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"We're finally seniors,"<a href="">I</a> said excitedly to my girl Sharnique as we walked to first period together.

"Girl tell me about it! we finally here!!! Did you finally tell Marcus about how you felt," she asked.
"No I haven't got around to that yet...why?"
"He was talking to me this morning about how he was going on a date this weekend and i thought it was know he likes you,"<a href="">she</a> said as we walked in class and took our seats.
"That's bullsh** and you know it! how is it that he talks to you but don't even talk to me?...I just don't get it."
"Maybe he's shy can't expect everyone to step up to you."
"Its not that easy to talk to a guy who looks at you like you disgust him or something....and you call that being shy?"
She sighed. "Natalie I really think you're just overreacting about all of this."

Before I could say anything back to that class had begun with our teacher passing the syllabus around as she talked about what her expectations were for music class this year. My thoughts were all over the place to even pay attention to Ms. Woods...I just find it funny that Marcus talks to all of my friends with no problem but with me its like i don't exist. I just wish i knew why.


I have a long add coming for you guys so stay tuned and run it!!!!! Thanks for all the runs I've received so far!!!!! ^_^

aww nat got chris a puppy how cute...
sean you made me mad going through all
that with her and then walking out like
that dude fareal you can get the f***ing
test right then and there for free...
run it.!

Why dont Sean just get a DNA test??? I think it was sweet of Nat to get him a pup
Run It!!!


Damn sean all u had to do was get a test done dat smh she did u wrong bro but dnt leave her there by her self man run it

<a href="">Sean</a>

These past few months I’ve been by Nicole side since Daniel isn’t doing shyt for her and I don’t want her to go through her pregnancy alone. Nicole and I aren’t together which is the best thing for me at this point…she doesn’t like it but that’s just how its going to be. I can’t trust her the same but I’ll be there for her the best way I can…apart of me still cares you know

“So how are you feeling,” I asked her. I had just came by like I normally do to check up on her.
“I’m ok just been having a lot of contractions here lately,” <a href="">she</a> said.
“You need me to do anything?”
“No No you’re fine….i just need to go the restroom.”
“Alright let me help you get up,” I said until she stopped me.
“Sean chill I’m not crippled…I can get up,” She laughed as she slowly got up and waddled to the restroom when her water broke.

“Nicole please tell me you didn’t just pee on yourself,” I asked as she glared at me.
“Oh ok I see you think this is a f*cking joke…I’m having the BABY!!!!,” she screamed during a contraction she had.

Sean got up and started pacing back and forth panicking “Oh God!! Oh my jesus oh my jesus.” He chanted.

“Sean if you don’t start making moves!!!” Nicole yelled.
“Uh..uh…yeah,” I said as I grabbed her bags by the door putting them in the car and drove off.

“Everything’s gonna be ok….Nicole you ok?....,” I said as my phone rung. “Hello”
“Oh sh*t I’m sorry I’m on my way bye!!”

I turned around in the middle of an intersection almost causing multiple accidents as I sped back to get Nicole and head to the hospital.

<a href=" ">Natalie</a>

So today was Chris’s birthday and I really wanted to do something special for him. I pulled up at his house and knocked on the door as Ms. B answered.

“Hey Nat,” she greeted as she welcomed me in with a hug.
“Hey momma B….where’s birthday boy,” I asked shutting the door.
“He up in his room,” she replied. “The plan is still on for today right,” she asked referring to our plan of Chris surprise birthday party later on tonight.

“Yes ma’am,” I smiled and jogged up the stairs to his room to see <a href="">him</a> sleep. I put down my things and kicked off my shoes smuggling up next to him. I took a picture of us and posted it on instagram

<strong>N. Marie: Me and birthday boy @Cbreezy love you baby!!!!</strong>

I kissed his lips as I felt his arms wrap around me pulling me close with his eyes still closed.

“Hey baby,” he said lowly.
“Hey birthday boy….wake up I have a surprise for you,” I said as his eyes popped open.
“Does this involve you being naked under the sheets,” he asked jokingly as I laughed playfully hitting his chest. Chris and I haven’t done anything since we’ve been together and though the temptation is there he wants it to be special since Joshua took my virginity when he raped me. I appreciate him so much.

I got up and gave him a box with a ribbon on it as he sat up a bit with curious eyes.

“Baby what is it,” he said taking it from me as he shook it a bit before he took the ribbon off and opened it seeing <a href="">this</a>. The smile he had on his face warmed my heart as he picked her up out the box. He kissed my lips repeatedly.

“Baby how’d you know I wanted a boxer puppy,” he asked me as he petted her.
“I listen and I pay attention,” I said winking at him. “what are you going to name her”

He thought about for a minute before he answered, “Princess”
I smiled. “Perfect.” I was so glad that I could put a smile on his face. Princess took well to him and was showing him all types of love including me.
“Go get ready babe,” I instructed as Chris groaned.
“To spend the whole day with me”
“Babe its cold outside you know that right,” he asked. As I rolled my eyes.
“Boy if you don’t get ready,” I said as Princess barked.
“That’s right baby better tell momma to stop yelling at daddy like that before she gets a spanking,” he said as he got up. What am I gon do with this boy…


We had just made it to the house from going out to eat with the fam as they all got to know Drew. They’ve heard about him before but never actually got a chance to see him in which was just icing on the cake…they loved him just as I hoped they would.

I had my own little mini home that my mom let me have when I was 17. It was just the guest house but it was better than being in the house with my younger siblings. I had told the family that I’d meet up with them later on so Drew and I could talk cause he’s been giving me a look every since he found out about Amari. Drew had walked in my room with a sleeping Amari as he laid her down in her crib before turning to look at me.

“Aminah,” he started to say before I cut him off.
I sighed.” I know Drew…we need to talk.”
He grabbed my hand and guided us towards my bed as we sat down.
“Why didn’t you tell me about her,” he asked.
“Because I thought….I thought you’d leave,” I replied tearing up.
“Why would you think that,” he said pulling me close rubbing my arm.
“Because I have a child and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to deal with all that you know which is understandable.”
“I mean hearing that Amari was your daughter was a shocking moment for me like when you said surprise I honestly wasn’t expecting that at all.”
“I understand…it was just hard for me to come out and say I’m a single parent taking care of Amari on my own”
“Single parent? Why?” He asked.
“When her father found out I was pregnant….Him and his parents wanted nothing to do with the baby and was pumping his head up saying that it wasn’t his. They wanted me to get an abortion but I refused because I’m against that and I love my baby girl. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me….wouldnt change it for anything in the world,” I said looking over at her as Drew hugged me tightly.
“Baby let me start off by saying that I’m not going anywhere and if Amari needs that father figure in her life then I’m glad to step in and be there for her and you as well. I’m loving her already just like I love you even though she isn’t biologically mines.,,,she’s so cute,” he smiled.
“Wai…hold on Drew….you love me?”


“Nicole would you like to hold your daughter,” the doctor said as he wrapped my bundle of joy in a blanket.

I smiled. “Yes please”

I just delivered a healthy baby girl and I was glad to have Sean here by my side through it all. I took her from the Doctor carefully and held her in my arms as I scanned the room for Sean.

“Where did Sean go,” I asked the doctor.
“Still on the floor,”
“How did he end up on the floor?”
“Well after he figured out where babies come from he sort passed out….would you like me to wake him up,”
“Please do,” I said as the doctor shook him awake. Sean jumped up immediately.
“Huh?! What happened? Is it over?” He asked as we laughed at him.
“Its over….wanna hold over daughter,” I asked him as he frowned,
“I cant Nic.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t even know if she’s mines Nicole and I don’t want to become attached,” he said.
“But Sean I know she’s yours…she just has to be,” I said as I teared up.
“I wish I could feel the same but I have to go,” he said as he took one last look at us before walking out.

run t

Awww! They are soooo cute together!!! I'm with Chris, she shouldn't believe Marcus. Lol, he swear he sexy thooo! Uh oh.....I knew it was something like that! But her daughter is sooo beautiful! You did good is Drew gonna act though?? I hope he doesn't do anything stupid.
Run it!!!

update coming soon!!!

Awww wow thats crazy I didnt expect that. I'm like Chris dont trust Marcus azz!!! I wonder how Drew's gonna take that
Run It!!!

Whoaaa RUN IT !!

Run it

*Couple months later…..(December)*

<a href="">Drew</a>

Aminah and I had just landed in ATL and I was pretty excited cause I’ve never been here before. We were supposed to come down here a few months back but she pushed it to December during the winter break so we both wouldn’t be missing school. On our way here she told me she had a surprise for me and hopefully it’s a good surprise because we just got into a relationship and I don’t want anything to mess that up. I had just finished grabbing our luggage making my way back over to where she was.

“So where’s this surprise at bae,” I asked.
“Right over there,” she pointed as I looked over and saw her family holding up a sign that said welcome home.

I chuckled a bit. “You have a big family.”
“I know right!!! Come on let me introduce you,” she said as her and I began walking towards them.

“Stop right there Aminah don’t come any further,” this <a href="">lady</a> said smiling.

“Why mom,” Aminah asked.
“Just do it I wanna show you something,” she replied as Aminah nodded.

Her mom placed a little girl down in front of her. The little girl starts crawling towards Aminah and then stands up and starts walking but she falls. Aminah started to walk over towards her until her mom stopped her again.

“Let her get up Aminah,” she said.
Aminah sighed. “But mom she’s gonna hurt herself.”
“She’s gonna be just fine just wait and see,” she said.

The little girl propped herself back up and made her way over to Aminah as she picked her up kissing her all over her face causing the little girl to giggle.

“You took your first steps baby girl!! I’m so proud of you,” She said wiping a tear from her eye as she turned to me. “Drew I’d like you to meet <a href="">Amari</a> ….my daughter.”


I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off as I hurriedly shut it off careful not to wake Natalie up who was peacefully sleeping curled up in her little ball…it was too cute. I hate to have to wake her up.

“Baby,” I cooed as I kissed her on the lips repeatedly as she stirred around a bit before opening those beautiful bluish green eyes. “Morning baby,” I smiled.

“Morning,” her voice cracked as she looked up at me frowning as I sat up.
“Babe are you losing your voice? How’s your throat feel,” I asked her concerned.
“I believe throat hurts pretty bad hurts to swallow,” she managed to say as she straddled me hugging me tight laying her head on my shoulder.
“Your not going to school today…I’m staying home with you,” I told her as she jumped up to look at me.
“Chris you’re going to school and so am I,” she argued.
“That’s not up for discussion sweetheart…”
“Chrissy bear I’m fine…I promise,” she said in this cute little raspy baby voice.

I laughed. “Babe look outside its raining and I refuse to let you go out there in that weather. I’m staying home with you to nurse you back to health.”
She smiled. “Can I call you doctor Brown?”

“Sexy doctor brown,” I corrected causing her to laugh. I tapped her leg letting her know I was about to get up as she climbed off of me. I headed to my bathroom that’s in my room and turned on the shower grabbing everything I needed before heading back into the room seeing Natalie watching my every move. I walked over towards my bed and scooped her up in my arms taking her into my bathroom.

“I’m not taking a shower with yo stinky a**,” she said jokingly turning her nose up as I placed her down.
“Girl you know you want all this funk,” I said moving closer to her as she backed away from me laughing.
“No you can keep that…I’m good,” she said as I cornered her. She looked up at me as I looked down at her taking in her beauty like I always do. So glad to finally call her mine.


Chris had me cornered as we both stared at one another. I tore my eyes away from his as ran my hands over his chest tattoo until something caught my attention.

“is that what I think it is,” I asked pointing to his left peck.
“What,” he asked looking to where I pointed. He smiled before looking up at me.
“Yes your middle name is tattooed on part of the wing I have tattooed on my chest…you’re my heart Natalie Marie always have been,” he confessed.
“When did you get this,” I asked him my fingers tracing over it.

“I’ve known you for two years almost three so sometime last year. You’ve had my heart from the start Nat call me crazy but you’re special to me in every way. The summer entering into junior year when I first met you took my breath away. At that point in time I was at a low point in my life. I was dealing with Rihanna bullsh*t and also the death of my grandpa who was the closest thing I had as a father since he just up and left me and Jordan and mom.”

A tear fell from his eyes as I wiped them away.

“You’ve been there through it all and helped me to become an even better man…I love and thank you for that,” he said as he kissed my lips repeatedly. I smiled at him making a <a href="">face</a> causing him to laugh.

“Go on ahead and take your shower I’ll be in the other bathroom down the hall,” he said kissing me on my forehead and leaving out the bathroom closing the door….


After my relaxing shower I lotioned up and put on one of Chris’s shirts and a new pair of his boxers that he had laid out for me. I walked back into the room to see <a href="">this</a> on the bed along with a glass of orange juice and some medicine. I smiled getting comfortable in and begun eating as <a href="">he</a> walked in knocking on the door.

“Hey,” he said.
“What do you want Marcus,” I asked. I hadn’t talked to him since that day I kicked him out my hospital room.
“I just wanted to congratulate you and Chris relationship. I’m happy for you both and you deserve to be happy. I apologize for taking things too far the way I did…I was wrong,” he said as I nodded.
“Thank you Marcus…I appreciate that,” I managed to say before I started coughing. He came over and patted me on the back.
“You ok,” he asked as I nodded.
“I’m just a lil under the weather I’ll be fine.”
“Alright well I’m headed off to school hope you feel better,” he said walking out as Chris came in with a plate and orange juice in his hands.

“what was that about,” he said getting comfortable next to me.
“He was just saying how happy he was that you and I were together and that I deserve to be happy. He also apologized for taking things too far with me,” I told him as he shook his head.
“Bullsh*t….don’t believe what he’s telling you,” he said.
“Chris he seemed sincere about it….”
“Natalie you said that last time I told you this and look what happened….Marcus is always up to no good and I don’t need you falling into one of his little tricks,” he said as I nodded.
“Tell your mom I said thank you for breakfast,” I said changing the subject as he smacked his lips.
“Woman don’t underestimate my skills in the kitchen…I cooked this,” he said while turning on the tv to look at cartoons.
“Well excuse me Chef Brown,” I said jokingly as he smirked.
“Mr.Sexy Chef Brown,” he corrected as I shook my head at him.
“Ol conceited a**”
He raised his middle finger up at me while keeping eyes on the tv watching looney tunes as I chuckled.

What the f*** Kiara!!! Why the hell would you sleep with your bestfriend?? And being drunk isn't a damn excuse! You knew what you were doing. Tyler is soooooooooo much cuter than Tahj anyway! I hope Tyler doesn't end things for good....I'm sad now. Oooooo! I loved it! Our date was too cute! Aye! He got them bars though! Lol. Oh kay Mr. Michael! You got your heart and mind set that I'm going to be yours!! We'll see.
Run it!!!!

Add coming soon!!!

Yaaaaasss RUN IT !!!!!!

Wow thats crazy!!! What happened at the party??? What's the real reason she cheated??? Rissa and Tyga are cute. I think he really likes her and thats good.
Run It!!!

So if you had no choice that I was drunk line should have never came out your mouth stupid SMH dumbass! That date was cute...I'm with it...


“Tyler I swear I haven’t been with anyone else,” I said to him as tears poured down my face.
“Then how the f*ck you have chlamydia?!! That sh*t don’t just appear out of thin air,” he said yelling at me. I don’t know how I could have gotten this.
“What did you do at that party Kiara,” he asked taking me out of my thoughts. Before school started there was a big party my best friend <a href="" target="_blank">Tahj</a> threw that I went to. I had asked Tyler to come but he couldn’t make it because he was out of town and wouldn’t be back until that next day.
“I didn’t do anything!! We talked about this already”
“Well some things still aren’t adding up Kiara!! You said you’d let me know when you made it home from the party…you never did. When I came back into town that next day we were supposed to have lunch but you never showed the f*ck up. Then I called your phone and Tahj answers the phone,” he said chuckling at the last part. “You f*cked him…didn’t you?”
“Tyler what…,” I started to say before he cut me off.
“I THINK I ASKED YOU A QUESTION KIARA…DID YOU F*CK HIM??,” He said as I jumped from him yelling before I answered…My voice trembling with every word.
“I…i…was drunk Ty,” I managed to say.
“Wow I can’t believe you,” he said voice full of anger, hurt, and sadness.
“Tyler I’m so sorry….im sorry,” I said crying my heart out. Tyler and I have never gotten into it this bad before….i f*cked up big time but it was a mistake that was never supposed to happen.
“What have I ever done to you for you to do something like this to me??,” he said voice cracking with emotion.
“Tyler please let me explain…you don’t understand,” I pleaded.
“No you don’t understand Kiara…we’re done,” He said.
“Tyler don’t…,” I said only to hear the dial tone from him hanging up. If he only knew the true story about what happened that night between Tahj and I then he would understand that I had no choice. I had no choice…


“I had a great time,” she said smiling up at me as I pulled up to her house.
“So that means I can start planning our second date right,” I asked smirking at her as she laughed.
“I didn’t know this was a date..”
“Well now you know…IHOP wasn’t a place I had in mind to take you especially for a date but considering the fact that the talent show ended late..this was the only thing I could think of,” I confessed.
“As long as it wasn’t mcdonalds then you good,” she joked causing me to chuckle.
“Nah ma you worth more than a happy meal,” I said to her as she blushed.
“Who taught you how to sweet talk a girl,” she asked smirking.
I laughed. “Its not me sweet talking you…its me being real with you keeping it 100. And don’t think this is game I’m spitting at you either..i’m just being Michael.”
She raised her eyebrows. “So why do they call you Tyga then?”
“That’s classified information,” I told her as she laughed.
“Well can I have the code to unlock it?”
“When you’re mine and YOU will be mine…the code is yours,” I said as she shook her head.
“Well its already late and I have school in the morning so I better be heading inside,” she said as a lil part of me got sad. I enjoyed talking to her and her company.
“Alright,” I said as I got out and opened her door walking her to her front porch.
“Thanks….for everything,” she as she hugged me.
“No problem ma,” I said before kissing her forehead. “I’m here for you…don’t forget that.” She nodded.
“Alright goodnight babygirl…get you some rest and ill see you tomorrow.”
She smiled. “Same to you,” she said as I turned on my heels getting back into my car making sure she got in good before I pulled off. I didn’t even back out her driveway good enough and I was smiling like I won the lottery. What is this girl doing to me.

Updating soon

aww chris and nat are so cute lol
oh s*** it just got real between tyler and kiara.!!!

run it

Run it !!!!

Aww shiid what's finna pop off with Tyler and Kiara??? Tyga and Rissa are so cute, she opening up to him. Chris and Nat are silly.
Run It!!!

Run it!!!!!


I was about to call Kiara like I do every night before I go to sleep until I saw her <a href="">picture</a> flash up on my screen as I answered.
“Hey baby,” I said smiling but that soon faded when I heard the tone of her voice.
“Tyler we need to talk,” she said and I knew it was serious since she called me by my first name.. She sounded pissed…I wonder whats going on we were fine earlier…
“About,” I asked.
“About the girl you’ve been f****** around with,” she spat.
“Kiara what the hell are you talking about? And where is this coming from”
“Don’t act like you don’t know Tyler…don’t f****** lie to me,” she yelled.
“Know what Kiara?! I just left you about an hour or two ago and we were FINE so what the f*ck is going on?”
“I have chlamydia thanks to you!!!!!”
“Tf!!! Kiara I don’t have chlamydia….i know we got tested at the same time like we always do to stay safe but my results were clear so my question is WHO have YOU been f*cking Kiara,” I said to her. I was beyond angry at this point at how she’s going to accuse me of doing something I didn’t do.
“I’ve only been with you Ty,” she yelled as her voice cracked.
“Who the f*ck have you been with Kiara?!! I’m not asking you again!!!”


Things were going well between Tyga and I so far. I was sitting across from him in a booth at Ihop getting to know him. So far I learned that he’s an only child….its just him and his mom…his dad left when he was little, is 19 and has his own apartment and car, likes to rap, plays basketball, and wants to become a music producer one day. We had a lot more in common than I realized.
”I would love to hear you rap,” I said as he smiled sipping on his orange juice.
“Picture Life In The Movie Frame
Smiles In Your Face But Every Body Fake
Tryna Claim A Role, Acting On The Stage
The World Wanna Show And We All The Play
Just To Say, Why Didn't You Want Me Yesterday
I Blacked Out, Got Some Change, Now They Feeling Me
Couple Chains, Gold Chains On, Mr Tee
They See Me Low Key So Nigga Don't Bother Me
I Wanna Relax With Some Time, All Just For Me
Cause Lately I Been Meeting Girls, Chasing Me
Wanted The Spotlight, Damn, She Spotted Me
Dang You Bad Baby, Let Me Tell You One Thing,” he rapped as I applauded.
“That was great,” I exclaimed before taking a bite of my pancake. “You ever thought about doing it professionally,” I asked him as he thought for a minute.
“I have but its only a hobby of mines nothing too serious. I don’t want to get caught up in the world of fame and lose my freedom. I want to be able to go where I please and chill with whoever I want without people following me around. I just want to live a normal life doing me”
I nodded taking in his words.
“….but enough about me I want to know about you…there’s a story behind your eyes,” he said as I took my eyes away from him….if he only knew the half of it. He grabbed hold of my hands that I was fidgeting with causing me to look back at him. His touch had me feeling some type of way…
“I know we’ve just met and everything but you can talk to me about anything Rissa….i mean that,” he said as I nodded. I didn’t even realize I was crying until he wiped a tear from my eyes.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered.
“Don’t be….you’re still beautiful,”he said as I smiled a bit taking a deep breath. For some reason I felt like I could trust him and that’s scary for me.
“I lost my parents when I was 10,” I blurted out as his face soften with sympathy.
“I’m so sorry,” he said rubbing my hand not pressing the issue on what happened to them in which I was glad. I rather not revisit that place of pain that haunts me everyday….i miss them so much.


“Natalie you have to take it…it’s the only way it’ll make you feel better,” I said to her trying to get her to take this Nyquil.
“Nuh uh Chris that stuff is nasty!!! I want the medicine that tastes like bubble gum,” she said as I laughed.
“Nat…you’re not a lil kid anymore…you want to feel better don’t you,” I asked her as she blew her nose.
“Yeah,” she sniffed.
“Then take the medicine”
“Chrriisss,” she whined as I shook my head at her.
“Take the medicine or else,” I challenged as she glared at me.
“Or else what?”
“Or you cant kiss, hug, cuddle or touch me in any kind of way for a whole week,” I said with a straight face. Her face was priceless…
“A week?!! Seriously babe you know you can’t resist me,” she said as I raised my eyebrows at her. Now deep down I know I couldn’t go a second without my hands being all over her but she doesn’t need to know that. Right now I’m doing what I have to do so she’ll take this medicine. I grabbed a pillow and some cover and moved over to my couch I had in my room as she pouted folding her arms. I fought to keep my eyes off of her getting comfortable and closing my eyes like I was about to go to sleep. I heard shuffling around the room as I heard her mumbling under her breath. I chuckled to myself as I saw her getting up and taking the medicine I’d measured for her in the little medicine cup.
“ewww ewww ewwwwwwwwwwwwww,” she said as I got up and handed her some juice to chase it with.
“Now was that so hard,” I asked her as I wrapped my arms around her small waist kissing the side of her neck. “Ol stubborn a**.”
“F*ck you,” she said as I smirked turning her around to face me.
“oh ill f*ck you alright,” I said in a low tone trying to contain myself from attacking her.
“Chris…,”she whispered.
“After I’m done with wont have no voice,” I said as we stared each other down a bit smirking. I kissed her forehead letting my lips linger as I grabbed her hand leading us back to the bed.
She yawned snuggling up next to me. “I love you Chris.”
I smiled. “I love you too baby,” I cooed. One day day ill show you just how much…

mg rih 's ole thirsty ass better go on somewhere she aint learn from what happened to Sharnique that maybe these b****es aint to be messed with lol...aww im so happy London and cel are finally back together because they were so cute...uh oh chris got nat sick.! lol but at least that nigga can cook s*** I wish I had that lol...Aminah what are you up to that would cost you drew.? and tyler what the hell did you do to kiara.???

run it

Awww hell finna break lose with Tyler and Kiara!!! Awww Chris is helpin him baby get better. I wonder watz goin on wit Aminah??? Tyga like Rissa how cute. Lon and Cel back together aww!!!
Run It!!!

Aminah??? ... Tyler & Kiara?? ... RUN IT !!!!!

Run it