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On the Run

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

<a href= >Giselle</a> walked to the door and stopped. She could feel the heat through the screen door and then regretted saying she was going to look for her brother. Leaving the air conditioned house so soon wasn’t really a good idea, but she pushed herself onto the front porch letting the door close behind her.

The moving truck was parked on the curb in front of the house blocking the neighbors who sat out on front of their porch across the street. The next door neighbors to the right didn’t seem like they were at home and the ones on the left were in the backyard starting up a barbeque. She sighed not hearing her little brother’s voice along with any of the neighbor’s kids, sending her off down the block to the corner that was just a 30 second walk away.

Across the way from the neighborhood was a huge grassy area where there was a parking lot straight ahead and two courts off to the left side, a park a little further and then a golf course all the way to the left that was no longer in use until her father had bought it a month ago. Scanning the park, nobody was there playing around, but the basketball courts closed in by a tall, metal fence separating the two were where the party was.

A bunch of guys played on one court that not a lot of people watched and on the other court, guys and girls flocked leaning up against the gate. She made her way over there, noticing her older cousin <a href= >Brittany</a> who she hadn’t seen in a few years. “GIGI!” Brittany ran over to her with open arms and a big smile. “It’s about time you got over here! Where have you been? Your brother is about to get his ass beat!”

“What?! Where is he?”

“He’s playing against Reece on the basketball court.”

"Okay so why you not stepping in and dragging his ass off the court then?!"

“Because Gigi they don’t play regular basketball out here.” Brittany informed her. “They’re betting, and when somebody steps on the court, they have to play. The gate is <em>locked</em>. Ain’t no way Jarell is getting off that court unless someone wins. And the bet is if Jarell won he’ll take all the money in the Betting Hand, but if he lost Reece said he’d beat his ass to teach him not to step on his court again. And girl, yo lil brother is losing. It’s 8 to 12. They’re going to 15.” Giselle hurried to the fence, unable to see through the thickening crowd. “MOVE!” Brittany demanded. People stepped to the side and the two cousins made their way to the fence.

Giselle saw her little brother, <a href=>Jarell</a> getting his ankles broke. Lord knows she'd get a mouthful from her mother if she let anything happen to him. So without hesitation, she made her way out of the crowd and hurried down to the gate's entrance. Some tall, dark-skinned man leaned against it.

“Hey,” she called.

<a href=>He</a> turned around, over-towering Giselle. “What?”

“What are the rules?”

“No girls. That’s the rule.” He turns his back to her, watching the game.

Giselle backed up, sighing in defeat and ready to run home and get her dad in the last attempt. But even then it’d be too late. Maybe she should just let him get his ass beat. He probably talked sht to the guy anyway, she thought. Always back talking somebody and acting like he’s a thug ever since they switched from private school to public school two years ago. Let him learn his lesson about acting tough in a new neighborhood.

“You just gonna stand there and let him get his ass beat,” a deep, chilling voice asks, pushing past Giselle. It was her cousin and Brittany’s older step-brother, <a href=>Brandon</a>. “Dris, open the fcking gate!” he demanded.

Dris, the man guarding the fence’s gateway, opened it up and called time out on the game. The people groaned as the game was stopped and others became dead silent.

Brittany walked over with some girls following behind her. Brandon snatched Brittany up by her shirt, clenching his jaws. “Fck is yo problem not keeping an eye on family while I’m gone? Too busy tryna talk to these thirsty ass muthafckas, I see! Let me catch your ass out here talking to one of these btch ass niggas!” Brittany kept quiet as her brother breathed her down and let her go. "Take yo ass home!" She stumbled back into her friends and then walked off in anger. “Come on, GiGi,” he says with a straight face walking through the open gateway.

Giselle gathered her strength, breathed in and out, and followed her big and bad cousin onto the court, which only meant one thing: she and Brandon would be playing a game of basketball against <a href=http://cdn.necoleb****>Reece</a> in exchange for Jarell.


dam ole girl getting salty cuz reece actually likes her
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Chapter Ten

The ride with Anthony was so awkward for Giselle. They were quiet for a while until Anthony pulled up to Dris’ house and parked the car. “Look, I didn’t mean to…” he sighed, staring out the window shield. “Just leave you like that.”

Giselle smirked and opened the door. “Right,” she nods and steps out the door, slamming it behind her. The party at Dris’ had already begun. People were outside talking and drinking having a good time. She text messaged Brittany that she was there and waited in front for her. Soon she heard Brittany’s voice from the back and started up the driveway towards the garage. A medium-sized gate separated them as two big Rottweiler’s roamed around. “Hey, Britt.”

“Gigi,” Brittany smiled and opened the gate. Giselle walked in and Brittany closed the gate back. “We’re in the basement.”

“Nice dogs,” Giselle complimented.

“Nice? Those dogs will bite your arm off! But they’re good for guarding. C’mon,” Brittany nods towards the door and led Giselle in through the back of the house. They make a quick left down the stairs into the basement. The house was crowded and music blasted to the extreme. She took Giselle to the <a href=>back room</a> where a bunch of barely dressed females sat around on the laps of guys, all except Dris. “DRISSS!”

“BRITT,” he smiled, “You’re back…without my drink.”

Brittany placed her hand on her hip and smirked. “I ain’t no errand runner! Ask one of these hoes to go get it!” Dris snapped his fingers and all of the females got up to leave. Brittany sits down and Giselle sat in between her and Dris. “Sooo,” she smiled, “How was it?”

“Gurl…” Giselle smiled, placing her hand on the back of her neck, “it was aiight.”

“Aiight?” Brittany question. “Gigi, I was drunk when you know what had happened and I know it was wayyy better than some ‘aiight’! Why you in denial?”

Giselle pouted and folded her arms over her chest. “I ain’t in denial.”

“Reece yo man now, boo. Ain’t nothing to be ashamed of, okay? That pussy hurt and you mad cause you ain’t have no type of control!”

“Britt say what,” Keke asked, standing behind them. “Reece with who, when, and why cause if I just heard what I think I heard, a b**** lyin!”

“Keke,” Brittany tilted her head to the side, “if you don’t take yo ass on somewhere. Ain’t nobody talkin’ to you, sweetie.”

“Sweetheart,” Keke smiled walking forward and leaning over the back of the couch in between Giselle and Brittany, “This my man’s house. You respect him and you respect me. Don’t get it twisted.”

“Yo man,” Brittany smirked. “DRIS, NUH UH!” Dris rubbed the top of his head, lookin’ away. “One night stands....not good to be tellin people bout that, KeKe!”

KeKe raised her eyebrows at Dris, “Can we talk for a minute?”

“Nah, you good,” he smiled. “And I’m busy anyways.”

“Busy doing what?!”

“Rock,” Dris sighed and clicked his tongue. “Let her out, close the door.”

<a href=>Rock</a> nods and stands up, grabbing Keke’s arm and escorting her out. “Let’s not have any problems, ok?” Keke groans and snatches her arm away, walking off with some other females. “Loki, don’t let nobody in here!” <a href=>he</a> turns around from playing pool in the front room and salutes Rock. He hands the pool stick over to a female so that he could guard the door once it was closed and locked. “We good,” Rock clasped his hands together and leaned back against the wall. The music tuned out and the only thing making noise was the television and guys cheering on the football teams playing.

“So,” Dris smiled at Giselle, “let’s get down to business with the both of you. Brandon has his eyes on Brittany,” he tells Giselle. “She can’t sell with you. However you can talk to her on the phone. No long calls, no text messages. If you want to talk personally, meet up first somewhere discreet. Maybe go to the mall or the movies, act like you’re going out. But Don’t arrive together and don’t leave together. Reece doesn’t care if you’re cousins. Brandon and Trigga are out there and you’re on Reece’s side now. Brandon will not protect you and most likely he won’t want to talk to you. He’ll watch out for Brittany because that’s his sister regardless. But today, you’ve made your statement. He knows that you’re with Reece. There’s no mistaking it.”

“What about you?” Giselle questioned. “Whose side are you on?”

“I’m on my side,” he smiles. “Now, you’ve got what you need. The buyers aren’t hard to spot. Ant will keep watch on you while youre at greenwood. If you have any problems, you report to him. He’ll call Travis or Alexis. Nobody talks to Reece but those two. You don’t even have the advantage being in your spot. You talk to him when he wants you to talk to him or see him. Got it?”

“Yea,” Giselle sighed.

“Ant will be by your side at all times. He’ll drive you wherever you need to go. Leave your car at home.”

Giselle sighed, dropping her head. “Anybody…but him. Please.”

“What’s wrong with him,” Brittany asked. “He’s cute!”

“You and Ant will be the best of friends,” Dris suggested. “He doesn’t have a phone. He’ll drive you to school and he’ll pick you up from school. You go somewhere with your family, he goes with you; even to church, the store, the park, gas station, or popeyes. You don’t go anywhere alone unless you’re in your house. If you haven’t watched the news, Reece has a few warrants. They’re not letting him off easy this time. They just busted one of his spots and they’re coming for more. He’s making moves so you won’t see him in a while. You’ll sell what he gave you and it’ll go fast. Ant will set you up with more until Reece says otherwise. May I have your phone, please?”

“Seriously,” Giselle groaned and reaches in her purse to get her phone. Dris sees the gun and grabs it. “Hey, that’s mine!”

“Not anymore…” he hands it to Rock who examines it. “Where’d you get it?”

“Lauren,” she admits.

“Nice of her to think of you, but you won’t need it any more. Like I said, Ant has your back now. Can’t afford for you to look any kind of suspicious with a weapon, especially in school or around your family. Keep the drugs by your side at all times but give Ant the bag before you go in the house. He’ll hold it for you just in case your parents want to get nosy. And you’ll get your phone back before later. I need to look at it and the other phone Reece gave you as well.”

“Fine…” Giselle stands up and gives him the other phone, too. “Britt, I’m thirsty.”

“C’mon,” Brittany says. She stands up and Rock unlocks the door, opening it. “Loki bruh, move.”

“Make me,” he smiled. Slowly stepping out the way, he stares at Giselle. “Nice to meet you, baby girl. You family now.”

Giselle nods at him and follows Brittany upstairs to the kitchen. “What a party, huh?”

“A little business first won’t hurt.” Brittany smiles and heads for the stairs. “What do you want? Pop is in the fridge. Liquor is everywhere, but I see you don’t drink that.”

“Nope,” Giselle sighed. They reach the top of the stairs and up a few more walking into the kitchen.

“You still ain’t beat Rell’s ass have you?”

“I will when I get home.”

"Shame on you. He got you into this s***...Well technically Brandon did when he took you on the court.' Brittany smiled and opens the fridge and takes out a liter of pepsi and ginger ale. “Which one? You can take the whole thing back downstairs or both.”

“Both,” Giselle shrugged. “Anyways, you know Ant?”

“Yeah, he’s aiight. He played a game against Reece and won. But Reece offered him a spot and he took it. Said he can’t take driving out to Indiana no more just to work. Plus he dropped out of school. He’s earned his respect. Damn near right next to Alexis and Travis. But then there’s Dris, Rock, and Loki so… Dris handles money and technology. Rock handles weapons and lokie handles newbies. He'll be at greenwood too. Hes the watchout for over there.”

“Nice operation Reece has. But ant and me, We used to go together,” Giselle confessed. Brittany gasped and sets the pops on the counter as she grabbed some cups. “Yeah…”

“Well, he’s focused,” Brittany shrugs. “You don’t have to worry about him trying anything on you and he knows you’re unavailable.”

“It’s not that. I just…feel weird. I kind of hate him. He just left me hanging. Ain’t tell me s***. Just went ghost on me.”

“Damn. You ain’t move on?” Giselle shook her head and followed Brittany out the kitchen until she stopped. <a href=>She</a> walks up the stairs, pushing pass Brittany. “Cassi, don’t get yo ass beat. Watch it!”

Cassi smirks and turns back around. “Don’t forget who you talkin’ to, Brittany.”

“You ain’t nobody but a hoe! Don’t act special cause you get f***ed more than these other b****es.” Brittany continues down the stairs.

Cassi grips Giselles arm before she could move. “I’m Cassi. GiGi, right?”

“Yup,” Giselle snatches her arm. “Got a problem?”

“Not at all,” Cassi smiled. “But Just because Reece let you sleep in his bed don’t make you any different from any other female...except me. ive been around the longest so dont think youre automatically a top notch b****. youre a nobody and you gotta earn respect. so give us respect and us girls might let you in our secrets to keepin reece happy.”

'Secrets?" Giselle scoffed and started down the stairs. "Hoes don't have secrets,' Brittany waited at the bottom. “Let me guess. Cassi is one of his mains.”

“Reece don’t have mains,” Brittany corrected. “He has regulars and nothin more. Nigga dont keep his bed warm for none of these hoes. Except you,” she smiles. "Cause you not a hoe. All these females want is the D. You want more than that. You'll learn the game in fear. They learned the game in hope of being his number one. that will never happen. reece has never wanted any kind of commitment unless it was to the streets."

They approach the door. Loki knocks on the door and Rock opens it. They walk in and take a seat and watch the football game with the guys. Giselle couldnt stop thinkin about Anthony. Now she was gonna have to be around him. This wasnt getting any better. But hopefully things wouldnt become worse.

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Chapter Nine

Giselle then regretted pulling out the gun, but she had to show him that she was different. She had to try unlike these other girls who just took his s***. “Why you not being a good girl for Papi,” Reece asked, folding his lips in. “Hm?” Giselle shook her head no, back and forth as tears fell. “I’m the big bad wolf, remember. You can’t fool me, baby. You not gon’ do it and you know it’s stupid.”

“We’re gonna f***,” she demanded, “and you’re gonna let me go. The drugs stay here and you leave me alone.”

Reece sighed and threw his head back. “Ain’t no negotiating, baby, it’s either my way…or my way!”

“I can’t…” Giselle refused. “I won’t do what you want. I ain’t selling drugs. I’m not startin’ that life!”

“You just did,” Reece stated and put his hand on the top of the gun moving it away. He grabs it, removes the bullets, and throws it over onto his couch across the room before laying Giselle down on the mattress. Giselle closes her eyes as tears had built up, ready to pour onto her face. Reece sighed, seeing her lay so still and quiet. He went on to kiss Giselle softly on her cheek, down her jawline, and then stayed on her neck. She opened her eyes, stared at the ceiling, and wiped her eyes.

Lying awake after having rough and aggressive sex with Reece, Giselle thought of how she was going to leave. Yeah, it was about basketball. At first, that’s what it was...JUST that –basketball and respect. But by the second day, she guessed that Reece had got mad from people stepping out of their place because one rule was changed. And if one rule could change (even if it was just letting a girl play basketball on his court), then others would too sooner or later. So truthfully, Reece had to set people straight, especially her. And even after selling for him, she knew it wouldn’t be the end of it. Having sex with him definitely wouldn’t put anything to rest.

Giselle lay on her back with one of her legs spread underneath Reece’s heavy body with his head nudged in the crook of her neck and snoring loud. Even after trying to take control, he overpowered her. There was no point in trying anymore and Brandon would no longer help her after she did opposite of what he asked. How could have this stupid situation gotten this serious, she thought. How could she have not seen the signs? Brandon storming onto the court the way he did after Jarell… Because he knew what Reece was about, more than just basketball and a bet, a few hundred dollars; there was a drug game involved. A court…a game…a crowd = easy drug trade in disguise. If the police were watching they couldn’t have seen or heard any transaction with all the movement and noise, the music. It was smart thinking. Plus Reece knew the game better; been in it longer. There was no way she was getting out of it now or ever. She’d make sure to thank Jarell when she got home for real this time.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Reece,” Alexis called. “Reece! Ugh! This nigga got his door locked!”

“Move girl!” Travis yelled. He began banging on the door causing Reece to stir in his sleep a bit. “YO WAKE THE f*** UP NIGGA! HEY!”

“What the f***,” Reece mumbled. Wiping his face, Reece lay back down on Giselle getting comfortable again. “Go see what they want.” He demands, rolling onto his back.

Giselle sighs and gets out of bed taking the sheet with her to cover her body. She opens the door to see Travis right up on the door and Alexis pacing behind him. “He’s sleep. What is it?”

Alexis rolled her eyes and pushed Travis to walk in. He did causing Giselle to move back. They stepped in the room, seeing their naked brother lying in bed. “Oh my god…” Alexis said as she covered her eyes. “Reece, wake the hell up! One of the spots just got busted!”

“Ugh…” Reece groaned. “s*** man. I’ll be up in a minute.”

“You need to get up in a second!” Alexis yelled. Travis smirked, looking Giselle up and down, and then walked out.

“f***!” Reece yelled, sitting up and throwing his head back. “Get the f*** out man!” Alexis scoffs and leaves, shaking her head. “I’ll have someone drop you off at Dris’.” He stands up, goes to his dresser drawers, and pulls out some clothes. He throws a t-shirt and basketball shorts at Giselle. “Sell what’s in that bag and you’re good. So take it or I’ll take yo brother, and I don’t give a f*** if I said I wouldn’t. I ain’t made no type of promises. That s*** will never come out of my mouth.”

“I see that now,” she sighed.

Giselle had realized that in her situation there was one advantage. Reece thought he would use her against Brandon, but Giselle knew that Brandon could care less about Giselle now that she had done what she did. There was no more protecting her. Giselle was on her own in this, but luckily she had Brittany to help her out some or maybe with it all. She knew that he liked her and she understand that he wanted her from letting her even sleep in his bed and stay in his room and house without kicking her out afterwards. Hell everybody knew it from the day Reece kissed her that she’d be something else to him. So instead of fighting back, Giselle would do better and be the good girl he asks of her.

“Good.” Reece smiled. “Go start the shower water for me.” Giselle takes the clothes he gave her and goes to run the shower water, hopping in. Reece soon gets in with her. They have a quickie and then step out and get dressed. Before Giselle could leave with everything she brought, Reece handed her the gun and bullets along with a cell phone. “Ant will take you to Dris’ spot. Nigga should be in the back somewhere. I’ll have Trav call you on this phone and this phone only, aiight?” He stared in her eyes, waiting for a response. Giselle simply nodded and turns away headed towards the door. “Hold on girl… Leavin’ a nigga all rude and s***!” Reece said. He grabs her by the waist and leans in to give her a kiss. She pulled out of it once his hands started to roam and pushed him away gently. Reece wiped his mouth and smiled, watching as Giselle rolled her eyes and left.

She hurried through the back door and down the porch steps. “Ant?” she called, approaching the only guy left in the backyard. <a href=>He</a> leaned back against a fence on his phone and when he looked up, him and Giselle stared at one another, surprised. “Anthony!” He had been her boyfriend last year in high school and they recently broke up due to the fact that Grant stopped going to school and answering his phone. It’s been months since they talked and now they meet again.

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Reece just let her go! Oh my gosh! I can't stand him! He just makes me all mad n' s***! I hope Giselle can get away, but pulling a gun on his house...wasn't a good idea at all. It was very very risky. I just hope he doesn't hurt her. I'm so damn emotional when it comes to this story.
Run it!!!

Chapter Eight

Reece walked into his bedroom, closed the door, and locked it. Giselle was on her phone text messaging when she looked up and saw him approaching her. He wondered why she hadn’t put a fight yet. <Em>Once we f***, she’s mine.</em> He thought with a smile. Giselle stared at him and raised her eyebrows.

“Don’t be lookin’ at me like that!” he says. “Still got your clothes on like youon know why you here! Get to strippin, baby! Papi got s*** to do tonight!”

Giselle picks up her purse and takes out the brown paper bag with the drugs in it. She throws it at his feet and crosses her arms over her legs. “I ain’t sellin’ that s***.”

Reece clenched his jaws and sucked his teeth. <em>So she was smart not puttin’ up a fight in the car about it, but she stupid thinkin’ comin’ back to his place was gon’ change things because she got more room to move. Nuh uh,</em> he thought and shook his head as he unbuckled his belt and kicked the bag to the side. “You gon’ do what the f*** I tell yo ass,” he said in a raspy voice.

“Hah,” she smiled and clasped her hands together before laughing and throwing her head back. “YOU THOUGHT I was actually gon’ f*** you, then be yo b**** like the rest of these hoes out here?! You got the wrong one!”

“You ain’t hear my ass when I said you was gon’ play 4 games cause you cost me my muthaf***in’ money?! You touched my drugs, you sell my drugs or you gon’ pay for em ‘til you make what you owe and yo punk ass brother! Either way, you ain’t got no choice! So why you up here tryna stand yo ground like one of them dumb ass b****es outside, I don’t know! But you gon’ learn today!”

Giselle rolled her eyes, grabbed her purse, and stood up to leave. <em>She was not pulling this s***. I thought she was better than this bulls***!</em> He thought. Before she could pass Reece by, he grabbed her by the neck and pushed them back towards the bed. She fell back on the mattress and he got on top of her, snatching her purse and throwing it on the floor before going back and trying to grab her hands. She wanted to fight back now like she can actually get her way. I saw how this was gonna go, he smirked. “I see you like to play rough, huh?” Reece could see Giselle liked games and that was one thing he was good at. He had her arms pinned up above her head, sitting over stomach. Guess he’d have to instill more fear into her. “It’s either you or your brother,” Reece smiled with a shrug. He gripped both her wrists with one hand and took the free hand to stroke her cheek with the back of his hand.

“Brandon’s not gonna let you near him,” she says. “I won’t let you.”

“Or else what? You gon’ try me? Huh? And with what? ‘Cause you damn sure don’t know s*** about this life to even think of threatening a nigga like me!”

“I’ll kill you,” Giselle hissed, glaring at Reece “If you even go near my brother!”

Reece laughed and got off of her. “You gon’ kill me?” He walked away turning his back. “ME?!”

“Never underestimate anybody,” she says with a trembling voice.

“Right, right…” he nods and turns around to see Giselle with a gun in her hand pointing at him. “Damn baby, I see you mo prepared than I thought! But it ain’t like you gonna pull the trigger!” Reece’s eyes turned somethin’ serious, piercing Giselle’s as he walked up to her mean muggin’. “Now shoot me. In my house. Surrounded by my family and see if you get out alive,” he threatened.

Tears built up in Giselle’s eyes as Reece pushed his chest up against the tip of the gun. She stood at the edge of the bed about to fall back with her knees weakening. But she couldn’t pull the trigger. He was right….or did she actually have a chance at getting away?

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Chapter Seven

Giselle made it back home and saw a black Mercedes Benz parked in front of her house. Her eyes became wide and she ran in the house. “MA?!”

“What,” Tina questioned stepping halfway out the kitchen as she stirred a batter of cake mix. “And where you have been? Your friend has been waiting on you!”

Giselle looks to her right and sees Lauren. She sighed and closed her eyes. “Hey... Did you get in trouble with B?”

“Yeah,” Lauren shrugged, “but he ain’t get on me too much. I told him I wasn’t about to be babysitting you every damn day. But today I’ll keep an eye out. What were you about to do?”

“I don’t know.” Giselle sighed an then walks into the kitchen. “Ma did you buy some snacks?”

“Nope,” Tina replied. “Didn’t have enough money for snacks. Sorry.”

“C’mon. I’ll take you to buy some,” Lauren offers.

“Let me change,” Giselle says.

“Okay, I need to use the bathroom.” Lauren excuses herself down the hall.

Giselle follows, going to her room. She quickly throws some clothes in her bag, grabs her phone, and hurries into the kitchen and through a door, down some stairs and out a side door. She grabs the gun from her car’s glove compartment, stuffing it behind her back and covering it with an oversized plaid button-up that she tied around her waist. She sneaks out into the backyard escaping through the fence into the back alleyway. She runs, making her way south of the neighborhood to go to Pete’s Fresh Market to meet up with Reece. Stopping to walk and catch her breath not even out of the neighborhood yet, she receives a call from Brittany.

“How many games did he tell you to play,” Brittany asked right out. She had told Giselle a lot of stuff about Reece and the courts the first night she arrived. In particular, while Reece played his games of basketball against challengers, his crew along with girls would sell drugs to buyers in the parking lot and around the court as the games were being played and bet on. It’s how Reece got so much more money.

“Well damn!” Giselle said, smiling. “It was four.” she answered. “He sent me to Greenwood Courts this morning and I met some of his people named Travis and Alexis. Basically if I don’t f*** him, then he’s gonna kill my parents and Jarell for not keeping up to the bet.”

“Yea… It’s why B is so overprotective over you, right now. I doubt Reece will kill anybody, though; not that I’m saying he hasn’t killed people before. He’ll just make you start selling for him.”

“s***… Look, I’m on my way to meet him, right now.”

“I gotta give it to you, GiGi, I’d never thought you’d do something like this. I mean…Reece probably was gonna make Jarell sell if Brandon hadn’t interrupted the game, especially if he lost. A male getting’ his ass beat in this neighborhood is either an initiation or death. And with Jarell being B’s cousin, Reece would’ve used that to his advantage. But then you showed up … It changed everything. You’re more valuable and even more usable because you’re a female. I’m not gonna lie about it, to you. I have sold Reece’s products before.”

“What! When?! And Why?”

“Cause I was drunk and we f***ed. He took a video of me giving him head and other stuff I’m not proud of that I don’t want anybody to know about… Anyways, he let me off after a month of selling. He wanted to keep me around but I started taking classes on the days when he had me selling. His best buyers were on those days so he was real mad ‘cause I was good at it. Once you f*** with the OHB Gang you are basically in it for life. Girls aren’t really initiated because they come and go, but Reece will keep tabs on the ones he has interests in.”

“You must’ve been real good for Brandon to not have caught you,” Giselle says. She’d heard about the OHB Gang, but damn…she was right in the midst of it all. On top of that the boss had his eye on her.

Brittany snickered. “Yeah, I make sure I know Brandon and his crew. It was also my life on the line just like yours is. My parents probably would’ve kicked me out if they found out and Brandon…ugh, he’d stop talking to me. Then I’d have nowhere to stay and really would have to work for Reece. And you know it’s hard to get jobs these days. Brandon was lucky to find a good paying job.”

“You could always live me in with me down in my momma’s basement,” Giselle suggested.

“That’s a good idea,” Brittany agreed. “My dad got his entertainment center downstairs and everything and my room small as s***... Maybe we can work something out with your mom ‘cause I really do want to move out of this damn house.”

“You gon’ have to find a job to pay some rent though! My momma not gonna let you slide in like that!”

“I can always go back to working for him. “

“Or you can find a REAL job,” Giselle smiled.

“I’d rather go back than waste my time,” Brittany says sternly. “I’m sorry that I’d be hurting Brandon but it is easy money.”

“That’s really f***ed up, Britt. But I can’t talk though, look at what I’m doing while he’s tryna protect me and Rell?”

“I know. It seems wrong to be working for Reece. But in reality I wouldn’t work for Trigga. He’s losing his customers to Reece. He’s not making as much as Reece is. At least not enough for me to pay some rent..”

“I’ll ask my momma about me pimpin the basement out tonight then,” Giselle giggled. “Hopefully she agrees. She aint’ done s*** to it but leave boxes down there and plus the laundry room.”

“Speaking of tonight, there’s a party.”

“I’ll try to be there. Bye,” Giselle hangs up. Leaving the neighborhood, she walks along a main street. It took fifteen minutes for her to reach Pete’s Fresh Market in the next city over, but she made it. As she lollygagged through the parking lot, *Reece pulled up beside her with the windows rolled down as he smoked a cigarette. Giselle opens the door and gets in.

“Thought I’d have to come and find you,” he says.

“No… We ain’t gon do s*** but f*** and then I’m gone.” Giselle stared at the window. “Plain and simple,” she sighs. “Bet done.”

Reece smiles and exits the parking lot onto the street the opposite direction of the neighborhood and into a nearby neighborhood where he pulls up to an *apartment. “Be right back.” He gets out and goes in the apartment for five minutes. Then he jogs out and hops in the car, taking off. Giselle felt something fall into her lap and looks down to see a brown paper bag. She looks inside and sees little individual bags of marijuana and cocaine. “Four games. The bet may about to be done but we ain't.”

Giselle doesn't argue with him. She just stuffs it away in her bag and then tends to her phone that was blowing up by Lauren. She turns it off and puts it away too. They ride back to the neighborhood. Reece pulls in an alleyway and goes halfway and then drives into an open garage, hitting a remote to close it. They get out and she follows him through the garage door into the backyard, seeing a bunch of young men hanging out. Giselle notices that his house was similar to hers. Reece walks in through the back door with Giselle right behind him.

Music filled the house, but she could tell it was coming from the basement along with the smell of marijuana. She follows him some steps and he turns left opening the door to his bedroom. Giselle reaches the top step and look right seeing the dining room with a bay window looking out into the backyard and then the kitchen. His house was different than she thought and crowded. If she wanted to escape, there’d be no way. Guess she’d just be sticking around until Reece lets her leave. She goes into his bedroom and heads straight to sit on the bed waiting for Reece.

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Giselle better be careful!! run it!!

smh he is so sick! run it

I hope G knows what she's getting into. I feel so bad for her. I still,canot believe Reece. And when Lauren finds out that G lied, her and Brandon gon tag team on that ass.
Run it!!!

Run it!

*Author’s Note: Did a lil reediting so it’s going to start off with some changes in the last paragraph of chapter five*

<strong> CHAPTER SIX</strong>
Giselle takes a piece of pizza and starts to eat right when she gets a text message. “Probably Brittany,” she sighed and picked it up to see an unknown number. She opens the text and reads it. [12 pm Greenwood Courts] Staring at the message confused, she quickly sets up a lock screen with a pattern and then continues to eat thinking about who had sent the text message. If she had sent one back asking who it was, would they reply? Was it Reece and if so how’d he get her number? “You okay,” Lauren questioned. “I’m good,” Giselle reassures Lauren. Setting her phone under her pillow, she lays down and falls asleep.

In the morning, Giselle wakes up hearing Lauren in the kitchen with her parents. She rolls her eyes and then checks her phone to see what time it was. “Eleven thirty-six,” she mumbled. “s***!” Quickly grabbing some clothes, she rushes to take a shower and get <a href=>changed</a>. “Where are you going,” Lauren questioned as Giselle walked back into the room. “I was going to shoot some hoops over at the um…Greenwood Courts that Brandon told me about.” “Well, your mom was saying that she’s going grocery shopping and your dad just left,” Lauren explained. “And Jarell is still sleep. He can’t stay here.” “Yeah…” Giselle sighed, “Lord knows what his ass will do while everybody is gone.”

“JARELL!” Tina yelled, walking down the hall. She opens his door and calls his name again. “Jarell, wake up! Giselle, where you going? You taking your brother or no?” “No!” “Good. He can help me out with the groceries. JARELL!” “I’m up!” Jarell says, sleeping under the covers. Tina sighs and leaves his room to her own right next to his. “I’m leaving in ten minutes! You better be up before then.” Giselle snickered. “Alright, Lauren, are you coming with me?” “Girl, you asking a really stupid question right now,” Lauren smirked. She grabs her bag and walks out the room with Giselle on her heels carrying her red and black basketball. They walk out the front door of the <a href= >house</a> heading straight for Lauren’s car.

“So do you actually like playing basketball or what?” Lauren asks. “I enjoy it,” Giselle smiled, “But I never tried out for the team.” “Why not?” “Because I’m lazy…” Lauren shook her head and unlocked the doors to her car. They hopped in and sat for a few minutes as Lauren answered a call. “Hello? Yeah, we’re about to leave now. What happened? …What? Oh my god! I swear that nigga is no good! I’m on my way,” she hangs up and puts the car in drive, speeding off down the street. “Aubrey’s car got shot up last night. He’s in the hospital with a few wounds to the chest and arm.” Giselle sighs, not wanting to go anywhere else but to the destination point. “Well can you drop me off at the house so I can get my car and go to Greenwood?” she asks.

Lauren stops at a stop sign, thinking as they were just down the street from the house, “I really shouldn’t leave you alone.” “I can handle myself. Just drop me off back at home and I’ll take my car.” “Maybe if I give you a gun…” Lauren thought. “Ugh! I’m not supposed to let you be out here alone, Gigi!” “Come on, Lauren. Brandon wouldn’t have told me to go to Greenwood Courts if it wasn’t safe for me.” “Fine,” Lauren agreed and turned the car around. “Here GiGi” she reaches in the middle glove compartment and holds out her gun. “Take this just in case. You never know who might show up with you being alone. I have more back at the house so it’s not a problem.” “Thanks,” Giselle takes the gun and nods. “See you later.” “I’ll call you,” Lauren waves and drives off again.

Giselle gets in her <a href=>car</a> and heads straight over to the Greenwood Courts. She parked in the parking lot and walked across the park, seeing a few children play on the playground. Their parents were nearby watching. The neighborhood seemed nice. Almost too good to be true being that it was right next to Holton. Scanning the place, it was huge. There was a big field for baseball, two tennis courts and then one <a href=> basketball court </a>. She stepped on it without feeling imprisoned. There weren’t any gate doors that could be locked so she didn’t have to worry about it being anybody’s court. “Why couldn’t we move to this neighborhood,” she asked herself before playing by herself.

An hour passes and nothing happens; just the scorching sun beaming down on Giselle. She made nothing but baskets, feeling like a champ. Then it turned 3 o’clock and a <a href=>car</a> pulls up with tinted windows. <a href=>She</a> hops out of the passenger side and <a href=>he</a> walks the hood. They walk onto the court and approach Giselle. The guy speaks first, “You Giselle?” “I might be,” she answered. “I’m Travis; that’s Alexis. Reece sent us.” “Okay,” Giselle shrugged looking at him with a straight face, “what y’all gonna do, shoot me?” “Hah,” Alexis smiled, “if we wanted to shoot you we’d been done that. Look, Reece wants his money back and you and your brother cost him with this basketball s***.”

Travis throws her a glance and clears his throat, Giselle walked away, sighing, “how much do I owe him? It can’t be that damn much? Like how do you even know how much people are gonna bet?” “It’s Reece’s call,” Travis says. “So you can either pay him back with that pretty lil body of yours or you can just get on the team right now..” “So either I f*** him and probably get kidnapped anyway to work for him,” Giselle smacked or her hands. “Or I become his hoe and then he can f*** me whenever he wants? f*** that! It’s bulls***!” “You don’t have choice,” Alexis shrugged. “Him beating your brother’s ass,” Travis smiled, “is a waste of time. He could give a f*** about that lil nigga. But you…baby girl, you stirrin’ s*** up. Got b****es steppin’ to him like they crazy. I had to smack a few hoes yesterday night cause of yo ass. They think they somebody ns***.” He and Alexis laughed while Giselle shook her head.

Giselle went over to the bleachers and sat down to think about it. “There’s nothing to think over,” Alexis blurts out. “Go home, pack a bag, drop your car off at Pete’s Fresh Market. Somebody will be there waiting to pick you up.“ “So y’all just gonna take me, is that it?” “You grown, ain’t you,” Travis questioned. “So?!” she glared at him and rolled her eyes. “Don’t mean s***!” “Either we take you…for tonight,” Alexis sighs, “or we take your family for forever and you don’t want that. Reece will kill them. We’re watching your family right now. Your mom, your brother, and your dad…. Just f*** him and it’ll be over with.” “No, it’s not gonna be over with just like that…” Giselle refused to believe. But she knew that there was literally no other way. She gets up and starts for her car and then turns back around. “Fine… I’ll do it, but…only if Reece picks me up. I don’t wanna deal with his minions. Y’all a waste of my damn vision,” Travis laughs and Alexis rolled her eyes as they went back to their car and drove away. Giselle groans and hurries to her car to do what she was told. If it wasn’t Reece, then she’d risk f***ing up the deal.

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straight up, if it was my little brother gettin his ass beat knowing good and damn well he wasn't supposed to go to "the court", i'd let him get beat, then take his broke up ass back home. but he was lucky he had family who was there. && Reece . . . . . umm umm goood. he's fine, but then so damn ruthless seems like. but the fact that Giselle could talk to him calmly and accept his "offer", seems like she know the deal. i'm just waiting to see what this text is gonna say and what he's gonna tell her to do. i'm completely HOOK'D!

UPS! RUN IT! all that good stuff.

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