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The Hollywood Life

This season of The Hollywood Life..

We take you into the lives of six Hollywood couples. We show you the ups "I now pronounce you husband and wife"....

"I can't see my life without you..will you marry me?"

"Oh my God, babe" He cried as he kissed his newborn baby. "Do you know what y'all gone name it?" He looked at her and smiled.

We show you the downs.
"Did you sleep with her??" He drops his head and swipes his face."Yeah I slept with her, but she didn't mean anything to me" He said as a lone tear fell down. "I loved you with all my heart and you mean to tell me that meant nothing to you?..How long have y'all been sleeping together?"...He looked away.."NO! Look me in my eyes and tell me how long"...."a year"...She got up and throw her ring out him..."While I was carrying your child?? I'm packing up my stuff and I'm leaving".."Baby please don't do this..I'm sorry..I know I messed up.".."When everyone told me not to get involve with you..I did anyway..I turned my back on my family for you..and you turn your back on me" She furiously wiped the waterfall of tears streaming down her face. With that she grabbed her purse and left.

We show you the ugly
"B**ch I don't like you! I never will you fake ass dumb ass b**ch"

"B**ch?? I got yo b**ch" She reached across the table and pulled her face down in her food.

She wiped the food off her face and jumped over the table..."You grimey ass b**ch" She said as she delivered blows to the her head. The other girls grabbed her as she stomped the girl's head in. "I'm gone keep coming for your ass now..anytime I see you yo ass better run."

As the guard held the other girl as the blood streamed down her lips. "Nah move, you think I'm worried bout you? Let me go..she got her hits in now let me whoop her mutha f**king ass!" She tried charging at the girl, but the guard held her close"

By the end of the season..some one may not make it

"I can't do this anymore..that's it..I tired of this bull..I'm tired of the girls..and I'm tired of this dumbass's a wrap."

Stay tuned for the all new season of The Hollywood Life.