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~~When Our Love Is This Strong~~

Walking through the campus with my bags in tow, I looked around at all the students either running through the grass, lounging around, or moving their items into their respectful dorms. I grabbed my handle on my suitcase a little tighter and checked the college map for the right direction to my dorm. After 5 minutes of walking I finally made it. I stood in line and waited patiently to be called so I could get my room key. 15 minutes later I was standing in front of the person I assumed to be the R.A.
“Hello welcome to UCLA my name is Rebecca and I’m the R.A.” She greeted real chipper.
“Um, hello. I’m <a;_ylt=A0PDoX3S3fBRjAIAlwWJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTFyY2JzcjZrBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAMwNmQ2OTdiODY3NGM1NTY0YTJlNThhYmRhMzAzZWU3YgRncG9zAzI4?">Patience Jones</a> .”
“Ok Ms. Jones here’s your key and you’re on the 2nd floor room 215.” She stated while handing over my key.
“Thanks.” I replied with a smile.
I made my way to my room and unlocked the door. I looked around the empty room and saw that I was the first to arrive. I quickly placed my things on the bed furthest away from the door due to the closet being bigger and it had the most privacy. I began to put all my things away and make my bed when my phone started to ring.
“Hey ma.” I greeted into the speaker of my phone.
“Hey baby. What dorm and room are you in?”
“Um Hollywood Star room 215.”
“Ok. Have your roomie arrived yet?”
“Nope. “
“Ok well open the door your brothers are carrying your fridge.”
I ended the call and opened the door. I let my brothers and my mom in and the placed everything on the floor.
”Slim you think you grown cuz you in college now huh guh’?” my brother Damien asked.
I shook my head and laughed. “Well you know, I aint up unda ma and pop roof no mo.” I said with a wink.
After a god hour or so my side was finally done to my liking. I kissed my mom and brothers bye after promising to call my mom later. I sat on my bed starring at the opposite side of the room wondering when my roommate would arrive.
Several hours later and still no sign of my roomie I grabbed my key id card and cell and decided to explore the school. I walked out the housing unit and was immediately knocked down by some guy.
“Oh s***!” He exclaimed while coming in contact with my body causing a loud thud to sound from me landing on the ground with him on top.
He quickly stood up and dust himself off. I on the other hand sat on the ground rubbing my head as I felt a knot forming from the impact of his blow.
“My bad I ain’t see you. Here let me help you up.” He offered with an outstretched hand.
I took his hand and with his help was able to stand. I brushed off the dirt on my leggings and shirt and sighed while rolling my eyes.
“Are you ok?” He asked concern etched into his deep voice.
“Yeah fine. Just watch where you going next time ok?” I stated harshly.
“Yo I said my bad ma.” He said giving me a once over.
“I heard. But in case you ain’t know, my bad ain’t no type of apology. The words you need to use are I’m sorry.” I stated while grabbing my phone off the ground.
I then looked to my right and decided to go in that direction.
“Aye you could at least thank me.” HE yelled after my disappearing figure. I slightly turned and looked at him.
“Thanks…for knocking me down a**hole.” I replied and continued to no specific destination.
I finally decided that I walked far enough and sat down in a grassy area on the quad. I unlocked my phone and decided to face time my best friend Heather. After connecting the phone rung three times before I was greeted to smiling friend.
“Hey girl!!! What’s going on?” My best friend of 7 years greeted.
“Hey babe. Nothing much just getting use to this schools’ all. How you dealing being at FAMU?” I asked genuinely interested.
“Girl s*** cray cray. We haven’t been on campus a good day yet and b****es already throwing hands and what not.” She sighed into the receiver.
“Damn that s*** is cray. Have you met your roomie?” I asked as I looked out over the quad.
“Yeah I met the ho. She seem like she a ho. I mean we had a convo for like 5 minutes and the b**** talked mainly bout dudes she’d f*** or will f***. I don’t know I had done zoned out. What about you? Did you meet your roommate? Did anything exciting happen yet?”
“Um let’s see. No, no roommate yet. Nothing exciting happened yet, well if you consider me getting knocked down by some jack ass a few minutes ago exciting, then yes yes it has.” I answered with a smirk.
“What!!!!!! Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself? Did you snap? Is he cute?” She rambled.
“Yes. No. Kinda. Idk, didn’t pay attention to that small detail seeing as I was on the ground.” I answered.
“Girl don’t make me drive up to LA to cut a b**** ass nigga.” She retorted.
I laughed at her silliness and continued chatting for a few more moments. After ending the call I decided it’d be best to head back to the dorm since it was getting dark. I stood and made my way back. After finally reaching my room I walked in to see that the other side of my room was decorated indicating that my mysterious roomie had finally arrived. Seeing as she was still M.I.A I grabbed my caddy filled with toiletries and headed to the showers. After finishing up my hygiene routine, I emerged dressed in some sweats and a long sleeved shirt. I pulled my uggs onto my feet and made my way back into my room.
“Hello you must be Patience my roommate. I’m <a;_ylt=A0PDoX3R3vBRW3cArlGJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTFycjhxajdtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM3NWVlODMzMWRiNmI1MGY3MTVlNWQ0NmM0NWU5ODZhZgRncG9zAzE1?">Zaria</a>.” Spoke the girl sitting on the bed.
“Yeah. I was wondering when you were gonna show.” I smiled.
“I would’ve been here sooner but my flight was delayed due to a thunderstorm.”
I listened as she talked about her childhood and immediately liked her. Her vibe was cool and so far she didn’t annoy me.
“Well you ain’t really miss nothing. But tomorrow they having a bbq in the quad.” I mentioned as I laid down under my covers.
“Alright well we can go together if you want.” She suggested.
“Yup. Sounds like a plan.” I managed to get out between yawns. I plugged my phone into the charger and then turned out the light on my side.
“Good nite Z.”


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Look at Patience! Being all smart 'n s***! I'm proud of you boo! Damn, she was about to beat Z ass about them earphones. Why ahe acting like that towards Jonah? I probably would've acted the same way. Oooi, know you thinking about him.
Run it!!

“Who can tell me the definition of acute stress?”
I rose my hand as I recollected my thoughts.
“Yes Miss Jones.” My professor acknowledged.
“Acute stress is a transient state of arousal with typically clear onset and offset patterns.” I stated verbatim. Last night’s study session was really paying off.
“Correct. Now what exactly would be considered on and off patterns?”
“Sex.” Came a reply from the front.
“How exactly is that Mr. Robinson?”
“Cuz man, it just is.” The guy stated earning a few giggles from a few students.
I rolled my eyes and sighed before replying.
“How about when a guy meets a girl? I mean his onset pattern would be I like her I’m going to have sex with her. But his offset would be, if he’s not feeling her or liking the way she looks then he won’t feel the need to want to have sex with the woman.” I explained as my professor gave a head nod.
“That’s exactly correct Ms. Jones. Now we seem to be running out of time so I want you all to read chapters 1 and 2. Type up some notes and have them emailed to me by midnight. You’re dismissed.”
I packed my things into my bag and began my descend down the stairs and out the door. I placed my earphones in my ear to have them immediately ripped out. I quickly turned pissed that someone had the nerves to touch me until I saw Zaria standing with her hands in a surrender motion and sighed.
“Girl you was bout to get the cuss out of your life.” I quickly told her as I adjusted my bag on my shoulder. “What’s good?”
She let out a giggle and handed me my earphones. “Nothing was bout to grab lunch. Figured since I seen you I’d ask you to come.”
“I could eat.” I said remembering that I had skipped breakfast since I had a morning class.
She nodded her head and locked arms with me as she led me in the opposite direction. We sat in a booth near a window and looked over the menu.
“So AKA has their first meeting tonight. You’re coming right?” Zaria asked as I peeked over at her.
“Umm I don’t know. I have a lot of homework that needs to be done by midnight.” I honestly told her.
“Don’t give me that. It’s only 1:15 you got 10 hours and 45 minutes before its due. Knowing you you’ll have it done by 4:00. Leaving you 3 hours to chill before the meeting.” She said calculating the hours.
I let out an annoyed sigh and pushed my hair out my face as the waitress came over.
“Hey I’m Jessy. What can I get yawl?” She questioned
“Sweet tea please.” Zaria ordered.”
“And for you?” She asked looking in my direction.
“Water will do.”
“Ya’ll ready to order or ya’ll need need more time?”
“More time. We’re actually waiting on two more people.” Zaria said
I threw her a ‘The f***?!?!’ look as she smiled as our waitress walked away.
“b**** who we waiting on?” I questioned as the doors to the diner chimed.
“Them.” She pointed towards the door.
I turned to see who had arrived.
“Why didn’t you tell me bout this?” I gasped as I ran my hand through my curly tresses.
“Cuz yo ass wouldn’t have come. You need to mingle. We’ve been here for 2 weeks and all you do is sit yo ass in the room. And besides who says having a sexy guy as a friend won’t benefit?” She smirked.
Before I could even respond two guys came and stood at our table.
“Hey Q, hey J.” She greeted cheerfully.
“What up Z.” Came their response.
“Patience this is Quintin and Jonah. Guys this is Patience.” She introduce pointing everyone out.
The Quinton guy sat next to her as the Jonah boy sat next to me.
“I aint seen you round campus.”
“I stay to myself. Don’t feel the need to be at every social event.” I stated taking a sip from my cup.
“You look nice.” Jonah whispered in my ear earning an eye roll from me.
“Girl why the face? Perk the hell up Patty Cake.” Zaria laughed as I gave her the finger.
“Why are you so close? Back up please.” I said side eying this Jonah character.
Pretty soon we were done and I decided to head back to campus so I could start on my homework. I got back into my room and changed into my UCLA sweat pants and a tank top. I threw my hair in a messy bun and began my work. 30 minutes into it I couldn’t seem to focus. My mind constantly drifted to Jonah and the way his deep dimples showed when he smiled. The way his brown orbs shined when he talked about basketball tryouts in a few days. I shook my head and sighed.
“Get it together Patience.” I lectured myself.
I sighed as I finished my notes and emailed them off to my professor. I laid in bed as J. Cole’s Power trip played softly in the background. I immediately began to drift off when a knock at the door came. Frustrated I kicked the covers off my body and went to open the door. I stood there in shock. How did he find me? When did he get out? So many questions ran through my mind a mile a minute. Unable to speak I gripped the door tighter and swallowed.
“W-w-what are y-y-y-you doing h-h-here?” I stammered.
“What you’re not happy to see me?” He asked with a devilish grin walking towards me causing me to back up.
“No.” I said shaking my head as the tears began to fall.
I backed myself up against my desk as he made his way into my room closing the door behind himself.
“I’ve missed you so much baby. When I got out and found out that you had moved, it took me a while before I tracked you down. I looked everywhere for you, until your friend told me you transferred to UCLA. I came back for you like I promised. Now we can be together.” He said stretching out his hand for me to take.
I shook my head no as I looked up at him with tearful eyes. “No Damien. I don’t want to be with you.”
He retracted his hand as he looked at me confused for a moment. Before I knew it his hand was against my face causing a loud smack to be heard as I fell back onto my dresser.
“b**** we gone be together!!!!” He yelled as he continued to beat my ass.

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“Girl that s*** was all the way live!” Naudia screamed into my ear.
I removed the phone and shook my head as I sat at my desk pulling out my Psychology 101 book.
“I can tell. Yo ass loud as f*** in my ear heffa.”
“Whatever Patience. You just jelly that’s all.” She giggled
“Yeah, very.” I stated flatly.
“So tell me bout this boy you keep randomly bumping into.”
I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Chile’ nothing. It just seems that every time I turn around bam he right there. He be wanting my name and s***.” I told her while getting more comfy in the chair.
“SO tell the nigga yo name. Hell maybe he can wax that ass and you can stop being a b****.”
“Screw you Naud. But don’t get me wrong he ain’t hard on the eyes or nothing, but his ora is all the way off. HE seem to think that everything has to revolve around him. And you know my spoiled ass ain’t having that.” I stated just as the room door opened and Zaria appeared.
“Hey Patty cake.” She greeted with a wave.
I had to admit that I hated that nick name she came up with. “Hey Z. Where you been?”
“Chilling with my homie Quinton and his nigga Jonah.”
“Umm excuse you b****I am on the phone. Waisting my damn minutes. Ho it’s before 7 pm you know Sprint calculate this s***.” Naudia ranted in my ear.
“Girl shut up. Yo trifflin ass got mobile to f***in mobile, ain’t no type of minutes being waisted right now so hush!” I giggled as she huffed.
I noticed that Zaria had gotten into bed and turned off the light on her side of the room. Being respectful I quickly placed my slides onto my feet and cut the lights before exiting the room.
“Yeah you’re spoiled. And yes you can be a bit…hella rough around the edges but you need to give up on the whole f*** what you saying type of s***. Give the boy a chance and have an actual convo with his ass.”
“You ever noticed how bright the stars are at night?” I asked changing the subject as I sat on the steps outside of the dorm.
“Yeah. They be hella bright. No wonder Rihanna made the song shine bright like a diamond.”
“Um what does diamonds have to do with the damn stars?” I asked as she laughed.
“Girl idk. I’m tipsy as hell. I ain’t neva…”
I listened closely as the line went silent immediately. I heard her breathing and soon her slight snores. I shook my head and hung up. I shot her a quick text and placed my phone in my pocket and looked up at the sky to count the stars.

hey grls I know ur prolly like wth is goinn on. But i just changed schedules at work and now working the night shidt. But I promise to add once I catch up with my slp and before i head to work tonite.
~love ya T.

Yay!! They finally made up! I was about to beat both they asses for being ignorant niggas.
Run it!!!

run it!!!!

Why she being so mean lol oh run it!

I woke the next morning and stretched. I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth along with washing my face. I returned to my room and got dressed in a white shirt with purple Rock A Wear shirt with my dark blue jeans. I slipped my white, purple and grey jordans on my feet and headed out. I stopped in the café to grab some breakfast and sat at a vacant table in the corner by the window.
Throwing away my trash I decided to hit up the book store to get some last minute things. I walked inside and grabbed the necessary items and proceeded to the checkout line.
“Next.” Called the cashier.
I made my way over and sat my items on the counter.
“Can I have your student ID please?” She asked smiling while looking at her register.
“Here ya go.” I smiled while handing her the ID card.
She looked up at me and her smile immediately turned into a frown. She sighed heavily and rung up my items silently. She then bagged up my things and handed me everything and then walked away. I jogged behind her and grabbed her shoulders.
“Look why you stay giving a nigga shade when he don’t even know you?” I asked as I looked into her hazel eyes.
“I know what guys like you want. My daddy warned me bout guys like you.”
“Oh yeah?!? What exactly is it that I want?” I asked with a raised brow.
“Pussy. That’s it. You find a girl, make her feel like she’s the only one. And then you sweet talk her right out her draws. Once you get it, its like you vanish without a trace. No call, text, or even a note. So excuse me if I’m trying to distance myself from you.” She said while shrugging me off.
I sighed and put my pride aside and rubbed the back of my neck.
“I’m sorry for knocking you down. And I’m sorry for acting like an a**hole.”
“Was that so hard?” She asked as a smirk played on her lips.
“To be honest…Yes.” I smiled, “Can we start fresh? I’m Jonah.” I greeted with my hand stretched out.
“Hi. I gotta go. But thanks for the apology.” She simply said with a shrug of the shoulder and began to walk away.
“Hey I never caught your name!” I yelled after her
She turned on her heels walking backwards smirked, “That’s cuz I never threw it. See ya!” And with that she disappeared somewhere onto campus.
As I stood there I simply shook my head at how quick she was to dismissing me…again. Her personality was something that I wanted in a girl. Her smile was contagious as her dimples showed. I wiped a hand down my face. I made my way back to my dorm as I pulled out my phone to text Snitch to see if we could meet up. I needed info on this girl because she was too much of a mystery.

Damn Patience, you still tripping. You so damn mean....poor Chris I'll be your friend. Come give your bestie a hug. Lol, I like how he kept getting under her skin. Oooooo...she said you didn't deserve to know her story....DAMN! You got shut the f*** down!
Run it!!

“Yo Chris who shawty you was rappin wit?” My home boy Mijo asked as I approached them.
“Oh just some chick who I bumped into yesterday.”
“Damn she fine as f***. She gotta name?”
“Don’t know. She seem to be a lil to b****y for me.” I stated honestly.
“What you passin up some pussy?!?! Nigga this a first. What happened Kiara makin you lose yo manhood nigga?” He joked causing a few chuckles from the guys to escape.

I shook my head as I ignored the fool I called a best friend. As the day went on a ended up with a handful of new numbers. I made my way towards my dorm and my mind drifted off to the mysterious girl that I had encountered twice in the last two days, but yet hadn’t caught her name. My mind flashed a vivid picture of the way her caramel skin tone glistened when the sun hit it, to the dimples in her back. I remembered her luscious lips that were begging for me to kiss them. I shook the image from my head as I unlocked the door to my room. Once inside, I immediately stripped down and wrapped a towel around me and went straight to the showers. A nigga was tired and reeked of smoke and sun.
After making sure I was clean I dressed in gym shorts and a beater. I slipped my feet into my Jordan slides and washed my face. I then brushed my teeth and exited the bathroom. Inside my room I sprayed my axe deodorant and lotioned down. I plugged my speakers into my laptop and allowed J. Cole’s Power Trip blast throughout the room. While J rapped I grabbed my AP Calculus book and decided to get a head start on the first lesson since I had nothing to do.
2 hours into studying, my stomach started growling and I snapped my book closed.
“Damn man a nigga feel like he aint eat in days.” I said to no one but myself as I rubbed my stomach.
I decided to hit up the lounge and get some snacks from the vending machines and chill with my fellow peers. As I bit into my snickers the familiar caramel skin walked past peripheral. I slowly turned my head to the left and saw that it was mystery. Ha I bet she don’t know I gave her a nick name. I turned my head back facing the television so she wouldn’t feel me starring. But not before I saw her bend over to grab her chips. Damn shawty ass…whew!!!
“I guess you couldn’t stay away huh?”
“Nigga you wish.” She snorted
“Why the animosity?”
“Ain’t none.”
“I’m just tryna have a convo with you ma.” I said lowly as she sat in the vacant couch farthest away from me.
“Well you can kill it. I don’t want you to.”
“Anybody every tell you you rude as hell?” I questioned.
She rose an eyebrow and looked me in my face pausing for a few beats before she responded.
“Anybody ever tell you you’re annoying?” She retorted with a smirk.
“Like the way you flipped that.”
“Like the way you shut the f*** up.”
“OOOO I love the way you talk nasty to me baby.” I flirted while taking the last bite from my candy and throwing it into the nearby trash.
“At least you know how to clean up behind yourself.”
“What’s your story?”
She sighed heavily as she stood up.
“You know running away every time we come into contact with one another aint gone help the situation.” I told her taking note of the fact that she was about to leave yet again.
“I know. You’re not someone who deserves to know my story.” She stated as she began her retreat upstairs.
“In due time baby. In due time.”
“Yeah right, when pigs fly!” She yelled for me to hear as she disappeared.
30 minutes after her departure I started to get tired and retreated to my own room for the night. I sprawled across my bed and cut the volume on low to my speakers and quickly found myself sleep.

Her outfit sounded hella cute. AKA, my mom was an AKA. Damn, she still being an ass to him. They are so ugh! Just say sorry nigga damn! It ain't that hard, swallow yah damn pride and apologize. Where the hell did Z go?? Lol, she said She put on her uggs sure not to get a disease, ahhhhh! I'm dead.
Run it!!!

run it! but why z left her for so long ? thats not cool. and what kind of 'friends' ? mhm.. z looking a little on the ehh side to me .

I awoke to the sun shining through the windows and kids on the other side of the door yelling. I checked the time and saw that it was only 10 am and rolled my eyes. I stretched and pulled my uggs onto my feet and glanced over at Zaria to see that she was still asleep. I grabbed my toothbrush and paste and washcloth and quietly exited the room and sluggishly walked towards the bathrooms. Once done I walked into the room and changed into my orange tank top with my black, aqua, light blue, orange leopard shorts, and some tan sandals. I brushed and combed my wild mane and decided to place it in a bun on top of my head. I decided that I’d do a nude look with my makeup and sprayed my fave perfume on my body. Glancing at the time on my cell that read 11:15 am I decided that Zaria had slept long enough and decided to wake her up.
“Z wake up. Time to head out to the bbq.” I said shaking her sleeping frame.
“No mommy I don’t want pancakes.” She replied obviously still sleep.
I chuckled and shook my head. I shook her harder and pulled the covers off her. Still she slept peacefully. Finally having enough of this I grabbed my shades and things. I wrote her a note and exited the room. Once outside I placed my shades on and walked in the direction the music was coming from. Once at the top of the steps I cleaned off an area in the shade and sat down and watched as my fellow peers enjoyed themselves. I bobbed my head to the beat of Miley Cyrus’ Cant Stop while scrolling down my newsfeed on instagram. I decided to take a picture of the quad and add a caption:
@PatientlyWaiting Welcome to college
I closed the app and just as I did Zaria plopped down next to me.
“Girl I woke up and you was gone. Thank God you left a note cuz I was lookin lost for a minute.” She stated. “You look cute. I might have to borrow that from you sometime.” She added.
“Thanks. Any time as long as you let me wear that shirt.” I replied also giving a compliment in my own way.
“So you been down yet?” She asked looking at everything going on.
I simply shook my head no as she stood to her feet.
“Well wat are you waiting on? Let’ mingle and hope some of these dudes are single.” She grinned.
I stood and stuck my phone into my pockets. We made our way down the steps and over to the concession stand.
“Hey can I have a grape soda?” Zaria asked.
“I’ll take a strawberry soda please.” I smiled politely to the girl behind the stand.
After retrieving our drinks we made our way from different booths across the quad.
“Hey look, you should totally pledge AKA with me.” Zaria stated walking past their booth.
“Naw I think I’ll past on that. Pink isn’t in my wardrobe and neither is matching it with green. And besides all these chicks in these sororities ain’t nothing but prissy ass females no how. I’d much rather be a loner than be like them.” I stated shaking my head.
”Girl I guess. How bout I write your name on the list, you come with me to one meeting. I mean if you don’t like it than you can quit. But you have to go in with an open mind.” She bargained.
I rolled my eyes as she looked at me with a smile. “Sure Z. But I promise the moment I find something that I don’t like I’m out.” I reluctantly agreed.
“Yes!!” She screeched as she grabbed my hand and dragged us over to the AKA booth that was dramatically decorated with pink and green balloons with gold AKA written all over.
After the gruesome process of filling out some papers we were done with the AKA’s. I sipped on my soda as we walked aimlessly around looking at the other booths.
“Hey I see my friend Jacob, I’ll be right back.”
I nodded and stood around in the midst of students. I sighed as I became restless and decided to cop a squat in the middle of the field. I was so into the surroundings that I hadn’t noticed someone standing over me. I looked up at the figure and immediately rolled my eyes behind my shades that was currently blocking me from the suns rays.
“I see you can’t seem to stay away from me huh?” He smirked.
Yeah, you’re right I couldn’t stay away from a jack ass. As a matter of fact I got up this morning and plugged jack ass into my GPS and look where I am and who seems to be next to me.” I stated harshly remembering he was the guy who hadn’t apologized for knocking me down yesterday.
“Aww why we harboring negative feelings?” He asked while finding a spot in the grass next to me.
Side eyeing him I simply chuckled to myself as I stood up ready to start my search for somewhere else to occupy my time. “Have you learned to apologize yet?” I asked looking down at his frame while he looked up at me.
“Naw mama ain’t neva teach me.” HE shrugged looking out towards the basketball court filled with yummy guys topless playing a game.
Having enough of his egotistical ass I simply walked away without another word.
“I see yours ain’t teach ya no manners either huh?” He yelled after me. I simply gave a middle finger and kept it moving hearing a light chuckle from behind me.

3 hours later I had had enough and was ready to shower and end my day. I quickly shot a text to Z letting her know where I was gone be and bounced. Once reaching the room I plopped down on my bed and removed my shoes and shades. I sat indian styled in the middle of my bed as I powered on my laptop to check my emails. While waiting for the email application to load I dialed my mom to check in.
“Hey baby!” My mom greeted chipperly into the receiver.
“Hey ma.” I huffed out defeated from the sun.
“What’s wrong? You sound like you’re tired.” She asked
“That’s cuz I am ma. The University had a back to school bbq in the quad today and my roomie and I went. But you know I don’t do the sun so after 4 hours or so I called it quits.” I explained.
“So how’s your roomie? Is she cool?” She quizzed.
“Yeah I mean so far she seem cool. But you never know until something pops off.” I answered.
“Well just keep an eye on her and don’t trust her to much.” She warned.
“I will. Well I was just calling to check in since I forgot yesterday night ma.”
“Alright baby.”
“Tell daddy I love him and give Nariyah a kiss for me.”
“Ok. Love you to the stars.”
“Love you to the moon. Bye ma.” I hung up the phone and checked my emails. After seeing nothing important I logged off and shut down my laptop.
I then stood and slipped my feet into my uggs and undressed wrapping my body into a towel. I grabbed my caddy filled with all my hygiene things in it and made my way towards the bathroom down the hall. I showered, brushed my teeth, and washed my face from today’s make up. Once dressed in sweats and a tank I placed my uggs back on my feet sure to not get any type of disease I ventured out of the bathroom and back into my room. Once inside I placed my caddy back and saw a note on my desk and read it:
Went to dinner with friends. Would of invited you but you were MIA. Bring you something back
:) Z.
I placed the note on the desk and plugged in my speakers to my iphone and turned on my music making sure it wasn’t too loud to distrub anyone. I laid in bed after lotioning my body and allowed Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man play me into a light slumber.

Damn...she was a little mean. I would've at least got myself together after the fact he apologized. I mean, obviously both of yall weren't watching where you guys were going, because if you were you would've saw him coming. Its okay. I like her roommate, she seems hella cool.
Run it

working on an add now ladies. promise it'll be up tomorrow before i go to work

lol.. please run it!

i love it and i cant wait to read more
run it