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Coach Chris


Almost the end of the school year and all <a href="">Breanna</a> was worried about was getting the 3 most important dresses of the year. Her Prom, Exit day, and graduation dress.

"did you hear?" bre's best friend <a href="">Jaelynn</a> asked as they looked through the racks at a dress store specifically for prom dresses and accessories.
"hear about what?" bre asked looking at her.
"Coach Smith? he caught messing with a student, they fired him on the spot" Jae told her.
"what? who?" bre asked.
"i have no clue but people are saying it Kimberly" she responded.

"big booty kim?" bre asked as jae nodded her head."it probably was here, she did have a big crush on him" she pointed out.
"mmhmm and light up like a lamp when ever she was in gym class" jae added in.
"old was she, aint she like 16?" bre asked as hae nodded.
"yuup, that's manly the reason why he got in trouble" she spoke."i'm glad i'm legal aye!!!" she spoke doing a little dance as she stuck out her tongue.
"i got another month to go" bre spoke.

"ohhhhh BREANNA!" jae yelled pulling out a dress."this is so you" she added.
"why you so loud?" bre asked laughing taking a look at the dress."this is cute though" she added.
"see i know my best friend" jae said crossing her arms across her chest.
"whatever, lets go look for some shoes" bre said as they linked arms and walked towards the shoe section of the store.


The next day Breanna woke up to the alarm on her phone. She looked up and reached for her phone to tap the snooze button. As soon as she was about to lay back down for 5 more minutes there was a knock on her door.

"breanna, levantarse de la cama (Get up out of bed)" her mother yelled from the other side of the door.
"i'm up! i'm up!" breanna groaned as she kicked the covers off of her and got up.

She opened up her closet and pulled out the ugly uniform she was forced to where. The uniform consist of a black or white collared shirts with the green and yelled logo over the heart area and black or khaki pants. She put out her white shirt and black skinny jeans along with black toms and grabbed her towel to head into the bathroom.

Once she was done doing her morning hygiene routine she walked make into her room she put on some lotion and got dressed. She packed her gym back putting a change of clothes for gym class which was part of her grade along with her cheer leading uniform.

"bre if you want a ride you better hurry up" jae yelled from down stairs.
"yall gonna stop rushing me" bre called out at she grabbed both her book back and gym bag and made her way downstairs.
"i would have to com up in here yelling if you aint have me outside waiting for 7 hours" jae joked.
"you're so dramatic" bre laughed.
"both of yall better get going before you're late" bre's mother spoke in her thick Spanish accent.

"okay, bye mami" bre spoke kissing her on her check and rushing out the door with jae in front of her.
"you think the new gym teacher is a cutie?" jae asked as they got in her car.
"i don't know why? you think about getting him fired to?" bre joked as jae pulled off.
"i'm 18 aint nothing illegal about this" she aid as they both laughed.
"a student teacher relationship is still wrong" bre said through her laugh.

"aright so if Idris Elba was your teacher and he said Breanna i want you right here, right now what would you say?" jae asked as bre blushed.
"i would say sorry Mr Elba but that is inappropriate" bre said.
"bulls*** bre you wold be like okay daddy take me now" jae laughed.
"shut up, i would not" bre laughed.
"yeah okay" jae said as they pulled up in the student parking lot and hopped out.

"meet up at lunch?" bre asked.
"duhh, don't we always" jae spoke as they walked their separate ways.

Breanna made her way to her frist of 4 classes which happened to be Gym. She walked straight into the girls locker room and changed into her gym clothes.

"the new coach is fineeeeeeee" she heard a classmate say.
"right, and he looks young" another girl spoke.

Bre shook her heard as she put her bags into one of the lockers and walked back out into the gym to see <a href="">him</a> talking to a few of the male students. He looked down at his watch said something to them and then walked away.

"everybody on their spots!" he yelled out as he whistled and everybody did what he spoke. "before we get into anything i want to at least try and get to know you and your names so when i call your names i want you to step up and tell me a little about your self like you age and things like that" he spoke as he began going down his list of name.

Breanna sat back as she watched the other students introduced themselves and watched a few of the female students attempted to flirt.

"Breanna Santiago?" he called out as he looked up to see who was walking up."hello" he spoke.
"hey" she responded.
"we're ready when you are" he spoke crossing his arms across his chest and waited for her to begin at that very moment she felt butterflies in her stomach. She had never been shy a day in her life so this feeling was new to her.
"ummm" was all she spoke as she look down at her feet.

"you don't have to be shy, we're all friends here" the coach spoke.
"okay.." she began."i'm Breanna Santiago, i'm 17 years old, i'm Puerto Rican and Dominican and i'm a james j ferris Cheerleader" she spoke as she looked up to see a smile on the coaches face.
"nice to meet you breanna" he spoke."do you speak Spanish?" he added in asking.
"Sí Hablo perfecto español(yes, i speak perfect spanish" she responded.
"nice" he said nodding as she headed back to her spot.

He finished up with the rest of the class and placed his roll book down on the grown.

"it's my turn now" he said getting the attention of every girl in the class.
"my name is christopher brown you can call me coach chris, i'm 24 years old i love to play basket ball and draw, and i'm your new gym and basketball coach" he spoke.

"what happened to coach smith?" one of the students asked.
"i'm not allowed to speak on it" he answered."real question is where did ou guys leave off?" he asked.
"circuit training" bre answered.
"alright then, lets get to work" he spoke up zipping his addias jacket and taking it off.


"up! Down! Up! down!" Coach chris called out as he walked around watching the class do push ups.
"i can't do this anymore" Bre said tiredly collapsing on the floor.
"come on, you got this" coach chris spoke as he squatted down beside her and put his hand on her back guiding her."see you got" he spoke patting her back and getting up to walk away.

Once the class was over Bre went back into the girls locker room to change back into her school uniform. Once she was done she grabbed her bags and walked out the locker room.

"i think i like you better than coach smith" a male student said to coach chris dapping him up.
"cool i'll try to stick around" he spoke with a smirk.

Coach chris looked up to see Bre walking towards the gym door to exit. He noticed a paper of some kind falling out her bag and rushed to go get it.

"Breanna!" she heard her name being called and turned around to see it was coach chris.
"yes?" she asked.
"you dropped this" he spoke handing her the paper.
"my english homework thanks" she spoke grabbing it knowing she would have been gotten alot of heat for not handing it in.
"no problem" he spoke not staying in the same place.
"is there something else you wanted to say?" she asked with a confused expression.

"no" he answered not knowing why he hadn't turned around to walk back in the gym yet.
"so why are you still standing here?" he asked.
"you're here too, don't you have a class to get to?" he spoke with a smirk causing bre to smile.
"goodbye" she spoke laughing as she turned around and walked as he he did the same.

"i hope that wasn't flirting Mr Brown" he turned to see the Vice principle Ms Davidson.
"it's Coach Chris and no not at all just getting to know my students" he spoke.
"alright, i don't have to fire another coach" she spoke walking away.

He ran his hand over his face as he entered the gym and waited for his next class to change and get seated in their spots.

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At the end of the school day Breanna rushed to the bathroom to change into her cheer leading uniform. She put her school uniform in her gym bag and rushed to the gym where the other girls and cheer coach were waiting. Today was the day Breanna had to choose a girl to be the next cheer captain.

"Breanna! hurry up!" the cheer coach Ms B called out as Breanna walked through the gym doors.
"sorry Ms B the bathroom was really packed" Breanna said walking it.
"it's okay" Ms B assured her."you do have a duty to do" she added.
"right" Breanna nodded as she walked in front of the girls as they sat on the bleachers.
"as you guys know i'm graduating this year and as Cheer Captain i have to choose the captain for next year..." breanna trailed off.

Breanna looked towards the door as the boys basketball team walked in with Coach Chris right behind them. He looked up from his clip board and double took when he seen Breanna standing there with her hands on her hips. A smirk spread across Breanna face as one spread across Coach Chris's as well before he looked away and back at his clip board.

"uhhhh who did you choose?" a girl asked turing breanna's attention back to them.
"huh?" breanna asked.
"who did you choose? to be captain?" she asked again.
"right! to be next years Cheer Captain i choose... Candice" Breanna spoke as candice jumped up and hugged her.
"omg thank you, thank you" candice said.

"you're welcome" breanna giggled."now lets get down to practice the boys have a game tomorrow and that means so do we, lets start with Split stretches" Breanna spoke as the girls got up and took a spot on the floor and began <a href="">streching</a>.

"if you still cant fully do a split you guys should do some of these stretches at home" Ms B spoke to the girls.

Once the girls go to the last step of the stretches and went into a full split Breanna looked up to see a few members of the basketball team looking at the cheerleaders making Coach Chris blow his whistle at them.

"distractions!" he called out."thats probably why you guys only won 3 games so far concentrate" he added as the girls laughed at the boys.

Breanna and the girls, while still in their splits grabbed their back legs and pulled up as far as they could.

"coach chris is fine" one of the girls names destiny whispered.
"he alright" bre joked.
"alright? girl you cray" destiny laughed as breanna looked over to where coach chris was to see him watching the boys as they shot 3 pointers.
"he aint fine, that man is gorgeous" breanna spoke as she laughed with destiny.

Chris scanned over his players writing down a few stats as his eyes landed on a laughing breanna. Her smile was like nothing he's ever seen before and in that moment everything about her drew him in, her smile, her laugh, the way her flowed with every movement she made. He quickly shook those thoughts out his head when he remembered where he was and who he was to her.

"yo coach you marked down my 3 pointer" one of the boys asked.
"y..yeah i got you" he spoke clearing is throat.

Practice went on for another 3 hours before he blew his whistle for the boys to go. Chris looked over towards Breanna as he walked into his office in the far left of the gym.

"okay ladies lets call it quits for today" Ms B spoke to the girls as a few of them thanked god practice was over early. Ms B usually made them stay for 3 to 4 hours for no reason. The girls grabbed their things and headed to the door but Ms B stopped Breanna.

"yes?" breanna asked.
"i'm going to be out for a few weeks so i need you to take care of the game schedules" she spoke.
"okay" breanna agreed.
"i need you to take these sheets to the football and basketball coaches and get them to fill it out with the times and dates, AND i need you to make sure the girls practice, practice, practice" Ms B spoke.
"okay Ms B i got it, don't stress yourself" breanna said with a chuckle.

"sorry" Ms B apologized."thanks bre, see you in a few weeks" she said grabbing her things and walking out the gym.

Breanna put her bag on the bleachers and was about to put the papers in a folder until she looked up to see Coach Chris's office door still open and decided to take the paper to him now.

"knock knock" chris heard a female voice say as they knocked on his opened door. He looked from her feet up to see it was Breanna.
"what can i do for you?" he asked trying to sound as professional as possible.
"Ms B is going to be away from a few weeks and she wanted me to give you this so you can fill it out" Breanna spoke walking up to his desk and handing him the paper.

"okay let me just pull up the dates" he spoke turning to his computer screen and started clicking away."you can sit down if you want" he said seeing her still standing from the corner of his eye.

Fixing her skirt she sat down on the chair across from his desk and watched him looked back and forth from his computer to the paper as he filled in the boxes. As the room grew awkwardly silent Breanna's phone began to ring and Kendrick Lamar's Poetic Justice filled the room.

"i'm so sorry, i'll be right back" she said getting her phone out her bag and rushing out his office with it."hello?" she answered.

"b**** where are you?" jaelynn asked on the other end.
"with coach chris he's---" jae cut her off.
"oohhh you laid out on his desk or something?" she asked joking ans laughing.
"shut up, he's filling out the game sheet, i'll be out there in a few minutes" bre said hanging up the phone and going back into his office taking her seat.

"you like Kendrick Lamar huh?" chris asked.
"yuup, he's a dope rapper" bre asked as he nodded.
"i like your taste in music" he spoke handing her the paper.
"you like kendrick lamar?" she asked with a shocked expression.
"what just because i'm a teacher i can't like good music? i'm still young" he said with a smirk.

"i just thought you listened to Run DMC or something" she joked.
"how old do you think i am?" he asked with a chuckle."i'm only 24" he added.
"thats old enough to listen to Run DMC" she joked.
"so what if i said you're young enough to listen to one direction" he joked with a smirk as she squinted her eyes at him.
"they are lame" she said trying to fight back a smile.

"you do like them don't you?" he asked reading it all over her face.
"no" she said crossing her arms across her chest."i mean just like 2 songs" she spoke laughing making him laugh as well.
"i knew it" she spoke leaning back in his seat.
"that doesn't make me young, i turn 18 next month that legally makes me and adult" she said giving him that 'FYI' face.
"alright little Ms Grown Woman, i'll see you on tomorrow at the game" he said dismissing her as she stood up and strapped her bags on her shoulder.

"see ya" she spoke as she made her way out. She made her way out the school to see Jaelynn parked in the front and sitting on the hood of her car.
"took you long enough" she complained getting up.
"well excuse me for tryna get s*** done" breanna joked.
"mmhmm whatever" jae spoke as they got in the car and pulled out towards their neighborhood.

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