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Kiana's POV

I watched as some of the girls on my team began to cry as the clock was winding down. We were down three and only had ten seconds to go. ”Special K, you have got to make this three. The team and the whole school is depending on you.” I gulped and looked at the coach. I gathered what little confidence I had left and nodded my head. ”For the team.” I said to myself. I looked over at my bestfriend, she smiled and mouthed, ”You can do this. I believe in you.” I smiled at her and dapped her up. ”Let's kill these b****es.” I whispered to her. She laughed and we walked out on the court. Our small forward got the ball and tried to pass it in, but the person that was supposed to get open, couldn't. I stepped hard to my left and ran to my right, breaking my defender's ankles. I got the ball and shot it without looking up. We only had two seconds on the clock and this girl smacked me in my face, causing me fall. I heard a swoosh and the crowd went wild. I got up and ran to Taylor as she fell on the floor. I pecked her lips and I could hear all the boys cheer. Tay laughed and got up. ”You have got to make this mama.” She tapped my lower back and I walked to the foul line. All the things my mom and dad told me came to mind and I got nervous. I did my routine and pulled the ball up and shot it. I left my hand in the air and watched as the ball went in slow motion. It fell like forever before the ball went in and my whole team screamed. ”Ladies and gentleman! Say hello to the new high school lady state championship winners of California.....The LA Jags of Jefferson High!” We all cheered and everybody in the stands came rushing down. Everybody picked me up and cheered my name. ”Kiana! Kiana! Kiana!” I cheesed hard as my bestfriend Drake gave me a thumbs up. I got down and ran to him and hugged him. ”Did you win?” I asked all excited. He frowned and I frowned too. ”Well there's always next year.” I patted his shoulder. ”Yeah. It'd be nice to win twice in a row!” He yelled exposing his shiny gold medal that was hidden behind his back. ”You won! Taylor they won!” I exclaimed. She ran over to us and we did our special chant. I loved these two. They were the only ones that really loved me in this world.

”Bye boo. Bye Drakey!” I yelled to Taylor and Drake. They waved and Drake rolled down his window. ”Don't forget the party tomorrow. We'll pick you up at eight!” He yelled. I nodded and walked to the door. I said a quick prayer and opened the door. It was quiet, too quiet. I walked in and shut it behind me. ”s***!” I yelled as a glass came crashing over my glass. I quickly looked up to see my mom running after me. I ran to my room and locked it. ”Bad move Kiana.” She sung. I turned around to see my dad sitting on the bed. I looked at him and tears rolled down my eyes. He licked his lips and stood, walking over to me slowly. ”I missed you.” He cooed in my ear as his mustache and smell of alcohol brushed my nose. He unlocked the door and I looked at my mom as she strolled in th door. ”Hold her down Kat.” She nodded and pushed me down. I tried to fight her off, but she held a belt up to my face. I didn't want any bruises on my face before the party so I gave up. ”I hear you're going to a party tomorrow ladybug, is that right?” She asked, rubbing her finger up and down my face. I slowly nodded and she pecked my lips. ”So beautiful. Do it Jerome.” She ordered my dad. He started to get undress and I closed my eyes as he took off my gym shorts and underwear. ”Please not too hard.” I whispered. He pressed down on my bruise that he had gave me yesterday. ”How about you just take the d*** babygirl?” I bit my lip and nodded as I cried harder. ”Remember stay silent.” My mom said, holding a knife up to my neck. ”Ahh!” I accidently screamed as he rammed into me. He was pounding me and all I could do was cry. My mother whipped me as I accidently screamed again. I felt blood trickle down my legs. ”s***! Damn, ladybug done got tight on me.” My dad moaned. I looked at the ceiling and prayed to God. ”Ahh! I'm almost there! I'm almost there!” He screamed. He slowed his pace and started to make out with me. He pinched my now swollen clit and I winced in pain. I felt him cum inside me and then my mom handed me a pill and water. ”Here. Tomorrow you'll get to eat.” I was thankful for the two medium meals I got every other day. I hadn't ate real food since Thursday. ”Now go to your real room.” She ordered. I got up and limped to the dark cold basment. I laid the old, dusty, dirty blankets down and laid on top of them. ”Here.” She threw my phone at me and threatened me, once again, about calling the police or telling anyone. Only five people knew. My mom and dad, me, God and Mijo. I rolled over and texted all my friends goodnight. I got a goodnight from all of them, but Mijo's had more than a goodnight.

Mijo: Again?
Me: Yeah :( It hurted so badly.
Mijo: Come over. I got you.
Me: Okay, see you in fifteen.

I walked upstairs and knocked on the door. My mom unlocked it and looked at me. ”Mijo?” She asked, smiling. I put my head down and nodded. She thought that since Mijo was my bestest friend of all time and rich that I'd put a good word in for her. She pushed me up the stairs and told me to put on something tight. Ten minutes later <a href="">I</a> walked out the house. As I turned the corner I ran the rest of the way. I told him I was going to be there in fifteen minutes so dammit I was. I limped a bit between my strides and finally made it to his house. It was beautiful. I called him and told him to come open the door. ”It's okay.” He hugged me tight as I cried in his chest. ”Um. Mijo, you want me to come back later?” I looked behind him to see some light skinned <a href="">dude</a> come around the corner. ”Nah. Sorry man. This is my bestfriend Kiana.” Mijo introduced me to him. He held his hand out and I shook it. I wiped a few tears away and Mijo looked at me. ”You can go sit in the livingroom, I'll go get you some snacks.” I hugged onto his arm, not wanting him to leave me here by myself with this stranger. ”It's okay, he's cool. He has a daughter too.” I looked over at the stranger. ”I'm Chris.” I nodded and looked back at Mijo. I let go of him and he kissed my cheek and left.

I was sitting down on the couch watching the game when I noticed the couch go up and Chris walking to the door. It was then that I noticed that the doorbell had rung. ”Yo Chris! Wassup Chris! Where the hell yo ugly ass cousin at?” I heard all at one time. Chris laughed and <a href="">they</a> appeared. They both stopped and looked at me and I looked at them then back towards the TV. ”Who is this beautiful lady?” The lighter one came up to me. ”I'm Shad.” I shook his hand. ”Kiana.” He smiled and kissed my hand. I smirked a bit and then the darker one came over. ”Omarion. You can call me Omari though.” I nodded and then focused back on the TV. ”You Chris' girl.” I shook my head no. ”Just met him ten minutes ago.” They nodded. ”Oh so you Mijo's girl?” Chris asked. ”Nah. I'm his bestest friend ever. We knew each other since we were in the womb. He just happened to be richer. My mom was his mom's maid.” They all just nodded again and then an awkward silence took over. That was when the door opened and in walked <a href=" ">Mijo</a> yelling. ”Yall niggas need to get yo car out my damn driveway!” I giggled at bit and Omari looked at me. ”You got a sexy laugh, ma.” I looked down and mumbled a soft thank you. He chuckled and I got up. I walked over to the bags and got out my fruit snacks. I took out a fruit roll up and put some Gusher's in it. I rolled it back up and ate it. ”Ugh, ma. You got a weird appetite.” Shad said. I shied away from them and made one for Mijo. ”Thanks boo. You heading up early. I rubbed my nose and he got it.

Me and Mijo came up with codes to tell each other things that we couldn't say in person. So by rubbing my nose, I told him that I was hurting really bad and I needed to lay down. He got up and followed me upstairs. ”Wrist.” He said walking up behind me. ”f***.” I cursed under my breath. ”I didn't do it.” I lied, my eyes turned a dark brown and Mijo shook his head. ”How deep?” He asked walking into the bathroom. ”Medium.” I whispered. ”You gotta stop this bulls***. One day you're going to cut too deep and then I won't get to see this beautiful face anymore.” A tear slid down my face. I had been cutting since I was 10, I'm 17 now. ”Okay Barry.” I sniffled, trying to lighten the mood. He came back in with alcohol and removed my bracelet. ”Damn Kiana. You cut deep as f***.” I nodded and grabbed the towel out of his hand. ”On three now. One, two, three.” I bit on the towel hard as he poured the alcohol into my deep scar. It was so deep it didn't even spill over the top, it just sunk in. I winced a bit because of the burning and pain the alcohol had caused. He put a band-aid and kissed my cheek. ”Drake and Taylor?” He asked. I knew he was asking if I had told them yet. I shook my head and began to drift off to sleep. ”They don't know.” I whispered to myself.


I'm glad she went back to school. She's strong for that. Sugaritos! Those are good as hell. That was nice what Drake did for her. Damn- where was Mr. Lewis going? They were scared. Solange sems pretty cool. Maybe another future friend. -wipes tears- Kiana, you are a very wise young girl. Lil Q listen to her!! They found Christina!!! 0_o What the hell can posses someone that much that they finger a baby. A f***ing two month baby at that! He's sick. Her grandma is right. I shed a few tears and I did feel bad for her mom. Her dad had a baby by his own daughter. So not only is Jerome the child's grandfather, but he's her father too. Ugh! Aww that was cute! Kiana, you have got to stop before what Mijo said will happen. What?! Their all having babies! Lol
Run it!!!

Sorry for all the mistakes! I hope it's still readable. Thanks again for the runs.

Kiana's POV

When I had awaken, we were sitting at a hospital. I looked around to see Mijo turning red. ”What happened? Where's Christina? Aren't we supposed to be at the police station?” He looked at me and held me down. ”Now what I'm about to tell you will sicken you to your soul. Just please keep calm. Promise me.” I shook my head no. ”No I won't f***ing promise you Mijo! Now what the hell happened?” He sighed heavily and looked at Drake. ”I can't man.” I looked them both. ”Will somebody f***ing tell me what happened!” They all looked at me and Chris stood up. He wrapped his arm around me and walked us outside. ”I don't really know how to tell someone this.” I looked at him, fearing what he was about to say. ”Is my baby dead Chris?” My voice broke and tears slid down my face. ”No. No. She was uh.....she was umm..” I was tired of him beating around the bush. ”Chris say the s***!” I yelled. ”She was f***ing almost fingered to death by Jerome!” My heart stopped and I looked at Chris. I saw the police station down the street and I took off running. ”Kiana! Kiana!” I heard Chris yell. I ran across the road without looking. I heard a lot of beeping and people cursing at me. But I didn't give two s***s about that right now. When I got to the police station, I saw them just now cuffing my dad. I ran to him and pulled the police's taser and tazed that b****'s ass. ”Uhh!” He yelled out. When he fell I started stomping the living s*** out of him. The cops pulled me off of him and I spat in his dace. ”You stupid b****! You sick motherf***er! I hate you! I f***ing hate you!” I yelled at him. He grinned and I tried to fight the police off, but they were too strong. ”Kiana! What the f***? Get off of her!” I heard Shad, Omari, and Mijo's voice. I felt butterflies in my stomach and I saw Chris trying to call me down. ”Let me go!” I yelled at them. They were hesitant, but Chris told them to let me go. They let me go and I was breathing so hard that I had to go outside to get air.

I ran outside and fell to the ground. ”Why God? What did my baby do? She deserved nothing like this to happen to her.” I spoke to myself. ”Child. Listen to me.” I scrunched up my face and saw my <a href="">grandmother</a> sitting next to me. I jumped a bit and she laughed. ”Grandma?” I asked, unsure if this was real. ”Yep. In the flesh. Now I've been watching you. And I must say. I'm very dissapointed.” I put my head down and sunk my shoulders. The last thing I wanted to do was dissappint my family, excluding my parents. They can burn in f***ing hell. ”I know.” I mumbled. ”Why are you fighting everybody? I know it's only been two people, but that temper almost made you fight the police. Then that ass would've ended up in the same cell as your mom.” My blood stated to boil when she said 'your mom'. ”That b**** ain't my mom.” I felt a hand go across my face and I held my cheek. ”Grandma? You a ghost, you can't hit me.” She glared at me. ”Motherf***er I just did. Now listen. YOUR MOM, is a very terrible women. She's jealous of you. You make her feel insecure. She's mad that you're dad rather sleep with you and not her. She prays to God everyday hoping for forgiveness. But God can only forgive so much when somebody commits the same sin again. She's sorry about every-” ”I don't wanna f***ing hear it. That b**** did this to me. She's the reason I have my f***ing virginity taken at nine. I was f***ing nine grandma!” I yelled. I know people were probably looking at me, yelling to no one. ”No, nobody's looking at you like that babydoll. They can see me, only people that know I'm dead can't.” I looked at her spooked out, she can read minds? ”I know, I can read minds! Ha! I've got to be the coolest grandma in the world.” She exclaimed. I laughed at her. ”But back to what I was saying. She still felt bad, yet she continued to do it. You know how good you felt when you cut yourself?” I rubbed my arm and nodded. ”She gets that same rush, only when she sees you down. When you are up having fun, she's at home wishing to be you. You wanna know a secret?” I nodded and she pulled me closer. ”Your dad raped your mom when she was 12.” I gasped and felt bad for a hot second, but it soon faded away. ”Yeah. That's how you got here. I took care of you. Wanna know what people used to call your mom?” It just kept on getting better and better. I nodded and she looked out in space. ”Brenda. You're dad was her cousin. Only difference, they both grew to be disgusting people.” I scrunched up my face. ”Woah! You mean like Brenda's Got A Baby, by 2Pac.” She nodded. ”That man is sick. I'm glad you tore his ass up. I would've beat that ass like he was Emmet Till.” I laughed really hard and she did too. ”But you should know that, she does love you. She was just in love with your dad. When you came in the world, I was there for the first seven years. When Big Q died, you pushed everybody away. Then when I died, s*** got ugly. You stopped telling your mom she was beautiful, so did your dad. Instead, he told you more and more. Then he talked yoir mom into letting her have you. She was jealous and insecure, like I said before, she wanted you to feel helpless. She wanted to see you down. Now that she's down, you have to forgive her.” I looked at her like she was crazy. ”I'm cool on that one.” She smacked her lips. ”Listen little girl. The rest of your life is going to be bitter if you don't. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for Christina.” I looked at her and she stood up. ”Here. I never got to give this yo you.” She handed me a golden locket. I opened it and my heart stopped. ”Who is this?” My grandma shoved me. ”That's you, me, your nother, and your uncle.” I looked at the <a href="">picture</a> and smiled. I remember that car, it was Big Q's car. He used to drive me and Tre around all the time. ”Well I gotta go, I'll see you when you need me.” I grabbed her hand. ”Wait! Why didn't you come before when I called and begged for you?” She smiled. ”I did. You didn't pay attention. You're heart was full of hatred and you were too busy cutting yourself to listen to me. Your mom seen me though, that's why she would always stare at the wall instead of look at you. I love you Stinker, don't forget what I said.” I smiled and nodded. She walked away and dissapeared around the corner.

”Yo! Who was that?” Chris asked. ”No one, old school counselor.” I laughed at his facial expression. ”Mhmm. But uh, Tay called. They're about to let them see Christina in ten minutes.” I cheesed hard and looked at Chris. He looked down at me and I hugged him tight. ”Thanks for everything Chris.” He hugged me back and kissed my forehead. ”No problem Kiana.” When he hugged me, I felt warm and safe. ”Move off my sister nigga.” I heard Mijo's voice. ”Man, shut up.” Chris and I laughed at Omari. ”Let's go babygirl. Can't have you catching cooties from this nigga.” I nodded and wrapped my arm around his and we walked back to the hospital. I walked in and saw Taylor and Drake standing talking to a doctor. ”Is she okay?” The doctor turned and I gasped. ”Maria!” She smiled and I ran over to her and hugged her. ”Hey sweetie. Why haven't you been answering my phone calls?” I felt terrible, all she wanted to do was help and I pushed her away. ”To be honest, I didn't want to be bothered. I'm sorry.” Maria hugged me again and told me that she understood. She walked us back to Christina's room. Surprisingly it was my old room. ”Oh my gosh.” I cried as I saw Christina. ”Mommy missed you so much.” I held onto her for dear life and kissed her over and over. ”I'm so sorry thst happened to you. I'm so so sorry.” The tears flowed like a river and she started to cry too. ”No, no. Be happy. Mommy's happy.” I cooed, she looked at me and I smiled. She began to laugh and I rubbed my hand up and down her face. She had a bruise on her arm and scratches on her face. I rubbed over her bruise and she frowned. She took my hand and put it on her heart. I gasped and so did Chris. ”Did yall see that?” Chris asked the others. They nodded and thought nothing about it. ”Ah. You're child is very smart. She has built a strong connection with you. By moving your hand to her heart, she's telling you to be calm. Just like your heartbeat soothes her, her's soothes you.” Maria spoke. I started to tickle her and she giggled. ”Tomorrow you'll be two months!” I exclaimed softly. ”You gon be big girl aren't yah!” I spoke in a baby voice. She had a huge smile on her face and I looked behind me to see Chris making faces. ”Really Chris? You stealing my thunder like that!” He laughed and grabbed Christina. ”Aye! We love her too.” Drake said, taking everybody else side, but mine. ”What about you Shad? Do you agree with them too?” I asked, rubbing the side of his face and poking my lip out. ”No.” He whispered. ”Thanks.” I pecked his cheek and he smiled. ”Too bad, five out of two.” Omari said. I pouted and sat beside Shad and put my head on his shoulder. He rubbed my hair and laughed.

Mijo's POV

It was nice to see Kiana laughing again. She stopped cutting herself when Christina was born, but when Jerome and Kat took her, she started back up. She thinks I didn't see the fresh cut from this morning when she got into the car. I knew she cut herself again because she started wearing those damn bracelets again. ”Mijo! Mijo!” She yelled in my face. ”Huh?” She smiled and handed me Christina. ”Oh my bad babygirl.” I took Christina and grabbed her hand and smiled and she started to gurggle. ”Really Stinkabutt?” She laughed and I rubbed our noses together. I looked up to see Kiana holding her wrist. I gave Chris the baby and grabbed Kiana's wrist and led her out the room. ”Ow Mino, you're really hurting me.” She whined. ”Uh sir. I think you should let go of this woman right this minute.” I heard a police officer say as he put his hand on his gun and began walking over to us. ”Shut up!” I yelled at him. ”Wrist.” I said to her. ”Uh. I didn't do it.” Her eyes turned a really light gray. ”Really Kiana. I said wrist.” The police officer was still standing by us. ”My nigg- I mean sir. Can you please let us be?” I asked him in a polite way. He walked away, but you could tell he was listening. ”Back to you. I said wrist now.” She sighed and showed me her wrist. ”Kiana what the hell is wrong with you? Is talking not an option any f***ing more?” I yelled at her she looked down. ”No! I'm not about to baby you this time! What if you cut too deep and you didn't wake up to see the next f***ing day! What happens to Christina? We'll have to tell her that her mother killed herself and whar do you think she'll think. That it was her damn fault. Just like you did when Jerome and Kat when they did all that s*** to you.” She started to cry and I hugged her. ”I'm just worried about you babygirl. I'm just worried.” She nodded and shivered. ”I love you Barry.” She cooed. ”I love you too.” I said.

Tay's POV

”Hey Boo Jr.” I said to Christina. She was just a happy baby. She smiled and laughed all the time. ”Uh. Hey you guys. Where did Kiana go?” Maria asked. ”She's in the hall with Mijo.” Maria nodded and left the room. ”Oh my gosh!” I yelled as I felt something pushing up my throat. ”Here!” I yelled to Drake. He took Christina and I hurried and ran to the bathroom. I started to throw up in the toilet. ”Damn girl. You throwing up everything.” I heard Chris say. He walked over to hold my hair as I almost died. I stopped throwing after five minutes and I flushed the toilet. ”Uh. Taylor?” I heard Kiana's soft sweet voice. ”Yes Boo Sr.?” She giggled and opened the door. ”I got you a bottle of water. It's cold.” I smiled and thanked her. ”Here. You're not about to be kissing me with your breath smelling like that.” Drake joked as he handed me a pack of gum. ”I think I have the flu.” I whined, holding onto Chris' leg. ”Girl!” He jumped away and I pouted. ”I love you, but I'm not about to be sick with you.” I stuck my tongue out. ”Maria!” Kiana yelled. Maria came rushing in. ”What is it sweetheart?” Maria asked. ”Oh Taylor. You look great! You're glowing!” We all looked at her confused. ”No. I think I have the flu.” She oh'd and took my hand. ”Have you had any outbreaks of sweats?” I shook my head no. ”Any high fevers?” I shook my head no again. ”Any unprotected sex?” I nodded. ”Lots of it.” Drake added smiling. ”Nobody wanted to know that!” Omari gagged. ”Well. My best guess is that you're pregnant.” My eyes almost bucked out of my head. ”What?!” Drake yelled. I couldn't believe my ears.

Thanks for all the feedback!! I really appreciate it. I really almost cried. I'm typing an add now.

Now this is a good ass story!
Run it!

Kiana really has a heart of gold! And she's deep AF. That girl is soooo inspirational; that little talk that she had with lil Q was everything (and I say use that word because I have no other way to describe it...).
For her to be so young she has an old soul. And she's wise WAY beyond her years. She's seen things and is helping the people around her through her experiences; she's amazing.
That Naomi b!tch had the devil bout to come out of me...I'm soooooo happy Kiana beat that ass!
And I hope and pray that they found those sick, sadistic motherf***in' bastards that took her...I hope someone catches them on and off day and torture they asses. Lawd-Jesus, every time I see their names in this story it bothers my soul and makes me wanna through up...I hate them with with a damn passion.
This is a GREAT story!
Run It!!!

btw I LOVE the cast you've picked out for this story!
The Gonzalez twins are my go to girls whenever I don't like who someone has casted in a female part; they are GORGEOUS!!

Wow dats so sad run it

Two Weeks Later~~

Kiana's POV

I was out of the hospital and Mijo and Chris had just picked me up for school. ”Hey Kiana.” Chris said hesitantly. I gave him a soft smile and waved. I hugged him and Mijo and you could tell that they were suprised. ”You ready for this?” Mijo asked looking over at me. I nodded and he pulled out. I could feel <a href="">their</a> eyes on me and I chuckled a bit when 2Pac's Keep Ya Head Up came on. I started to listen to the words and let them soak in to my head.

<em> Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots
I give a holler to my sisters on welfare Tupac cares,
and don't nobody else care
And uhh, I know they like to beat ya down a lot
When you come around the block brothas clown a lot
But please don't cry, dry your eyes, never let up
Forgive but don't forget, girl keep your head up </em>

I nodded my head at the, 'Forgive but don't forget' part. ”We here babygirl.” Mijo said. ”Am I the talk of the school.” You could tell he wanted to lie, but I grabbed his hand. ”Please don't lie to me.” I begged softly. ”Yeah. But not in a bad way. They just feel bad for you.” He tried to explain. I held my hand up and he shut up. ”I could give two s***s about anybody's pity. Let's go.” He nodded and he and Chris grabbed my hand. <a href="">I</a> walked up to the door and took a deep breath. ”You sure you ready?” Chris asked. ”No. But I'm sure I wanna find out.” He sighed and opened the door. As soon as we walked in, everyone gasped and the hall went silent. Just then I saw <a href="">them</a> running towards me. I let go of Chris and Mijo's hand and wrapped them around Drake and Taylor. ”I've missed you boo.” Drake cooed in my ear. ”I missed you too Drakey.” He laughed and I felt something wet on my shoulder. ”Taylor are you crying?” I asked her. ”What? No!” I looked at Drake and he looked up. ”My bad.” I smiled. ”See Chris, nothing wrong with mushy.” Chris and Drake smacked their lips. ”I ain't mushy.” Drake defended. ”And I will never be mushy.” Chris argued. I just shook my head.

”Nice to have you back Ms. Jackson.” My teacher said nicely. ”Thanks. Hi everybody.” Everybody said hi and some waved. ”Hi Kiana!” Mijo and Chris yelled. I shook my head and sat down between the two. ”Well. Mr. Bradford and Mr. Brown can help you catch up if you want.” I shook my head no. ”They can do their work, I'll get myself caught up.” My teacher smiled at me and I got to work. ”Psss. Psss. Kiana.” Some girl tried to get my attention. I looked at her and she mouthed, ”I'm so sorry. Call me if you need anything.” She handed me a piece of paper and I thanked her. I went back to work and Chris nudged me. ”You get it?” I nodded and showed him my paper. ”Mijo, she almost done!” He whispered. Mijo turned around quickly and looked at me and my paper. ”Nigga I'm on problem 5, and you're on twenty, but you couldn't tell anyone?” He asked me. ”I'm sorry.” I apologized softly. I felt bad now. ”Aww. Don't feel bad babygirl. I'm proud of you. High five!” He held up his hand and I high fived him. I giggled and finished my last problem and walked it up to Mrs. Wilson. ”You need any help sweetie?” Her calling me sweetie reminded me of my mom and I balcked out for a good five minutes. ”Kiana!” I heard Chris yell. ”What?” I snapped. ”Don't what me girl. You just blacked out, had me all scared and sh- stuff.” He stopped himself from cursing. ”I'm sorry. Here you go Mrs. Wilson.” I handed her my paper and rushed to my desk, embarrassed.

By lunch time, I was miserable. I mean the day was going great, but then I remembered I had gym. We couldn't wear jackets to gym and all I had was a tank top and some gym shorts. No long-sleeves. ”Hey boo. How has your day been?” Omari asked. ”What? You go to this school?” I asked, totally dismissing his question. ”Yeah. I transfered after you had Christina. Me, Shad, and Chris. But you already knew Chris did.” I smiled and hugged him tightly. ”I know you ain't hugged up on another nigga!” I jumped and looked behind me to see Shad. I cheesed hard and ran to him. I jumped into his arms and he caught me. I kissed all over his face and his cheeks turned red. ”Aww. He blushes.” I cooed. ”When a girl as beautiful as you kisses me, I have no choice.” He put me down and I blushed super hard. ”Wassup yall! Hey Kiana, how has your day been?” Chris asked with Mijo, Drake, and Taylor walking behind him. ”It's been great. Until now. I got gym.” Chris looked at me, not seeing the problem. ”I don't have a long-sleeved shirt Chris. My scars aren't completely healed yet.” He oh'd and Mijo slapped him in the back of his neck. ”Dumbass. Look what you did.” Tay spat. I noticed atear had fallen and I wiped it away. ”I'm sorry Kiana.” Chris apologized. ”It's fine. I'm okay. Emotinally I'm doing better.” I said trying to lighten the mood. ”Man. I need a sugarito!” Drake whined. I laughed and went through my bag. ”Yall didn't think I was going to eat this nasty ass lunch?” I asked them. Nobody answered as I took out a box of Gusher's and fruit roll-ups. I made seven and passed them out. ”I haven't had one of these since I last night.” Chris smirked. I laughed. ”I haven't had one since this morning.” Omari laughed. I was just eating mines as we sat at lunch talking. In the back of my mind, I wanted to break down. I missed my baby so much.

I walked into gym and sighed as I went to the dresser room. ”Would you like us to leave?” That same girl from earlier asked. I looked at her, she looked very familiar. ”I never got your name.” She smiled and held her hand out. ”I'm <a href="">Solange</a> Smith.” She said. ”Solange! Is your mother Maria Smith? She works at the hosptial in downtown.” Solange nodded. ”Yup. That's my mother. How do you know her?” She asked. ”I was her patient. Your mother is a great woman.” She nodded again. ”Okay girls. Let's get out of here.” She snapped her fingers and they walked out. I smiled at the thought of Maria, I knew I had to call her back. She had been caling me for the past two weeks, but I ignored her calls. I didn't want to be bothered. I lost a lot of weight from eating less. I almost ate the same amount that I did when I stayed with my parents, but Mijo wasn't having that. I got dressed and I put my arm bracevon to cover the scars. I walked outt and saw Drake talking to the gym teacher, Mr. Lewis. ”Gotcha. Everybody! There's been a change of plans! I want everybody to go get their jackets, we're going on a jogging trail and it's a bit chilly.” Everybody cheered and walked back to the dressing rooms. I looked at Drake and he winked at me. ”Thanks.” I mouthed he nodded and jogged to get his jacket.

”Thanks Drakey. I really appreciate it.” I said, jogging next to him. He was breathing hard and looking at me like I was crazy. ”You not tired?” He asked. I shook my head and put his arm over my shoulder. ”Stop!” I heard the coach. ”Uhh! Coach Lewis, you done took us to Compton. The hood side.” Drake said, we used to hang here all the time. I snickered. This place was like home to me, before everything turned bad. I looked out in front of me and took in the <a href="">view.</a> ”Oh my gosh! Uh! Kids don't panick!” Solange laughed. ”We the only three that's not panicking. I know this place like the back of my hand. It ain't even all that bad as people make it out to be. We good peoples. We book and street smart around here.” Solange said proudly. I waved my hand in the air and shouted. ”Yes Pastor Smith! Preach it!” We laughed and the snobby white rich kids just looked at us. ”Wait here. We'll be back. Matter of fact, we'll take yall to the church.” Drake suggested. They all had looks of relief on their faces and we hurried up and began walking them to the church.

”Here we are. Yall should be safe here. We'll go get the bus driver and see if she can help us out.” The coach nodded. ”Pussy.” I mumbled. We walked onto the same corner a bunch of bloods were on. ”Aye! Hold the f*** up! Who yall be?” <a href="">He</a> asked pulling a gun out on me. I knew this nigga. We used to be besties before I moved eight years ago. He used to always talk about me being flat chested and s***. ”Man if you don't get that s*** out my f***ing face.” I spat at him. Drake nudged me. ”You bout to get us killed.” Solange whispered. ”Why yall whispering, he ain't gone do s***.” I laughed. Tre shot the gun in the air and Drake and Solange jumped and hid behind me. ”Man. You just wasted a nice ass bullet.” Tre looked at me. ”She got heart. Too bad yo pretty ass bout to die. I'm Tre muhf***ing Melvin!” He yelled. ”And I'm Kiana don't vive two s***s about you Jackson!” I smirked at him. His whole crew jumped up and pulled guns out. ”You want us to handle her?” Some little nigga asked. He had to be about twelve, no older than thirteen. ”Kiana! Where the hell you been girl?!” He yelled hugging me. I laughed and hugged him back. ”No where. I got out of the streets. I thought you were gonna do the same, seeing that you promised me. But promises are meant to be broken.” He bit his lip and nodded. ”Word up the block is that you had a little girl. True?” I bit my lip and nodded. Drake hugged onto me from behind. ”This you?” Tre asked. ”No. My bestfriend. He helped me out ever since I left. He's cool peoples.” I sniffled. ”Wassup with this crying? Yee'n never let me see you cry.” I wiped my tears and Solange patted my back. ”I've been at the bottom of the barrel lately.” I told him. ”Word? What happened? You know you can tell me anything. Go get us four Coronas. Yall drink?” He asked, we all nodded. ”Thanks man. Well uh here we go.” I said. I began to tell him everything and I do mean everything. When I finished, I saw him tearing up and I smiled. ”You always was a pussy nigga when it came to me.” He chuckled and wrapped his arm around me. ”I'm sorry about Christina.” The little boy apologized. I nodded and patted the spot next to me. He sat down and looked up at me.

”You gotta get out of this lifestyle man. What's your name?” I asked him. ”I'm Lil Q.” I smiled. ”Your daddy was Big Q?” He nodded. ”I knew him. He was a good man. He taught me about other things than just street life. He taught me that my life and education were more important. You can't live a good life with you looking over your shoulder every two seconds. Tre here can tell you all the traumatizing things we saw as little kids. You're not gonna live forever, but if you stay here, you ain't gon live that long.” He nodded and I could see in his eyes that he was listening. I got up and walked five steps forwards and eight steps to the left. ”Big Q died right here. He was waiting for me to get out of school. I was seven around that time.” Lil Q tugged on my arm. ”How old are you now?” I smirked. ”I'm 19. I'm suprised Tre made it this far. My uncle was killed at 14, just for hanging out with bloods. Damn shame. But to be honest, he had it coming. And I'm not lying to you, you're next if you don't change.” I warned him. ”I just can't pick up and leave. So what do I do?” I shrugged my shpulders. ”Do what's right.” I told him as the bus driver pulled up with all the snobs on it. ”Aye! HunkyTown came to visit us tonight!” Tre joked. ”Shut up nigga.” I laughed. We dapped everybody else up and I looked at Lil Q. ”Promise me something.” He said. ”It depends. What is it?” He looked up at the sky and back at me. ”Don't stop looking for Christina.” I smiled a bit. ”Only if you promise me that you'll get off these streets.” He nodded and I waved . ”I promise.” We got on the bus and it pulled off. ”You had a nigga feeling all hyped after that speech you gave Lil Q.” Drake joked. ”I was emotional as hell.” Solange admitted. I laughed and laid down on Drake's lap as he played in my hair. I never break my promises. When we got to school, it was probably a good ten minutes before school ended. ”Wow! Look at all the cops!” Solange gasped. I sat up and looked outside. There had to be about ten police xars. I then saw Chris, Mijo, and the other three. I hopped off the bus and Mijo ran to me. ”What happened?” He smiled at me. ”They found her!” I looked at him and then fainted in his arms. They found my babygirl.

What the f*** man?!! Why can't she be happy? She deserves so much better. It's just sad! I can't believe her mom. And her dad...he's f***ing sick! What he hell is wrong with them? Oh my gosh? She really cut that into her arm? I can't believe this. I feel terrible now. I hope she makes it.
Run it!!!

One Month Later~~

Taylor's POV

<a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">We</a> walked <a href="">Kiana</a> out and waited for Drake with the car. ”Bye Marie, I'm gonna miss you.” She said to the nurse, they became extemely close over the week. ”Bye baby, I'll miss the both of you! Wait, you got my number?” Kiana nodded. ”Saty in touch. I wanna see you at that graduation!” She yelled. Kiana said okay and <a href="">Drake</a> pulled up. ”Hurry up and get in. I just saw Jerome and Kat.” He said quickly. We all hopped in quickly and Kiana fastened Christina into the small car seat. ”Oh my gosh! Why are they here?” Kiana asked no one in particular. The truck came to a stop and Jerome and Kat walked in front of the car to get to the other side. We all hid our faces and after the made it past, Drake zoomed past them. ”We can't stay at your house no more Mijo.” Kiana said, lying her head on my shoulder. ”Yeah. I know. But we can stay at my momma's other house she got on the southside. I mean it's a bit dangerous at night. But it's safer than staying there at the other house.” Kiana looked down at Christina and began to cry. ”I just want her to have a normal life. I want me to have a normal life.” She sobbed. I truly felt bad for my bestfriend. She was so nice and sweet. Yet people continued to hurt her. I hugged her tight and rubbed my hand through her hair.

”Yo! We here!” Mijo yelled. Kiana woke up and looked outside. <a href="">This</a> house was nice. You wouldn't thinj yhat just four houses down there was a notorious trap house. ”Wow! Aunt Sandra sure does have nice taste.” Kiana drooled over the house. ”I'll get Christina out, yall go ahead and look at the house.” Mijo said. Kiana took Chris' hand and I took Drake's. ”Holy s***! This b**** is huge!” I exclaimed. We all ran through the house claiming rooms. ”This house has ten damn rooms! They all have cable too!” Kiana got all excited. ”Octonauts comes on in like ten minutes!” She looked down at her watch. ”Oh, is that Christina's favorite show?” Chris asked. ”Nope. It's mine.” She giggled. We just shook our heads. ”Yo!” We all looked down the stairs to see <a href="">them</a> walking in being loud. ”Where's my wifey?” Shad asked. ”I'm right here!” Kiana let go of Chris' hand and ran to Shad. ”Hey babygirl, where's the little one?” They asked. ”Right there.” She pointed over to the couch and walked over there.

Kiana's POV

AH! Life couldn't be better right now! I'm just so happy. I love my little girl. She's my life. All my friends have helped me through all the bulls***. I walked over to the stroller and looked at <a href="">her.</a> ”Is my baby hungry?” I asked her in baby voice. She smiled and I did too. ”I'll take that as a yes. Boo, can you hand me that towel?” I asked Taylor. She reached behind her, without breaking her kiss with Drake, and threw it at me. I smacked my lips when the towel hit my face. Christina laughed and I looked down at her. ”What you laughing at?” It was like she totally understood what I was saying, because she pointed at me. ”Me? That's how we are now?” I said, laughing at her facial expression. I picked her up and threw the towel over my shoulder. ”You want me to get the bottle?” Mijo asked sitting next to me. ”For what?” He scrunched his face up. ”You not about to breastfeed in my livingroom are you?” I nodded and he smacked his lips. ”If you don't like it too bad!” Omari said. ”Nigga, you just wanna see her boobs.” Shad said. ”Your point?” Omari asked. I laughed and got up. ”I'll just go upstairs.” I walked up the stairs and into tbe room I picked out. ”Let's get you fed mamas.” I pulled my shirt down and put the towel over her head. ”Kia- whoa. Umm. We about to order some pizza. Did you want cheese or pepperoni?” Chris asked. I laughed at his reaction. ”Yeah. You gonna invite Naomi?” He smacked his lips and took off his shoes, flopping on my bed. ”Well, make yourself comfortable.” He grabbed a pillow and threw it at me. ”Shut up. And hell no! She's getting clingy.” I shook my head. ”Chris. You hang out with us more than you hang out with your own girlfriend. I would be asking you to spend more time with me if I only saw you two days out of the week. I mean really-” ”Ugh! Shut up! I'll invite her over.” He got up and walked out my room. ”Works everytime babygirl.” I kissed her head and laid back as she ate.

”The pizza here!” I heard Drake yell. I got up and took Christina off my chest. She squirmed and made a sad face. I poked my lip out and she fell asleep. ”I love you.” I cooed. I put her in her crib and jogged downstairs. ”I call three slices!” I yeleld sitting down by Chris. The doorbell rung and I smirked over at Chris. ”Who the f*** is that?” Mijo asked. ”Naomi.” I cooed. I got up and went to open the door. ”Hey Naomi!” I sung. ”Hi.” <a href="">She</a> said dryly. ”Please come in.” She stepped in and I shut the door behind her. I knew she didn't like me. I was just waiting on her to tell me that. I mean she didn't know me, the least she could do was be honest. ”Hey you guys. Look who's here.” They all looked up and waved at Naomi she gave them a nod and I sat down in my previous seat. ”Hey Kiana! Christina need her diaper changed!” Shad yelled. I sent him up there to check on her and handle her if she needed anything. ”I'll be back.” I told them. As soon as I got up, Naomi took my spot. I smiled at her and she gave me a fake ass smile. ”Yo chill.” I heard Chris tell her. ”Well when she stops coming onto you. I will.” I shook my head and ran upstairs. ”Move Shad.” I told him as he struggled to change her diaper. ”Uncle Shad got you all messy again. Come on Stinkabutt, I got you.” I changed her diaper and changed her clothes. I grabbed her chair and took her downstairs with me. I sat her in the livingroom. I came back to see that there were no seats left and Naomi and Chris were arguing. Things were getting pretty heated so I just grabbed my three slices and went back into the livingroom. ”What was that Kiana? You want me to come sit in there with you? If you say so!” Mijo and all the others ran into the room. I laughed. ”That bad?” I asked them. They all nodded and we started to eat our pizza.

”Fine! f*** you Chris! You can have that b**** and her stupid daughter!” Naomi yelled. I dropped my plate and caught her ass before she could even touch the door handle. I punched her in her mouth repeatedly. ”Don't you ever talk about my daughter like that!” I yelled in between punches. Chris and Mijo pulled me off of her. ”b****!” I yelled as she scurried out of the house. ”You'll regret that!” She yelled from outside. ”Shut the hell up b****!” I yelled. I was about to go after her ass again until Christina started crying. I calmed down and walked over to her. ”It's okay. Did mommy scare you? I'm sorry.” I kissed her cheek and she yawned. I took her upstairs and laid her down. She fell asleep instantly and I grabbed her little hand and prayed. I prayed for her to be safe. For her to never have to go through what I did. I wanted her to be better than me. She was going to have lots of friends and be the nicest kid in school. Well I was, but I didn't have many friends. ”Kiana.” I jumped and turned around to see Chris. ”I'm sorry about Naomi. I really wish I never f***ed with her.” He sighed and I laughed. ”It's okay Chris, I chose to whoop that ass and I did. No reason to apologize. I also pressured you into inviting her so once again, it was my fault. But you don't see me mad and pissed at the world.” He laughed and nodded. ”I guess not. How's the little one?” He pointed over to Christina. ”She's good. She barely cries and she goes to sleep when I want her to. She's perfect. Except for when she poops. That s*** is like the devil came out her ass.” I plugged up my nose. Chris had a hearty laugh and I smiled at him. ”Don't do that.” Chris stopped laughing. ”Don't do what?” I asked in my sweet innocent voice. ”Smile at me like that. You make me feel all mushy inside.” I smiled again. ”Is there something wrong with mushy, Christopher?” He nodded and leaned on the door. ”When you're a man there is.” I shook my head. ”There is nothing wrong with mushy.” I patted his shoulder and walked out downstairs.

In The Middle Of The Night~~

”No! No! No!” I yelled. I hopped up and sweats and noticed my window was opened. I ran over and closed them. I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself. Sweat drenched my body. I looked at the time on the clock and it read 4:30. ”s***!” I cursed. Christina hasn't eaten in hours. I grabbed a towel and looked walked over to the crib. My heart stopped at what I saw in the crib. Nothing. I screamed and grabbed my heart as I became dizzy. I looked outside to see Christina crying and my mom handing her to my dad in the car. ”No! You bastards! Give her back!” I screamed. I opened the window back up and they sped off. I hurried down the stairs and all the lights in the house came on. ”f***!” I cursed trying to find my keys. ”Ma, what you doing up so early?” Shad asked. I turned to see everybody looking at me. ”They took my baby!” I screamed as I fell on the floor. Mijo ran over to me and held me. ”Who? Who took Christina?” He asked me. I snuggled closer to him like Christina used to do me. ”Jerome and Kat.” I cried. I broke down in his arms as everything went black. ”I can't see. Mijo! I can't see!” I could feel a shock of butterflies go through my stomach and I knew it was Chris. ”We gotta get her to the hosptial. She's stressing herself out.” He said. I shook my head no. ”We got to babygirl.” I heard Drake's voice. I calmed down when I heard Tay's voice. ”I called the police. They should be on their way.” I could see now and I looked Mijo in his eyes. ”Please don't let them hurt my baby.” I cried. He nodded and held out his pinky. ”I promise I won't let them hurt her.”

We were all sitting in the livingroom, silent as mice. That was until the doorbell rung and I ran to the door. ”Please tell me you've found her.” I said opening the door. The policemen took their hats off and sighed deeply. ”No. It seems that you're mother and father planned this while you and your child were in the hosptial. Everything in the house is gone. They left this on the front porch.” The officer handed me a tape and I looked at it. I nodded and walked back into the livingroom. ”Did they find her?” Chris jumped up. ”No. But they found this.” I handed him the tape and he looked at Mijo. ”Put it in.” Mijo said. We all sat down and as the tape came on I saw my old room. I then heard crying in the background. That was when my mom appeared with Christina in her arms. ”Hey! Say hi to mommy. Hello sweetie, this is your beautiful mom. I've been planning this moment since you had little Christina. I did a pretty good job, huh?” I bit my lip hard, trying to to cry. ”Shut up! Damn, Jerome come get this piece of s***!” She yelled at him. ”Hey, she looks like Kiana. I bet she's tighter though.” He said, pulling on her diaper. I got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I felt like I was throwing up my life. ”Oh my gosh!” Tay said as she held my hair back. I started to cough up blood and and then I just stopped. I couldn't handle it anymore. ”No, you're a sick bastard Jerome. You know that?” I heard my mom say. ”We just need to put our mark on it and then we can raise her right. We can treat her just like Kiana. She turned out pretty nice.” I started to shake uncontrollably and I felt my anger rise. I walked upstairs and locked my door. I heard Mijo yelling up the stairs for me to come down, he knew what I was about to do. I walked into the bathroom and ran an ice cold bath for me. I took off my clothes and sunk in it. I shivered as I felt my body tempature drop. I felt my wrist and it was damn near frozen, I could no longer feel my hand. I grabbed a razor and looked at it and smiled. ”Welcome back my friend.” I took it and ran it up and down my arm. I looked at my arm and the blood running out. I dipped it under the water and let the blood fill the tub. I looked at my arm and saw what I had spelled and read it aloud. ”Christina.” My heartbeat slowed down and I climbed out the bathroom with all my strength. I grabbed a towel and drug my body down the hall. I made sure not to wash my razor off. I threw it down the steps and everybody looked up at me. ”Babygirl, tell me you didn't.” Mijo looked up at me with worry in his eyes. ”Oh, but I did.” I showed them all my masterpiece and my body dropped to the floor. My knees couldn't take the weight anymore. I heard footsteps and alarms and then I felt somebody pick me up. ”We're gonna get you to a hospital. Hold on.” I heard Omari's muffled voice say. I started to laugh and sing like I did when I had Christina in my arms. But she wasn't here. She was far far away.

Damn. Kiana is strong as hell. I swear if I was that nurse I would've let that nigga die. What?!!!!!! She was pregnant! Did she even know that? My heart almost stopped when the flatline came on. I was too damn scared. Yay! The baby made it. Aww. She named it after Chris.! That baby is B E A U T I F U L!!! Aww man Chris....I'm so sorry. They should've put that b**** on death row.
Run it!!

Ruun it

Oops, sorry for the mistakes. When Mijo said he brought Drake to the hosptial, I meant to put Chris. Sorry.

Mijo's POV

I watched Kiana fall asleep and I kissed her forehead. She was like a little sister to me and to know she dealt with this s*** on a daily basis was hurting like hell. I walked downstairs to see Omari, Chris, and Shad talking and laughing. ”Yo! Kiana bad as hell Mijo! I wonder if she let me tap?” Shad asked, looking at me. ”No! She won't. She ain't like these other hoes. She's a good girl, but a bad one at the same time.” Shad pouted and Chris looked at me. ”You really ate that s***?” I nodded and he gagged. ”Don't knock it 'till you try it.” I sung, beginning to make him one. I held it up to him and he took it. ”If I die of diabetes, I'm blaming it on you.” He said, dead serious. ”Just eat it nigga!” He smacked his lips and took a big bite out of it. He jumped up and started to shout. I laughed and Omari just looked at me. ”These biyches are good as hell forreal though!” He yelled. ”Yo! Bequiet! Kiana sleeping.” He calmed down and began to laugh. ”Yall gotta try this.” Omari and Shad shrugged and I made two more. They bit into it and Shad moaned. ”Uh! This is like heaven!” Omari exclaimed. ”You can thank Kiana for that.” I told them. I hooked up the game and put in 2k13. ”Who ready to lose two hundred?” I asked. They all smacked their lips. ”Nigga you butt on this game.” Shad spat. ”Mhmm, when I win you won't be saying s***.” They laughed and Chris was first to grab the lonely controller. ”I'm bout to teach you a lesson.” He said, picking his team. I picked heat like any other time. Kiana had taught me a new trick and I was planning to use it to get this money.

”Say bye bye to uncle Chris.” I said to the two hundred dollar bills Chris handed to me. ”I still think you cheated.” He pouted. ”Well I didn't so quit being a pussy.” I spat at him. We were laughing and cracking jokes when an ear piercing scream came from upstairs. ”The f*** was that?” Omari yelled. I jumped up and ran upstairs. I ran into Kiana's room to see her window opened and she was in the corner with a figure standing over her. You could tell it was a male by his structure. ”Who the f*** are you?” He ran to the window and I saw another figure, a woman, come from behind him. They jumped out before I could catch them. Kiana's pants and shorts were down and blood was coming out of her bottom half. She had a busted lip and bruises on her face. ”Call 911!” I yelled downstairs. I picked her up and wrapped her in a sheet. I ran downstairs to see everybody in the same places. ”f***! Come on!” I yelled at them. I looked down at Kiana and she was closing her eyes. I was crying and stumbling to my car. ”Chris drive!” He nodded and ran to the driver's seat and got in. Omari got in the passenger's seat and Shad sat in the back with me. ”I grabbed this.” He said handing me a bottle of water and a towel. ”Thanks. Come on Kiana. Stay with me. Come on. I love you, I love you so much.” I cried. She opened her eyes and took in a deep breath. ”It hurts Barry.” She whined. ”I know baby, I know. Just fight it. I'm right here.” I dabbed the blood away from her mouth and opened the bottle of water. ”Here, drink this.” She opened her mouth and I saw a white, slimy substance in there mixed with blood. ”This nigga had her swallow his kids? Oh, he was going to get it! ”I'm too tired to fight Mijo.” She said in a sleepy voice. I smiled at her and she gave me a weak smile.

We finally pulled up to the hospital and I jumped out before the car came to a full stop. The sound of all our Timberland's could be heard a mile away as we ran into the hospital. ”Help! Help me! My sister has been raped and she's losing concious!” I yelled. Nurses rushed over to me. They took Kiana in a stretcher and told me I had to wait in the waiting room. I sat down and began to cry. ”Where is she?” <a href="">Taylor and Drake</a> came rushing in hand in hand. ”They took her back already.” Chris mumbled. Drake dapped them up and began pacing the floor. His pacing became slower and I noticed tears streaming down his face. Chris stood up and hugged him because me and Omar were to busy trying to calm Tay down and Shad was talking to the police that showed up a few minutes ago about what happened. ”I was supposed to protect her.” Drake mumbled into Chris' shoulder. ”Shh. Man, I know. But you crying isn't going to get her out of thale state she's in now. Just pray about it and hopefully she's going to be okay.” Chris said. He pulled out the bro hug and sat down next to me. ”Family of Kiana Nicole Jackson.” The doctor walked in. We stood up and walked over to her. ”My baby! Where is she?” I heard behind me. I saw Kiana's <a href="">parents</a> rush in. Jerome had a freshscar on his face and Kat had glasses over her eyes. ”You b****!” I yelled jumping on Jerome and attempting to bash his face in.

The police pulled me off and Kat ran to Jerome. He spit out blood and looked at me like I was crazy. ”Don't look at me like that! You know-” I was cut off by Kiana's screams. ”No! I can't remember s***!” She yelled. I ran to the back, following her voice. ”Sir! Sir you can't be back here!” Nurses yelled at me. I blew right passes them and stopped when I saw Kiana. She looked like she was drugged up. Her eyes were half closed, but her mouth was wide open. ”Kiana! Kiana! What's wrong?” I asked, running to her side. Drake and the others came into the room and we all huddled around her. ”Mijo! It hurts.” She whined. ”It'll be okay Kiana. I'm right here.” I comforted her. ”Baby are you alright?” I heard Jerome's voice. Kiana held onto me for dear life and I leaned over and told Drake everything that Kiana was supposed to tell him and Taylor. Drake stopped crying and his cheeks turned red. He walked over to Jerome and held his hand out. ”Well hello Aubrey.” Jerome smiled. ”Hey Mr. Jackson. I know what you did. And I don't like it one bit. I outta tear your damn head off and feed it to some hungry ass dogs. I swear if you ever misplace a single hair on her body, you willvregret ever living.” I spat. Jerome clenched his jaws. ”You sure do have a beautiful girlfriend.” He said looking over at Taylor and biting his lip. ”Hate to have the same happen to her. That's what will happen if yall tell anybody.” Drake's whole body turned red, and he swung at Jerome and hit him in the throat. Jerome gasped for air and we looked at Kiana. ”Nobody call the damn nurse.” She said through tears. Nobody called the nurse, but one walked in and we all acted surprised. ”Help! We tried calling you, but no one answered.” Shad lied. ”I knew I shouldn't have left the desk yet. Here you go Ms. Jackson.” She said handing me the medication. By this time, Jerome was turning blue. It was a funny sight, but we wouldn't dare laugh.

Five Days Later~~

After school, I had to go pick up Kiana from the hospital. I took Drake with me instead of Taylor because she said that she would go back to the house and cook for Kiana. When we got to the hospital. We noticed a nurse crying outside of Kiana's door. I walked up to her and feared the worse. ”What's wrong?” I asked her. ”She's giving birth. She might not make it.” My heart just stopped right there. ”What do you mean? She's not pregnant. She barely eats!” I couldn't believe what I was gearing. ”It's either she's not gonna make it or the child isn't going to make it.” She said. I looked at her and she started to cry. ”I'm sorry are you the father?” I shook my head no. ”I'm the brother.” She looked at me strangely. ”Ms. jackson has no siblings.” I smacked my lips. ”Not by blood. But blood couldn't bring us any closer.” I then heard Kiana scream. ”Mijo! I want Mijo!” I looked at the nurse and she nodded. I busted into the room to see a pale head coming out of Kiana. Whoever said birth was a beautiful thing, lied they asses off. ”Mijo.” She whimpered. ”I'm here Kiana.” Shr grabbed my hand and the doctor looked at me. ”Son. I don't know who you are, but since you walked in that door her heart rate has dropped dramatically.” I looked at Kiana. ”Kiana, I gotta go.” The doctor stopped me. ”No son. Her heart is beating 40 over the regular speed. The baby is coming!” He screamed. ”Push! Push!” He yelled. Kiana looked weakily at me. ”I can't. I can't Barry.” I looked at her and my phone rang. It was Drake. ”Get to the hospital, Kiana's giving birth!” I yelled and hung up. ”Yes you can Kiana. Yes you can. I love you. I love you so much.” She nodded and her grip on my hand tightened. ”Aye! Oh s***!” I looked over at the door to see Chris with the flowers and chocolates he bought for Kiana. ”Chris come hold her other hand!” I yelled at him.

Chris' POV

I've never seen Mijo this way before. How much care he showed this girl, he didn't even show his own girlfriends this much love. I walked over to Kiana and grabbed her hand. ”Whoa.” I mumbled when a shock went through my body. My knees weakend and I held onto her hand for support when I was supposed to be supporting her. ”Uhh. Just breathe and relax. Don't forget to push. Just go on a count. Breathe, relax, push. Breathe, relax, push.” She started doing what I said and the baby came out not crying. My daughter wasn't like that so I knew something was wrong. ”What's wrong?” Kiana asked, worry was written all over her face. ”The cord is wrapped around her neck. That's all.” He unwrapped the cord and her quiet, soft cries filled the room. ”We got a girl, born at 4:35 p.m!” Mijo and I looked down at Kiana. ”You're a mom.” He cooed. She nodded and closed her eyes. That was when the heart minitor slowed down and went into a flatline. ”We're losing her!” The doctor yelled. ”No! No!” I heard someone scream. I looked up to see Drake holding Taylor back, but he was failing miserably. I grabbed hold of her hand again, and her heart started back up. ”Son. Let go of her hand right quick.” The doctor said to me. I let go and the flatline was heard throughout the room. ”Grab her hand!” Drake yelled at me. I held her hand again and everybody in the room watched as her eyes fluttered open. She looked at me strangely and then at Mijo. He was laughing. ”What happened?” She asked. ”Remember when you told me that the day you died, you were going to come back to live. Just because you were that great.” She smiled and nodded. ”Well you did it. Twice!” She gasped. ”I died! Twice?” She exclaimed. ”I am going to be the coolest rapper alive!” We all laughed at her childish behavior. ”Here you go.” The nurse said, handing Kiana her <a href="">daughter.</a> ”She's perfect.” She whispered rubbing her small hands. Tears began to slide down her and Mijo's cheeks. ”This is a Kodak moment. Picture time!” Taylor yelled. The baby looked shooken up and everybody glared at Taylor. ”Now yall know I'm loud as hell. I'm sorry baby.” We all laughed. ”I'll take the picture.” The doctor said. He took the phone and we all smiled.

A little over 30 minutes had passes and now we were all sitting here. ”Knock knock.” Someone said. ”Who is it?” I called out. ”The nurse. We didn't get the child's name.” Kiana nodded towards the door and I got up. ”Hello everybody. Well have you came up with a name?” She asked stepping into the room. ”Uh. Yeah. I named her after Chris and myself.” I looked at her like she was crazy. ”While you were in the bathroom, Drake thought it would be a good idea to name her after you. I mean you did save my life. Twice.” I smiled and then frowned. ”You're gonna name her Christopher?” I asked her. She shook her head no. ”Nope. It's Christina Nicole Jackson.” She said, rubbing the baby's lips softly. ”That's a beautiful name. Who is the father?” The nurse asked. I felt Kiana tense up and Mijo looked down biting his lip. ”Her father.” He answered. The nurse and I gasped. I finally understood why Drake was so mad at Jerome. ”I'm so sorry sweetheart.” The nurse apologized. Kiana nodded as tears strolled down her cheeks. ”Umm. You don't have enough nutrition to breastfeed. So we're gonna have you feed him through a bottle for 4-6 days and then as you eat more. We'll teach you how to breastfeed.” The nurse dabbed some tears off her face and smiled at Kiana. ”Do you need a hug?” Kiana asked. The nurse nodded and walked over to her. ”I know I'm so unprofessional. I just get so emotional sometimes.” The nurse laughed. ”That's okay. Can I eat now?” The nurse nodded and told her she would be right back. I looked back at Kiana and was just realizing how beautiful she was. From her hair, to her eyes to her body, and personality. I may just have known her for about a week, but a blind person could see she had a heart of gold. I just don't understand how someone could her hurt her. Especially that someone being her own parents. ”Where are my bracelets?” She asked the nurse when she came back with a bottle and some food for the baby and Kiana. ”Right over there.” The nurse rubbed her hands over Kiana's wrist and it was then that I noticed the scars and cuts on it. ”You're stronger than you think.” The nurse said. Kiana nodded as some more tears ran down her face. ”Would ypu like me to put them back on for you?” Kiana just nodded again and handed me Christina. The baby smiled at me and I couldn't help, but laugh. ”You're beautiful.” I said to her. She laughed and snuggled closer to my chest. Where her head laid on my heart. I started to think to myself. ”Why did you take my sweetheart from me God?” My babygirl was full of life. Until her mother let her boyfriend beat her to death. I was pissed that they didn't put that b**** on death row. But I guess life was enough. The just don't know.

OMFG! That waa sickening. I can't believe her own parents would do that to her. I hope they burn in hell. I'm glad Mijo was there for her. Her mom just makes my skin crawl. Lol, I eat the Gusher's and fruit rollups together too!! She cuts.....that's so damn sad. Nobody knows but Mijo. I feel for her.
Run it!!!

Woow this story is going to be deep...what kind of parents does she have...why do they treat her like this? im happy she has mijo tho and now hopefully chris...she needs to get out of that house run it