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Damn Good Friends

I lied still, staring up at the ceiling; the feelings of regret and shame ever so present in my soul as I looked over to <a href="">Michael</a>, who lay peacefully sleeping, exhausted from what we just encountered.

I sighed to myself, already disappointed that somehow he was able to get me in his bed, again. Only for the next day and the rest of the week to more than likely not hear from him. I don't know how I always end up in this compromising position, but each time I would hope that something would change. That he actually meant the words he said and really wanted this to be more.

But he never did.

I swallowed the last bit of pride I could muster and carefully removed myself from the bed, ensuring that I didn't wake him.

I threw on my clothes that I had worn to the party that night in haste, and hurried out of his room, making my way downstairs and exiting his house.

He had driven us over here because I rode with my roommates to the party. I kicked myself realizing the time and that the buses stopped running this late. I was in for a long walk home.

The walk could give me some time to clear my head, and truly annualize what all this meant, or just to ridicule myself for not listening to my Better Judgment in the first place.

He was always my Better Judgment.

He gave me that warning look, that he always gives before I run off somewhere with Michael. My hopeless romantic ass always would anyway. Thinking maybe, this time would end differently for me.

I cursed to myself as I continued to walk a fast and steady pace to my house near campus. I wasn't as alarmed as I normally would be walking in the city at this time of night. There was a calm over me.

Just as the feeling came, my phone vibrated against my palm.

I looked at the screen, seeing the goofy pic of him and I as the caller ID for his number. A sigh of relief escaped my lips before I answered it.

"Where you at man! I check ya room and you still not home. It's 3 AM Quinn.." He nagged before I even had a chance to speak.

"Walking on 4th-" I was soon cut off.

"His punk ass got you..." He paused, I assumed taking a deep breath. "I'm on my way."

The call ended and I frowned bracing myself for the lecture to come once I got picked up.

Within five minutes his car pulled up beside <a href="">me</a>, as I reached a stopped sign on the sidewalk. I looked over at his car worriedly as <a href="">he</a> rolled the window down.

"You better get in this car girl.." He smirked while reaching his arm over to open the door for me. I smiled softly before hopping inside. Internally grateful not to have to be on my feet any longer.

I flashed him a fake smile before burying my head deep in my hood and looking out the window. Finally letting the lone tear escape my eye.

Chris was always there to save me in my time of trouble and despair. Maybe if I actually listened to him more often, I wouldn't always end up in this position.

I was thankful for my Better Judgment however, no matter how much I ignored his advice.

"..Wanna talk about it?" He finally asked, breaking the silence that had consumed the vehicle. I shook my head wearily.

I could see him give a nod of understanding through my peripheral vision and allowed the silence to consume us once more.

We reached our house, and Chris pulled up in the alley that led to our backyard to park in the makeshift driveway. He gave a loud and obnoxious yawn while turning the car off as I crossed my eyes at the annoying habit.

We stepped out of the car and I swiftly went to the back door, trying to avoid any glares from Chris about the decision I made tonight.

The house was dark, meaning our other two roommates had retreated to their rooms for the evening.

Good, I thought to myself. Last thing I wanted to hear was their mouths on top of Chris' daggers of disappointing looks.

I didn't wait for Chris to enter before I went upstairs to my room and instantly began stripping my layers of clothing, preparing to wash off all memory of tonight in the shower.

I grabbed my towel and the clothes I planned to wear and waltzed into our bathroom. After my shower, I felt more calm and relaxed and ready to put this Friday night behind me.

As I entered the room, I wasn't at all shocked to see Chris sleeping peacefully on 'his side' of my bed. He was the biggest baby whenever he came home and I wasn't there. Always wanted to be up under me to make sure I was safe and not leave his sight. He's been protective of me like that since we were little.

I shook my head before tossing my towel and dirty clothes in the hamper and jumping into my side of my bed. Chris instantly draped his arm over my torso, careful not to pull me close.

"Goodnight Quinn. Luh you." He said softly while getting himself more comfortable.



aww man dont ruin the honeymoon period btwn them
everything comes with a price tho right?
*sighs* i will enjoy them while they still cute :P
run it!

I feel like things really about to change between these two... and plus I can't ignore one of the comments you made in the beginning of the whole story about how It's not gonna end how we think... ugh I feel sick now!!! smhh... run it tho.

run it

Run it

RUN IT!!!!!

<strong>One Year Later..</strong>

<a href="">I</a> sat proudly at a table filled with Chris’ biggest support system. His <a href="">parents</a> sat in front of me, looking happily at the stage before us. <a href="">Sean</a> and <a href="">Wiz</a> were on either side of me, as I tuned back into the speaker intently.

“It is my pleasure, and honor to hand over this trophy to a well deserved athlete. One of the greats that I have seen in this decade. Heisman Trophy Winner and future NFL Quarterback, Christopher Brown!” The audience erupted into a fit of applause. A tear ran down my cheek watching <a href="">him</a> stand at the podium with the most humble smile. He was ecstatic on the inside, I knew it.

This past year with Chris has been a world wind. Everything happened so fast. Moving back into the house. Him leading his team to the national title. A beautiful summer. The beginning of senior year. And an early graduation for me. Then winning a second national title over Alabama, earning him national recognition. Especially seeing as how he was responsible for scoring every touchdown in that game. Chris shocked everyone when he opted to allow his sub to quarterback and he go to a running back position when their starting player sprained his ankle in the beginning of the second half. He was a shoe in for the Heisman Trophy.

Now here we were. In New York City, watching my baby and best friend accept his trophy.

Chris cleared his throat as he awkwardly leaned into the microphone connected to the podium. Sean, Wiz and I snickered knowing our friend was shaking like a leaf.

“Wow, this still seems un real to me..” Chris started, with a nervous smile, looking out at all of the people seated at his induction ceremony. His eyes soon found mine. I did the ‘calming sign’ in my seat and saw him release a breath of air like he could relax.

“This..” He said eying the trophy in his hands. “Is truly a great honor to receive as a young quarterback. The greater honor though, is the proud expressions on my loved ones faces. I do all that I do because each and every one of them motivates me to be the man that I am on and off that field. My parents worked long hours to provide for me and put me through multiple training camps, and now hopefully I can re-pay them for every good deed, every encouraging word, every ounce of discipline and respect they have instilled in me. I am eternally grateful to have the two of them in my life.”

The audience turned to look at his parents and clapped for the two of them. Ms. Tamela blushed, and his father raised his hand in thanks.

He then turned and looked at me as my heart dropped. Oh s***. He knows I hate this… pleeasseeee don’t do this.

“And to my lady. The love of my life.” Here comes the heat in my cheeks. “Thank you for being by my side every step of the way. Encouraging me. Relaxing me during nerve wrecking games. Supporting every decision I made. And attending every game you could, cheering me on. I could always hear your voice and see your face over everyone in the stands because it matters the most..” He paused and looked to Tamela. “Sorry Momma.”

Ms. Tamela gave a fake angry expression, earning some laughter from the audience. “But..I love you Quinn. I plan to spend the rest of my life showing my gratitude for you being in it.” He ended sweetly, knowing I was already embarrassed by the attention. There was a soft ‘aw’ heard before I started chuckling. So damn corny.

He looked to Wiz and Sean, “And to my Ace’s! My best friends. My brothers! I would not be the humble man I am today if it wasn’t for the two of you keeping me grounded. Ya’ll have been by my side since kindergarten and I only hope that never changes! Thanks for all of the talks, advice, laughter, even trouble that we’ve all shared together..”

Sean interrupted with his nose turned up, “What is this? A proposal?” He questioned aloud as everyone began to chuckle, including Chris.

“I can’t even show love without the disrespect man.” Chris joked shaking his head as Sean laughed and showed a fist. Could never bring this fool nowhere.

Chris then went on to thank his coaches and everyone else who has attributed to this moment. Countless NFL scouts were in the room as well. I recognized a few, all in complete awe of my boyfriend. For some reason I internally prayed that they wouldn’t want him. Selfish I know..but I had my reasons.

After the ceremony was over, Chris was making his rounds taking pictures with different important people. I stood to the side with Sean and Wiz, scratching at different parts of my dress.

Sean cut his eyes at me, “You can’t be lady like for more than five minutes can you?”

I quickly flicked him off, “It’s this damn itchy ass dress.”

He smacked his lips before tugging at the material, “This is silk stupid. Ain’t no way this itchy!” He snapped as I c**ked my head in his direction.

“Why tf you pressing me? Get off my nutsack b****.”

He rolled his eyes, “Man we in a room with all these rich white people. All eyes on us because we’re his guest. And you think its okay to just be scratchin ya ass all willy nilly making him look bad?!”

I huffed before removing my eyes from his. Sean has been on my case about the way I carry myself lately because Chris is going to hire him as his agent when they all graduate since Sean’s major was public relations. He had been so anal the closer they got to graduation about the way Chris represents himself and me as well since I’ll be portraying the roll of a ‘football wife’. I wanted to gag at the term.

Wiz interjected, “He right Quinn. And you know it. You have to get used to the idea of what all is coming with this. You ain’t gonna be a fade in the background homie. You gonna be his girl. At the ESPY’s and all of that other s***. You have to adjust babe.”

Wiz’ tone was soothing, but his words cut deep. I was just getting used to the idea of truly being Chris’ girlfriend just on campus alone, now I was going to be center spotlight to the whole damn world. The pressure was causing me to break down on the inside, but I had to remain strong. Chris could never know how I truly felt. I was pissed Sean and Wiz did.

Several different people began walking up to our click of friends. Stating how lucky we are to have Chris in our lives, and admired how much he adored us. I plastered a fake smile throughout the interaction before my smile began real, seeing Chris finally break free to come our way.

"Sup baby." He greeted before leaning in to peck me on the lips and dap up Sean and Wiz. I smiled lovingly up at him, while wiping away some red lipstick that lingered.

"Man it's crazy as hell in here." He breathed looking towards his friends. The two nodded in agreement.

"Man who you telling! I'm getting self conscious about my tats and s*** being around all of this money." Wiz said adjusting his shirt as Chris shook his head.

"Don't be. We all gon eat. If I'm on, my team gonna be on. Believe that." He spoke confidently as Sean and Wiz grinned. That's always been the plan since day one. We were all going to make money together.

"Hey," I shushed him grabbing his jacket and pulling him towards me.

"One step at a time. Tonight is all about your acheivement as a remarkable football player." I complimented, as I could feel Sean and Wiz staring darts into the side of my head.

Chris grabbed my hand, "Walk with me." He instructed as my brows sinked to the middle of my forehead. I followed against my apprehensiveness, trusting him to lead the way.

Somehow Chris was able to escape the crowd, took us up these steps and outside to the roof of the building. I admired that about him. He always managed to make time for me regardless of everyone beckoning for his attention. His stayed on me.

It was a chilly March night. The shiver came to my being and was soon followed by Chris wrapping his jacked around my shoulders. I looked up to him with thanks before following him to the rails, looking out at the Manhattan skyline. It was breathtaking.

"Quinn." Chris started as I turned to face his tall frame, his breath outlined with cold.

"You gon be honest with me?" He questioned sincerely.

My expression revealed that of confusion, "What are you talking-"

He cut me off, "Don't play stupid girl. You don't want me to go to the NFL."

I was stuck so he kept going, frustration clear. "What I don't get is why? Ever since we were little you've always told me I was going pro. Hell you believed I was capable before I even did. And now the time comes and s*** is getting real you're pulling back. I can tell you don't want this happen deep down."

I shook my head in disbelief, "That's not true Reese."

He smacked his lips, "It ain't? Then what's your truth?"

I swallowed hard, building the courage to be honest. "It's just all that was before I fell in love with you! We've been good Chris. Everything has been good and routine and right now it all makes sense. I'm scared that..when things get on a larger scale for us s*** gonna change. That we're going to lose sight of each other."

He sighed, stepping closer to me before placing his surprisingly warm hands on my cheeks. "I'm never going to lose sight of this. This is a 20 year unbreakable bond. Yeah things gonna change and get shaken up a bit but I promise you it's gonna be a good change. Imma make sure all of us are good and that we stay grounded. And stay friends! That's all I want babe."

I searched his eyes, and noticed the hint of uncertainty in them that slightly threw me off, but I kept it in. "I pray you're right Chris. I don't know why I'm feeling so shaky about this, but I'm trusting you to keep this together. The moment you drop the ball I'm out of this s***." I was serious and he knew it too.

He smirked before pecking my lips for assurance, "It's my job to control the ball. I ain't dropping s***."

adding now!

Yasss Gawd Huntee! That was HEAVEN!!!
I can only hope that I have an experience like this when this moment happens for me. The way you described there spiritual connection...WOW. This writing is AMAZING!

Run it!!!!!

run it!!!

run it

Ohhhhh s***. I hadn't realized before because I was so caught up.....:O
Somebody's preggooooooooooooooo. I feel it!!!

Run this asappppppp!

That was intense. Something out of a movie.
There connection is out of this world.
They some freaky ass people though. lol

Run It

Love! RUN IT!

theres no condom cuz its love making and they wanna feel each other every part of eachother
plan b?
run it


run it

I'm so happy!!!

that was a great add!! the emotion was thick in that room..glad they was able to express the love that they have for each other!! but uh oh I don't remember a condom o__0 RUN IT!

Well damn...!!!!!!
No words for this perfection.
LOVED this add. So happy!

Ruuuuuuuuun it!

That's that good love making Lol Great add!!

RUN IT!!!!

Omg that add was jus everything i loved it run it

Run It!!

so beautiful!! smh. I'm emotional right now!! I love these two! Run it!!

Chris lied me down on the bed, his pupils roaming up and down my body. I daringly stared into his eyes as he inched his way to crawl over top of me. The moment he was, I flipped us so that I was on top. His eyes widened at me in surprise..followed with lust.

"I'm taking care of you tonight baby." I told him, leaning in to peck his lips gingerly. His appetite for my affection didn't allow me to pull away as we found ourselves ingulfed in a tongue war.

He snaked his hands down the arch of my back and aggressively slapped my ass before gripping the cheeks. I couldn't hold the moan that escaped in his mouth, as he quickly mimicked my tone into mine.

"Damn I love you girl." He said in between pecks. I finally found the strength to pull away and travel my lips down his jaw bone to his neck. I nibbled before easing the slight pain with my tongue, sucking with my lips. He was squirming under the touch, his hands resting firmly on my waist.

I tucked my hair behind my ear as I inched my body lower, leaving my mark every inch I traveled. I stopped at his hardened nipple and gently sucked as he hissed in pleasure.

"What you doin babe.." He called as I placed kisses past his navel, reaching the strap of his basketball shorts.

I looked up at Chris who already had his eyes on me. He looked at me with question as I bit my lip and slid his shorts and briefs down to his thighs, revealing my beautiful friend that I've missed so much.

"Yo you about to-aahhhh s***!" He cursed as I engulfed all of him into my mouth, bobbing my head to his length. He had laid his head back on the bed as he moaned at my pleasing.

Knowing he was enjoying this excited me as I went faster, gripping his d*** in my hands and twisting as I allowed my drool to moisten his shaft more. He couldn't contain himself at this point.

"Damnn baby, this feels so good..!" He moaned grabbing a fistful of my hair causing a tingle down below. He was pushing my head down to his own rhythm.

"Ahh right there.." He growled, and I could tell he was on the verge of busting. Not without me he ain't.

I lifted my head suddenly, meeting his eyes. He bit his lip hard and pushed me onto my back.

He studied my body, shaking his head at how good I looked. "I don't wanna take this off but.." He shrugged before he pulled that one piece off of me in seconds. I giggled excitedly at the motion.

"You want me baby?" I asked seductively, rubbing my breast as he hovered over my now naked body. His eyes answered that question for me.

He then kissed me with everything in his soul. Our spirits connected in that kiss. I gripped the back of his head, pushing him more into me, feeling my heart drop along with his. He moaned against my lips, his tip playing at my entry.

"I need you.." I told him softly as he nodded, slowly inching himself into my womanhood. I gasped along with him at the initial feeling. His body fit so perfectly with mine.

I began rocking against him as he joined me, pumping harder. My heart beat quickened with each passing moment of intensity. My entire being was shaking as our souls danced with the other. I missed this feeling of him being apart of me.

I was trying to find my breath before he lifted my left leg on his shoulder, going deeper into my core.

"Ooohh s*** Chris!" I cried, feeling the tears at the corner of my eyes. I was intoxicated with his love in this given moment.

"You love me?" He asked, thrusting harder, gripping my thigh tight.

I nodded weakly, attempting to contain the emotion.

He sent a long and deep thrust into me, causing a scream in reaction. "Tell me!" He demanded.

The words wouldn't come out, I was so caught up in the feeling. He thrusted harder and longer as I reached behind my head for some type of support.

"Tell me now Quinn!" He barked as I was moaning uncontrollably, my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

"I-I love you baby! Oooh soo much!" I whimpered as his pace picked up even harder. My orgasm was in reach.

"You better cut that s*** out. You not cumming without me." Chris told me feeling my walls contract against him. He pulled out and flipped me onto my stomach.

I laid helpless with my arms every which way before he entered me, laying his chest on top of my back. My spirit was doing flips.

He leaned closed to my ear, licking it while giving me slow deep strokes.

He whispered into my ear, "I missed you.." His words sent chills through my body.

"Mmm did you baby?" I cooed, my eyes closed while biting my lip.

He kissed my ear before nibbling the lobe, his ragged breathing causing the hairs on my neck to stand up. He sucked in for air as his pace picked up. I was drenching him with my wetness.

"Ah s***." He groaned against my cheek before he sat up on his knees and lifted my torso.

I was throwing my ass back into his waist as he gripped my cheeks, going deeper with each pump.

"Oh my gooddddd Chris!!" I belted as he went harder and faster, gripping me tighter and tighter. I was slowly losing control of holding my climax. I had to distract myself.

Before he had a moment to react, I crawled forward causing him to come out of me. I turned and pushed him aggressively onto his back. He still had one handcuff on so I used the free one to lock him to the post of the bed.

I smirked as his eyes hung low, studying my every move. I perched my self over top of his waist and gripped his d*** with one hand while slowly sliding back down onto his wet member.

I started rocking my hips slowly, his eyes closing tight in ecstasy. I rocked faster as he used his free hand to rest on my thigh.

I switched it up and bounced up and down on his shaft as he instantly began moaning for me. I went faster, pleasing my man with everything that I had.

"Damn Quinn you feel so f-ckin good girl!" He hissed as I rotated my body on him, trying to keep my pace.

After a few moments in this position, he escaped from my failed attempt to trap him against the banister.

He sweetly laid me on my back, never breaking our contact. He stared into my eyes while brushing my sweaty bang from my face.

"You're the most beautiful woman in the world." He said, before leaning down to interlock our lips once more. His kiss was sweet and soothing, slowly matching his rhythm with mine. My heart beginning to do flips again.

He didn't break our kiss, picking up his pace and growling into my mouth as I moaned into his.

This was a different feeling. A different moment. One filled with so much passion and love for the other. The tear I was withholding finally made it's way down my cheek, as I pressed my fingers against his.

The harder he rocked the closer we were to our peaks. I broke the kiss so I could moan freely, releasing mine as he groaned releasing his.

Our breathing was quick, slowly coming down from the high we were on. I finally opened my eyes to see Chris staring back so lovingly.

He pecked my lips softly, before sucking in deep for air through his mouth and releasing it from his nose.

"This time..I promise...I ain't letting you go."


aww shucks! they bout to get it in!!


Haven't had a chance to write yet today. But when I do? I'll add. lol


Aww she finally told him she loves him! That was so sweet. Now it time for him to put it doowwnnnn lol.
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