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Damn Good Friends

I lied still, staring up at the ceiling; the feelings of regret and shame ever so present in my soul as I looked over to <a href="">Michael</a>, who lay peacefully sleeping, exhausted from what we just encountered.

I sighed to myself, already disappointed that somehow he was able to get me in his bed, again. Only for the next day and the rest of the week to more than likely not hear from him. I don't know how I always end up in this compromising position, but each time I would hope that something would change. That he actually meant the words he said and really wanted this to be more.

But he never did.

I swallowed the last bit of pride I could muster and carefully removed myself from the bed, ensuring that I didn't wake him.

I threw on my clothes that I had worn to the party that night in haste, and hurried out of his room, making my way downstairs and exiting his house.

He had driven us over here because I rode with my roommates to the party. I kicked myself realizing the time and that the buses stopped running this late. I was in for a long walk home.

The walk could give me some time to clear my head, and truly annualize what all this meant, or just to ridicule myself for not listening to my Better Judgment in the first place.

He was always my Better Judgment.

He gave me that warning look, that he always gives before I run off somewhere with Michael. My hopeless romantic ass always would anyway. Thinking maybe, this time would end differently for me.

I cursed to myself as I continued to walk a fast and steady pace to my house near campus. I wasn't as alarmed as I normally would be walking in the city at this time of night. There was a calm over me.

Just as the feeling came, my phone vibrated against my palm.

I looked at the screen, seeing the goofy pic of him and I as the caller ID for his number. A sigh of relief escaped my lips before I answered it.

"Where you at man! I check ya room and you still not home. It's 3 AM Quinn.." He nagged before I even had a chance to speak.

"Walking on 4th-" I was soon cut off.

"His punk ass got you..." He paused, I assumed taking a deep breath. "I'm on my way."

The call ended and I frowned bracing myself for the lecture to come once I got picked up.

Within five minutes his car pulled up beside <a href="">me</a>, as I reached a stopped sign on the sidewalk. I looked over at his car worriedly as <a href="">he</a> rolled the window down.

"You better get in this car girl.." He smirked while reaching his arm over to open the door for me. I smiled softly before hopping inside. Internally grateful not to have to be on my feet any longer.

I flashed him a fake smile before burying my head deep in my hood and looking out the window. Finally letting the lone tear escape my eye.

Chris was always there to save me in my time of trouble and despair. Maybe if I actually listened to him more often, I wouldn't always end up in this position.

I was thankful for my Better Judgment however, no matter how much I ignored his advice.

"..Wanna talk about it?" He finally asked, breaking the silence that had consumed the vehicle. I shook my head wearily.

I could see him give a nod of understanding through my peripheral vision and allowed the silence to consume us once more.

We reached our house, and Chris pulled up in the alley that led to our backyard to park in the makeshift driveway. He gave a loud and obnoxious yawn while turning the car off as I crossed my eyes at the annoying habit.

We stepped out of the car and I swiftly went to the back door, trying to avoid any glares from Chris about the decision I made tonight.

The house was dark, meaning our other two roommates had retreated to their rooms for the evening.

Good, I thought to myself. Last thing I wanted to hear was their mouths on top of Chris' daggers of disappointing looks.

I didn't wait for Chris to enter before I went upstairs to my room and instantly began stripping my layers of clothing, preparing to wash off all memory of tonight in the shower.

I grabbed my towel and the clothes I planned to wear and waltzed into our bathroom. After my shower, I felt more calm and relaxed and ready to put this Friday night behind me.

As I entered the room, I wasn't at all shocked to see Chris sleeping peacefully on 'his side' of my bed. He was the biggest baby whenever he came home and I wasn't there. Always wanted to be up under me to make sure I was safe and not leave his sight. He's been protective of me like that since we were little.

I shook my head before tossing my towel and dirty clothes in the hamper and jumping into my side of my bed. Chris instantly draped his arm over my torso, careful not to pull me close.

"Goodnight Quinn. Luh you." He said softly while getting himself more comfortable.



Oooooooooooooooooooooomg! Where are you?! I just died a little reading your last post! Come back and run this girly!
Ruuuuuun it!

Where are you ma'am??? We need you to come back!! You left us hanging and we're hanging on for dear life!!! Run it run it pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!

what happened to our add? I need more you cant leave us hanging!! run it!! :-)

Please run this!!

This has to be like one of my favorite stories on this board! I know I haven't been running like that but its because I do everything from my phone and this site is re-cray-cray and I think we all know what I'm talking about. Anywayyy I love your writing!!! Like the way you are with words, girl I be blushing reading some of your posts lol. Like I cant explain it but its a good thing that your readers can feel the emotion between the characters in your stories (if that makes sense). I love how Sean stepped to Chris before their date :) I love his character, he be having me cracking up. Chris and Quinn huummmmm I want to see where their relationship goes. I like how he basically wanted to start over with her! I was like AWWWW! and then everybody started looking at me -_- smh. Please keep it coming! I'm so ready for the next add!
Run It!

Soo you just stop that right there ... really!? REALLY!!!!

Run It!!

Run it

How dare youre MF ass leave us hanging like that, when youknow our horny asses have been waiting for the s*** since the freaking story started. LOL. BUt this s*** is EXTRA extra OD poppington. Nothing like the first borad. LOl. But Im not gone go there. I love them too! R U N...

How dare youre MF ass leave us hanging like that, when youknow our horny asses have been waiting for the s*** since the freaking story started. LOL. BUt this s*** is EXTRA extra OD poppington. Nothing like the first borad. LOl. But Im not gone go there. I love them too! R U N...


run it

Run it!!!!!



oooh yes God is good i came back to 4 adds lol! thank you...

You are a great writer..I love the way you structured the story to where Chris and QUinn didnt just jump into a relationship..they actually took their time and went through s*** just like how it should be in real life. The way you explain and write everything in vivid detail gives the story life!
man i feel like a Movie critique or something lol but this s*** is good as hell.\




OMG!!!! Please run it!! Chris is going hard in the paint, think he ain't!?!?!! Gaaawd!! we ALL have been waiting for this please run it ASAP!!!

lol run it

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RUN IT RUN IT!!!!!!!!

he knows he couldnt resist her!
poor wiz and sean gonna have to hear their best friends screaming lol
run it

no!! you can not stop there

run it

I followed Chris up the stairs and was slightly confused when we made a slight detour to the bathroom. I could hear soft music playing from behind the door and I looked up to him with a questionable stare.

“What’s-“ I started but was soon cut off.

“Shh. Tonight is all about relieving all of the stress and pressure that you’ve been feeling from life. It’s a reward for finally talking to Quincy, and a glimpse of what your future can be like with me. I just want you to relax and allow me to take care of you, alright?” He asked, his brow sinking to the middle of his forehead while staring into my eyes. I slowly nodded.

He grinned and opened the bathroom door to reveal this <a href="">scenery</a> as this <a href="">song</a> was playing softly from his jambox speaker. I turned to face him, speechless.

He placed a soft kiss on my lips, “How about you strip and get in that tub while I go get more comfortable. You better be naked in less than five minutes, tops.” He ordered before giving me a slap on the ass and turning to head towards his room. I blushed at his back before turning to face our candlelit bathroom.

I placed my hair in a high messy bun, and carefully removed my dress and my bra. My hoe ass chose not to wear panties tonight. Not wearing them just gives you this edge and sex appeal that nobody knows but you, and hopefully your date sooner or later. I giggled at the thought, before placing one toe in the bath to feel the temperature. It was perfect.

I allowed the water to consume my petite frame, as I sunk deeper and deeper into the tub. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until my body was engulfed in bubbles and warm water. Bending my neck at the edge, I instantly felt more at ease.

Moments later, <a href="">he</a> entered with a calming smile before he closed and locked the bathroom door behind him.

“What do you have up your sleeve Mr. Brown?” I questioned, as he took a seat at the other end of the tub.

“I’m going to show my appreciation for every inch of your body,” His voice was soothing and soft, yet there was this enticing nature that caused my body to shiver with excitement. Everything about each movement he made was slow and sensual.

“Relax, okay? That’s all I want you to do.” He said to me, as I nodded and closed my eyes, sinking a little further into the tub. The next thing I felt was him lifting my right foot out of the tub and gently beginning to massage it.

“Mmm..” I moaned, loving the way I was being pampered in that moment. His hands felt like magic to my small feet.

“This feel good baby?” He whispered as I slowly nodded, not daring to open my eyes. I didn’t want to be relinquished of the trance I was currently in.

He massaged that foot for a little while longer before gently placing it back in the tub and lifting the other one to show the same kind of attention. The way his soft hands were caressing my feet was turning me on.

“Why don’t you join me in the tub?” I suggested, feeling him lower my other foot.

“Nah, this is all about you tonight baby. I’m yo slave.” He said as I slowly opened my eyes to see him reach for a new fluffy bath sponge. He dipped it into the water before squirting some bath gel over top and then lathering it with his hands causing it to get white and soapy.

“Sit up for me.” He instructed as I did as I was told, revealing my bubble covered breast. He seductively smirked at the sight before moving to the other side of the tub so he was now facing my back. He then began to use the sponge to gently scrub with one hand, while rubbing my shoulders with the other. Words couldn’t explain how relaxing this felt.

“Oh my Goodd..” I sighed, feeling my eyes roll to the back of my head in ecstasy. I wanted to jump out of this tub and then jump on this man.

“Is this really happening right now?” I whispered in disbelief as I heard Chris chuckling behind me, continuing to work wonders with his hands. He was now rubbing the sponge up and down each arm, making sure to clean every inch of me.

He leaned towards my ear, gently kissing it before speaking, “Lay back.” I obeyed without a second thought, staring into his eyes the whole way back.

He bit his bottom lip, causing a tingle to come down below before he gently pressed the sponge in the middle of my chest.

“You’re so damn beautiful.” He told me, not once taking his eyes away from mine. I felt small shocks send through my being as he gently rubbed the sponge from the top of my chest down to my breast, never breaking eye contact. I was doing my best to steady my breathing, as my eyes got lower and lower with each moment of intensifying pleasure. My body was yearning for him. My heart needed his soul to connect with mine.

“Chris..” He shushed me before I could speak. He knew I wanted him, but also knew that was not what tonight was about.

His hand holding the sponge disappeared below the water as I felt him gently caressing my tummy with it, all while going lower and lower. My breathing picked up its paced the closer he got to my center. The sponge suddenly stopped its movement and was quickly replaced with his bare hand, gently caressing my womanhood as I gasped and he did too at the touch.

“She miss me?” He hissed, as his soft gentle strokes continued. My voice was lodged in my throat, not wanting him to stop.

“Damn Quinn..” He said softly, sticking two fingers inside of me since he couldn’t resist. I ran my tongue across my bottom lip then biting to prevent the moan from leaving my body, arching my back.

He slowly pulled his finger out and reached for the sponge to continue washing my body, as I began to come down from my high.

“Why are you teasing me?” I whimpered before I suddenly felt his lips pressed against mine, his hand laid effortless on my waist line. I quickly opened my mouth allow his tongue entrance and giving us a chance to express our longing each other.

Our tongues intertwined as water swished all around my body as I sat up more to kiss Chris with everything in me. I missed this feeling of intimacy that I shared with him. My soul couldn’t possibly have been made for another individual. The places his heart took me in this kiss, was sending my core in a fit.

“I need you.” I expressed against his lips, while gripping the back of his head with my finger tips. He grunted with passion before lifting my soaking wet body in one motion against his bare chest. His breathing was hard and shaggy as he sucked in his lip, eyes low with passion for me.

He kissed me once more before carefully placing me on the bathroom counter. He looked around for the towel he brought in here with him and placed it around my body to dry me, before exhaling a deep breath.

“I gotta get you lotioned up.” He said softly as I looked up in his eyes, saddened that tonight wouldn’t be the night I’d be permitted to give myself to him. He smiled before he scooped my body in his arms again as I giggled, while being whisked away to his bedroom.

He laid me carefully on my back before going to grab his lotion. I seductively opened the towel to reveal my naked body, nipples hardened from the sudden cool air that hit. His mouth dropped just a bit, as he allowed his eyes to roam me from head to toe. He swallowed hard, forcing himself to pull away and squirt lotion into his hands.

“Start with my ankles, and work ya way up..” I instructed in my most enticing voice as he slowly nodded before doing as he was told. I closed my eyes, feeling his hands massage their way up my body.

The heat inside of me rose, the higher his hands went. I took notice that his rubbing slowed the higher he moved up my frame, caressing my thighs with ease. I moaned a little as his thumbs rotated near my inner thigh, already knowing my juices were dripping with anticipation. I grabbed my left breast and squeezed to divert my attention elsewhere, just so I wouldn’t focus on how bad I wanted this to go further.

I suddenly felt Chris’ hands stop altogether, and wondered to myself how come.

Before I could open my mouth to object this sudden change in pace, his lips were pressed firmly onto my lower set, prepared to suck for dear life.

Chileeeee!!! My emotions are deep in the land of love!!! I felt everything reading this!!! Chris is just... I can't even put into words!!!! I love how he is so real and careful with her. She belongs to him and he belongs to her!!! It's perfect!! And I want love like this!!! Great job on this! You're awesome!! run it!!!!

Awww they are too cute!!! Sean your an dummy make an effort mane think now.
Run It!!!

run it

My nerves had subsided after pulling into Quinn’s driveway. She had texted me and told me the door was open and to wait with her grandparents until she came down. I took in a deep breath, stepping out of the car and heading to the front door.

As I walked through the hallway down to the foyer, I was awed by the two of <a href="">them</a> canoodling in the kitchen. They smiled warmly at the sight of me.

“Hi Christopher! You look very nice tonight.” Nana complimented while swiftly walking over to pull <a href="">me</a> into a hug. I took in her warm vanilla scent before she backed up and studied me.

“I was telling Quinny you were going to be looking sharp tonight. Don’t he look sharp, Shug?” She asked looking towards her husband of 45 years as he eyed me, while shuffling my way with his hand outstretched.

“Look nice young man. Where you taking my baby?” He asked, strongly gripping his hand with mine.

“To a nice restaurant downtown. This weekend though, I have something real special planned. I just wanted us to have a nice dinner to talk things over before then.” I told him confidently as he grinned.

“My man. She should be down any minute.” He assured as I nodded and stuffed my hands in my pockets, waiting for Quinn’s arrival.

“Chris, what yo momma think about you having all of those tattoos all over your neck like that?” Nana asked studying me close. I chuckled. She asked this every time she saw me.

“She’s just letting me express myself. And said it better not interfere with me getting a job when I graduate.” I informed with a grin as Paw Paw shooed her off.

“Lee dat boy alone about that. He’s gonna go pro. They don’t care about that tattoo mess. Multimillionaire’s can do stuff like that.” He winked at me as I just laughed. He’s been saying I was going to be in the NFL since high school.

“Oh shut up! I can ask!” They began bickering back and forth as I watched the sight in amusement. I wondered if Quinn and I would argue like this after 45 years of marriage.

Speaking of, I hadn’t noticed her come in until she gently wrapped her arm with mine, eying the sight with me. I did a double take, looking her over, trying to keep my mouth from dropping too far. She looked gorgeous.

“You look..amazing.” I chuckled with slight disbelief as she tried to hide her smile before doing a mocking curtsey.

“Why thank you. You look really nice yourself.” She smirked, allowing her eyes to dance over my appearance. I felt like a little schoolboy under her watch.

“Aww, baby look at you! I haven’t seen you in a dress in years!” Nana cooed as Quinn greeted both of her grandparents with hugs. I could see the eagerness in her eyes to escape them

“Ok, well we’ll see you guys later. We’re going to be late for the reservation.” She informed, while grabbing my hand. I gave them a quick wave goodbye before being dragged outside.

I laughed, “Slow down crazy. We outside now.” I said as she looked back to roll her eyes at me before walking up to the car.

“Aye, let me get a pic of you right quick. Wanna show everyone my sexy ass date.” I told her as she chuckled and posed in front of my dad’s Mercedes. I had asked him to borrow it for this special night; wanted to ride out in style. I snapped the <a href="">picture</a> and uploaded it directly to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feed.

<em>..I got my eyes on you, you’re everything that I see..</em>

I smiled at my accomplishment before walking up to open the passenger door for her. She happily got in as I strolled to the driver’s side to get adjusted in my seat.

“Do I get a first date kiss?” She asked, earning a sweet kiss on her lips from me. I licked mine afterward, tasting the lip-gloss that lingered. I smirked before settling myself in my seat and pulling off.


I kept sneaking glances at Chris as he sat relaxed in the driver’s seat, the sounds of Drake filling the car, taking over any conversation that could be held. I bit the corner of my lip, studying his face and how perfectly everything about it was aligned. He had become his own man, and my attraction was growing more and more with each passing moment.

I could see his eyeball peaking out of the corner before he quickly looked at me then focused back on the road, smiling to himself. “What you starin’ at girl?” His raspy voice evident as I blushed.

“Nothing special.” I teased as he smacked his lips.

“You must not have been starin’ at me then. I know I look good.” He bragged as I giggled and shook my head.

He cleared his throat, “You look beautiful though. I could stare at you all night. I plan to.”

His hand found its way to my thigh, finding comfort he left it there. I looked from his hand back up to his side profile. “This isn’t weird to you?” I asked him, as he shot a quick glance at me before shrugging.

“No, you’re my best friend but.. I stopped looking at you as just a friend a long time ago. All this comes natural to me. Don’t have to force it, ya kno?”

I nodded in agreement, “Yeah, I guess that’s why I’m tripping because I’m not freaked out by this. Like I’m nervous but not freaked out.”

His brow rose at the last part, “You’re nervous?”

I giggled, knowing that was the part he was going to pay attention to. “Yes, I’m nervous foo. You looking all good n’stuff and got pop’s benz. I feel like I’m really somebody.”

We were at a red light, nearing the restaurant and he turned his body towards me. “You are someone. My Love. You embody everything that I could ever feel for someone else.” He spoke as the light turned green; causing my heart beat to pick up its pace. How did he become so good with words?

We pulled up in front of the restaurant and the Valet attendant opened my door before Chris came around to meet the two of us. He handed the driver the keys, before extending his arm for me to grab a hold of, and escorted us inside of the restaurant. He gave the hostess his name and she quickly got us seat to a cozy table near the back of the building. It was dimly lit and intimate.

Chris pulled out my chair, and waited until I was comfortably sat before taking his seat. After ordering our drinks and meals, it was finally time to get comfortable and enjoy my date.

Chris gazed lovingly at me before clearing his throat and scooting his chair more into the table, “Can I suggest something?”

My interest rose before nodding, “Of course. Go ‘head.”

He chuckled a little before biting his lip, “Can we throw out the past? Like everything. I don’t wanna remember none of that s*** that happened after that night we lost our virginity. None of the hoes. No exes. No Michael. No Ashley. Like none of that s***. I want us to really start fresh with each other. We can take our time, I don’t care. I just want this to be right.” He expressed as I took in his words.

I smiled, “You really ready to do this with me Chris? You know I’m complicated as hell.”

He nodded, slowly covering my hand with his. “I know. I’m ready to get to know you deeper than I ever have. I want to make everything that you feel is complicated, clear with understanding. I want to learn you, just as bad as I want you to learn me. This don’t gotta be hard baby. So don’t make it.”

I swallowed hard, “What happens when we start losing sight of everything? We get in too deep that we lose sight of our foundation?”

“We fight. I’m not saying none of this is gonna be easy. Because it’s not. With love, s*** get’s tough. But I’m willing to be in the ring if you are. I’ll fight for you till neither one of us can fight no more. That’s my word.” He spoke with confidence and passion that I hadn’t heard in a while. How could I not believe him?

"So," Chris started after we had received our meals. Both of us were on our second glass of champagne by this point.

"What made you really drop Karter? Like was it really all cause of me?" He asked, cutting into his steak.

I nodded, "I mean it was after that talk that night. Like before then, I was really into Karter because you had Ashley and I was still in denial. But once you started being open about everything again that's when I got really conflicted."

He was listening intently, taking in every word. "So after you got in my ass and made me realize that I was wasting his time and mine because of how I really felt I just thought it was only right. He was kinda bummed but he understood. The first night he met me he thought I was your girl so.."

He grinned at the last part, "Like how that sounds. My girl."

I chuckled and shook my head, "What got you on it so hard all of a sudden? I mean before this school year started you were pretty into Ashley." It was a question that had been plaguing my mind for the past few months.

He smirked, "Quinn I don't think you realize there was never a time when I wasn't on it. But I guess just after all the drama that had gone down over the summer with you and Michael and I realized I could treat you so much better. Then the lap dance..and how much I was still attracted to you in every way. I just allowed the feelings to resurface this time. Didn't wanna ignore it."

"So what's your plan from here on out?" I asked him, taking a bite of mash potatoes.

"To make you my woman. By any means necessary. I mean this a cute little first date and all but it doesn't have anything on what's going down Saturday. I'm just using this to break the ice. Plus I wanted to see you in a dress." He snickered at the last part as I just kissed my teeth.

"Well you better enjoy this while it last. I ain't doing this every date nigga." I warned as he shrugged.

"I'm coo with that. I love you just the way you are." He said simply while digging back into his meal. I stared at him softly wondering how I got so blessed with someone so special. One day I would truly express how much Chris meant to me, in more ways than one.

Speaking of, "So how long until we have sex?" I blurted, causing him to nearly choke on his water. He patted his chest uncontrollably trying to catch his breath. He was so damn extra.

"Excuse me?" He finally asked through a choked breath.

I crossed my eyes, "Nigga you heard me. Doing all that damn coughing."

He chuckled before taking another sip of water, "I don't know. I guess when that time presents itself. I'm just trynna take my time with you girl."

"Okay I can work with that... I just keep thinking about the last time. Wondering what's changed." I said slightly biting my lip. I used to have dreams about the night Chris and I had sex. No one has ever compared.

He flashed a seductive grin, "A lot has changed girl. I just saved all my special s*** for you. These b****es used to get the lazy d*** honestly."

I couldn't contain my laugh before covering my mouth since I was still chewing, "Shut the hell up. Really? You had these hoes fighting over lazy dock?"

He shrugged, "I ain't care. I've only made love to you and that's how I wanted it to stay." As ratchet as this conversation was it was making me smile.

"That's sweet.." I commented as he looked up at me.

"It's love girl. I've never loved anyone else. Don't plan on it either. Just me and you."

"You don't think we gonna mess this up?"

"We gon mess up. But as long as we continue to ride for each other, we'll make it through anything. Believe that."


"Wait here alright baby, gotta do something in my room real quick." Chris said in my ear before pecking my temple and running up the stairs. He had taken me back to the house after our date to have some alone time.

I walked into the living room to find Sean and Wiz in there smoking and playing video games like always.

"Sup niggas." I greeted plopping down on the couch. Wiz attempted to hand me the blunt but I declined. Chris would tear me up.

"Sup Muff. How was your date?" Sean asked lazily, earning a grin from me.

"It was really cool. Place was nice and I enjoyed my company. No complaints my way."

"Yo hoe ass gonna drop them draws on the first date?" He snickered as I flicked him off.

"That means yes." Wiz chimed in as I shoved him since he was my couch mate.

"Y'all some b**** ass niggas man." I groaned as they found humor in my attitude.

"We just playing damn. Acting like you Virgin Mary face ass. We all know you done bust it open for Chris before." Sean added as I rolled my eyes.

"Who I bust it open for is none of your damn business."

Sean nodded, "You damn right. You know what should be your business tho? Why yo home girl ain't bussin it open for me no more! She always trynna act like she hate me or some s***."

I smacked my lips, "She probably does. And she saw you spitting game at Naya on campus last week. Witcha dumb ass."

He feigned hurt, "Man what? That's just my friend."

"Not what we saw on twitter.. She been subtweeting the hell out of you."

"So what y'all hoes majoring in criminology now?! Being detectives n's***. I asked Drea to be exclusive she was acting like she ain't want to so what Imma do?"

I sighed, "Show her different. She’s weird with commitment. If you really like her you'd be different." I advised as he took in my words.

Just then we heard footsteps approaching and we all turned to find Chris standing there.

"Come on love." He called to me, extending his hand for me to take. I smiled sweetly as I accepted and followed him out.

Run It!!