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Damn Good Friends

I lied still, staring up at the ceiling; the feelings of regret and shame ever so present in my soul as I looked over to <a href="">Michael</a>, who lay peacefully sleeping, exhausted from what we just encountered.

I sighed to myself, already disappointed that somehow he was able to get me in his bed, again. Only for the next day and the rest of the week to more than likely not hear from him. I don't know how I always end up in this compromising position, but each time I would hope that something would change. That he actually meant the words he said and really wanted this to be more.

But he never did.

I swallowed the last bit of pride I could muster and carefully removed myself from the bed, ensuring that I didn't wake him.

I threw on my clothes that I had worn to the party that night in haste, and hurried out of his room, making my way downstairs and exiting his house.

He had driven us over here because I rode with my roommates to the party. I kicked myself realizing the time and that the buses stopped running this late. I was in for a long walk home.

The walk could give me some time to clear my head, and truly annualize what all this meant, or just to ridicule myself for not listening to my Better Judgment in the first place.

He was always my Better Judgment.

He gave me that warning look, that he always gives before I run off somewhere with Michael. My hopeless romantic ass always would anyway. Thinking maybe, this time would end differently for me.

I cursed to myself as I continued to walk a fast and steady pace to my house near campus. I wasn't as alarmed as I normally would be walking in the city at this time of night. There was a calm over me.

Just as the feeling came, my phone vibrated against my palm.

I looked at the screen, seeing the goofy pic of him and I as the caller ID for his number. A sigh of relief escaped my lips before I answered it.

"Where you at man! I check ya room and you still not home. It's 3 AM Quinn.." He nagged before I even had a chance to speak.

"Walking on 4th-" I was soon cut off.

"His punk ass got you..." He paused, I assumed taking a deep breath. "I'm on my way."

The call ended and I frowned bracing myself for the lecture to come once I got picked up.

Within five minutes his car pulled up beside <a href="">me</a>, as I reached a stopped sign on the sidewalk. I looked over at his car worriedly as <a href="">he</a> rolled the window down.

"You better get in this car girl.." He smirked while reaching his arm over to open the door for me. I smiled softly before hopping inside. Internally grateful not to have to be on my feet any longer.

I flashed him a fake smile before burying my head deep in my hood and looking out the window. Finally letting the lone tear escape my eye.

Chris was always there to save me in my time of trouble and despair. Maybe if I actually listened to him more often, I wouldn't always end up in this position.

I was thankful for my Better Judgment however, no matter how much I ignored his advice.

"..Wanna talk about it?" He finally asked, breaking the silence that had consumed the vehicle. I shook my head wearily.

I could see him give a nod of understanding through my peripheral vision and allowed the silence to consume us once more.

We reached our house, and Chris pulled up in the alley that led to our backyard to park in the makeshift driveway. He gave a loud and obnoxious yawn while turning the car off as I crossed my eyes at the annoying habit.

We stepped out of the car and I swiftly went to the back door, trying to avoid any glares from Chris about the decision I made tonight.

The house was dark, meaning our other two roommates had retreated to their rooms for the evening.

Good, I thought to myself. Last thing I wanted to hear was their mouths on top of Chris' daggers of disappointing looks.

I didn't wait for Chris to enter before I went upstairs to my room and instantly began stripping my layers of clothing, preparing to wash off all memory of tonight in the shower.

I grabbed my towel and the clothes I planned to wear and waltzed into our bathroom. After my shower, I felt more calm and relaxed and ready to put this Friday night behind me.

As I entered the room, I wasn't at all shocked to see Chris sleeping peacefully on 'his side' of my bed. He was the biggest baby whenever he came home and I wasn't there. Always wanted to be up under me to make sure I was safe and not leave his sight. He's been protective of me like that since we were little.

I shook my head before tossing my towel and dirty clothes in the hamper and jumping into my side of my bed. Chris instantly draped his arm over my torso, careful not to pull me close.

"Goodnight Quinn. Luh you." He said softly while getting himself more comfortable.



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“Chhrrriiissssss!!” I squealed getting to the top of the steps and running down the hallway to our <a href="">bedroom</a>. I busted the door open to find <a href="">him</a> passed out in the bed. Excitedly I jumped on him earning a grunt from his chest.

“Ah f*** Quinn!” He groaned sleepily while trying to push <a href="">me</a> off of him. I didn’t budge. I was too excited.

“Baby guess what! Guess what, guess what, guess what!” I cheered poking him in his bare chest.

“What! s***.” He whined, still refusing to open his eyes for the morning. He had to get up for practice anyway, so I was not going to feel bad for waking him up.

“I have an intervieewwww!” I said patting his chest. His eyes shot open then to look at me.

“Word? Where at?” He asked while stretching his arms.

“Dallas Home for Girls. They want to interview me for their counseling position! Isn’t that great?!” My face was beginning to get sore from grinning so hard. I was so happy I did this on my own.

He smiled back lovingly at me, “That’s what’s up babe! When is it?”

“Tomorrow at noon. I have to get some interview clothes or something. I’ll make Andrea go with me since Amber isn’t feeling well today.”

He quickly furrowed his brows, “Uh not before you do what we agreed upon.”

I looked back at him strangely, “Uh..what you talkin bout? What did we agree to today?” I asked, thoroughly confused.

He kissed his teeth, “You bringing me lunch and meeting some of the team?”

I pouted, “You’re really going to make me do that Christopher!”

He rolled his eyes before they met mine, “A bet is a bet nigga! You would’ve made sure I bought that bike!”

I growled before throwing my hands up, “Fine. I’ll bring your dumb ass lunch. What your dumb ass want?”

He chuckled at the pissed expression on my face, “I don’t give a f*** that you mad dawg. And leftovers from the cook out is cool. I won’t make it hard for you.” He said like he was doing me a favor or something.



Chris munched on an apple while driving down the freeway to practice, blasting NTWS. He grinned slightly to himself looking forward to seeing Quinn’s face later in the midst of the chaos that practicing in a professional league caused. Little did she know, he wanted her there simply for motivation. It had nothing to do with meeting the other players or their wives. He simply just wanted his Peace of Mind near to calm his spirits and remind him what he’s doing it all for. To provide for her, their future together, and his family.

Ringing suddenly filled the car, stopping the sounds of his music. He checked the caller ID to see Sean calling, and instantly pressed the button that would allow him to talk hands free through the speakers.

“Sup bro. I leave something at the house?” Chris questioned, taking another bite of his apple.

Sean sighed on the other end, “Nah man. Got some drama coming our way.”

He stopped mid chew, scrunching up his face. “What type of drama? I don’t be involved in s***.”

“Yeah well, Ashley disagrees. I got some paperwork today faxed to me from a lawyer representing her. It’s a f***ing paternity suit!”

Chris felt the anger stirring within him, “Nigga that’s bulls***! I’ve never even seen Ashley pussy! How the f*** could I be the one that got her pregnant! Not to mention I haven’t even seen her but one time in the past year!”

Sean groaned, “Man I know. I’m going to try to get this all squared away as discreetly as possible because without a response from either one of us she wants to go public with it. She still must be bitter about the way everything went down, I don’t f***in know. What happened the last time you saw her?”

He sighed, running a hand down his face trying to think, “Um. I think it was at a party or something. Quinn was there but we had split up and she was hanging with Drea. But I just saw Ashley for like a few minutes. Nothing long or personal. She was just asking how I was doing n’s***. I can’t really remember. Babe and I were f***ed up.”

“Man, you sure you ain’t [i]f*** up[/i] that night?!”

Chris smacked his lips angrily, “Man hell no! I f***ed Quinn at the party in the bathroom! I remember that clear as day.”


“Of course.”

“What did you do with it Chris?”

Chris paused, trying to remember. “Nigga iono. Flushed it or threw it away. I’m not one hundred percent. Why? What’s that matter?”

“Man, Ashley is crazy! You don’t know what she plotted or what her ass is trying to do. My guess is that the b**** ain’t even pregnant. She just trynna ruffle s*** up with you and Quinn.”

Chris cursed before punching the steering wheel. It was too early in his career for something like this to already be happening. Especially not with the insecurities Quinn had been having in regards to their relationship. He couldn’t lose her over a lie like this. He wouldn’t allow it.

“Man, Sean take care of this. Before it gets outta hand. I’ll blood test or whatever because I know I ain’t f*** her. But I’m not gonna front, that condom s*** got me buggin now.”

He could hear a sigh on the other end, “Man, I got you. I’ll try to reach out to Ashley’s ass myself. Figure out why now she trynna pull this. In the meantime you stay low and outta dodge. We don’t need no camera’s tracking you to set her off and make her call TMZ or anybody else willing to listen to her weak ass story.”

“Aight man. Not a word of this around the house. Quinn find out about this bulls*** she’ll flip.”

“Bro, you think that’s a good idea? She should know before someone else say something. You hiding it make it look worse.”

“Man, I’m not risking that. It’s Ashley we’re talking about..”

“Right, and Quinn knows how crazy the b**** is. Remember she IS your best friend too. Just be honest. Too many secrets so early in the game like this can’t be good. Everything comes to the light-“

Chris cut him off, “Ok then let me handle the s***. I just don’t need you talking about it to nobody. Especially not Andrea.”

Sean sighed in defeat, “Look this is safe with me. But I think Quinn can handle it. That’s all I’m saying. I’ll hit you up after I talk to her lawyer.”


Oh hell! here come the bull s***!!

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"Aye, I need y'all to help me with something.." Chris said to his boys, lowering his voice.

He and the guys were in the backyard on the grill, while the women were inside making the sides and drinks to celebrate them all being together in a new place.

Sean took a sip of his beer, eyeing Chris closely. "What nigga? Acting all secretive n's***."

Wiz agreed, "Right. Like the girls finna hear us back here in this big ass backyard. Scary ass."

He brushed them off before looking behind his shoulder for good measure. "I want y'all to help me get Quinn a job.."

Sean furrowed his brows, "Man that's it? f*** she need a job for? You want some time to yourself or something?"

He shook his head, "Hell nah. I love being around my girl. If it was up to me she wouldn't work. But she not having luck finding it on her own. And she won't let me jump in."

Wiz nodded in agreement, "She still trying to help underprivileged kids right?"

"Yeah. Been applying to schools."

"Man f*** all that. I know a detention center here where young girls go when their parents get fed up. Gotta stay for like two weeks. They looking for counselors there all the time. Muff would be perfect."

Chris grinned, "She would love that. How we gonna set her up though?"

"My cousin runs the program. I can just have her say Muffin's résumé was recommended through a school or some dumb s*** like that."

Chris looked back at the house one last time before focusing back on the grill, "Cool. Hit her up for me. Quinn never hears about this. Aight?"

The two friends nodded before speaking, "Gotchu."


"What Chris scary ass keep looking back here for?" Quinn questioned outloud, looking out the window at the boys.

Andrea chuckled, "They probably back there talking all secretive n's***. You know how they get when they're together."

Quinn raised an eyebrow before shrugging and continuing to peel potatoes, "Their dumb asses act like we can hear them from the house though."

She looked and caught Amber stealing another grape from the fruit tray. She laughed, "Girl have em all! We all know you have to eat."

Amber chuckled before grabbing the whole tray and resting it before her at the table, "I'm sorry! It's the baby. He's always hungry."

Andrea interjected, "Ya'll found out the sex and didn't tell us?!"

She giggled and shook her head, "No we just both believe it's a boy. He flips all damn day. No daughter of mine is doing that s***."

Quinn smiled gazing at the two ladies, "I'm really glad y'all here now. I was losing my damn mind being here while Chris is at practice or doing other press related things."

Andrea popped a grape in her mouth, "You haven't met anyone new yet? Or been anywhere?"

Quinn shook her head, "Chris and I have been a few places. And the only person I've met so far is the guy across the street."

Amber raised a brow followed with a smirk, "A guy? Do tell! Is he cute?"

She shrugged, "He'd be cuter if he didn't act so strange. He's always staring at me anytime we're both in clear view of each other. And he's rude to Chris."

"Maybe he likes you." Andrea said as Quinn shook her head.

"That doesn't seem to be it. It's like he finds me familiar or knows me or some crazy s***. The way he looks at me.."

Amber laughed, "Girl it can't be deeper than a crush. How could he possibly know who you are? I mean he lives in Dallas and you grew up in Ohio."

"No," Quinn started. "I don't think he's from here..."

She tried to process it but gave up and shrugged, "I don't know. Dudes weird though. Y'all will see soon enough, I'm sure."

"You hear from any jobs yet?" Andrea questioned earning a groan from her best friend.

"Hell f***in no. And y'all know I've never had a job for real so this s*** is stressful! I apply every damn day for s***. I've even started submitting my résumé through Craigslist."

Amber's eyes widened, "And what does Chris think about all of this?"

Quinn crossed her eyes, "He personally thinks it's silly but he's supportive. He knows how important it is to me to find myself and my true career path. I mean..I thought it was for kids but now I don't know. Maybe I should just say f*** it and go to law school like I originally planned."

Andrea frowned at the frustrated tone in her voice, "Do what moves you Quinn. I mean I know you value your mother's opinion but just don't stress over it because you want to take her advice. Let things flow naturally like you've always been an advocate for. You're a free spirited person, and you KNOW that about yourself. Don't lose sight of it."

Quinn took in her words, realizing that maybe she did know more than she was willing to give herself credit for.

Chris entering through the patio door interrupted her thoughts, halting the conversation they were having.

"Got the ribs and chicken cooked Muff." He sang walking in with the pan of food.

"Place it in the oven please." She instructed as he did as he was told. "We're almost done just gotta make the potatoes."

He nodded placing a wet kiss on her cheek. "K. I'll just make the burgers now then."

He slapped her ass and smirked before turning to leave. Andrea and Amber snickered as Quinn just shook her head.

"Yup, all that freakiness that probably happens around this muhf***a is gonna be put on hold since we're all here now." Andrea snorted as Quinn smacked her lips.

"I know you're not talkin. You and Sean probably not even gonna care that everyone's here. Won't be long before we catch y'all ass naked somewhere."

Andrea blushed causing Amber to laugh, "They are the easiest to catch! Swear no one else exist when they're sexin!"

Drea rolled her eyes before trying to change the subject all together. " ANYWAY! Guess who I ran into before we came out here?"

Quinn looked at her in question, "Who?"

"Ashley's ol dusty ass." Hearing her name for some reason made Quinn instantly feel uneasy.

"Ha and you'll never believe this either." Drea chuckled recalling the encounter in her mind.

"What?" She asked, trying to avoid the shakiness in her fingers. It was odd to her that hearing Ashley's name was making her highly uncomfortable when it never had before.

"She's pregnant."

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Awwwwwwwwww, RUN IT!!!

I looove them!! so cute...don't really know how I feel about Mathias just yet..weirder than most I can tell u that lol..cant wait for more RUN IT

i'm super pressed that you added August to the story... that's bae lol Chris an ass for playing her like that lmao all that dunking was not necessary

run it

I CAN'T wait for more lmao! ***

Finally I'm well enough to comment and leave you some love! Lol! Geeez, like I've come back to sooo many adds! Lmao I Love it! Muffffff! She needs to start focusing on herself. I totally get where her mother is coming from and I love that she told her what the deal was when an was visited. Chris, I don't think notices that he treats Muff as a trophy wife sometimes lol I see it an I feel like it's gonna become a problem in the near future, though at the same time I love that he's still super ingested in their relationship. He still shows her love that she needs and is still humble regardless what Is going on.

This Matthais character...NO!!!!!! Lol like...sit the f*** back down. Right now! Lol I don't want him to interfere :(. I'm so worried right now. You playin with me forreal. Lol please keep her in check! And keep Matthias in check. Already he wanna be all sketchy towards Chris.

I can wait for moreeeeeee! Thanks for the get well wishes btw mama <3


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lol dam he really did her wrong hahaha
waddup with matt tho i aint feelin his vibe too much
yay the crew here
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Lol RUN IT!!!

"Damn where the hell are they!" I yelled out to no one in particular. It was the day my brothers and girlfriends were expected to arrive. I sent a town car to pick them up from the airport since neither me or Chris had a car big enough for them and their stuff, and their flight landed over an hour ago.

I paced the living room floor, bored out of my mind. Being in this house alone all the time was finally starting to get the better of me, and I couldn't wait for some familiarity.

I huffed and decided to just wait for them outside, since I had nothing better to do that moment. I grabbed a basketball from the garage to shoot on the hoop we had in the driveway.

The minute the ball touched the pavement, I started to feel the stress release itself. I used to play basketball in middle school and high school to relieve some of the sadness I felt after losing both of my parents in such a tragic way. It allowed me to cope, and right now, I was coping.

I heard faint yelling and barking coming <a href="">my</a> way as I prepared to take another shot.

In moments I was being charged at by <a href="">her</a>. She didn't look as though she wanted to hurt me, she wanted to play.

Out of instinct I leaned down and awaited her with open arms, before she smacked into me and began to excitedly try to lick my face. Such a friendly girl.

I rubbed her coat while feeling a presence approach. I looked up to find Matthias there, looking none too pleased.

"Lady! Come!" He commanded, as Lady whimpered and left my side. I stood to my feet as he connected her leash to the collar.

"Cute dog." I complimented, attempting to ease the tension.

He looked me up and down before eyeing the basketball, "You don't look like much of a football wife."

I looked at him strangely, "Why? Because I'm playing with a basketball? That's ignorant of you."

He didn't respond, only smiled. "Where ya'll from?"

"Ohio." He nodded to my response. "What do you do?"

He smirked before licking his already damp lips, "I'm in sales baby. An entrepreneur of sorts."

I raised a brow in question, but then lowered it. "Quinn is how I prefer to be addressed."

He raised his free hand in defense, "No harm my way sweetie. Just how I talk."

I rolled my eyes, catching that he ignored my request. He spoke again, "He always leave you home by yourself like this? Why don't you have some kids or something. That's what I see other athlete's girls do when they get lonely."

I got defensive, "What makes you think I'm lonely?"

He gave a sly grin, "Your eyes give you away."

I smacked my lips, "That's bulls***."

He chuckled, "Yeah..ok." I looked at him suspiciously, still trying to figure him out and what his purpose for always f***ing with me was.

My thoughts were soon cut short by the sound of Chris' car pulling into the driveway. I smiled softly at him, as Matthias and I both looked to see him exiting the car.

He stepped up, sizing up Matthias, earning the same in return before he extended his hand. "Sup man? Neighbor of ours?"

Matthias accepted the greeting while giving a firm nod, "Yup. Live across the way." I just noticed how country his accent was. Definitely didn't sound like a Texas one. Maybe creole.

Chris let his hand go, "That's what's up. I'm-"

"Chris Brown. Number one pick. I know. Been watching you since ya college days. You pretty good." Matthias complimented as Chris gave a humble smile.

"And you are?" He asked, placing his arm around my waist.

"Just leaving. Me and Lady here. We'll see ya'll around." Matthias smirked, purposely not giving Chris his name before they turned to head across the street to their house.

Chris and I both had an unsure expression on our face watching them head into their garage.

"Is that dude?" Chris questioned as I slowly nodded.

"That's him. Mystery right?"

He shook his head, "Yeah something like that." He turned and snatched the basketball from my hands before dribbling and making a lay up. I watched him smiling.

"Who said you could touch my s***? You don't want it with me." I challenged before he looked at me over his shoulder.

"Oh I don't?"

"No b****. You know this is the one sport I'm better than you in." I spat as he turned his lips to the side.

"Quinn you're not better than me in s*** nigga, quit styling. Let's play to five right now." He countered as I shrugged.

"This won't take long. What do I win?" He paused to think while dribbling the ball between his legs.

" spree? You need some new s***." He suggested as I kissed my teeth.

"That's not a win, I hate shopping!" I whined as he sighed in annoyance.

"Ok.. I'll let you learn how to ride a motorcycle. I'll buy the b**** myself." He said as I instantly jumped up and down with glee.

"Seriously! No bulls***?!" I asked pressing my hands to my lips in a praying motion as he rolled his eyes.

"No bulls***. BUT if you lose, you gotta come meet the player's wives on Monday when you bring me lunch! We start two a days, and everybody's girl is doing it." He said back as I grumbled a little before quietly agreeing to the deal. I was about to whoop his ass in this driveway anyway. I wasn't worried.

"Check the ball hoe." I taunted as he smirked and checked it my way.

"I got yo hoe." He said resting his hands on his knees while watching me closely. I dribbled the ball, and did a quick fake before going to the hoop and earning the first point.

I smiled c**kily as Chris checked the ball my way. He rolled his eyes, unfazed. "I let you get that. I'm not about to play nice no more girl."

I brushed him off as I started to dribble the ball again, trying to plan my move carefully. Before I had a minute to think, Chris snatched the ball out of my hands and did a quick jumper to the hoop, making the shot.

He laughed, "Yeah, thought you was hot s*** huh? Check the ball." He ordered as I groaned and threw the ball at him. He laughed and caught it before it could hit him in his stomach.

"Oooohh, somebody's mad." He teased, as I waited patiently for him to start the play.

He shot it from where he was, making it again as I yelled out in anger.

He walked passed me, slapping my ass along the way. "2-1." I checked the ball to him, watching him closely.

He dribbled the ball between his legs, running his tongue over his bottom lip. "You making this too easy baby."

"Shut that up and play." I said getting close to block. He pushed me back with his butt and turned to make another shot as I cursed.

"3-1! What you got Quinn! I ain't letting you win this." He said after receiving the ball from my check. I ran up on him and stole the ball while he was talking s*** to make an easy lay up.

"3-2 nigga. I ain't playing with you no more." I growled as he laughed.

"You so damn sexy when you mad." He flirted, rubbing his hand across my bare stomach as I felt a small chill before cutting my eyes at him.

"Don't do that." I warned as he made a kissy face at me.

"I'mma do that all on that pus-" He stopped mid sentence watching the ball fly over his head and into the basket.

"3-3." I smirked as he checked the ball to me. I shot again as he jumped at me, making another shot. He grabbed the ball and rolled it towards me, not losing his cool.

"Game point. Watch me work." I boasted while trying to shoot again, but he blocked it, and dunked the ball. My mouth dropped in shock.

He found humor in my expression, "Yeah talk all that s*** now. This the real game point." He taunted as I scowled while getting on defense.

He revealed a toothy grin, "Aww baby really wants to win huh? Her really want her bike." He cooed in a baby voice as I crossed my eyes.

He began reaching the ball in my direction, "Here babe. I want you to win too." He smiled innocently as I eyed him with suspicion.

"Quit playin."

"Nah, I'm serious. I really want you to win. You'd be sexy as hell on a motorcycle. No bulls***."

I smiled before attempting to grab the ball but he quickly removed it from my grasp, "SIKE!"

He faked past me and went to slam dunk the ball, hanging on the rim boastfully as I angrily looked on.

"Woooooo that's game baby!" He hollered letting go of the rim and landing back on the pavement. He looked at my butt hurt expression and began cracking up.

"Awww man, yo ass really thought I was going to let you win! Should've seen your face!" He roared obnoxiously as I smacked my lips bitterly. "I want my meal home made on Monday too. Make my favorites." He leaned in and pecked my lips before slapping my ass again as the town car pulled into the driveway.

"You ain't s***."

who is this neighbor lol..and im glad the team aint giving him too much hell! Run it

freaks! lol
run it!

Lol run it!

lol, she said since before this morning! Get it boo.
I love them, I hope they work out man. That neighbor was a creep!

YAY!!!!! Congrats on the team boo. I'm so ready for it to be published!

RUN IT!!!!

lol run it

I just got a marketing team behind my book! So I'm hoping to have it published before the end of the year!!

I'll keep you guys posted on details :)

Working on another add so I'm hoping to have it up by tonight!