster as he took in my scent. "You look sexy." He whispered in my ear. He wasn't even touching me and my underwear were drenched. "Really?" I asked in a low tone, trying my best to contain myself. "Yeah. I'm f*** the s*** out of you when we get back." He pecked my lips, grabbed my hand, and we all walked outside to our designated cars.

"Stop it Chris." I smacked his hand away for the fifth time as he continued to reach up my dress. Or attempt to. "Fine. But when we get to the club, my hands are going to be all over you." I waved him off and he grabbed my hand and stuffed it down his pants. "Chris!" I gasped. He smirked and looked down. "I'm surprised you haven't taken your hand out." I slowly puled my hand out and he laughed. "I know you're turned on right now." I smiled and nodded before the car pulled up to the club. "Thanks Pat." I said as he helped me out the car. "Happy birthday Kiana and Briana!" People waiting to get inside the club exclaimed, "Thank you!" We both shouted. We walked into the club and it was hella packed! I could barely get through the crowd. After about ten minutes of inching and coming in contact with sweaty bodies, we finally made it. Even the V.I.P was filled with people. "Who did you invite?" I asked Chris. "Everybody. I did what anybody that wants a bomb ass party does......put that s*** on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and every other social network site I have." He said in a ratchet voice, causing me to laugh. "OMFG! All those thirsty ass hoes are gonna be at my party." I fake whined. "That's what makes it party guh!" I nodded and joined everybody, except the preggos, for about three rounds of shots. "Whew! My throat never will get used to that." I said wincing. "Whatever. Quit being a baby." I flicked off <a href="">Avery</a> and went back to drinking my drink. "Aye! Turn up!" I screamed as Chris' song came on. I turned to get Chris, but his ass wasn't there. "Umm...where'd he go?" I asked Tay, she pointed to the stage and I watched as Chris began to <a href="">perform</a> his song "Love More." I loved that song.

<em>You say all you need is consistent love
When I try I swear it’s never enough - I messed up
Maybe this thing here just ain’t meant for us
Maybe this thing here just ain’t meant for us
Baby you let go and I pull you back
I let go, you ain't having that</em>

<em>‘Til we get it right we gon' f*** some mo' (‘til we get it)
I'mma get it (I'ma get it), 'til we get it ('til we get it)
'Til we get it right we gon’ f*** some mo’ (Im'a get it)
I'mma get it ('Til get it), 'til we get it (Im'a get it)</em>

Me and the girls were jamming. Everybody was having a good time until <a href="">they</a> showed up. "Happy birthday!" I rolled my arms and stiff armed her as she tried to hug me. "You look. Trashy as usual." Tay spat looking at Kae's sidekick, Jammie. "And you look ugly, as always." She spat back. "b****, I break toothpicks! Don't make my ass-" "Whoa whoa! Babe calm down. Don't waste you energy on her. She ain't s***. We got plans tonight and I don't want you to be too tired." Drake tried, but failed to whisper. She smiled and they started to make out, not in one of those cute ways. But in the, "are they about to suck each other's faces off?" way. I shook my head. "This one is for my baby and her sister. But more for my baby, sorry Bri." Chris said into the microphone as everybody laughed. "I like to call it Next To You. Let's go JB." After he said that, Justin Bieber came on the stage and I went crazy. "OH MY GOSH THAT'S JUSTIN BIEBER!" I screamed. Avery laughed at me and shook his head. "This girl loves her some Justin Bieber." I looked back and smiled. "Damn right!" As Chris started to sing the song, tears began to roll down my cheeks. "Aww. Thanks Chrissy-Pooh!" Bri cooed.

You've got that smile
That only heaven can make
I pray to god everyday
That you keep that smile

You are my dream
There's not a thing I won't do
I'd give my life up for you
Cause you are my dream

And baby everything that I have is yours
You will never go cold or hungry
I'll be there when your insecure
Let you know that your always lovely girl
Cause you are...
The only thing
That I got right now

One day when the sky is falling
I'll be standing right next to you...Right next to you
Nothing will ever come between us
Cause I'll be standing right next to you...
Right next to you

If you had my child
You would make my life complete
Just to have your eyes on little me
(That'd be mine forever)

When he said that, his eyes twinkled. I smiled big and blew a kiss at him. He smirked and continued to sing. I smiled as he ended the song and got a applause. They both bowed and walked off stage. Before Chris could even get to our section, I was already running his way, meeting him halfway. I hugged him tightly and gave him a passionate kiss. "I love you so much babe." I cried in his chest and he just kissed my forehead. "I love you more baby." He rubbed my arm and pulled away, smiling down at me. "You like the song?" I nodded and I hugged <a href="">him</a> too. "Happy birthday beautiful." I blushed and thanked him. We walked back over to the section.

Chris' POV

As we walked over to the section, Kae stopped me saying she needed to talk about business. At first I wasn't even going to talk to her, but Kiana told me to. She gave Kiana a stank look and Kiana just smiled. "b****, I'm sure you don't want some more stitches on that pretty face of yours. So I suggest you quit looking at me like you about to jump stupid." Kae rolled her eys, but she surely wiped that look off her face. "I'll be over there in a sec babe, go ahead and get a little alcohol in your system." She nodded and pecked my lips before walking off, switching. She knew what her ass was doing. I was so stuck in my daze, I ain't notice Kae waving her hand in my face. "Chris!" I snapped out of it and looked at her. She rolled her eyes and held up her phone. "What?!" I yelled at her. She jumped a bit and then smirked. "Look at it." I looked at the screen and my eyes bucked. "s***! Delete that Kae! Nobody needs to know what you and I HAD. I'm in love with Kiana. If you really loved me you wouldn't ruin this for me and you'd be happy that I'm happy." I said trying to get her on my side. "Too bad. If I can't have you no one can. Plus I already sent it to her phone." I gasped and looked over at Kiana beginning to reach for her phone. I sprinted over and grabbed it before she could. "Whoa! What was that about?" She asked. "Oh nothing. I-i-i was just looking for you that's all." She scrunched up her face. "I've been in the same spot all this time. Can I get my phone now?" I shook my head and put a smile on my face. "Not before you uhhhh......ummmm...get your gifts first." She raised her eyebrows and smiled. " more than one?" I nodded and she cheered. I led her downstairs as everybody in the club followed us out. "Okay, close your eyes." She held her hand over her eyes and I led her to the curb. Soon, her <a href="">gift</a> pulled up and I let go of her hands. "Open your eyes." She opened her eyes and screamed. "Oh my God!!! It's beautiful! I love it! Thank you thank you thank you!" She yelled, hugging me until I almost choked. "Oh! I gotta get my phone! Avery go get my phone!" I stopped hugging her. "No! I mean you don't want to just ride first." She looked at me strangely. "No....somethings wrong. Come on. Everyone back in the club!" Everybody made their way back into the club as Kiana pulled me to the side. "What's wrong Chris? Why don't you want me to see my phone?" I sighed heavily and scratched my neck. "Chris! Spill it! Now!" She demanded. "Babe, you know I love you so so much. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I know you love me just as much. We're made for each other. I never want to lose you over a stupid thing I did-" "Here you go Ki." Avery cut me off, handing her her phone. "Thanks. Ooo! Another message!" She cheered.

Kiana's POV

As I began to open my phone, Chris looked a bit nervous. I went to my messages and my heart stopped and broke. "Babe, I'm so so sorry. It was a mistake." He started to cry and hold onto me. I pushed him off and handed the phone to Avery. "So your lips just accidentally hit hers. And she fell into your lap and you became incapable of pushing her off! I hate you Chris! We're done! I ain't taking you back! You f***ed up big time!" As soon as I turned, Avery's arm had connected with Chris' jaw. He started whooping his ass even worse than I did Kae. There was a lot of blood in his knuckles and Chris' face. "STOP! Avery stop! Somebody help!" All the guys ran over to us and it took ALL of them to get Avery off an unconscious Chris. "What happened?!" Bri exclaimed. I handed her the phone and she gasped. "I knew it! b****!" She jumped on Chris and the phone fell into my hand. I looked at the <a href="">pictures</a> one last time. I pulled Bri off of Chris and looked at him. "f*** you and that b****. You can have her dirty thot ass." I spat and walked away. The tears began to pour down my face as I ran through the crowd. "Kiana!" I turned to see Mijo running after me. I got my keys out my purse and unlocked the doors to my new car. There were a whole bunch of camera's flashes going off as I raced out of there. I couldn't believe he would do something like that. I cried harder wondering if they ever went ALL the way. I hit my steering multiple times as I drove around the city. I finally stopped in front of the very familiar house and ran to the door. I knocked hard on it and <a href="">he</a> answered it. "Kiana?! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at your party?" I nodded and sniffed. "What's wrong?" He opened the door wider, letting me in. "Chris cheated on me." His mouth dropped and he awkwardly hugged me. I took in his scent as I felt those same sparks. "Umm would like me to do anything?" He asked in a sincere way. "Yes.....kiss me." I said looking up at him. "Kiana....I can't, Chris is my boy that isn't right." Tears started to roll down my cheeks again. "Please. That's all I want." He sighed and grabbed my shoulders. "You sure bout this?" He asked, placing his finger under my chin. I nodded and he leaned in close enough for me to feel his breath on my lips. I leaned forward and his soft lips touched mine. Fireworks went through my body and my heartbeat quickened. I wrapped my hands around his neck as he forced his tongue I'm my mouth and began to play with my tongue. "Mmmm." I moaned as he rubbed his hands through my hair, down my back, and finally on my butt. He gave it a gentle squeeze before picking me up and setting me down on the counter. He took his lips off mine and kissed down my neck. "Laith." I moaned as he played with my earlobe. "Yeah?" I pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. "I want you." His dark brown orbs continued to pierce through my soul and he finally smirked. "Just how bad do you want me?" I smiled and pecked his lips before unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants to the floor. "Real bad." He chuckled and stepped out his pants. He picked me up and took me his room, shutting and locking the door behind us.

run it

run it!!!

Run It....

run it

Run it

Kiana's POV

One Month Later~~

Today was Saturday, which meant I only spent time with Mijo, Avery, Briana, and Tay. Drake was supposed to come, but he had some other s*** to do. I was taking Christina and Dustin because I felt bad for not spending as much time as I needed to with them. ”Hey mamas! You looking purtty.” Tay complimented <a href="">us.</a> We both smiled and thanked her. ”You all ready to go?” I asked <a href="">them.</a> They all nodded and then Bri rolled her eyes at something behind me. ”Chris you can't come!” She yelled at him. I turned to see <a href="">Chris</a> looking at me. ”I don't want to go Briana. I have to go to dance rehersals and I don't feel like it.” He pouted. I pecked his lips and smiled. ”Just go. You can practice them moves you've been wanting to use.” I whispered. He smirked and bit his lips. ”Okay. Bye babe. Love you.” He cooed. ”Love you too.” He pecked my lips twice more and embraced me. ”Okay come on!” Mijo rushed. He pecked Seiko on the lips and we left. ”You ready to have some fun Stinka?” Avery asked Christina. She nodded and smiled. I put her in her carseat. ”Alright. Bri, Ki, Avery, and Christina in one car. Me, Tay, and Dustin in the other.” Mijo said. ”Man. Why I gotta be the only nigga in a car? I'm riding wit yall.” Avery protested. ”Whatever nigga just get in the car.” Mijo pushed him into his car. ”Okay. I can walk. Getting pushed around by a 19 year old. I'm grown!” He yelled getting into the backseat. ”Whatever. Stay back there!” I heard Mijo say before he pulled off. I followed him as me and Briana sung rapped to ”I'm Out” by Ciara. ”Travie knows.” She said all of a sudden. I turned down the music and pressed on the brake as we neared a stop sign. ”Knows what? That your pregnant?” She nodded and put her hand on her forehead. ”He thinks it's not his.” I smacked my lips and looked at her. ”He said that?! Oh he is going to get his! I'm about to call Man Man, he still owe me a favor.” She stopped me from picking up my phone. ”No. I want him to soak in regret. Avery cussed him out last night. Nothing but drama has been happening since we came here. I'm just ready for it all to end.” I nodded, understanding what she was saying. I pressed on the gas as the light finally turned green. We pulled into the parking lot of the mall,and I rubbed Bri's back as she just had a look of stress on her face. ”Just breathe boo. Just breathe.” She took deep breaths and looked at me smiling. ”Thabks. I needed that.” I smirked and kissed her cheek. ”No problem.” I got out of the car and walked around to Christina to get her out. ”Boo.” She mumbled in her sleep. I laughed and shook my head. I unbuckled her seatbelt and took her out. ”Whew! You gettin' big Stinka.” I said. She woke up out of her sleep and rubbed her eyes. ”Boo?” I shook my head and she frowned. ”After we go shopping, you can play with Boo.” She smiled and pointed to the ground. I put her down and then heard screaming. ”Pat.” Seiko simply said. He got out of the car behind us and pushed the swarm of girls that rushed to us away. ”Never get enough.” I mumbled. Avery draped his arm over my shoulder and kissed my cheek. ”I don't see how yall do it. I would be going crazy if people swarmed around me everytime I stepped foot in a place.” He said to me and Tay. ”They don't swarm me. It's Chris and Tay. They asses are like freaking magnets.” I vented. All the attention was kind of overwhelming at the moment. ”Ok ok. Back up.” Pat said in a nice tone. All the girls were yelling Tay's name and trying to get my attention, but I didn't pay them any mind. I kept on walking until I got to Hollister. I wanted to by some stuff from there. ”Ooo! b**** this'll look too good on you!” Tay exclaimed looking at the dress I picked out for Chris' party he planned for tomorrow. ”Thanks.” I took the dress up to the register and walked out the store. ”Aye! My shoe game too fresh!” Mijo yelled. ”Man. Yo shoe game s*** compared to mine.” He spat. ”Okay. Stop cussing!” I ordered. ”Oh! I'm gonna get those for Chris!” I squealed. ”A matching pair for Christina won't hurt.” I thought to myself. ”I'm going to get them!” I grabbed Christina's hand and we walked over to FootLocker to buy the shoes.

I ended up spending a little over 2,000 dollars, which was eay too much to me. ”If you got big money, spend that it!” Avery said as we rode back home from Mcdonalds. ”Whatever. I don't want to go broke.” He chuckled. ”No you know Chris would never let that happen.” He said as he stuffed his mouth. ”Pig.” I mumbled. ”Fu- forget you.” He said, eyeing me. ”Mhmm. Whatever.” We pulled up to the house and I saw an unfamiliar car in the driveway. ”Who could this be?” I whispered. I pulled in and got out the car. ”Wait here.” I told Avery and everybody else. I walked up to the door and you could hear yelling.

Chris' POV

After Kiana left, I had went down to the studio to play with some beats. I had been working with JB over the past month on this song. It was for Kiana's 20th birthday that was coming up and I wanted to make her feel special. I heard a loud knock on the door and perked my head up. ”The f***? It might be mama.” I said to myself. I picked myself up and dragged my body up the stairs. ”Who it be?” I asked, knowing she was going to pop off. ”Me babe.” I scruched my face up and rolled my eyes. I opened the door and there <a href="">she</a> was smiling like the demon her ass was. ”What?” She smirked and pushed me back. ”So this is what my future house looks like?” I smacked my lips and closed the door behind her. ”Please stop dreaming.” She shook her head. ”Never dreaming. Only reading the future.” I chuckled. ”Well don't read too far. You're feelings gonna be a little hurt when what you wat to happen never does.” She sat down and kicked off her shoes. ”Where's the ex at?” She asked. I picked her up by the back of her collar, threw her off of the couch, and then threw her shoes at her. ”Out, like you should be.” She scoffed and looked at me. ”I don't see why you even love her. She keeps you tied up like a dog. I would let you be free.” I smirked, thinking of Kiana. ”Nah. I keep her tied around me so I make sure she'll never leave. I'd go crazy if she left me.” She climbed on me and smiled in my face. ”I'll be there for you when she does. Love don't last forever.” I pushed her off of me and she fell to the floor. ”Jealousy last forever, and so does love. You just gon be tthat jealous b**** that don't mean s*** to me or my lady.” I spat. She had hurt in her eyes, but a smile on her face. ”I just wanna f***.” She said, taking off her clothes. ”Get the f*** out my house!” I yelled, walking towards my phone. I felt her naked body press against me and instantly became even more uncomfortable. ”Get off of me.” I gritted through my teeth. She took my hand and rubbed her clit with my hand. ”Move b**** damn!” I snatched my hand out her grip and pushed her towarda the wall. ”I like it rough!” She yelled. ”Get out stupid hoe!” She started to play with herself and moaned my name while doing so. ”Ugh!” I tried to get her out the house by acting like Heather was here, but she came here on some creep s***. ”I know me and you are the only ones. I made sure everybody left before I came in.” I scrunched my face up and shook my head. ”You a thirsty ass hoe. I feel bad for all the niggas that f***ed yah loose pussy ass. You ain't nothing but a good f*** to them. Can't turn a hoe to a housewife. Stupid ass.” I spat. She stopped and <a href="">me.</a> Uh uh! This b**** cray cray all the damn way! ”Love me Chris! Just love me!” She screamed. ”No damn!” She jumped on me causing me to fall. She pressed her lips on mine and I tried again to push her ass off, but she was too damn strong. Finally her ass loosened her grip and I was able to get her off. ”I'm not going anywhere without you Chris!” I shook my head and grabbed her clothes. ”I don't like you crazy ass b****! You ain't s*** to me! Go the hell away! There will never be an us! Get that through yah damn head!” I yelled. I opened the door and threw her out with her clothes after. ”s***!” I opened the door to see Kae's naked body on Kiana. ”Oh b**** you tried my man.” Kiana said. ”I remember that promise too.” Kae got up and started to run, but Kiana caught her ankle and pulled her behind the car. She reached all the way back and punched Kae in her face repeatedly. ”Damn!” Mijo exclaimed. ”Nigga was you f***ing cheating on my sister?!” Avery yelled. ”Nah- f***!” I shouted as his fist connected to my jaw. ”Avery! Stop!” Bri yelled, coming to my defense. Dude was beating my ass, I ain't know he hit this damn hard. No wonder why Kiana was so afraid of him beating that ass. I heard screaming and looked over to my left to see Kiana banging Kae's head against everything in sight. I gathered all my strength and tried to push Avery off, but dude wasn't having it. ”Forgive me.” I whispered to him. I balled up my fist and hit him, he fell to the ground holding his jaw. I ran over to Kiana and pulled her off Kae. ”You said you wouldn't stop it Chris! You f***ing promised!” She screamed as I pulled her off. ”Oh my dear lord! What has happened?!” We all looked up to see Mama, Aunt Sandra, and Ms. Jennings. They all looked at Kae and then me. I spat the blood I had in my mouth and wiped some off my face. I winced as pain was the only thing I felt when I touched my face. ”Chris, baby, what happened to you?” My mom asked. ”Avery got the wrong idea and beat my ass and Kiana saw Kae and just started beating her like she stole something.” I looked over at Kiana as she smiled at Kae, happy with the results. She then walked up to Avery and hugged him. He didn't hug her back though, he just stared at me. If looks could kill a nigga would be at the Golden gate in Heaven by now. ”He didn't cheat. Kae was trying to seduce him. He tried to fight her off, but her thirsty ass was clinging onto him tightly. He managed to get her ass off, and throw her out. You need to apologize.” She poked him in the chest and it finally went down. ”I'm sorry.” He mumbled, spitting out the blood he had in his mouth. I had 10x as more though. It was leaking from my nose and mouth the most. I limped over to the car and got Christina out becausr she had been crying. ”I'm a terrible mother.” Kiana said, sitting on the steps. ”Ha. You're funny. You're probably one of the best moms I've seen since my 30th birthday. I'm 83 now.” I gasped and looked her over. She looked nowhere near 83, more like 53! ”I pray to God everyday that more and more young ladies become a real woman like you. I respect you, you're so young yet so wise. I love it.” Kiana started to smile and then my mom cleared her throat. ”Kiana you're 19, not even 21 yet. You treat your child you've been did thua. How you hold her, care for her, and love her amazes me. It tookme a little over a year to figure Chris out, and it only took you TWO months. That'll forever be a reason you're one of the best moms I know.” Kiana wiped at her tears and looked at Aunt Sandra. ”Babygirl.......I'll tell you later cause I'm hungry. Leggo!” I scrunched up my face as everybody laughed. ”You stealing my word though?” She waved me off and walked in the house. ”Damn. Yall messed everything up!” Tay yelled. ”Forreal forreal. She must be crazier than I thought she was.” Mijo said, looking around. I picked something up and it was a note. I read it and stuffed it in my pocket. No one needed to know what almost happened that night with me and Kae. It was a mistake that didn't need to ever be discovered.

Avery's POV

I followed Kiana to the kitchen so she could ice my face. ”Ahh.” I hissed as the ice touched my jaw. ”That s*** is cold.” She smacked her lips. ”It is ice. Bri can you handle him while I get Chris and Christina.” Bri took over and I smiled as her little baby bump was becoming more visible. I reached my hand out and touched it. ”That tickles.” She giggled. I grazed my finger over stomach as I felt something stir. ”Whoa!” I exclaimed. ”Amazing right?” I nodded and took the ice off my face. ”Hey little buddy. I'm your uncle Avery! We're gonna have the best of times together. I'm gonna teach you how to be a real man unlike your pussy of a father.” Bri smacked my shoulder and looked at me. ”Don't tell my child that!” I smirked and kissed her stomach. ”Love you already.” I cooed. ”I can't stand yo ass right now.” I looked up to see Chris playfully mugging me. ”I thought you did my sister dirty. My bad. You got your hit in.” Mijo started to laugh. ”He got one hit and you got a thousand. You were going off on dude. I actually felt some of those hits my damn self.” I shook my head at him and looked at Kiana. She was laying her head on Chris' shoulder looking peacful as ever. ”You make my sister happy Chris. I like you for her.” He smirked and kissed her forehead. ”Thanks. I like her for me.” She smiled and pecked his lips. ”Hey Mya!” Kiana exclaimed. I turned to see <a href="">her</a> and a smile was instantly placed on my face. ”Hey you guys.” She gave everybody a small wave and then looked at me. ”Oh my gosh! What happened to your face?” She asked, rushing over to me. She gently touched my face and I winced. ”Chris happened.” Chris let out a soft chuckle and looked at me. ”Well, it was your fault. My face look worse anyway.” I laughed and pecked Mya's lips. ”How was work gorgeous?” She smiled and shrugged. ”I made enough money to last me these last four weeks before we leave. You already know I refuse to let you buy me a house or anything.” She said, pointing in my face. ”I know. I just want to help in the best way possible.” She pecked my lips and smiled. ”You taking me to America is the best way of helping me. For that......I'm dedicated to you.” I smirked and bit my lip. ”Dedicated to me, huh? What is dedicated?” She laughed and bit my ear. ”I give you all of me and not just half.” I nibbled on her neck and she slightly moaned in my ear. ”All of you? What's all of you?” She rested her hand on my thigh and began to rub it. ”Let me show you.” I had a big ass grin on my face as I looked at Chris. ”Rooms are soundproof.” He mouthed. I nodded and led her up the stairs. ”How about you give me a strip tease before we do this?” She kissed my neck and nodded. ”Role play. I like.” She said before turning on her music and strutting over to me. I was going to enjoy this a lot.

Kiana's POV

I sat on the counter as Chris made himself some noodles. My phone started to vibrate, so I looked in my notifications to see a reminder. ”Month is over! You can have hot steamy sex!” It said. ”Already?” I thought aloud. ”What's already?” I looked up at Chris about to tell him, but decided against it. ”Nothing.” I picked up Christina and sat her on the counter. ”Nom nom nom!” I exclaimed as I playfully bit her. She started to giggle uncontrollably and tried to push my face away. ”No! Daddy help!” She squealed. ”Daddy can't do shi- ahhh! Put me down Chris!” I yelled as he picked me and Christina up and stuck us above his head. ”Nope! You said daddy can't do shi- oww! Did you just bite me?!” I nodded and he used one arm to hold me down and the other to set Christina in her chair. ”Mommy's about to get it!” He sat me on the couch and pinned my arms underneath him. ”Get off Chris!” He smirked and began to nibble on me. ”Ow! Stop! That hurts! Chris! That tickles!” I giggled. He laughed and leaned down in my face. ”Give me smooches!” I laughed and shook my head. He jerked his head back and looked at me. ”No?” I nodded and he held me down restricting my movement. He leaned down and pecked my lips. I smiled against his lips and kissed him back. ”Love you....witcho s***ty booty ass.” I smacked my lips. ”Nigga my booty is clean.” I argued. ”Mhmm. Whatever.” He climbed off of me and kissed my lips again. He got up and got Christina and came back to me. He laid his head in my lap as he kissed her all over face. She giggled and kissed his face too. I loved to see them two interact. If you didn't know my story you probably would've thought that Chris was her biological father. ”She loves you so much.” I said, softly rubbing his ear. ”I love her too. She's my princess. She may not know it, but I need her.” I smirked and he looked at me and rubbed my jawline. ”I need you too.” I put my forehead against his and pecked his lips. ”I need you too.” He smiled and licked my top lip. ”I love you.” I cooed. ”I love you more beautiful.”
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Run it

run it!!!!! i'm glad kiana and chris back together again and Travie is wrong!! he needs his a** beat!! I just wanna choke him!! lol anywho run it!!

run it

Briana's POV

I woke up with a little headache, but my stomach was turning like a washer machine. ”Avery.” I whined shaking him. ”Wassup boo?” I laid my head on his stomach and pouted. ”I don't feel good.” I said. He rubbed my arm and kissed my forehead. ”You are pregnant.” I smacked my lips and he laughed. ”Fine. I'll go make you something. Probably just hungry.” I smiled and then burped. ”Oh s***!” Avery yelled as I started to throw up. He jumped up and looked at me. I finally stopped throwing up and I fell on the bed. ”Ugh!” I moaned. ”Eww!” He exclaimed. ”Oh my gosh!” I looked up to see Kiana. <a href="">We</a> both had went through this. Well she went through it, I'm still going. ”Are you okay?” Chris asked. Kiana ran over to me and something trailed behind her. I backed away and she laughed. ”Look what I got!” She stepped aside and a teddy bear sat behind her. ”Oh my gosh! This is the cutest teddy bear ever!” I exclaimed. She laughed and so did Chris. ”It's a dog! See. Hey boo!” She cooed. It ran over to her and barked. ”Holy s***! That thing is too cute!” Avery said. He walked over to it and started playing with it. ”Gay ass.” Chris mumbled. ”Hello! I just threw up my life!” They all looked at me and waved me off. ”I'll help.” Kiana sighed and put the dog down. She picked up the sheets and folded them, she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs. ”Where's my babygirl?” She asked coming downstairs. Mijo had Christina on his lap and he was playing patty cake with her. ”I feel it coming.” I raced to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. ”Girl!” Keeis yelled. I started to throw up again, and again, and again. ”Eww!” I flicked him off and that was when I heard feet stomping down the stairs. ”Mijo! I threw up!” Seiko whined. ”Me too!” Kiana came in the bathroom and handed me some pill and water. I put the pill in my mouth and swallowed it down with water. ”Better?” I nodded and my eyes started to droop. ”I'm sleepy.” She smiled and led me to the couch. She handed Seiko the same thing and after about fifteen minutes passed, we were both knocked out.

Kiana's POV

I was talking to one of Chris' dancers, <a href="">Corderica,</a> she was mad cool. She had a blunt personality and I loved it. ”Why the hell yall not a couple, but yall doing what couples do? Yall are so damn confusing. Just be a damn couple.” She said. I had to think about what she said. ”You're right. I'll call you later.” She said bye and hung up. ”Chris!” I yelled. He showed up a few seconds later with Christina in his arms. ”Yeah babe.” I cringed and looked at him. ”You know how we're not together, but we still kiss and everything?” He nodded slowly and sat Christina on her ground. ”We gotta kill that.” He jerked his head back and looked at me. ”What? Why? Did I do something?” I shook my head. ”No. But, if we aren't a couple, why do couple things?” He dropped his mouth and put my hand in his. ”Because we love each other!” I sighed and looked down. ”Yes, but do we trust each other? I trust you with everything and you didn't seem like you trusted me very much back at the clinic.” He let go of my hand and put his head in his hands. ”s***. I know, but I just......i don't even know. I walk in and I see dude pulling your pants down just like I do. And you're laying on your back biting your lip. Why were you biting your lip?” I scoffed and looked at him. ”That s*** hurt Chris!” Christina looked up at me and I gasped. ”Sorry. Don't repeat that.” She just turned around and started to play with her toy. ”Okay.....ummm. I gotta go somewhere.” He got up, but I pulled his arm. ”Just because we aren't together, doesn't mean we can't talk to each other.” He pulled his arm away softly and looked at me. ”We not together so that mean I can do whatever I want.” I turned my head and looked at him. ”Why are you acting like that?” He smacked his lips. ”Like what? Friend.” I huffed and looked at him. ”Are you serious? You're acting like a five year old.” He waved me off and picked up his snapback. ”I'm acting like I'm single. Which I am. So imma do me. Bye.” My heart throbbed with pain as he just acted like we weren't nothing. ”Whatever. f*** you Chris! Go f*** some skank hoe! I don't care what your highlighter ass do!”He flicked me off and walked to the front door. ”I will! She gon be bad as hell too!” He yelled before slamming the door behind him. ”Uhh!!” I screamed and slammed my door behind me. ”Mommy?” Christina looked up at me and held her arms out. ”Yeah baby?” She wiped my cheek and showed me her hand. ”Cwying?” I nodded and picked her up. ”Yeah. I just have something in my eyes. You want to go with uncle Avery?” She nodded and I went stood up. My medicine was starting to wear off and I could feel some pain, but it wasn't unbearable. ”Y-yo-you okay?” Avery asked. I shook my head and handed him Christina. ”I will be though.” I gave everyone a light smile and ran upstairs.

I made it to my room, but my legs started to go out on me. I crawled slowly to my purse and took my medication out. I swallowed it, and instantly started to feel the pain go away. The pain down there that is. I got in bed and turned my back to the door, before turning the TV on. I turned it to Lifetime and began to cry. I hugged onto my pillow and cried harder. I felt alone and hurt. But I didn't want anybody but Chris to hold me right now. ”He's such a f***ing douche.” I whispered to myself. ”I hate him!” I yelled. I heard soft barking and I looked over at Boo. ”Hey buddy. At least you won't treat me like that.” He pranced over to me and cuddled up next to me. ”I love you.” I softly petted him and started to doze off, but my door opened. ”Go away Mijo and Avery.” I said already knowing who it was. ”We just want to talk to you.” I put the pillow over my head and Avery sighed. I only started to cry harder as I thought more about it. ”Babygirl.” Avery whispered, rubbing my hair. ”Don't touch me.” I pushed his hand away and scooted farther away from him. ”Kiana. Just listen.” Mijo said, getting under the covers with me. He pulled my body closer and put his head in the crook of my neck. ”I know Chris, he's not going to f*** a b****. He's going to get sloppy drunk, have Pat pick him up, come back here, try to talk to you, and in the morning he's going to regret everything.” I smacked my lips. ”Thanks for telling me.” I pulled the cover over my head and continued to pet Boo. ”Get up Mijo.” Avery finally spoke. I felt Mijo get out the bed and I huffed. ”Avery. You better not pull- Avery!” I yelled at him as he snatched the covers off of me. He took Boo out my hands and put him outside the door and shut it. ”Give me my damn dog!” He shook his head and I pulled my hair. ”I just want to be f***ing alone! I don't want to talk! I just want to sit here and be alone! Can I just get that?!” I screamed while crying. At this point I didn't care if they saw me crying. I was hurting and I had all this s*** bottled up. ”I know you want to be alone, but-” ”But what? You think I'm going to f***ing cut myself Barry?” He put his head down and rubbed it. ”I guess Chris isn't the only person that doesn't trust me alone.” Avery looked at me and sat down. ”Chris is just angry. I don't know what the hell for. But something pissed him off and he took it out on you. Know he loves you and he would never disrespect you. I know he said he was going to f*** a b****, and any b**** would go for him, but he's gonna think about you and not want to do that. I know he hurt your feelings, and it hurts you even more that he didn't the time. But know he is going to be sorry.” Avery said trying to comfort me. ”I know he will be. Because he f***ed up. Buddy is going to have to do a lot of s*** to make it up.” I was now not only hurt, but angry. How dare he talk to me like that? ”Get out.” Mijo stood up and kissed my forehead. I looked at Avery as he sat there. ”Go.” He shook his head. ”Nah. I'm cool.” I huffed and picked up my pillow and cover and tried to walk out, but Avery grabbed me and hugged me from behind. ”It's okay to cry still. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere.” I fell to the floor as I felt weak in the knees and began to cry. ”I hate him so much! I never want to speak to him again.” I knew I didn't mean any of that, but for the moment. I was on my, ”f*** a Chris,” mode. ”You don't mean that. But let's sleep it off.” I nodded and we climbed into bed. He pulled the covers over us and held me close. ”Night lovely.” He cooed and kissed the back of my neck. ”Night bro.” I turned and put my head in his chest and we fell asleep.

3 a.m.

I woke up to hearing footsteps coming up the stairs and then voices. I looked behind me to see a vacant spot that once had Avery's body in it. I sighed and went to stand up, but felt that sharp pain again. ”f***.” I mumbled. I grabbed my medicine and the crutches Dr. Miller gave me. ”Ugh.” I went into the bathroom, used it, and then washed my hands. I took my medication and put my hair into a bun. I stood in the mirror looking at myself for at least a good thirty minutes. I snapped out of my trance and washed my face, before opening the door. I walked out and it was smokey as hell. I started to cough and then I heard a low chuckle. I jumped and turned on the lamp. I looked over to see Boo following a red light and pouncing on it wherever it went. ”Who's there?” I asked. I moved my head to the left and saw <a href="">Chris</a> sitting in the corner. ”Oh. It's you. Get out.” I picked up Boo and walked over to the bed. I got in and pulled the covers over my head. I felt the bed go down and a strong smell of alcohol came after. ”I'm sorry.” His raspy voice rang through my ears. ”Okay. Bye.” He sighed and pulled me closer. I snatched his arm from around me and puahed him off the bed. ”Don't you f***ing touch me.” I said in a harsh tone. ”Look. I didn't even mean what I said. I was mad and hurt. I didn't want to stop doing what I had been so accustomed to for so long.” I turned my back to him and plugged my phone up to the charger. ”Kiana. Say something.” I looked back at him and he looked horrible. ”Chris? What is wrong with you?” I touched his forehead and jumped back. He was burning up. I know I was just mad at this dude, but something was wrong with him and I was still his friend. ”Nothing. Why you got the air on?” I looked at him strangely. ”The air isn't on.” He was shaking and sweating at the same time. ”Chris....what did you do?” He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. ”I....i....there was this girl....She was at the b-ba-bar. She was eyeing me for the longest. Soooo, I went to talk to her...i went to the bathroom and I came back. I finished my drink and she took me to the lounge. She started to kiss my neck. Then we went to the bathroom. I was about to hit, but I thought about you. And I.....i...i just couldn't do it. I love you so much, I can't believe I did you like that. I just got mad and didn't want anything to do with you. I was pissed the f*** off and hurt. But know that I do care and love you. I respect you and trust you too.” I smiled as a few tears dropped. ”Hol' up. You went to the bathroom and when you came back you finished your drink. Did you start to feel weird?” He nodded and hugged me closer. ”Ki, it's cold.” He whined. I pulled the cover over us. ”You think she drugged you?” He scrunched up her face and then gasped. ”Bruh, my drink was fizzin' and s***. I just thought that the bartender added some more sprite because I asked him to.” I facepalmed myself and looked at him. ”I'll go get you some water. Stay put.” I got up, but he pulled me back. ”No baby. I don't want you to go. Stay with me.” I looked back and glared at him. ”Boy. We are not together. The last thing you need to call me is baby or anything in that category.” He poked his bottom lip out and pouted. ”Okay.” He let me go and I went downstairs to get his water.

Chris' POV

I woke up to birds tweeting and instantly groaned as I felt the worst headache ever hit me like a bag of bricks. ”Ugh. Why are the blinds open?” I asked, but got no answer. I looked to my left to see no Kiana, but <a href="">Boo,</a> who was snoring softly. ”s***.” I cursed as the headache got worse. ”Hey drunkie!” Tay yelled coming into the room flicking on the lights. ”Turn 'em off!” I yelled. ”Nah. You should've thought about going out and drinking too much before coming home. Did you think I just was about to let you disrespect my bestie and get away with it? You must be out yo goddamn mind.” She walked over to the iHome and turned it all the way up. ”Turn it off Tay! Quit f***ing playing! Drake!” I screamed. ”They ain't here! It's only you and me Chrissy pooh!” She yelled in my ear. ”Oh my f***ing god! You so damn annoying!” Tay was like a little sister to me, so we argued the most. ”Am I? Well I don't give a f***! Why don't you go to that bad b**** house? You know the one you f***ed last night.” I smacked my lips and she moved in front of me. ”Move! Damn! I got a headache and you wanna be ratchet and s***. I'on got time for yo loud ass mouth Taylor Teyana Graham!” She pushed me and my head hit the wall. ”f***!” I yelled holding my head. I threw my pillow at her and she stumbled over the carpet and fell. ”Hahaha!” I laughed obnoxiously loud. ”You b****!” She jumped on me and started to punch me. I fell to the floor and flipped her over while holding her down. ”Get off!” She demanded me. ”No! You wanna f*** with me? Payback is about to be a b****!” I snorted up all the snot and spit I could mix together and hovered above her. ”Chris I swear I will f***ing kill you if you spit on me!” She screamed as I started to play with my spit. I would let it out and then slurp It back up. ”What the hell are you two doing?” I turned to see <a href="">Avery</a> rubbing the sleep out of his eye. ”She f***ing play too much.” I said, getting off of her. ”I can't stand yo ass!” I waved her off and went back in Kiana's room. I locked the door behind me and laid back down. I saw some Aleve and a note. I picked it up and all it said was, ”In the shower. Aleve on the dresser. Get some water f*** boy! JK JK! Kiana.” I shook my head and reached under the bed where my bottle from last night was. I took the Aleve and turned on the TV, then turned it all the way down when Tay loud ass came on it. ”Tay! You on the tele!” I yelled. My headache started to go away, but not all the way. ”Fo' real real?!” She yelled from her room. ”Naw, for play play!” You could hear her get up and run from her room. She soon showed up in mine and hopped on me. ”I'm on TV!” She exclaimed. She kissed me on my cheek and cheered. ”Girl! You on TV every damn thirty minutes! Jay-Z wish he was yo ass!” I joked. She blushed and smiled. ”Thanks.....highlighter.” I smirked and shook my head. ”You better ask somebody, google me baby.” I mumbled. The song was catchy as hell. ”Aww look at you. Knowing my song 'n s***.” I shook my head and then Avery came in there with some breakfast for the four of us. Kiana ass was still in the shower. ”Aye! Yall gon stop stealing my words 'n shiiiittt!” He dragged, causing us all to laugh. ”Yo word hella lame anyway!” We looked over at the bathroom door to see <a href="">Kiana,</a> <a href="">Boo,</a> and <a href="">Christina</a> walking out.

”Hey Stinkabutt!” Avery cooed. Christina wobbled over to him and fell into his arms. ”Aww. Tío loves you too.” He said hugging her. ”Aww. That was a Kodak momento!” Kiana squealed. She handed Boo to me and I smiled at her. ”Sorry again.” I said, grabbing onto her hand. ”It's okay. You, apologized for the wrong you did and I thank you for that. It hurt, but I'm cool.” I frowned, knowing I hurt her. ”How long we got until we leave and go back HOME?” Avery asked. ”Atleast a few more months.” I answered. He nodded and smiled. ”Why the hell you smiling?” Kiana asked, sitting between me and Tay. She rested her feet on me and her head on Tay. ”I'm taking Mya with us to the states.” Tay sat up and looked at him. ”What?!” She exclaimed. ”You only knew her for like three days! What the hell?” Avery shook his head and kept on eating. ”She seems cool and all, but at least get to know her. She could be playing you.” I said, agreeing with Tay. ”She is a stripper, you know she might just be trying to get away from somebody. She could be just f***ing with you and soon as we hit L.A, she f***ing somebody else. Ain't that right Ki?” Tay asked, hoping to get Kiana on our side. ”Nah. I don't think she like that. Avery told me how she was hesitant at first. She wanted to get out by herself. She's been trying since the age of twelve. Now for ten years, she been trying to do the same thing by herself, but she always fails. Avery just tryna help her out. Plus he don't even want to be her man........for now.” She teased him. Avery dropped his fork and glared at her. ”Nigga yee'n scaring nobody, but Boo.” I looked at Boo to see him hiding under Christina. Christina kept pushing him away, but he came back. ”Move nigga!” She exclaimed. Everybody gasped and looked at her. ”Aye! I bet not hear you say that again.” Kiana said, trying hard not to laugh. We all were, but Avery just had to say some s***. ”She said move nigga!” We all died and Christina looked at us. ”You not in trouble Stinka, jus don't say that again.” She nodded and held her arms out to Boo. ”Sowwy.” She cooed, hugging him. I smiled and watched as she started to play with the dog. I sat my pillow on Tay's lap and laid my head there. She started to rub my ear softly, making me nod off. I was soon asleep and I probably shouldn't have fallen asleep because Tay is evil.

When I woke up from my nap, it was around 3. I checked ny phone and I had messages from Tina talking about how Kae was calling her, saying that Heather attacked her and Heather was to be sent home after my next performance. Just then my phone started to ring, so I picked it up without looking at the caller ID. ”What?!” I exclaimed. ”Nigga have you lost yo goddamn mind. I outta stick my foot in yo ass. Answer the damn phone like you got some muhf***in' sense!” I gasped and prayed that she wouldn't kill me. ”Hey momma.” I cooed. ”Mhmmm. Me and Sandra took Christina to the park. Everybody left you, but Kiana should be back right now.” I felt my heart jump at the sound of Kiana's name. ”And listen, you better fix whatever yall got going on.” I nodded my head as if she could see me. ”Yes ma'am. I love you!” I cooed, making kissing noises in the phone. ”I love you too. Bye baby.” Before I could say bye, she hung up. ”Well damn.” I started to smile thinking about the first time everybody left me and Kiana home. That was a good f***ing night. Literally. I laughed aloud and then I heard shuffling downstairs. I slowly got up and grabbed my phone. I walked out the room, shut my door behind me, and then I quietly walked downstairs. When I got down the stairs, as always, Kiana's ass was in the kitchen. ”Girl if you don't get that ass out my kitchen!” She jumped up and landed on the counter, holding her chest, and breathing hard. I started to laugh hard and stopped when I noticed her still breathing hard. ”Kiana? Kiana? Kiana!” I yelled. She started to breath harder. ”Oh s***! Okay, okay ummmm! s***! Breathe!” She started to breath faster and shorter and then she passed out on me. ”Kiana! Kiana!” I felt a few tears slide down my face. ”Oh my god!” I picked her up and raced her out to the car. ”Chris! Okay! I was just playing! Calm down!” She was laughing hard as I fake laughed and then mugged her. ”Wasn't even funny. I thought you died.” She poked her bottom lip out and caressed my cheek. ”Aww. Well someday I am. Let's just hope it's not anytime soon.” I sighed and rubbed my head. ”I just hope I go before you. I couldn't handle it. I probably would try to crawl in the grave my damn self.” I started to act like an old man, causing her to laugh even harder. ”Stop! Stop! My stomach! Ah, I can't breathe!” She laughed. I laughed too and shook my head. ”Okay. Go back in the kitchen and cook for me.” She scrunched up her face and looked at me. ”Is that you're way of asking? Because if it is, nigga you about to starve!” I smirked at her. ”Nah, I'm just kidding. Can you please make me a plate?” I asked with my puppy dog eyes. ”I gotchu.” I smiled and kissed her cheek. ”Thank you.” She nodded and walked back in the house. She gasped and walked back out. ”Hey Ms. Jennings! You need any help?!” She yelled to my <a href="">neighbor.</a> ”No sweetheart. I'm okay. Thanks.” Kiana smiled and waved before walking into the house. ”You're such a sweet person.” I cooed, grabbing her from behind. ”Thank you. Now move before I turn into a b**** because I haven't eaten in a w- I mean in two hours.” I scrunched up my face and sat her up on the counter. I stood between her legs and then poked her stomach. It growled loudly and she looked at me. ”How long has it been since you ate? A real meal. Not any snacks or anything in that category.” She looked down and mumbled something, I think she said s***. ”s*** is right! Now how long has it been since you've eaten?” She sighed and raked her fingers through her hair. ”About a week.” I stopped poking at her empty stomach and pulled her closer to me. ”A week?” She nodded, verifying that I had indeed heard her correctly. ”What the hell Kiana?!” She jumped and tried to look everywhere but my face. ”Hell naw! You better look at me!” I yelled at her. She still wasn't looking so I smacked her thigh and she moaned loudly. When she looked at me, she had lust filled eyes. ”Nope! Can't get the D for four months.” She pouted and hugged me. ”I need it.” I shook my head and patted her back. ”You still hurting?” She nodded and I laughed. ”Wow! No sex for four months! Goddamn! I don't know how you're gonna do it.” She jerked her head back and looked at me. ”f*** you tahm bout? We in this f***a together! You ain't getting no pussy if I'm not getting no d***. Simple as that!” She exclaimed. ”I'm single. I can get pussy.” She flicked me off and looked down a little hurt. ”I'm just kidding. You know nobody got s*** on you. I mean when you slide in, and then back out, and then in again. I just want to bust right there. But no no no, your moans and screams makes me want to last longer. And then I just go soft and then go hard as hell. I mean I be hitting it like a hammer. When that headboard start hitting the wall, I just go even harder and deeper. And ooo! When you start speaking that spanish, mmmm! I'm like yeah baby! Call me papi again! Say it girl! Yeah I like that s***!” She was laughing so hard she started to turn red. ”Really?” I nodded and smiled. ”Yeah really.” She started to stroke my cheek and pull me closer. ”You like it when I call you papi?” She asked in a seductive tone, while kissing my neck. ”Yeah.” I moaned. ”So I can call you papi right now?” I nodded and she tugged on my belt. ”Can't hear a nod.” I bit my lip as she rubbed my erect member softly. ”Hell yeah.” She made her way up to my ear and nibbled on it causing chills, shocks, every damn thing to go throughout my body. ”Papi.” She whispered and I felt my legs go. I gripped onto the chair as I fell. She started to laugh hard as I mugged the hell out of her. She instantly stopped laughing. ”Sorry.” She cooed, hugging me. It felt weird not being able to kiss her or just caress her body. ”Mhmm.” I said, rubbing her back. ”This feels weird.” She mumbled. ”Oh. I'm sorry.” I was about to move my hand, but she put it back. ”I'm not talking about you. I'm know. Not being able to touch you, make love to you, kiss all over you, and make you moan my name.” My toes curled just thinking about all the times we made love and all the times we f***ed. ”I know. I hate that you broke up with me. I'm hurting 900x more than I was when Naomi broke it off.” She smiled in my neck and pulled back. ”I don't think the breakup was a good idea. I mean I see where you were coming from. If Kae was pulling your pants down, I would've ran that b**** up and down the street, by her damn hair! Chris she doesn't know. Acting like I ain't s***! b**** you ain't s***! You's a background dancer! I'm upper echelon! She better f***ing realize I can have her ass fired. She keep getting me with her mom, so I don't do it. I think she thinks I'm weak. I just want to beat that ass and show her what weak is. Chris I'm telling you she f***ing with the wrong- mmmm.” She moaned as I crashed my lips into hers. She gripped onto my neck and I pulled her legs, causing our bodies to make even more contact. I pulled out, but she bit my lip before I could get my mouth fully off of hers. ”That breakup was a terrible idea.” I laughed and shook my head. ”That breakup happened yesterday.” She smacked her lips. ”And?! Going on without these feels like a decade!” She said, rubbing my lips. ”And going without this is going to feel like a lifetime.” I whispered, rubbing her clit through her shorts. ”Mmm.” She moaned. ”I'm sure I can wait though. But when them four months over. I'm f***ing everything up. Your kidneys are going to hate me. I'm killing it, and imma hit harder than before. Imma be like, yeah girl! Yeah you better take this d***! Had me waiting for four months! Try it again! I want you to! Mmm yeah! Ride this d*** baby!” She looked at me and got off the counter. ”You hurting right now?” I asked, she shook her head and bit her lip. I pulled her closer by her hips and pecked her lips. ”Sorry.” I cooed in her ear. ”For what?” I reached my hand all the way back and smacked her ass hard as hell. Her knees buckled and she almost fell. ”What the hell was that for?!” She screamed at me. ”You went a week without eating! Yo ass could've died from starvation!” I yelled at her. She rolled her eyes at me. ”I didn't die before.” She mumbled. What? ”What the hell you mean by BEFORE?” Her eyes widened and she continued to cook. ”Look at me Kiana.” She pretended like she didn't hear me. ”Kiana I know yo ass f***ing heard me.” She still acted like no sound was coming out of my mouth. ”Kiana Nicole f***ing Jackson! You better look at me!” She slowly turned and I walked up on her. ”What do you mean by before?” Her breathing shortened and this time I think she was serious. ”Come on come on. Focus on me baby. I'm here. Chris.” I put her hand on my cheek and that same shock that I never got used to ran through my body. Her breathing slowed down and she then looked at me with fear in her eyes. ”What was the question?” I touched her cheek and kissed her hand. ”What. Did. You. Mean. By. BEFORE?” She took a deep breath and tears ran down her face. ”When I lived with Jerome and Kat. They only fed me every other day. I would have to go to Mijo's house to get food. He didn't know that they starved me so he only gave me snacks, because that's what I asked for. I only had two meals every two days. If I asked for more, it was either; a beating, Jerome would rape me, or I would go two more days without eating.” She looked up at me and frowned. She then wiped the tears I didn't know had fallen off my face. ”Why didn't you tell me?” We both jumped and turned to see <a href="">Mijo</a> staring at Kiana. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. ”I'll leave you two alone.” I pecked her lips and hugged her for a moment and then let go. I walked upstairs and played with Boo, trying to stop my gay ass from crying. It was so sad that she went through all of that and turned out like she did. She's so sweet and nice. You would've never thought she went through that. Especially the night I first saw her. She was looking thick as hell.

Mijo's POV

Kiana still stood there looking at me. I then heard something pop and she snapped out of it. She continued to cook as I just looked at her. ”Why ain't you tell me Ki?” She shrugged and I could see her crying, because I sat on the side of her. ”I can't hear a shrug.” She sniffled and wiped her tears. ”I don't know.” I shook my head and sighed. ”Kiana you do know.” She shook her head and her silence was killing me. ”Kiana? Kiana? Dammit Kiana look at me when I'm talking to you for God's sake!” She jumped and looked at me. ”Why didn't you tell me?” She looked down and I shook my head. ”I ain't Chris. I'll come over there and whoop it out of you.” I totally forgot that <a href="">Avery</a> was standing around the corner. Kiana's eyes widened and Avery walked up on her. ”Sit down.” He ordered her, pointing to a chair. She stood there still, shocked that he had heard everything. ”You trying my ass right now Kiana. I said sit down!” She scurried over to the seat next to me and scooted closer to me. Avery sat across from us and stared at her, as she did the same to him. ”Why didn't you tell us?” She finally blinked and looked at the counter. ”I didn't want them to hurt you. Either of you.” She mumbled. ”So why did you let them hurt you?” She shook her head, notifying me that she wasn't ready to finish the conversation. She stood up and so did Avery, staring her down. ”Sit yo ass back down.” he said, not even above a whisper. ”Why didn't you tell me? Because I know damn well that wasn't the only reason.” He said as she sat down slowly. ”I didn't want them to get in trouble.” She whispered. ”Why the hell not? They treated you like you were a piece of s***!” He yelled. ”Is that all I am to you? Because everytime they come up, you refer to me as a piece of s***!” Avery clenched his jaws and looked at her. ”You know that ain't what the hell I meant Ki!” She looked at him and tilted her head. ”So what the f*** did you mean?” She snarled. ”I mean that's how you were treated! Yet you still act like you f***ing love these sorry excuses of life!” He spat. ”I do love them!” She screamed. Avery stopped mugging her and looked at her confused. ”You what?” She put her hands over her face and continued to cry. ”I love them.” She mumbled. She put her head on ny shoulder and I held her tight. ”Why?” He asked, his tone had softened, but Kiana wouldn't look at him. ”Because they're my parents. I could never hate them. I could never wish bad on him. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I know you only want the best, but to me they were the best. I know they did me wrong, but I had grown accustomed to being treated like that. I was brainwashed that it was the right way. I mean look at me. I'm a nice, sweet, business woman. And I'm a great mother.” She wasn't making sense to me and you could tell by the look on Avery's face, she wasn't making sense to him either. ”I'm so so sorry.” She sobbed. Avery took her from me a hugged her tight as he cried too. ”It's okay. I promise I'm not mad anymore.” He kissed her forehead and they looked at each other. ”I love you.” She cooed. ”I love you more.” She hugged him one last time and then hugged me. ”Thanks for caring.” She whispered to us. ”That's my job babygirl.” She smiled a bit and then walked over to the stove she cut off the stove and mived the pot. She picked up her phone and held up three fingers. ”3......2.....1.” She counted down. ”The food done?” Chris showed up causing me and Avery to jump. She nodded and backed away so he could make his plate. ”What yall doing? Eat!” We both hurried over to the pot that smelled oh so good. When Kiana cooked, it was like heaven........everytime.

Kiana's POV

I sat down eating as Kiana kept playing with me. ”Stop.” I whined. Everytime I would open my mouth he would nibble on my neck causing a moan to escape. ”You know you like it. Why you lie though?” I stopped eating and looked at him. ”About?” He looked at like, ”don't play stupid Kiana,” but I was truly confused. ”About how long we couldn't have sex.” I oh'd and put my plate down. ”Simple. I wanted to see if you would lose to temptation and go f*** abother b****. I was going to tell you after that month was over. I hated having to show so much PDA just so b****es knew you were mine and only mine.” He looked hurt after I said that. ”That's the only reason you showed PDA?” He asked in a baby voice. ”Of course not. I knew you were mine and only mine. I just love these things so much I wanted to show the public I did.” I said, rubbing on his lips. He smirked and pecked my lips. ”You niggas are so damn confusing! I mean when yall break up at least let the rest of us get used to it. But nah. Yall gotta get back together once we accept it.” Avery vented. ”I know right! I mean damn! Let the s*** mello! Yall just broke up. Yall worst that high school kids. I swear yall are.” Mijo said. I flicked them off as I started to make out with Chris. ”Mmm.” I moaned as he squeezed my butt. ”Eww.” Avery exclaimed. He pulled us apart and glared at us. ”Some niggas are trying to eat.” He said, pointing to his food. ”Trust me. After this little month over, imma be back to eating too.” Chris smirked, biting his lip. ”Ugh! I can't stand yall!” Mijo yelled. Him and Avery turned up the TV as me and Chris started to smack on each other's lips purposely annoying them. ”Yall so damn rude.” They both got up and left the room. Just then <a href="">Boo</a> and they squealed. Them, including Chris, got up and ran over to Boo. ”Yall worst than them b****es.” I looked up to see <a href="">them.</a> ”Babe!” I yelled. I got up and ran to Heather. She smirked and kissed my cheek. ”Guess what! That b**** Kae got me fired.” I gasped and sat her down. ”Spill it.” She sighed and adjusted her beanie. ”Okay so yesterday, the b**** was acting like she was sad that you and Chris broke up, which I'm pissed at and get ready to have your ass whooped until yall get together. But anyway. I called her out on it and she gon call me fat and I lost it. Next day I get a phone call from Tina telling me I'm fired. My flight leave in two hours, so I just came to say good bye.” I scrunched my face up and shook my head. ”Hold up. Chris give me your phone.” He slowly handed it to me and I called Kae's number. ”Hey! Did you leave that ugly ass hoe yet?” I felt my blood boil. ”Oh b****! When I see yah ass, I'm beating it! I promise you won't be able to see for a damn year! I'm going to jail! And after that Heather gon whoop yah ass! Wanna know how? She ain't fired. Yup! I just called Tina and told her to swtich yah ass to Tay's team. Get ready to work all night b****!” I yelled and hung up. ”Girl! You turning red! Calm down before you get me hyped!” Tay said. I took deep breaths and started to calm down. ”I'll call Tina later.” I nodded at Tay and thanked her. ”Damn! Yo ass went in! Give me five!” Briana exclaimed. I laughed and gave her a high five. ”Her ass probably scared now.” Heather chuckled. ”She should be. Because I'm whooping that ass. And that's final!” I said, turned to Chris. ”Hey! I'm not gonna stop you!” I smiled and he smirked. ”Give me smooches?” I nodded and leaned in as he pecked my lips five times. ”Yall are so damn confusing!” Heather exclaimed. ”Ugh! Not again.” I sighed.

Briana's POV

I was laughing at Kiana and Chris as they argued about who looked beyter, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift. ”No nigga! Miley is sexy as f***. If I had a d***, I would bone her on the spot!” Chris smacked his lips. ”Taylor Swift is better! You know how may niggas she f***ed?! She could come out with a song about how she went black and never went back! It's gonna be about me!” He exclaimed. ”What the f*** ever! Miley is hot and that's it! Now you tell me that ain't sexy as hell when you hit from the back!” She showed us a picture of <a href="">her.</a> ”I honestly just went lesbian for a good ten seconds.” I admitted causing everybody to laugh. ”Damn. Miley can get it.” Mijo whispered. ”Why you whispering? Damn. Everybody know Miley can get it.” Seiko huffed. My phone started to ring and everyone looked at me. ”I'll be back.” I said. I went to the backyard and took in the <a href="">view</a> before answering my phone. ”Hello.” I said, smiling. ”Hey! You sound happy.” My smile instantly went away as I heard his voice. ”What could you possibly want?” He chuckled. ”I miss you, when you coming back from L.A?” I put my head in my hands, forgetting the lie I had told him. ”I'm not in L.A. I'm with Chris and them on his tour.” There was a long eerie silence before he spoke again. ”Why you lie to me?” I scoffed loudly. ”You lie to me all the time. You never told me you had two kids! I think that's something i should know.” He smacked his lips. ”Man. That ain't yah business Bri. And I only got one.” I chuckled and cleared my throat. ”Nah. You got two. Because I'm pregnant.” The phone went silent and then he sighed. ”It ain't mine.” He said. ”Nigga f*** you mean it ain't yours?! We did it raw four times! I know it's my fault for not having you put on a condom, and I fully accept that. But it takes two to make a baby. And that two is me and you!” I yelled into the phone. ”Is that Travie?” I jumped and turned to see Avery. I swear this nigga is everywhere at the wrong time. ”Who is that?” Travie asked. ”Avery.” I said. ”Do he know about us?” I took a long time to answer and he sighed. ”Give him the phone.” I handed the phone over to Avery. ”Nigga what?! That s*** is f***ed up! You 26 and she only 19! Shut the hell up while I'm talking! Nah f*** you nigga!” He took my phone and threw it in the pool. ”Avery!” I yelled at him as I reached for my phone., but it had sunk to the bottom and it wasn't worth it anymore. ”s***.” I cursed. ”My bad.” He apologized. ”We cool. Thanks.” He looked at me like I was crazy. ”For?” I got off the ground and wiped at the dirt on my knees. ”Taking the phone and throwing it in the water. I was about to call Man Man and have a hit on that nigga.” I joked causing him to laugh. ”Well you're welcome.” I smiled and hugged him tight. ”I love you.” He rubbed my back and kissed my cheek. ”I love you more.” I pulled away and jerked my head back. ”Negative bro. Negative.” He waved me off and we walked back inside. I was so lucky to have a brother like Avery. He put me in my place when I needed to be put there. He taught me right from wrong most of the time. He loved me and encouraged me to do the unthinkable. Sometimes we didn't get along, but we still loved each other.

Omg this story had me going through all types of emotions!! lol run it!!!!! I hope Kiana and Chris get back together!!

Run it

Wait now, flag on the play...I wanna know what they did for her to be messed up like that!!! Chris put that pipe down..He wasn't playing no games...lmao...rewind...Trey is a sick ass forward...why did Chris assume that thou?? They in a damn doctor's office, why would she have sex there? Common sense...but why would they do everything a couple would do (besides sex) but just not be a couple? That's confusing as hell..then they went to get a puppy..i guess..RUN IT

Awww damn damn damn dynamite!!! Chris you messing up! Kae gon get dat ass whooped keep playin wit Chris like Kiana life aint real.! Now they got a dog and she done broke up wit him :(
Run It!!!

run it