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Damn Good Friends

I lied still, staring up at the ceiling; the feelings of regret and shame ever so present in my soul as I looked over to <a href="">Michael</a>, who lay peacefully sleeping, exhausted from what we just encountered.

I sighed to myself, already disappointed that somehow he was able to get me in his bed, again. Only for the next day and the rest of the week to more than likely not hear from him. I don't know how I always end up in this compromising position, but each time I would hope that something would change. That he actually meant the words he said and really wanted this to be more.

But he never did.

I swallowed the last bit of pride I could muster and carefully removed myself from the bed, ensuring that I didn't wake him.

I threw on my clothes that I had worn to the party that night in haste, and hurried out of his room, making my way downstairs and exiting his house.

He had driven us over here because I rode with my roommates to the party. I kicked myself realizing the time and that the buses stopped running this late. I was in for a long walk home.

The walk could give me some time to clear my head, and truly annualize what all this meant, or just to ridicule myself for not listening to my Better Judgment in the first place.

He was always my Better Judgment.

He gave me that warning look, that he always gives before I run off somewhere with Michael. My hopeless romantic ass always would anyway. Thinking maybe, this time would end differently for me.

I cursed to myself as I continued to walk a fast and steady pace to my house near campus. I wasn't as alarmed as I normally would be walking in the city at this time of night. There was a calm over me.

Just as the feeling came, my phone vibrated against my palm.

I looked at the screen, seeing the goofy pic of him and I as the caller ID for his number. A sigh of relief escaped my lips before I answered it.

"Where you at man! I check ya room and you still not home. It's 3 AM Quinn.." He nagged before I even had a chance to speak.

"Walking on 4th-" I was soon cut off.

"His punk ass got you..." He paused, I assumed taking a deep breath. "I'm on my way."

The call ended and I frowned bracing myself for the lecture to come once I got picked up.

Within five minutes his car pulled up beside <a href="">me</a>, as I reached a stopped sign on the sidewalk. I looked over at his car worriedly as <a href="">he</a> rolled the window down.

"You better get in this car girl.." He smirked while reaching his arm over to open the door for me. I smiled softly before hopping inside. Internally grateful not to have to be on my feet any longer.

I flashed him a fake smile before burying my head deep in my hood and looking out the window. Finally letting the lone tear escape my eye.

Chris was always there to save me in my time of trouble and despair. Maybe if I actually listened to him more often, I wouldn't always end up in this position.

I was thankful for my Better Judgment however, no matter how much I ignored his advice.

"..Wanna talk about it?" He finally asked, breaking the silence that had consumed the vehicle. I shook my head wearily.

I could see him give a nod of understanding through my peripheral vision and allowed the silence to consume us once more.

We reached our house, and Chris pulled up in the alley that led to our backyard to park in the makeshift driveway. He gave a loud and obnoxious yawn while turning the car off as I crossed my eyes at the annoying habit.

We stepped out of the car and I swiftly went to the back door, trying to avoid any glares from Chris about the decision I made tonight.

The house was dark, meaning our other two roommates had retreated to their rooms for the evening.

Good, I thought to myself. Last thing I wanted to hear was their mouths on top of Chris' daggers of disappointing looks.

I didn't wait for Chris to enter before I went upstairs to my room and instantly began stripping my layers of clothing, preparing to wash off all memory of tonight in the shower.

I grabbed my towel and the clothes I planned to wear and waltzed into our bathroom. After my shower, I felt more calm and relaxed and ready to put this Friday night behind me.

As I entered the room, I wasn't at all shocked to see Chris sleeping peacefully on 'his side' of my bed. He was the biggest baby whenever he came home and I wasn't there. Always wanted to be up under me to make sure I was safe and not leave his sight. He's been protective of me like that since we were little.

I shook my head before tossing my towel and dirty clothes in the hamper and jumping into my side of my bed. Chris instantly draped his arm over my torso, careful not to pull me close.

"Goodnight Quinn. Luh you." He said softly while getting himself more comfortable.



Ooooooooohhhhhh!!!!! That was a little hot!! Had me like zaaaamn! Lol loving this!!! RUN IT!!!

Tiiiiaaaaaaa! Hi baby! :)

<a href="">Chris</a> stepped into the house, sniffing his nose from the cold. He walked down the hall and was soon greeted by Wiz at the other end.

"Muff's in your room." He informed as Chris nodded before turning on his heels to head to the staircase. Reaching the top, he noticed his door was slightly cracked. He quieted his movement and peaked in to see <a href="">Quinn</a> sleeping peacefully on his bed, her chest heaving in and out with each breath and mouth slightly ajar.

His smiled to himself before gently opening the door and tip toeing in his room, careful not to wake her. He set his book bag next to his desk and walked over to the side of the bed Quinn was sleeping on.

Giggling softly, he retrieved his phone from his pocket and went to the camera to take a picture of the sight before him. Prior to doing so, he playfully stuck his index finger at the tip of her left nostril.

He snapped the picture, trying to contain his laughter and quickly went to upload it.

<em>My Sleeping Beauty ;)</em>

He held his fist to his mouth to prevent himself from laughing out loud knowing she was going to be pissed when she saw it.

Chris then walked to the other side of the bed and crawled on-top to snuggle under Quinn. He dug his face into her neck and playfully placed kisses all over, while wrapping his arms around her frame.

"Reeeessee." She groaned, squirming from his affection in her sleep.

"Wake up girl." He said in her shoulder as she smiled before shaking her head, eyes still closed.

"I don't wanna." She pouted in a sleepy voice.

"Come on, I missed you all day." He cooed before placing sweet gentle kisses on her ear. She shivered at the touch.

"Ooh, yo freaky ass like that? Let me find out what else you like." Chris smirked before beginning to suck on her earlobe. Her mouth dropped in response to the action, and she lifted her shoulder to prevent him from continuing.

She finally opened her eyes and turned her face towards him, "Ok I'm awake."

He smiled with accomplishment before placing a peck on her lips. He then turned up his nose.

"You need some chapstick baby. Finna slice a niggas lips off!" He groaned before sloppily licking her lips as she growled in response.

"Ugh Chris really?!" She cried while rubbing the back of her hand over her lips causing Chris to erupt with laughter.

"They needed some moisture Quinn, damn!" He defended as she grabbed the pillow behind her head and began pounding him with it.

"Oh you don't want these problems girl!" Chris said raising his arms in defense. He grabbed the spare pillow on his bed and then locked Quinn's wrist under his grip. Her eyes widened in fear.

"I was just playin!! Pleaaaseee! You don't fight fair!" She squealed trying to free her wrist as Chris smirked in satisfaction.

He let her wrist go, "Yeah that's what I thou-"

Before he could finish, Quinn had smacked him dead in the face with the pillow. He sat with his mouth dropped, in shock she had just hit him that hard.

She fell back in a fit of laughter before Chris scoffed in disbelief before straddling her.

She quieted her laughter down as she looked up at him; in awe of his entire being.

"You're so handsome." She complimented with a smile of innocence as Chris smacked his teeth.

"Man don't try to butter me up to prevent me from getting in that ass." He countered as she grinned before shaking her head.

"I'm not. I can stare at you all day." She confessed, softening as he did too.

"Gimme kiss," She said in a baby voice poking her lips out.

He happily obliged before bending down and pecking her lips gingerly, "Lucky I luhh you. Crusty ass lips."

She slapped his arm as he laughed and kissed her one last time, allowing it to linger before removing his lips.

She stroked his face with her fingers while looking up at him, "How were finals?"

He shrugged, "Easy to me. I love taking tests."

She chuckled, "Dork ass."

He grinned before sitting up completely as she still laid flat, not taking her eyes off of him.

"I ran into Tae today.." He informed as she furrowed her brows in wonder.

"Word? What happened?"

He raised his shoulder in a nonchalant manner, "She wasn't mad surprisingly. Said she understood. Invited me to her fashion show this weekend."

She squinted her eyes, "As like what? Just y'all? Or was she inviting all of us?"

He smirked, "Just me. She wants me to be her mancandy." He informed, using the phrase she had earlier.

Before Quinn could counter there was a light knock at the door before it opened. Sean.

"Aye we about to crack open this bottle. Y'all down?" He asked as Chris and Quinn both looked at each other before looking back at Sean.

"Yea." They answered in unison, preparing to get up from the bed.


I eyed Chris suspiciously while sipping on my mixed drink. I was three shots in and beginning to feel the affects of the liquor.

"Girl if looks could kill.." Andrea said uneasily. She, Amber and I were all in the kitchen while the boys were in the living room talking loud and being drunks. Chris would look back occasionally smiling sweetly, but I wasn't buying that s***.

"Yea," Amber added, taking a sip out of her cup. "You've been muggin Chris all night."

I sighed, "He's about to be Tae's date somewhere."

They both gave me blank faces. Andrea spoke up, "Ok..what's wrong with that? Y'all not together yet and you said earlier you was cool with it."

I huffed, "Yeah for a new b****! Not no old b**** that was sucking his d***! I ain't feeling it man. And idk if I should say something."

Amber furrowed her brow, "But didn't you just say how you're going with Karter somewhere this weekend?"

"Yeah. So?"

She laughed. "Then you can't say s*** Quinn! If you can kick it with Karter, Chris can hang out with Shantae."

Andrea smirked, "Witcho insecure ass."

I cut my eyes, "b****. I am not insecure. I know my baby ain't-"

Amber giggled, "Ooooh your baby huh? You calling Breezy your baby now?"

I rolled my eyes as the two of them laughed and finished the drink in my cup. My throat burned as the liquor made it's way to my belly. I decided to leave these hoes and join the boys in the living room.

I sat next to Chris, crossing my legs and then my arms over my chest. He was laughing at something Sean was saying before he turned and grinned at me.

"Sup sexy." He greeted, his eyes low from his drunken state.

"Don't sup sexy me." I snapped quietly so I wouldn't be heard. I'm sure Wiz and Sean could care less about our conversation now that their girls had joined them.

Chris looked confused, "Huh? What I do?"

"Nothing." His eyes widened, seriously trying to piece together what he did wrong in the past 10 seconds.

"So...." I started, wagging my foot back and forth. "How did Shantae look today? Pretty?"

He shrugged his shoulders, not taking his eyes off me. "Uh, I don't know, she was straight. Why? Who gives a f***?"

"Apparently you since you agreed to be her date this weekend."

His eyebrows sunk to the middle of his forehead. "Who calling it a date? She just wanna flaunt me I guess.."

I kissed my teeth, "And you're cool with that?"

He chuckled in humor, "Why wouldn't I be? I'm somebody's Man Crush Monday every week."

I rolled my eyes before standing to my feet, "You're so dumb."

I could feel him on my heels as I hazily went to the kitchen to fix me another drink. The minute I grabbed the bottle, he took it from my hand.

"Yeah, you've had one too many of these.."

I kissed my teeth before taking the bottle back, "I'm not a baby Chris!"

He scoffed, "Sure as hell acting like one throwing tantrums and starting arguments. What's up? I thought you wasn't gonna trip.."

I took my eyes off him to avoid his stare. I could feel him smirking before he grabbed my hands, "That baby jealous? Huh? You want me all to yourself..?"

I bit the inside of my cheek to avoid the smile that wanted to appear. He laughed at the expression.

"Say the word Quinn and I won't be her date. Or anyone else's. I just wanna be yours.." He said the last part softly which caused my womanhood to tingle.

He leaned in and began to place soft kisses on my neck while wrapping his long arms around my waist. How could he always tell when I'm turned on by him.

"Tell me you want me to be yours.." He hissed in my ears as I closed my eyes. His kisses were sending my body into a frenzy.

"Stop.." I begged, as he snaked his hands under my shirt, rubbing my sides while sucking on my neck.

"You don't want me to." He whispered before looking into my eyes. I felt fever in my cheeks.

"You really gonna go out with her?" I asked softly as he flashed a seductive smirk.

"You gonna hang with Karter?"

I was melting under his brown orbs, "...No."

"Then f*** Tae." He shrugged as I shoved him in his stomach.

"Please do not use f*** and Tae in the same sentence."

He giggled, dodging his body from anymore of my hits. He grabbed the bottle in his reach.

"Come on you wanna take some more shots?" He asked me, slightly losing balance. We were about to be too done.

"Yeah. Lets secretly get drunk and mess with people." I concocted as he chuckled childishly at the thought.


Well I'm glad they are on the same page.
Run It!!!

Run it

ummm hope it dont backfire
for some reason maybe karter and shae will be good for each other ?

run it!

lol, they are both adorable! RUN IT!

Run ittt!

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! YOU GOTTA NEW STORY?! I slick haven't been on here in FOREVER! Soooooooooooooooo *starts reading*

So I finally caught up and when I say HOLY f***ING s***, I mean it! Girl you have a way with playing with my emotions. First Karter is all perfect and awesome. Chris is giving up on everything he feels for Quinn. Quinn breaking a b**** face in the club. Sean smashing Andrea (kinda saw that one coming though). MAN!!! I was honestly dying laughing when I found out how Quinn got her nickname. I'm glad she forgave her father, that was huge of her to be able to do such a thing, plus she needed to let go. Because pushing Chris away ain't the business. I almost broke my hand from celebrating when she finally admitted to Chris how she felt. Stupid f***ing cement ass wall. No worries though, I made it out of that situation alive with 9 perfectly good fingers. Anyways, this new add has me a little iffy. Not so much on Quinn's side but Chris's. Yeah I know they can see other people and stuff but why would you even chance f***ing up what you really REALLY want? He didn't even bother bringing up the fact that Quinn and him were talking on a romantic type of level. To me he's giving false hope. He should at least give her a heads up that though they can kick it, it might not be what she's expecting or hoping for because of his deep rooted feelings for Quinn. Run IT!

run it

they need to seriously get it together. run it

You are very welcome i gotta give credit where it's due!

but man I don't like that they can still talk to other people it just makes things confusing and makes it easier for someone to get hurt..most likely Tae since she's the only one oblivious to the whole situation between Quinn and Chris..but please continue to run!!

run it!!!

Yo these are some confused ass individuals lol
But I understand they don't wanna rush into anything.
I should like karter and tae because their good people but I kinda just want them to go away. lol

Idk man!
Run It!!!!!! they're taking steps back!! Lol..damn Karter and Tae!! Lol


“Okay so,” <a href="">She</a> said studying me close across the table. “Please explain this whole situation with Chris. Sean was saying something, but I’m completely confused.”

I chuckled at Drea as we sat at table in the student center in between final exams. Winter break was approaching and this was the first time we really had a chance to ourselves.

“We’re just enjoying each other’s company right now. Not rushing into anything. Free to date other people if we want. Just going with the flow.”

Her eyebrow rose, “Free to date other people?”

I nodded, “Yeah. Like I’m not ready to make this exclusive until we’re both concrete about the timing. We’re young and Chris is gearing up for the title, so I’m not trynna hold him back. He’s got a lot to focus on and he just got out of a long relationship. That’s why I chose to stay at my Nana’s until Spring Semester starts, just to give that space.”

She took in my words, but still maintained her uncertainty, “So what you gonna do if another broad push on him? And he gives her the time of day?”

I shrugged, “Let him live his life. Above everything I want my friend. He’ll be my friend forever. I’m in no rush to complicate things. I’m just now even able to admit that my feelings run deeper. I need baby steps into this thing, because I know once we’re in, neither one of us is getting out.”

She smirked, “I can respect that. It is a lot on the line once ya’ll get serious. I’m just worried how you gon respond when these b****es roll up on em, and he let’s them.”

“I know that regardless of who he gives the time of day, it won’t compare to his feelings for me. I’m just chilling right now, waiting for everything to feel just right. All of it will fall into place. I’m not concerned.”

She chuckled and sipped her soda before a familiar <a href="">face</a> approached our table.

“Hey Quinnberly, Hey Drea.” Karter greeted pulling up a chair next to me. I leaned in for a hug as he returned it.

“How finals going for ya’ll?” He asked, running his hand down his face. We found humor in his expression.

“Kicking my ASS.” Drea groaned as Karter agreed.

“I know right?! Questions about s*** I never even learned dawg.” Karter stressed as Drea and I laughed. She looked at her watch before cursing.

“Welp, I gotta get going ya’ll. Have a test in fifteen minutes.” She groaned, gathering all of her things and putting on her Northface coat. We waived her off as she swiftly went her way.

Karter got up to steal her old seat so he was sitting across from me, “So what’s up punk? How you been?” He questioned as I smiled softly.

“Been good. Talked to Quincy.” His eyes widened.

“Wow you actually did it? That’s big. What about Chris?” He studied me close, trying to read my answer before I gave it to him.

“We’re good. Taking things day by day. Not doing the relationship thing at the moment, but we’ll get there.” He gently bit his lip before nodding with a smirk.

“I feel it. So he wouldn’t feel no kinda way about us hanging out from time to time then?” He asked hopeful as I just laughed. I knew Karter missed my company; I missed his too.

“I miss you too Karter, sheesh. Yeah we can chill. What you trynna do?” I asked, opening up my bottle of apple juice to take a sip.

He pondered for a moment, “I have this mural I gotta draw for an associate this weekend. You can roll with me to that.” He suggested as I got excited. Karter was a really good artist, so any chance he had to show off his skills, I wanted in.

“I’m there.”


“I need a blunt!” Sean groaned, as Chris and Wiz laughed at their friend. They had met up after a final exam to grab lunch at one of the many food centers on campus.

Wiz nodded, “Yeah, that chemistry exam I just took, may have f***ed up my 3.4 GPA.” He shook his head as Chris shrugged his shoulders.

“Ya’ll just dumb as f***. I aced my s***.” He bragged as <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Sean and Wiz</a> both stopped to shoot dirty looks in his direction causing him to laugh.

“You and Quinn man. f***in nerds.” Sean said shaking his head as they continued to walk.

“Speaking of,” Wiz started looking at his athletic friend. “What’s up with you and little homie? You tell her to bring her ass back home?”

Chris revealed a toothy grin, raising his sweats that were sliding off of his waist, “Nah. She staying with Nana until January. And we chilling right now. I’m working towards making it official in due time though.”

Sean raised a brow, “So ya’ll not? What that mean for ya’ll now? You can still f*** around?”

Chris shrugged, “I mean. I got the freedom to. But ain’t nobody really catching my eye. Tae was the only one that was real dope, but I don’t think she f***in with me. I ain’t try to make things right when she left the last time I saw her.”

Wiz nodded before he stopped and tapped Chris on his shoulder before motioning his head in a certain direction, “Guess you got ya chance now. She over there.”

Chris looked in the direction he mentioned, and sure enough there was <a href="">Shantae</a> writing notes at the table she was sitting at. He wondered then if she was a loner; he never really saw her with anyone.

He looked to his friends, “You think I should? I’m really not trynna piss Quinn off right now. We just got back cool.”

Sean shrugged, “I mean you said ya’ll ain’t nothing serious. I’m pretty sure she knows what’s up. Ain’t nothing wrong with you having a friend. She probably still talks to Karter.”

Chris took in his words, realizing he had a point. Shantae wasn’t a bad person, and she was always good company. Plus he felt like s***, and didn’t want her to get the wrong impression about him. He wasn’t an a**hole.

He dapped up Sean and Wiz both, “Aight. I’mma go holla at shorty and meet ya’ll at the crib.” They accepted and continued on their way as Chris walked slowly up to Tae’s table.

She felt a presence approach, so she looked up. He was surprised to see her smile instead of frown when their eyes met.

“Do I need to wear a name tag now? To make sure you get it right?” She teased, as Chris felt his tense body relax.

He rubbed the back of his neck uneasily, “Yeah. I’m really sorry about that… I just..”

She cut him off, “I know you were just still upset about her moving out. We shouldn’t have been rushing things anyway. All is cool. Just thought you would’ve hit me up or something by now.”

Hit bit the inside of his cheek in embarrassment, “My fault. I thought you ain’t want nothing to do with me.” He expressed taking a seat next to her.

She giggled and shook her head, “Under the circumstances I was kinda embarrassed. But it was kinda good it happened. We had only really known each other for like a month and we would’ve rushed it. I didn’t want you to think less of me. I normally don’t operate like that.”

He nodded, “Yeah me either. I was with my last girl for a year and we never took it that far. I’m more careful.”

She smiled at his innocence, “Me too.”

There was a slightly awkward silence before Shantae chose to speak again, “So what? We making up? Because I really miss being around you.” She confessed as Chris shot his eyes at her.

“For real?”

She nodded. “For real. I got this fashion show I’m doing this weekend. You wanna tag along? Be my mancandy?” She questioned with hopeful eyes as Chris found humor in her expression. It was just a friendly outing, why not?

“Yeah, I think I can work something out.”

Finally caught up!!!

I am so glad Quinn was finally able to come to terms with her true feelings for Chris..Her moving out was just her being dramatic as always lol

Karter!! he is just so awesome. He was able to accept that Quinn was definitely tryna force herself into believing and feeling some type of way about her and Chris' relationship. I respect him 1) because he was able to help her to come to terms with her feelings for Chris. 2) because he helped her to realize that she needed to forgive her father.. which she was able to face him which NO ONE had been able to get her to do ever! 3) because he still wants to stick around and be the friend that she needs

TAE lmao!! at the scene where they was finna have sex.. smh well she was cute while it lasted..*shrugs*

Lastly, CHRIS.. I know that he is just too excited and happy that he has his bestie back lol.. And also that she has finally admitted that the love that they have for each other goes far deeper than just frienship. I cant wait to see more from them! this is the moment that I have been waiting on. I just hope that Chris can keep his promise.. and also assure Quinn that she is not making a mistake..i have faith that he wont have trouble doing that.

I love your work! cant wait to read more..RUN IT! :)

cute couple
now im just waiting on the clowning and the finally they will receive from their crew
run it!

Run it

Quinn's a freak!!!! Lol..I like how's she's coming to terms with her feelings now...she needs to give him a chance

Run It!!

That was a cute add
I love these to together lol
it's weird how much I love them together
I fan girl over quinnstopher lol

I can't wait for the day Quinn says those 3 magical words to chris

Run it!!

Beautiful add.

I love how far they've come and the pace they're moving in. Their relationship is so natural and I love the way they're so comfortable around each other. Clippin' toe nails and s***. Too cute! Chris is a character, but they're perfect for each other. Perfect balance.

Though I do feel sorry for Tae, I was actually rooting for their relationship not to fail...while still hoping Chris and Muff got together too. Lol! I feel like this won't be the last of her or Karter though.

I'm glad muffin was able to squash things between her and her father. I hope their relationship grows positively flm here on out. Every girl deserves a father. Wonder if he and Chris will ever meet again in this story and how that would go down.

Bomb ass story, girl!

Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun it.

loveebibi: Your comment made me smile so hard! Thank you so much love! Happy you chose not to be silent!

Lol and I got told that for FOAF too that I write Chris well. I just go off what my friend tells me about him (since she's hung out with him a few times) and videos of him and interviews. He seems so goofy lol.

Thanks for the love guys!!

"This was not a part of the deal my nigga." I groaned clipping Chris' toe nails as he shushed me. He was watching Looney Tunes on the television in my room. Neither one of us could really sleep so we stayed up and somehow I ended up giving him a pedicure.

He laughed stupidly, tilting his head back, at Elmer Fud shooting Daffy Duck in the face. So childish.

"You've always had nice feet." I commented, beginning to file his nails down. He broke his eyes away from the TV to look down at my work, wiggling his toes.

"I do don't I? Look better than yo dragon fee-OW!" I pinched his pinky toe with my clipper before he could finish his insult.

"Can't never give you no damn compliment man. Always gotta ruin it." I shook my head as he pouted before rubbing his injured toe.

"You evil Quinn." He whined as I chuckled to myself, regaining focus.

He let out a loud obnoxious yawn, "Man I think I'm starting to get sleepy now. The sun about to rise and s***.."

I looked towards the window realizing he was right, exhaustion suddenly hitting me. "Yeah you're right. I'm just about done. We can crash after this."

He nodded before looking peacefully down at my frame. "I can do this forever."

"What?" I asked before blowing the dust off his foot.

"Just this. Hanging with my favorite person every day. Staying up all night. Getting catered to. Laughing. The simple s***."

I grinned, "Ain't gonna be much simple s*** when you go pro."

He was quiet for a moment, "You really think I could go pro Muffin? Like for real?" He asked sincerely as I nodded with ease.

"Of course. I think you can go pro and really become a legend Chris. Break all types of records. You're just so passionate and dedicated to what you do. I only see you becoming stronger as the years go on. College ball is only the beginning." I explained, examining the toe I was working on.

"Wherever I go you coming with me. I'm not going to be one of those people who get drafted and change. You, Sean and Wiz all gonna be rolling with me." He said confidently as I smirked at the thought.

"Well that's a few years from now. Let’s just focus on getting through the second half of junior year. Education comes first." I lectured, earning a chuckle from him.

"Yes mother." He teased.

I blew over his feet one last time before dusting them off, "All done."

He began wagging his big toe near my face, "Kiisss itt!"

My nose turned up, "f*** I look like?!"

He grinned childishly, "Someone who wants to lick my toes."

I pushed his foot away from my face, "Nah. Only capable of doing that when I'm getting freaky and after a shower has been taken."

His mouth dropped, "You be suckin on toes Quinn for real?!"

I giggled, "I'd make you nut off suckin on your toe."

He smacked his teeth, "Yea right. That s*** don't do nothing."

I raised a brow, "It don't?" He shook his head.

I sat next to him on the bed and extended my hand, "Give me your index finger."

He looked hesitantly, "For what?"

I rolled my eyes and snatched his hand without permission. He watched me closely as I took his index finger and engulfed it with my warm mouth, swirling my tongue sensually around the tip. I slid his finger slowly in and out, causing his mouth to drop with pleasure.

"Shiitt.." He hissed as I sucked even softer, steadying my pace. His legs were fidgeting as I stared into his eyes, caressing the tip with my teeth; I knew he was on the verge of an orgasm.

I stopped abruptly, leading him to snap out of his peak, and flashed a sly grin in his direction.

"Talk that s*** now." I said softly before kissing his cheek and giggling as I climbed underneath my covers.

He was still frozen in the same spot for a few more seconds. "Quit being stuck nigga and get under these covers." I teased, using my remote to turn the TV off and reaching for my lamp switch.

He turned and smiled softly at me before gently climbing in bed next to me.

"I had to calm down. Witcho freaky ass." He paused. "You really do that on toes?"

I chuckled at his inquisition, "I'd only do it on your toes Reese." I sighed snuggling up under him.

He pulled me closer in his arms and rested his cheek on the top of my head, "I missed you man. Don't ever run from me again ok? I was about to lose my damn mind."

"..I wanted to give you a chance to find happiness with Tae."

"Tae was cool. And I probably could have, but she couldn't make me forget about you. I said all that s*** in the kitchen to piss you off."

"You always saying something to piss me off."

He smacked his lips, "Yeah cuz you be needing a reality check sometimes. I love yo ass but I ain't about to be stupid over yo ass. If you were any other girl I swear.."

I snuggled closer, sighing peacefully "Yea but I'm not."

I could feel his smile, “Yeah you’re not. You’re my only Quinn Muffin Marie..” He cooed as I kissed my teeth.
A soft chuckle then erupted from my chest. “You’re so f***in corny dude, I swear.”

“You love my corny ass, so whatever.”

“Nah, I can’t stand your corny ass. Get it right.” I retorted as he pinched my arm, causing me to giggle and try to escape from his strong hold. He kept pinching me all over.

“Alright alright!” I surrendered.

“Alright what?”

I sighed, “Alright, I can stand you.” I smirked, knowing what he was wanting to hear. I wasn’t ready to say it just yet.

“I know you love me Quinn, you don’t have to say it. You wouldn’t have broken up with Karter if you didn’t.” He said softly, relaxing his body to become more comfortable. Sleep was on its way to consume him. I bit the corner of my lip with Karter in mind.

I just pray I’m not making a mistake.

Chris turned his body to face me and nuzzled his nose into my neck while wrapping his arms around my body; this was his favorite sleeping position. “Stop thinking so hard and go to sleep. I’m going to take care of you. Just trust me to.”

A peace overcame my being, and I grinned before kissing Chris on the bridge of his nose. His eyes were closed, but he smiled at my gesture, revealing his dimple.

<em>I love you more than you know…</em> I thought to myself, hoping one day I would be strong enough to voice it.

This story is everything!!!

RUN IT!!!!

run it!!!! I'm so happy she talked to her dad and Chris