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Kiana's POV

I watched as some of the girls on my team began to cry as the clock was winding down. We were down three and only had ten seconds to go. ”Special K, you have got to make this three. The team and the whole school is depending on you.” I gulped and looked at the coach. I gathered what little confidence I had left and nodded my head. ”For the team.” I said to myself. I looked over at my bestfriend, she smiled and mouthed, ”You can do this. I believe in you.” I smiled at her and dapped her up. ”Let's kill these b****es.” I whispered to her. She laughed and we walked out on the court. Our small forward got the ball and tried to pass it in, but the person that was supposed to get open, couldn't. I stepped hard to my left and ran to my right, breaking my defender's ankles. I got the ball and shot it without looking up. We only had two seconds on the clock and this girl smacked me in my face, causing me fall. I heard a swoosh and the crowd went wild. I got up and ran to Taylor as she fell on the floor. I pecked her lips and I could hear all the boys cheer. Tay laughed and got up. ”You have got to make this mama.” She tapped my lower back and I walked to the foul line. All the things my mom and dad told me came to mind and I got nervous. I did my routine and pulled the ball up and shot it. I left my hand in the air and watched as the ball went in slow motion. It fell like forever before the ball went in and my whole team screamed. ”Ladies and gentleman! Say hello to the new high school lady state championship winners of California.....The LA Jags of Jefferson High!” We all cheered and everybody in the stands came rushing down. Everybody picked me up and cheered my name. ”Kiana! Kiana! Kiana!” I cheesed hard as my bestfriend Drake gave me a thumbs up. I got down and ran to him and hugged him. ”Did you win?” I asked all excited. He frowned and I frowned too. ”Well there's always next year.” I patted his shoulder. ”Yeah. It'd be nice to win twice in a row!” He yelled exposing his shiny gold medal that was hidden behind his back. ”You won! Taylor they won!” I exclaimed. She ran over to us and we did our special chant. I loved these two. They were the only ones that really loved me in this world.

”Bye boo. Bye Drakey!” I yelled to Taylor and Drake. They waved and Drake rolled down his window. ”Don't forget the party tomorrow. We'll pick you up at eight!” He yelled. I nodded and walked to the door. I said a quick prayer and opened the door. It was quiet, too quiet. I walked in and shut it behind me. ”s***!” I yelled as a glass came crashing over my glass. I quickly looked up to see my mom running after me. I ran to my room and locked it. ”Bad move Kiana.” She sung. I turned around to see my dad sitting on the bed. I looked at him and tears rolled down my eyes. He licked his lips and stood, walking over to me slowly. ”I missed you.” He cooed in my ear as his mustache and smell of alcohol brushed my nose. He unlocked the door and I looked at my mom as she strolled in th door. ”Hold her down Kat.” She nodded and pushed me down. I tried to fight her off, but she held a belt up to my face. I didn't want any bruises on my face before the party so I gave up. ”I hear you're going to a party tomorrow ladybug, is that right?” She asked, rubbing her finger up and down my face. I slowly nodded and she pecked my lips. ”So beautiful. Do it Jerome.” She ordered my dad. He started to get undress and I closed my eyes as he took off my gym shorts and underwear. ”Please not too hard.” I whispered. He pressed down on my bruise that he had gave me yesterday. ”How about you just take the d*** babygirl?” I bit my lip and nodded as I cried harder. ”Remember stay silent.” My mom said, holding a knife up to my neck. ”Ahh!” I accidently screamed as he rammed into me. He was pounding me and all I could do was cry. My mother whipped me as I accidently screamed again. I felt blood trickle down my legs. ”s***! Damn, ladybug done got tight on me.” My dad moaned. I looked at the ceiling and prayed to God. ”Ahh! I'm almost there! I'm almost there!” He screamed. He slowed his pace and started to make out with me. He pinched my now swollen clit and I winced in pain. I felt him cum inside me and then my mom handed me a pill and water. ”Here. Tomorrow you'll get to eat.” I was thankful for the two medium meals I got every other day. I hadn't ate real food since Thursday. ”Now go to your real room.” She ordered. I got up and limped to the dark cold basment. I laid the old, dusty, dirty blankets down and laid on top of them. ”Here.” She threw my phone at me and threatened me, once again, about calling the police or telling anyone. Only five people knew. My mom and dad, me, God and Mijo. I rolled over and texted all my friends goodnight. I got a goodnight from all of them, but Mijo's had more than a goodnight.

Mijo: Again?
Me: Yeah :( It hurted so badly.
Mijo: Come over. I got you.
Me: Okay, see you in fifteen.

I walked upstairs and knocked on the door. My mom unlocked it and looked at me. ”Mijo?” She asked, smiling. I put my head down and nodded. She thought that since Mijo was my bestest friend of all time and rich that I'd put a good word in for her. She pushed me up the stairs and told me to put on something tight. Ten minutes later <a href="">I</a> walked out the house. As I turned the corner I ran the rest of the way. I told him I was going to be there in fifteen minutes so dammit I was. I limped a bit between my strides and finally made it to his house. It was beautiful. I called him and told him to come open the door. ”It's okay.” He hugged me tight as I cried in his chest. ”Um. Mijo, you want me to come back later?” I looked behind him to see some light skinned <a href="">dude</a> come around the corner. ”Nah. Sorry man. This is my bestfriend Kiana.” Mijo introduced me to him. He held his hand out and I shook it. I wiped a few tears away and Mijo looked at me. ”You can go sit in the livingroom, I'll go get you some snacks.” I hugged onto his arm, not wanting him to leave me here by myself with this stranger. ”It's okay, he's cool. He has a daughter too.” I looked over at the stranger. ”I'm Chris.” I nodded and looked back at Mijo. I let go of him and he kissed my cheek and left.

I was sitting down on the couch watching the game when I noticed the couch go up and Chris walking to the door. It was then that I noticed that the doorbell had rung. ”Yo Chris! Wassup Chris! Where the hell yo ugly ass cousin at?” I heard all at one time. Chris laughed and <a href="">they</a> appeared. They both stopped and looked at me and I looked at them then back towards the TV. ”Who is this beautiful lady?” The lighter one came up to me. ”I'm Shad.” I shook his hand. ”Kiana.” He smiled and kissed my hand. I smirked a bit and then the darker one came over. ”Omarion. You can call me Omari though.” I nodded and then focused back on the TV. ”You Chris' girl.” I shook my head no. ”Just met him ten minutes ago.” They nodded. ”Oh so you Mijo's girl?” Chris asked. ”Nah. I'm his bestest friend ever. We knew each other since we were in the womb. He just happened to be richer. My mom was his mom's maid.” They all just nodded again and then an awkward silence took over. That was when the door opened and in walked <a href=" ">Mijo</a> yelling. ”Yall niggas need to get yo car out my damn driveway!” I giggled at bit and Omari looked at me. ”You got a sexy laugh, ma.” I looked down and mumbled a soft thank you. He chuckled and I got up. I walked over to the bags and got out my fruit snacks. I took out a fruit roll up and put some Gusher's in it. I rolled it back up and ate it. ”Ugh, ma. You got a weird appetite.” Shad said. I shied away from them and made one for Mijo. ”Thanks boo. You heading up early. I rubbed my nose and he got it.

Me and Mijo came up with codes to tell each other things that we couldn't say in person. So by rubbing my nose, I told him that I was hurting really bad and I needed to lay down. He got up and followed me upstairs. ”Wrist.” He said walking up behind me. ”f***.” I cursed under my breath. ”I didn't do it.” I lied, my eyes turned a dark brown and Mijo shook his head. ”How deep?” He asked walking into the bathroom. ”Medium.” I whispered. ”You gotta stop this bulls***. One day you're going to cut too deep and then I won't get to see this beautiful face anymore.” A tear slid down my face. I had been cutting since I was 10, I'm 17 now. ”Okay Barry.” I sniffled, trying to lighten the mood. He came back in with alcohol and removed my bracelet. ”Damn Kiana. You cut deep as f***.” I nodded and grabbed the towel out of his hand. ”On three now. One, two, three.” I bit on the towel hard as he poured the alcohol into my deep scar. It was so deep it didn't even spill over the top, it just sunk in. I winced a bit because of the burning and pain the alcohol had caused. He put a band-aid and kissed my cheek. ”Drake and Taylor?” He asked. I knew he was asking if I had told them yet. I shook my head and began to drift off to sleep. ”They don't know.” I whispered to myself.


Chris' POV

I looked down at Kiana again and she had this lost look on her face. I shook her and she looked at me like she was afraid. ”Babe? Yo, you good? Kiana!” She jumped and looked at me. ”Huh?” I scrunched my face up and shook my head, not wanting to talk about it now. ”We'll talk later.” She nodded and sat back in her seat. I heard soft moans coming from my right, so I looked over to see Avery and Mya making out. I noticed his hand was in her pants and that was when I gagged quietly. ”What's wrong with you?” Kiana asked. ”Them.” She moved her head and frowned at the sight. ”Oh my gosh.” She whispered. ”I'm even more horny know.” She whined. My eyes widened and she laughed. ”Why ain't you tell me. We could've went straight to the soundproof room and got it on.” She laughed and straddled me. ”I want them to hear how loud I scream when you put it down papi.” I smirked as she whispered a lot more dirty stuff in my ear. She kissed from my neck to my lips and I began to lick hers. ”That tickles.” She giggled. ”Well open your mouth then.” She did as I said and I began to lick her tongue instead. She locked our tongues together and began sucking on mine, driving me crazy. ”Damn Ki, I'm getting hard.” I gripped her hips so she could feel just how hard I was. ”Mmm. No if you didn't have any clothes on, I bet it'd feel a hundred times better.” I laughed and shook my head. ”Yo horny ass.” She smiled and gasped. ”Oh my gosh! Give me your phone!” She yelled. I gave her my phone and she dialed a number and put the phone up to her ear.

Kiana's POV

I had to call Mama J to check on the kids before it got too late, so I took Chris' phone since mine was charging. ”Hello Kiana.” Mama J sung into the phone. ”How did you know it was me?” She laughed and I heard giggles in the background. ”Trust me. Chris only calls me this late when he knows I'm sleep to make sure I'm alive.” I looked at Chris. ”He is a momma's boy. I love it! It's adorable! But I called to check on my baby, is she okay? Did she give you any trouble? Is she not going ba-” ”Child! Calm down. She is perfect. No trouble. She keeps saying mama, so I guess she knows I'm on the phone with you. You wanna talk to mama? Here you go.” I heard Christina squeal and so did I. ”Mommy!” I smiled at the sound of her voice. ”Hey Stinkabutt! What you doing? You've been good?” Chris started to rub on my butt so I glared at him, but he didn't stop and I was too comfortable to move. ”Yah! I eat cookie!” She exclaimed. ”Really? You gonna share when mommy gets back?” There was a long pause and then she spoke. ”I guess.” She whispered. I laughed, knowing she didn't play about her food. ”Nevermind. Mommy doesn't want the cookie. I love you beautiful. Tell grandma the same.” She told Mama J the same and then made kissing noises in the phone. ”I luh you too! Bye!” Before I could say anything, she hung up. I frowned because I started to realize how much I missed her. ”Aww. We'll be back before you know it.” Mijo said, rubbing my back. ”I know. I just miss her cute little face. And her small hands rubbing my cheek asking me if she could have a cookie.” I pouted. Chris hugged me and kissed my cheek. ”You wanna go back home?” I pulled back and looked at him. ”You only want to take me home so we can do the business.” He shrugged. ”Your point?” I shook my head. ”No Christopher, I do not want to go home.” He made a sad face and I pecked his lips. ”You can put me to sleep after the party.” He smiled and nodded.

Avery's POV

”Come on! We here!” Seiko yelled in my ear. I gave her a stank look before pulling out the kiss. Mya was breathing hard and smiling. ”I think I could get used to that.” I chuckled and held the door open for everybody so they could get out. On the way in I saw <a href="">them</a> waiting in line. ”What yall doing back here?” I asked walking over to them. Kiana and Briana followed me over. ”We waiting. We're not with Chris Brown, so we have to wait.” Marlon said. ”Yeah yall are. Come on! It's cold!” Chris yelled from the truck. They stepped out of line and you could hear all the girls smack they lips like they were someone important. ”Sorry man. We got off on the wrong foot. I'm Chris.” Chris said holding his hand out. ”Yeah we did. I'm Laith.” Laith shook his hand and I huffed. ”Will yall niggas get in the damn club?! It's too cold! Now I know why these hoes mad!” I yelled. They laughed and we finally went in. To say it was packed, was an understatement. We could barely move, let alone breathe. ”Whoa! Back up!” Pat yelled as some girls tried to run up on Chris. ”I didn't even see that one.” I said to Chris. ”Me neither. A nigga was like damn!” He exclaimed, causing me to laugh. ”These b****es look hungry for the d***.” Kiana said. ”Too bad. They just are going to have to starve.” Chris said, as a girl brung us bottles. ”We can't have that.” Kiana whispered to me and Chris. ”Why not?” Chris asked. ”Because you're only twenty. I'm nineteen.” She reminded us. ”Well! More for us!” I yelled and Mya cheered.

”Come on Ki. One sip.” I begged her. She wouldn't drink for nothing. Chris and Mijo had already had half a bottle and they weren't as f***ed up as I was expecting them to be. ”You want one?” Marlon asked Briana. ”I can't.” She said, frowning. I listened to make sure he didn't have a problem with my sister's situation. ”Why not?” He looked at her and she shrugged. ”I'm pregnant.” He smiled and nodded. ”That's wassup. So you and dad together?” I looked at her, because that was one question I needed to ask her. ”Nope.” Marlon cheered causing Briana to laugh. ”Oh that's a good thing?” He nodded and handed her some orange juice. ”Yeah. Now I have a chance.” She raised an eyebrow and drynk her juice. ”What makes you think that?” Kiana asked, sitting by Briana. ”She invited me and didn't shoot me down when I told her I liked her.” Briana shrugged and Kiana took Mya's hand. ”There's a stripper pole over there. Come on!” They raced to the pole and I got up after them. Mya climbed up the pole as Trampoline Booty came on. ”Aye!” Kiana yelled as Mya started to twerk in the air. ”Damn!” Some dudes exclaimed staring at her. ”You a lucky nigga.” Hood said, looking at me. I nodded and smiled. Kiana hit a split and started to twerk on tthe pole too. I was about to shut s*** down, but Chris held me back. ”Let her have her fun.” I sighed and hid my face. ”Aw hell yeah!” Chris yelled. I removed my hand to see Kiana twerking on Chris. I shook my head and walked over to the couch and sat down. I closed my eyes and let my head rest against the wall. I felt someone straddle me, so I opened my eyes to see Mya smiling at me. ”Hey!” I smirked and waved. ”You liked it?” I nodded and she smiled.

Kiana's POV

After the song went off, Chris took me over to a dark corner, where npbody could see us. ”You had a nigga on cloud one hundred. When you twirled around the pole and dropped it down. I was gone!” I laughed at his facial expressions and he smiled. ”You think you can do that for me in the bedroom.” I shrugged. ”I'll see what I can do.” He smiled and picked me up, placing me against the wall. ”Gimme kiss.” He cooed. I pecked his lips and he rested his hands on my hips. I began to rotate my hips on him and he grinded back. I was getting wetter and he was getting harder so I had to stop it before we took it too far. ”Okay.” I said, pulling out of the kisses. ”No. Not okay.” He started to bite my neck and I moaned in his ear. ”Chris....s-s-stop......ohhh.” I moaned as he gently rubbed my clit. ”Chris.” He bit my ear and smiled in the crook of my neck. ”I love it when you say my name girl.” I bit my lip as he put a finger in me. I started squirm around in his arms. ”C-C-Ch-Chris!” I moaned loudly. He pulled his hand out my shorts and put them up to my mouth. I licked them and sucked on them as Chris stared at me with lust filled eyes. ”You're so damn sexy.” I blushed and looked at the ground. ”Have you seen Chris?” I heard a female voice ask. I looked over to my left to see <a href="">Kae</a> standing by Drake and Tay. She was Chris' backup dancer, and they owned a clothing line together. ”Go talk to her. It's probably important.” He sighed and let me down, knowing he wasn't going to win if he put up a fight. We walked out of the corner and she spotted him and smiled. When she saw me, her smile wasn't as wide. I knew she didn't like me, but I didn't give a rat's ass. ”Hey Chris!” She shouted, hugging him. ”Hey girl!” She hugged me, but I didn't hug her back. ”Hi.” I said dryly. ”What you want me for Kae?” Chris asked, he was apparently annoyed, but I didn't know why. ”I just wanted to say hi to you.” She said, rubbing his arm. He santched it nack. ”Hi.” He turned and pulled me along. ”What was that about?” I asked him. ”Nothing.” He sat down and poured him a cup of Henny and Coke. ”Dark alcohol goes with dark soda the best.” Avery advised. Chris nodded and sipped his drink. ”You want some beautiful?” He asked me. I shook my head and he smacked my lips. ”Just a little bit. It won't hurt.” I looked at the cup and he handed it to me. I hesitated, but then I swallowed a bit. ”This is good!” I chugged his cup down and burped loudly after. ”Excuse me.” I said in a baby voice. ”Okay girl. Slow yah road.” I smirked and climbed on him. ”You sure you want me to slow down.” He shook his, head and pecked my lips. ”Excuse me? But, I need to speak with Chris.” Kae said, tapping my shoulder. I got off of Chris and showed some PDA so the b**** would know he was mine. ”I'll see you after you talk.” He bit his lip and smacked my butt. ”Yes you will!” I laughed and walked over to talk with Mya. ”Watch her. She seem like a grimy b****.” She said as soon as I walked up to her. ”She is. She doesn't want me to be with Chris, so she tries to ease herself in the relationship.” Mya rolled her eyes. ”I can't stand thirsty b****es. I bet she let the whole industry f*** her. f***ing her is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.” I choked on my drink, laughing at her. ”I heard that one!” Tay ratchet ass yelled.

Chris' POV

I walked over to the corner with Kae and she looked around. ”What you REALLY want Kae?” She smiled and ran her hand up and down my arm. ”Why you with her?” I smacked my lips and pushed her hand off me. ”Just answer the question Chris.” I looked at her and at this point, I didn't care if I hurt her feelings. ”Because she ain't a hoe like you. You stay thirsty for some d***. You's a lonely ass b**** that commits her life to ruining perfect relationships. Now get the f*** out my way.” I saw the tears in her eyes and just walked away. I walked up to Kiana and wrapped my hands around her waist. ”Hey you. You wanna dance?” She asked. I nodded and put my hands on her hips as she grinded on me. I grinded back as she curved her back a little bit to intensify the contact. I bit my lip, geting harder everytime she rolled her hips on me. ”You getting pretty hard down there.” She whispered in ny ear. ”Yeah. I'm cool though. Keep doing what you doing baby.” Just then Panoramic by Sage The Gemini came on and Kiana went wild. She ran over to the rail and put her hands on it. ”Oh how you do that? I'm trying to pursue that. Drop it down on a nigga do damage. Booty movin' left and right it's panoramic.” She dipped down really low and popped her butt up in the air. ”s***.” I grunted. The way she moved her hips had me gone.

”Damn girl! You had me jealous of Chris for a second.” Seiko said. Kiana laughed and I looked over at her. The DJ began to speak, causing me to take my attention off her for a moment. ”What up! What up! What up!” He yelled into the mic. The place said some german s***, but I just said, what up. ”We got a special guest tonight. Four of them that is.” The crowd looked around and then the DJ pointed to me. ”We got Chris Breezy in the building!” Everybody screamed and clapped. I waved and smiled as Kiana pinched my butt. I jumped forward and she smiled. ”Second. We got my close friend Trey Songz!” I scrunched up my face and looked to my right to see Trey lifting up bottles. ”Third and fourth. We play they songs out everytime. We love everytime they come together. Ladies and gentleman. Drake and Mrs. Teyana Taylor!” They got up and waved and Taylor was hella ratchet. ”Hey boos! We love yall!” She blew kisses at them and I shook my head. ”You gonna drink anymore?” I asked Kiana. She shook her head no and gave me her cup. ”I do have a child to go home to.” I smiled thinking about Christina's beautiful smile everytime she saw her mother. It was quite a sight to see them interact with each other. ”What yah thinking about?” She asked, hugging me. ”Nothing. Just know I am happy with you and I can't imagine myself without you.” A big ass smile spreaded across her face, causing me to laugh. ”Really?!” I nodded and pecked her lips. ”This ass is yours tonight.” I looked down at her and put my forehead on hers. ”That ass been mine.” She smirked and nodded. ”True. Oh! I have to go pee!” She shouted. ”Aye! Take Briana with you!” She grabbed Bri's hand and they went to the bathroom.

Kiana's POV

That sudden feeling of having to go pee ain't a joke! I sprinted to the bathroom and slammed the stall closed. ”Umm. Hello!” Briana said. She was in the stall with me. ”Let yourself out.” I pulled my pants down and she hurried out the stall. ”Ohhh. That feels so good.” I moaned. ”That's dis- what the f***?!” She yelled. I hurried and wiped myself before flushing the toilet. I looked under the door to see another pair of feet. ”Trey what the hell are you doing in here?” He chuckled and walked closer to her. ”I'm in here for your sister. This stall right?” She shook her head and pointed to the last stall. She looked at my hand and kicked it under before he saw it. She signaled for me to get up and get out, so when she unlocked the door. We ran like two bats out of hell. We got to the door before Trey could get to us. It was weird that he didn't have a bruise or any knots on his face like he did a couple of hours ago. ”Chris!” Briana yelled. He looked over at us and he must've saw the scared looks we had on our face, because he ran over to us. ”What happened? Why yall running?” I was out of breath and I began to feel dizzy. ”Tr-Tr-Trey” I managed to get out. ”Why the hell was he in the bathroom?” Avery asked. I facepalmed myself for not checking if he was around. He stood to his feet, but I sat him down. ”Stop trying to fight everybody. You're going to kill somebody. Do you want to go to jail again?” He smacked his lips and glared at me. ”Well do you? And don't look at me like that. I'll f*** yo skinny ass up! Keep f***ing playing with me and see what happen.” His eyes widened at my tone, but he sure as hell fixed his face. ”I'm so turned on right now.” I smirked at Chris and shook my head. ”Is he still in there?” I shrugged my shoulders. ”I don't know. We didn't look back after that.” He nodded and I saw a vein popping out of his neck. ”Calm down. Look at me Chris.” He looked over at me and his face softened. I touched his face and kissed his lips. Just then Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware came on and I got hyped. ”You and I, bloodlines. We come together everytime. Two wrongs, no rights. We lose ourselves at night. From the outside, from the putside. Everyone must be wondering why we try. Why do we try? Baby in our wildest moments, we could be the greatest we could be the greatest. Baby in our wildest moments. We could be the worst of all.” I sung. Chris stood behind me when he saw Trey walk by to get to his session. I flicked him off and he smirked. ”It ain't over.” He mouthed. ”Oh. You're gonna need this!” He tossed my phone at me and I looked at it. ”Why your screen cracked?” Chris asked. ”I must've dropped it when I ran. I'm proud of you two.” He scrunched up my face and turned me around. ”For?” I smiled. ”For not running after him trying to jump him.” He began to laugh and so did Avery. ”Aye! Pretty boys like us ain't got time for prison. They might try to turn us into they b****es.” Avery joked. ”My butthole is too small for that.” I gagged when Chris said that. ”Nigga! Too far!” Briana exclaimed. ”Too far?” Chris asked looking at me. I nodded. ”My bad.” I shivered and looked at the time on my phone. ”s***! We need to go. It's 4:30.” He looked down at his watch. ”Damn. Time flew by. Let's round everybody up.” We all went to get everybody and then we left.

In The Morning~~~

I woke up feeling sore as hell all over. I looked down to see <a href="">Chris</a> sleeping under me. I yawned and looked around. ”Oh my god.” I whispered as I saw four empty boxes of condoms. ”What the hell did we do?” I must've been pissy drunk. I rolled off of him and whimpered as I tried to get up, but my legs weren't working with me. I grabbed onto the drawer and pulled myself up. ”Ahh!” I yelled hoarsely. I had never been in this much pain in my life. Not even when I had Christina. I looked over at Chris to see that the headboard was broken. The bed was too. There was blood all over the matress. He rolled over on his stomach and I saw the damage I did. His back looked like a slaves. There was welts, bruises, long ass scratches, dried up blood, fresh blood, and everything. It just looked terrible. My legs started to wobble and I prayed to God that my legs would'nt give out on me. ”s***!” I yelped as I fell on the floor. Chris' head went up and he looked over at me. ”Babe?” He rubbed his eyes and yawned like an adorable child would. ”Are you okay?” I shook my head as I felt like I was going to die from the pain. ”I'm in so much pain Chris.” He smiled and bit his lip. ”You don't remember anything that happened last night?” I shook my head. ”What happened?” I asked, worried that I had injured myself in a major way. ”Let's keep that mystery. Just know, that ass was mine until 12 p.m.” I gasped and looked at him. ”Eww. You sound like a man.” He groaned. I flicked him off and began to crawl. A sharp pain shot up from my leg to my center. ”Ah f***!” I yelled. My raspy voice was starting to irritate me. ”Here baby. Let me help you.” Chris picked me up. I tried to get on his back, but stretching my legs out caused another sharp pain to go up my spine. ”I told you I was gonna kill that pussy, but no! Yee'n wanna listen.” I rolled my eyes and looked at Chris. ”I have to pee.” I whispered. He lifted up the toilet and sat me down. I sat there looking at him. ”What? Pee.” I shook my head. ”Get out.” He smacked his lips and shut the door. I started to pee and that made it even worse. ”Chris! Come back!” I yelled. He busted through the door and looked at me. ”What?” I began to cry, this pain was starting to become unbearable. ”It hurts.” He told me to wipe myself so we could go to the clinic. I did as I was said and he carried me downstairs. ”What's wrong with her legs?” Mijo asked as soon as we came downstairs. I started to cry again as the pain increased. ”What happened?” Avery asked walking over to me. ”He happened.” I whined, pointing to Chris. ”My man!” Drake exclaimed. Chris smiled and popped his color. ”f*** you two.” Tay said in a raspy voice. ”You too?” I asked her. She nodded and sipped her tea. ”Mommy?” I turned to see <a href="">Christina</a> rubbing her eyes. ”Put me down.” I told Chris. He jerked his head back and shook his head. ”I refuse to be weak in front of my child. Now put me down.” He sighed and put me down. I kneeled to the floor and held my arms out. She wobbled over to me and I kissed all over her face. ”Hey baby!” She giggled and pecked my lips. ”Momma is about to go somewhere. I'll be back, okay?” She frowned and I did too, because I hate leaving her. ”I go?” I looked up at Chris and he shrugged. ”Yeah. You can go with momma.” She smiled and ran over to her jacket. ”What time is it?” I asked Seiko, my voice breaking. ”It's almost four sweetie.” I nodded and stood up. I had to use the couch and everything around me. I just didn't want Christina to see me down right now. I know it's not like I was emotionally down, but I still didn't want her to see me hurting. I started to limp and shake terribly as I tried to walk to the car. Chris held onto my hips while Avery carried Christina out to the car. He locked her in her seat and checked it three times because I told him to. ”Bye Stinkabutt! Love you!” Avery yelled. ”Luh you too!” She waved. I put a fake smile on myself as I moved around in the seat. Chris made sure he didn't turn corners too fast so I didn't slide around in my seat.

”Jackson.” The nurse said. Chris helped me up and I limped my way to the doctor's office. When I got there, Chris and Christina sat outside. ”Sorry.” Chris apologized. ”It's okay. I'm sure I was talking a lot of mess.” He blew out air. ”Boy! You sure was! Telling me that I was a pussy nigga and that I wouldn't show you nothing. I had to put my foot down and show you.” I laughed and shook my head as I stepped into the office. <a href="">She</a> looked up from her papers and smiled. ”Hello Ms. Jackson. Please sit.” I gripped onto the chair and sat down. ”Now what seems to be the problem?” When she smiled at me, I felt warm inside. I was taken back by her beauty, but I also was thanking God I had a female gynecologist. ”Ummm...well. Me and my boyfriend we know....last night for a long period of time. I woke up in feeling an unbearable pain all over. He took me here to get checked.” She smiled and nodded. ”If you'll step behind this curtain and strip yourself, we can check everything.” I nodded and tried to stand, but I couldn't. ”Would you like me to get a nurse to help you?” She asked and I nodded. She went over to a speaker and pressed the red button. ”Nurse Hakeem may you please come assist a patient?” She took her finger off the button and smiled. ”Nurse Hakeem will be up in a bit.” I nodsed and thanked her. As I sat on the bed swinging my legs, the door opened and <a href="">he</a> came in. ”Laith?” He looked up at me and scrunched his face up. ”Kiana? What are you doing here?” I pointed to the clipboard I was given when I walked in. ”Well uh. I'll leave and come back with some medication for the pain.” She walked out and an awkward silence filled the room. ”So uh, let's get you undressed. I know for the thing.” I bit my cheek and stood up while holding onto his shoulder. He lifted my s*** above my head and I instantly got cold. ”Damn.” He mumbled under his breath. I blushed and started to take off my pants. ”Kia-What the f***?!” Chris yelled looking at Laith taking off my pants. ”Chris it isn't what you think.” Laith said standing. ”Nah! f*** you pulling her pants down for? Really Kiana, this how you so me? f***ing German boys? What the f*** ever! I would leave, but I have to watch out for YOUR daughter.” I chuckled and felt my blood start to boil. ”First of f***ing all. We weren't about to f***! Second, he was helping me undress to get in the damn gown. Third, I love you way too much to even think about doing anything sexual with another man if that man is not you. I can't with you right now.” I started to pull my own pants down, ignoring the pain. My anger wouldn't let me feel it. I was hurt that he didn't trust me. He stood there looking at me with his mouth open. ”Do you really think I would do that? f*** another nigga WHILE you and my daughter are sitting out there. The fact that you think I would cheat on you alone is what really hurts.” Christina wobbled in with Dr. Miller holding her hand and a lollipop in her mouth. ”She's a absolute sweetheart. How old is she three?” I shook my head and smiled. ”She's one.” Dr. Miller gasped. ”You have a very intelligent daughter. Her vocabulary is outstanding.” I nodded and held my hand out for Christina to hold onto. ”Yes ma'am she is. Thanks.” She smiled and looked at Chris and then at Laith. ”Did I miss something?” I shook my head and looked at Chris. ”No my friend here thought I was having sexual intercourse with Mr. Hakeem because he was helping me undress.” Chris scrunched up his face. ”f*** you mean by friend?” I glared at him. ”Don't use that language in front of my child. And I mean what I said. FRIEND.” He clenched his jaws and fist and I just looked at him. ”Are you mad? Imagine how I felt. Now you can leave, I'll just have Laith take me home.” Laith jerked his head back and so did Chris. ”What?” They both said. ”I can take the bus if you won't take me home.” Laith shook his head quickly. ”Man. Kiana, you kidding me right?” I looked at Chris then started to look at myself in the mirror. ”What are you doing?” Laith asked. ”I'm looking for a hint of joking. Bye Chris.” He smacked his lips and walked out Christina started to cry. ”Daddy no!” I sighed and picked her up and started to kiss her. Chris came back in the room and took her. ”I'll be waiting outside. Friend.” I rolled my eyes and I started to feel the pain again. I gripped onto the table and winced. A lone tear had fell and I wiped it away before Christina saw it. I wasn't crying because of the pain I was in, but because Chris really did hurt my feelings. ”You good?” Laith asked, grabbing my arm softly. ”Yeah. I'm cool.” I lied. I sat on the bed and laid down as Dr. Muller put her gloves on. ”Now you're going to probably feel uncomfortable, and you're going to be in a lot of pain at first.” I took a deep breath and she inserted some cold ass metal thing and I bit my lip hard, trying not to scream at how bad it hurt. I felt someone grab my hand and a shock went through my body, thinking it was Chris, I squeezed tighter. ”Oww. Damn girl, you strong as hell.” I opened my eyes to see Laith holding my hand laughing. I felt that same exact shock that I did when Chris held my hand. Ours was stronger than this, but it was still the fact that I felt a shock.

Chris' POV

I sat outside mad as hell right now. Did she really just break up with me? ”Daddy cwying?” I looked up at Christina and touched my face. All this time I hadn't noticed I was crying. I wiped my tears away and put a fake smile on my face. ”No. I had something in my eyes.” She kissed my cheek and she started to fall asleep. My phone started to vibrate against my thigh. I took a deep breath and answered it. ”Hello?” I heard laughing and other stuff in the background. ”Chris? Where the hell you at? Did you forget we have dance rehearsals for the show today? You thirty minutes late.” Kae spoke. ”s***! I'll be there. Bye!” She said bye and I hung up. I walked into the room to see Kiana squeezing Laith's hand. ”Ummm.....Kiana. I have to go to dance rehersals.” She shut her eyes tight and nodded. ”Okay!” She screamed. I rushed over to her and kissed her forehead. ”You'll be fine. I'm sorry too.” She waved me off and told me to leave Christina there, but I refused to leave her with some nigga. ”Nah. I'll drop her off at the house on the way.” She rolled her eyes and took deep breaths. ”Okay. Thanks, bye.” She said. I sighed and left.

”Okay! Everybody up! Okay five, six, seven, and eight!” I watched as Kae taught the dancers the dance moves. <a href="">She</a> looked at me through the mirror and smiled. I waved and she told everybody to take a break. ”Thank God! I thought my damn legs were about to fall off!” <a href="">Heather</a> complained. I chuckled and shook my head. ”Yo! What's up with you boss?!” My boy, <a href="">Taz</a> asked. ”Trouble in Paradise?” Heather asked. ”s***. If you can even say we have a paradise. She broke up with my ass.” They all gasped, except for Kae. She put on a fake ass sad face. ”Why?! What did you do? I loved her!” Heather yelled, hitting me. ”Aye! Taz! Get her!” He walked over and pulled Heather off of me. ”What happened?” Kae asked in a fake sad voice. ”You act like you care. The other night you was just telling me that she was an ugly ass b**** and Chris could do way better.” Heather blurted, Kae shrugged and I shook my head. The only reason I ain't fire her ass was because of her background. Her mother had cancer and she needed the money to pay for her treatment. I always felt bad for even thinking about firing her. ”Oh! I can't stand yo ass! I just want to push you into a pool full of glass, rubbing alcohol, and bleach.” I started to laugh at Heather, because if I wasn't here, Kae would be dead. ”Whatever. Fat ass b****!” Kae spat. Heather jumped up and pulled Kae to the ground. ”Aye! Stop all that coon s***!” I yelled. ”Okay Kanye!” Tay yelled. I pulled Kae from under Heather and Taz pulled Heather off of Kae. I pushed Kae out the door and she stumbled. ”No! Let me back at that b****!” She yelled. ”Why so you can get ya ass beat?” She glared at me and I shook my head. ”Go home Kae. We'll just practice without you.” She smacked her lips. ”She started!” She yelled. ”We ain't in f***ing middle school. I could give two s***s less if Hitler f***ing started it, you going home!” I sceeamed. ”Fine! I'll see yo single ass tomorrow!” I slammed the door behind her and she blew a kiss at me. ”Haha! She left yo ass! That's what the hell you get!” She teased. I got so mad, I punched a hole in the wall. ”f***!” I shouted as I felt my dingers break. ”s***! s***! s***!” Heather ran over to me and held my hand. ”Oh my gosh! Why you let the queen of ratchets get to you? Come on dumbasses!” She pulled me out the building and pushed me into the car as a swarm of girls surrounded us.

”What the hell would posses you to punch a damn wall?” Kiana asked. I had called her and told her what happened. ”When I see that hoe I'm wildin' on her ass.” Kiana spoke while looking at my bruised knuckles. ”So, you still my bae?” She smiled and pecked my lips. ”Not at all. You're still my friend. Plus I can't have sex for at least four months. So no.” I frowned. You could see a hint of hurt in her eyes and I felt terrible knowing I caused it. ”My bad. I just came in the room and this nigga pulling your pants down and you're laying on your back. I just know.” She nodded and rubbed her hands through my hair. ”I know what you mean. But that hurt hella bad to know that you thought that I'd do some s*** like that. I mean when you accused me of f***ing Laith while you and Christina were outside, it took everything in me not to kick your ass. I mean I was about to go Ike Turner on yo ass!” She joked vausing me to laugh. ”Soooo.....can I still get your kisses? And can I still sleep in your bed?” She smirked and nodded. ” It'd be too weird if you didn't.” The nurse wrapped my hand and gave me some pain medicine. ”Okay, that hand should be good as new in a month.” I huffed and put my head in my hands. ”I'm so damn stupid.” Kiana nodded and smiled. ”That you are.” I flicked her off and we made our way to my car.

”Stop here!” Kiana yelled pointing at a pet store. ”Fo' what?” She scrunched up her nose and looked at me. ”Because, country wannabe ahh nigga!” I laughed hard and then stopped. ”Wasn't even funny.” She flicked me off and got out the car. ”Why we stopping?” She smiled and pulled out her wallet. ”I'm here to get a puppy. You're here to carry everything.” I smacked my lips. ”Man. Nicole, I ain't carrying s***.” She stepped closer and rubbed my chin. ”You're not?” I shook my head as she started to rub on my ear, afraid that a moan was going to come out if I spoke. ”Oh really?” She bit her lip and stood on her tippy toes. ”Yeah.” I whispered. She put her head in my neck and kissed it. ”You sure?” I shook my head. She had somehow manuvered her hand in my underwear and started to rub on me. ”Okay! Okay! I'll help!” I yelled. She laughed and clapped her hands. ”Aren't you supposed to be hurt and not walking?” I asked. ”Nope! She gave me a shot in my clitoris and it numbed everything down there. I still walk with a limp though.” She explained as we walked into the store. ”Where is he?” She asked herself. ”Who?” She looked up at me and then at her phone. ”Him. I looked up puppies while we were in the states. They have this adorable puppy. I mean Chris. He is oh my gosh! He will turn you into a straight sissy.” I rolled my eyes. ”No dog ain't that cu- Oh my gosh Kiana! That dog is so cute!” I exclaimed. ”Hello may I help you?” A lady asked coming up to us. ”Yeah. I'm Kiana Jackson. I'm the one that is adopting Boo.” The lady smiled and motioned for us to follow her. ”He has been waiting on you. Surprisingly he's house trained and is great with kids. He came from an abusive home, so he may be a little jumpy around people.” Kiana nodded and we went to the back. ”There he is!” Kiana squealed and I laughed. This <a href="">dog</a> was too cute. I feel gay as hell for even thinking that. ”Boo!” She picked him up and petted his head as he slowly licked her hand. ”Hi buddy. I'm your new dad. Chris.” I grazed my finger over his paw and he dapped me up. ”Holy s***! We have got to keep this dog!” I exclaimed. ”He is dope!” Kiana paid the lady and we walked out the back to get Boo everything he needed. I was having so much fun with Kiana, I forgot that we werwn't even a couple for now. I soon felt the pain in my heart and I felt empty. I tried to shake the thought out my head, but it just followed me around like a damn rainy cloud.

run it

Run it

That was very interesting Trey is sicking. Can I have Yaris sexy butt! Chris is a freak him and Kiana lol.. Everything was kewl til now wondering wats gon happen next
Run It!!!

I love how Chris and Kiana connect with each other. They relationship is more than just physical, that got this emotional chemistry that's just out this world. Its a beautiful thing to see. Music is always been love's language and for them to sing together that just solidified their love even more. I really believe they are in love. Now as for Trey ass can he just die??? Like he realize Kiana don't want him and if he loved her like he said he would just leave him alone. Like damn nigga? The hoe don't even get a comment like why would Avery want yo ass??? COme on now. YES sex scene coming :))) RUN IT

Avery's POV

<a href="">We</a> walked out the house as cameras flashed everywhere. Taylor and Kiana were consoling each other because they were both sad about leaving the kids. ”If yall so sad about leaving them, why the f*** yall come?” Seiko asked. ”Because. Momma J said if we don't go, she ain't cooking for us no more.” I gasped. ”Now that's going a little too far. I'm glad yall did come.” I said. ”So Mya, where you from?” Kiana asked. ”I'm was born in Cologne, but I lived here my whole life.” Mya answered, fumbling with her fingers. ”So, how do you know my brother?” Briana questioned. Mya looked a little uncomfortable after that. ”Tell them. The last thing they'll do is judge you.” I whispered in her ear. She looked up at me and took a deep breath. ”I work at the strip club and he came by earlier. We just hit off from there.” Kiana started to twerk in her seat. ”Aye! Turn up! Can you teach me some moves. I always wanted to learn how to climb up the pole, slide down, and hit a split while doing it.” Mya laughed. ”I'm sure I can teach you that.” I put my arm around her and she smiled. ”So you my man now or what?” She asked. ”What makes you think I'm your man?” She shrugged. ”I mean you are taking me out the state and getting me a condo. You doing it all and I really don't know how to repay you.” I smirked at her. ”All you have to pay me is your beautiful smile. I'll be cool with that. I'm more like a bestfriend with benefits. I ain't gotta be yah man though.” She nodded and rested her head on my shoulder. ”Oh this my s***!” Briana yelled turning up the <a href="">song.</a> ”Earl Sweatshirt is one lyrical dude.” Kiana said. We all nodded and bobbed our heads to the music. ”Eat puss, sweet puss, got my tooth decayin'.” I whispered into Mya's ear. She squirmed in her seat, causing me to laugh. ”Okay! We here!” <a href="">Big Pat's</a> voice boomed like thunder. ”Okay Pat Pat!” Seiko cooed. Pat gave her a stank look and we all laughed. As soon as we stepped out the car all the negative comments were heard. ”Who dresses like that going to a CHRIS BROWN concert? They think they the s***. Mmm, the boy cute, but the girls need to go.” Kiana smirked. ”I don't think I'm the s***, I know I'm the s***. And yall just s***, like the one in the toilet.” She rapped. I started to laugh so hard I turned red. Tay started rapping a old ass song. ”I came in the door, I said it before. I never let the mic magnetize me no more. But it's biting me, fighting me, inviting me to rhyme. I can't hold it back, I'm looking for the line. Taking off my coat, clearing my throat. The rhyme will be kicking until I hit my last note!” All the people that weren't hating rapped the rest while we made our way backstage. ”You caught an attitude, you need food to eat up. I'm scheming like I'm dreaming on a couch with my feet up. You scream I'm lazy, you must be crazy. Thought I was a donut, you tried to glaze me!” Mya finished. We all laughed and everybody else that was backstage stared. ”What?!” Kiana exclaimed looking at them. They all turned around and went back to what they were doing.

<a href="">They</a> walked over to us and Kiana started to jump up and down. ”My baby get excited when she see me!” Chris boasted. ”Mikey!” Kiana yelled. She ran straight past Chris and into Michael. ”Ohh! Don't you feel hella hurt!” Keeis yelled. Chris waved us off as we laughed at him. ”Ain't nobody stressin' over Kiana.” I couldn't help but laugh harder. ”Nigga you know yo ass is saltier than the ocean right now.” Tay joked, I almost died at the look on Chris' face. ”Anyways. Babe you know that singer that you couldn't stop talking about earlier?” Kiana slowly nodded her head. ”I got connections and right after Ty, he's going to be performing.” Kiana gasped . ”Really? Do you know what he looks like?” Chris shook his head. ”Oh my gosh this can't be happening.” Kiana whispered, fanning herself. ”Is she that in love with dude?” Drake asked. ”No, Trey Songz is-” ”Hey everybody! Long time no see!” We all turned around to see <a href="">them</a> smiling and walking over to us. Kiana grabbed my hand and began to squeeze hard as I did the same to her. ”Hey baby!” Naomi said hugging me, I pushed her off with so much force she almost fell. ”What's up with them?” J asked. We met a couple times, and he was a cool dude. ”Explanation will come later. For now, I want these two sorry excuses out my face.” Chris ordered. ”Oh. Come on hard feelings right?” She bit her lip and walked up to him. Kiana stiff armed the f*** out of her. ”b****! Don't try yah luck right now. I'm trying to act civilized.” Trey smiled and licked his lips. He was sick. ”You still sexy as hell.” Kiana scrunched up her face and waved him off. ”You a sick bastard just like your brother. Piece of s***.” She spat. She grabbed my hand and walked past them. My blood was beginning to boil right now. Kiana sat down and her leg bounced up and down. ”Lock the door.” I told Keeis. ”Fo' what?” I looked at him and he sighed. Kiana picked up a knife off the table and ran out the door before Keeis could get to it. I ran after, but stopped once I saw Mijo holding her back from Trey. Trey was up against a wall with a scared Naomi sitting on his lap. ”You dirty c.unt! I hope you burn in hell!” Kiana yelled at them. She managed to push Mijo off of her and she threw the knife at Trey's head missing him by a millimeter. ”s***!” Trey exclaimed, ducking.

Kiana's POV

I walked back into the room, calm as ever. Everybody was looking at me and jumping when I made sudden movements. I pulled my S4 out my pocket and plugged in my <a href="">headphones.</a> I started to blast my <a href="">song.</a> That was the only reason I didn't kill Trey right then and there. Chris had Chance performing tonight and I was hyped. As if on cue, <a href="$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsnsasb6TA6q9ONB8m7NCNV6FB40xiOfUoExWL3M40tfzssyZqpeG_J0TFo7ZhRaDiHC9oxmioMlYVJD0A$3RbIiibgT65kY_CSDiCiUzvHvODrHApbd6ry6YGl5GGOZrs-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">he</a> walked in. ”Chancelor!” I exclaimed, hugging him tight. ”Yo bipolar ass better get off of me. I saw you throw that knife at that nigga, Trey. I don't know what you might try to do to me.” I hit him in his chest and he greeted everybody else. ”I like how everybody else is getting hugs and kisses and all I got was not a damn thing.” Chris pouted. I walked over to him slowly and sat on his lip. ”Uh uh. You go hug everybody else. Forget me.” I smirked and kissed his cheek. ”I'm sorry.” I said, putting up five fingers behind my back. Me and Seiko had this competition on who was less pussy whipped, Mijo or Chris. Whoever had to give the most kisses to make the other forgive them, wins. Seiko's number was five, and I was going for Chris. ”Whatever.” I gave Chris two more kisses and he looked at me. I smiled and he rolled his eyes, adjusting himself under me. I planted four more kisses on his neck and Seiko jumped up yelling. ”s***! I owe you five hundred damn dollars now.” I laughed. ”We bet big bucks baby.” She flicked me off and Chris looked at me with a strange look on his face. ”Later.” He nodded and pecked my lips. ”I love you Christopher.” I cooed. ”I love you too Nicole.” I hugged him and he hugged me back tightly. ”Ugh! Stop all that mushy s***!” Tay yelled. I flicked her off and she got up. I stood up too and got in her face. ”This s*** look sexy as f***.” Hood whispered. I laughed and sat back down and all the guys groaned. ”Horny asses.” Tay said. All the guys shrugged and engaged in conversation. ”Alright alright! I'm going to need for yall to make my friend Tyga feel welcome! Everybody put they hands together for Tyga!” The crowd went crazy and I ran out the room. ”Go Mickey!” I yelled from backstage. He looked over at me and nodded while smiling big. Chris came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my hips. ”You good?” I nodded and smiled when he kissed my neck. ”Alright. Bye!” I looked at him in a starge way until the beat dropped to the <a href="">song.</a>

<em>They say what goes around comes around
And I know I made mistakes and you forgave me how
I don't understand, you know I'm trying the best I can
I guess it's consequences when you dealing with sin
And even sacrificed your friends over me
All them nights in the club turn to nights with me
It's like the same old story out your diary
Memories never fade but only in time we'll see
Hope to see you with me cause...

My heart beats for you, girl you know are the one
Are you mad at me, girl I know I made mistakes, I know I f***ed up But my heart beats for you baby
I’mma go and scream it loud
But if you leave it's something I can't control
So let's do it one last time and f*** for the road</em>

When Chris started to lick his lips at me, my knees got weak. ”Sing to them.” I mouthed, pointing to the audience. After they were done performing the song. Chris came backstage while Chance went out. The crowd went crazy when they seen him! Everybody rapped along with him while he performed Juice. I went over to the snack table while rapping with him myself. ”CHANO, Chathams own. Foolies glad I'm home. Even my haters kinda glad I'm on. Rest In Peace to my Vagabond. Rapper song, singer - suspended, subpoena. For misdemeanors, dreamer, held back ass is lowkey still a senior. And I still shake up BO Squad, praying for my BroGods. City on the Come Up, shout that nigga Sosa!” I rapped aloud and danced too. I felt hands wrap around my waist and kisses being placed on my neck. ”Chris stop.” I giggled. I turned around and the person I saw was not Chris. ”Trey what the f*** are you doing?!” I yelled, pushing him away. ”You wasn't saying anything before.” I looked at him like he was crazy. ”I thought yo ass was Chris! Leave me the f*** alone creep!” I yelled at him. Next thing I know, Naomi shows up. ”Really Trey? We cheating now?” Trey smacked his lips. ”Ugh! Shut up Naomi! You was a simple f***! Nothing else! Yo clingy ass!” He spat. Naomi gasped and ran away. ”Now where we?” Trey asked walking up on me. I tried to back up, but my back was soon against the wall. ”I love the fact that we're the only two in here.” I looked into his eyes and in there was Jerome. He was just like a younger, cuter version of Jerome. ”I hate it. Now back up you f***ing bastard!” I spat. He slapped me in my mouth and smirked. ”Babygirl you got a fly ass mouth. Remember how you used to ride my d*** and scream my name when I hit it from the back.” Tears came to my eyes, as I thought about all the things I did with my own UNCLE, it was then that I felt him rubbing on my clit. He started to unbuckle his pants as he held me against the wall. ”Now, I'm going to ask you nicely again. Where were we?” I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. ”We was at the part where I kicked your ass last time we saw each other.” Trey turned around, just to be hit by Avery. He fell back on me and I pushed him into Avery's fist. ”b**** ass nigga!” Avery was hitting him so hard, Trey started to get knots and bruises as soon as Avery's fist left his face. ”Avery stop!” I pushed him off of him as Trey stood up with blood dripping from his mouth. ”Ave- What the hell happened?” Chris asked, coming into the room. ”Dude was trying to rape Kiana!” Chris' eyes turned black and he ran up to Trey and hit him one hard time, and knocked him out. ”Pat! Get this pussy nigga out of here!” Big pat came in the room and picked Trey up like he was a piece of paper and took him out the room. ”Are you okay baby?” Chris hugged me tight. I hugged him back and nodded. ”I'm sorry I wasn't here.” I smirked and pulled away. ”You was backstage getting dressed, so it's cool.” He smiled and put his arm around me. ”Thanks Avery. If you didn't come in here, I don't know what would've happened.” I hugged him and he hugged me back. ”I was hungry as hell. When I saw him hit you, I had one of the lady's unlock the back door. ”Oh well, thanks- damn! Shawty dumb fine!” I yelled looking at <a href="">her.</a> ”Thanks. The name's Yaris.” I smiled and shook her hand. ”Kiana. This is my brother Avery.” She smiled at Avery and he smiled back. ”Kiana, you on some lesbian s*** right now.” I smacked my lips at Avery. ”I'm a lesbian too!” Yaris exclaimed. ”I'm not a lesbian......But we can be friends and I can help you pick out girls.” I said. She smiled and nodded. ”Here take my number.” I handed her my phone and she put her number in and then texted herself. ”Well you made friends quickly.” Chris said laughing. He frowned and so did I, because I didn't know why he was frowning at me. ”Umm. Yaris, could you hand me that towel?” She handed Chris the towel and he grabbed my face. He started to clean the blood off my mouth causing me to smile. ”Girl calm down. I just wanted wipe your blod off so I could kiss you.” I smirked and puckered up my lips. He kissed my lips five times and then he gave me a eskimo kiss. ”Chris! Chris! You're on in five, come on now!” <a href="">Tina</a> rushed. ”Okay! Babe, I gotta go. I'll see you next change?” I nodded and grabbed his arm. ”What song are you singing next?” He smiled and bit his lips. ”It's a suprise.” I scrunched up my face and just shook my head before looking at Avery. ”Come on nigga! Pick me up! I am royalty!” I yelled at him. He smacked his lips, mushed my face, and walked right past me. ”You can get on my back.” Yaris said. I smiled and jumped on her back. ”Gitty up sexy!” I yelled. She took off running towards the stage and we knocked somebody down.

”Oh s***! My bad!” I hopped off of Yaris' back and helped <a href="">him</a> up. ”Oh my God! You're Justin Bieber!” I screamed. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight. He was way taller in person, so my head was only up to his chest. Or right below it if you subtract the exaggeration. ”That I am. Who are you?” He asked, biting his lips. I blushed really hard and smiled at him. ”I'm Kiana Jackson, Chris' girlfriend.” He shook his head and smirked. ”Damn. It's always the fine ones that are taken.” I giggled and hid my face. ”Yo! Chris about to perform!” Avery yelled down the hall. ”Aye! Wassup JB!” Justin gave him a simple head nod and looked back down at me. ”I'll see you around.” I waved and ran to where Avery was standing. Just then Chris appereared on stage. ”This one goes out to my baby. I love her.” The crowd screamed and shouted 'congratz chris' and all this other stuff. ”I know this kinda personal. But she think I'm lying when I say......that's my pussy.” I gasped and hid my face as the crew stared at me and smiled. He started to sing the <a href="">song</a> and to be perfectly honest...i was horny as hell! ”Ooohhh! Kiana! I knew it!” Ty exclaimed. I took my hands off my face and flicked him off. Just then Chris started to talk again. ”I want yall to help my shy girl, come out here. Scream Kiana!” Just then the whole place screamed my name. Chris looked at me and smiled. I shook my head and he laughed. ”Excuse me for a second.” He jogged over to me and I hid behind Keeis and Hood as I appeared on the big screen. ”Babe, why you hiding?” He asked, as the microphone caused an echo. ”I'm shy know that.” He laughed and grabbed my hand. ”Please come out there....for me.” He said, giving me the puppy dog eyes. I put my hands over my face and shook my head no. ”Please baby? They'll love you. Won't yall?” Once again everybody went crazy screaming yes and then they all started chanting my name. ”Fine for them. Not for you.” I whispered, giving into peer pressure. ”Ok, I'll take it. Can I get a kiss?” I smiled and grabbed his ears before planting a soft kiss on his lips. ”Awww!” Everybody cooed. I laughed and Chris pulled me onto the stage causing them all to erupt in screams and everything. ”Say hi baby.” He put the mic up to my mouth. ”Hi.” I whispered into it. They all said hi back. ”Stop being shy girl.” I glared at him and he laughed. He grabbed my hand and led me to a chair. ”I want you to sing our song with me.” I looked into his eyes and he smiled at me. I took the mic from my mouth. ”This is your concert, I can't steal the moment from you.” He shook his head. ”It ain't stealing. It's sharing.” He kissed my lips and I was putty in his hands. ”Okay.” He smiled and pointed to Mijo as the <a href="">song</a> came on.

<em>All my love is all I have
And my dreams are Very Special
All my life I've looked for you
And today my dreams come true
You need me and I need you
Love and us is Very Special
Things you seem to do divine
You looked straight into my eyes
I know our love is meant to be
Cause our souls touched tenderly
Love is life and life is living, it's Very Special

In my heart it was you, only
Love is life, what dreams come true
And even though i can't have you, baby
Desires like these are true for you</em>

I had tears rolling down my cheeks as we sung to each other. I was an emotional wreck right now. When Chris finished the last song of the night, he got a standing ovation. It was now 12 a.m., and that meant it was party time! ”Babygirl you were great!” Mijo said, kissing my cheek. ”Was I really?” They all nodded and I started to cheese hard. ”Ugh! You give a light-skin nigga a compliment and they think they the s***.” Seiko joked causing everbody to laugh. ”Keeis I don't know why you laughing. You brighter than me, ole highlighter ass.” They all were bent over laughing as Keeis gave me a sour face. ”Alrighty! That was a great show Chris! Now all of Europe is going to want it to be like that when you put on the rest of your shows.” Tina said, smiling bright. ”I gotchu. We about to hit up the club. You coming?” She shook her head no. ”I was young once already. I'm okay, I'll sit this one out.” Chris nodded and I hugged her. ”Bye T!” She waved and we made our way to the trucks. ”Bye Kiana!” Yaris yelled. ”Who is she?” Keeis asked, eyeballing her like a piece of meat. ”Yaris. She's a lesbian, so don't try it.” He smacked his lips and put his hand in my face. ”You not coming?” I pouted. She shook her head. ”I got work tonight. Hey Mya!” Mya waved and hugged Yaris. They must work at the same place. ”Aye! Charley wants you to work tomorrow night, so don't make any plans.” Mya nodded and Yaris left. ”Why all our new friends gott be lesbians?” Chris asked. I shrugged. ”No! Cymphonique isn't lesbian. She goes with Tre now.” Chris hung his head low. ”Yeah. I know. She turned on me.” He pouted. I laughed and kissed his cheek. ”That's okay. You got me now.” He smiled and opened the door for me, Mijo, Seiko, Mya, Avery, and Briana. Tay refused to sit with me, because I made Drake bring her out on stage after Chris made me, so she was riding in the other truck with all the potheads. We had to bring the pregos. I laughed at my thoughts and Chris looked down at me. ”What's so funny?” I shook my head and turned up the music. Me and Avery's <a href="">song</a> came on. And I jumped up, head almost hitting the roof. ”Westside! Bankhead! That' where I'm from!” Avery rapped. ”Everything yall did....has been done!” I said. ”My true game and my shoe game, can't touch that s***!” Mya rapped. ”A b**** that holler ‘bout f*** me? Nah, f*** that b****! f*** that b****, f*** that b****!” We yelled. I was getting loose until Chris pulled me down. ”Really? You killing my f***ing vibe Christopher.” He shook his head and laughed. ”Whatever. But imma be killing something else tonight. That's why I got the soundproof room.” I had a huge grin on my face as he started to kiss my neck. ”Ugh! Stop it!” Avery yelled, pulling us apart. ”Nobody wants to see my sister pregnant again. Too soon.” Briana said. I laughed and sat back in my seat, listening to everybody having fun. But all of a sudden someone snuck up on my mind. Jerome.

so glad mijo and seiko got it together! and avery was definitely outta line.. i can understand that he upset that she was messing with his bestfriend but shid thats on yo best friend too..he kept it quiet too.. my slow ass did not put two and two together and figure out that trey was trey songz smh lol RUN IT

Its something wrong with Avery. I'm glad Mijo and Seiko got things cleared up shoot Tay was finna kill him lol Love It doe
Run It!!!

that was a good chapter
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run it

Coco you had me rolling! Lol. I was cramping up and everything. Thanks for the runs. Add later.

I need me an Avery in my life..just wants to please..don't need no pleasure in return??? Yass honey marry me now lmao...But Avery had no right putting his hands on his sister like that. I understand why he mad and all but that does validate him putting his hands on a female. Question everybody fuxing pregnant around here?? Something must be in the water lol gahhhleee!!!!! Uh ohhh...they finally found out that Trey is Trey Songz...this should be interesting..RUN IT

Run it

Mijo's POV

After the whole Asco thing happened, we walked out of the room and went into the kitchen. ”Chris that was smart of you to buy a house and not a hotel. Now I can f*** without disturbing strangers.” Avery said. Kiana still had this angry look in her eyes when she looked at me, so I pulled her to the side. ”Let go of me Barry.” She fought me, so I let go of her. ”What?!” I was taken back by her tone, but I got myself together. ”Why you still so mad?” She chuckled and looked at me. ”You played my f***ing bestfriend. She's in her room crying her eyes out and you down here laughing and s***.” I sighed a bit in relief that she wasn't still mad at me for what I said to her. ”I can't right now.” She waved me off and walked back to the kitchen. I got my thoughts together and I looked up the stairs. My feet, reluctantly, started to move towards the stairs as my heartbeat sped up. I finally reached the top of the stairs and you could hear Seiko crying and my mom comforting her. I felt pain go all through my body, knowing I was the cause of this. ”Are you sure that this is what you want?” My mom asked. ”Yes mom. He doesn't want a child and I don't want him to leave me for having one.” My mom chuckled. ”Baby it takes two to make a baby. I'll be damned if my grandson grows up without his biological ass of a father in his life.” All the sniffles stopped and you could hear the bed squeak. ”Do you think that the clinic is open this late?” Clinic? What the hell she need a clinic for? She wasn't about to abort my baby, not having that. My mom said it should be and then the door knob began to turn.

<a href="">She</a> jumped when she saw me and covered her mouth. ”So you was just gonna get an abortion, without talking to me?” Her eyes were watering, but I put my hand up. ”Save the damn tears for another nigga. But you are keeping my child. As for this, we done.” I walked away and I could hear her shrill cries for me to come back. Kiana ran up the stairs and looked at me. ”What the hell happened?” I pointed to Seiko. ”How about you ask her. She was gonna tell you before she even told me.” Kiana had the most confused look on her face. ”Yo! Why Ko crying?” Briana asked. I just ignored them and walked to my room. I shut and locked the door behind me and walked over to my bed. There was a long silence before I walked to the TV and threw it on the ground. I flipped the matress over and started to punch holes in the walls. I yelled and screamed all my anger out. But what caught me off gaurd was the fact I did something I hadn't done in a long time. I cried. I cried harder than I did when Kiana was in the hosptial all those times. I cried harder than I did when my dad walked out on my moms. I cried harder than I did when I got whoopings from my mom. I cried. I didn't what to do with myself. She was really about to get an abortion without telling me. That's a cold hearted b**** move. I wanted to say she was a b****, but I couldn't. I had a killer headache and I could see random spots popping up in my peripheral vision. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. ”Think about it from her point of view Mijo.” I said to myself. It all actually started to make since. I told her I wasn't ready for a kid and she's pregnant. She probably thought the worse was going to happen if she had the baby.....i wasn't going to be there. But f*** that s***. I was going to be there for my child until I die. She was just scared. She probably was on her way to talk to me after my mom. I'm still mad she didn't come to me first, but knowing me, I probably and most likely would've gave her the cold shoulder. I put my hands in my head and my headache seemed to go away. I immediately began to regret doing what I did. I sighed and got up, draging my feet as I walked to the door. I unlocked it and began the walk down the long hallway. I could hear everybody trying to calm Seiko down. ”Seiko, you can't keep stressing like this. You're going to hurt the baby.” Kiana said. ”I know. But I don't know what I am going to do without Mijo. He's my world. I live for him, I just love him so much. I thought the baby was going to make him leave so I was going to get an abortion. I knew I was so wrong for not talking to him. I'm so stupid!” She cried. ”Come on babygirl. Knowing Mijo, he probablt wouldn't have talked to you even when you tried.” Chris said. I knocked on the door softly and all the talking stopped. ”That might be Drake and Tay.” My mom said. ”I got it.” Seiko said. I heard her footsteps coming closer to the door and I started to get a little nervous.

When she opened the door, I hugged her and she tensed up. ”I'm so so sorry for making you think that I'd ever leave you. I love you so much. I never will leave you. I couldn't even last 15 minutes without you. My world revolves around you. You are my heart. I need you, without you, I'd be nothing.” She started to cry in my arms and I held her tighter. ”Aww! I'm going to cry.” Kiana over emotional ass started to cry and so did Briana. ”Let's leave these two alone.” They all left and my mom glared at me and mouthed, ”Fix it.” I nodded and told her I will. She smiled and patted Seiko's back. They closed the door and I tried to pull away from the hug, but Seiko wouldn't let me go. ”Bae. You kind of have to let me go.” She shook her head and held onto me. ”Babe, I'm not gonna leave. I'm just going to sit down.” She looked at me and let me go slowly. I walked over to the bed and she hopped on me. ”I'm sorry for not going to you first about anything. I just didn't know how you were going to take it. So I went to your mom, because she knows you better than I do. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I just didn't want you to leave me.” I hugged her tight and kissed her lips repeatedly. ”Like I said before. I ain't going nowhere. Even when you get mad at me and push me away. I'll still be right here.” She smiled and nodded at me. ”But. You do know I'm still mad at you for not telling ne first. I mean. I was livid, were you really just about to get an abortion without telling me anything.” She held her head down and nodded. I sighed heavily wanting to be mad, but just couldn't bring myself to feel angry towards her. My love overshadowed my rage with ease. I looked her into her eyes and she had hurt, pain, sadness, and happiness in them at the same time. ”I love you so much. I'm sorry I caused all this pain. I love you too.” I cooed while rubbing her stomach. ”Where his ass at! I'm about to punch him in his goddamn face!” I heard Tay's voice. ”You told the craziest girl in the world what happened?” Seiko shook her head. ”Kiana did. They were talking about tying you up to the ceiling by your nuts and swinging a bat at your d***. I told them no.” I groaned and grabbed myself as I thought about the pain I'd be in. ”They said that?” She nodded and laughed. Just then the door busted open and <a href="">Tay</a> was standing there looking pissed. She ran after me and I jumped up, but she caught me and started to punch me everywhere. ”Chill! We cool now!” I groaned as she hit me in my stomach. She stopped and looked at Seiko. ”Is this true?” Seiko nodded slowly and looked at me. ”Oh my gosh! Mijo I'm so sorry!” Tay hugged me and I smacked my lips. ”You ain't even give me a chance to speak. Damn. Hitting me like yo name Muhammad Ali.” She pushed me and laughed. She kissed my cheek and rubbed Seiko's belly. ”Hey baby. I'm your aunt Taylor. I hope you're not going to be all ugly like your daddy.” She joked. I laughed harder than anybody else and they looked at me. ”Me? Ugly? Nah!” I said in my Chief Keed voice.

Avery's POV

Something had been on my mind for the last few hours. Something Asco said. I walked in the kitchen where everybody was at. ”Family meeting.” I said they all stood there. ”If yah last muhf***in name ain't Jackson. Step!” They all oh'd and left. <a href="">Drake</a> still stood there. ”Aubrey! Move!” I yelled. He rolled his eyes. ”That's why yo moms gave you a b**** name. Cause you a b**** nigga.” I joked. He flicked me off and went to sit in the livingroom. It was a complete silence so I could tell these niggas was listening. I walked around the corner and saw them listening. They couldn't see me because I was behind all they nosey asses. ”What yall doing?” They all jumped and ran over to the livingroom. ”Man. We going to the studio.” I took Chris' keys and walked down to the soundproof studio with Kiana and Briana right behind me. When we got in, I locked the door behind me and sat down. ”So what's up?” Briana asked, swinging her feet from the high chair. I started to smile because it was cute, but then I rubbed it off. ”I don't know. You tell me.” She scrunched up her face and looked at me. ”When's the last time you had your period?” Kiana asked, knowing what I was talking about. ”Ummm.. T-t-tha-that's k-kinda p-p-per-personal, don't you think?” She stuttered. ”Quit stuttering and answer the damn question.” I said with a whole lot more bass in my voice. I knew I was scaring her, but she had some s*** to tell us. ”About four months ago.” She mumbled. ”What was that?” Kiana askes, putting a hand up to her ear. ”I said about four months ago.” Briana sighed. ”What?! Do you know who the father is?” Kiana questioned. ”Yes Nicole! I ain't a hoe!” I was still in shock that my sister was pregnant, she knew she was, and still hadn't told me. ”Who is it?” I finally spoke up. ”Umm. Don't be mad.” I walked closely to her causing her breath to shorten and quicken. ”Who is it?” She had tears in her eyes and the look on her face told me that she was ashamed. ”Travis.” Soon as she said that, my hands found there way around her neck. ”Avery! Avery stop! You're going to kill her!” Kiana yelled ”You was f***ing my bestfriend! What the hell is wrong with you! That nigga is 26, you 19!” I yelled at her. ”Help!” She cried. All I could see was red. ”Chris! Mijo! Drake! Some f***ing body help!” Kiana screamed. Next thing I know I was being pulled off of Briana. When I got off of her. She took off running up the stairs crying. ”What the f*** wrong with you?!” Chris asked, sitting me down. ”She been f***ing Travis and now she's pregnant!” I yelled, trying to get up. ”That's why you almost choked the s*** out of her?” I glared at Red. ”That nigga is 26, she ain't even at drinking age. So excuse me if I mind that my little sister is f***ing my bestfriend!” I finally got lose and I ran up the stairs grabbed my keys out the dish and ran to my car. I pulled off, knowing I was wrong for what I did to Bri. But I wasn't thinking about that. I needed to get some stress off of me. I drove to a strip club that we passed by on the way to the pizza joint. It was called The Fantasy Life.

I didn't notice that Red had followed me until he got out of his car and looked at me. ”What the f*** you want?” I spat, looking at him. ”You put your f***ing hands on a female. A female that was family to you. You crossed the line. So I came here to make sure yo ass don't do nothing else crazy.” I smirked and walked in. There were half naked women and naked women everywhere. ”Hey daddy. You want a dance?” A fine ass <a href="">girl</a> walked up to me. I did a double take and almost busted. ”Yes ma'am.” She grabbed my hand and I looked back to see a <a href="">girl</a> grinding all on Red as he threw money on her. I laughed and shook my head. The music began to fade as she led me farther to the back. We got to a room and a bodygaurd was standing there. ”How long?” He asked. She looked up at me. ”Two hours.” He smirked and looked around. ”You got that type of money young blood?” What the hell? This is Germany, shouldn't there be like guys with mustaches and s***. Germany just like L.A. ”I got it.” I pulled my bands out and the girl's eyes got big. ”Alright. No need to flash.” The bodygaurd said. The girl walked in and I walked in after her. She led me over to a chair and walked over to a stereo. The <a href="">song</a> came on, she walked over to the pole. She rolled her hips to the bass. ”Girl your legs keep shaking!” The man said and she started to shake her legs causing her butt to go crazy. She walked over to me and straddled me. ”What's your name?” She asked, grinding on me. I bit my lip and gripped the chair's arms. ”Avery.” I answered in a low tone. ”Your sexy Mr. Avery.” I smirked. She probably told everyone that. ”Thanks Ms...” ”Angel.” She whispered, putting a leg over my shoulder and hit the splits on me. ”That you are. But what's you're real name. Not you're stripper name.” I asked her in a seductive way. I was actually intrested in this girl. Not only physically, but mentally.

Angel's POV

I looked up at him and smirked. ”Mya.” He gave me that million dollar smile and bit his lip. ”Nice to meet you Mya.” I smiled back and got back up. ”So. What has you stripping?” I climbed up on the pole and whirled around. ”You ask a lot of questions Mr. Avery.” He chuckled and leaned back in his chair. ”I'm a curious guy.” I slid down on the pole and landed in a split. ”Curiosity killed the cat.” He laughed louder and looked me in my eyes, causing butterflies to go crazy in my stomach. ”I ain't a pussy nigga. I'm a dog.” I smiled at him and motioned for him to come over. ”Is that right?” I asked, pushing him against the pole. ”Yeah. But you ain't never answer my question.” I wrapped a leg around him and grinded on him. ”I got to pay for college. I refuse to stay in Germany forever. I want to go to the U.S.” I admitted. He bit his lip and put his hand on my hips. Usually when my clients touch me, I end it right there. But when he did, I felt a spark go through my body. ”I could take care of all that for you.” He put his head in the crook of my neck and I took in his lovely scent. ”Why? So you can be like Stevie J and threaten to send me back. Nah. I'm not anybody's Joseline.” He laughed and put me against the wall. ”I ain't nobody's Stevie J.” I looked up into his eyes and there was a hint of sincere and hurt. ”Who you tryna replace?” I asked him. ”It's not who I'm trying to replace. It's who is gonna rid me of this stress?” I bit my lip and he kissed my neck. ”What's your number ma?” He asked me. ”Five.” I admitted. ”Forreal?” I nodded. ”Just because I'm a stripper don't mean I'm a hoe.” I sassed. He threw his hands up. ”Hey! You ain't gotta tell me twice.” I smirked. ”What's your number?” He shook his head. ”So much that you wouldn't want to know.” I shook my head and chuckled. ”Be glad you fine.” He touched his chest. ”Why thank you. You're quite beautiful yourself. You look exotic.” I blushed and he lifted my chin up. He kissed my lips and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I slid my tongue across his soft lips and he opened them. As soon as my tongue entered his mouth, he bit down on it softly. He walked me over to the long chair and laid me on my back, still kissing me. He took off the bandeau I was wearing and attacked my nipples. ”Mmm.” I moaned. He licked down to my waistline and untied my bottoms. He pulled them off and stared at my naked body. ”Why is it that I'm naked and you aren't?” I asked in a seductive voice. ”Who said we were f***ing? How do you know I didn't just want to please you?” I smacked my lips. ”Cause you're a guy. I haven't met a guy that gave me something and didn't ask for nothing in return.” He shook his head. ”Yes you have. His name is Avery. And tasting you, is the only thing I want to do. It pleasures me.” I smiled and nodded. He spreaded my lips apart and licked the middle. ”Your favorite food pineapples?” He asked. I scrunched my face up. ”How the hell do you know that?” I began to get up, but he stopped me. ”You taste like them. Chill. I like it.” I laid back down and allowed him to take me to ecstacy.

45 Minutes Later~~

”Avery f***!” I yelled! As he stiffened his tongue and continuously hit my g spot. ”Oh! Avery!” He laughed causing vibrations to go throughout my body. ”That's right baby. Say my name.” He started to finger me and suck on my clit. ”A-A-Av-Aver.....I can't s***!” I cursed as he speeded up the pace. I felt my climax coming for the fifth time and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. ”Avery! I'm about to cum!” He gripped my thigh and pushed his head back in between my legs. I gripped onto his curls and tried to push him out, but he wouldn't budge. ”Ahh f***!” I yelled as I came again ”Hell yeah!” He exclaimed. Soft moans escaped my mouth as he licked me dry. After he was finished he picked me up and sat me on his lap. I was breathing hard, attempting to catch ny breath, but that was impossible as he fingered me. ”Stop.” I whined. ”You really want me to?” I shook my head and he smirked. ”You wanna ride?” He asked biting my ear. I knew he would want something. ”I told you that you would want something in the end.” He shook his head. ”Nobody said ride my d***. I meant my tongue.” I smirked and nodded. ”You wanna taste first.” Before I could say anything. His tongue was in my mouth. I sucked on his tongue and sure enough, it tasted like pineapples. ”Stand up.” I stood up and he laid down. ”What you waiting for?” He rushed. I climbed on top of him and he stuck his tongue out. It was hella long. He grabbed my hips and forced me down on his face and I gasped in shock. ”Ride baby.” I moved up and down on his tongue as my legs shook. I bit my lip and rested my hands on the arm of the chair. He took his thumb and began to rub my clit which caused me to stop moving. ”Ahh!” I moaned loudly. He began to move my body at a fast pace on his tongue. ”s*** Avery.” I smacked my butt and a really loud echo came after it. I winced from the stinging, but it motivated me to go faster. My legs trembled and I came on his tongue. I was now physically tired. He pulled me off his face and laid me down beside him. He climbed on top of my sweaty body and was smiling like the kool-aid man. ”So. Tell me about yourself.” I laughed and began to ramble on about myself. He's somebody I might have to keep around.

Briana's POV

I was sitting in my room with Kiana by my side, crying my eyes out. ”Shh. Shh....Bri it's going to be okay. You know how Avery gets.” She hugged me tighter, but that only made me cry harder. I appreciate my sister trying to soothe me, but I didn't want her to. I wanted Avery to come back and tell me he wasn't mad at me. That he still loved me and that I didn't ruin anything with him and Travie. ”Does Travie know?” She asked me. I shook my head and she kissed m chek. ”You wanna watch Doc McStuffins?” I smirked and nodded. She turned on the TV and went to the recorded shows that Chris ”Let Doc McStuffins do her thang, to get you right back in the swing. Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins! Come and let the visit begin the doc is in. Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins! Come and let the visit begin the Doc is in!” We sung together. ”We are so childish.” I said as I began to laugh. My phone vibrated against my thigh and I picked it up to see Marlon was calling. ”Hey Marlon!” Kiana spat out her water and looked at me. I started to crack up, but calmed down once Marlon said hi. ”Hey Briana. Uh. I really like you and I was wondering if we could hang tomorrow. Since tonight didn't go so well.” I nodded as Kiana tried to listen. ”How about tonight? After Chris' concert, he's going to that club down the street from The Fantasy Life.” He said okay and I hung up. ”You going to the party?” I nodded, she pointed to my stomach and I looked at her. ”Okay? You act like I'm going to down some vodka and s***. I'm going to have fun by myself with my orange juice and water if you won't have fun with me.” I pouted. She kissed my cheek and smiled. ”You know imma be right there with you mama.” I laid down on her chest and relaxed as her breathing slowed down, I slowed mine down too and soon enough I was sleep.

I was awaken by somebody shaking me. ”Get up b****! We gotta get ready for the concert!” Seiko yelled at me. I sighed and looked at my clock. It was around 7 something so Chris and the guys already left to prepare for it. I got up and walked to the bathroom down the hall, since Kiana was using mine. I walked in on <a href="">them</a> making out on the counter. ”Sorry.” I mumbled, feeling my blood boil. I had just realized that this nigga put his damn hands on me and has yet to apologize. I continued to walk in and Avery just stared at me through the mirror. ”I think I should go.” The girl said. She was beautiful. ”Nah beautiful. You can stay. I'll go. I'm Briana by the way.” She blushed and held her hand out. ”Mya.” I nodded at her and grabbed my toothbrush. Before I walked out, Avery grabbed me by my arm. ”What the f*** you want?” I spat at him. ”Look. I ain't mean to do what I did. When you said that you were pregnant by my bestfriend and older dude, I saw red. I know that still isn't a good reason to put my hands on you, but you have to know I'm sorry. I love you.” A tear ran down my cheek and wiped it away. ”You still a pussy.” I chuckled and hugged him tightly. I was still mad at him for putting his hands on me, but if he had got my bestfriend pregnant, I would've stabbed this nigga. ”So uh, you a Chris Brown fan?” I spoke to Mya. ”Yes! I love him! His voice gives me the chills!” I smirked and Kiana popped her head in the bathroom. ”Girl me too! I be yeah baby! Sing it to me!” We all laughed except for Avery. ”What nigga?!” Kiana exclaimed as he glared at her. ”I can't believe you talking about f***ing that nigga when I'm right here.” She looked at me and smiled. ”I guess you're not the only one that's f***ing one of his best friends, huh Briana?” I gasped and hit her in her boob. ”Ahh s***! That hurt!” She yelled at me. I stuck my tongue out at her and she laughed. ”Okay. I'm going to go play my music really loud while I get dressed. Come on!” Kiana took my hand and we went back to her room. She started to play some song and I was bobbing my head to it. ”Who is this?” She smirked. ”His name is Trey Songz. This song be the s***.” She yelled. ”I only came here for two reasons.......what you came for? I only came for the niggas and the dranks!” Kiana sung. ”He sound like he sexy as hell. You know some R&B singers be looking like who did and what fo'.” She laughed and nodded. ”I know. I have yet to look him up. I'm his number one fan now.” She got her phone and looked him up as I waited. ”Oh my god.” She whispered as her eyes were glued to the screen. ”Is he that damn fine?” She handed me the phone and as soon as my eyes landed on the screen. They were glued to <a href="">him.</a> ”Holy s***. That's Trey!” I exclaimed. Kiana look like she was stuck for a moment until Seiko came in. ”What's Trey?” We both looked up at her. ”You know that dude that is real big down here name Trey Songz. Sex songs.” She nodded and I gave her the phone. ”Trey IS Trey Songz.” She gasped and dropped the phone. ”How? When? What?” Kiana finally spoke, we were all in a confused state for some time. ”Aye! Yall need to hurry up!” Avery yelled, looking in the room to see we were far from ready. We snapped out of it and began to get dressed, but we all still had the same looks on our face. We were still trying to figure out, how in the hell did this happen.
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ummmm...WOAH!!!!! I didnt even realized she might actually be possessed. I thought all the stuff she was seeing was just in her head, but it was Asco or however you spell her name. I hope she gone for good thou. Now Kiana can actually be happy. But Mijo was wrong for saying that. Seiko pregnant thou?? Wow,, Mijo was wrong for his reaction, but i understand where he is coming from. wow this add was ...i can't even think of a word lol...RUN IT

Oh my gosh her parents are pure evil!!! I`m so glad Mijo was there for her he's a good friend

Kiana's POV

We pulled up to the place and the smell of pizza filled my nose, causing my stomach to growl. ”Somebody's hungry.” Chris teased. ”Shut up. You ready to eat beautiful?” Christina nodded and I took her pacifier out. ”First I gotta see that smile.” She <a href="">smiled</a> at me and I frowned. ”Mama can't get no teeth?” She showed her pearly whites and I smiled. ”There they go. Let's go eat.” I climbed out the car followed by everybody else. ”Where ya friends at?” Mijo asked me. ”He not her friend. More like her acquaintance.” I rolled my eyes at Chris and searched the front for Laith. ”There they go!” I exclaimed, pointing at <a href="">them.</a> ”Girl! You ain't tell me he was fine and he has a fine ass friend too!” Briana whispered. ”Girl I ain't know he had a fine ass friend myself. Girl he can get-” ”What?!” Chris yelled. ”Oh, I mean. I didn't know he had a friend that looked like that either.” I corrected myself. Chris rolled his eyes and Laith and his friend walked up to us. ”Hey handsome.” I greeted, hugging him. He hugged me back and pulled back smiling. ”Wow, she's even better looking in person.” His friend said, I blushed and Chris cleared his throat. ”Oh..uhh. This is Chris, Mijo, Red, Hood, Keeis, Avery, Seiko, Red, and my twin sister Briana. She's single.” She smacked her lips and looked at me. Laith's friend licked his lips and stared at her. ”Hi. I'm Laith and this is my friend Marlon.” We smiled and I gasped. ”Oh my gosh. I totally forgot. This is my daughter Christina and that's Ms. Joyce and my Aunt Sandra.” They shook hands and Laith buttered the two of them up by ranting about how beautiful they were. Chris rolled his eyes and I nudged him hard. ”Ah. s***.” He cursed, doubling over and holding his stomach. ”You okay man?” Laith asked, putting a hand on his back. Chris nodded and stood back up. ”Oh my God! Kai (Kye)! That's Chris Brown!” I looked over to see these two <a href="">girls</a> racing over to us. ”Oh my gosh. We have always had a major crush on you!” The one in the gray top said. ”Thanks. You two are quite beautiful yourself.” I rolled my eyes and looked at Briana. ”Thank you. So umm, can we join you?” The other asked biting her lip. Chris opened his mouth, but I cut him off. ”Nope! Sorry! Already got a pair of twins. Don't need another.” They looked at me and rolled their eyes. ”Look. They even acting thirsty at the same time.” Briana said, causing me and Marlon to laugh. ”Whatever. We didn't ask you, we asked Chris.” I jerked my head back. ”Well Chris ain't paying for the damn meal. So no. Yall can watch from a far distance, as in go home and finger yourself to the damn posters you got of him.” They gasped and walked away. I looked at Chris and he smirked. ”I'm not the only one with a jealous side.” I laughed. ”Shut up.” I spat as we walked inside and the waitress went crazy and the whole restaurant after. ”Just can't get enough of it.” I mumbled. There was an unfamiliar song playing and I liked it a lot. ”Making love faces. My hands rubbing on your skin, let's go hard don't hold it in. Girl!” I listened to the song and bobbed my head. ”Who is this?” I asked Laith. ”Trey Songz. Best sex song maker ever!” I nodded and continued to listen to this Trey Songz sing. He was amazing and so sexual. I loved it, well Mr. Songz, you have a new fan. I'll have to go home and look you up later.

Chris' POV

”Oh my freaking God! This is amazing!” I moaned as I bit into my pizza. ”Yeah! Yall wasn't lying when yall said this was the best!” Hood agreed. I looked down to see Kiana smiling and kissing Christina. She put the pizza to Christina's lips and Christina took a big chunk. ”Whoa. Watch out everybody. Jaws is coming through!” She joked. I shook my head and leaned down to whisper in her ear. ”You look sexy as f*** right now.” She smirked and looked at me. ”Do I?” I nodded and licked my lips. She pecked them and I smiled. ”Okay. I don't need to have another baby in my house.” Mijo said. ”Shut up boy.” Aunt Sandra smacked him in the head. ”I'm waiting for Seiko to tell you she's pregnant. Uh oh.” Everybody's head snapped in Seiko's direction and she looked at Mijo with a nervous smile on her face. ”Suprise.” She said in a uneasy tone. Mijo shook his head and continued to eat his pizza as everybody looked at him, waiting for him to explode, but he didn't. He didn't say anything, and there was a look of hurt that went across Seiko's face. She was like a sister to me, so it hurt to see her like this. She got up and ran outside. ”Mijo you are such an ass!” Kiana yelled at him getting up. ”What you want me to say Ki? She told my moms before me and I find out like this. f*** it! I'm out!” He got up and left from the table too. I was expecting him to go after Seiko, but all he did was look at her real quick and walk in the opposite direction. Kiana gasped. ”Oh no he didn't just do that s***.” She cursed. She handed me Christina and got up from her seat. Laith got up too, but I stopped him. ”Where you going youngin'?” He pointed to the door and I shook my head. ”Nah. She cool. Let's get to know one another.” I smirked. He had a aggravated look in his eye and I loved it.

Kiana's POV

I raced down the street after Mijo, who had become harder to see in the dim lit night. ”Mijo!” I yelled his name, but he wouldn't turn back. I started to run until I slipped and bust my lip on the wall. Thank God, nobody was outside, or I would've been embarrased. ”s***. You okay, Ki?” I jerked my arm away from him and looked up at him. ”The f*** wrong with you Barry?” He smacked my lips at the fact I pulled the first name card on him. ”You ain't gon understand. None of yall will.” I huffed and looked at him. ”The only f***ing thing I don't understand, is why you got so mad and didn't give a f*** that you hurt Ko's feelings. He sighed and shook his head, leaning against the lamp post. ”Man. I know I hurt her feelings, but she hurt mine too.” I scrunched my face up at him. ”How the hell did she hurt your feelings?” He rubbed his hands over his head. ”I told her I wasn't ready for no damn kid. And when she get pregnant she went and told my moms instead of coming to me? That's bulls***!” I pushed him and he slipped, but didn't fall like I wanted him to. ”Did you ever stop to f***ing think that maybe, just maybe, she was scared! You don't want kids and she's pregnant Mijo. I would be scared to tell someone that doesn't want a kid, that I was pregnant by them too!” I yelled. ”Kiana! You don't f***ing get this s***! I'm the damn dad! I mean what the hell! My momma knows before I know! Who else has she told?! She probably was about to tell you! But no, not the nigga that got her knocked up!” I rolled my eyes. ”Mijo you sound so f***ing stupid!” I yelled. ”I used to want to tell you the same thing when you told me you wanted to kill yourself!” He spat back at me. I looked at him with pain on my face as my heart broke in two. His mouth dropped and he rubbed his hand down his face. ”Babygirl, I didn't mean-” ”No. Don't say s***.” I said, walking away from him as hot tears streamed slowly down my face. He pulled my arm and I turned and smacked the s*** out of him. He grabbed his cheek as I dried my tears. ”Don't you ever talk to me again. f*** you!” I spat at him and pushed him on the ground. I turned around to see everybody staring at me. ”Let's go.” I grabbed Chris' hand and we hopped in the car ready to go.

I had Chris put Christina to sleep and I was now crying on my bed. I refused to talk to anyone right now. I was so hurt by Mijo's comment. I heard my name being called, so I looked up from the pillow to see dead Kiana. She smirked and handed me the razor. I took it and cut at my wrist. The blood poured out like a river and I smiled as I felt relieved. ”Feels good, huh?” She asked. I nodded and she sat on my bed. ”I got these for you.” She handed me some pain killers and opened the cap for me. ”I didn't think you sounded stupid saying you wanted to kill yourself, I thought it was a good idea. What good is a dead girl on the inside to the living people on the outside of her?” I looked at the pills and dumped them out. ”What about Christina?” I asked, looking into Kiana's eyes. She reached out and touched my face. ”What good is a weak mother to a weak child? She has Chris. She'll be fine. See.” She made a giant circle on the puddle of blood on the floor and there was Christina laughing and smiling at Chris as he clapped for her. She looked as if she were getting married. She looked beautiful. I smirked and looked at her. ”Okay.” I took the pills and put them to my mouth and she smiled at me. ”Kiana!” I jumped at the sound of banging on my door and Chris' voice yelling. ”Go away!” Kiana hissed. ”Kiana! I know you're in there! Talk to me baby! Not her! She ain't real!” He yelled. I looked at her and the put my hand where her heart was, but it went right through. ”You're not real.” I mumbled. She screamed causing me to jump back in the covers. ”I am real! I am real! And I will f***ing kill you before you ever begin to be happy!” She grabbed the razor and sliced my eye. I tried to fight her off, but she threw me against the wall. I groaned in pain, but she ran at me and I charged at her. I tackled her onto the bed as she hissed at me like a snake. ”Mommy!” I opened my eyes to see Christina badly bruised and I jumped. ”Oh my God!” I screamed. I picked her up and held her close. ”You stupid b****!” She yelled. I pulled her away to see Kiana grabbing the razor and holding it to my throat. ”Kiana! Listen to me! I didn't mean what is said! I'm sorry! I love you so much! Just don't do this!” I heard his voice and tears began to roll down my cheeks. ”Mijo?” Kiana cried aloud. I looked at her as black tears rolled down her face and onto me. ”Yes. Yes. This is Mijo babygirl. Just open the door and we can talk this thing out.” Kiana's eyes turned red in anger. ”I don't want to talk s*** out! You said I was stupid! So why the hell would you care?! I'm killing this b**** and that's final!” She yelled, looking down at me.

Chris' POV

I was going crazy as Kiana talked back to us as if she was another person. ”Mijo help!” She yelled. Mijo banged on the door, but Kiana wasn't snapping out of it. ”Kiana. Please. Please, just snap out of it.” I set my pride aside and began to cry. She was scaring me and I didn't know what I would do if I had lost. ”Chris?” She cried. ”Yeah baby. It's Chris. Please just snap out of it. Listen to me. Just open the door and it'll all go away.” I talked calmly. ”But she won't let me. Shut up b****!” She yelled as she argued with herself. I sighed and looked around then down at my feet. I told Mijo to stand back and he backed up. I gathered all my strength and kicked down the door. I looked around and saw Kiana nowhere to be found. But I saw this thing outside. She was pale and had dark black hair. She looked like that b**** from the grudge. She had Kiana in her arms and they were on the balcony. ”She's real.” Mijo whispered. Who is she? Why the hell is Kiana on the balcony? I raced to the outside and the thing looked at me. ”Hello babe. You like my new look?” She asked. ” me...please.” Kiana cried. I looked at Mijo and he looked at me. ”Kiana. Don't do this.” She looked at Mijo and shook her head. ”Do what? This.” She dropped Kiana and I yelled and tried to catch her, but she did and brung her back up. ”This silly nigga really loves you. Just kidding. Nobody wants a stupid b****! Ain't that right Barry?” She chuckled. ”Holy s***!” We turned to see Avery and Briana standing at the door. ”Avery....she' back! The priest said she couldn't come back!” Briana yelled. ”We meet again Briana. Tell me, how is the child you are hiding from Avery doing?” Briana gasped and Avery looked at this thing. ”Asco, don't do this. Please don't.” Who the hell is Asco? ”I see you remember me.” The thing changed from ugly to <a href="">beautiful</a> right before my eyes. ”Come to me.” She said as Kiana, reluctantly, floated over to her. I was spooked as a dark red upside down cross appeared on her forehead and she grew horns out of her head. ”What the hell?” Mijo and I jumped back, but Avery and Briana stood there ground. ”Let my sister go.” Briana gritted through her teeth. Asco smiled at her. ”Okay.” Kiana's body dropped like a bag of bricks on the floor and I ran over to her, but to only be thrown into a wall by a invisible force. ”She's mine!” She yelled. ”Who are you?” Asked Mijo in disbelief. Asco walked over to him and pressed her naked body against him. ”I'm Asco.” she smirked and kissed him he pushed her off and she went from beauty to a goddamn <a href="">beast</a> in seconds. I took this chance to run to Kiana and when I got to her, I held onto her, not letting go. ”Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos, santificado sea tu nombre, venga tu reino, hágase tu voluntad. En la tierra como en el cielo. Danos hoy nuestro pan de cada día y perdona nuestras ofensas como también nosotros perdonamos a los que nos ofenden y no nos dejes caer en tentación y líbranos del mal. Porque tuyo es el reino, el poder y la gloria. Por los siglos de los siglos Amén.” Asco began to scream and shake as she laid on her back and started to float in the air. ”No! Stop!” Briana repeated what she said and Avery joined in with her. Soon there was a dark, black cloud coming out of Kiana's lips. I was scared as hell. I didn't know what the hell was happening. The black cloud turned white and Asco turned into dust. ”What did you say?” I asked them. ”The Lord's prayer in spanish.” Avery answered taking Kiana into his arms. He drew some pattern with his finger on her forehead and kissed it. She jumped up causing me and Mijo to scream. ”Where is she?!” She screamed. ”She's gone. She's gone.” Avery said. Kiana hugged onto him and began to cry as Avery held her. ”Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on!” Mijo asked in frustration. Kiana wiped her tears and looked at me and Mijo.

Kiana' POV

I took deep breaths as I prepared to go deep into my dark past. I opened my eyes and Chris jumped and backed away from me. ”What the hell?!” He yelled. I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes glowing. ”I have been cleared from Asco.” I whispered. He was shaking, I chuckled a bit. ”Chris please don't look at me different.” I held out my hand and he took it, but fear was still in his eyes. ”Asco is a demon. She enetered me after birth and my mom used to beat me. Even though she was twelve years old she had had three kids already. By the same nigga. Outrageous right? Anyway. After I turned five, I gave up on God. He never took care of me. So one day as I was planning to kill myslef, Asco appereared. She told me that I was crazy and she made me feel better about myself. Crazy ass s*** from a five year old. Thinking of suicide when I didn't even know how to pooe the hole through my Caprisun. My mom actually started to show me love and so did Jerome. That was until four years later when he started to show me too much love. Asco was there through it all. Then one night she just came out and turned visible. She was naked and she seduced Avery and scared the s*** out of Briana. She had Avery wrapped around her finger. Leave. She would say. Then one day, Avery and Briana went to Georgia and didn't come back. Asco threatened to kill me if they did. After I started to cut, Asco became Kiana. She looked exactly like me. The more I cut, the paler she got. Then she said now was the right time to committ suicide. I tried, but failed miserably. That night you and Mijo found me in the bathroom. She was there. She was the one that broke the mirror and cut my eye. She always cuts under my eyes so I would have to look at myself in the mirror. That prayer makes her go away for a long time. I just never had the guts to say it beause she always had a razor up to my neck. She's a bipolar b**** ass demon. She hates that anyone loves me, because no one loved her. I did one point in time, but after she made Avery and Briana leave. My love for her went with them.” I looked up at Chris to see him staring at me. ”You were possessed? And didn't tell me?” I nodded and hung my head low. I felt two pairs of arms wrap around me and I noticed all the tats. ”Thanks Mijo and Chris.” I smiled. ”Yeah. I never knew you went through all that crazy s***. Deep down I'm still scared though.” Chris said shaking. ”Me too. I almost pissed my pants.” Mijo laughed and got up. He helped me up and I kissed his cheeks. ”You okay?” I asked Chris. ”I technically had a threesome. Because Asco was inside of you and she's a real person, right?” I laughed and shook my head at Chris. This nigga.

The next add is......hmmmm....short and drama filled I guess you can say. I dunno...shrugs.....Realy Coco, did you have to say that?? No more sex scenes. I'll just skip to the next day.

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Run it

Awww Kiana and Chris are just so effing cute. I really like their relaionship. I thought Kiana was gone get mad when she found out Christina was calling Chris daddy, but then again she is named after him so why would she? They was about to get out there in the alley..that would have been so sexy lol...RUN IT

Kiana's POV

I woke up on Avery's chest and the sunshine hit me in the eye. I hissed and hid my face as I got up. I winced in pain feeling sore all over. Me and Chris had plenty of fun last night if you know what I mean. But he had to go pick up the kids, Aunt Sandra, and Momma J so I came in Avery's room. I stood up and waddled to the curtain and closed it. I turned and stubbed my toe on the dresser and fell on the floor making a loud ass bump. ”What the hell?!” <a href="">He</a> yelled jumping out of bed. ”Kiana? You cool?” I looked up at him on the verge of crying. ”I stubbed my toe!” I whined in a raspy voice. He poked his bottom lip out and picked me up off the floor. ”Aww. Let's go downstairs and get you some ice on it.” I nodded and he carried me downstairs. When we got down there, he sat me on the couch and got me some ice ”So....what you gonna do if it's yours?” He looked at me like I was crazy. ”If what's mine? That blunt? s***, imma smoke it!” I laughed and pushed him. ”You know what I mean fool!” He chuckled and put the ice on my foot. ”I'll take care of the baby. I just refuse to take care of Gi, or whatever the f*** her name is, too.” I nodded and the door began to unlock. I got up and limped towards the door. As soon as the door opened, <a href="">Christina</a> ran in. When she saw me, the biggest smile appeared on her face. ”Mommy!” I smiled and hugged her tight. ”Hey baby! Was it fun?” She nodded and pulled pictures and papers out of her bag. ”Hey you guys!” I greeted <a href="">Chris and Pat.</a> Pat hugged me and kissed my cheek. I smiled at Chris and he gave me a stank look. ”Don't smile at me. You didn't wake up and drive with me. I'm mad at you.” He walked past me and into the kitchen. I laughed and walked behind him. ”You mad at me?” I asked, backing him into a corner. ”Yeah.” He mumbled, licking his lips. ”You sure you mad at me?” He nodded and I bit my bottom lip. ”Can I get a kiss?” He shook his head and I laughed. ”Oh. I never told you something, Chrisina called me-” ”Mommy look!” I held up one finger and turned to Christina. I saw three lines with heads on them, all different sizes. ”It's beautiful! Who is it?” I asked her. ”You, me, and daddy.” I scrunched up my face. ”Daddy?” She nodded and pointed to Chris. ”Daddy.” I looked back at Chris and he was chewing the side of his mouth. ”Go play with Uncle Avery.” She nodded and ran to the livingroom. ”You. Me. Upstairs. Now!” Chris hung hus head low and walked upstairs. I gave hugs to Aunt Sandra and Momma J on the way up, making sure I wasn't rude.

When I got upstairs, Chris was fumbling with his fingers like a schoolgirl. ”So, you wanna tell me what that was?” I asked pointing towards the door. ”Uh. I was trying to tell you. But, then she cut me off.” I nodded and sat down by him. ”Did you tell her that she can call you daddy? Because I'm letting my child know at the age of four, I'm telling her who her real father is.” He looked up at me and shook his head. ”Two months ago in the accident, the nurse tried to check on her and she took her from me. Next thing you know she screamin', daddy no! I was taken back at first. But then it felt right too. I felt warm all over, she gave me the same feeling I got when I'm around you. I feel a fatherly connection to her. I'm sorry if I made you mad.” I looked at him and straddled him. ”I'm not mad at all. I just wish you would've told me two months ago.” He nodded and pecked my lips. ”I love these things so much.” He whispered, rubbing his thumb on my lips. I licked his thumb and sucked on it. He bit his bottom lip and pulled it out slowly. ”You tryna start something you can't finish ma?” I laughed and started to get up, but he pulled me back down. ”Nope. You ain't answer my question.” I smirked and shook my head. ”Um, who went to sleep first last night?” He pointed to himself. ”My point exactly. I put that ass to sleep boy!” He laughed and shook his head. ”You was the one running from the d*** though.” I shrugged my shoulders and walked out the room. I walked downstairs to see Avery and Christina having a conversation about some unknown topic. ”Nah. Ice is just frozen water.” She shook her head no. ”Water.” She reached for his bottle of water. ”No. You can get some ice.” He said pulling her back. When she hit him with the <a href="">face,</a> it was over. ”Don't do that Stinkabutt.” She continued to make the face, and he sighed. ”How about some ice cream?” She smiled and nodded. ”Come on. I'll take you too.” I smiled and ran upstairs to change. ”Chris, I'm going to- aww. He sleep.” I whispered. I took a picture of <a href="">him.</a> I changed and went back downstairs.

<a href="">I</a> walked out the house carrying Christina while Avery got the carseat secured. ”Thanks.” He nodded and I put Christina in. She loves her carseat for some weird ass reason. I got in the car and Avery still didn't pull out. ”What?” I asked as he stared me down. ”Yo limping ass need to put that damn seatbelt on.” I shook my head and put it on. He smiled at me and we pulled out the driveway onto the not-so-busy street. ”So, what you been doing for the past month?” He asked me. I rubbed my temple and shook my head. ”I never thought that I'd be here. I'm manager of three different people in three different labels. I, somehow, got Tay and Drake to do a tour together and tickets been sold out. I have to fly out to Europe with Chris in the next two weeks. Mijo, Seiko, Keeis, Red, Hood, myself, you, Christina, Momma J, and Briana going. I'm just tired.” He nodded and rubbed my shoulder. ”Hang in there. We'll be fine.” I laughed, thinking about Drake. Just then, my phone rang and I picked it up without looking at caller ID. ”Hello.” I greeted in a groggy voice. ”Where you go?” I heard Chris' voice ring through the speaker. ”I went to get some ice cream with Christina and Avery.” He smacked his lips. ”Come back.” He whined. ”I will.....after I get my ice cream.” He began to pout and I laughed. ”Christina, you want to talk to Cwis?” She nodded and took the phone. ”Hi daddy!” She exclaimed. Avery pushed the brake and looked back. ”Daddy?!” I waved my hand at him and told him we'll talk later.

When we got to the ice cream parlor, Avery got Christina out the car while I got my wallet. We walked in and all eyes were on us. ”Whoa. Staring problems forreal.” I said. ”Oh my gosh! That's Kiana and Avery Jackson!” A group of girls yelled. There was about ten of them and they all had cameras. Christina began to cry as all the flashes went off. ”Yo! Back up! You gon blind my niece!” Avery yelled. All the flashes stopped and the girls made a sad face. ”We're sorry.” One said. ”It's fine. She's just quite shy. You wanna say hi babygirl?” Christina poked her head out of Avery' chest and I removed her pacifier. ”Hi.” She whispered and put her head back. ”She's beautiful.” One of the girls said. ”Thanks.” I walked up to the register and told them what I wanted and got a little cup for Christina. Avery's fatass ordered three different large cones of ice cream. ”Fatty.” I mumbled. He glared at me and rolled his eyes. ”I'm a man, I gotta eat.” I smacked my lips. ”I'm a woman, I have to eat too.” He shook his head. ”Nevermind Ki.” I smirked and put my arm around his. ”You know you'll never win an argument against me?” He clenched his jaws, knowing I was right. ”Wassup with you and Chris? Yall together or something?” I took my time to think about what I was going to say, because I didn't want it to come off wrong and upset Avery. ”Something like that. I mean, we together, but we not together together. Know what I'm saying?” He nodded and smiled at Christina. ”What you doing?” He asked, softly swatting her small hand from his pocket. ”Say sorry.” She hung her head low and said sorry and Avery pouted. ”It's okay Stinkabutt.” He picked her up and kissed her all over the face and she laughed. I smiled at the beautiful sight in front of me and enjoyed it while it lasted.

”You're home!” Chris yelled. I laughed and spreaded my arms out and he picked me up. ”You missed me?” I asked him in a baby voice. He nodded and pecked my lips. ”You could've said that you were going to eat it there.” I shrugged and picked up Christina. ”You ready to learn mama?” She nodded. Mondays through Fridays at 1 to 3, me and Christina go to mommy and me classes. We walked right back out the house and I put her back in her carseat. I walked around on my side and we pulled out. I turned on the music and Christina started to squeal when she heard Chris' voice coming through the speaker. I nodded my head to Bassline and hummed a bit too. But soon as I approached the gym, I turned it onto Disney's radio station and Taylor Swift played. I don't get why they call Miley a hoe and not her. Taylor Swift went out with 30 guys in the past 3 years and Miley Cyrus only dated one. But that's just my random opinion. ”Come on babygirl.” She reached her arms up and I unbuckled her from her seat and picked her up. ”Damn! Mommy got a fat ass!” Some dude yelled. Him and his friends were making cat calls and s*** and it was getting annoying. ”Would yall please have some respect for me, if not my one year old daughter. I mean really. My child don't need some random b**** nigga saying that her mom has a fatass. Come on now. I know yall moms taught yall better than that. Bum niggas.” I spat. ”Hold up, who you talking to?” The guy grabbed my arm and I turned around and got in his face. ”You.” He clenched his jaws and I looked at him. I smirked seeing that he was getting mad. ”You getting mad. But I think you want to do something to release your anger. Do you want to hit me? Do you?” He stuck his chest out and his eyes turned to a dark color. ”You's a pussy nigga. I have no reason to be scared of you. So if you don't mind, which I could give two s***s less if you do, I'm late for my daughter's class.” I turned and walked away and into the building. I gave the lady our ID's and we walked into the class. The children were finger painting so I just sat down by the teacher, who is also a good friend of mine, Denise. ”Hey D.” She looked at me and smiled, but a frown quickly took it's place. ”You look mad.” I shook my head. ”I don't even wanna go there. You talk to Taylor yet?” She nodded and handed me some paper, paint, and water. ”What you want to paint baby?” Christina walked over to the wall and pointed to a flower. ”Okay, do you know what that is?” She shook her head and I grabbed her hand. ”Say fl-ow-er.” She repeated what I said and I gave her high five. ”Good job!” She kissed my cheek and Denise patted her back. ”You should enter her into a gifted school. I know three year olds that can't say flower. You have a very smart daughter.” I thanked her and started to draw the flower.

”Ugh!” I yelled out as I entered the house. I was beat. Christina went over Denise's house because Momma J and Aunt Sandra had somewhere to be in the morning and I had to go to work tomorrow. I walked over to Avery and sat in his lap. ”Wassup Ki?” He said, rubbing his hands through my hair. ”I'm sleepy.” I whined. ”I'm sure Chris can do something to help you fall asleep.” I punched him in the chest and walked upstairs. ”But you going upstairs to get the D though!” I flicked him off and walked into my room. I saw Chris sitting on my bed with no shirt on and some basketball shorts on. ”Hey baby.” I smiled and waved to him. ”What's wrong?” He asked getting up. ”I'm sleepy.” He smirked and picked me up and carried me to the bed. ”No. No. No.” I said smacking his hand repeatedly. He sat down and rested his back on the headboard as I straddled him. ”What's this?” He asked, pointing to his iPad. I saw a picture of me yelling at that guy and in the headlines it said, ”Kiana sets a 'wannabe player' straight.” I smirked and shrugged. ”Oh, you think it's funny?” I nodded and rested my head in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck while rubbing his hands through my hair. I started to feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier. Soon I was sleep on his lap and having sweet dreams.

Two Weeks Later~~

We had finally got to the airport and cameras were the first thingvwe saw before the girls and paparazzi. I held onto Chris' hand tighter and Christina smiled and waved at everybody. ”Hey Kiana! Are you and Chris in a relationship? Did you just do it for the money? Do you even know anything about him? Are you two having sexual intercourse? Are you just with him so Christina will have a father figure? Is he the father of Christina? Are you lying about your past to cover up Chris' mistake?” All the questions had got on my nerve but the last one made me stop. I handed Christina to Seiko and told her to go in the waiting room or whatever the s*** was called. I was clearly pissed the f*** off and didn't know what the hell I was talking about. I turned to the reporter and he had a look of fear in his eyes. ”What do you mean did I lie to cover up Chris' mistake? My child is not Chris' he knows that. I wouldn't lie about being raped by my own damn father. I don't need his money when I make my own, and I make a good ass amount. If I was with Chris so Christina would have a father figure, I would've never even held his hand. Did you just call my child a mistake? Be glad I actually have some class because your damn nose would've been broken if you asked a hoodrat where I'm from that question.” I turned and walked away and grabbed Christina. ”You cool?” Chris asked. I nodded and kissed Christina's lips. ”Mommy loves you.” She kissed my cheek and hugged me. We walked out the airport to the private jet and got on. I walked to the front and laid down as Christina yawned. I rocked her to sleep because she was extremely afraid of the plane when it took off. ”Hey kiddo. You want me to wait this time?” The pilot asked. He was so nice. The past three trips he waited for Christina to fall asleep before he took off. ”Yes. Thanks so much Geoffrey, they don't pay you enough.” He smirked and tipped his hat. ”I don't need to get paid to do something I love.” I smiled and nodded. Avery came to the front with Hood, Red, Keeis, Mijo, and Briana behind him. ”Aye girl! You hungry?!” Red asked. I smacked him upside his head and he looked at me. ”She sleep nigga!” I whispered. He apologized and sat down. I got Christina's chair and buckled her up. ”I'll be back. We clear G.” I said into the intercom. He said alright and went through the routine that we never followed because we niggas......I'm just playing! But we didn't follow the proper procedures, except for when it came to Christina. I was on that s*** like white was on rice. I checked Christina's seat twice and Avery laughed. ”Damn Ki. Calm down. She is alright. I promise nothing is going to happen.” I sighed and looked at him. I got on my knees and began to slide to the back. ”What the hell you doing?” Keeis asked. ”I'm going to the back. A nigga feet hurt, damn.” He threw his hands up and I passed through the middle as Seiko and Mijo were making out. ”As long as I don't walk in on yall f***ing, I'm scraight.” I said in a country accent. ”Did this b**** just say scraight?” I nodded and smiled at Seiko. I took Mijo's shades and put them on my face. He smacked his lips and got up to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. ”Thank you, kind sir.” I giggled as he rolled his eyes and knocked on Chris' door. ”Yeah?” Chris opened the door. ”Special annoying ass delivery.” I looked up at Chris and waved. ”Hey Mr. Brown!” He shook his head and took me from Mijo. ”Thanks. I was getting lonely back here.” I poked my bottom lip out and kissed his cheek. ”Sweet Chrissy. Would you be my? Sweet love for...a lifetime? I'll be there, when you need me. Just call, and recieve me!” I sung. He laughed and shut the door behind him. He sat me down on his lap and hooked up his laptop to my his phone. I gasped as his voicemail came on with his and my voice. ”Hey wassup, this is.... Oh Chris motherf***ing brown!” I moaned. I looked at Chris and he played that part over and over. ”I don't like you. Change it!” I demanded. He nodded and pressed the record button and handed me the phone. ”Yo! This be C-Breezy! We in this thang breh!” I said, imitating E-40. ”Yo weird ass!” He exclaimed laughing hard. ”Yall hear how he treat me. I'on like yo ass. We ova! I'm done!” I joked. ”You know you can't leave me. I wouldn't let you.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. ”Thank you baby. I didn't plan on it.” He smiled back at me and closed the phone. ”That was just too damn cute!” I jumped and turned around to see Briana with her phone out. ”Wow. Stalker.” I whispered in Chris' ear. He nodded and chuckled. ”Don't make me throw yo ass in the engine.” She threatened. I got a notification from Instagram and opened unlocked my phone. When I saw the video on Chris' profile, he started to laugh. ”You so damn annoying!” I punched him in his chest and he rubbed the spot. ”Ow. That hurt.” He whined. ”I'm sorry. I love you.” He looked up at me with the puppy eyes and raised his eyebrows. ”Can I get a kiss?” I nodded and lifted his chin. I pecked his lips and he smiled when I licked his bottom lip. He bit my bottom lip and I giggled. ”Aww. Another one.” Briana cooed. ”Go away!” I yelled, throwing a pillow at her. She threw it back and walked out the room. My phone was going crazy as we got tons of likes and s***. I facepalmed myself for thinking that. ”Did I really just say and s***?” I asked myself. ”No.” Chris said looking at me. I rolled my eyes at him and took his laptop from him. ”You a bully!” He pushed me and got up and walked over to the bed. ”What the hell ever!” He flicked me off and laid down and put a pillow over his head. ”I closed his laptop and called Momma J. ”Hey baby!” I heard noise in the background, but I couldn't hear it from where I was on the plane. ”You must be in the front with the ratchets.” She laughed and said yeah. ”I just wanted to call and see if you need anything.” You could hear Aunt Sandra telling Hood to stop eating all the snacks and I laughed. ”No baby. Thanks. I'll see you. We still got 16 more hours to go.” I sighed, knowing we weren't going to make it there before f***ing some s*** up. ”Yeah. I love you!” I said as Chris began to kiss and lick my neck. ”Tell Chris to stop being freaky!” She yelled into the phone. I gasped and looked at Chris. He nibbled on ear and pressed his erection on my butt. ”He heard you.” I said, breathing hard to stop myself from moaning. ”Bye Momma.” Chris said taking my phone and hanging up. ”Chris! That was so disrespectful.” He shrugged and laid me on the bed. ”Would you rather for her to listen to us f***ing?” I scrunched up my face and looked at him. ”Who said we was going to f***?” He smirked and pointed to himself. I climbed on top of him and straddled him. ”Oh really?” I asked in a low tone, kissing his neck. ”Yeah really.” He moaned while grabbing a handful of my butt. ”You sure you can keep up?” He pulled my lips from his neck and looked at me. ”I'm sure. Are sure you won't run?” I laughed and nodded. He flipped us over and took off my hoodie and sweats. ”That's how I like it.” He licked his lips as he pulled off my panties and spreaded my legs. He took me heaven.

We finally made it to Frankfurt, Germany and when I tell you millions of people were here, I mean millions of people were here. They were screaming Chris' name and girls were crying and s***. I looked at some that flashed him and laughed. ”I like them.” He shook his head. ”Are you a lesbian?” He asked me. ”No! I just know a bad b**** when I see one.” I got my marker out and gave it to him. ”I think you'll need that more than I do.” I scrunched up my face and he started to sing the song I had sung with him. The song was a big hit! Girls walked around singing my part and they always asked me to sing it for them. When we touched the ground I had went to the front for the umpteenth time to get Christina. ”Girl! I have never been so tired of seeing somebody in my life!” Hood joked, or I hope he was. ”Really? I'm hurt.” I pouted. ”Hey beautiful!” I exclaimed as Christina came out the restroom with Briana. She smiled and hugged me. I put her coat on and grabbed her shades so the lights wouldn't bother her. When we walked out there were signs all over that had Chris' name on it. I smirked and laughed as he acted like a little b**** about it. ”All this....for me? Is my mascara running babe?” I shook my head and laughed harder. ”Kiana! Kiana! We love you!” Some girls screamed. They were all crying and trying to break through the security. I handed Christina to Momma J and walked over to the group. ”Excuse me Pat.” He stepped back and the girls cried my name. ”Group hug!” I yelled. About thirty different people joined the hug and I was getting stuffed so I pulled away. ”Can I get your autograph?” Some dude asked. He was hella fine! I smiled and grabbed his marker. ”Where?” He pulled up his shirt and showed off his 6-pack and chiseled chest. I almost fainted, but I signed his chest and he thanked me and handed me his number. I signed boobs, shirts, pictures I didn't even know existed, and everything. Chris had to do the same, probably more. I hooked up my Monster headphones and played Cameras by Drake. ”Word on road is the clique about to blow. Yee'n gotta run and tell nobody, they already know. We've been living on a high, they've been talking on the low. But its cool, know you heard it all before. Thats why I ask you, how you mean-” ”Yo, shut that s*** up!” Briana said. I stuck my tongue out at her and started to sing the song to Christina.

It was around 3 p.m. when we got there, so we had about seven more hours to kill before the concert. I called Drake to check in on him, because I WAS still his manager. ”Wassup sis!” He yelled into the phone. ”Why you yelling?” I asked, pulling the phone from my ear. ”Uhh. I'm getting ready to head to Frankfurt. I should be there in about two hours. Tay over here yelling at me.” I heard an object thrown and then he groaned. ”No Taylor I'm not f***ing talking to some random b****! This Kiana!” He yelled. I laughed at the two, she was always throwin' s***. ”Oh. Hi Kiki!” She yelled in the background. ”Hey beautiful!” After me and Drake talked about his and Tay's schedule, he said he loved me and hung up. ”Ki, I'm hungry!” Avery pouted, pushing Chris off of me. ”Nigga why you pushing?” He glared at Chris. ”I don't like you.” He joked. ”Whatever. I'm the best nigga you ever met!” Chris exclaimed. ”Nah, but you sure as hell the brightest.” Avery squinted his eyes. ”Shut up fool.” Avery laughed and I felt someone hug me from behind. ”Kiana. I'm hungry too.” I looked at <a href="">them</a> and then at <a href="">us.</a> We all looked kind of tired, but we all drooled at the mention of food. ”Okay. Where can we go?” I asked Chris. He shrugged and I smacked my lips. ”You the manager.” Mijo said. ”Assistant niga. Get it right.” As we were having this conversation, cameras were flashing and it started to hurt my baby's eyes. ”Yo! Can yall stop! She's going to go blind!” They didn't listen, they just continued to flash. I rolled my eyes and ran out to the truck. ”Mommy's sorry.” She started to cry and I kissed her face. ”Can you hand me the visine?” I asked Chris. We had taken three different cars so we would be comfortable and not squished. I rode with Chris, Briana, and Avery. Knowing that if he rode with Mijo and them, he would be high as hell right now. ”Pat, where we eatin'?” Chris asked him. Pat just shrugged and looked at the driver. ”I don't know.” The driver said. ”One sec.” I called that guy's number and he picked up on the third ring. ”Hello.” He said into the phone. ”Hey. This is Kiana.” He started to hoot and cheer with some friends I guess, I could hear others in the background. ”Hello? Oh my God. I can't believe you called me!” I laughed and Chris looked at me funny. ”Yeah, well. You and a friend can come hang with us if you tell us a good place to eat at.” He told us about some place with pizza and said that it was the best pizza in Europe. ”Word? That's wassup. Okay, I'll see you there.” He said okay and I hung up. ”Who was that?” Avery asked. ”Laith. He was at the airport and I gave him my autograph and he gave me his number.” Chris stopped kissing Christina's face and looked at me. ”Who the hell Laith? And why the hell he given you his number?” I smirked and grabbed Chris' cheeks. ”Is my Cwissy Pooh jealous? Don't be. He just gave it to me so I could call him if I needed help.” He rolled his eyes and took my phone. ”Here.” He said, giving me my phone back. ”What'd you do?” I asked him. ”Deleted that nigga number. You don't need any help.” I smacked my lips and pushed him. ”Whatever! Switch me spots Bri.” She got up and sat by Chris while I sat by Avery. ”Oh. Chris she's really mad.” Avery said, looking at my face. ”What you want me to do about it?” I pciked up the TV remote and threw it at him. ”Jealous b****.” I spat, picking up Christina. ”Oh. Okay.” He said. I told the driver to stop the car and when he did I hopped out. ”Bye mommy!” Christina yelled. I smiled and waved bye. I started to walk in the cold and I cursed at my decision, but I refused to sit in the car with Chris right now. ”Kiana!” I turned behind me to see Chris running after me. I picked up my pace and turned the corner. ”f*** off!” I yelled at him. ”I'm sorry. s***, it's cold.” He cursed. I flicked him off and kept walking until I ended up in a neighborhood that looked all types of scary. ”s***!” I yelled as a cat ran in front of me. I jumped back into somebody and I screamed, but they put there hand over my mouth and dragged me into a dark alley. I started to fight them off, and then kicked them in the balls. When they groaned aloud, I knew who it was. ”Chris? Oh my gosh! Why would you do that?” I hit him in the chest as he held himself. ”I'm sorry.” I said as I tried to help him stand up. He started to cough and groan as he limped to the wall. ”I'm sorry. I just I didn't know. I don't know why I didn't think about you being behind me. I just panicked and I did what any- mmm.” I moaned as he kissed me tongue and all. When he pulled out of the kiss he bit my bottom lip and I smirked, eyes still closed. ”Would you shut up now?” I opened my eyes and looked at him. ”Nigga don't get hit.” He walked up on me, towering my 5”2 structure of pure bipolar ass b****. But now I was kind of intimidated by him and turned on at the same time. I back up and my back hit the brick wall that had graffiti on it. ”You gon hit me?” He asked all in my face. ”If you don't back up.” I said, trying to hold onto the little composure I still had in me, but it was slowly slipping from me. He put his hands on either side of me, making it slightly impossible to get away. ”Really? I'm not backing up now.” I gulped and hit him like a sissy. ”That was a sissy punch.” I stuck my tongue out at him and he sucked on it as I moaned in his mouth. ”Stop.” I mumbled. ”Okay.” He pulled away and I smiled. ”I'm still mad at you.” I said walking out the alley. He hugged me from behind and picked me up. ”Put me down!” I exclaimed, in a laughing fit. There was a flash in the corner of my eye and I looked over to the right to see the papz snapping pictures. ”They always killin' the mood.” I said loud enough for them to here. ”Give me your camera.” I handed Chris the camera and he turned the flash on the highest it could go. ”That can blind somebody.” I said to him. He nodded and walked over to the papz and started snapping pictures. They covered their eyes and started to walk away and Chris followed them. ”How' it feel to have no life? How's it feel to cause a one year old to almost go blind? How's it feel to no if you didn't have this job your wife would leave you and your child would be calling a nigga like myself daddy?” I laughed at Chris getting angrier by the second, but they did deserve that. I pulled his arm and we walked back to the truck were everybody was waiting on us. ”Man. I'm about to die of hunger!” Hood yelled. ”Whatever! You hungry pooh?” I asked Avery, rubbing his hair. He nodded and handed me Christina. We pulled off to the place and I got a call from an unknown number. ”Hello?” I heard laughing and talking in the background. ”Hey! We're at the restaurant!” He yelled. ”Oh, my bad. We had to take a detour, we'll be there in about ten minutes.” He said okay and hung up. ”Who was that?” Chris asked. ”Who you think?” He pushed me and I laughed. I snuggled up against his chest and listened to the music as his heartbeat matched the bass.

Caught up!!! I come back from a vacay to this...all i gotta say is sh*t lmao..I'm speechless.."Imma put it down, she gone fall in love" RUN IT

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Chris gave Kiana ALL of the business and then some! Good god sexy like that has got to be done right!!!


finally caught up!!! so glad chris and kiana are together now! RUN IT

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