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They Don't Know

Kiana's POV

I watched as some of the girls on my team began to cry as the clock was winding down. We were down three and only had ten seconds to go. ”Special K, you have got to make this three. The team and the whole school is depending on you.” I gulped and looked at the coach. I gathered what little confidence I had left and nodded my head. ”For the team.” I said to myself. I looked over at my bestfriend, she smiled and mouthed, ”You can do this. I believe in you.” I smiled at her and dapped her up. ”Let's kill these b****es.” I whispered to her. She laughed and we walked out on the court. Our small forward got the ball and tried to pass it in, but the person that was supposed to get open, couldn't. I stepped hard to my left and ran to my right, breaking my defender's ankles. I got the ball and shot it without looking up. We only had two seconds on the clock and this girl smacked me in my face, causing me fall. I heard a swoosh and the crowd went wild. I got up and ran to Taylor as she fell on the floor. I pecked her lips and I could hear all the boys cheer. Tay laughed and got up. ”You have got to make this mama.” She tapped my lower back and I walked to the foul line. All the things my mom and dad told me came to mind and I got nervous. I did my routine and pulled the ball up and shot it. I left my hand in the air and watched as the ball went in slow motion. It fell like forever before the ball went in and my whole team screamed. ”Ladies and gentleman! Say hello to the new high school lady state championship winners of California.....The LA Jags of Jefferson High!” We all cheered and everybody in the stands came rushing down. Everybody picked me up and cheered my name. ”Kiana! Kiana! Kiana!” I cheesed hard as my bestfriend Drake gave me a thumbs up. I got down and ran to him and hugged him. ”Did you win?” I asked all excited. He frowned and I frowned too. ”Well there's always next year.” I patted his shoulder. ”Yeah. It'd be nice to win twice in a row!” He yelled exposing his shiny gold medal that was hidden behind his back. ”You won! Taylor they won!” I exclaimed. She ran over to us and we did our special chant. I loved these two. They were the only ones that really loved me in this world.

”Bye boo. Bye Drakey!” I yelled to Taylor and Drake. They waved and Drake rolled down his window. ”Don't forget the party tomorrow. We'll pick you up at eight!” He yelled. I nodded and walked to the door. I said a quick prayer and opened the door. It was quiet, too quiet. I walked in and shut it behind me. ”s***!” I yelled as a glass came crashing over my glass. I quickly looked up to see my mom running after me. I ran to my room and locked it. ”Bad move Kiana.” She sung. I turned around to see my dad sitting on the bed. I looked at him and tears rolled down my eyes. He licked his lips and stood, walking over to me slowly. ”I missed you.” He cooed in my ear as his mustache and smell of alcohol brushed my nose. He unlocked the door and I looked at my mom as she strolled in th door. ”Hold her down Kat.” She nodded and pushed me down. I tried to fight her off, but she held a belt up to my face. I didn't want any bruises on my face before the party so I gave up. ”I hear you're going to a party tomorrow ladybug, is that right?” She asked, rubbing her finger up and down my face. I slowly nodded and she pecked my lips. ”So beautiful. Do it Jerome.” She ordered my dad. He started to get undress and I closed my eyes as he took off my gym shorts and underwear. ”Please not too hard.” I whispered. He pressed down on my bruise that he had gave me yesterday. ”How about you just take the d*** babygirl?” I bit my lip and nodded as I cried harder. ”Remember stay silent.” My mom said, holding a knife up to my neck. ”Ahh!” I accidently screamed as he rammed into me. He was pounding me and all I could do was cry. My mother whipped me as I accidently screamed again. I felt blood trickle down my legs. ”s***! Damn, ladybug done got tight on me.” My dad moaned. I looked at the ceiling and prayed to God. ”Ahh! I'm almost there! I'm almost there!” He screamed. He slowed his pace and started to make out with me. He pinched my now swollen clit and I winced in pain. I felt him cum inside me and then my mom handed me a pill and water. ”Here. Tomorrow you'll get to eat.” I was thankful for the two medium meals I got every other day. I hadn't ate real food since Thursday. ”Now go to your real room.” She ordered. I got up and limped to the dark cold basment. I laid the old, dusty, dirty blankets down and laid on top of them. ”Here.” She threw my phone at me and threatened me, once again, about calling the police or telling anyone. Only five people knew. My mom and dad, me, God and Mijo. I rolled over and texted all my friends goodnight. I got a goodnight from all of them, but Mijo's had more than a goodnight.

Mijo: Again?
Me: Yeah :( It hurted so badly.
Mijo: Come over. I got you.
Me: Okay, see you in fifteen.

I walked upstairs and knocked on the door. My mom unlocked it and looked at me. ”Mijo?” She asked, smiling. I put my head down and nodded. She thought that since Mijo was my bestest friend of all time and rich that I'd put a good word in for her. She pushed me up the stairs and told me to put on something tight. Ten minutes later <a href="">I</a> walked out the house. As I turned the corner I ran the rest of the way. I told him I was going to be there in fifteen minutes so dammit I was. I limped a bit between my strides and finally made it to his house. It was beautiful. I called him and told him to come open the door. ”It's okay.” He hugged me tight as I cried in his chest. ”Um. Mijo, you want me to come back later?” I looked behind him to see some light skinned <a href="">dude</a> come around the corner. ”Nah. Sorry man. This is my bestfriend Kiana.” Mijo introduced me to him. He held his hand out and I shook it. I wiped a few tears away and Mijo looked at me. ”You can go sit in the livingroom, I'll go get you some snacks.” I hugged onto his arm, not wanting him to leave me here by myself with this stranger. ”It's okay, he's cool. He has a daughter too.” I looked over at the stranger. ”I'm Chris.” I nodded and looked back at Mijo. I let go of him and he kissed my cheek and left.

I was sitting down on the couch watching the game when I noticed the couch go up and Chris walking to the door. It was then that I noticed that the doorbell had rung. ”Yo Chris! Wassup Chris! Where the hell yo ugly ass cousin at?” I heard all at one time. Chris laughed and <a href="">they</a> appeared. They both stopped and looked at me and I looked at them then back towards the TV. ”Who is this beautiful lady?” The lighter one came up to me. ”I'm Shad.” I shook his hand. ”Kiana.” He smiled and kissed my hand. I smirked a bit and then the darker one came over. ”Omarion. You can call me Omari though.” I nodded and then focused back on the TV. ”You Chris' girl.” I shook my head no. ”Just met him ten minutes ago.” They nodded. ”Oh so you Mijo's girl?” Chris asked. ”Nah. I'm his bestest friend ever. We knew each other since we were in the womb. He just happened to be richer. My mom was his mom's maid.” They all just nodded again and then an awkward silence took over. That was when the door opened and in walked <a href=" ">Mijo</a> yelling. ”Yall niggas need to get yo car out my damn driveway!” I giggled at bit and Omari looked at me. ”You got a sexy laugh, ma.” I looked down and mumbled a soft thank you. He chuckled and I got up. I walked over to the bags and got out my fruit snacks. I took out a fruit roll up and put some Gusher's in it. I rolled it back up and ate it. ”Ugh, ma. You got a weird appetite.” Shad said. I shied away from them and made one for Mijo. ”Thanks boo. You heading up early. I rubbed my nose and he got it.

Me and Mijo came up with codes to tell each other things that we couldn't say in person. So by rubbing my nose, I told him that I was hurting really bad and I needed to lay down. He got up and followed me upstairs. ”Wrist.” He said walking up behind me. ”f***.” I cursed under my breath. ”I didn't do it.” I lied, my eyes turned a dark brown and Mijo shook his head. ”How deep?” He asked walking into the bathroom. ”Medium.” I whispered. ”You gotta stop this bulls***. One day you're going to cut too deep and then I won't get to see this beautiful face anymore.” A tear slid down my face. I had been cutting since I was 10, I'm 17 now. ”Okay Barry.” I sniffled, trying to lighten the mood. He came back in with alcohol and removed my bracelet. ”Damn Kiana. You cut deep as f***.” I nodded and grabbed the towel out of his hand. ”On three now. One, two, three.” I bit on the towel hard as he poured the alcohol into my deep scar. It was so deep it didn't even spill over the top, it just sunk in. I winced a bit because of the burning and pain the alcohol had caused. He put a band-aid and kissed my cheek. ”Drake and Taylor?” He asked. I knew he was asking if I had told them yet. I shook my head and began to drift off to sleep. ”They don't know.” I whispered to myself.


Two Months Later

Chris' POV

I was sitting down at the table when <a href="">Kiana</a> walked up from the basement. ”Hey Christopher.” I smirked and nodded at her. ”Wassup with you?” She shrugged and got a bottle of water out the fridge. ”Just worked out before meeting with Drake. He fired another manager in just two damn weeks. So now Tay wants me to be his and her manager.” I shook my head and laughed. ”I'll be back. I need to take a shower.” She bit her lip at me and nodded. I walked upstairs trying oh so hardly to get the images out of my head. I swear if nobody was in this house, I would've bent that ass over and f***ed the s*** out of her. I then remembered that Avery, Briana, and Travie had left about a week ago. There was a lot of crying, joking, and hugging going on. I got undressed and walked into the shower. I turned it on to the right tempature and hopped in. I was stressed lately. From the concerts and album hiting number one, a nigga has had no time to just chill with his secret crush. I washed my body at least four times and I washed my hair twice. When I hopped out, I brushed my teeth and used the bathroom. I walked out to see Kiana in the bed. ”What you doing in here?” I asked gripping my towel. ”Are you asking me what am I doing in my own room?” I looked at the door to see her name written on it. Our rooms were so alike I thought it was mine. ”Oh my bad. Well I already got my s*** in here so you can go bye bye.” She smacked her lips. ”Says who? The nigga that's getting hard looking at all of this?” I looked down and saw that I was showing through the towel. ”Yeah.” She smirked and walked over to me. ”Do I turn you on Chris?” I nodded and she traced her finger over my <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">body.</a> I shivered from her touch and she planted small kisses on my chest. I bit my lip and moaned a bit. ”Was that a moan?” She asked, stopping the kisses. I shook my head and smiled. ”You sure?” I nodded and she backed away. ”Oh okay.” She was about to walk out, but I grabbed her wrist and pushed her backside into me. ”I ain't letting you leave this time. I see how you be looking at me. Biting your lip and s***. I know you want me.” I mumbled into her neck. She started to moan as I nibbled and kissed her neck. ”I think you want me.” She managed to get out. ”Yeah. You want me?” I asked, biting her ear. She shook and nodded at the same time. I smirked and laid her on the bed. She puckered up her lips and I pecked them. She grabbed the back of my neck and deepended the kiss. I licked her lips and she opened her mouth a bit and I slid my tongue in. I began to explore her mouth and play with her tongue. She smiled against my lips and wrapped her legs around my waist. She moaned as I pressed my erection into her pelvis and she squirmed under me. I pulled away from the kiss and began to kiss her collarbone, down to her chest. I unhooked her bra and she took it off. I bit my lip as I looked at her golden brown breast. Her chocolate nipples were hard and ready. I took one into my mouth and she moaned. I bit it and she whimpered, but moaned again as I sucked on it. I let my tongue dance around it before doing the same to her right one. I took her right breast out my mouth and licked down to her shorts. I left a hickey on her hip and I began to pull down her shorts.

Her breathing quickened as I pulled her shorts to her ankles. I took them off and she looked down at me. ”Relax baby.” My deep tone caught her off gaurd, but she did as she was told and relaxed in the bed. I kissed up her thigh and left a hickey on both of them. I licked up to her center and stopped. I licked my lips at how delicious she looked. It was pink, hairless, and drenched. I gently pushed her legs into the bed and pulled her closer. ”You good?” She nodded and looked at me. She then rested her head on the pillow and let her legs hang on my shoulders. I licked her clit and she moaned aloud. I began to suck on her clit and she bit her lip, moaned, and was close to screaming, but I unlatched my mouth and stuck it in her. ”Whoa!” She jumped up and looked at me like I was crazy. ”Something wrong?” She nodded and I looked at her. ”That felt too good.” I smirked and kissed her inner thigh. ”Then I must be doing something correct. Lay back down.” She was hesitant at first, but she laid down. I held onto her legs this time and stuck my tongue back in. I was going slow, but deep and she was rotating her hips, matching my pace. ”Mmm. Chris.” She moaned. I smirked and picked up my pace. She stopped moving her hips and gripped my hair. She had some grade A pussy. ”No. No. Stop.” She whined. ”No.” I said into her, causing her to belt out moans. I pulled my tongue out and replaced it with a finger. ”Oh my gosh!” She yelled. She looked down at me and motioned for me to come here. I continued to finger her and she squirmed under me. As soon as I got in her face, she kissed me passionately. I licked the side of her mouth as she moaned and then pushed me off. ”I feel something. Stop!” I looked at her and she looked at me. ”You cumming?” I asked, still fingering her. ”No....I'm....i...don't...know...ahh!” She yelled. I got back down on my knees and rubbed her clit with my thumb. ”Chr...Ch...Chri....C...Chris!” She yelled. I felt something pushing on my tongue so I pulled out and water squirted all over my face. ”Ugh!” She yelled. Her legs dropped off my shoulders and she began to shake. Did she just squirt? Oh hell yeah! She's a keeper. I only saw s*** like that in pornos. I licked all the juices up and kissed from her chest to her neck and to her lips. ”You tired?” She shook her head and reached in the drawer beside her. She pulled out a condom and I looked at her. ”You was packing?” She nodded and smiled. ”You are so damn beautiful.” She blushed and thanked me. ” ready?” She nodded and I took the condom and put it on. ”You good ma?” I asked, when she looked at my size her eyes almost popped out of her head. ”It's so long and thick.” I smiled at her. ”Thank you. He appreciates the compliment.” I took off my towel and climbed on top of her. I pecked her lips and positioned myself between her legs.  ”Is it going to hurt?” She asked, worried. ”A little, but don't worry. It'll go away.” She nodded and I grabbed myself and lubricated the condom by rubbing it against her. Kiana started to smile and giggle. ”That tickles.” I shook my head and looked at her. ”Here we go.” She nodded and took a deep breath.

I started to slide in and she bit on her bottom lip hard. I kissed her neck and ear, trying to take her mind off the pain. ”Damn Ki, you tight as hell.” She smirked, but after I got my head in, she was breathing hard and biting her lip harder. ”You okay?” I asked her. ”Yeah. Just never had someone as big as you. It really hurts.” I stopped pushing myself in and she looked at me. ”You want me to stop?” She shook her head and wrapped her legs around my waist. I continued to push in and finally I was fully in. ”I'm in.” She opened her eyes and took her teeth from her lip. She had a dark red bite mark underneath it and I kissed it. I started to move in and out at a slow pace while Kiana moaned in my ear. After about ten minutes she was riding with the rhythm. ”Uhh..Chris. Go faster.” She moaned, biting my ear. I kissed her neck as I began to go faster and she dug her nails into my back. I winced a bit, but was cool after. ”Oh f*** Chris!” She yelled. ”Uhh. Kiana you feel so good.” I grunted in her ear. She put her head in the crook of my neck. I started to quicken my pace and deepen my strokes causing her to go crazy. ”Chris!” She whined. I pulled out and then rammed myself back in. ”Oh s***!” She moaned loudly as I did this repeatedly. She nibbled on my neck and continued to claw at my back. I could feel the blood pouring down my back and the stinging from the air hitting it. ”I'm....I'm....I'm about to....cum Chris.” She whispered in my ear. I slowed down my pace, but it was still deep. ”Go ahead, cum for me baby.” She bit her lips and pulled my head down. She kissed my lips and then I felt her start to shake. ”Uhh.” She moaned. I picked up my pace and she started to scream my name. Her walls began to tighten around me, almost making me nut. ”Ahh!” She screamed as she came hard I pulled out and let her flow, but after she was done. I slid back in and got to buisness. ”s***.” I grunted as I felt my climax getting closer. ”Damn. I'm almost there baby.” I slowed down my pace and then Kiana squeezed her walls around me again and I busted. ”f***!” I collapsed on her and started to breath hard as she did the same. When she exhaled, so did I. Our breathing was in sync. We finally caught our breath and I put my forehead on hers. She pecked my lips and smiled. We were both drenched in sweat and the bed was wet. ”That was amazing.” She nodded and smiled. ”That isn't over yet.” I scrunched my face up and she flipped us over. ”Damn girl.” She laughed and got a new condom and took the old one off. She slid the condom on with her teeth, and that turned me on to a new level. Naomi would never do that. She would always call me lazy, and give me attitude.

She pecked my lips one last time and sat up on her knees. She turned and rested her hands on my thighs while placing her hips above me. She slid down and my eyes rolled to the back of my head in pure bliss. I gripped her hips as she slid up and down slowly. ”Uhh.” I groaned as she speeded up her pace unexpectedly. As she moved up, I slammed her hips down on me causing her to scream. ”f***.” I cursed as she started to squeeze her walls around me again. She bit her lip and slowed her pace and started grinding on me. ”Damn. Keep doing that. Oh.” She leaned down and kissed my neck while bouncing up and down again. I gripped her butt and she moaned in my ear. ”Ride this d***. Don't be scared.” I whispered in her ear, biting it. She narrowed her eyes at me and smirked. ”You asked for it.” I laughed at her as she began to move fast. The bed bounced under us causing me to go up everytime she went down, making me go deeper in her. ”Uhh. I love you so much Kiana.” I whispered. ”I love you too Chris!” She screamed. I sat up and wrapped my arms around her. I started to f*** her from underneath and she loved it. ”Chris.” She moaned. ”Yeah babe?” She smiled and started to scream as I picked up my pace. She scratched my neck and I sucked on hers. I pulled away and she had a bright red hickey on her neck right above her shoulder. ”Uhh. I can'!” She screamed as she came right on me. I pulled out and everything flowed out. She shook and goosebumps began to appear all over her body. I smirked and kissed her jawline. She turned, facing me, and kissed me. All this time I felt a feeling I never had. Sparks, fireworks, everything! I felt new. ”Cupid shot somebody with his arrow.” She joked. ”Whatever. On them knees baby. We ain't done.” She laughed and got on her knees and poked her butt out. I took my time and admired the view. ”Play with it for me baby.” She took her hand and rubbed her clit in a fast pace. ”Uhh.” She moaned. I smiled at the sight and then I noticed her body was shaking. ”It's coming.” She whispered. ”It's coming? Or you're cumming?” She laughed, but then she came on her fingers and she collapsed. I licked up and down her lips and she somewhat moaned doing to her being so weak. ”Baby. You gotta get up.” I said, kissing her spine. ”No. I'm tired.” She whined. ”Sorry. But we ain't done.” She sighed and poked her butt back in the air. ”That ass boy!” I smacked her butt and she looked back at me. ”Chris! That hurt.” She pouted. I poked my lip out and kissed and carresed her butt. ”I'm sorry. That feel better?” She nodded and laughed. ”Will you just get it over with?” I stopped and looked at her. ”You ain't talking to me.” She raised her eyebrow. ”You the only nigga in here. And I don't talk to myself, so yes I was.” She said in a smart tone. ”Okay Kiana. You about to get it if you keep talking like that.” She licked her lips and said in a really low tone, ”Give it to me baby,” I smiled and rammed into her. She grabbed the headboard and screamed my name as I rammed into over and over again. ”I'm not about to do all the damn work. Throw that ass back!” I yelled, smacking her butt. She moaned and then threw it back. Everytime our bodies collidied, my knees got weaker. ”Chris!” She moved against the headboard and I pulled her hips back forcefully. ”Nah. You was talking s*** then. Don't run from the d*** now.” She screamed my name and I went deeper. ”No! Stop! I can't take it!” She pushed me off and ran to the corner. I laughed and she stuck her tongue out. ”Too good?” I asked. She nodded and looked up at me. ”Get up.” She stood to her feet and I turned her around on the wall.

”We stop when I say stop.” I mumbled into her neck. ”You got it?” She turned us around and slammed me against the wall. ”I got the pussy so I decide when we stop.” I smiled and picked her up and put her against the wall again. ”We stopping now?” I asked her. ”Nah. The shower is next.” I chuckled and let her hips go. ”Ahh!” She screamed as she fell onto my erection. I placed my hands up against the wall and began thrusting in and out of her. ”Uhh. Don't stop Chris! s***!” She yelled. I picked up the pace and she scratched my back. Her cheek was against the wall and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I picked her up and sat her on the dresser. She pushed everything off causing it to make a lot of noise. ”Shh.” I said laughing. ”Shut up and f*** me.” She kissed my neck and I bit her ear. ”Yes ma'am.” I turned her around and put her chest against the dresser. I started to hit it from the back and she and I were in heaven. I grabbed a portion of her hair and pulled it back. ”f***!” She moaned. ”Hold on! Wait! I here somebody!” I stopped and indeed you could here footsteps and laughing. I walked over to the door and locked it. ”Let them hear.” She had a toothy grin on her face. ”Glad you said that.” She bent back over and I started f*** her twice as hard. Christina, Dustin, my mom, and Aunt Sandra had went to some kids place and they don't come back until tomorrow. ”Damn. You still tight.” I slowed my pace, but she was a teency bit looser so I could get deeper. ”Oh Chris.” She moaned. The dresser was hitting the wall causing it to put a small crack in the ceiling. ”s***. I'm about to bust.” When I said that she started to throw it back hard. ”Ugh!” I yelled as I came. I pulled out and sat on the bed and she climbed on me. ”I didn't get mine and I was close. You're not leaving the room until we do it in the shower.” I laughed and picked her up. We made out as I started the shower. But when those curtains were closed it was a whole different story.

Kiana's POV

Chris is the motherf***ing man! Oh my gosh! I feel so great. I feel shocks and lightning all in my body. He was way better than Trey. Trey didn't last as long, Chris lasted ten times longer and he was a billion times better. After about two more hours, we got out the shower. ”Stop Chris.” I giggled as he poked my butt. ”It's just....damn!” I smirked and he wrapped his arms around my hips from behind. ”How long we last?” He asked me. ”Well uh...we started at around 1 and it's 8:30.” I said looking at my clock. ”Don't you have a meeting?” I gasped and ran to my phone to see five missed calls from Tay. I picked up the phone and called her. ”Hey sex monster! Did Chris really have you on the dresser or was that just the headboard. We've been downstairs listening to you scream and him moan for the past three hours.” I quickly hung up the phone and threw it on the bed. ”Oh my gosh. They heard me.” My voice went out after I said me, and I started to panic. ”I can't talk.” I whispered. Chris laughed and pecked my lips. ”Mission accomplished.” I hit him in the chest and he laughed again. ”It's not funny.” I pouted. ”It kinda is.” I pushed him off of me and started to lotion up. ”Let me do that.” I handed him the bottle and he took my leg and stretched it up. His eyes went down to my center and I smacked my lips. ”See Chris, I knew you couldn't do a simple thing.” I put on my underwear and bra and limped to the bathroom. ”Ugh! You ruined my body! Now I can't walk straight!” I yelled, my voice hoarse and raspy. My throat began to hurt and irritate me. ”I love you.” He cooed. ”I hate you.” He smacked his lips and came into the bathroom with his boxers and gym shorts on. ”I sorry.” He mumbled into my neck. I smirked, but wiped it away. ”You're on the silent treatment.” He smiled and kissed my neck and then turned me around. ”I'm on the silent treatment.” I opened my mouth, but his tongue darted in. He picked me up and sat me down on the counter, wrapping my legs around him. I massaged his legs and then rubbed my hands on his back. He groaned and I pulled away. ”You okay?” He nodded and I told him to turn away. He turned and I saw all these scratches and bite marks on his shoulders. ”I did that?” He nodded and I gasped and hid my face. ”I can't believe I did that!” I exclaimed. Well, whispered because the more I talked the more my throat hurted. ”Your voice?” I shook my head a and pouted. ”Your throat hurt?” I nodded and he laughed. He picked me up and put me on his back. We walked downstairs to see everybody including Chris and Drake's entourage. They were like family though. Mijo looked at me and shook his head. ”Why you ain't walking?” He asked. ”She can't.” Chris answered for me. ”Why can't she talk?” Tre asked. ”Because her throat hurt.” Chris answered again. ”Kiana! You freaky b****!” Seiko exclaimed. Tay clapped her hands and cheered. ”My bestie done turned into a freak! Chris turned her to a d*** monster!” She yelled. ”No the hell he didn't!” I heard Avery's voice. I looked at Shad to see him with his phone on speaker. ”I heard yo ass screaming! Best believe when I get down there imma have that ass screaming from this belt on that ass!” He threatened. ”Shut up. You ain't gonna lay a finger on my baby. I gotchu babe.” I smirked and kissed Chris on the lips. He walked downstairs and sat me on the counter. ”Bet. I'm on my way there.” He joked. I laughed and watched Chris as he made me some Chamomile tea. Mijo came into the kitchen and looked at me. By the way he was looking, he was pissed. ”You mad at me?” He nodded. ”Hell yeah! You broke my f***ing lamp and headboard!” I laughed and he mugged Chris. ”It' your damn fault. I'm the only nigga that gets to f*** everywhere other than a bed in this house.” Chris laughed. ”You don't f*** on the counter.” He argued. ”Says who?” When Mijo said that, I hopped off the counter as quick as I could. ”You're disgusting.” Chris said. ”Yup. That's why I love him.” Seiko said, coming into the kitchen and everybody followed. ”Don't sit right there.” Mijo told Red. ”Why not?” He asked, looking at him. ”Just don't.” I shook in disgust and walked over to Chris. He gave me my tea and put me in the corner. ”Damn! My nigga yo back is scratched up!” Keeis exclaimed. ”Kiana treated yo back like Hood do the plates when he eat.” Everybody, but Hood, laughed at Drake. There was a knock on the door and I looked at Mijo. ”You expecting somebody?” He nodded and walked to the door. ”Where the hell she at?! I got my belt!” I heard Avery's voice. I jumped and hid behind Chris. ”No! Don't let him hit me!” I whined in a raspy voice. Chris put me behind him as Avery came into the kitchen. ”Move Chris.” He said. I moved my head and looked at Avery. ”You didn't really think I was mad. I'm not about to beat you. Excuse me.” Chris moved and Avery hugged me. ”My babygirl grew up!” He exclaimed. I laughed and hugged him back. ”Now tell me all about it!” I scrunched up my face. ”Well okay f-” ”Not really! f*** wrong with you? I don't want to hear about that nigga breaking yo damn back!” I laughed hard at Avery's facial expression. ”Kiana I'm hungry.” Hood whined. ”When are you not?” He shrugged and I shook my head. ”Well. Let me cook. Everybody out!” They all walked out but Chris smacked my butt before walking past me. I bit my lip and he bit his. ”Horny muhf***as.” Alexis mumbled. I flicked her off and started to cook. I had a huge smile on my face and I saw that I was glowing. I never really glowed after me and Trey had sex, it was just a smile.

Avery's POV

I walked into the livingroom and sat on the chair I had claim mine before I left last time. My phone began to buzz on my thigh so I took it out my pocket and answered it. ”Hello.” I answered. ”I heard you back in town.” I smirked at the sound of her voice. ”I heard you pregnant.” She laughed. ”By you, yeah.” I smacked my lips and looked at the phone. ”Gi, quit lyin'. We both know I wrapped it up.” She smacked her lips. ”Nigga, nobody lying. I just want you to know before I got an abortion.” I dropped my phone and looked at Kiana. ”Gi getting an abortion?” She shrugged her shoulders and I snatched her up. ”Yo chill!” Mijo yelled. ”Nah. This is between me and my sister.” I pulled her out the house and pushed her against the car. ”You f***ing knew didn't you?!” I yelled at her. ”No. I don't even know who Gi is.” I looked her in her eyes and she had fear written al over her face. ”Get in the car.” I ordered her. She climbed in shaking and Chris came out. ”Where you going?” He asked. ”None of your f***ing bidness!” I got into the car and pulled out of the driveway. ”Here.” I threw her the phone and it landed in her lap. She looked at the picture and scrunched up her face. ”Her name isn't Gi, its Naomi!” I took my phone and looked at the <a href="">picture.</a> She turned red and picked her phone up and called someone. ”Chris! That b**** Naomi f***ed Avery when he was here last time, and now tryna pin a muthaf***ing baby on him!” She yelled into the phone. You could hear Chris going off and Tay loud ass talking about shooting this girl. We soon pulled up to the apartment and Kiana smacked her lips. ”She live at the same damn place!” She got out the car and raced up the flight of stairs. Soon as she got to the door she started banging on the door. ”Open up b****!” She screamed. Was this the same Kiana? What did they do to my shy little sister? I shook it off and Gi opened the door. ”b**** why the hell you at my damn door?!” Kiana reached back and slapped the s*** out of her. ”You f***ed my brother b****? You a low slut!” She kicked Naomi in her face and Naomi screamed in pain. ”Chill Ki!” I yelled and pulled her back. ”What the hell you going off for?” I asked her. ”This b**** used to go with Chris. He loved her hoe ass and she cheated on him with Trey, he was my man at the time sad to admit. She called Christina dumbass and then told her she wouldn't be good for nothing except for laying on her back and getting f***ed by my boyfriends. One second.” She punched Naomi in the face again and again. ”Whew! I'm feeling good!” She exclaimed. ”Okay Kiana! Stop!” She took a deep breath and rubbed her ear. ”Woosa! Woosa!” She calmed down and walked to her refrigerator. ”Naomi! You got some fruit snacks?!” I shook my head at her crazy ass, Naomi pointed to the left cabinet. ”Why you lie and say your name was Gi?” She shrugged. I snatched her up by her shoulders and she whimpered. ”No! I'm sorry! I just wanted to be with Chris. You had some bomb d*** and I knew you were Kiana's brother so I figured it was perfect to get closer to Chris.” I let her go. And walked in the kitchen and took all the fruit snacks. ”Bye b****!” Kiana yelled and walked out.

”Aye! b****es ain't s***, but hoes and tricks!” I sung. I blasted my Tyga as I drove to Tre's house. There was a bunch of niggas in red hanging in front. ”Get Tre.” Kiana said. A little nigga walked up to the car and started licking his lips. ”Wassup ma?” <a href="">He</a> said. ”She ain't intrested.” I said, Kiana smirked and looked at me. ”Who the f*** is you?” I laughed. ”Don't come at me like that. I got dogs that'll eat pussies like you for breakfast.” He pulled out a gun and I stayed put. ”Youngin' I advise you put that away.” Kiana said, looking forward. ”Nah. Tell yo nigga to learn some respect.” Kiana stepped out the car and got in his face. ”You disrespected my brother first. So you're going to apologize. He don't need to do s***. I swear I'm two seconds from swinging on your ass gun or not! Don't f***ing play me! b**** nigga!” She pulled the gun from his grip and threw it in the bushes. ”b****!” He raised his hand and smacked her. ”Aye! f*** wrong with you!” I got out the car and Kiana pulled me back. ”You hit like a b****!” She sqaured up and hit him in his jaw and he fell to the ground. She straddled him and hit him in his jaw repeatedly. ”The f*** going on?” Tre asked coming out. ”Old dude smacked Kiana.” I simply explained. ”Move.” He pulled Kiana off and dude was knocked out cold. ”Get his ass in the car.” Tre niggas loaded him in the backseat and Tre hopped in the front. We aproached a corner and it had niggas with all blue on. ”Blueberry lookin muhf***as.” Tre mumbled. ”Happy birthday!” He yelled. He shoved the nigga out the back and he fell on the concrete. ”Oh this nigga a blood? Kill his ass!” We heard somebody yell. They started to fire at dude's body and Kiana hugged me. ”Teach his ass to ever put his hands on a woman.” Tre drove us to the house and we got out. ”I can't believe you did that.” She whispered to Tre. ”Never touch my family. One day, niggas will learn. You should be glad I didn't give him the regular treatment. He would've got his fingernails pulled off. And then we cut off his arms and legs, feed those to our dogs. After that, we chop his ass into pieces and drop him off at his gang house.” Kiana gasped and clutched onto me tighter. ”You crazy.” I told Tre. ”Just a bit.” We pulled into the driveway and walked in. ”What happened? Why you got blood on your hands?” Mijo asked. ”Well Naomi ass was trying me.” She said. ”Why the hell you got a bruise on your face?” Chris grabbed her jaw and turned her head to the side. ”Some nigga hit her.” His jaw clenched. ”I'm about to kill somebody.” I pulled him back. ”Too late.” He looked at me and scrunched up hs face. ”Long story.” Kiana said, ending it. He nodded and took her hand, leading her upstairs. ”Yall bet not f*** again!” I yelled from downstairs. ”We will!” Chris yelled back. I shook my head and looked at Hood. ”Food done?” He nodded and pointed to the kitchen and fixed my plate. ”Where everybody go?” I asked them. ”Drake, Tay, and their crew left. Mijo and all the girls went somewhere. Omari left with Nina and Shad is upstairs with Angela.” I nodded at <a href="">them</a> and snatched the blunt from Keeis. ”Yah is just a painful ass book. It always ends at some point.” I started. ”Nigga shut yo bitter ass up!” Red spat. ”Fine nigga. Don't nobody love me.” I passed the blunt to Hood and he stopped eating, suprisingly, and smoked. When he pulled the blunt away, he started to eat again. ”Yo sister went in on this food, bruh.” I nodded. ”Yeah. I can't wait until she make my fried biscuits. I ain't sharing with nobody!” I yelled.

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Run It!

Avery's POV

<a href="">I</a> woke up to three different random girls on me, all naked. ”Whoa. What the hell happened last night?” I asked myself. ”I hopped up and one fell over hitting her head on the floor. ”My bad?” I patted her head then got up to take a piss and brush my teeth. I walked downstairs to see <a href="">them</a> making breakfast. ”Damn Kiana. Why you gotta steal my s*** though?” She looked down at the Kansas shirt and smiled. ”I don't know. Goodmorning.” She kissed my cheek and Briana kissed my forhead. ”Morning bro.” I told them goodmorning and sat on the counter. ”Yo! I woke up to two random b****es in my bed last night!” <a href="">Travie</a> cheered. ”I woke up to three.” I bragged. ”Aw. Yall some babies. I woke up to five. Unless you count the one in the shower.” Chris smiled, coming down the stairs. <a href="">He</a> pecked Kiana's forehead and she pushed him off. ”Nigga I don't know who pussy you've been eating so I suggest you stop.” I laughed at him. Chris had became my little brother over night. He was mad cool and honest, something I looked for in people I kick it with these days. ”I don't eat pussy, you have to be special.” He winked at her and she blushed. ”Nigga you ate my sister out?” I stood up and pushed the plate away looking at him. ”No! Calm down Avery! Damn! Always want to fight with people.” Kiana huffed. ”Since you can't get along with others. You can go eat in the corner.” I looked at Briana, she may have been able to that to me two weeks ago, but I'm a man now. I had my first foursome! ”I said now!” She took my plate and sat it on the table in the corner. I smacked my lips and stayed there. When Travie's plate came, I snatched it and started to eat it. ”Nigga the f*** wrong with you?” He pushed me and took the fork out my mouth. ”Them eggs are good as hell Ki.” She smiled. ”Thanks- hold up. No! You're not getting away with that s***. Go to the corner!” I smacked my lips and walked to the cornwr. It was cold as f***. ”It's cold Nicole.” I whined. ”Here!” She threw my hoodie at me and I thanked her.

”Wassup niggas!” Somebody yelled from upstairs. I looked up to see <a href="">them</a> running downstairs. ”Who is she?” I asked pointing to the last girl. ”I'm Nina.” She answered. ”Do you have to be so damn rude nigga?” Omari asked. ”Nigga when yo ass go M.I.A on us, yes I do. We supposed to be following you! Had us coming home at five o'clock in the morning. ”You should be thanking me.” I scrunched my face up at him. ”Fo what?” He smirked. ”That foursome last night.” I laughed and picked up my plate and sat it on the table everybody else was eating at. ”Why the hell was you in the corner?” Drake asked. ”I got in trouble. So I got put in the corner.” I mumbled. ”By who?” I smacked my lips. ”By my damn self!” I exclaimed. ”Quit lying Avery Damone Jackson!” Kiana yelled. ”Whatever. He wanted to be mean and Bri told him since he couldn't get along with anybody, he had to eat in the corner. Now go back.” Kiana ordered. I gave her the look that she always fell for. ”Please Ki, it gets cold as hell over there. I'm sorry.” I wrapped my hands around her waist and hugged her. ”Aww. Well I guess you have to get a bigger hoodie.” Bri said, rolling her eyes. ”Come on Bri. What if he gets sick?” Kiana asked. ”That nigga isn't going to get sick.” I fake sneezed and Kiana looked at me. ”You poor thing. Here, let me make you some hot chocolate.” I nodded slowly and sniffles. ”Thanks baby sis.” She smiled and nodded. I looked at everybody and their mouths were wide open. ”Power of being the older brother.” I smirked. ”Power of being a pussy! Kiana you bet not make him some hot chocolate......without making me any.” Mijo said. ”I'm suprised yall thought I was actually about to make him soke damn hot chocolate. It's Spring, the f*** I look like.” I poked my bottom lip out and she kissed my forehead. ”I still love you BroBear. You love me?” She asked in a baby voice. ”Yeah.” She smiled and hugged me. ”Yall can sit right there. Me and Briana will go in the livingroom.” She said. ”Ah! Lonely asses.” Tay spat. We all laughed and pointed at them. ”Hold the hell up! They watching Spongebob! Oh hell nah!” I jumped up with my plate and everybody ran into the livingroom. ”Mhmm. We some lonely ass people.” Bri mumbled. ”Shut up Briana.” Tay laughed. We continued to eat breakfast and then we all had to shower after.

Kiana's POV

After we got showered and dressed. We went to Mijo's new house. ”Christina! Mommy's home!” I yelled. I heard laughing and giggling and then footsteps. I looked behind me to see <a href="">Christina,</a> somewhat, running to me. She tripped, but quickly got back up and started running again. I ran to her to and picked her up and hugged her tight. ”Look at mommy's track star! I missed you! You missed mommy?” She nodded and I pecked her lips multiple times. ”I love you.” She smiled and pecked my lips. ”Luh you too.” She could speak so well. Maybe because I told her these things at least three million times a day. ”Aww. She's beautiful!” Briana cooed. ”Mommy?” Christina pointed at her. ”No. Auntie.” Briana laughed. She held her arms out and Christina looked at me, and as soon as I nodded, she lunged forward. ”Whoa! Got her. She's a big girl. How old are you?” Christina held up two fingers. ”No girl. You're one.” She looked at her fingers and held up her index finger. ”Good job.” I clapped and she did too. ”Move Bri. Let me get my niece.” Avery took Christina out of Briana's hands and went to sit on the couch. ”Hey! I'm your Uncle Avery. You're so beautiful. Just like your mom.” Me and Christina blushed and Chris smacked his lips. ”Don't blush at vampires Christina. They see all your blood and s***, and next thing you know, you're cheek is gone.” He joked. In case you couldn't see, Avery had all four of his pointy teeth enlarged, causing them to look like vampire's teeth. ”Don't say that stuff to my brother. I think it's cute.” I pecked his cheek and he pecked my forehead. ”More like a damn couple than siblings.” I looked at Shad stuck my tongue out at him. ”Don't hate.” I said, snapping my fingers and Christina tried to but failed miserably. ”Oh boo I ain't hating on you. I can get all that kissing from my papi.” She turned to Drake and they started making out. ”Ew!” Christina exclaimed causing everybody to laugh. ”We don't want to see all of that.” Momma J, Aunt Sandra, and <a href="">Dustin</a> came from back room. ”Baby!” Tay ran faster than I did and when she got there she hugged Dustin tightly. ”Oh momma missed you so so much. I'll never leave you again.” She kissed his face as he giggled. ”Aww. My babies got babies.” Briana cooed. ”Calm down. You are two minutes older than me.” I said, she stuck her tongue out at me and I did the same. I looked back at Christina and she yawned and smacked her lips twice. ”You sleepy mama?” Avery asked, she nodded and snuggled up in his chest. ”Take a picture.” I grabbed his phone and snapped a picture. I sent in to everybody's phone and they all said aww. ”What yall saying aww for?” He looked up at me and I smirked. ”You sent it to them? Ugh. I don't like you.” He whispered, seeing that Christina was sleep. I smiled and laid on his lap. I yawned and he began to rub my hair back and I drifted off to sleep.

Chris' POV

Everybody had left to go to the mall so they left me, Avery, and Briana here with Kiana. Avery had to go to the restroom and Briana went to make some lunch so Kiana was laying in my lap now. ”I gotta take a piss!” I yelled to Briana. ”Nigga do it look like I want to know that?” She yelled back. ”I wouldn't know I can't see your face.” I said in a smartass tone. ”b****!” She exclaimed, throwing a piece of ice down my shirt. I hopped up and almost dropped Kiana, but I caught her before she fell. She began to wake up and when she saw me she smiled. ”Hey Prince Charming.” I smirked. ”Wake up Kiana!” I yelled and she jumped out of my arms. ”Whoa! Swear you were just white a few minutes ago.” She said, looking at me weirdly. ”Answeres why you called me Prince Charming.” She gasped. ”I said that?” I nodded. ”Yeah. He almost dropped yo ass!” Avery yelled from the kitchen. ”Mommy! Mommy!” I heard Christina yelling. ”I thought she went with Aunt Sandra.” I said looking at Kiana. She shrugged and ran upstairs. ”Christie no!” I heard her yell. Me, Avery, and Briana ran upstairs and busted into the room to see Kiana taking a bottle of perfume away from Christina's lips. ”We gotta get to the hospital. Let's go!” She yelled at us. She ran down the stairs and grabbed everything in record time and was in the car before we could even hit the last step. ”Damn. They both some track stars.” Avery joked. We laughed and ran tto the car when Kiana honked the horn. Before I could even get the door closed she pulled off. ”Should I give her some water?” Briana asked. ”No! It's just going to wash it down into her body and could possibly get into her blood. Then she'll most likely get serverly sick.” I looked over at Kiana. ”I took a health class for fun once. You should try it.” She suggested. ”Oh.” Briana said, her and Avery had the same faces I had. Christina began to throw up and Avery jumped up while Briana began to panic. ”Will yall shut the f*** up?!” I yelled. They looked at me and quieted down. ”Mommy!” Christina whined. ”Chris take the wheel.” I took the wheel and she started to clean up and tend to Kiana. ”Red light!” I yelled. She looked back and stepped on the brake. ”Whew! That was- ahh f***!” Avery yelled as a car ran into us from the side. The car started to tumble and Kiana was holding onto Christina tightly. When it landed her head hit the back seat hard and she was knocked out. Briana and Avery had servere cuts and were knocked out to. I kicked the door open and climbed out. A lot of people helped me get Avery and Briana out, but Christina and Kiana were stuck. The paramedics and cops arrived and they pried the door open just as the car caught on fire, they hurried and pulled Kiana out and she was still holding on tightly to Christina. ”Kiana!” Avery yelled. Him and Briana ran over to her as I held Christina who was crying loudly. ”It's okay. It's okay. Cwis Cwis is here.” I hugged her and she sniffled in my arm. ”Aye! We're losing the other two! Help!” I looked up to see Avery and Briana knocked out. I ran over to them as they loaded all three of them in the back of the ambulance. It was huge. I picked up my phone and called Mijo. ”Damn nigga, you missed us that much.” I was actualy crying which caused him to ask what's wrong. ”Mijo! Kiana, Avery, and Briana are in the ambulance! We've been in a car accident! Just get to the hosptital!” I yelled into the phone. I hung it up when Avery's heartbeat machine began to slow down and Kiana and Briana's began to pick up. ”What's happening?” I asked paramedic. ”I don't know, but we're here.” He hopped out and there were at least ten nurses and doctors waiting for us. They put them on the bed and took me and Christina into a room. ”Sorry sir, we're going to have to take her.” A nurse took Christina and she began to cry hysterically. ”No! Daddy no!” She yelled. I was shocked that she had called me daddy and I jumped to my feet. ”I go where she goes.” Christina was still crying, and the nurse sighed. ”Fine.” She handed me Christina and I had a few tears sliding down my cheek. Christina was holding onto me for dear life, so I kissed her face to assure her everything was fine. ”Umm. We were on our way here before the incident.” I said stopping the nurse. ”Why?” I began to tell her everything and she gasped. ”Sir. You need to wait here. Did you let her drink any water?” She asked. I shook my head and she smiled. ”Good.” She took Christina again, but I put my finger over my mouth telling her to bequiet. For a one year old she understood things pretty well.

Mijo's POV

On the way to the hosptital, all the girls and I were crying. Those are my people and to know that they just might not make it scares the living s*** out of me. I called Meechie and he said he was pulling up now, and so were we. As soon as we got out I ran into the hospital. ”The three Jackson's from the recent car accident.” The nurse looked up at me. ”Be more specific please.” Tay smacked her lips. ”b**** how can he be more specific? You such a damn dumbass. Ibswear if those cops weren't right there my hands would be around your damn neck!” She threatened. ”We need to see Kiana, Briana, and Avery Jackson. Also Christopher Brown and Christina Jackson.” The nurse nodded at my mom and began to look through the files. ”Could you hurry up?!” Cympbonique yelled. ”I could.” The nurse said, that set Momma J on fire. ”Listen here. If I don't have those rooms in ten seconds. The minute you get off work, expect a gunshot in your damn head.” The lady was now looking for the files and found them with two seconds to go. ”Kiana, Briana, and Avery Jackson are in room 510 getting a blood transfer and Chris Brown and Christina Jackson are in room 518.” Momma J smiled and thanked her and we rushed to the elevator. ”Seiko calm down. You are gonna put yourself in a coma with all that damn crying and stressing.” She nodded at me and hugged me tighter. Meechie was up against the wall with tears running down his cheeks just like everybody else. I hadn't noticed the guys had started to cry, but they were. My mom was hugging and rubbing Tre's back as we waited on the elevator to arrive. When it did, we packed up in it, and in silence with sniffles here and there we rode it to the fifth floor.

”Briana! Kiana! Avery!” I yelled soon as I stepped into the room. Briana, Chris, and Christina looked at me and smiled. I ran over to Briana and hugged her tightly. ”Okay Mijo, I can't breathe.” I luaghed a bit and sat in the middle of Kiana and Avery. I held there hands and then I felt a strong grip come from Kiana's hand. I looked up at her looking down at me. She smiled and then turned her head. I tried to block her view but she gave me a stern look. I sighed in defeat and sat down. ”Avery!” She screamed. She pulled the IV's out and then rushed over to him. Her arm had blood running out, so I tried to get her to sit down. ”Avery wake up! Please Avery!” She patted shook him and hit him in the chest multiple times. She began to cry and Avery's chest went up and down. ”Damn girl. Why you hit me so hard?” He mumbled, his eyes still closed. ”Avery! Oh my gosh I thought you died.” Kiana hugged him tightly. ”Meechie bear!” Briana squealed. Meechie laughed and hugged her. ”Wassup ma.” She smiled and kissed his cheek. ”I feel lightheaded.” Kiana whined. ”Maybe because you just pulled a damn IV out of your skin and didn't get a band-aid.” I said smartly. I pressed the button and the nurse walked in. ”What's wrong Ms. Jackson?” He asked coming into the room. ”Her bipolar ass ripped the damn IV's out worrying about that bum nigga over there.” I joked, pointing to Avery. ”Nigga I heard yo ass was crying like a little b**** over my bum ass.” I smacked my lips. ”Why you gotta go there though? And I was crying over Briana and Kiana, like a real nigga.” He laughed and shook his head. ”You wouldn't know real if it hit you in the face.” I flicked him off and laughed. ”I'm about to go to the cafeteria.” I said getting up. ”Yeah, I'll go with. I'm hungry as hell.” Chris groaned, rubbing his stomach. ”When aren't you hungry?” He rubbed his chin hairs. ”When I'm sleep. Wait, I have dreams about eating so nevermind.” I laughed and shook my head. He handed Christina to Kiana and we walked out.

”Mijo, I gotta tell you something.” I looked up at Chris and nodded at him as I stuffed a few fries in my mouth. ”Christina called me daddy.” I choked a bit and looked at him. ”She what?” He repeated himself and I drunk some of my soda. ”What did you do? Did you tell her no?” He shook his head. ”Why not?” He shrugged his shoulders and bit into his sandwhich. ”It felt right, yah know. I felt all warm inside. I didn't want to sit there and say I'm not your dad, but at the same time I did. I don't want her to grow up and think I'm her dad and when I tell her I'm not she gets all mad at me.” I nodded understanding where he was coming from. ”Yeah. I understand. Kiana know?” He shook his head and I laughed. ”Chris, you're probably the first and last guy I would want to date Kiana.” He coughed and hit his chest and I began to laugh. ”Why would you say that?” He asked me. I finished up my food and grabbed the four cookies I got for Kiana, Avery, Briana, and Christina. ”Because. I see how yall act with each other. I want yall to get married too, have a kid together, live the life.” He smiled. ”Thanks man. But I don't think Kiana sees me that way. Plus she just got out of a disgusting relationship. I don't think that's a good move on my part.” I nodded and we walked in to see Christina on the bed with Avery and he was reading to her. Christina was also feeding Briana her jello and I started to laugh as she made train noises. ”Choo choo.” She chanted and put the spoon in her mouth. ”Ahh.” She said after, Briana opened her mouth and all the jello was gone. ”Good!” Christina exclaimed high-fiving her. ”She is something else.” Avery said, shaking his head. ”Here.” Chris handed Kiana the cookies and she bit her lip. ”Thanks Chris!” She shouted and hugged him. He laughed and hugged her back. She kissed his cheek and his cheeks turned a light red. ”Why you blushing?” Shad asked. ”Because nigga.” He spat. ”Because ain't an answer.” Drake chimed in. ”It is for me.” Chris argued. ”Mhmmm. You like Kiana.” Omari teased. ”And if I do?” We all gasped and Momma J squealed. Kiana choked on her cookie and looked at Chris. ”You like me?” She asked, with the puppy dog eyes. ”Yeah. Nothing major though. I mean who doesn't go through the face of liking you. You're beautiful.” She blushed and hid her face under his jacket he had given her. ”Aye! Stop all that.” Avery said, mugging Chris. ”Whatever. You know you love me.” Chris said kissing his cheek. ”Ugh! Nigga no! You too gay!” He exclaimed. Chris shrugged. ”I might be.” We all looked at him and busted out laughing. ”Chris gay? Ha. He couldn't be gay to save his own damn life.” Cymphonique said. ”Whatever girl. You know I like to twerk this ass.” He started to twerk on her and actually looked luke one of the girls in the video. ”Uh uh! Stop it!” Kiana laughed hard. Her and Avery were turning red, Briana was already purple. ”Weird asses.” I mumbled.

Briana' POV

A few hours had passes and everybody had to leave. I was watching The Conjuring and got scared so I rolled my monitor over to Avery's bed and climbed. ”Wassup lil bit?” He asked, his eyes still closed. ”Scared.” He nodded and turned my way. ”What about me?” Kiana asked. He laughed and scooted over so all of us could fit. ”This is so much warmer.” Kiana moaned. ”Weird ass. Moaning and s***.” I joked. She hit my arm and I laughed. ”Your heartbeat is weird.” Kiana said to Avery. ”Yeah. You laying on my chest with that big ass scar.” She gasped and moved her head. ”Thanks.” She nodded and kissed his cheek. ”When did it start?” He suddenly asked Kiana. ”What you talking about?” She sat up, looking at him. ”When did Jerome and Kat start beating and raping you? What else could I be talking about? You f***ing your uncle?” She had a blank look on her face and it looked like she had stopped breathing for a second. ”Kiana? Kiana!” I yelled, she snapped out of it and wiped a few tears. She got out of bed and limped to the bathroom. ”Look what you did. a**hole.” I pushed him and walked to the bathroom. ”Babygirl, you okay?” I heard sniffling and then Kiana's soft voice say yes. ”Can I come in?” I asked her softly. I felt Avery get up behind me and Kiana unlocked the door. I came in and Kiana shut the door behind me in Avery's face. ”That's cold Ki.” He mumbled. ”Too bad. Now leave me alone.” She hit the door and sat down on the floor. ”Hey. You okay?” She shook her head and began to cry in my chest. ”I didn't know he was my uncle. I thought he was a regular dude. I feel so disgusting. I feel like a cheap, dirty, family-f***ing whore.” I rubbed her hair and the door opened. As soon as Avery walked in, every toiletry was geting thrown at him. The stick of deodorant hit him in the chest and he dropped to the floor clutching at his chest. ”Oh my God!” Kiana wxclaiked. She ran over to him and held him in her arms. ”I'm sorry for making you feel that way. I didn't mean it. I know I did the same thing last night, but it and now were accidents. I'm sorry.” She nodded and hugged him tightly. ”It's okay.” She mumbled into his neck. ”No it's not.” Avery whispered looking her in the eyes. She looked at him and hugged him one last time before crawling to her feet. ”You looked like Christina when you did that.” She flicked me off and we laughed. ”Can I sleep in the middle?” I asked them. ”Sure.” Kiana shrugged. ”Hell no!” Avery said, laying in the middle. ”f*** you. Now scoot that ass over.” He smacked his lips and scooted over. ”Whatever. I love you two beauties.” I smirked and Kiana blushed. ”Love you too handsome.” I pulled the cover over us and we all snuggled up together and fell asleep.
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Run it

Mijo's POV

One the way to my house, Tay and Kiana moped and whined about leaving the kids. ”Kiana. Hang up the damn phone. I know Chris tired of hearing yo ass.” I was talking to her and Tay on the phone since we were in different cars. ”Fine. You're not my bestest friend ever. Chris you're hired.” She said, I gasped and touched my heart. ”Now you're just acting heartless.” She laughed. ”Now you know no one can take you and Tre's spot.” I smiled. ”I know that's right!” Tre yelled from the backseat of my car. ”Nigga shut up!” Tay spat. ”Tay, why you gotta be so mean to a nigga?” He asked, sounding hurt. ”Because, when you were in school, you were mean to me.” I looked at Tre. ”You were mean to her.” He smacked his lips. ”I called you beautiful all the time. That's not being mean.” I laughed as we pulled into the driveway. ”Whatever!” Tay yelled and hung up. ”Chris is pulling around the corner.” Kiana said. I looked at the corner to see Chris pulling around. You could see Kiana crazy ass turning up to Drake's song. ”They playin' it again!” She yelled. I shook my head and looked at everybody else. ”If we get in the house now, no one will see us being with her.” They nodded and we quickly made our way to the front door. When we got into the house it was super dark. I held onto Seiko's hand and she laughed. ”You scared?” I tried to look at her, but couldn't see her. ”Hell yeah. I haven't been here in a year. What you think?” She pushed me and I almost tripped over the couch, or was it the desk? I don't know. ”What the f*** yall doing in my trap house!” We all jumped at the loud voice and I ran over to the light switch to see Kiana and Chris bent over laughing. I mugged the s*** out of them and Kiana walked over to me. ”I'm sorry Chubby Wubby.” I kissed her forhead. ”You cool. I wasn't scared or nothing, just a little surprised.” I lied, she patted my chest. ”Sure. I know my thug wasn't scared either, hub Tre?” We all looked around for Tre, but couldn't find him. I walked outside to see him talking to Cympgonique and they were laughing and everything. ”Shh. Let's just go get ready. He bought to turn a Cympho into a d*** monster!” I whispered, Kiana hit me in the back of my head. ”Nigga! Why are you so damn loud?” I looked at her with the ”really” look. ”You're loud ass can't talk. But let's go get ready.” She rolled her eyes and all the girls ran upstairs.

”Nah, I don't want the budlight. I want the Corona.” Chris said. ”Make that two! You want one Drake? Make it three!” Tre yelled. ”Yall niggas better get up! I ain't getting s*** for yall. Chris is sitting at the counter. You niggas in the livingroom. Tried my life.” They laughed and came into the kitchen with the rest of us. <a href="">We</a> started to roll up and make jokes to past time. ”No. I'm still a mom Seiko, I can't show them all the ass!” I heard Kiana's voice. ”s***. I can!” Tay said. ”You got a ratchet ass fiance.” I mumbled to Drake. ”Hell yeah! And he love me!” I turned to see <a href="">them</a> and I almost busted a nu- ”What?” Seiko asked, cutting my thought off. ”Look at all that ass!” I exclaimed. ”We are some lucky men.” Shad said, still staring. Chris ass was drooling over Kiana. Yeah, I know. He does too, I don't get how Kiana doesn't get it. Her connection with him is just as powerful as ours, and that was since day one. Chris told me about when she was having Christina, and he held her hand, then he felt a shock go through his body. That s*** doesn't just happen to anybody. ”Should we go change?” Kiana asked in a soft voice. ”No!” Every boy in the room said. Well, every boy and Cymphonique. ”Okay. But I did this for my Nique.” She pecked her lips and Cymphonique smiled. ”No that's that s*** I like!” Tre exclaimed, Omari dapped him up and they laughed. ”Whatever, leggo!” Chris stood up. ”That's some catchy ass s***. Leggo!” Tay said. ”Yup. Now leggo!” He rushed. ”Wassup with you and rushing? I mean damn nigga. The party don't end until the a.m.” He pushed Drake and laughed. ”I'm trying to get twerked on tongiht. I hear all the big booty hoes are going to be there by eleven and it's ten now.” I shook my head. ”Single people.” I said. ”Wait, how many big booty hoes are there going to be?” Seiko asked. ”A lot. Why? Mijo can't go now?” He joked. ”No, I just got paid and I want to throw some money, but I can't be going broke!” We all laughed, thinking she was joking. ”Yeah, yall think I'm playing. When a whole lot of ones are on your head, don't say s***.” I stopped laughing and looked at her. She smiled and walked past me.

”Aye! Wassup my niggas!” <a href="">Meechie</a> greeted us. The smell of weed and alcohol filled my nostrils. ”Meechie!” Kiana screamed. That was Kiana's cousin, favorite one at that. ”I missed you ma!” He hugged her tight. Meechie didn't show up a lot, so the times he did, you better value that s***. ”Why haven't you been coming to see me?” She asked him. He scratched the back of his head and shrugged his shoulders. ”Thomas Jackson.” He smacked his lips. ”Okay. I went to the pen for about two years, I just got out today.” She gasped and pushed him. ”Why didn't you tell me? Had me thinking you were in Virginia all this damn time. That's f***ed up.” She looked at him and you could tell that he was trying to avoid contact. ”Oh, so now you can't talk. I got you. Come on Chris.” She grabbed his hand and they walked into the kitchen. ”You think she's really that mad?” He asked me. ”That's your R.O.D man, you left without telling her anything.” He sighed. ”I know I just didn't want-” I stopped him in mid-sentence. ”Don't tell me that. Tell her.” He looked over his shoulder and nodded. He walked over there and I turned around to see Seiko and Cymphonique getting twerked on by some girls. ”Wow. She's a straight dude.” I mumbled.

Kiana's POV

”You really mad at him?” Chris asked. I nodded and sipped the straight Ciroc in my cup. ”Why?” I turned to see Meechie and I rolled my eyes. ”I'll be in the livingroom if you need me.” I nodded to Chris and he got up. Meechie took the seat next to me and I just side-eyed him. ”Kiana. You're being ridiculous.” I scoffed. ”I'm being ridiculous. I had you're back since the 2nd damn grade, you would think that you would tell me you went to jail. That hurts to know that you wouldn't tell me.” My voice broke a bit, and he hugged me tight. A few tears fell before I wiggled my way out of his grip. ”Why didn't you tell me?” He looked down and then back up at me. ”I was a role model to you. You did everything I did and thought that s*** was cool. When I smoked weed, you did too. Remember when I started selling?” I nodded and shook my head. ”Yeah. And I wanted to be your right hand man.” He smiled and put his arm around me. ”That's exactly why I didn't tell you. Your crazy ass would've tried to go to jail too.” I laughed, knowing he was right. ”True.” He laughed and kissed my forehead. ”I just didn't want you to look at me different. I wanted you to still be up under my arm everytime I came around. I didn't want you to be disappointed in me.” I looked up at him and you could see the shame in his eyes. ”I'm just disappointed you didn't tell me. But that doesn't mean that I look at you any different.” He smiled and I stretched my arms out. He hugged me and kissed my cheek. ”I missed these hugs.” I nodded and just soaked in the hug.

Chris' POV

I was sitting in a chair getting a lapdance from some random <a href="">chick.</a> She was good and all, but her ass was starting to hurt my d***. I looked over to the kitchen to see another dude trying to talk to Kiana. ”That's the fifth one.” I said to Meechie, he was super cool. ”Yeah. My babygirl got her cousin's look.” He said, rubbing his chin. I felt myself getting hard just looking at Kiana and the girl started to smile. ”Is that me?” She asked, I nodded and she bit her lip. ”Want to get a room?” Damn! Straight to the point. ”Nah. I can't.” She laughed. ”Do you have a girl or something?” I shook my head. ”I'm celibate.” I lied, she chuckled. ”Be serious.” I looked her in her eyes. ”I am.” She smacked her lips. ”Got me all up on you. I could've been had some d***. Meechie?” She smiled over to him. ”You was just grinding on my nigga d***, I don't want that. You can go ask somebody else.” She waved us off and walked away. ”Hoes these days.” Seiko mumbled, sitting on Mijo's lap. Cymphonique sat on Tre's, and began to roll up a blunt. ”Damn! She smoke? I like that.” Tre smiled in her ear. She pecked him on the lips and pouted. ”No! You can't like boys now!” She looked at me. ”Why the hell not? You like her or something?” Tre asked. I shook my head fast. ”She's beautiful and all. But who am I going to go hunting with?” She laughed and Tre looked at me. ”Hunting for what?” I looked up at Cymphonique and she lit the blunt. ”Pussy!” She exclaimed making me laugh. In the midst of the rotation I noticed that it started to slow down. Either somebody was hogging, or we had somebody join in yhe middle of the session. I looked over to see Kiana taking a long drag and facing Cymphonique. She then opened her mouth and Cymphonique inhaled that s***. ”Whoa! Imma need a new pair of draws cause I just bust a nu-” ”Okay Tre!” Kiana cut him off. I laughed and snatched the blunt from her hand. ”Bet you can't do that s*** again.” I challenged. ”Bet.” She waited for me to inhale the smoke and when I did I gave her a head nod. She opened up her mouth and I opened mine as she sucked the smoke in and exhaled through her nose. ”I'm in love!” Shad yelled. I shook my head and looked at her. ”Hey! That's my bad b****!” Kiana yelled, pointing to some <a href="">girl.</a> ”Damn.” I looked over at Shad and he was eyeing this girl, I mean dude was undressing her with bis eyes. ”Quit staring nigga damn.” I whispered nudging him. ”Chris. I got a woody.” I pushed him off of me. ”What the hell you whispering in,my ear for? Gay ass.” I mumbled. ”Move Chris. Let her sit down.” Tay pushed me out my seat and hugged whoever this girl was. ”Oh, my bad. This is Angela. My bad b****.” Kiana introduced. ”Really, why I gotta be all det?” She said in a ghetto voice causing everybody to laugh. ”Fine. This is my very attractive female friend, Angela.” Kiana restated. ”Well hello Angela. I'm Chris, that's Shad, Drake, Tre, Mijo, Meechie, and Om- where Omari go?” Everybody shrugged and they all got up and seperated.

Mijo's POV

I was up against the wall for support as Seiko backed it up and grinded on me. My legs were getting weak, but I kept grinding back. ”Damn babe. I'm about to take that ass down right here.” I joked. She stood up and smiled in my face. ”If you can find a room, this ass is yours.” I picked her up and ran upstairs. This was Tre's house so I knew where to go. I walked into the bedroom I used to sleep in when me and Tre were younger and locked the door behind me. I laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her. ”Slow down baby, we still got a full hour left before the next party.” Seiko said through giggles. I smirked and pecked her lips. She smiled and pecked my lips again. I began to kiss up and down her neck and she stopped me and took off her shirt and shorts. ”I'm the one moving fast?” She smacked her lips. ”Shut up.” She started to yake off her tights, but I stopped her. ”Leave those on. I like them.” She smiled and laid back on the bed. I kissed down her stomach and to her waistline. I slowly pulled her panties down and I could feel the heat already. I looked up to see her chest heaving up and down, trying not to moan. I gently grazed my finger across her clit and she shook from my touch. I licked her lips up and down and she moaned. As she grabbed a pillow, I stopped. ”Barry!” She whined. ”What? You didn't tell me what you wanted.” She smirked. ”I want you to eat.” I shrugged my shoulders. ”Eat what? Chicken, chips, steak. Something.” She laughed and pulled my face up to look her in the eyes. ”I want you to eat this pussy.” I smiled and licked my lips. ”Yes ma'am.” I spreaded her legs a bit wider and ran my tongue across her clit. ”Mmm.” She moaned.

Kiana's POV

You won't believe who I just saw! Trey stupid ass. I mean forreal! This dude is everywhere I go! I was looking for Chris, or Mijo, but I couldn't find them. Everybody else was gone too. I knew if I told Tay or Seiko, I'll be paying bail for them to get out of jail for killing this bastard. I looked over to see Meechie staring at me. ”You cool ma?” I nodded. ”I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when Jerome and know.” I nodded, not wanting to revisit something that I had gotten over. Now I was just trying to get over Trey. ”Aye! That's my nigga Trigga!” Meechie yelled. I looked over at him and then tried to get up, but bumped into someone and fell back into my seat. ”My bad ma....Kiana?” I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> staring down at me, smiling like yesterday didn't happen. ”I don't know why the f*** you smiling. You need to wipe that s*** off that damn face.” I pushed passed him and walked out the door. I missed my big brother and twin sister. I heard they were supposed to be coming down today, but I don't know where they are. ”Wassup sexy?” I felt somebody put there arm around me and I looked at there hand and smirked. ”I don't know you. So unless you want to keep that arm of yours, I suggest you move it.” He laughed and kissed my cheek, that was when I pushed him off. ”What the hell- Avery? Avery!” I yelled jumping on <a href="">him</a> causing him to fall. I kissed all over his face as he laughed. ”Okay, okay. Damn.” He sat up with me straddling him. ”This look so wrong.” He said. ”And! Muhf***as don't need to be worrying about this.” I said pointing between him and I. He shook his head. ”So? What the hell you doing at a party? When you got a kid at home?” He asked me. ”Please. Mijo's ass practically dragged me here. I had my graduation today. I was Valedictorian!” He gasped and picked me up. ”Yeah b****es! My sister was Valedictorian! All yall stupid asses better recognize!” He yelled. I laughed at all the people staring at him. ”Stop Avery!” He kissed my cheek and let me down. ”I'm proud of you.” I nodded and heard a familiar voice. ”Avery! I found Tre ratchet ass!” I laughed and he turned around while I stayed put. ”Really Avery. We f***ing ratchets already. Her outfit cute. Is her face?” She whispered to him, but I heard every word. ”Well damn b****! That is no way to talk about your sister!” I yelled at her, turning around. ”Kiana!” <a href="">Briana,</a> my twin sister, screamed. ”I am so sorry I wasn't there. I am so so sorry.” She cried. I smiled and little tears began to roll down my cheeks. ”It's okay. Your here now, that's all that matters.” She nodded and hugged me for another minute and the pulled out. ”Come on! You got to tell me everything!” She screamed while she pulled me into the house. On the way up the stairs, she snatched a blunt out of Meechie's mouth and continued to run. She ran to some door and walked in. ”Oh my God!” I yelled so shocked that I couldn't move. There I saw, Mijo's head inbetween Seiko's legs. ”Get out!” She moaned. ”Bye Seiko!” Briana cooed. She had came down a few months before I had Christina so she knew everybody, but Chris. She pulled me out of the room and I closed the door behind me. She found a room and sat me down. ”Everything.” She sparked up the blunt and handed it to me. I nodded and felt the need to pee. ”One sec.” She nodded and waited in the room as I went to use the bathroom.

After I walked out of the room I saw Chris and some girl talking. She was smiling in his face and he gave her the ”I just want to f*** you,” look. I smirked and blew him a kiss. He blew me one back and the girl turned and looked at me. I jumped because she was hit. <a href="">She</a> rolled her eyes. ”Why you blowing kisses at ugly b****es?” I looked at her and smirked. ”You the only ugly b****, here.” She rolled her eyes and waved me off. ”Come on Chris.” She grabbed his hand and tried to pull him. He turned towards me and mouthed, ”Save me.” I nodded. ”Um. Chris, mommy called. She said that daddy died and she was on her way here to get us. Please just hold me!” I pretended to cry and the girl gasped. ”I am so so sorry. Please, I'm sorry Chris. I'll let you guys have private time. There should be a room in the back.” I nodded and hugged her. ”I'm sorry too.” She patted my back and I took Chris to the room Briana was in. When I locked the door behind us we busted out laughing. ”Yo! I can't believe she fell for that!” Chris exclaimed. ”Whoa! How you get there? I thought you was behind me.” He said looking at Briana. I laughed and tapped his shoulder he turned and jumped. ”Holy s***!” He yelled, tripping over the bed. There was a loud bump that followed him. ”Chris!” I yelled. I wasn't trying to be sexual, but I sort of straddled him because he wouldn't open his eyes. ”Chris!” I started to shake him and Briana laughed hard. ”You're ass is totally grinding on his package.” I noticed that when I shook him, my body went up and down on him. ”Damn. All you had to say was that you wanted to f***.” I looked down to see Chris gripping my hips and smiling. ”What the hell?” He yelled when he saw Briana. ”Did I hit my head hard, because I see two of you.” I smiled and pecked his lips out of excitement. ”I thought you were dead. Oh, um sorry.” He smiled and shook his head. ”I still see two of you.” I smirked. ”Chris, meet my twin sister Briana.” His mouth dropped and she held her hand out. He shook it, but his mouth was still open. ”You should close that mouth sweetie. Don't want something to fly in it. Like Kiana's tongue.” She jokes. I glared at her and she kissed my cheek. ”Okay, back to what I said. Tell me everything.” I nodded and helped Chris up.

After I finished telling Briana everything, there were tears rolling down her cheeks. She hugged me tight and kissed my forehead. ”I'm sorry. Hold up. Where that bastard Trey at? He here?” I nodded and she smirked. ”I'll be back.” I grabbed her hand. ”No. I'll go with you.” She nodded and I grabbed Chris' hand. We walked downstairs and Briana told us to split up. ”No. I already lost you once, I don't need you in jail now.” She sighed and I looked at Chris. ”I'll go this way.” I nodded and he walked away. ”You said Trey was sexy, burnt chocolate, bright smile, fresh,cut, tats to his elbows, and built, right?” She asked. ”Yeah.” She walked into the kitchen and my heart stopped. Trey looked at us and had confusion written all over his face. ”Leave now.” Briana gritted to his boys. ”b**** I don't knowbwho the f*** you-” ”Nigga I know yo ass heard my sister. She said leave.” I turned to see Avery holding a gun to ole dude's head. ”Aye man! I don't want no trouble.” The punk ass nigga pleaded. ”You won't get none if you just leave.” They all nodded and left. Avery then pointed the gun to Trey's head. ”Name one good reason I shouldn't put a bullet through your head, UNCLE Tremaine?” Trey stared at Avery and smirked. ”Avery put that down.” I said softly. He looked at me and saw the dear in my eyes. He put his gun down and then punched the s*** out of Trey. Trey recovered quickly and punched Avery in his jaw. Trey tackled Avery to the ground and they were going at it, blow by blow. Avery fell pretty hard on the floor and winced loudly in pain. ”Stop! Stop it Avery and Trey! Please stop!” I yelled at the two, they were acting like animals. Avery was winning and he punched Trey one good time and got up. ”Move!” I pushed Meechie out the way and looked at Avery's face. ”Are you okay? Does it hurt? Want some ice?” He smirked and kissed my forehead. ”I'm good ma. Sometimes you act like your the older sibling.” I laughed and hugged him tight. ”Ah! That hurts.” I released him quickly and told him to wait right there. I walked to the freezer and got a bag of ice out. ”Here. Come upstairs with me.” He nodded and as we walked through the livingroom, people stared. ”The f*** yall looking at?” I snapped. ”Damn. You supposed to be nice.” I smacked my lips. ”Nigga I'm what the f*** I want to be. Right now I'm mad because yall rude asses staring. Turn the f*** around and get a lapdance from one of these thirsty hoes.” I spat and walked upstairs. ”She a b****.” I heard someone say. ”Damn right!” I yelled. ”Ahh! Quit yelling. My damn head hurt.” I looked at his ear to see a cut and I walked him to the master's bedroom. ”Lay down.” He did as he was told and I walked into the bathroom to get a paper towel, band-aids, and rubbing alcohol. He had multiple cuts on his face, which made me laugh. ”What's so funny?” I pointed at him and he scrunched up his face. ”Me?” I nodded and smirked. ”Why am I funny now? Wasn't I scary ten minutes ago?” I laughed at him again. ”No, but seriously. We gotta talk about a lot of s***.” I noded and sat on the bed. ”Take this off.” I tolde him, referring to his hoodie. He sat up and whinced a bit. ”s*** that hurts.” My eyes bulged when I saw his bruised hip and stomach. ”Dude, that s*** look like a blueberry.” He looked at me and looked down. ”Kiana! How the hell did that happen?” I gave him the ”really” look and he smacked his lips. ”I ain't hit the floor that hard.” He said. ”It looks like Trey did more body damage then face damage.” He pushed me by my chest and I grabbed my boobs. ”Bruh!” I exclaimed. ”Sorry. Last time I saw you you're boobs weren't that big. You looked boobless.” I almost punched him in his stomach, but controlled myself. ”Nigga, I almost punched you in that damn stomach. Plus, I just stopped breastfeeding like two weeks ago.” He made a nasty face and covered his ears. ”Ugh! I don't want to know that s***!” I laughed and he did too. ”You're so beautiful.” I blushed. ”Thanks BroBear.” I pecked his cheek and got out a paper towel and put alcohol on it. ”Will that burn?” He asked with a worried face. I was about to say no, but remembered that time he made me eat chitlins and told me they tasted better than chicken. ”Nah. Trust me.” He nodded and I wiped it over his scratch, he yelped in pain. This nigga could get shot, fall from a building, get on the highest roller coaster, or get chased by hungry ass wolves and not scream. But when it came to alcohol or any burning medication, this nigga was a little b****. ”You said it wouldn't burn!” I closed my mouth from yelling back at him, then I remembered I'm grown. ”Nigga you said that chitlins were good as hell! Now quit being a little b****!” He smacked his lips and waved me off. ”Just put the s*** on.” I smirked and started to clean all his blood off. While I cleaned him up there was a knock on the door. ”Who it be?” Avery asked. ”It be me me me and Timothy!” I laughed at Mijo stupid ass. ”Come in Chubby Wubby!” Mijo came in hyped as hell. ”My nigga!” He came over to Avery, but stopped in his tracks. ”The f*** happend to you?” Avery rolled his eyes. ”That muhf***a Trey. Nigga gon tackle me in a fight. I'm like, nigga just knocked me on my damn back and my hip start hurtin'. What type of s*** is that?” Mijo's face went from concerned to angry. ”That nigga is about to get his.” Mijo began to walk out, but I grabbed his arm. ”Stop! Damn yall acting hella ratchet! Did we forget this was the nigga that Jerome sent to kill my ass?!” I blurted. ”He what?!” Avery yelled. ”s***.” I cursed under my breath. ”s*** is right. Explain.” I sighed and looked at Avery. ”A few weeks after I had Christina, Jerome and Kat took her away from me for a couple of weeks. The day I found her, I met Trey and we clicked. He took me out to dinner, made me laugh, and he made me feel good. Over the months I became his girl, I fell in love with him and he supposedly fell in love with me, and then we....then we...uhh.” I was ashamed to say what exactly we did. ”They did the bidness.” Mijo said in a ghetto way. ”You f***ed that nigga?” I nodded and looked at him. ”What the hell is wrong with you?” He pushed me causing me to fall off the bed. ”Nigga what the hell is wrong with you!” I yelled at him. ”You f***ed your own damn uncle! That's what the f*** is wrong with me! I leave and you turned into a damn hoe!” I smacked the s*** out of him repeatedly until Mijo pulled me off. I looled into the hall to see the crew looking at us, everybody was there but Chris, and I needed him. ”I didn't know that was our uncle and you don't f***ing put your hands on me!” I screamed at him. He grilled me and snatched his hoodie out my hand. ”Nobody wanted yo stank ass hoodie anyway!” I pushed him out and slammed the door behind him. I turned around and jumped when I saw Mijo standing there. ”It's still okay to cry?” He nodded and I ran over to him and cried in his chest. That hurt to hear my OWN damn brother call me a hoe, when he knew s*** about the situation.

Avery's POV

I stormed out of the house, into the front yard, and to my car. I was about to get in until I remembered we had to follow the crew to Mijo's house, and they still had two more parties to go to. I rubbed my head with my hands and a tear slid down my cheek. I felt terrible for calling Kiana that. I was completely out of line. ”What the f*** was that?” I heard Briana's voice. I wiped the tear away and she turned me around and slammed me against the car. ”That was so f***ing dirty for you to call Kiana that. You are such a f***ing a**hole!” She continued to push me into the car hurting my hip. ”Yo! Stop f***ing pushing me.” She looked me in my eyes and I tried to avoid hers. ”You need to apologize to her, now!” She demanded me. I sighed and whispered, ”I know.” She looked at me and then jerked her head forward. ”Well. She ain't gettin' any younger.” I smirked. ”Country ass!” She laughed and pushed me into the house. I walked upstairs and I could hear Kiana's soft cries. ”Mijo he hurt my feelings. I didn't know he was my uncle. He lied about everything. I don't even know of he loved me. Avery hurt me more than Jerome, Kat, and Trey combined.” My heart stopped and I opened the door, swallowing my pride, I hugged her tightly and ahe tensed up at first, but then she hugged me back. ”I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. Ibwas just angry, but I had no reason to say that to you. You are far from a hoe. I love you so so much.” It hurt me to know that I had hurt her that bad. She nodded into my chest and I looked at Mijo. ”I'll let you to have your moment.” He left and I looked at her. ”Tell me everything.” She nodded and began to tell me everything.

My heart warmed up when she started talking about this Chris guy, but my blood boiled as she told me about the raping, beatings, and threats she got from my mom and dad. ”Why didn't you come to Gerorgia with us?” She shrugged. ”I couldn't leave Tre and Mijo.” I nodded, understanding completely where she came from. ”I know how you feel. I didn't want to leave grandma, but she made me come here. I'm kind of glad I did.” She smiled and hugged me again. ”Come on. We about to head to the other house.” I grabbed her hand and we walked downstairs. ”Damn homie, you bagged that?” My nigga <a href="">Travie</a> asked me. ”Nigga this my sister! The twin of Briana! Briana as in the one that you drove with for four days just to get here.” He oh'd. ”Sorry, I'm Travis, but you can call me later.” Kiana smirked. ”No thanks. I'm cool. Travis is fine for me.” He laughed and looked at Kiana. ”Did I say something funny?” She asked me. ”Nah. He's just not used to getting rejected.” Kiana looked up at Travie. ”It happens to all of us. Well, not me, but majority of us.” She said, dead serious. I laughed and kissed her forehead. ”Yup. My sister ain't into that s***. No dating! Especially no niggas like you.” He touched his chest and looked hurt. ”What you mean by niggas like me?” I smacked my lips. ”Nigga you was just ranting on the way here about how many b****es you were gonna f***.” Kiana smacked her lips. ”I am not a b****. So don't try me.” He put his hands up in defeat and shook his head. ”Aye! Yall ready to go?” Tay, loud ass asked. ”Yes Mrs. Graham. We are ready!” I joked. She smiled at me. ”I love being called that.” I pushed her and she giggled while walking outside where everybody else was. I saw some girl laughing and smiling at Shad. ”Who she riding with?” I asked him. ”Me nigga.” He said, pushing me. ”I'm Beez.” I introduced myself. Only my family and close friends can call me Avery. She was neither, so she couldn't call me that. ”Hi. I'm Angela.” I smiled and hopped in my car, I got out and looked at Kiana hugging some nigga. ”Who the f*** is this nigga?” I looked at him. ”Who the f*** are you?” He asked, getting all big. We were the same height, but I had a muscle advantage. ”Avery go somewhere. This is Chris!” I oh'd and apologized. ”My bad bro. I'm the older brother.” He nodded and held his hand out. I shook it and looked sown at her. ”Riding with me?” She shook her head. ”You riding with him?” She shook her head again. ”Nope. I'm riding with Briana.” I scrunched up my face. ”Briana riding with me.” She smirked. ”No. Briana's riding with me. Your riding with Chris.” I jerked my head back. ”I don't ride with strangers. No offense man.” He nodded. ”None taken.” Kiana still had that damn smirk on her face. ”Well. Today you are. Love you.” She pecked my cheek and took my keys. I just shrugged my shoulders. ”You cool with it?” He asked me. ”Yeah as long as you don't try to kill me.” He chuckled. ”Only thing I'll try to do with you is smoke. Because my high is coming down.” I dapped him up. ”You might just take that dumbass place.” I pointed to Travie. ”Travie? Yo! Nigga where the f*** you been?” Chris asked hugging him. ”Man. I've been down in Georgia. How's Momma J?” He asked, I was confused and just got in the car. About five minutes later, they got into the car. ”Finally.” I sighed. ”Shut yo impatient ass up!” Travie yelled. I flicked him off and Chris started the car.

That bathroom scene though...that was some deep stuff. I'm so proud of her for not cutting again!
Oh how I love Christina she is so cute! Her and Chris' moments are too cute!
Both Drake and Kiana's speeches were great.
And I KNOW I say this ALOT but Kiana and Chris are made for each other!
It was adorable how they were taking pictures on the stairs and they were laughing like a cute little family!
Run It

run it

Run it

That scene when she was in the bathroom was powerful man..i felt that one in my soul...I felt Kiana's emotions and everything..very powerful...umm Chris..yeah you in love with Kiana..ain't no denying that in love dog...I swear he gone hit it graduation night..speaking of graduation..that was beautiful too. Drake propose YAY!!!!!! I'm happy for them..Kiana speech..had me speechless..Now it TURN UP't wait for what happens here..i hope don't nobody else get pregnant lol RUN IT

Kiana's POV

I had just got Christina to go to sleep and was now dosing off myself. I heard a silence all around the house and it reminded me of my favorite Christmas story mama read to me before the first time my dad raped me. I looked over at Christina and then at the arm I had cut her name in. All the scars vanished, and I felt like stress was building up. Is there such thing as feeling TOO alive? I felt like too much blood was running through my body, too much pain in my heart. ”One more. Just one more.” I walked over to her crib, kissed her and the walked into the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and walked over to the sink. I then looked at my reflection and almost jumped out of my skin. My reflection had cracked lips and you could see through her chest to her broken heart and pain filled eyes. Her skin was a dark pale, if there's such thing. And her hair looked like it was dead. ”You're an ugly whore! You deserve to be lying in a hospital, dying in agony. I hate you, you stupid b****.” It spat. I gasped and backed away.”No.” I cried. ”Yes! You remember the rush you used to get when you cut yourself?” I nodded. ”Well do it. This is how you look on the inside. So just do it.” I looked at her and studied her. She had a razor in her hand and blood dripping down her arms. ”Cut yourself Kiana. You're half past dead on the inside.” I took the razor and she smiled. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. ”Cut! Hurry before somebody sees you!” I hurried and pushed the razor down, but it wouldn't cut. ”What the hell are you doing?” I shook my head. ”It won't let me cut!” It was like a forcefield was trying to stop me and it was doing it. ”Cut stupid son of a b****!” I looked up at my reflection and down at my wrist and thought about Christina. ”I can't. I can't and I won't.” My reflection reached for me, but the glass all of a sudden shattered. I fell back into the corner and held myself. I couldn't let my baby think of me as a weak mother that didn't have a backbone. I was just praying that someone would come in that door and save me. As if on cue, <a href="">they</a> barged in, causing me to jump. Mijo looked at the glass piece by me and it had blood on it. It was from when the glass shattered and it cut my eye though. ”Kiana...” I looked up at him. ”I didn't do it.” He sighed, I knew he thought I was lying, but I wasn't. ”You always say that.” I showed him my wrist. ”But I didn't do it.” He looked at them carefully. He dropped down to his knees and hugged me. Chris just stood there in shock. Mijo grabbed my hand and took me into the room. ”I'll let Christina sleep in my room. Graduation starts in five hours. You can take a nap. I love you and you have to know, not everyone will hurt. Especially not anyone in this house.” I nodded and laid back, forgetting that Chris was there so my head ended up in his lap. ”Sor-” ”Nah you cool. Come on. I'll take a nap with you.” I smiled a bit and he laid back, with his back on the headboard. He pulled me back and let my head fall on his chest while he rested his head in my neck. ”You're not sleepy at all, are you?” He asked, I shook my head. ”You want to talk about it.” I paused for a moment. Isually never talked about it with anyone other than Mijo. I sighed and nodded, I sat up, but he stopped me. ”Nah. I like that position.” I smirked and laid back down. ”So....uh....why do you feel the need to cut yourself? Is talking not an option?” I giggled, he sounded just like Mijo.

”Ain't s*** funny Ki, you could've killed yourself.” I heard Chris' voice, bringing me out of my thoughts. ”I'm sorry. But you won't understand the mind of a cutter.” He shook his head and turned my whole body to face him. ”Then help me understand.” As I stradled him, I looked into his eyes. They didn't scream out pity, just like everyone but Mijo's did. Well, everyone that wasn't in this house. I snapped out of my head again and looked at Chris. I grabbed a red pen and grabbed his wrist. ”See Chris, when too much stress builds up here and too much pain is in here,” I said pointing to his brain then heart. ”you begin to have suicidal thoughts. But you don't  want to die too. You start cutting. And Chris, when you cut, the pain is there. And I know this sounds weird, but its like sex. When it's a girl first time it hurts like hell, no matter how gentle they are, but it's a good pain too. So when you cut,” I took the pen and drew a line over his wrist, ”and the blood pours out, you feel like all the stress and pain is leaking out of you. But just for that moment. Cutting is like heroin. s*** is addicting. So when you come off that high, you got to have it again. So you start doing it two days out of the week, then three, then five, then it becomes a routine. Everday twice a day. The high goes away quicker and quicker. So you kick it up to three times a day. And then you're satisfied. But only for so long.” I looked at his arm to see all the marks I had made on it. ”And when you come down, the stress kicks back in and the pain is now twice as worse. In your heart and on your wrist.” I looked up to see him crying a bit. I wiped away his tears and he chuckled. ”I feel gay.” He mumbled. ”With a sexy ass girl like me on your lap, far from it my dude.” I joked. He smiled and then looked deeply into my eyes piercing my soul with his eyes. I tried to look away, but couldn't. His eyes were hypnotizing . He then looked at the scar under my eye. He licked his thumb and wiped the blood away. ”Do you think you're beautiful?” He asked, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. I looked away from his eyes and nodded. ”Yeah.” I could feel my eyes turn a dark brown. ”You lying.” I looked at him and then I looked at his eyebrows. ”No I'm not.” I whispered. ”Yeah you are.” He mocked my voice. I shook my head no. ”So look me in my eyes and tell me.” I looked him in the eyes, ut couldn't bring myself to lie to him. I let my head fall into his chest and my tears fall down my cheeks. ”I don't think I'm beautiful.” I sobbed. He rubbed my hair and back at the same time, just like Tay did when I was upset. ”It's okay. I'll teach you how to love yourself. Cause that's what you got to do, before you love anybody else.” I nodded and he made me stand up. He walked me to my full length mirror and looked at me through it. ”Take everything off,  but your bra and underwear.” I hesitated and looked at him. His eyes weren't like Jerome's, they msde me feel sure that he wasn't going to do anything to me. I took off my clothes and looked at myself. ”What do you see?” He asked. ”Nothing.” He looked at me. ”Do you think your nothing? Like your worthless?” The words stung, but I nodded. ”What do you think about your body?” I looked at my body and felt terrible. ”It's a piece of s***.” He chuckled and turned me around.

Chris' POV

I turned her around and stood back. ”Now let me tell you what I see. I see someone who is hurting and stressed out. Someone who is trying to stay strong, but can't. I see someone that is beautiful, but gets weak at times. I see a beautiful human being. I see a strong, independent, sexy woman. This woman has got eyes that will make you stare at her. She's got a body that hypnotizes you everytime she walks past. She's got a mind made of steel. Meaning she's strong, but somethings can break her. Her heart is the most valuable. Because it's made of gold. She runs around helping everyone else, when she is the one that really needs help. I see a beautiful, strong, sexy, nice, funny, intelligent, black, single mother. Who is trying to make it in this world, but needs help. But doesn't ask for it, because she's afraid of getting hurt. I see Kiana Nicole Jackson, a girl that is one of a kind.” She had tears strolling down here cheeks and I wiped them away. ”Do you really think that?” I shook my head and she looked down. I put her head up and smiled. ”I don't think it. I know it. You're human, we all get weak and make mistakes. We just need someone to help us out and everybody in this house can be that someone if you let them.” She nodded and all of a sudden she kissed me. At first I didn't kiss back, but then I couldn't help myself. I forced my tongue in her mouth and she moaned. She pushed us onto the bed without breaking the kiss and played with my tongue. I grabbed her butt and flipped us over. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Then she startd to tease a nigga. Everytime I'd try to lick her tongue, she'd move hers in the opposite direction. I started to feel a bit dizzy and pulled out of the kiss, my lungs longing for oxygen. ”Damn.” I said, still trying to catch my breath. She smiled and climbed off of me. ”Uh. I have to get ready now. It'd look bad if the Valedictorian was late.” I nodded and an awkward silence went through the room as I got up. ”Remember that you're beautiful.” She smiled and nodded at me.

<a href="">The</a> guys and Seiko were standing downstairs, talking when Kiana came down. ”Seiko! Come get dressed!” She yelled at her. ”Ok bipolar ass b****! Damn. One minute your sad, then happy, now you yelling at the innocent.” We all laughed at Seiko. Kiana had asked her about five times to get ready, yet Mijo had convinced her to stay. She got up and Mijo slapped her butt hard. She glared at him and he smiled. ”Here I come.” She walked upstairs and I looked over at Mijo. ”You gon hit that later, huh?” He laughed and nodded. ”Well damn Chris! You could've waited until we got upstairs!” Kiana yelled. I flicked her off and she looked her watch. ”Sorry. Got graduation in a few hours. Can't be falling asleep.” She joked. I shook my head and waved the off. ”Chris, why you got pen all on your arm?” I looked down at my arm and laughed. I thought I had washed that off. ”I let Christina draw on me.” They nodded and Drake came in with Dustin. ”This nigga won't go to sleep for nothing.” He sighed and laid back. I laughed and took Dustin. ”Let the pro do this.” I started to blow cold air in Dustin face and he blinked slowly. His eyes got heavier and he fell asleep. ”What the hell you do to my son? Did you kill him?” I laughed. ”No. It's magic.” He scrunched up his face and just shook his head. ”Mhmm. He better wake up.” I pushed him. ”Nigga he is going to wake up.” I handed Dustin over to Drake. ”Oops. Tay forgot she had to dress the baby.” Kiana said, taking Dustin from Drake. He shook his head and laughed.

”We're ready!” Seiko poked her head around the corner. When <a href="">they</a> came around tge corner, all of the guy's mouths dropped. ”You all look beautiful.” Tre complimented them. They all blushed and smiled. Christina wobbled over to me and kissed her nose. She giggled and kissed mine. ”Ugh! You got boogers. Eww!” She covered her nose and shook her head. ”Let me pick them.” She giggled as I tried to pry her hand from her nose. For a one year old, she was strong as hell. ”Okay, leggo!” I rushed. My mom smacked her lips. ”Nope. Picture time!” Aunt Sandra yelled. We all smacked our lips and she mimicked us. ”Yall can get the hell out of my house if yall don't like. I don't even like yall. I only like Joyce, Christina, and Dustin. Everybody else can go.” Kiana giggled and took me and Shad's hand. ”Come on let's get this over with. I'm sure it's not that bad. It'll be over before we know it.” Tre chimed in. ”Yeah whatever.” I knew my mom. At prom, she took about 200 pictures. s*** was embarrasing. I stood up and we all walked over to staircase to take the picture. My mom wanted us to take pictures as three, then two, then all of us. ”Pose yall!” She yelled at me and Kiana. I wrapped one arm around Kiana's waist and held Christina with the other. I kissed Christina's cheek and she laughed, Kiana did too. She was laughing because I tickled her side and Christina laughed because......well. I don't know, she always laughs. It's in her nature.

After about 45 minutes, we finally left the house. ”Man Tre, yo lying ass said it'd be over before we know it.” Seiko pushed him. ”My bad girl damn.” I laughed as I walked to the car. I opened the door for Kiana so she could strap in Christina. We were all riding in different cars because we all had different plans after graduation. Momma and Aunt Sandra were going home with Dustin and Christina, and everybody else was going to Mijo's old house to change and then go party, guess we didn't really have different plans. I got stuck with Kiana, not that I don't mind. ”You want to play some music?” She nodded and handed me a CD, named ”Fortune,” I looked at it and scrunched up my nose. ”Who the hell is this?” Good thing Christina was sleep or she would've repeated that. ”” She mumbled. ”Me?” She nodded. I pulled up to a stop light and looked at her. ”Explain.” She looked at the light. ”Well....” She dragged. ”Kiana.” She sighed and looked back at her phone. ”Umm...i totally knew that you could sing before last night, but I just played it off. I had been recording some of the songs you sing to Christina, when you sing in the shower, or when you sing to me and you think I'm sleep. But I'm not. So the other day, I went to see Kevin, because he wanted to see Christina. I started to play with beats and add them to different songs. Next thing you know we got a CD called Fortune.” She spoke so fast it took me a while to refister what she just said. ”You what??” I asked. ”Listen.” She popped in the CD and my song from last year came on. She started to sing to <a href="">it.</a>

<em> What if the sky was turning red
I know we'd be safe right here in my bed
Laying face to face, oh girl, I love the way you sound
When you rain on me, so tonight let's act it out
Show you how it's gon' be,
I'm gon' kiss your other set of lips
Hold your body by your legs and hips
The world can't end until we finish Girl we gon'...

We gon' do it like it's 'bout to be the end of the world
And they depended on us to make earth shaking love
As we lay down, lay down
Telling me to go harder, go harder
Telling me to go deeper, go deeper
I feel your knees getting weaker and weaker
We can go longer if you just lay down, lay down </em>

I listened closely as I thought about something. That's what was missing! A female voice. I looked over at Kiana and she stopped singing. ”Are you mad at me?” I nodded and she pouted. I wanted to be mad at her, but how? ”No Kiana. I'm not mad.” She cheesed hard in my face and I rolled my eyes. ”We here!” She yelled like I didn't just pull up to the building. ”Really, I thought this was the gas station.” She smacked her lips and pushed me. ”I got her. You go meet up with them.” She nodded and thanked me. ”Let's go mama.” Christina whined and whimpered, but she end up falling asleep. ”Just like your mom.” Kiana always whined and cried a bit when she didn't want to wake up, but had to. I kissed her forehead and began to walk through the crowd, looking for everybody. My phone vibrated against my thigh and stopped to get it put my pocket. ”Hello.” I heard giggling. ”Hey! Where are you? Come to the front, we're by the soda machine.” I heard Kiana's bubbly voice. ”Alrighty, I'll be there in a bit.” She said okay and we hung up. ”Yo! My nigga! I'm proud of you.” I turned to see my old friend Fidel. ”Wassup nigga! Aye! We graduating without you, what happened?” I asked giving him some dap. ”Man. I got a real job down in Florida. A nigga don't have time for this. This you? She's a beauty.” He said referring to Christina. ”Nah man. This Kiana's daughter, Christina.” He nodded and smiled at Christina as she woke up. ”Hey beautiful, I'm your uncle Fidel.” She hugged me tighter and looked at him. ”Fiddle?” She said, me and Fidel laughes. ”Close enough. Bye sweetheart, and you better not forget me Chris.” I shook my head. ”I could never forget your crazy as- self.” He looked at Christina and laughed. ”Chris is a bad boy.” She smiled at him and then at me. ”Bad?” I shook my head at her. ”We don't listen to crazy people.” She pointed over at Fidel and said, ”Cwazy?” I nodded and Fidel scoffed. ”Rude. Well bye!” He waved and walked off. On the way over to Kiana, I was stopped by elders and middle-aged couples telling me just how beautiful Christina was. ”You should see her mother.” I'd say to them, they'd laugh and let me go. ”Hey you! What took you so long?” Kiana asked when I got to them. ”I was stopped by paparazzi. She scrunched up her face and I pointed to Christina. ”Oh. My baby so beautiful. Yes you are. Come to mommy.” Christina lunged out to Kiana and I laughed. ”Thirsty for that Kiana though.” She smirked. ”Once you get a taste, you just can't live without it.” I laughed. ”Well let me taste then.” She shook her head and I put my arm around her shoulder. We gave my mom our phones and the kids to Aunt Sandra. ”Okay. Be good for mommy and don't make too much noise, okay Christina?” Christina nodded and pecked her lips. ”Mmm. Thanks for the lucky suga.” Christina laughed. ”Chris?” I nodded and leaned down and pecked her lips. ”Thanks.” She smiled and grabbed Aunt Sandra's hand.

We all ran to the back to get on our caps and gowns so we could get this thing over with. ”Okay everybody! Line up! Valedictorian, salutatorian, President, Vice president come on!” The director said. ”That's you.” I said to Kiana. She was Valedictorian and Drake was Salutatorian. ”I'm proud of you two. Seriously.” Mijo said, hugging them both. ”Man you gay!” Omari exclaimed. ”Shut the hell up nigga!” Mijo spat. Kiana laughed and looked at Seiko, who looked at Tay. They all hugged each other tight and screamed I love you and all that mushy s***. ”Okay Kiana and Drake, I'm going to need for you guys to come on. ¡Ándale!” She yelled. They laughed and waved to us like we weren't going to be sitting in the front row. ”My baby got three cords.” Mijo said, pecking Seiko on the lips. She smiled and hugged him tight. ”Shad! Baby I'm so proud of you!” <a href="">They</a> came running up to Shad. ”Wassup Joie!” Tay smiled, knowing she didn't like the heffer. Nobody did. She was just accepted because it was Shad's babymama. Kiana loved Joie, and Joie hated Kiana. Just for the simple fact that Shad had the biggest crush on her. ”I told you about calling me that. We only talking because of my daughter, other than that. We.....don't exist. And all that baby s*** is going to stop now.” He said, I grabbed my chest and sucked in air. ”Oh! I felt that one all through my body. Ah! The burn.” I joked. Joie just looked at me and rolled her eyes at Tay. ”b****! Don't get s*** twisted! I'll take my gown off and beat that ass in this dress. Hold up! It's white, can't have dirt all up on my s***.” Tay spat. ”Aye! Cut that s*** out Tay. She is still the mother of Shad's daughter. I'm not saying you have to respect her, but at least have some decency to not talk bad about her in front of her own daughter.” I turned to see Kiana standing there with her hand around Drake's arm. ”Fine.” Tay mumbled. ”Thanks. Okay, bye you guys!” She smiled and pulled Drake to the line that was forming. ”Okay. Everybody in your places. Role call!” As the director went down the line, I couldn't help but stare at Kiana. She had been through so much, yet and still she found the light in her situation. My mom would love for me to have a girl like her. But I can't, because there was only one Kiana and no other girl could touch her. That one Kiana was what all the boys wanted, including me.

As we entered the arena, I saw flashes coming from every direction. I actually had to rub my damn eye because it began to burn. ”Yo! We made it b****!” My good friend <a href="">Cymphonique</a> whispered. I smiled and nodded. ”Yeah! We going pussy hunting tonight!” She said, causing me to laugh and almost trip. Yup! Cymphonique was a lesbian, but you could never tell. She dressed to impress......a guy. But always got the girls, I was the first nigga to be embarrased. When I first came to the school I tried to spit game and the first sentece she said to me was, ”You cute and all. But unless you got a vagina under them jeans, then I suggest you step.” I can remember that day like it was yesterday. ”Who you looking at tonight?” I asked as we sat down. She bit her lip and nodded up to the stage. ”Kiana fine ass. Look at that booty! Man, I'd eat her up like she was my last damn meal.” I wasn't suprised. When Kiana walked in the school all the boys got woodies and all the girls got wet. She was just that damn beautiful. And she wasn't mean to the lesbians, she just let them know she wasn't that type of girl. But when it came to Cymphonique, they pecked each other on the lips, called each other boo, they would hit on each other too. It was hard being around them without getting turned on.

About 15 minutes had passed and Drake had finally stepped up to give his speech. ”Hi.” He said in a shy way, everybody laughed and said hi. ”Well, I guess we can finally say it's over. The terrible acne, getting rejected by girls, the lunch food that was suprisingly good, the SAT's hallelujah!” He shouted. I couldn't help but laugh and then he calmed down. ”I'm not mentioning the homework, projects, hardwork, or teachers you didn't like, or students, because that's not over. After this, college or your education should still be in check. Not all of us are college kids, but all of us have a mind. And no matter what, we can always be smarter. No matter if you are mentally disabled, or just think you can't do it. Find a motive, I know if you can graduate, you can damn sure read a book.” He said, nobody gasped that he said damn. It was just a lot of clapping, he was speaking the truth. ”I have a motive my beautiful son. He means the world. I didn't know my father, and I won't let that happen to my son. I will get a better education, whether I'm a rapper or not. I'll cut in at least two hours a day for my little man. He's my world. And Taylor, she's the one that help me get here. If it wasn't for her, I'd be stuck in school again. We've been going out for 6 years now. And I love her to death.” I looked over at Tay and she was crying. Drake called over the principle and whispered something in her ear. The principle smiled and nodded. ”Ms. Brown, would you come up here, please?” Tay stood up and walked on the stage. ”I know we've been through a lot, sometimes it was just too much to handle, and sometimes it just wasn't enough. But through thick and thin, you were there. You always were. It took two long, hard, drama filled years to prove I was a good man and that I wouldn't hurt you. But I did and I'm sorry for that. I'm a man and men make mistakes, but I don't want to spend another day calling you my girlfriend. Taylor Teyana Brown, will you marry me?” She gasped and looked at the crowd. Drake pulled out a ring that you could see glistening from a far distance. ”Damn look at that rock!” Cymphonique exclaimed. ”Look like he took the Rocky Mountains and put that s*** on a ring!” Omari joked. ”Yes! Yes! I will!” She exclaimed, hugging him. A tear dropped from his eye and he stood up. Everybody was clapping for them and some were crying. Some as in Seiko, my mom, Aunt Sandra, Kiana, Cymphonique, and just random people. ”Okay. Sorry for the delay. Please give a round of applause for our Valedictorian, Kiana Jackson.” Everybody clapped and Mijo, Shad, Omari, and Tre all yelled. She smiled and blew kisses at them.

”Hey everyone!” She chirped. They all said hey and Christina said, ”Hi Mommy!” Kiana smiled and waved. ”Hey babygirl. Well, I can't say it better than Aubrey. It is over. Now we are grown men and women. We have to make grown choices. We have to think smartly on our future actions. We can't depend on mommy or daddy to hold our hand while we wander out into the world. We can't just say sorry and get away with things now. We have to think for ourselves and make wise decisons. I'm sure most of you know about my past. But if you don't, then you should know. I was raped by my father, ever since I was 9. And my babygirl, my sweet beautiful babygirl, is his. But that didn't put a hold on my education. I may have paused for a moment and went into some deep depression, but everytime I looked at her face and she smiled at me. I knew I had to be doing something right. I don't want her to grow up and say. My mom didn't finish school because of me, or my mom couldn't do two things at once. Not saying that mother's that didn't finish school are bad. I mean look at your child. They graduated and made it. I don't know anything about the future, but that's what gives me the thrill. I used to always wanted my future to be me getting married to a rich man, with one child, and a little blue house, and a white pickett fence. Then reality came into mind. No one in this room is perfect, no one. We all come with flaws, but what does that have to do with your future. Who knows? Coby there has two different colored eyes, might give him a lot of girls. Jenna is scary smart, might make her a billonaire, I have dyslexia, but I'm standing here right now.” Everyone in the arena gasped. ”She had dyslexia?” I asked Mijo. Him and Tay shrugged there shoulders. ”Yup! I have dyslexia. I was called dumb, stupid, weird, and slow in elementary. But I showed all those kida. And all the kids that made fun of me aren't here now. They didn't graduate, because they chose the wrong path. While everybody else read ten minutes a night, I read a whole hour. While they went over there math homework once, I checked mine three times. I had little strategies, just so I wouldn't mix up letters. When I saw a 'm' I knew it was a 'w'. A four to you is a one to me. But that never stopped me from learning. My idol, Stephen Hawkings said, ”One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don't throw it away.” All this time I was looking down at my feet, my friends were like stars in the sky. They shined bright and I wanted to be like them. They didn't shun me out. They accepted me with open arms. My first besfriend was Tre Melvin. For those who don't know. I was born in Compton, just a few blocks away from our high school. Those gates affected me. I used to see pretty girls walk across the railroad without getting checked for guns when they went inside this high school. Tre and my other bestfriend Mijo wouldn't let that happen. They refused to have me checked and not a bit of privacy for myself when I went to school. So they talked to my Aunt Sandra and she got my parents a new house and everything, and I was still in elementary. I lost Tre for a long time. Until about a year ago, I found him. He didn't know who I was, but I knew who he was. I gave him a attitude and he was mad until he knew who it was. But back to school. Without them. The new Kiana wouldn't be standing right here. She'd be sitting in the stands, here for Mijo. Yearning to be him. They helped me while I was going home to a beating every night, or worst. And I just want to thank you. I love you guys so much.” She ran off the stage and hugged Mijo as they both cried, she then pointed at Tre and blew a kis at him, and he blew one back. I got a little emotional and a tear dropped but I wiped it away. ”I saw that s***.” I nudged Shad and he laughed. ”Okay, now that that's over with. Please welcome the class of 2013!” The principle said. She began to call our rows and it was like time froze when she called my name. Never would I thought I would be here. Graduating with two cords.

”Babygirl that speech was beautiful! Had a nigga crying and s***!” Shad said, hugging her. Graduation was over! We walked outside the side entrance so we could meet up with my mom, Tre, and Aunt Sandra. ”Mommy!” I heard someone squeal. I looked down to see Christina running towards Kiana. ”Christina! Come back! Oh, she saw you. I thought she just took off.” Momma said, breathing hard. ”You good Momma J?” Kiana asked her. ”Girl, I'm tired! She took off running and so did I.” I laughed at my mom's dramatic ass. ”Apologize Christina.” Christina looked up at my mom and hugged her leg. ”Sowwy.” She cooed. I poked out my bottom lip. ”Aww. She forgives you babygirl.” I assured, picking her up. ”Yo! My man Aubrey!” I exclaimed when he came out the door. On his way over people shook his hand and congratulated him. When he made it over he had Tay with him. She was glowing and s***. ”Aww. Look at my little Tay Tay! She's glowing!” Seiko said in a baby voice. ”The last time somebody said that she ended up being pregnant. Let's wait at least another year before we tell her that.” We laughed at Drake and I shook my head. I felt somebody tug on my sleeve and I looked down. ”Yes Ms. Jackson?” She giggled and smiled. LWhere we going tonight?” I shrugged and looked at Omari, he was the planner for tongiht. ”We hittin' up three parties, but we'll be back around four or five in the morning.” Kiana gasped. ”I can't leve my Pooh that long.” She said, playing with Christina's hair. ”Child hush. We'll be here. At least you're coming back.” My mom said. Kiana smilsivhed and looked at Christina. ”Momma's gonna miss her baby.” Christina smiled and kissed her. ”Hey Kiana!” <a href="">He</a> walked up to her. ”Look who got sexy since prom!” Seiko yelled hugging him. Owen Lakeman WAS the school nerd. Guy was stupid ugly, but ever since Kiana took him to prom and cleaned him and his wardrobe up after, all the girls flocked to him. He was still stupid smart though. Me and Kiana had took the two people that didn't have dates. I took <a href="">Jenna</a> and when I picked her up from her house, I almost died. She was looking on point and that ass was something serious. I wanted to hit, but I had too much respect for her. ”Christopher!” I looked behind me to see <a href="">Jenna</a> walking my way. ”Hey Jenna. You look beautiful.” She blushed and thanked me. ”Chris!” Kiana yelled. She was pulling Owen by his collar. ”What?” She looked at Jenna and pulled her by her arm. ”Tell me why, these two go out! They ain't tell us s***!” I laughed and shook Owen's hand. ”Congrats. She's a great girl.” He nodded and pecked Jenna's lips. ”Okay. Picture time!” My mom yelled. We all just shook our heads and posed for the picture. ”Can't wait until your wedding, she's going to be snapping pictures and crying for hours.” Kiana mumbled while smiling. I nodded and did the duck face while Kiana mean mugged the camera. We laughed and took a lot more before Kiana and Tay's ass put up abhuge fight about leaving the kids. But my mom and Aunt Sandra convinced them it was okay. They asses still moped on the way back to the old house.

I'm glad Trey told her about the whole situation but that is sick AF that he fell in love with his niece that's disgusting. Seiko and Tay was finna whoop that ahh thou lol...ride or dies right there...Mijo and Chris cracked me up with that scene breaking glass and ish lol...Drake got signed..YAY!!! && he was on the radio...Them thirsty guys at the foundation lol...soo Chris and Kiana gone try this??? or nah??? So many it

Oh and I forgot

*Comes through the story for a slick moment and snipes Trey, throws him in a river and goes to the graduation to deliver the news of his death*
Them three scrubs at the fountain of youth seem suspicicious...
Ugh! Trey is sick af, but we already knew that so I'm not gonna dwell on that for to long.
Chris better get on that ass!!!!! That's a cold hearted MFer when messed with; I can't wait to see what happens!!!!
Kiana needs to see past her fathers nasty ass side of the family and realize not everyone has an alternative motive when it comes to loving her. I really hope she finds love....what I'm really trying to say is: CHRIS NEEDS TO STEP UP AND WIFE HER ASS!!!

Chris' POV

I woke up to something tickling my face. At first I didn't want to open my eyes until I heard the voice. ”Cwis! Up!” I smiled in my sleep and opened my eyes to see <a href="">them</a> smiling. ”Hey look. My two favorite queens.” Kiana smiled and Christina kissed my cheek. ”Come on king Chris, get up. We gotta eat breakfast.” Kiana tapped me. ”I'm up.” I mumbled, putting the pillow over my head. ”No you're not.” She took the pillow from under me. I heard a third voice and didn't feel like seeing who it is. ”This should do it.” The voice said. ”Chris get that ass up now!” I jumped up without opening my eyes. ”I'm up Kiana damn. Get out!” I heard a scoff and opened my eyes to see Kiana with a raised eyebrow and my <a href="">mom</a> with her hands on her hips. ”Momma, uh. I'm sorry.” I apologized. ”Cwis! Up!” Christina held her arms out to me. I reached down and picked her up. She hugged me tight and <a href="">I</a> laughed. ”Somebody loves me more than you.” I teased at Kiana. She rolled her eyes. ”I got your mom on my side.” She hugged my mom and she kissed her nose. ”Ma! Those are my kisses! Nobody gets the nose kisses but me!” I whined. ”Think again.” Kiana said. ”Come here mama. You hungry?” Christina nodded and went over to Kiana. ”Nobody loves me!” Kiana and my mom laughed. ”I love you.” Christina giggled. That really did touch my heart.

”Yo! Trading time!” I laughed at Drake as <a href="">they</a> walked in the room. ”Really? You're going to give him to me when he's crying?” Drake nodded at Kiana and grabbed Christina. ”Let's go eat babydoll.” Christina nodded and they walked downstairs. ”Dusty. Look at you handsome.” When Kiana said handsome, he stopped crying and smiled. ”Oh. You're going to get all the ladies with that smile.” She tickled his chin and he had a big grin on his face. ”Come on babies. I know yall are hungry.” My mom said. We both nodded and walked downstairs. ”Hi.” I heared Christina's sweet voice. ”Hey babygirl.” Everybody said. ”Hey! Here comes Michael Myers!” Omari joked. ”Oh ha ha. Not funny. I really almost stabbed that bit- I mean girl. That really mean girl.” Kiana stopped herself, knowing Christina was going to repeat anything she said. ”Eat.” Christina said, pointing to the food. Drake laughed and sat down. ”Thanks Aunt Sandra.” <a href="">She</a> smiled and kissed everybodys cheek before heading towards the stairs. ”I'm about to wake up Mijo and sleeping beauty. No seconds. Christina watch them.” Christina nodded her head and looked at the plate full of food. She then reached out and grabbed another strawberry and ate it. ”What?” Drake exclaimed. He reached out for another one and Christina tapped his hand. ”No.” I laughed at them and he looked at Kiana. ”Trading time.” Kiana laughed and handed Dustin over. ”Wassup with you Tay, you look tired.” I asked rubbing her back. She leaned her head on my shoulder and nodded. ”Drake had me up all night. I only fell asleep two hours ago.” I chuckled and secretly dapped Drake.

”We gotta go shopping Boo Sr. We don't have dresses for graduation. True that. We wearing white.” Tay said. ”What about me?” We turned to see <a href="">them</a> coming down the hall. ”We can't even say that their in the cupcake faze. They've been going out for two years now.” Kiana said. ”Wassup niece and nephew?” Mijo came over and picked up Christina and Dustin. ”Jo!” Christina squealed. ”Yeah! Jo!” Mijo smiled. He kissed her cheek and gave Christina to me and Dustin to Tay. ”Hey Seiko! We're going to the mall. You coming?” She nodded and sat down on Mijo's lap. Drake's phone rung and Kiana looked at me. ”You think that's it?” She mouthed. I shrugged and looked at Drake. A few months ago, me, Kiana, and Mijo were at my buddy's place and he had a studio. So Kiana hooked up her phone and played Drake's son called, ”Marvin's room,” and Tay's remix to his song called, ”Her room,” it was beast! I never knew they had so much talent, so my buddy played it for some friends and turns out. His friends are Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. Ross wanted Tay and Wayne wanted Drake. ”What? Are you serious? Wait, I have to speak to my girl. I'll get back to you and thanks. Okay, bye.” Drake took Tay's hand and led her to the hallway. ”That was the call.” Kiana smiled to herself. ”You don't know it could've been a promotion call.” She rolled her eyes and started to kiss Christina. I moved Christina back and kissed her cheek as she giggled. ”Drake! Call them back and say yes! This is a once in a lifetime thing!” I heard Tay yell. I shook my head, she always yelling. ”Okay, okay.” Tay came back in the room smiling. ”Why you smiling?” Kiana asked. ”Drake just got prompted!” Kiana smacked her lips and glared at me. When Drake came in we all told him congratulations on his promotion and he looked at us weirdly. ”What? I didn't get promoted, who told yall that?” We looked at Tay and she laughed. ”I'm the new member of YMCMB nigga!” He yelled. ”Nigga!” Christina repeated. ”No Christina! Bad.” She frowned and I tickled her. ”Mommy is mean, huh? Not like Uncle Chris!” She laughed and her dimples began to show again. ”Whatever. I'm about to hit the shower. I love you.” She kissed everybody's cheek, but mine. ”See, I told she was mean.” I whispered to Christina.

Kiana's POV

<a href="">We</a> walked down the stairs and saw the boys talking about some irrelavent s***. I went to pick up Christina, but Mijo easn't having that. ”No. They're staying here with us.” Chris whined. ”Dustin. You wanna go with momma?” Drake shook his head. ”No Taylor, he doesn't.” She smirked and so did I. ”Okay, bye!” I hurried to the door. ”Hold up. They did that for some reason. Wait! Take them!” Mijo yelled. ”Nope!” We ran to the car and hurried to pull out. ”I feel bad. What if the babies start crying?” Seiko asked. ”Then they start crying. The guys can handle it. Plus Momma J and Aunt Sandra are there.” I said. ”My nipple hurts!” Tay whined. ”Ew!” Seiko squealed. ”You'll get used to it. But when they start teething, put them on a bottle because they start biting. Christina tore the skin off mine. That reminds me, I have to take her to the pediatrician next Monday.” Tay looked at me with fear in her eyes. I just laughed and then stopped when the CD changed to a song Drake did with some guy named Migos. It's called <a href="">Versace Remix</a> I loved every minute. ”Versace versace! Medusa head on me like I'm llumanti!” I rapped. ”This is a gated community please get the f*** off the property!” Seiko rapped after. We waited for Tay, but we knew she was going to wait until her favorite part of his verse came on. It was a minute until she screamed, ”I'm tryna give Halle Barry a baby and no one can stop me!” Me and Seiko laughed at her crazy ass. ”Replay!” I hit the replay button, but it didn't work. ”Take the CD out and put it back in.” I told Tay. She hit the eject button, but nothing came out. ”That was the new hottest artist Drake! That dude got mad skills! He must've seen this s*** like he had binoculars! Whew that's hot! Let us know what yall think about it!” I heard the man's voice say. ”Oh my God! Call Drake!” I yelled at Tay. She called him and put the phone on speaker. ”Hold on. Yes babe?” We all screamed and he did too, but I'm sure his was in a scared way. ”Listen.” She said. She turned up the radio and we listened to all the comments that people were giving him. One guy said, ”Lil Wayne better watch out! Drake is coming!” You could tell that this nigga was smiling hard as hell. ”I'm on the radio niggas!” He yelled. You could hear all the guys, Momma J, and Aunt Sandra screaming. ”Ah! Thanks Kiana! I owe it to you!” I blushed. ”You're welcome Drakey!” I cooed. We pulled up to the mall and got out the car. ”Okay baby, I love you. Bye!” Tay yelled. ”Stop all that screaming on the real.” Seiko huffed. ”Don't huff at me Ms. Huffman.” Tay joked. ”Whatever. Come on yall. I know the perfect place to get our dresses.” She pulled me and Tay and we followed her around the mall.

”I don't like how my butt looks in this!” I held up the dress and Tay shook her head. ”That ass too fat for that.” Seiko joked. ”Hoe.” I spat. ”I'll be that.” She laughed. We walked out the store for the umpteenth time. We had all bout matching shoes, but not for graduation. ”Yo! Kiana!” I heard a familiar voice. I looked behind me to see <a href="">Trey</a> walking my way. I rolled my eyes and picked up my pace. I rushed to the bathroom and made sure nobody was in there. ”Excuse me.” I heard Trey's voice. ”No. I can't believe I used to call you my bestfriend.” Seiko said. ”Well you did. Now move. I need to tell Kiana something, its important.” I heard Tay sigh and the door opened. ”Thank you.” He walked into the bathroom and I just looked at him and laughed. ”Why you do it?” I asked him. ”Do what?” He was acting real stupid right now. ”Cheat.”

Trey's POV

I was wrong for doing that to her. She had been hurt enough and now because of me, she might never love again. ”I don't know. She was giving me attention, and you weren't it seemed like you rather spend time with Chris or Mijo than me.” I admitted. ”You sound so damn stupid. I was with you every f***ing day!” I looked at the floor. ”Kiana. I have got to tell you something.” She sighed and sat on the counter. ”Talk.” I chuckled, bit knowing how to say this. ”I love you and I mean that with all my heart. But what I'm about to tell you, is going to turn your stomach.” She nodded and continued to stare through my soul. ”I'm Jerome's younger brother.” Her eyes got wide and she ran to the bathroom and threw up. ”I know. That's sick. You kissed, fell in love, and made love to your uncle without knowing.” She pushed passed me and ran to the door. ”No! I'm not finished.” She looked back at me and I grabbed her hand. I sat on the counter and she stood inbetwen my legs. ”The reason I met you eight months ago was because of Jerome. He wanted me to hurt you to the soul. He wanted me to get you to fall in love with me and then kill you. But I end up falling in love with my niece. I was stressed, if I didn't kill you. He was going to kill me. So I took my stress out on Naomi. I'm so sorry. I love you and I know that's sick, but I do. I can't go through with the task. He's just going to have to kill me.” She was crying and in her eyes you could see pain. ” You f***ing bastard!” I jumped when the door busted open and Seiko and Tay came after me. Seiko caught me and dragged me to floor. She hit me in my already busted lip from yesterday and my bruised ribs too. ”Stop!” Kiana yelled. Tay stopped kicking me and Seiko stood up. ”Thank you. For showing me that I can trust nobody with my love. You can take that bullet though.” She patted my chest and wiped some tears away. ”Goodbye.” She stood up and walked out. ”I'm sorry.” I managed to mumble.

Kiana' POV

I ran out of the mall and sprinted to the car. When I got in I cried my eyes out and hit the dashboard. ”Why! Why do you hate me so much!” I yelled to God. I craddled myself as I heard dootsteps near the car. I looked up to see Seiko and Tay running to the car. I climbed in the backseat and Seiko got the hint. ”Gotta make one stop before we go home.” She said. I nodded and held onto Tay. ”It's okay boo.” I shook my head. ”I can never be happy! Everybody wants to hurt me. Everybody but you and the guys. I can't take anymore. My heart is a little piece of s*** to people and they just flush it down the toilet. I never want to love again. I can't do it to myself again. Christina doesn't deserve that. For now on. I'm a single mother and no one can say s*** about it.” Tay just nodded and rubbed my back. I reached in my pocket and got my headphones out. I let the words of Chance The Rapper's Juice soothe me. I let my heartbeat match the pace of the bass and closed my eyes. I felt as if the devil was pulling me down and I was hanging on by a thread. And that thread was my family. My family made out of all my friends. ”We're here babe.” I looked up to see a huge <a href="">river</a> and pretty trees. ”Where are we?” I asked Seiko. ”Were at the fountain of youth. This river is were your inner kid lies. You jump in and all your worries flow away. Plus it's only 11:00 a.m. so we got a lot of time before graduation. So, come on.” Her and Tay took off their clothes and jumped into the water. ”Is it dirty?” I asked. ”Nope. It's as clean as you're teeth.” I flicked Tay off. She always joked about how white my teeth were. It's because I spend at least ten minutes, day and night, brushing my teeth. Then I floss. ”Okay. I'm coming in.” I took off my clothes and covered myself as I jumped in. ”It's cold! Ah! A f***ing fish just swam past my leg.” I yelled. They laughed at me. ”Do people come around here?” I asked. They shrugged and shook their heads. ”I'm sure they don't.” I nodded and the splashed Tay. She gasped and then looked at me. She splashed me with a huge gush of water, but I dived down and it hit Seiko. Next thing you know we were in a naked splashing fight. ”Damn!” I heard from behind me. I froze and covered my boobs. I turned to see <a href="">them</a> staring at us. ”Oh my gosh!” I got up and ran behind Seiko and she laughed. ”They just saw all that ass mama.” I gasped and blushed in embarrasment.

”What's yall names?” The one to the far left asked. ”I'm Seiko, this is Tay, and that's Kiana.” He nodded over at me and Tay. ”Them the girls that one the state championship last year. Yo yall are beast!” I smiled and thanked him. ”Ain't that water cold?” The one on the right asked. I nodded and Seiko shook her head no. Tay just shrugged and began to swim over to the car. ”What are you doing?” I asked. ”I'm getting my clothes.” I shook my head and pulled her back in the water before she was exposed to strangers. ”Uhh. Excuse me. Sorry I don't know you guys' name.” Seiko said. ”I'm Ramone, that's Desmond, and that's Richmond on the far right.” The guy in the middle finally spoke. ”Well Ramone, can you give us our clothes?” I asked, getting cold. I knew my eyes were turning ice blue, because that's what they do when I get too cold. ”Uh. Of course ma.” He walked to our clothes and gave them to us. ”We don't need those.” Tay said as he was about to give us our underwear. ”I do.” I whispered. ”Girl. When is the last time you met a man that didn't try to f*** you when you even had clothes on?” I thought about it and nodded. ”You can have them gentleman, thanks.” They got extra hyped and we got dressed. ”Nice to meet yall.” Seiko cooed. They nodded and waved. The dude in the middle stuck my panties in his back pocket and smiled. I shook my head and laughed. The foutain was cool and all, but my heart was still aching, twice as hard now. We walked into the house and I went straight to Christina, took her from Shad and went to my room without saying a word. I stopped when I got to the top stair and looked at Tay. ”You can tell them.” Was all I said before going into my room and playing with Christina.

Mijo's POV

I listened as Seiko and Tay told the story and my blood was boiling. I looked over at Chris and his veins were popping out. It was a scary <a href=" ">sight.</a> lChris man? You good?” Omari asked. Chris nodded slowly and Aunt Joyce sat by him. ”Chris, now I know your angry. But you gotta let bygones be bygones.” He turned to his mom slowly and smirked. He got up and walked out the door, slamming it behind him. ”I'll go get him.” I got up and walked outside to see Chris beating the hell out of the steering wheel. I had to stop him when his knuckles started to bleed. ”Chris! Chill out man!” I opened the car door and he yelled really loudly. ”I knew something wasn't f***ing right with this s***! He was way too comfortable. Turns out this bastard is Jerome's f***ing brother! He f***ed, kissed, and fell in love with his own damn niece. Disgusting bastard.” He spat. ”And to believe I let him become a best friend, hell he was close to being a brother!” His phone started to ring and he laughed. ”This b**** got some nerve.” He picked it up and answered it. ”When I find your ass! I am going to skin you alive and feed you to a f***ing bear!” He hung up the phone and I looked at him. ”Who the hell was that?” He smirked. ”Tremaine Neverson. Get in.” I got in no questions asked and he pulled off causing my seatbelt to lock around me.

We pulled up to Trey's house to see his two bodygaurds standing in front of the door. ”Wassup Chris and Mijo!” We smiled and said wassup back. We went to give them a bro hug and when we did we tazed them and they fell to the ground shaking. We walked into the house to see Trey sitting on the couch watching Octonauts. <a href="">He</a> looked up at us and smiled. ”Hey. What brings my boys here? Yall supposed to be getting ready for the graduation?” Mijo opened his mouth, but I tapped his chest. ”You going?” I asked him. ”Nah. I don't like crowds.” I laughed. ”I got a question Trey and be honest.” He nodded, telling me to continue. ”Why the f*** you lying to me?” He seemed suprised at my tone. ”What you mean? You my boy. I ain't got nothing to lie about.” He said, his voice was a little shaky. ”What's you're older brother's name? Does he have any kids?” He looked at me and then at Mijo. ”His name is Terell and he doesn't have any kids.” Mijo laughed and then walked over to a nice glass vase. ”Yo! This is nice as f***. I feel bad for breaking it.” Trey scrunched up his face and hopped up, but Mijo had already tipped the vase over and it shattered into pieces. ”Wow! Look, this is almost identicle to Kiana's heart.” Mijo said, pointing to it. ”That' some artistic s***. Let me make one.” I pushed the glass shelf over and it too splattered to pieces. ”What the hell yo! What are yall doing?” He exclaimed. ”We breaking yo s***! Tell Jerome I said, I got something for his ass. Just be glad it wasn't yours.” I spat. ”One second. I got a gift.” Mijo walked up to Trey and punched the s*** out of him. Trey fell off the couch and onto the floor. I laughed and we walked out. Try my bestfriend again.

Run it

I messed up again. The second to last paragraph is Mijo's POV. Sorry..........again!!

On the part where Kiana asked Mijo if he had a girlfriend, she was really talking to Shad. Sorry for any mistakes!!

Chris' POV

As we neared the church, you could hear the voices of the choir and clapping. ”Damn. They turning up already, it just started ten minutes ago.” Mijo said. Kiana hit him in his head and then Seiko looked at him like he was crazy. ”Okay. I don't want yall going in here acting like some damn animals okay? And if yall do, well just don't worry about the consequence. Just know there'll be one.” Tay said. We nodded and got out of the two cars. ”I bet that car was hot as hell Omari!” Shad joked. ”Don't try your luck now Shad.” Kiana gritted through her teeth. We walked in the doors and some people gasped at the fact that Kiana was here. ”God is good! He has brung a lost child home!” The pastor yelled. Everyone stood up and clapped for her as we found seats. ”Thank you.” She said quietly as her cheeks turned red. I looked over at her and <a href="">she</a> smiled at me. ”Stop it. You bought to break these windows.” I joked. She smacked her lips and pushed me.

I couldn't help but pay attention to Kiana as she gave her undivided attention to the pastor. She would nod and say amen every now and then, she reminded me a lot of my mother. ”Now, I know some things have happened to us, but that doesn't mean that you just soak in pity and regret. You get up! And you pray to God to give you strength, you pray and worship until you can't no more. I want somebody to come up here and speak for us. Kiana, do you mind?” Kiana gasped and looked at me. Mijo nodded up to the stage. ”Come with me.” She whispered to him. He shook his head no. ”Some friend. Chris?” I sighed heavily and grabbed her hand. She walked slowly to the alter as everybody clapped for her again. ”Thanks....again. I'm sorry I'm a little shy.” She looked at me and I tightened my grip on her hand. ”Ummm, what I went through as a child did affect me in a big way. I lost faith in God, I lost hope, I stopped trusting people. I started to harm myself more and more. I didn't like who I was or how I looked. I felt like God hated me, but then I let Mijo in. He had been there since the day I was born. Everytime they hurt me I ran to him and together, we prayed. I learned that someone can take your innocence, but they can't take your pride. They can't take who you are from you unless you let them. They can't take God from you. Even if you let them, God didn't let them. I used to sit around hate the world and everything in it. I'd hate the people that worshiped God, because he let what happened to me happen. But I learned that God tests your loyalty to him. For a long time I was failing, and then he sent me my friends. He sent me love, joy and most of all he sent me a child. I couldn't be happier right now. God saw that I couldn't take anymore by myself. So he stepped in and he helped me through the way. I'm a living proof that God will be there when you need him!” By the time she finished people were getting hyped and screaming and shouting. Some were crying. Kiana and Tay were. Us guys just clapped. ”Thank you.” She said, hugging me. I nodded and hugged her back.

”Girl you had me crying and s***. I was about to start shouting like them old folks were.” Tay admitted. ”I don't know what happened to me. At first I was quiet, then I felt this power overtake me. s*** felt good.” Kiana smiled. Mijo smacked her hand. ”We didn't even leave the parking lot Kiana.” She giggled and got in the car. ”Yall ready?” Drake yelled at Shad. He nodded and we pulled off. ”I say we barbecue.” Kiana smiled and lookedvdown at Christina. ”You wanna go swimming? Yeah you do.” I laughed at her terrible baby voice. ”Let me show you how it's done. ”Hey boo! Look at you! Looking just as beautiful as you want to. You wanna go swimming with Cwis Cwis? I know you wanna!” Kiana shoved me and laughed. ”I rather hear none of yall do a baby voice.” Tay said. Kiana leaned forward and rubbed her stomach. ”Oh. It's a boy.” Tay turned around quick and Kiana jumped back in my arms. ”I told her ass it was going to be a boy.” Drake mumbled. ”Nigga you better be glad I don't want you to die because I almost punched you in your goddamn throat.” She spat. ”No you weren't.” I whispered. ”s***!” I yelled as she punched me in my chest really hard. ”Sorry, hormones are out of control.” She smirked and I stuck my tongue out at her.

”Momma we home!” Mijo yelled soon as we stepped foot in the door. ”Why yell Barry?” <a href="">Ms. Sandra</a> asked coming into the room. ”Because I want to let you know I'm here, duh.” She slapped him in the back of his head and he rubbed it. ”Boy don't duh me. Hey babies.” She hugged us all and looked at Kiana. ”Umm. A man called for you. He said his name was Trey or something like that.” Kiana started to giggle. ”Trey called? I'll be back. Come on baby. Gotta feed you.” She took Christina out of my hands and ran up the stairs. ”Oh wow. She likes the creep.” Shad shook his head. ”How is he a creep?” I asked him. ”That nigga don't exist Chris. Somebody lying and it ain't Kiana.” I nodded. That was weird that his name nor picture didn't pop up. ”Trey's coming for the barbecue!” Kiana yelled, coming down with Christina. ”Nobody cares!” Drake yelled back. Him, Shad, and Mijo dapped each other up. ”You guys are so damn immature.” Omari said, finally looking up from his phone. ”Who you talking to? You're nose been in that phone since before and after we left church.” Kiana asked, hovering over him. ”Don't worry about it!” Omari mushed her out the way. ”She better be cute.” Omar nodded. ”She's beautiful.” I laughed at his face. ”Chris you've been awfully quiet, wassup with you and Naomi?” Tay asked, knowing I was about two seconds from blowing up on her. ”That's what I had to tell you! Chris come here. Now!” Kiana demanded. ”Wassup?” She sighed. ”Naomi cheated on you with Trey last Monday on his birthday.” I stared at her with a blank expression. ”Chris? Chris? Christopher!” I snapped out of it and chuckled. ”That b****.” I gritted through my teeth. I rushed into the kitchen with Kiana behind me, I snatched my keys out the bowl and walked out the door. ”Chris where the hell are you going?” Kiana pulled me back by my arm. ”I'm going to see her.” She looked at me with worried eyes. ”Wait here.” I huffed and sat on the car. About five minutes later <a href="">she</a> came out. ”Why you change?” She looked at me and laughed. ”If the b**** try something and run, I'm running after her. Can't do that in a dress and sandals.” I laughed and shook my head.

”Wake up nigga!” I pushed Kiana and she woke up in a fighting stance. ”Calm down.” She looked at me and sighed. ”Don't do that to me. I was having a dream that I was fighting some b****es and one kept pushing me, you almost got swung on.” I smaxked my lips and got out the car. ”Which one?” I nodded to the third apartment. ”Lets go.” I followed her and she jogged up the stairs. ”I hear moaning.” I said as we neared the door. ”Okay, we both know what's going on. Let's not go in.” She tried to calm me down by touching my arm. ”Nah. I got the key.” I made sure to open the door quietly and that was when I heard a headboard thumping. ”Oh Yatzee!” I heard Naomi moan. ”Yatzee? Who the f*** is Yatzee?” Kiana asked. I shrugged my shoulders as my adrenaline began to rise and my blood began to boil. ”Wait here.” I told Kiana she nodded and went through the refrigerator. ”Seriously?” She flicked me off and I continued to walk up the stairs. ”Ah! f*** me Yatzee!” I chuckled, I made her scream twice as loud as that. I put my hand on the door and took a deep breath. I walked in to see Naomi in a doggystyle position and dude ramming into her. ”You could've at least cheated on me with someone better.” I smirked. She screamed and dude fell on the ground. ”Naomi you got a boyfriend? I'm sorry dude. She said she was lonely and single.” I laughed. ”Okay. But can you go?” He nodded and grabbed his s*** and left.

Kiana's POV

I sat by the door after I locked it, just to make sure nobody got out. I heard stomping coming from upstairs and then <a href="">he</a> came running out the hallway. ”Lance?” He looked at me. ”Kiana?” I laughed. ”Wow!” He scrunched up his face. ”You Chris' girl?” I shook my head. ”No. Bestfriend.” He nodded and then we heard screaming. ”Chris are you f***ing crazy?” I heard Naomi scream. I looked at Lance and he already had a foot out the door. I ran upstairs to see Chris throwing everything. ”No! I f***ing paid for every f***ing thing in this damn place! Hell I paid for this piece of s*** apartment!” I looked over at Chris and his veins were popping out of his neck. ”Chris! Yo dude!” He looked back at me. ”Get the f*** out Kiana!” I snapped my neck back. I don't care how mad he was right now, don't snap on me. I may be shy, but try my ass if you want to. I grabbed him and with all my might I pushed him against the wall. ”Don't f***ing try my ass. Now calm your ass down. What the hell man? You tore up everything. I know you're mad, I get it, but forreal you need to calm your ass down. Obviously, she doesn't deserve you. You don't get mad at the fact that she cheated, you laugh at it. You now know you're a faithful person. I could've never been faithful to a loose pussy b****.” I laughed and then I heard Naomi trying to sneak out the door. ”Ah!” Naomi screamed as I kicked her in her stomach. ”Chill!” Chris told me. ”Sorry. She was talking about my daughter the other day. Now I'm cool. Let's go.” He shook his head at me and walked out. ”And you're supposed to be shy.” I smiled at Chris and he smiled back.

”We're back Aunt Sandra!” I yelled. ”What is up with yall and this damn yelling in my house?” I laughed and hugged her. ”Where'd you guys go?” Mijo asked. ”We went to check on the dogs at the house.” Chris lied. ”Do you even have dogs?” I asked him, he nodded. ”Oh. Kiana, Trey is in the back.” Tay cooed. Mijo and Shad rolled their eyes and Omari laughed. ”Drake must be out there with him.” She nodded and we walked outside. ”Hi Trey.” <a href="">They</a> looked up at me and Trey smiled. ”Hello beautiful.” I blushed hard and looked down at my toes. ”I'll leave you two here. Alone.” Drake got up, hugged me, then went inside. ”So, what's up. Did Mijo torture you while I was gone?” He lifted his beer to his plump lips and sipped it while shaking his head. ”He's actually pretty cool. That Shad guy ain't look like he liked me though.” I laughed. ”You'll get used to him.” He looked at me. ”Is that your ex or something?” I shook my head. ”Nah. He's my man crush.” I heard yelling and looked up. ”I told you she liked me. It's the eyes baby, no one can resist the eyes.” Shad was on the balcony listening. I took a water bottle and threw it at him. It missed, but only by a centimeter. ”It's no that I don't like you. I just have trust issues when it comes to guys being with my babygirl. I don't want her to get hurt, you know what I mean?” I smiled at Shad's words. ”You always smile that hard?” Trey asked laughing. I nodded and he shook his head. ”Better stop.” I stopped smiling, but not because he told me to. ”Why the hell would I do that?” I asked with an attitude. ”Yo lips gone start cracking.” I smacked my lips and gently pushed him. ”Aye! I think this is done!” I yelled in the house. The guys and girls came out and sat down at the table. ”Hey baby! Momma missed you!” I cooed to Christina as Omari handed her over.

”Oh my gosh, this is so good!” I moaned. Mijo laughed at me. ”She don't know what's in it?” Chris asked him. Mijo just shook his head. ”What's in it?” I asked him. ”Corona.” I looked at him. ”What? You put beer on the ribs?” He shook his head. ”Drake did that s***, but it was only a little amount. You know Preggo can't drink now.” Tay threw a toothpick at him and I laughed. ”Now what if that went in my eye?” Mijo asked. ”Good.” Tay spat. I laughed even harder. Everybody was laughing at Mijo and Tay. ”They swear up and down that they love each other, but do something to one of them and your ass is grass. I'll show you.” I sid to Trey. ”Ow!” Mijo yelled as I kicked him. ”Why you kick him he ain't do s*** to you!” Tay yelled. Me and Trey busted out laughing. ”Oh wow.” We calmed down and started to eat again. ”So, you got a college in mind yet, babygirl?” Aunt Sandra asked me. ”I applied to CCM, but I don't know.” I shrugged my shoulders while feeding Christina.

Trey's POV

I never noticed just how beautiful Kiana was. Her eyes could get you stuck. Her smile shines bright. That body is just damn! She's funny and smart. She's nice too. Her attitude is a turn on all the way. ”Trey? You have any siblings?” Ms. Sandra asked me. ”Yes, an older brother.” She nodded and smiled. ”Do you have any kids?” I shook my head no. ”The closest thing I have to a child is my spoiled dog Sunshine.” They laughed and continued to ask questions. Some I had to lie about, some I didn't. ”Well, it was nice meeting you, but I need some sleep for tomorrow.” Ms. Sandra said. I stood up to hug her and she waved bye to everyone and went upstairs. ”Okay. I want to give Christina her present!” Kiana squealed. ”Only you would get a gift for a two month old baby.” Chris said, shaking his head. She glared at him and he blew her a kiss. ”Gay ass.” Omari mumbled. ”Shut up nigga!” I laughed at the two while Kiana fished something out of her pocket. ”Got it!” She yelled. She pulled out a beautiful <a href="">bracelet.</a> ”Mama loves you.” Christina started to grab at the bracelet and Kiana smiled. ”Okay mama, calm down.” She giggled and put the bracelet on her. Christina latched onto the bracelet with her mouth and Kiana pulled it off. ”How about we wait till you get older?” Chris smacked his lips. ”Here, let me show you how to do it.” She handed Christina to him and he took the bracelet. ”Hey big girl! Let's put the shiny thing on your leg!” He put it on her leg and began to shake it. Christina laughed at the charms jingling and making bell-like noises. When Chris let go of her leg, she started to cry. But then she started to shake her leg. In the midst of all the fun, my phone rang. ”I'll be back.” I walked into the house and looked around before pressing answer. ”What J?” He laughed loudly into the phone. ”I just wanted to talk to my little brother. Is that wrong?” I smacked my lips. ”When you got me kissing on my niece it is!” He chuckled. ”I f***ed her and she's my daughter. I see no problem with that.” I shook my head. ”You're a sick bastard, you know that?” I could see him shrugging and rolling his eyes. ”Well, don't fall in love. But she's a good f***. She's tight as hell. Bye Trey, don't let me down.” I just hung up and was disgusted with myself, but I had to go through with it. If I didn't he was sure to have someone kill me.

Kiana's POV

I had to go inside to get Christina's blanket because it was getting chilly, and the last thing I wanted for hwr to have is a cold. ”You're a sick bastard, you know that?” I walked around the corner to see Trey with a look of disgust on his face. He put his phone down and brushed his hands up and down his face. ”Something wrong?” He jumped a bit and looked back at me. ”How much did you hear?” He asked. ”I heard you call whoever a sick bastard.” He chuckled. ”Well in that case, a lot is wrong. My life and what I'm doing right now is wrong.” I assumed he was talking about dealing drugs so I walked over to him. He stood up, but I stopped him. ”Didn't come here to chat. Gotta get the blanket. But know I see a good person deep down in you.” He smiled at me and I pecked his lips. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I moaned. I rubbed my hands up and down his head and he played with my hair. He pulled out and bit his lip. ”Damn.” He whispered. I smirked and walked back outside. I see us going far.

Eight Months Later~~

”Ahh! We did it Boo Sr.!” Taylor yelled at me. We were having a cookout at Mijo's house the before graduation. ”I know! I'm so proud of you!” She hugged me and laughed. <a href="">We</a> had to dress up because Aunt Sandra said so. ”Mijo! How many people down there?” I asked him. ”Uh, about 50, why?” He asked. ”I was about to let Christina walk to you, but nevermind. Can you come get her?” He yelled yeah and <a href="">they</a> showed up. ”Hubby!” I yelled and ran over to him. ”Hey!” Shad laughed. ”Whatever. Now you know if you're real boyfriend was here, you wouldn't have did any of that s***.” Chris said, kissing my cheek. ”And you know if Naomi was here, you wouldn't have did that.” He fake laughed and grabbed Christina. ”Let's go meet these hunky's.” He smiled in her face. ”I like hunkys!” She yelled. I tapped her hand and she looked at Chris. ”Bad?” She asked him. ”Yeah. Bad.” I smiled at her and she smiled back and reached for me. ”They always come back for more.” I told him as I walked away. ”s***. If Naomi looked as good as you, I wouldn't have ever left!” He yelled after me. I blushed and grabbed Mijo. ”I heard you got a girlfriend. True?” He started to smile a big smile and I laughed. ”Never that serious Barry.” He laughed and shoved me a little. ”Come here babygirl.” He cooed to Christina. She reached out for him and I handed her over.

”Hello <a href="">everyone.</a> I'm Sandra.” I laughed at how fake Aunt Sandra was acting. She hated Naomi, I just didn't like the b****. ”Trey!” I squealed. He laughed and opened his arms. ”I missed you.” He cooed in my ear as I hugged him tight. ”I just saw you four hours ago.” He smiled and pecked my lips. ”Now where's my big girl.” I pointed to Mijo and he walked over there. ”Oh hey Tremaine.” Tay greeted. Chris, Omari, Shad, and Mijo just looked at him and nodded. Drake wouldn't even look his way. Mijo walked over to me and his eyes locked on my wrist. ”You were doing so good happened?” He asked as he took us to the kitchen so no one could hear us. ”Nothing.” I said, avoiding his eyes. ”Something happened.” He grabbed onto my wrist and squeezed it. ”Hey! We got a problem?” I heard Trey's voice. ”Yeah, we do.” Mijo turned and looked up at him. ”And what might that be?” Trey asked. ”Why the hell my sister still cutting herself?” Trey shrugged. ”I don't know it's her body.” A tear slid down my face. ”Do you even care about her?” I jumped at the sound of Chris' voice behind me. ”Why do you care?” Naomi asked. ”Because that's my bestfriend Naomi.” Chris gritted. ”More like your side hoe. What are you gonna do have another dumbass kid by her.” I looked at Naomi and I felt my blood rise. I grabbed a knife and lunged at her, but Chris caught me. ”Let me go Christopher!” I yelled, hitting his chest and crying. ”Ni. Naomi you need to go.” Chris ordered. She smirked and walked over to Christina. ”You'll never be good at anything, but laying on you're back and getting f***ed by her boyfriend. Just like your mommy. But don't worry, Trey has some good d***. That's why it took me so long to get ready. Bye beautiful.” She laughed and walked out the door. I looked behind me at Trey and his mouth was open. ”Uh. Baby listen- ahh f***!” He yelled as I threw the ring he had given me earlier at his eye. ”b****!” I kicked him in his nuts and all the guys groaned. ”I loved you! I gave you every f***ing thing! I trusted you!” He was on his knees, groaning and apologizing. I ran upstairs and cried.

”Mommy?” I heard my little angel's voice. ”Yes babygirl?” I looked up to see her and Chris. ”Mama sad.” She said to Chris, pointing to me. ”Yeah, she's sad.” He sighed. ”Hug!” She pushed his leg. We both laughed and I held my arms out, he came over and sat on my lap. ”Fatass.” I joked. ”Cwis fatass.” She repeated. ”No Christina!” I told her. ”Bad?” I nodded and she woddled over to me and raised her arms at me. ”You wanna go up up?” Chris asked in a baby voice. She nodded and I smiled as Chris picked her up while making an airplane noise. ”Cwis sing!” She yelled. ”Chris sing? You sing to her?” He nodded and looked back at Christina. He began to <a href="">sing</a> and I stared at him in awe. ”What the hell Chris? You could sing and didn't tell me?” He shrugged and played with Christina's hair. ”I love to do it, but I don't like to share it.” I nodded and looked at the floor as another tear slid. I didn't want to seem weak in front of Christina, but I couldn't control it. I made love to Trey, I trusted him with everything, and I depended on him rarely. ”It's okay. He doesn't deserve you. You told me a long time ago to leave Naomi, but I couldn't. I love her. Just couldn't live without her.” He chuckled and you could tell that his heart was broken. Both of ours were. ”You deserve every good thing in the world Chris.” I said, rubbing his cheek softly. He looked at me and smiled. ”So do you.” I smirked and all of a sudden he kissed me. A shock went through my body, this shock was stronger than all the others. I rested my arms on his neck and he rested his on my hips. ”Mommy and Cwis!” Christina squealed. Chris pulled put and licked his lips. ”Uh. I should go downstairs.” I nodded and grabbed Christina.

Shad's POV

We had kicked Trey's ass to the curb! He had knots and bruises all over his ass. The reason nobody heard him was because we took his ass out back. We walked back in and saw <a href="">Tre</a> alcoholic ass with a shot. He was about to give it to the little boy before Kiana came over. I walked over to them to hear Kiana cursing Tre out. ”What the hell you doing dumbass? He's f***ing fourteen! Why the hell does he need a damn shot. You're 19, so you don't need to bee drinking anyway! I swear the s*** you do make me mad.” She huffed. I laughed and looked at Kiana. ”So this must be the lovely Christina? You're so beautiful, just like your mother.” Tre said. Kiana gasped. ”Don't repeat anything that mommy said. I totally forgot you were here.” Christina giggled and I laughed as Tre mimicked Kiana. ”¡Puta!” She spat. ”Nigga.” The little boy laughed and Kiana looked at him. ”Mijo take Christina.” I took her and Kiana hugged the little boy so tight, he turned a light red. ”I...can't....breath.” He managed to get out. She let go of him and he gasped for air. ”Lil Q! I missed you boy!” <a href="">He</a> smacked his lips. ”I had to deal with you for almost a year, everyday at school.” She laughed and kissed his cheek. ”Shut up! You know those freshman hoes were all over you when I hung around.” He straight faced her and she gave him a stank face. ”Ugh! You ugly.” I said, she rolled her eyes at me. ”This my lame ass brother Mijo.” Lil Q dapped me up and I studied the tattoo on his neck. ”That's gonna get you killed.” I said, pointing to it. ”Oh yeah about that! You out of it?” Kiana asked. He held his head down and Kiana shook her head in disappointment. ”Hell yeah! When those niggas got into a shooting fight on Phantom Av. I was gone! I got out, it was slow, but I did it. My niggas understood.” He smiled brightly. ”Now you gotta join the smart gang.” Tre said. ”Nigga you don't know s***.” I joked. ”Leave my bestie alone. He is great at math.” Kiana stuck up for him. ”Yeah, bully.” Tre pouted, while hugging Kiana. ”He a softie.” Lil Q laughed. I nodded and walked away. ”Hey you.” I smiled as Seiko stepped in front of me. ”Hey baby. You having fun?” She nodded and pecked my lips. ”Wanna know what else I love, other than you.” I nodded. ”The sex.” I bit my lip and she took my hand and led me upstairs. ”Tonight. I'm in charge.” She said, pushing me on the bed. I smiled and nodded. I loved it when she was in charge.

Tay's POV

I was still heated at Trey as everybody calmed down. I couldn't believe this s***. ”Hello beautiful. What you doing out here all alone?” I smacked my lips. ”Boy please, I got a man.” I heard the guy chuckle. ”Why don't you turn around? I'm pretty sure you'll forget about that man of yours.” I bet his ass was gonna run when he saw Dustin in my arms. I turned to see Drake with a big ass smile on his face. I laughed and he pecked my lips. ”So, how's my SON doing?” I pushed him a little. ”You and Kiana are going to stop. I get it okay. Yall called it, I had a boy. You were right, I was wrong.” He gasped like a little b****. ”Say that again.” I smacked my lips. ”I was wrong nigga damn. I swear you get on my nerves. Dustin, if you see daddy less and less, its because I broke up with his annoying ass.” Drake laughed and hugged me. ”I love you. The both of you.” He cooed. ”We love you too.” He kissed my neck and I giggled. ”Unless you want another baby. I suggest you stop that.” He smiled and kissed my cheek. ”I don't mind another kid. But the hormones almost drove a nigga off the cliff. One minute you were mad, the next you were mad, and at the same time you were happy as hell. Then you started going throught the 'I'm getting fat' faze.” I laughed. ”I wasn't that bad.” He looked at me and huffed. ”This was you babe.” He stood up and started stomping around. ”I hate every f***ing thing. I love you Drakey. Drake! I'm fat! I want some oreos and pickles! I'm horny, f*** the s*** out of me!” He stopped as I almost died of laughter. ”The last part I didn't mind. You were extra freaky. When you threw it back and whispered that dirty s*** in my ear, I was in heaven.” I couldn't stop laughing at him. I loved him, my son, and my friends with all my heart.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I like Seiko...So this is Mijo boothang???? He got taste...Christina looked soooo beautiful. Rewind...Chris and Mijo are hilarious...doing a background check on Trey..but ain't that fishy that there is no records of him??? Kiana need to pick up on this hints...They ratchet girl scene was funny AF lol...Everybody keeps commenting on her voice maybe she should really consider a singing career of some sort. I'm waiting on a duet with her and Chris to make them fall in love lol..all them emotions watching 42..sidenote..I wanna see that...anyway YAY they going to church PRAISE GOD...and ooooooohhhh Mijo finna get it in today...hahahaha..RUN IT

SIDE NOTE TO EVERYONE: no this is not my story but can we try not to just say run it and actually give her feedback..that helps the author know what people actually think of the story...JUST FOR FUTURE REFERENCES :)

Run it

Mijo's POV

I was sitting in the kitchen feeding Christina when my timer for Kiana went off. ”This little girl thought we was kidding. Aye yall! Let's go. Except for you Drake, you stay back with preggo.” I joked. ”I would throw a pillow at you, but you got my niece and if you drop her that's your ass.” She threatened. I laughed and blew a kiss at her. I was about to open the door when I heard a moan come from outside. I looked out the window to see this nigga tonguing down my damn sister. ”Oh this girl outside. Wait.” I told Chris as he put his hand on the knob. He scrunched up his face. ”Look outside.” I told him he looked outside and then at me. ”They just talking.” I smacked my lips. ”Good timing nigga.” I said in a sarcastic tone. The knob began to turn, so Chris ran to the couch while I stayed there. The door opened and Kiana almost jumped out of her skin. ”Mijo! What the hell?” She yelled. I just looked at her and then dude was giving me the look. I mugged him and was about to say something, but he did. ”Night.” He called out to Kiana. She waved and I shut the door on his b**** ass. ”Chris! Laptop!” I yelled. ”Already on that s***.” Chris said. ”My nigga.” I dapped him up and Kiana came over to me and tool Christina. ”When's the last time you fed her?” She asked. ”About an hour and thirty minutes ago.” Drake answered. ”Where my hubby and boyfriend go?” She asked all sad. ”They went home girl. They do have lives.” I said, she glared at me. ”Tay, handle him.” Tay got up and grabbed a pillow. I tried to take off, but she grabbed the back of my shirt and beat the s*** out of me with the pillow. ”Call me preggo again b****!” She spat.

”Ow, damn Tay.” I got up and cracked my neck. ”Drake check that pillow. I think she got bricks in that b****.” Drake laughed, but I was dead serious. I looked up to see Kiana sneaking upstairs. ”Uh uh. Bring that ass back down here.” She said something under her breath, but I let it go. ”What's his name?” I asked her. ”Tremaine.” She mumbled. ”Girl, I'm trying to help you, now first AND last name.” She rolled her eyes. ”Tremaine Neverson.” She said. ”You got that?” I asked Chris. He nodded and began to type. ”It says here No Tremaine Neverson has ever lived in LA.” I looked at Kiana and she walked over to Chris and bent over. ”That ass though!” She jumped at the sound of Shad's voice. ”Oh my gosh, I thought you went home!” She yelled at him. He laughed and hugged her. ”Without my wifey, nah.” She blushed super hard when she kissed his cheek. ”Don't kiss her. Trey already did.” I put her on blast. ”Oh he did?” She nodded and he wiped her cheek. ”No more kisses.” She began to pout and gave Chriatina to Drake. She plopped herself down on the couch by Chris and put her head on his shoulder. ”It's okay mama. I'll still give you kisses. Wanna know why? Cause Chrissy loves you, yes he does!” He cooed. She laughed and he kissed her forehead. ”Now I won't mind yall dating, but that other nigga is not welcomed.” Kiana smacked her lips at me. ”If Trey not allowed, Seiko ain't allowed.....okay she's allowed, but that's only because she eats Sugaritos too.” She mumbled. I laughed at her and on cue I got a text from Seiko.

Seiko: Yo wassup nigga?
Me: Girl, yee'n bout it! Stop talking like damn nigga.
Seiko: Whatever, I'm more about it than you'll ever be.
Me: Mhmm, when I beat that ass bet you won't say that no more.
Seiko: You talk a lot of s*** over the phone, but in person you as quiet as a mouse.
Me: Girl stop it! Anyway, you coming over tomorrow?”
Seiko: Yeah, we all going to church. Remember?
Me: Oh, I forgot. Well imma hit you up tomorrow. I love you.
Seiko: I love you too, night!
Me: Night loud ass.

I knew her ass made a stank face, but she didn't reply, so I also knew that tomorrow I had some major sucking up to do. ”That better be her that got you smiling like that nigga!” I jumped at the deep voice, but looked up to see Kiana leaning on the counter. ”Girl shut up.” I said in my ratchet voice. ”No girl! You won't believe what I heard!” She played along. ”What that be?” She snapped her fings. ”Ja' Myeasha, gon tell Dontez, that she was preggo, but Dontez ain't the damn babydaddy. Guess who is.” I shrugged my shoulders and pretended to pop some gome. Kiana was filing her nails and smacking. ”That nigga Dae Dae!” I gasped. ”What? She a hoe! That heffa a hoe!” Kiana started clap her hands. ”YAASS!” She yelled. That was when I couldn't take no more and I started laughing. I realized that everybody was looking at us like we were crazy. ”Haters.” Kiana sung. I nodded and we did our Fresh Prince handshake. ”Pshh.” We both said. She walked back over to Drake and took Christina. ”She is up way past her bedtime. I'll go lay her down and yall can put in a movie.” They nodded and she walked up the stairs.

Kiana's POV

I walked up the stairs and realized that Christina hadn't eaten in hours. I went and grabbed a bottle from the mini fridge Solange gave me. I walked over to the microwave and warmed the bottle as I kissed Christina, she laughed and grabbed my face. I kissed her lips again and got the the bottle out. I sat down and sat her up. I put the bottle up to her lips and she opened them. I put the bottle in and sat her back a bit. As she ate, I sung to her. Hoping she'd fall asleep.

<em>You send me swingin'
Oh you send me swingin'
I wait for the day
So we can go swing
Won't you look right my way
Oh you send me swingin'
You send me swingin' oh you send me swingin'

I never thought I'd really find
Someone so beautiful and kind
Oh what you've done to me
With just the little things you do
You've got me crazy over you
And it's getting stronger </em>

I heard a sucking noise and looked down to see Christina going to sleep and the bottle was finished. I put her over my shoulder and began to pat her back, attempting to make her burp. She giggled, then cried a bit, then finally she burped. I laughed and rocked her to sleep. ”Mommy loves you so much. No matter how you got here, that doesn't make me love you any less.” I rubbed her hair and put the blanket over her. I heard a knock on the door and turned to see Chris. ”Oh, hey. I wasn't singing to loud. Was I?” He shook his head and smiled. ”Not at all. Mijo's ass paused the movie to hear you sing. You have a beautiful voice Kiana. You had a nigga humming with you.” I blushed and walked into my closet. He sat on my bed and laid down. ”Thanks.” I managed to mumble. ”No probs. You plan on making it big one day?” I scoffed loudly . ”Please, me? I'd crack just like that.” I snapped my finger to dramatize it. ”Stop. You're strong enough. All the s*** you've been through, I'm pretty sure you can take whatever they throw at you. I know you can.” I smiled at hit and kissed his forehead. ”Thanks.” He kissed my cheek and hugged me tight. ”Well leggo.” I nodded and Chris grabbed the portable baby bed while I grabbed Christina.

”Who the hell does this b**** ass think he is!” I yelled. We were watching 42 and I was getting mad as hell. All of us were. ”I wonder if he'd like it if I walked out there and said hey cracker cracker!” I started laughing at Shad and I put my feet on Chris as I laid in Shad's lap. He was playing in my hair, which made me feel kind of sleepy, but I shook it off. ”I swear I would've been killed, because if he would've talked to me like that. I would've swung that damn bat on his ass.” Tay said while Drake rubbed her stomach. I started to cry as Jackie broke down in the hall. ”No Jackie, I'm here. I gotchu baby.” I cried. I held onto Shad as he laughed. ”It's not funny Shad.” I pushed him and laid in Chris' lap. At the end of the movie I was in tears. ”Damn you d***ie! You ain't s***!” Tay yelled at the scren. ”Calm down. And his name is dixie.” Drake said, still rubbing her stomach. I wiped my tears and bit my lip. ”Chadwick Boseman is a fine ass dude.” Tay dapped me up. ”Yes girl! Drakey you might have some competition.” She joked. ”Man f*** him. We changing it, now. No extra credits for you.” She smacked her lips and mushed his face. ”What about me Kiana? I got competition?” Shad asked. ”I don't like to hurt people's feelings.” He pouted and I laughed. I kissed his cheek and he wiped it off. ”I don't know where that nigga's lips been.” I smacked my lips and walked in the kitchen to get something to drink, when I remembered something. ”Yall niggas better get up to go to church tomorrow too!” They all groaned and made some unnecessary comments. ”I'm on my period!” Mijo yelled. We all busted out laughing. ”These cramps are killing me.” He whined. ”Shut the hell up. You don't know s*** about cramps. That time of the month is terrible.” Tay complained. ”I don't really act different, I just eat weird s***.” Mijo nodded at me. ”She once ate chocolate covered pickles for four days.” Everybody but me and Mijo gagged. ”What? It was sweet and sour.” Shad shook his head. ”When you on your cycle, don't come around me.” I threw a pillow at him and it bounced off his chest. ”You didn't say s*** to me last week.” He raised his eyebrow. ”You were on it?” Tay asked me. I nodded and went back into the livingroom. ”Well, it's bout that time. Night. I love you guys!” I kissed all of their cheeks and took Christina upstairs with me.

In The Morning ~~

”Mijo you doing this s*** on purpose!” <a href="">Seiko</a> yelled. ”Kiana! Tell Seiko what you said about her last night.” Mijo yelled back from upstairs. ”What? I said, that you were only allowed because you eat sugaritos. But everybody but Mijo dumbass could tell I was joking. She laughed and hugged me. ”She's the cutest. Does she have contacts or some s***?” I shook my head no. ”Maria said that when the incident happened...uhh she stressed her self out and every now and then her eyes lose pigment and they change a really light blue. It's usually in caucasian babies, but she was one in a million.” <a href="">Christina</a> smiled at me and it just warmed my heart, but broke it at the same time. How could he do this to his own daughter? I just now thought about something. My daughter is technically my sister, because we have the same dad, but I gave birth to her. ”Wow.” Seiko looked at me and smiled. ”Finally yall are ready to go. I thought I was going to have to leave yall.” Tay said to <a href="">them</a> as they groaned. ”I told yo ass to slow down Mijo!” Chris pushed him. ”Don't push my baby Chris. He knows what he's gonna get when we get to my place. That's why he's in a hurry.” I gagged. ”Really Seiko?” She shrugged and pecked Mijo's lips. I just shook my head and walked out the house.

I hate Tre with passion for the simple fact that he that scub bag's brother and that he plotting to kill Kiana but I hope he fall in love with her and dont fall thru with the plan, but then again she can't never be happy for too long...Mijo creepy ass watching and ish..he need him a now..they all trying sneak and watch her take a shower..pervs lol..RUN IT

I missed you too CoCo!!!!!! Thanks for the runs you two, I appreciate all the love!

I hope Mijo's fatherly ass ends up doing a backround check on Trey! Cuz I can't have Kiana dying!!! OH NO NO NO! *Cash Out voice*
Run IT!!

1st things 1st: YAY you're back..i've been missing your stories!!!!!!!!!!

2nd: you return with this dope ahh story..YES!!! I love's so dramatic and new obsession

3rd: finally caught up..I love Kiana she is such a sweetheart. I'm upset she had this life but..Mijo has been there to help her through it..I wanna what's up with Mijo life thou?? Love life?? anyway back to what i was saying..I'm glad she found comfort in Chris, Shad, and Omari too...they cool even thou Shad got a slick crush on Kiana...what's up with them thou?? Because secretly she feeling Chris..cuz uhh whats the other reason for him having them effects on her??? Taylor and Drake are cute..her grandma a straight G lol Her parents are sick bastards and i hope they get raped in jail. But uhhh...oh ishhh...Taylor preggos????? RUN THIS PRONTO

Drake's POV

Maria had Taylor take a pregnancy test about 45 minutes ago and we were still waiting. ”What if I'm pregnant Drake? I won't know what to do. I want to go to college and I want to be finacially stable before I have children. But if I am pregnant I'm going to be the happiest person in the world.” Tay said as she held her head down. I got up and sat on the table with her. ”Don't worry about the money, I got that. I got your back, and hopefully you got mine. I'll be a man and provide for you and our son, IF you are pregnant.” She smiled and patted my leg. ”Silly Drakey! We all know if I'm pregnant, I'll have a girl.” I laughed and kissed her forehead. ”I love you baby.” She whispered in my ear. ”I love you too.” She smiled in the crook of my neck and then pecked it. ”Hello Taylor and Aubrey.” Maria sung. ”Ms. Maria, I told you it's Drake.” She chuckled and patted my shoulder. ”Well uh, I don't know if this is a good thing but ummm. Taylor you are two months pregnant.” Maria said. Taylor gasped and began to cry. ”I'm going to be a mommy Drake!” She hugged me and I smiled. ”Yep. We're going to be parents.” I laughed, that was when Kiana, Omari, Mijo, Shad, and Chris came in squealing and hollering. Kiana had two huge balloons in her hand while Chris held Christina. ”Congratz!” She yelled. Christina squirmed and began to cry, I'm guessing she was shocked by the loudness in Kiana's voice. ”Oh. I'm sorry Christina. Momma's sorry.” She cooed. Christina calmed down and looked up at Chris. He began to play in her hair and rub her small hand. It's a terrible thing what happened to his daughter.

Kiana's POV

I looked over at Chris playing with Christina. They told me about what had happened to his daughter. I walked over and hugged him tightly. He looked down at me and smiled. ”She's beautiful.” I nodded and smiled up at him. ”Awww. Talk about the world's cutest couple. After us.” Tay joked. I shook my head at her and told them I'd be back, I had to go get Christina's bottle out the car. I walked out and ran into somebody. I fell and they gasped. ”Uh. My bad. Wow.” <a href="">He</a> said. I looked up at his tall figure compared to mine. ”Hello. I'm Tremaine.” He introduced holding his hand out. ”Kia-” ”I know who you are. I'm sorry about what happened to your little girl.” He looked down at his feet. I had yet to let go of his soft hands. ”They found her, today actually.” He smiled. ”Congratulations. I'm sorry am I holding you up.” I shook my head no and smiled at him. His brown orbs had a story behind them. One I wanted to know. His dimples and smile had me captivated. His curls that hid neatly under his snapback made me want to touch them. ”Well um. I have to get going.” He cleared his throat. ”Yeah. Yeah. It was nice meeting you.” He nodded and I walked around him. ”Wait, Kiana!” I turned and jumped a bit when I saw him in my face. ”Would you go to dinner with me? You know maybe like next weekend?” I smiled at him. He seemed a bit nervous, little did he know that I was sweating like crazy. Good thing jackets were invented. ”Yes. I'd like that a lot.” He laughed and I raised my eyebrow. ”Did I say something funny?” I asked him. He straightened up and looked down at me. ”You said yes. I thought you were going to go off on me. Well, I'll see you next week. Here take my number.” He handed me his phone and put my number in. ”I'll text you so you can save my number. Bye Kiana.” He giggled. ”Bye Tremaine.” I sung he winked and I almost melted. I walked out to the car, got the bottle, and went back to the room with a big ass smile on my face.

”Are you that happy I'm having a baby?” Tay asked. ”No. I'm this happy because I have a date next weekend.” Everybody in the room and Mijo even woke up out of his deep slumber, I thought that nigga was in a coma. ”Date with who?” Shad asked. ”With Tremaine.” I giggled. ”You mean dude that you was talking to out there?” Drake asked. I nodded and Taylor jumped on me. ”Aww. Boo is growing up! Boo Jr., mommy's going on a date.” Taylor said, getting happy. Christina made a sad face and so did Chris. ”I agree with Christina, I don't like him.” Omari and Shad agreed. ”I don't give a damn. You're not the boss of me.” I snapped. ”Well damn. I was about to put my two cents in, but nevermind.” Mijo sighed. I laughed and walked over to the empty seat to get my bag. ”Sugaritos anyone?” They all nodded and crowded around me.

Next Saturday~~

”What do you mean don't f*** him? I'm not a hoe!” I yelled at Mijo. Him and all the giys were pissing me the f*** off. ”Move nigga!” I told Omari as he blocked the door to the shower. He shook his head and I pulled his collar of his shirt, choking him. ”If you don't move my foot will be somewhere where the sun don't shine. Now move.” I let go of him and he stumbled away from the door. ”Dramatic ass.” I mumbled. I walked in the bathroom and turned my music on. When the music came on, I turned the shower on and started to dance while I waited for it to get to the right tempature. When it got there, I took off my clothes and got in. ”Kiana! I really have to go!” I heard Chris' voice. ”Really Chris! f*** it. Come in, and don't look.” I told him don't look because instead of the bathroom having a shower curtain, it had a glass door that you could easily see through. ”I won't. Don't you look either.” I laughed. ”You don't have anything I never saw.” He opened the door and closed it while fake laughing. ”Hardy har har. You know if you saw me naked, you'd want me.” He assured. I laughed so hard, I almost turned red. I poked my head out the shower to see Chris still using it. ”Nice ass.” He jumped and pulled up his pants quickly. ”I told you don't look!” He yelled, turning to me. ”I never said I wasn't going to. But can you hand me my towel?” He nodded and picked it up. ”Here, peeker.” I laughed and pecked his cheek thanks. ”Hold on, you're about to get out? You just got in.” I shook my head no. ”Nah. I know Omari and Shad are going to use the same excuses so I figured if I put the towel over the door, they won't be able to see nothing.” I heard groaning from outside the door. ”I told you it wasn't going to work.” Omari said. ”Well, it was a good try.” I shook my head and continued to wash my body for about 35 more minutes.

”Look at mommy, doesn't she look pretty?” Tay cooed as Christina stared at <a href="">me.</a> She loved bright colors, that's probably the reason she likes Chris so much. The doorbell rung and I instantly got butterflies. I looked over at Tay and she smiled at me. ”Well go b****! Damn.” I glared at her then flicked her off. ”Tremaine here!” I heard Chris yell. I picked up Christina and we headed downstairs. Before we turned the corner, I heard Mijo lecturing Tremaine. I stopped Taylor and told her to shush so I could listen. ”Aye! Listen, have her back by 1, not a minute after or me and my crew coming for that ass. I want her to smell like perfume and food not sex and some dude, kapeesh?” I couldn't hold in my laughter anymore as I walked around the corner, <a href="">his</a> eyes met mine and his mouth dropped. ”Hold up! My eyes are here!” Mijo said, still not noticing me. ”Mijo look!” Chris pointed to me. ”What- damn! Kiana, you just ruined your five hour dinner. Have her home by 12, you know the rest.” I smacked my lips. ”Hi Kiana. You look amazing.” I smiled and walked over to him. ”So do you. I'd like for you to meet my daughter.” I studied his tall figure compared to mine and smiled. ”This is Christina. Christina this is Tremaine.” Christina giggled as Tremaine leaned in and kissed her hand. ”Please, call me Trey.” I nodded and handed Christina over to Tay. ”Mommy's gonna miss you. I love you. You love mommy?” I played with her hair and she laughed. ”Okay feed her every two hours, change her diaper every three, make sure she's in bed by-” ”Okay damn. Go already. Time is ticking!” Mijo cut me off. I hugged everybody and we left.

Trey's POV

Kiana was looking bad as hell right now. Damn, these next eight months is gonna be hard on a nigga. If you must know, I'm Tremaine Jackson, younger brother of Jerome. I know he's a sick bastard, but he is somewhat of a good guy. He asked me to do this favor for him, so I am. I just don't want to do the killing part. ”So, where are we going?” She asked, her angelic voice bringing me out of my thoughts. ”You'll see.” I said as we cruised onto the highway. ”So, how old are you.” I asked, breaking the short silence. ”I'm eighteen going onto thirty.” I laughed at her little joke. She was an amusing person, too bad she's not going to live to drink legally. ”You?” I shifted gears and got off on an exit. ”I just turned 21 last Monday.” I laughed at the memories of the club. I think I f***ed like six or seven b****es that night. But there was one who stood out, her name was Naomi. She got a little boyfriend, but he'll be alright as long as we keep it on the low. We soon pulled up to the restaurant and I couldn't help but laugh at her reaction. ”Holy s***! This is nice as hell!” She exclaimed. ”Yeah. Let's go.” I got out and opened the door for. She took my hand and thanked me. I handed the keys to valet and we walked in. ”Hello, reservations for Tremaine Neverson.” The hostess looked up from her phone and smiled. ”Ah yes. Right this way. And might I say you have a beautiful girlfriend.” I felt something tug on my sleeve and I looked down to see Kiana's shy ass hiding behind me, blushing. ”Thank you.” She whispered. ”No problem. The waitress will be here in a minute.” We nodded and she walked away.

”So, do you have a job?” She asked. I nodded and took a sip of my water. ”Yeah. I'm a pharmacist.” She oh'd and nodded. I was telling her part of the truth. I sold drugs, but not over the cpunter drugs. More like illegal drugs. ”What do you have an intrest in?” She looked up at the ceiling and smiled. ”I want to be a manager for the music industry. I was trying to get Drake and Taylor to put something out, but they stubborn asses won't listen.” I listened carefully. She had a weird accent. ”You have a strong accent. You not from here?” She nodded. ”I am. I was born and raised in Compton.” I raised my eyebrows, she didn't look like she was from there, or act like it. ”Damn, just a few blocks from your school.” She looked up at me. ”How do you know what school I'm going to?” I had to come up with something quick. ”Everybody knows what school Kiana Jackson goes to. You're a women's basketball star. Hell you better than some men who play in the NBA.” She giggled. ”You think I'm that good?” She asked. I shrugged at her. ”I mean you ain't no Kobe or LeBron, but you good.” She was now in a laughing fit. She had one of those laughs that made you laugh. ”Okay okay. Mr. Neverson got jokes.” I was about to say who, but I had to remember. ”Hello, I'm Naomi. How may I take your order?” I looked up to see <a href="">Naomi</a> mugging Kiana and she was doing the same. ”Heard what happened to your daughter. Karma's a b****, huh?” Next thing I know Naomi was on the ground screaming my name, calling for help. Kiana was on top of her, hitting her like a man. ”Whoa! Chill!” I managed to get Kiana off of Naomi and she looked f***ed up. Blood was coming from everywhere. ”Trey handle your sideline!” Kiana yelled. ”Wait what?” How did she know that Naomi and I were f***ing. ”Yeah, you was thinking aloud. Nice to know about them six or seven b****es you f***ed.” She said, she stormed out and I looked at Naomi. ”Your a sick b****, you know that.” I ran after Kiana and she was sitting on the bench, shaking her leg. ”Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to think aloud like that. That was so disrespectful.” I apologized, and I meant it. ”It's okay. I mean it's not what I wanted to hear, but it's not like I knew you then. So it's cool. It was just her ass that made me mad.” I looked her in her eyes and became mesmerized. I didn't notice that our faces were so close, yet it felt like she was so far away. I jerked forward and rested my lips on hers. At first she tensed up, but then she kissed me back. I was about to add some tongue, but then the valet pulled up with my car. ”Sorry sir. Wassup Kiana!” <a href="">He</a> said, surprised. ”Hey boo! Where you been? I haven't seen you around school.” He scratched his head. ”Issues up north, I had to go up there. I'll be back by Monday. Whoa, you with Trey J-” ”Yeah.” I cut him off. ”Oh, where are my manners. Trey, this is Fidel.” I nodded and he did too. ”Yeah so, give me your number. I'll call you sometime.” She nodded and handed him her phone. ”So you let any nigga put they number in your phone?” I mumbled, making sure no one heard me. ”Did you say something?” Fidel asked me. This kid ain't know who he was f***ing with. ”Nah man. We gotta go. Nice meeting you.” He nodded and gave Kiana a hug. ”Bye.” She waved to him and I opened the door for her. ”Such a gentleman.” I smiled and looked at Fidel staring at her. I waved my hand and got his attention. ”I think the car behind us is waiting.” I smirked and I could tell he got mad, but f*** him.

”What time is it?” Kiana asked. ”It's uh, damn. It's 10.” She smiled. ”We still got two more hpurs.” She cooed. ”What you wanna do?” I asked, looking over at her. ”I'm still hungry.” She whispered, but it was in an adorable shy way. ”Oh. You want to go somewhere else?” She looked at me. ”If that's okay with you.” She mumbled. I laughed and turned around. ”Now where are we going?” I turned left and turned up the music. ”You'll see ma. It's okay.” She nodded and started to sing to Wale's Love Hate Thing.

Hold me tight, let me go
Heal my heart, hurt my soul
Build me up, break me down
Make me smile, make me frown
Give me love, take it all away again
Give me love, take it all away again

She had some vocals on her. She opened her eyes and looked at me. ”Oh, I'm sorry. Was I too loud?” I was snapped out of the trance I was in and smiled. ”Nah. I was actually enjoying it. Why don't you want to sing as a career?” She looked down. ”You saw me in the restaurant. I get shy when somebody gives me a compliment. I don't think I could take the paps and s***. They might read into my past too much. I don't want that life for Christina.” I nodded fully understanding. ”How old is she?” I asked. She smiled and looked forward. ”Holy s***! Shebturns two months tomorrow!” She exclaimed. ”Is holy s*** your two favorite words or something?” She took her left hand and shook it. ”A little bit.” I nodded and whipped into a parking spot. ”Wow! This is better than the other one.” She said in awe. ”Yeah. And I'm pretty sure no one I know works here.” She chuckled and I got out to open her door again. ”So, who taught you how to be such a gentleman Mr. Neverson?” I was about to say your dad but then I thought about it. ”My older brother.” I simply answered. ”Must be nice to have a sibling to give you help when you need it.” I looked down at her. ”I'm sorry for my brot- I mean. I'm sorry that he did that to you. It's sickening.” She srunched up her face and nodded. ”I'm sorry, but eere you about to say my brother?” She asked I nodded. ”See, my religion. Everybody is my brother or sister. Except the one's as beautiful as you, then they become someone I'm interested in.” She giggled and blushed. ”Aww. Stop it.” She sat down by the waiting area and I walked up to the host. ”Yo.” I said to <a href="">him.</a> ”Who the hell you- oh s***! My nigga named Trigga!” He yelled. I laughed. ”Keep tht s*** down.” Yatzee been my nigga for the longest and I trusted him with everything. ”That's the b**** Jeeome wanted you to knock over. She bad as hell, you better hit that before you kill it.” I dapped him up. ”You know imma kill the pussy then her.” He laughed at me and I called Kiana over. She looked up at me and slowly walked over. ”This is my bestfriend Lance.” I said, coming up with a fake name real quick. ”Hi Lance. I'm Kiana.” Lance smiled and kissed her hand. ”More like your an angel.” She giggled and blushed again. ”Right this way.” He lead us to the back and we sat down.

”No, one time I was running in gym and my pants fell and everyone gasped cause I was wearing a thong!” Kiana began to laugh. We sharing funny stories while we rode home. ”Really? A thong?” She nodded and I just shook my head. We were about 10 minutes from the house and I didn't feel like sitting in silence so I started to try to make her laugh and get her comfortable. ”So, wassup with school?” I asked her. ”All A's and my teacher's say that if I do as good on the SAT's as I do on my school work, I'll be Valedictorian for sure.” I held up my hand and she gave me a high five. ”That's very impressive. I was really good at math, and it fits my job, so I guess I'm cool.” She looked over at me and laughed. ”What?” She shook her head. ”You are terrible at covering things up. I know you're a drug dealer Trey.” I gasped like a little b**** and pulled over. ”You do?” She nodded and then looked at me. ”But that's okay. You gotta make a living some way.” I nodded and then an awkward silence filled the car. I pulled back onto the street and headed down the road. ”Does that change the way you think of me?” I asked. She smiled and rubbed my hand. ”Not at all. When people heard I had a child by my father, they didn't judge me. So why should I judge you? I mean it's not the best job in the world, but you're getting money so I don't see the problem.” I chuckled, she was real and I liked that. ”Well, we're here.” I told her. She looked over and smiled at her house then at me. ”I haven't smiled this much in a while. What time is it?” I looked at my watch. ”It is 11:59.” She smirked and shook her head. ”Well, goodnight Trey. Thanks for this.” I nosded and then grabbed her wrist, she winced a bit, so I let go. ”Sorry, I didn't mean to grab you that hard.” I apologized, really thinking I grabbed her hardly. ”No. It wasn't you. It was volleyball yesterday. Yep. What was it that you wanted?” I knew she was lying, but I wanted to know why. ”I wanted to tell you thank you for going out with me. Hopefully we can do this again.” She nodded and I got out to walk her to the door. ”Bye Trey.” She cooed. ”Bye Kiana.” She smiled and I leaned in and pecked her lips, she unexpectedly grabbed my neck, deepening the kiss. ”Uh. It's 12:01. I think you should get inside.” I said, pulling out of the kiss. She nodded and opened the door. ”Mino! What the hell?” She jumped as Mijo stood right behind the door. This dude was really creepy, not scary, but creepy. ”Night!” I called out she turned and waved then closed the door. I was smiling like a school boy as I got in th car. Soon as I closed the door a thought went through my head. ”What the f***? I just kissed my niece!” I said aloud.

Yup this story is dope!

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Any unprotected sex? and Drake dumbass gonna be proud and say lots of it!
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