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On the Run

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

<a href= >Giselle</a> walked to the door and stopped. She could feel the heat through the screen door and then regretted saying she was going to look for her brother. Leaving the air conditioned house so soon wasn’t really a good idea, but she pushed herself onto the front porch letting the door close behind her.

The moving truck was parked on the curb in front of the house blocking the neighbors who sat out on front of their porch across the street. The next door neighbors to the right didn’t seem like they were at home and the ones on the left were in the backyard starting up a barbeque. She sighed not hearing her little brother’s voice along with any of the neighbor’s kids, sending her off down the block to the corner that was just a 30 second walk away.

Across the way from the neighborhood was a huge grassy area where there was a parking lot straight ahead and two courts off to the left side, a park a little further and then a golf course all the way to the left that was no longer in use until her father had bought it a month ago. Scanning the park, nobody was there playing around, but the basketball courts closed in by a tall, metal fence separating the two were where the party was.

A bunch of guys played on one court that not a lot of people watched and on the other court, guys and girls flocked leaning up against the gate. She made her way over there, noticing her older cousin <a href= >Brittany</a> who she hadn’t seen in a few years. “GIGI!” Brittany ran over to her with open arms and a big smile. “It’s about time you got over here! Where have you been? Your brother is about to get his ass beat!”

“What?! Where is he?”

“He’s playing against Reece on the basketball court.”

"Okay so why you not stepping in and dragging his ass off the court then?!"

“Because Gigi they don’t play regular basketball out here.” Brittany informed her. “They’re betting, and when somebody steps on the court, they have to play. The gate is <em>locked</em>. Ain’t no way Jarell is getting off that court unless someone wins. And the bet is if Jarell won he’ll take all the money in the Betting Hand, but if he lost Reece said he’d beat his ass to teach him not to step on his court again. And girl, yo lil brother is losing. It’s 8 to 12. They’re going to 15.” Giselle hurried to the fence, unable to see through the thickening crowd. “MOVE!” Brittany demanded. People stepped to the side and the two cousins made their way to the fence.

Giselle saw her little brother, <a href=>Jarell</a> getting his ankles broke. Lord knows she'd get a mouthful from her mother if she let anything happen to him. So without hesitation, she made her way out of the crowd and hurried down to the gate's entrance. Some tall, dark-skinned man leaned against it.

“Hey,” she called.

<a href=>He</a> turned around, over-towering Giselle. “What?”

“What are the rules?”

“No girls. That’s the rule.” He turns his back to her, watching the game.

Giselle backed up, sighing in defeat and ready to run home and get her dad in the last attempt. But even then it’d be too late. Maybe she should just let him get his ass beat. He probably talked sht to the guy anyway, she thought. Always back talking somebody and acting like he’s a thug ever since they switched from private school to public school two years ago. Let him learn his lesson about acting tough in a new neighborhood.

“You just gonna stand there and let him get his ass beat,” a deep, chilling voice asks, pushing past Giselle. It was her cousin and Brittany’s older step-brother, <a href=>Brandon</a>. “Dris, open the fcking gate!” he demanded.

Dris, the man guarding the fence’s gateway, opened it up and called time out on the game. The people groaned as the game was stopped and others became dead silent.

Brittany walked over with some girls following behind her. Brandon snatched Brittany up by her shirt, clenching his jaws. “Fck is yo problem not keeping an eye on family while I’m gone? Too busy tryna talk to these thirsty ass muthafckas, I see! Let me catch your ass out here talking to one of these btch ass niggas!” Brittany kept quiet as her brother breathed her down and let her go. "Take yo ass home!" She stumbled back into her friends and then walked off in anger. “Come on, GiGi,” he says with a straight face walking through the open gateway.

Giselle gathered her strength, breathed in and out, and followed her big and bad cousin onto the court, which only meant one thing: she and Brandon would be playing a game of basketball against <a href=http://cdn.necoleb****>Reece</a> in exchange for Jarell.


run it!!!!

Damn all this happened because of jarrell being a smart ass and Giselle not listening to Brandon when she should have

Run it!!

Oh no! Uhhh! I would've beat Jarell ass with that damn remote. I hope Gi will be okay. Man Reece, you f***ing around with family. Brandon is going to blow when he finds out. I can't.....whew.
Run it

<strong>CHAAPTER FIVE</strong>

Reece’s guys and Brandon’s guys all pointed guns at each other until Reece held his arm out telling them to lower their guns. He glances at Brandon and then kissed Giselle on the cheek.

“B, the police are coming,” Lauren says.

Brandon nodded once, not taking his eyes off of Giselle and Reece. ” I know. Just wait… He ain’t stupid. He will let her go.”

Reece wrapped his arms around her waist tightly with the gun still in hand and whispers in her ear “A bet is a bet. So what you’re gonna do is wait on a text soon. You do what it says, iight? You do this for me, baby, and I’ll let ya brother off. You knew the deal… That’s why I like you. You’re smart. It’s why you came back to me. We’re serious out here. If you hadn’t come I probably would’ve put ya brother in the hospital, took you for ransom until I got my money back. Lil nigga is disrespectful and I don’t tolerate that s*** in my parts. I don’t play about my money. Y’all came out here interrupting s*** thinking in the wrong state of mind. This ain’t just a game of basketball cause that’s not all that I do out here on these courts. It’s more than what the eyes see. So be a good girl for Papi and don’t do anything stupid.” Giselle nods in agreement, closing her eyes. Reece took his arms from around her. He pushes her towards Brandon and she runs over to them.

Lauren runs up and grabs Giselle, taking her straight to the car. She backed out of the parking space and sped out of the parking lot, driving straight to Giselle’s house. “I’m spending the night.” She grabbed a bag from the back and gets out.

Giselle opens the door and steps out of the car. She takes Lauren inside where everything is okay and safe. Her dad was sleeping on the couch and Jarell was in his room playing on the Xbox. “Do you feel guilty for sneaking out yesterday?”

“No,” Jarell says lowering his eyebrows. “It’s just basketball man. Let it go.”

“No, it’s NOT just basketball! Because you wanted to sneak your ass outside and talk s*** to somebody you don’t even know our lives are… UGH! Jarell, don’t let me catch your ass outside tomorrow! If you wanna go somewhere, you tell me! I will drive you there!”

“What’s going on,” their <a href=>father</a> asked, walking down the hall. He stops next to Giselle. “Jarell you giving your sister problems?”

Jarell smacked his lips. “No, she up here tweakin, man!”

“She’s not yelling for no reason, son. …I’m going to sleep. Y’all be nice.” he walks into their mother’s room and closes the door.

Lauren sat on the bed in Giselle’s <a href=>room</a> taking out some clothes to sleep in. “This room is small, girl. Why don’t you live in the basement? It’s bigger down there. It’s where my room is at. It got a kitchen down there and everything. Just like a little apartment. Can’t nobody bother you. there’s a door leading right to the side of the house and you can be in and out with no problem, no questions asked.”

Giselle stood in Jarell’s doorway, ignoring Lauren. Her nose flared as Jarell rolled his eyes at her. She goes to her room suddenly hearing two gun shots. Lauren stood up calmly and walked across the hall to the bathroom, answering her cell phone. Giselle could hear her in the bathroom talking to somebody. Hopefully nobody had gotten hurt.

When Lauren came out of the bathroom, she noticed Giselle wasn’t in her room. “Giselle?”

“I’m in the kitchen,” she sighed. Lauren walks down the hall in a tank top and pajama pants finding Giselle pacing back and forth.

“Hey, B is fine. The shots were from Reece’s guys shooting at the police. And Reece got away right when B and Trigga did so…who knows where he’s at now. All that matters right now is that you’re safe.” Giselle nodded with her back to Lauren. “Are you crying?”

“I had a f***in’ gun to my head, Lauren,” she whispered. “He could’ve shot me! My heart is still racing…”

Lauren’s eyes became stern as she stared at Giselle. “What did he tell you?”

Giselle shook her head no and turned around only to lean back on the counter. “Just to never come back to the courts,” she lied. “To make sure to keep an eye on Jarell or else if he catches him in the streets then he’ll keep up to the bet they made.”

“And what did he say about you?”

“Just that I never show my face in his parts again or I’m his for good.”

“Okay,” Lauren nodded. “As bad as your brother made it for you guys already, this [i]IS[/i] Reece’s parts where you live now. This part of the neighborhood is basically his. Why do you think we all live all the way on the other side? That liquor store right on the corner is his. He owns the owner. His guys stand out front every day and night. They own the park. They own those courts. Everything except for that golf course… I’ll tell you more about it later. Go take a shower and I’ll call the pizza place and talk to your brother. He needs to know this s*** so his dumb ass won’t make things worse than it already is.”

Giselle wiped her tears and away and went to gather some clothes to sleep in. She lollygagged to the bathroom and closed the door shut, locking it. She closed her eyes reliving that moment when Reece put a gun to her head. A chill didn’t go down her spine then only when he began whispering in her ear again. She shook it off and took a hot shower, thinking about what she’d be told to do. She already messed up by going back to play in Brandon’s eyes, but she was right just like Reece said. She’d still be a part of something just for living in his part of the neighborhood.

“If Jarell hadn’t snuck out, he’d never known we existed,” Giselle says closing her bedroom door leaning back against it. “Brandon wouldn’t be having these problems….”

Lauren sat on Giselle’s bed text messaging. “Don’t think that you made anything worse. You were just trying to protect your little bad ass brother. And Brandon should’ve just let Jarell get his ass beat instead of coming over and stepping on the court the way he did bringing you into it. It wasn’t smart.”

“Why’d you let me go on the courts then today?”

“Because I didn’t have back up! If I had tried to take you, Reece probably would’ve gotten you and taken you somewhere! It was best to just get some time for B and Trig to get there. And Aubrey was supposed to be keeping an eye on you but he was too busy f***ing KeKe! I’ll deal with that b**** tomorrow! She did that s*** on purpose! This was Aubrey’s last straw! He already haven’t been keeping tabs on Brittany. Now I gotta stop what the f*** I’m doing and baby sit!”

Giselle lies down on her bed and picks up her phone staring at it. “How old are you?”

“I’m 27.”

Giselle sighs and turns to lay on her back, fumbling with her fingers. “Has Reece done what he did to me to any other female?”

“What, kiss you? No,” Lauren says. “That nigga surprised everybody. We’ve never seen him kiss a girl before. He’ll get his d*** sucked, maybe f*** a b****, get his nut, and be on his merry way. All he f***s with are hoes. He can’t deal with having a committed relationship. It’s more he has to deal with.”

“So what happens now?”

“What happens now is you call me whenever you wanna go somewhere that doesn’t have to deal with school. I see you have a car. Don’t you go f***ing with Reece because you think it’ll make things better or because y’all had a bet. GiGi, f*** the bet, f*** all of that s***. And if you’re going somewhere, take Jarell with you. I put everybody’s number in your phone. Make sure you lock that s*** too.” The doorbell rings and Lauren stands up, grabbing the money lying on the bed. She walks out and leaves Giselle to her thoughts. Soon she comes back with two pizza boxes from Pizza Hut. “Where’s your mom?”

“She’s at work. She should be home by 11.”

“It’s about to be 8. Damn time goes by slow.” She opens the pizza box and grabs two slices.

Giselle takes a piece of pizza and starts to eat right when she gets a text message. “Probably Brittany,” she sighed and picked it up to see an unknown number. She opens the text and reads it. [ pick up your cake from petes fresh market tomorrow morning ] Staring at the message confused, she remembers that Reece said she'd get a text. So she quickly sets up a lock screen with a pattern and then continues to eat, thinking about how she really did need to go grocery shopping. So that’s what she would do with her mother, Jarell, and Lauren.

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run it!!!!!

Oh no! I can't believe she lost. Reece you's a b**** nigga. You're so damn mean. Brandon no! Somebody is going to get killed and I will end up hating Reece for the rest of the story. Ugh! Why did you have to play G? Oh my gosh.
Run it!!

Run it!!

Story is good I can't wait to read what will happen next

<strong>Chapter Four</strong>

<a href=>Giselle</a> and <a href=>Brittany</a> approached the park at 7 something at night. It was crowded and the parking lot was blasting with music. “Everybody is out tonight,” Brittany smiled.

“And all for this btch,” <a href= >she</a> says coming up behind them with another girl. “Whassup Britt.”

“Hey girl,” Brittany smiled. “GiGi, this is Lauren and Lauren. Y’all this is Giselle.”

“Don’t be calling that btch my name!” <a href=>she</a> shouts. “Her name is KeKe!”

“My name is LAUREN and my middle name is KEKE! Btch you act like you were the first one to be called Lauren!” KeKe rolled her eyes. "Tellin people what to call me! Fck outta here!"

Lauren put her hand in Keke’s face and turned to Giselle. “So you know you cost Reece money last night and all day today, right? He is MAD, girl!” she laughed.

Giselle shrugged. “He can stay mad.”

“Reece is gonna dust yo ass,” KeKe shook her head. “Then beat the pussy up plus put the works on your brother.”

“Damn girl where’s the empowerment at,” Lauren asked. “She’s the First Lady to play on the court in a long time and on a serious note AND it’s against Reece. Any girl around here knows they’ll get their s*** broken and pussy taken if they even tried.”

“Btches can play All Around the World or HORSE and still get they pussy taken,” Brittany snickered. “A damn shame.”

“Look, some girls are good at playing basketball,” KeKe admitted, “A few may be great, but even if they are great they still can’t win against a man. There ain’t never been a female beast in the game or ever will be.” She looked me up and down and scoffed. “Stupid girls like you get they ass handed to the streets. Should’ve just let B and him play and then fight afterwards anyway because in the end, whether you win or lose…there will be a fight.” She walks away into the crowd and disappears.

“I hate that btch,” Lauren sighed.

“How many times you gonna make that statement?” Brittany asked.

Lauren laughed, saying “As long as that ho lives!”

“He's here,” Brittany announced. All the girls looked over to the parking lot watching a black charger with tinted windows pull into the parking lot blasting Wiz Kalifa. They park the car and then <a href=>Reece</a> steps out. Then three females hop out afterwards, scattering into the crowd. “You washed your mouth out with bleach last night, right, GiGi?”

“Hell yeah,” Giselle laughed only joking about the bleach. But she did wash her mouth out and brush her teeth three times.

Reece walked passed Giselle mean mugging. “Let’s go,” he tells Giselle. She half-smiled and followed him up to the court. Dris unlocked the gate and opened it, saluting her on the way in. Then he locked it and the crowd starting making a lot of noise and cheering. He went to the middle of the court, taking off his jacket and throwing it to the side. He held out his hands to catch Giselle’s ball. She sucked her teeth and threw it to him. Then she walked up to him only standing a foot away so she could hear what he had to say since everybody was so loud. But instead of trying to yell from a distance, Reece leaned in Giselle’s ear. “iight, I’m a let you know right now…that…I’m not down for no clingy btch on my team.”

Giselle smiled, shaking her head. “You couldn’t put me on the team if you were the President of the United States.”

“If you not on the team then you dead.”

“That’s what I’d rather be…dead instead of on the team. So what’s the deal now? People are still betting. And I heard that I cost you some money today or some sht because you put our game on pause. What is that about?”

“People want to see us play, and you’re the only female to play seriously in a bet. The money was raised.”

“How much is it now?”

“It was $300 hundred yesterday. Now it’s $800.”

“Are you kidding me?” Giselle was shocked to hear that.

“People bet out here like anybody else would bet on video games, professional basketball, boxing, and plenty other sports.”

“So what did I cost you?”

“You cost me about 4 games today.” Reece flicked his nose, staring at her. “That means we gon’ play 4 more games no matter of you losing tonight. And the bet still stands. I beat your lil brothers ass and when B shows his ass I’m a handle him too.”

“Hah,” Giselle smiled. “Yeah…right. Who said I was gonna play these 4 games cause YOU were the one to put your money on pause?” she blinked a few times.

“Trust me, baby, you <strong>gon'</strong> play.” Reece steps back. His dark brown eyes were piercing enough to make chills go down Giselle’s spine. She sighed and went to put her backpack and other belongings on the side in front of where Brittany stood. Reece headed to the court side where they’d check the ball and waited. “Gimme a good luck kiss,” he asked and smooched his lips with his eyes closed.

Giselle rolled her eyes and waited for him to check the ball. He did and then she checked it back. Reece walked slowly and dribbled the ball. Giselle stood directly in front of him walking backwards. He smiled, stopping and then spun on Giselle but she was on him. However when he stopped she didn’t and went all the way down to the hoop as he went to make the 3 pointer. The ball went to the hoop and trailed around the rim, going in. The crowd cheered and Giselle stood there with a smile on his face as Reece walked up to her but she ran away laughing.

Dris opened the gate as Giselle gathered her things. Reece grabbed his jacket and walked up behind Giselle, grabbing her by the waist. “Wasting my damn time,” he says. “Pussy is mine, now!”

Giselle removed his hands and walked off the court immediately bumping into Brittany and Lauren. “Brandon and Trigga are here,” Brittany told Giselle. “We gotta go before they start shooting!” She grabs Giselle’s hand and tries to jet off with her but Reece grabs Giselle’s free hand.

“Where you going, baby?” Reece questioned, wrapping his hands around Giselle’s waist again. “My car is in the parking lot.”

Other females walked pass eyeing Giselle and rolling their eyes. Suddenly gun shot goes off and people run off and scatter from the park. Cars left the parking lot and sped off. There were only about twenty people left and that included Giselle who was being held by Reece. All six of his boys walked behind him, touching their guns that were tucked either in the front or back of their pants. Reece took out his gun and held it to Giselle’s cheek, caressing the end of the barrel against while glaring at Brandon who stood eight feet away with just <a href=>Trigga</a> and Lauren who all had guns too.

run it!!

Run it

Oh s***!!! She dunked! After that, if I was Reece, I would've stopped talking s***. She crossed you up, she spun around yo ass, and then she faked it and scored. I would've been suprised as hell. Oooooo Reece you wrong for that, Giselle I respect you. You are so damn lucky! Oh, her mom and Brandon ain't no joke. Reece a pussy, how are going to pull out a gun because you losing.
Run it

<strong>Chapter Three</strong>

Brandon smiles and sighs. “Still the same muhfcka, huh? Ready to fight knowing you gon’ get yo ass beat.”

Reece’s nostrils flared. He glances at Giselle who stared back. “Let me play against him,” she blurts out causing Brandon to look back at her. “It’s my brother.”

“And if you lose, then it’s my pussy,” Reece quickly stated, pushing past Brandon. “This is the one and only time I’ll let a girl play on my court. Not like you gon’ win anyway.” He snickered and headed to the middle of the court to pick up the basketball.

Brandon turns around swiftly as Giselle walks up to him. “What the fck are you doing,” he whispered.

“He thinks I can’t play,” Giselle looked Brandon directly in his eyes. “You think I can’t play. Nobody does. But I can.”

“I’d rather Jarell come back and get his ass beat than you play right now… Sht got damn, GiGi! ...TAG!” he yelled and walks to the gate to lean against it.

Dris quiets everybody down and says, “If any help is needed, tag team B anytime! …On your ready!”

Brandon nodded, wiping his face. Giselle met Reece on the far side of the court away from Brandon. Reece waited for her to stand on the side so they could check the ball. She made it over to Reece while tying up her hair in a ponytail. He through her the ball and it broke one of her nails.

“Muthafcka,” she mumbled as she stared at her broken right hand ring finger’s nail, then at him before her nostrils began flaring because those were her real nails that she’d just gotten done.

“8-12,” Reece stated. Giselle checked him the ball. “That’s the score, baby. You better believe that you won’t get a chance to blink before I win.” He throws it back. “Then it’s you and me all tonight,” he leered. There was something about his eyes that put fear in Giselle, but she kept it cool.

Giselle began to dribble the ball, “In your dreams.” She crosses over on him and jets down the court only for Reece to be right on her heels.

Reece tried to reach for the ball, but she moved the ball away and spun behind him. He turns and jumps thinking she was about to shoot. Landing back on the court, Giselle makes her way to the hoop and dunks. Scoring 1 point - 9-12.

“Gigi, tag me in,” Brandon says holding out his hand.

“Seriously, B!” Giselle stared at him wide-eyed. "I'm the first girl on the court! Can I make history, sht?!

Reece laughed as he caught the ball and waited on the side line. “Baby girl, I might as well fck you right here on the court, if you ain't gon' tag!”

Brandon walks over to Giselle and whispers, “GiGi, he’s not gonna take it to the rim! He will shoot a 3 and that’ll be the end of the game, understand me now? TAG. ME. IN.”

Giselle looks him up and down, backing away. “No.” Reece laughed even more, holding his stomach. “Don’t pull ya dck out too fast,” she says. “I might bite it off.”

Reece calms down laughing, bringing it to a smile. “Man, you and your brother are pure entertainment. Aye B, I like yo lil cousins, man! They funny! And this one here is just cute,” he turns to look at me with a straight face. He raises his upper lip and bounces the ball. “So cute I’m a put you on the team.”

Giselle stopped bouncing the ball and held underneath her arm as she walked up to Reece. He over-towered her, looking down and licking his lips as they stared one another in the face. “Think you the big bad wolf, huh?”

“Baby girl I am the big bad wolf! And if you ever wanted to stomp with the big dogs, then you should’ve listened to your cousin and let him play. But since you so damn stupid I’m a show your ass what it’s like to be underneath me after I break ya ankles.”

“And who the fck are you? Nobody...” she searched his eyes.

“Well excuse me! I’m rude, ain’t I?" Reece smiled. "Letting you think that I’m a nobody! Let me reintroduce myself? I’m Reece, the wrong nigga to step to!” he grabs Giselle by the neck and kisses her, giving her every inch of tongue blessed him with.

Brandon runs over and split them up. He punches Reece causing him to fall back against the gate. They started fighting and Giselle moves out of the way, smiling with the sensation of feeling Reece's perfect, soft and pink lips still on hers.

Reece reached behind his back and pulled out a gun on Brandon.
“Gigi, let’s go.” Brandon says backing up towards the gate that was now unlocked and opened. “I SAID LET’S GO!” he turns around and hurries off the court. Giselle jogs towards the entrance. But before she leaves, she glances over her shoulder at Reece.

He licked the blood off of his lips and then spit on the ground before winking at her, saying “It ain’t over, baby.”

Giselle raised her upper lip and rolled her eyes before turning to follow Brandon who awaited her with an angry expression on his face. He had put his gun away as they walked out of the park and back towards the neighborhood.

“The hell is your problem stepping to him like that, huh?!" Brandon yelled. "I don’t know why I saved Jarell’s ass if you was gonna do the same thing, Giselle!” He yelled heading straight for his car. “Don’t go calling or running to me for sht if that’s what you’re gonna do!”

“What’s going on,” Giselle’s mother, <a href=>Tina</a>, asks as she comes to the front door and steps out onto the front porch. “Giselle, what did you do? I know you ain’t made nothing worse than Jarell already did?!”

Brandon threw a glare at Giselle before waving to Tina. “I’ll be back later Aunty.”

“Alright,” she smiles and waves. “Drive safe.”

Giselle walks onto the porch. Tina moves back into the door blocking the way. “Ma…”

“If you put you and your brother into anything more, anything deeper that’s your ass I’m a tear up twice as hard as I beat Jarell’s! Now I done told Jarell and I’m telling you. Your father works right down the street. He better not hear <em>anything</em> from any of your cousins, do you hear me?”

“Ma, please…” Giselle sighed. “Can we just go inside?”

Tina sighs, and turns to open the door. She moves to the side and lets Giselle walk in first. "Dinner's ready if you're hungry."

Giselle heads straight to the bathroom to wash her mouth out and brush her teeth before going to the dining room to eat with her family. She sat across from Jarell who glared at her. She hadn't made the situation better, but at least Jarell wasn't gonna get his ass beat and her into trouble. All she had to do was finish the game with Reece and win tomorrow, she thought. But first, she'd need to call Brittany to get more tea on Reece and the courts.

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So bumps.

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What you mean she really called Brandon, Jarell you were about to get yo lights knocked off if he hadn't came. I love Brandon, got me all smiling. No he didn't have to bring Brittany into s***, rude ass. That's right Gi! Hold your ground and let these niggas know! Lol. You feeling froggy Reece, jump! Uh oh. Brandon move!
Run it!!

run it!!!!!!!!!

<strong>Chapter Two</strong>

Standing in the center of the court next to Brandon, all eyes were on them. Reece stood in front of them mean mugging Brandon. Jarell was on the side with his eyes furrowed. “Really GiGi? You called Brandon!”

“Shut the fck up and take yo ass home, boy.” Brandon demanded. “Ya momma ain’t know where you went. Got her worried, told ya sister to come get yo dumb ass. Now gone and get ya ass back in the house,” he yelled. Jarell groaned, glaring at Brandon and then Giselle before he walked off the court.

Reece laughed, holding his stomach. After thirty seconds, he stopped and stared at Giselle, poking his lips out at her making smooching sounds. “Fck off my court, baby.”

“Nah, she good...” Brandon spoke, lifting his chin as he looked at Reece. “See you working a 9-5 out here.” he smiled. “Must be nice getting paid a whole lotta raggedy btches every night.”

“Well yeah,” Reece sighed and nodded in agreement, looking down. “I said the same thing after I fcked your sister last night.” He shrugged, licking his lips and then glancing up at Brandon from underneath his eyebrows. Brandon kept a straight face, not even giving in to that lie.

“Hey, what’s the deal out here?” Dris says, walking up to Reece and Brandon. “Y’all gonna play or what? And B, you know this, man. No girls on the court. She gotta go.”

“Nigga, I’m a grown woman, fck you mean.” Giselle stated calmly as she had just turned 18 two weeks ago. “Be more specific about the rules and say no females because otherwise, I’m liable to break ankles just as much as any nigga out here,” she blurted out.

“Well let me rephrase it for you,” Reece says. “<strong>No females on my court.</strong> You think walking y’all asses on my sht and interrupting my game changes the rules? Y’all got this sht straight twisted. Me and your brother got unfinished business, lil girl. Dris, lock the money and my court up. Y’all weak fcks can get the hell off my sht before I send y’all to the hospital.” He spits on the ground and walks off.

Brandon snickered, turning around to watch Reece leave. “What, you scared to play me?” The crowd went silent. Reece stopped walking and turned around, staring at Brandon with the meanest, most evil look Giselle had ever seen. “Wait…that’s right, that’s right.” Brandon smiled, saying “You are scared. Punk ass nigga, don’t you ever forget that I’m the Beast on this muhfckin’ court! The only reason you claimed it is because I let you! A nigga make real money now. I ain’t got time for no chump change. How ‘bout you do the same while you up here tryna beat up lil boys? Now, lay a hand on any of my lil cousins and that’ll be the last day you play ball. GiGi, let’s go.” she followed Brandon as he walked towards the entrance.

Dris hurried outside of the fenced court to stand by the gateway. More people started to come, surrounding the fence, trying to watch, and even going on the other court to look through the fence separating the two courts to see. Reece walked up to Brandon, standing in his way. They stood face to face, same height – 6’3. Reece had a bit less muscles than Brandon's big and brawny frame. He was almost skinny but still had enough weight on him. Giselle observed the two men as they had a staring contest, frozen in place. Reece balled up his fist, ready to fight. The air was thick with animosity and Giselle could feel how intense the situation had gotten since Brandon arrived. Butterflies rammed her stomach unsure of what was about to happen.

Run it

DAMNNNNNNN!!!!!! Brandon shut sh!t down!!!!!
Ruun ITT!!!!

run it!!

Run it

Uh oh! Jarell what'd you do? I wonder what will happen if they lose or if they win. Hi Reece mmm. Giselle is a caring person cause I would've let Jarell get his ass beat, that's just me. I like Brandon, he's a family first kind of guy. Oh gosh! I hope they win.
Run it!!!

Damn I'm mad he snatched her ass up like that!! lol

But good God reece fine ass!!

Runnn thissss!!!