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Okay, I have been trying to avoid this, but it won't leave my mind so I'm just gone go with it.

Hollywood Exes :))...*might change the name...unsure*

Based off the VH1 series but with more drama and more personal...5 girls at first..but i might use more later on..So all is welcomed



Man: (actual celebrity please; actor, singer, athlete)

If you would like an occupation:

Not everyone will have kids, but humor me many kids, names:

As soon as I get the 5 girls i will post the intro..:)


little heads up i might try writing this different ways. Not sure how exactly I want to write this..

Temika i prefer Tee or Mika.

I'm Marisaa, but I prefer Rissa. You?

@_Cheerio_ I feels you boo! we would get along just fine! lol
What's your name sug?

I'll be 21, damn I'm the baby of the group. Oh I forgot to add that I am very outspoken. If I don't like you, i'll let you know. I'm exceptionally ratchet at times too.

Age: 23 I'll like to look like Tika if you decide to choose me...

Okay well I think I'm finna gone and put up there intro..

yeah that's fine.

Can I actually pick Taylour Paige instead?

Age 25

Yess I love her! :)

Age 24

<a href="">Baylei Santana</a>

<a href="">Honor Aubrey Graham</a>

<a href="">Pharaoh Isaiah Graham</a>

I forgot age..and...Tiffany..Tika sumpter okay with you?

Name:BayLei Santana

Personality:Im crazy but in a good way fun to be around i like to crack jokes and goof off...but i have zero tolerance for the independent and a go getter im not going to sit around and wait for something to be handed to me! a great and loyal friend but i will let you know the real rigth or wrong!


Occupation:Sport Management

Kids:a set of twins :Pharaoh Isaiah Graham(boy)and Honor Aubrey Graham(girl)3yrs old

Rissa Neverson (Kayla Devechelle)
Trey Songz
Funny, loud, smart, independent, quiet at times, I'm a joker of the group, trusting, caring, cautious, when I love I love hard, I never show my emotions (it bothers people that arr close to me), I know how to act happy in the most depressing moments, I'm a R.O.D whether we're together or not, loyal.
Two kids: Malila Nicole Neverson (Jada Milan) 3 years old and Tremaine Neverson JR. (Blake Westbrooks)

Name: Tiffany Stewart (preferably a brown skin female)

Personality: Funny as hell, super sweet and laid back, very talkative

Man: Khaleed Leon Thomas better know as Khleo Thomas (Actor & Rapper)

If you would like an occupation: Choreographer

Not everyone will have kids, but humor me many kids, names: 1 boy 2yrs old Jeremy Leon Thomas

Jessica turner (RAVAUGHN)
quiet and shy but is funny great cook but sometimes mean
Chris brown
message therapist
3 boys Donovan blake and chris jr

Name: Eden Renee Bailey (Someone chocolate and curvy like brooke bailey but younger)

Personality:Crazy, fun, loving, feisty, strong, independent. I am the true definition of a Modern Southern Woman. My man has nothing to worry about I take care of home, the kids and him, he takes care of us!

Man: August Alsina

If you would like an occupation: Fashion Stylist

Not everyone will have kids, but humor me many kids, names: Twins, a boy and girl August Alsina Jr. (Gus Gus) and Charly Renee Alsina (5 months)