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does anyone know if ya can send chris a personal message ?

dus any1 no if ya can send chris personal messages on here .. im kinda new so not sure ow this site works :P
if ne body know plz holla bk xx


them messages is not personal it said it at the end wen you finish they said this made by added on the thingy

I think he does check in aye haha.. anyways you probably already know about this by now but if you dont..

(804) 201-9377 - Thats his like meassage thingy number for fans to leave personal messages

"call and leave him a message and check back often for messages from Chris himself and info on the new album"

if you didnt know that.. hope it helps ya out =]
Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

well, i dont know if he has been on this site in a long time

nope i do not think personal messages cause i don't even know if anyone ever got in contact with him

not really sure to be honest.. this is his main site so im sure he'd check in.. but im sure you can do something like post up a message or make a lil blog on your profile!!..

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..