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Damn Good Friends

I lied still, staring up at the ceiling; the feelings of regret and shame ever so present in my soul as I looked over to <a href="">Michael</a>, who lay peacefully sleeping, exhausted from what we just encountered.

I sighed to myself, already disappointed that somehow he was able to get me in his bed, again. Only for the next day and the rest of the week to more than likely not hear from him. I don't know how I always end up in this compromising position, but each time I would hope that something would change. That he actually meant the words he said and really wanted this to be more.

But he never did.

I swallowed the last bit of pride I could muster and carefully removed myself from the bed, ensuring that I didn't wake him.

I threw on my clothes that I had worn to the party that night in haste, and hurried out of his room, making my way downstairs and exiting his house.

He had driven us over here because I rode with my roommates to the party. I kicked myself realizing the time and that the buses stopped running this late. I was in for a long walk home.

The walk could give me some time to clear my head, and truly annualize what all this meant, or just to ridicule myself for not listening to my Better Judgment in the first place.

He was always my Better Judgment.

He gave me that warning look, that he always gives before I run off somewhere with Michael. My hopeless romantic ass always would anyway. Thinking maybe, this time would end differently for me.

I cursed to myself as I continued to walk a fast and steady pace to my house near campus. I wasn't as alarmed as I normally would be walking in the city at this time of night. There was a calm over me.

Just as the feeling came, my phone vibrated against my palm.

I looked at the screen, seeing the goofy pic of him and I as the caller ID for his number. A sigh of relief escaped my lips before I answered it.

"Where you at man! I check ya room and you still not home. It's 3 AM Quinn.." He nagged before I even had a chance to speak.

"Walking on 4th-" I was soon cut off.

"His punk ass got you..." He paused, I assumed taking a deep breath. "I'm on my way."

The call ended and I frowned bracing myself for the lecture to come once I got picked up.

Within five minutes his car pulled up beside <a href="">me</a>, as I reached a stopped sign on the sidewalk. I looked over at his car worriedly as <a href="">he</a> rolled the window down.

"You better get in this car girl.." He smirked while reaching his arm over to open the door for me. I smiled softly before hopping inside. Internally grateful not to have to be on my feet any longer.

I flashed him a fake smile before burying my head deep in my hood and looking out the window. Finally letting the lone tear escape my eye.

Chris was always there to save me in my time of trouble and despair. Maybe if I actually listened to him more often, I wouldn't always end up in this position.

I was thankful for my Better Judgment however, no matter how much I ignored his advice.

"..Wanna talk about it?" He finally asked, breaking the silence that had consumed the vehicle. I shook my head wearily.

I could see him give a nod of understanding through my peripheral vision and allowed the silence to consume us once more.

We reached our house, and Chris pulled up in the alley that led to our backyard to park in the makeshift driveway. He gave a loud and obnoxious yawn while turning the car off as I crossed my eyes at the annoying habit.

We stepped out of the car and I swiftly went to the back door, trying to avoid any glares from Chris about the decision I made tonight.

The house was dark, meaning our other two roommates had retreated to their rooms for the evening.

Good, I thought to myself. Last thing I wanted to hear was their mouths on top of Chris' daggers of disappointing looks.

I didn't wait for Chris to enter before I went upstairs to my room and instantly began stripping my layers of clothing, preparing to wash off all memory of tonight in the shower.

I grabbed my towel and the clothes I planned to wear and waltzed into our bathroom. After my shower, I felt more calm and relaxed and ready to put this Friday night behind me.

As I entered the room, I wasn't at all shocked to see Chris sleeping peacefully on 'his side' of my bed. He was the biggest baby whenever he came home and I wasn't there. Always wanted to be up under me to make sure I was safe and not leave his sight. He's been protective of me like that since we were little.

I shook my head before tossing my towel and dirty clothes in the hamper and jumping into my side of my bed. Chris instantly draped his arm over my torso, careful not to pull me close.

"Goodnight Quinn. Luh you." He said softly while getting himself more comfortable.



Run it!!!! Cant wait to see how quinn and chris date goes :)

Run This !!

lol they r so silly. run it

Awwwwwww, I'm so glad everyone is happy and supportive of them! I hope the date goes well. RUN IT!


Those were awesome adds! I like how Chris' mother reacted to the information and I'm also liking how Quinn is acting. She's nervous yet trying to convince herself that it's "just Chris". Yeah right girly, ain't no such thing as "just Chris"! No denying the want for that amazing man. Run It

God why can't love find me like this!!! Their relationship is Epic! Your writing skills are EPIC!! ....and I think I kinda might almost love this more than fan of a fan. Waiting til the end to declare!! Well you know what to do ma'am! Run it.

Been slacking on my feedback cause I am sick.
But I have been reading. lol

I just love Quinn and Chris.
I knew that uhh "let's just let things flow" approach was NOT going to get it. They are in too deep.

Can I please choke the stupid out of ashley!? If she try some fluke s*** can I please be added to the crew just so I can roundhouse kick her simple ass. smh Anyways..

Sean and Andrea make me laugh..

(I don't remember if I spoke on this or not but...) I am happy she went to her dad. coming home from war is the biggest mind f*** ever. I feel pops pain. I just hope they can continue to grow and he is back to the man he was before hand.

Quinn's grandparents, well grandma, had me rolling. "You need condoms?" I can see my gigi saying something silly like that.

Chris mom is a comedy too. I mean but I knew off bucks she didn't like shawty.

look at sean acting like somebody damn daddy.

I think I covered it all ....
maybe idk.

Just run it love. Can't wait for more.

Oh wow that was a good talk her paw paw gave her. I got a feelin Ashley gon try to mess shiid up. Chris is too sweet I'm glad they are together.
Run It!!!

I love these two together they are my ideal couple and i'm a lil jelly of them. I love their connection and friendship. They make it so simple and cute with their actions and most importantly everything between them is genuine :)
Run ittt!

TWO ADDS! Make sure you read both!

The second one is in Chris POV. Idk why his POV title got deleted :/

Anyway. Sorry I couldn't add on here all weekend. My phone still doesn't let me log in..

Another add coming before the end of the day!

Thank you!

<strongChris POV</strong>

I was in my room ironing my shirt when there was a knock at my door. I looked up to see Sean stepping into the room with a grin on his face.

"Sup nigga. You going out with Muffin tonight?" He asked, sitting my desk chair.

I nodded before flipping my shirt over to iron the back, "Yeah. Got a reservation at Ruth Chris downtown."

His eyes widened, "Nigga for real?! To get a burger there it's like $30!" He exclaimed as I laughed.

"Yeah I know. I wanted to take her somewhere real classy. Show her that I'm for real about this and that she's worth it."

He took in my words, "Man Chris. Please take care of Quinn dawg. Like I know you good and stuff but that's my sister, and I'm protective as s*** over her.."

I snapped my eyes in his direction, "And you think I'm not?"

"Nah that's not what I'm saying. Just when it comes to relationship s***, people are more invested and their hearts on the line. Quinn is the most fragile woman I know, no matter how hard she tries to hide. She loves you like crazy so like..don't disappoint ya know? You fought for this so don't let her down.."

I knew Sean meant well and was coming from a sincere place. Since her father wasn't really around to get in my ass about the decision I was making to date my best friend, he had to be.

I walked over and dapped him up, standing him to his feet. "I got you my nigga. We all know what she's been through and I'm just trying to love her the best way I know how. I got her bruh, don't worry." I assured as he nodded with comfort.

"Ok good. Cuz you know I'll beat yo ass. A nigga done got stronger over the years." He said confidently as I laughed before Wiz barged in the room.

He looked to Sean, "You have the talk wit em?" He asked to make sure as Sean affirmed.

Wiz gave a quick nod, "Ok coo. You mention the part about beatin his ass if he f*** this up?" Sean affirmed again.

Wiz took his answer before turning to dap me up, "Have fun on your date my nigga." He quickly said before exiting out, causing Sean and I to chuckle.

"Y'all crazy as hell man. I got my baby. She good." I smiled as Quinn's face came to mind.

I couldn't wait to see her.

Sean left me as I finished getting dressed. I checked myself over in the mirror a few last times before spraying my body with Usher's cologne and heading out. I hopped in my car and made my way to my parents house before going to Nana's. They didn't live too far from Quinn.

I pulled in the familiar driveway and parked before making my way inside of the house. My parents were both sitting at the kitchen table enjoying dinner.

My mother's eyes glistened at the sight of me before she smiled, "Hi baby! What a surprise." She pulled me into a hug giving me a kiss on the cheek.

After greeting her, I gave my dad a strong hug before we all sat back down at the table.

"You look nice baby. You want some dinner?" My mom questioned preparing to stand up and fix me a plate.

I raised my hand in declination, "Nah. Got a date tonight Ma. So I'm not trying to eat ahead of time." I explained as her eyebrow rose.

"Date? Please don't tell me that lil girl Ashley.." She groaned as I chuckled and shook my head.

"Thought I told y'all I broke up with her."

Her eyes widened, "Did you?" She placed her hand over her chest. "Thank God. Did not like her."

My Dad and I chuckled. He spoke, "I thought she was alright Tam. She was cute." He shrugged as she turned up her nose.

"She was alright. Pretty eyes. Ugly personality. Didn't like her. I don't like none of the girls Christopher brings around." She groaned as I smirked and shook my head.

"Bet you'll like this girl.." I said as they both looked to me for an explanation.

"We know her?" My dad questioned as I nodded.

"It's Quinn.." My mom gasped and clapped with glee at the mere mention of her name.

"Yeess! My Muffin! Are you serious right now?! I don't have time for games.." She said looking to me for confirmation.

"I'm serious. I finally convinced her to go out with me." She squealed with excitement before pulling me into a hug.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so happy!" She said clasping her hands in front of her lips in a praying motion.

"Ma, you're so corny man. It's not that deep." I chuckled as she fanned me off.

"I'm sorry. I just love Quinn! I always knew y'all loved each other. That's my baby. You better treat her right Chris. You know what that girl has been through."

My dad nodded in agreement, "For real. You can't treat her like you treat these other girls. She really-"

I cut him off, "Man y'all sound like Cam and Sean. I know what I'm doing. I really care a lot about Quinn. I always have, y'all know this. She's safe with me. I'm going to make sure of it." I told them as they smiled with satisfaction.

"You taking her somewhere special?" My mom asked as I nodded.

"Yes. I'm going to show her a good and genuine night. I want her to see me in a different light you know? See my romantic side. I feel like she still views me as just her best friend. I want things to be more intimate." I blushed as my mom couldn't hide her toothy smiled. I knew she would be overjoyed about this.

"You've always known how to take care of her Chris. Tonight will be no different." She rubbed gently on my arm as I smiled.

"Thanks Ma."

I chatted with them for a little while longer before checking my watch; I was supposed to meet Quinn at her house soon.

I stood to leave, "Alright well I need to go pick up my Queen. We'll probably be over Sunday to hang with y'all." I informed as they both stood to give me hugs and see me off.

After getting inside my car, I called up Quinn to let her know I was in route.

She answered while I was backing out of the driveway, "You better not be calling to say that you're running late."

I chuckled, "Never. I'm actually letting you know I'm leaving my moms so I should be there soon."

I heard a sigh of relief on the other end, "Okay good because Nana over here askin all dem questions.." She mimicked the last part in Emmanuel Hudson's voice.

"What she asking?" I grinned in humor as I heard her smack her lips.

"Like if I got condoms and if I want her to buy the day after pill and all of this other crazy s***! I'm like who the hell you been talking to Nana and why you think I'm having sex tonight on the first date! Like..the hell?" I was cracking up picturing Nana questioning Quinn about this. She didn't play.

"She said she know you gonna come over here looking all good and stuff and I may not be able to control myself. I can't." She groaned as I couldn't stop laughing.

"Man I'm about to feel awkward as f*** now." I chuckled as she did too.

"Man I hope you do! Cause I sure as hell did. s***."

I grinned at the sound of her voice, "I'm ready to see yo ass man. I miss you."

She scoffed, "You're soft. Cut that sucka s*** before this date G."

I laughed, "Well damn. You want me over there calling you b****es n's***? Will you want me back then?"

I could hear the smirk in her tone, "Only call me a b**** when you slapping my ass and yanking my hair while I'm throwin dat ass back." The hint of seduction in her voice caused the hairs on the back of my neck to rise.

"You're a lil freak man! What am I getting myself into?" I asked rhetorically as she snickered.

"You have no idea," She flirted. "Now bring your ass and save me from these old people."

I snorted, "Be there in five."

"I'm about to quarterback this s***." Chris spoke. We were lying on our backs, staring at the ceiling in his old and now empty room. Messing with everyone came to no avail as they had all dispersed to their rooms to have sex.

My hands rested comfortably on my belly as I turned my head, cheek to carpet, looking at Chris.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. His question had been random in the midst of a peaceful silence.

"Me and you. I'm about to quarterback this s***. Take control. We ain't doing this right."

I chuckled a little, turning my head back to ceiling. "We don't know what the f*** we're doing.."

"Exactly. And we should. You making this harder than it has to be and I'm letting you. That s*** ends tonight." He said firmly as I felt my heartbeat quicken. His take charge attitude was exciting me.

" what's your game plan?" I smirked as he smiled at my choice of words.

"First? We're going on a date." My eyes widened upon hearing the last word.

"Date? Like where and what? Me and you do all the typical standard s***. If it's like that we've been on plenty of dates." I informed as he shook his head.

"Nah. This one gonna be special. Already got it worked out in my mind. I got a real date planned for Saturday now since we ain't gonna be kickin it with other people. Tomorrow night though? I'm taking you to dinner or something."

I took in his words, "Like somewhere on campus?"

He scoffed, "Man of course not. Somewhere nice. And classy. So you have to dress up."

I groaned, "Whhhyyy Chris?! I don't feel like being a girl tomorrow."

He laughed, "Man you about to cut all that s***. You gonna be a girl, a sexy ass girl at that, and you're going to like it."

I sighed, giving up the fight. "Ugh. I guess."

I began to get curious about Saturday's date, "Tell me where we're going Saturday.." I begged as he grinned and shook his head.

"Nope. You'll need an overnight bag though."

My eyebrows sunk to the middle of my forehead, "Excuse me? You taking me out the city somewhere?!"

He found amusement in my reaction and turned his head towards me, "One of these days you gonna trust me to just go with the flow. I got you baby. Relax. And pack a damn bag."

A smile played at my lips before I snuck a kiss on his. "Aight. My bag will be packed."


"Ugh none of this s*** is cute." I groaned to Drea as we walked through Forever 21. She chuckled.

"Look at where we are. You lookin through forever for something to wear on a classy date. We need to go to Bebe or Cache. Not this bulls***." She replied tugging a cheap looking dress on the rack.

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair, "I don't know why I'm even stressing. It's just Chris."

She giggled, "Aka the love of your life. You need to stop looking at him as just Chris. Shantae was ready to hop on that. Hell any woman would. He's a sweetheart and he's bound to be successful.." Her face fell as I looked in the direction she was. I rolled my eyes.

"You guys need help with anything?" Ashley smirked, walking up to us with her arms crossed. I forgot she worked here. I almost forgot she even existed.

"Nah we're good." I answered flatly, pretending to be interested in a sweater.

"Don't be like that Quinn.." She said in a humor as I snapped my eyes at her.

"Don't be like what? The only reason why I ever associated with you is because of Chris. Now that he isn't the link between us, we have nothing to talk about."

She raised a curious brow, "Oh he isn't? That's what he told you?" She was f***in with me. I know Chris hasn't been talking to this psycho b****.

"Be gone Ashley." Andrea spoke stepping to the side of me that stood next to her.

She smirked, "I will. For now." She walked away and I kissed my teeth.

"Why he have to mess with a crazy b****? I swear light skin b****es are sketchy as f***." I snapped causing Drea to laugh.

"Come on, lets get out of this wack ass store and find something for real for you to wear." She encouraged as I took the bait to leave.



Quinn studied herself in the mirror, trying to get her hair perfect. Chris was going to be picking her up from her Nana's shortly and she wanted to make sure she looked presentable.

Nervous wasn't even the word.

There was a soft knock at her bedroom door and she granted that person permission to enter. She smiled warmly at the sight of her Paw
Paw. She loved her some him.

"Hey old man." She greeted as he walked up and kissed her on her temple. Chris has actually picked up that habit from him. He used to watch the way Quinn would find comfort in the action.

"Hey beautiful. Going somewhere special?" He asked before giving a slight grunt while seating himself on her bed. She chuckled at his old age.

"Yes. I have a date tonight." She sang as his eyes showed concern.

"Date? With who? That skater lookin boy?" He asked referring to Karter. She shook her head.

"Chris." His eyebrows rose.

"Really? Your grandmother know about this?" He asked as she giggled and nodded.

"Yes Paw Paw. She encouraged it actually."

His hard expression soon turned into a soft smile. "Well good. It's about time you gave that boy the time. As much as he loves being around you every second of every day." He teased shaking his head. Chris had been over there every day. Quinn had to practically force him away so they could get ready for their date tonight.

"He's a good guy Paw Paw. I just want everything to go smoothly and I'm not trying to mess it up." She expressed to her grandparent as he stood to his feet. He placed his strong hands on her shoulders, leveling his head with hers, and looked at the mirror as she met his eyes in the reflection.

"See this little lady right here? She is a strong, beautiful, intelligent and genuine young woman. What she needs to understand that with true love, nothing comes easy and nothing is perfect. You want to know why?" She nodded in response.

"Because God is love. And anything that represents Him in the purest of form is going to get tested, because the enemy doesn't want it's beauty to manifest. You're a fighter Quinn. You're just fighting for the wrong team. Fight for love. Not against it." He smirked and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Love you baby. Finish getting ready." He said to her before shuffling his way out of her room. She smiled at his back before looking to the mirror.

<em>Maybe I should start with myself</em>, she thought while staring at her mirrored image.

"I love you.." She whispered.

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I love this story. every piece of it. Chris and
Quinn need to stop bulls***ting on each other and make it official. like wtf they waiting for? so what if chris just broke up with Ashley. he aint care about her foreal anyway.

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