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Deeper Conversation

"Are you sure this is okay," <a href=>I</a> asked.

"For the millionth time, yes!" <a href=>Joyce</a> said. "It's fine, Faye. Stop worrying."

We pulled up to the gate of the <a href=>mansion</a> where I'd be staying at for awhile. They opened and Joyce pulled in, parking behind a white Benz. She got out before me as I stayed in the car, fumbling with my fingers.

"Come on, girl, before it starts raining." Joyce says, closing the door. She popped the trunk and I got out to grab my bags. She took some as well and then led me into the house and straight to the <a href=>guest bedroom</a>. "Alright. I'll start on some dinner. You get settled in and take a shower."

"Okay," I nodded. "And you said he won't be here until a few days."

"Don't worry," Joyce smiled and folded her arms over one another. "I'll take care of everything with him. You just worry about yourself."

"Thanks Ms. Joyce."

"Aw honey, call me MaMa J like everybody else. You're family. Now don't let me find these drawers empty. Unpack and get comfortable." she leaves out the room closing the door behind her.

I stood frozen in for a minute, staring at the bed. Inhaling the fresh scent and beautiful decor, a safe place I let a smile spread across my face. Then I took a shower and got dressed in a tank top, jogging pants, and socks. After conditioning my hair, detangling it, I put them in twists and threw a scarf over my head to let it dry before taking blow drying it fully and flat-ironing it. By the time I was done with that dinner was ready.

I sat at the <a href=>kitchen table</a> as Joyce continued to move about. "What are you still making?"

"Preparing some of Chris' favorite foods," she smiled. "The cheesecake should be almost done. You like cheesecake?"

"Yes I do! I love it!"

"Good. There'll be enough for you. I made four of em. That boy and his cousins love to eat!"

"MAMA, I'M HOME!" somebody yelled. I froze just as I was about to eat a spoonful of rice. "MA? Where you at, in the kitchen? I smell food!"

I turned to look at Joyce as she stared at me, wiping her hands on an apron. <a href=>Chris Brown</a> walked into the doorway with a smile on his face immediately spotting his mother. Joyce ran over to him and gave him a huge hug while I sat at the table not hungry anymore. Butterflies filled my stomach as I looked down at my plate full of food. I was sure that I wouldn’t be welcomed by him to stay as I watched them walk out into the hallway to talk about it.


Run it i think i no why he dnt wnt her there

hmmm. very curious. runnn ittt

Why Chrissy Pooh don't want company?
Everybody likes company

So this has me curious as to why she nervous about this, why mama J had to sneak her and as to why Chris wouldn't want her there???? SO many questions, so many questions..RUN IT!

Why wouldn't she be welcomed? Why is she with them? I have so many questions. I like it.
Run it!

I wonder why she's with them run it