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Racism: EVERYONE come in!

So lately, I've been into asian & korean men.
Out of ciriousity, I decided to google Blasian ( Black & Asian ) babies to see & get a fill of what the mixture of the races would look like. I fell in LOVE! ❤

Blasian babies are BEAUTIFUL human beings & the most attractive mixes to me---but that's just my opinion. Then as I was going through all the links, I noticed one that stood out to me. It was a forum topic by a black woman discussing the attention she gets from other women & men when walking down the streets with her asian husband---like how people give her dirty looks like she's dog s*** under their shoe.

Basically the whole haterade s*** people are doing. Then she mentioned how she ran into other forums of people saying asian & white babies look better & how ridiculous it is for blacks & asians (chinese, japense, koreans, & hmongs) to even date. And how they think asian men only date black women because we're controlling, loud mouth, and they are scared of us. Typical blah blah blah bulls***.

Honestly, love is love. It shouldn't matter what size, race, gender, or religion a person is in their life. And I as a african american woman don't consume any of those things of their vision of a "black girl". So what do you ladies think?


Well, okay I can try. I don't want to be a sterotype to everyone in public.
Btdubbs, his mom is a traditional mom who thinks he should date inside his race. But he likes me alot and wants to live the rest of his natural born life with me so he perfers a black woman.

You know people are going to stare at you no matter what. People stare for so many reasons. I personally think that if you ignore them, that's best. If you even talk, you just add fuel to their fire in my opinion. Unless it becomes to a point where they approach you and talk to you, I wouldn't even say anything. Just do you boo!! I have learned that I can't live for anyone but myself and you don't need to explain yourself or what you do to anyone.

@Naw21 I TOTALLY agree! You said it waaaaaay better than ANYBODY else! ❤

@LoveOvO OMG YEEEEES!! They are so freaking GAWGEOUS! But I totally HATE when people stare at me. It annoys me & I'm not a loud abnoxious person but I feel thr need to be very stern when people stare it's RUDE!

How do you ladies think I should handle stuff like that? Without being rude but letting people know I'm not a joke?

I agree with your point of view. Don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't date or be with someone just because of your race. Love is love no matter the race or mixing of races. If someone makes you happy, then they make you happy! That's all that matters!! If anyone doesn't like it, their opinion shouldn't matter to you because you are living life for YOU not for them!! :)

I def agree that blasian babies are super adorable!!!! They are attractive!!! F&%$ anyone who thinks about those stereotypes. Love is love. All types and forms are beautiful!!

Here's some links: