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"We're finally seniors,"<a href="">I</a> said excitedly to my girl Sharnique as we walked to first period together.

"Girl tell me about it! we finally here!!! Did you finally tell Marcus about how you felt," she asked.
"No I haven't got around to that yet...why?"
"He was talking to me this morning about how he was going on a date this weekend and i thought it was know he likes you,"<a href="">she</a> said as we walked in class and took our seats.
"That's bullsh** and you know it! how is it that he talks to you but don't even talk to me?...I just don't get it."
"Maybe he's shy can't expect everyone to step up to you."
"Its not that easy to talk to a guy who looks at you like you disgust him or something....and you call that being shy?"
She sighed. "Natalie I really think you're just overreacting about all of this."

Before I could say anything back to that class had begun with our teacher passing the syllabus around as she talked about what her expectations were for music class this year. My thoughts were all over the place to even pay attention to Ms. Woods...I just find it funny that Marcus talks to all of my friends with no problem but with me its like i don't exist. I just wish i knew why.


Smh. Niggas man.

What the hell dhe doing im confused
Run it!

Chris came in and shut the door and sat down on my couch with his head in his hands as I sat down on the bed us both not saying a word. I slowly got up and sat down next to him.
“Chris I’m sorry,” I whispered to him.
“Yeah,” he said dryly not looking at me.
“Chris look at me….please……(he didn’t budge) LOOK AT ME!!!!!
He jumped taken aback by my yelling as he slowly looked up at me as I saw a few tears come from his eyes as I wiped them away.
“I don’t hate you ok?....I just want you to understand that I’m hurting too Chris. Have you ever thought about that? I feel dirty Chris like I look in the mirror and I’m disgusted at what I see but I smile in front of everybody because maybe it’ll make me feel better about everything but it doesn’t. I’ve been in the hospital twice already Chris…TWICE…with my life on the line. Who’s to say I won’t be in there dead the next time.
“Natalie don’t say that….”
“Chris its true…you and I both know it..”
He sighed loudly. “Ok Nat”
“That’s all you have to say?!!!”
“What do you want me to say Natalie?!! You know I would do anything for you and put my life on the line for you just to say yours. How many times have I told you this and have proven this to you only for you to come back and say nobody cares and all this negative bullsh*t.. You just don’t get it so why waste my breath on it.”
“What is there to get Chris?!!!”
“Chris yes I do…I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and more…you’re my…,” I said as I stopped mid sentence and got up about to walk away but Chris grabbed my hand as he stood up pulling me close…..our lips less than a inch apart.
“Your heart is beating rapidly, your breathing uneven, lips so close to yours I could kiss them passionately having you weak in the knees while I caress your body ever so gently having you erupting in our chemistry flames BUUUUTTTTT…I’m your best friend right?” He said low and seductively as he backed away from me heading towards the door as I slowly tried to regain my composure. What the hell did he just do to me.
“Chris where are you going,” I managed to say.
“What does it look like Nat I’m leaving….we cant keep going back and forth about the same issues. You lead me on as if we’re gonna be a couple but then kiss Marcus and throw up in my face we’re nothing. I don’t have time for games Nat its either you want me or you don’t.”
“I want you..”
“Prove it.”
Natalie turned her back towards Chris and started to take off her shirt
“WHOA!!!,” he said looking away while peeking and before continuing. “I’m not having sex with you Nat.”
Natalie didn’t say anything as she threw her shirt on the bed and took off her bra tossing it on the bed as well leaving her in just her shorts……

More coming later…. =)

thanks for all the updates!!!! ^_^ much love......about to type up an update now..stay tuned

Ok new reader n this a bomb story i was like yea gt that hoe lol she needes that beatn she got mar he full of it nic how the hell u love yo bf best friend but wnt to be wit yo bf smh messy lon n cel gt that s*** together yall love each other true she shouldnt hav kissed yo best friend that was f***ed up but look how yal are wit out each other im glad josh gt his ass beat and is in jail her mom need her ass beat i wanted to jump threw the screen on her ass lol now as for chris n nat get yall s*** together n be a couple already ya she kissed mar it was wrong but f*** wat u expect wen she liked dude seens day one love the story need more im hyped off dis lol run it

They need to get that sh*t together ! Run it !!!!

may post a sneak peek update =) run it!!!

Mom dukes handled that s*** like she was suppose to! Nat do you hear the s*** coming out of your mouth and Chris your back and forth s*** OS confusing SMH GET IT TOGETHER!!

Thats right MsB make them fix that situation now!!! Shoot they need to work it out because they both want each other and tryna front cuz of that punk move Marcus made.
Run It!!!

“Where are you going Nat,” he asked.
“Chris move out my way.”
“Make me”
“I’m not playing Chris…now move!!!” I said as opening the door only for him to slam it back close with my back against the door as he stood in front of me with his hands on door shielding me from moving.

“Do I have a smirk on my face to you?! Does it look like I’m playing games with you Natalie?! I’ve done nothing but be there for you and give you my heart but its never good enough for you!! Yet you’re kissing Marcus???” He said shaking his head.

“Yet Rih’s all up in that a**?!!! I saw the picture of you two Chris,” I said as tears rolled down my face. That picture deep down hurt me in more ways than he’ll ever know.

“Leave Rih out of this Nat we’re just friends all I wanna know why you do me like that when we’re supposed to be seeing where things go with us? You answer that for me and I’ll move,” he said.

I stood there quiet as I fidgeted with my fingers. I really didn’t have an answer to his question sh*t just happened.

I sighed. “Chris….” I started to say before he stopped me.
“You’d choose Marcus Nat…I get it…I get it,” Chris said as he gently moved Natalie out of the way opening the door walking out as she marched behind him and grabbed his arm.
“Natalie let go of me,” he said not looking at her.

Chris snatched his arm away and started heading towards the stairs
“Why won’t you just stay Chris?!!!” I said as he turned around throwing his hands up.


Natalie stood there silent as she softly cried….she hated when Chris was upset with her better yet yell at her.

“UNF****ING BELIEVABLE!!!,” Chris said as he started jogging down the stairs.

“Chris don’t leave!!!,” I yelled hoarsely.

Chris turned around looking upstairs at me. “Oh so now you wanna talk?!”

“Listen Chris I’m sorry ok…I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like I don’t care or I don’t love you because I do. Yes I know I have my moments but I’m not perfect and yes I make mistakes. I may make stupid decisions but you know what all I’ve been through and what has been happening and how its affected me. So EXCUSE me Chris for not thinking about your feelings because I have issues that I’m still trying to process. EXCUSE me Chris for being open and telling you what’s bothering me instead of holding it in. EXCUSE me Chris for believing that you out of anybody else would understand that things can’t just change over takes time…but if that’s something you can’t understand then I’m sorry to have ever called you my best friend…"

He chuckled a bit clenching his jaw. “Best friend huh? Wow….”

“Chris you know I didn’t mean it in that way….”

“No I know exactly what you meant Natalie….You act like I don’t know and understand what all you’ve been and went through but I do Nat! I know how deeply affected you are about everything but I just want you to pay attention to my feelings at least Natalie…As much as I’ve been there helping you get through things and being by your side…I just wanted you to see my heart. See how I felt and not rush you into anything just observe my heart, sit back, and let it seep in your soul and understand it….see me for who I really am and not just your “best friend” but as someone who wants to pursue more with you, build a future with you, hell have children with you!!! But how can you sit up here and tell me that you wanna see where things will go with us and all that yet you ley Marcus kiss you and you kiss him back no problem…..,” I cut him off.


“Yeah but he didn’t get the treatment I got when I first kissed you….you threw the “best friend” card on me and how we shouldn’t be kissing and all that sh*t…I’m just not understand Nat…I’m wasting my time”

“Chris you know how I felt about Marcus”
“Yeah and I guess you forgot about all the things he’s done to you…hell you act as if yall were a couple!!!”
“You act as if we’re a couple!!!”
“See that’s that Bullsh*t I’m talking about!!!!”

“Chris I’m sorry I’m so sorry,” I said wiping away a few of my tears as I headed downstairs trying to hug him only for him to push me off.

“Don’t be like this Chris…”
“Be like what?”
“Acting like you’re not mad when I know you are.”

“Acting?!!!!,” He scoffed. “I’m not playing games with you Natalie I’m beyond pissed off….you just don’t care…long as Natalie gets what she wants its all good right?"

“I DO CARE!!!!!”

“You kiss Marcus but you care right?!!”

“That was a mistake and you know it Chris!! At least I’m not stuck up under is his a** like you are with Rih taking pictures and sh*t like I’m not gonna see it.”

“Hell I wanted you to see it!!!! I bet that caught you’re d*** attention didn’t it?”

“I HATE YOU!!!!!!!”

“Enough!!!! Both of you,” We both looked to see <a href="">Ms.B</a> standing there with my dad, Drew, and Jordan behind her.

“Mom,” Chris started to say but he was cut off.

“Chris I don’t wanna hear it…both of you should be ashamed of yourselves. ..Now I want you both to head back into the room and fix this sh*t and Chris don’t you dare try to leave…I’ll be right here waiting now go,” She said as I headed back upstairs to my room.

“But ma…,” Chris pleaded.
“Ma me again here….I will beat yo a** in front of everybody now you heard what I said…now go!!”
He sighed making his way upstairs to my room…..

I used to play that song all the time! I love me some JoJo, she go hard in the muhf***in paint! Lol. I'm so glad Jordan spoke to her about Chris. It was time for her and Chris to talk. And he bet not walk out on her ass again or imma bust a cap in his ass. That's on that RNS right there.!
Run it!!!!

Run it !!!!

Awww he came!!! Jordan puttin some knowledge on that ass lol... They need to talk like now Idc if she aint ready or not... I dont like this sad shiid just wen it was gettin good!!!
Run It!!!

<a href="">Natalie</a>

These past few days hasn’t been the best of days since I’ve been out of the hospital. I’ve caught up with all of my work for school while I was in the hospital so that wasn’t a problem but the crew definitely hasn’t been the same. Marcel and London still aren’t talking to each other and her and Jasmine is still at each other throats. Sean is dealing with his own issues with Nicole, Marcus is…I don’t even want to discuss him, Drew and Aminah are getting closer and Kiara and Tyler are just the perfect couple. That Sharnique b**** is back in school on crutches = and as far as Josh I haven’t heard from him due to the fact he’s in jail for raping me.

So that leaves Chris and I who I haven’t spoken to since the big blow up in the hospital about Marcus kissing me. I’ve tried getting in contact with him since that day but he won’t respond and acts like he doesn’t know me so I gave up trying.

His ex <a href="">Rihanna</a> has been all up under him lately which pisses me off. Jealous maybe I am but when I see pictures like <a href="">this</a> it just gets my blood boiling but anyways enough about that.

It was the weekend and I decided to chill in my room with my guitar and notebook as I sung part of a <a href="">song</a> I’d written last night

“I paint my nails black, cuz it fits my mood
I'm tired of lookin' around for something to prove
You don't know how it feels inside my skin
But neither do I, because I numb the feeling
Take it away, all of my pain
I gotta bottle I need to finish
Take it away, take it from me
Cuz if you don't, I might drown in it……
And I keep tellin' ma, tellin' ma, tellin' myself
That my bad luck's gonna go away
And I keep tryin' and tryin' and try, try to win
But I'm losing every day
I wanna get up and fight, but I don't have the time
I'm too busy feelin' sorry for me
When it looks like the clouds are gone
I wake up, it was just a dream, it was just a dream
It was just a dream, it was all a dream”

I stopped strumming taking down a few notes as I heard clapping behind me.

“Bravo darling bravo,” they said as I turned around and saw..
“<a href="">Jordan</a> !!!!!”

I jumped up and gave him a hug as he laughed.

“Hey sis!!’re dad told me I could find you up here and nice song by the way,”
“Thanks .” I smiled.
“How you feeling,” he asked.
“I’m ok could be better but ok,” I said as we both sat down on the couch in my room.

“Just ok?,” he chuckled before he continued. “Natalie you look like sh*t excuse my French but its true.”

I put my hand on my chest pretending to be hurt. “How dare you,” I said laughing.

“I’m just playing Nat but on some real sh*t its not the same without you around,” he said honestly.
“I know…I miss the way things were,” I said truthfully.
“I’m sure Chris misses it too,” he said as I shook my head.
“I don’t want to talk about Chris so if that’s what you came here for you can leave”
“I came here to check up on you Natalie and to talk about Chris because it doesn’t make sense and you know it! He misses you and I know you do too and I’m tired of seeing you two angry or moping around.”

“He’s the one that walked out on me!!! And he cant possibly miss that much since Rih is all stuck up under his a**!!!!! But we’re just best friends and nothing more so I could care less,” I said in hoped this conversation would end.
“I don’t get it Nat…Chris pours his heart out to you and you just write it off like nothing happened between yall…like you don’t care anymore.” He said as I felt the tears welling up in my eyes.
“How dare you!!! I care about his heart just as he does with mines….I care J!”
“So if it came down to Marcus and Chris who would you choose…hmm??” he said as he pulled me into a hug and wiped a few of my tears away. “Nat I’m not trying to make you upset baby girl believe me I’m not…I’m just trying to help you understand.”
“What am I supposed to understand J? I’m not trying to hurt him,” I said.
“I know you’re not but try and see things from his perspective…yes it was a b**** a** move he made by walking out on you but his feelings are hurt…yall really need to sit down and talk,’ he said as I sighed.
“I don’t think that’ll happen J…he wont talk to me…I’ve lost him.”
“Lost who,” I heard a voice say as I looked up and saw <a href="">him</a> standing there looking at me as my heart skipped a beat. As good as he looked and as much as I know how we need to talk….i wasn’t ready to talk to him just yet.

What the hell Chris???!!! You ARE a b**** for leaving. You done stooped down to Marcus' level. Now you can't even talk about him not being there for her, because neither are you. I swear you are acting like a dumbass right now. Marcus what the hell you mean Why you gotta leave, nigga you should've never came back! OMFG! I can't stand neither of them niggas right now. It's okay Nat Nat, I'm here for yah!
Run it!!!!

Awwww mane this shiid neva ends do it??? Marcus is a b*tch tryna fck shiid up with my babies!!! shoot they was too cute together!!! smh
Run It!!!

run it!!! add coming soon!!

Chris a little b****...overreacting for what?

Run it !!! F*** Marcus's b*** a** !!!!!

“Hey babe,” he said giving me a kiss on the forehead before he placed the lilies and the balloon on the table. He kicked off his shoes and joined me in the bed as he held me close kissing all over my face.
“Chriiiisss…stop,” I said laughing at him.
“I’m sorry I just missed my baby,” he said as he chuckled pecking me on the lips. “How are you feeling?”
“Much better now that you’re here,” I said honestly though the image of Marcus kissing me burned in my head. “What happened to you visiting me on Wednesday,” I asked him.
“I got caught up working on a lot of things for class….i’ve been having a lot of work here lately and I’ve really just been exhausted…I sorry I know I should have called and said something,” he said.
“Yeah you should have,” I said with a lil attitude as he laughed.
“Aw….that baby missed me,” he said talking in a baby voice.
I laughed. “F*ck you.”
He pulled me on top of him. “What I tell you about that? You don’t want to go there with me Nat,” he smirked.
Someone cleared their throat. “Am I interrupting something?” I looked over my shoulder and saw Marcus standing there.
“Nah you good bro…what’s up,” Chris said as I rolled off of him sitting up as he did the same.
“Nothing much….just checking up on Natalie….nice to see that you’re around,” Marcus said.
“What is that supposed to mean,” Chris asked him as I saw him clenching his jaw. I have a feeling this won’t end well.
Marcus smiled. “Oh nothing just that you should pay attention to Natalie a but more before you end up losing her.”
“Marcus what the f*ck are you talking about?....Natalie what the hell is going on?” Chris said looking over at me as I tried to get a word in but Marcus cut me off.
“About how she should be with a real man like me.”
Chris scoffed. “Like you? I know you apologized and everything for what you did trying to build a friendship and all that but yet and still she shouldn’t have no type of respect for you after the way you did her. I’m all the man she needs so maybe you should take some lessons from me to see how a real man treats his lady.”
“Marcus you need to leave,” I said as he chuckled.
“Why? Am I making you uncomfortable Nat….oh you haven’t told Chris yet have you?” He said stepping closer to me.
“Told me what,” Chris said looking at both of us.
“That Marcus kissed me earlier before you came in,” I said as he jumped out of bed and stepped up to Marcus as he punched him.
“Keep yo lips off my girl Marcus,” Chris warned him.
Marcus smiled and held his face. “You might wanna tell her that too….kissed me back,” he spat as Chris turned and looked at me.
“What? Natalie he’s joking right,” he said as I looked away from him.
“No he’s not joking but I pushed him off!!! He kept trying to get me to realize how I should be with him and I kept telling him that I wanted you..not him.”
“But you kissed him back?!! You just couldn’t help yourself huh?!,” he said shaking his head.
“Chris please its not like that!!!”
“Whatever Natalie,” he said grabbing his things.
“Where are you going??”
“Why do you care?! You wasn’t thinking about me when you kissed him back so don’t play that sh*t with me,” he said walking towards the door.
“But I pushed him off!!!!,” I said to him only hearing the door slam leaving me in tears.
“Marcus get out,” I said lowly but stern as the tears fell.
“Why I have to leave?”
“GET OUT!!!! GET THE F*CK OUT!!!!,” I said as I threw the vase of lilies Chris got for me at him as he ran out. I watched it shatter to a million pieces as my heart did the same.

run it.!

Uh oh

Run it!!

Nat.... straight up should've slapped the s*** out of Marcus. I would've never let him visit in the first place. I would've had Chris on the phone the whole time he was there. How dare Marcus try to do some s*** like that? To his own blood, damn. Nat please just tell Chris! Marcus kissed you and you pushed him off. It says, and I quote "“Sorry but Chris….,”I started to say but was cut off from him kissing me as I pushed him off." SOOOOOO!!! You totally had no fault in that. I jujst hope Chris doesn't blow up when she tells him.

Run that sh*t lol !!!!!!

Stop being a b**** Nat and getcho life! Tell him he kissed you and move on with Chris! Marcus is playing your b**** ass and he is playing your life!

*At the hospital*

“Somebody help me?!!!! My girl has been shot please help me?!!” I yelled crying as doctors rushed over to me with a stretcher as they took her from me rushing her into ICU….
“Please tell me she’s going to be ok,” I said following them holding on to Natalie’s hand.
“We’ll do the best we can but I cant allow you back here sir you have to wait in the waiting room,” the doctor told me as I slowly removed my hands from Natalie’s as I fell to the floor in tears until I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turn around and saw it was Mr. Henderson.
“Mr. Henderson I’m so sorry….i made a promise to you that I’d protect her and be there for her but I failed I’m so sorry,” I said he pulled me into a hug as I cried.
“Son its ok…Natalie’s going to be just fine but we have to stay strong her….she’d want us to do that for her,” he said as I nodded as we walked into the waiting room meeting everybody else. “The police came up there to the school and gathered as much evidence as they could and found 4 shell casings from a 9mm. As far as witnesses no one seen anything but heard the gunshots and also tires screeching in the parking lot but that’s all they have so far until they can question Natalie when she wakes up”
“Man but what if she doesn’t though?! I cant lose her. That girl is my all and I just want her to be happy. I don’t understand why all of this stuff is happening to her,” I said.
“The Henderson’s are fighters and I know that Natalie will pull through this. She may have her weak moments but deep down my baby girl is strong. Have faith and believe that Chris..don’t give up hope.”
*couple hours later*
“Family of Natalie Henderson,” a doctor said coming out as we all stood up waiting to hear the news.
“Please tell me she’s ok Dr. Matthews…please,” I said as waited for him to continue.
“There were two bullets lodged in her side with another one inches away from her heart and she also has a concussion. None of the bullets hit any major arteries so we were able to remove them successfully. She’s still in critical condition at the moment due to the loss of blood but we’re giving her a blood transfusion to get her back on the right track and everything should be fine. She’s still unconscious,” he said.
“When will she wake up,” Drew asked.
“With the way things are going ill give her a few days but there’s a 50 percent chance that if she does wake up that she might be brain dead,” he said. Natalie brain dead?? I cant have that happening. Everyone went to go visit Natalie saying their prayers and talking to her hoping that she’d wake up soon as I was the last person to go in. Everyone else had went home and told me to keep them updated. Mr. Henderson wanted me to go home and get some rest and change out of my shirt but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. I’m scared of losing her. I walked into her room once again seeing her hooked up to more stuff than last time as I softly cried sitting in the chair holding her hand. My eyes started closing as I fought to keep them open until I finally drifted off the sleep praying Natalie would be ok.

*3 weeks later*


I woke up a week after I was brought into the hospital and I’m so ready to get the hell up out of here. The hospital food sucks and I could really go for some of momma B’s cooking right now. Dr. Matthews said that I should be able to go home today but they have to make sure my wounds are still healing nicely and everything. Chris has been here by my side throughout everything and I appreciate him so much for being there for me along with the fam and the rest of our friends. I dont really remember much about what happened that day..its still a blur hopefully I’ll remember everything soon. I rolled over to my right side seeing <a href="">Marcus</a> sitting in a chair next to my bed looking down at his phone….he’s came by quite often and apologized for what all he’s done and said and I believed his apology was sincere.

“Hey Marcus”
He put his phone away. “Hey Natalie…how are you feeling?”
“I’m feeling a little bit better.” I said.
“That’s good.”
“Have you heard from Chris or at least seen him,” I asked him.
“Why is something wrong between yall already?”
I rolled my eyes at him. “No he was supposed to come by Wednesday but I haven’t heard from him and today is Friday.”
“You know I would never do you like that.. If I was your man I’d make sure I was there for you all the time especially with you being in here like this,” Marcus said.
“Marcus…Chris and I are not together one and two why are you telling me all of this”
He grabbed ahold of my hand. “Natalie I really like you and I always had but I let Sharnique get in the way. I know that’s my fault but I can’t sit up and here and try and be friends with you when I’m feeling more than that…I should be in Chris’s shoes right now”

I snatched my hand away from him. “Look Marcus I really like Chris and I want to see where things are gonna go…you had your chance but you blew it not my d*** problem.”
“Chris isn’t good for you.”
“Oh and you’re better Marcus?!! Chris is more of a man than you’ll ever be,” I spat at him.
“Chris can’t care for you like I can…I can do way more.”
“Cut the bullsh*t Marcus since when did you care?! Last I checked I was still a h*e in your eyes until you found out the truth. You never once attempted to even talk to me so stop lying to yourself.”
“There’s no reason to lie Nat…I know what I want,” he said.
“Sorry but Chris….,”I started to say but was cut off from him kissing me as I pushed him off.
“Is Chris really who you want to be with Natalie? I know you felt something when I kissed you by the expression on your face. You still have feelings for me but afraid to show it because of how you and Chris feel about each other.”
“That’s not true,” I said just above a whisper.
“But you kissed me back Nat,” I said smiling at her.
“Ssshh….,” Marcus said cutting her off. “You don’t have to say anything because I already know how you feel. You can’t admit it but I’m the one that’s tripping right,” he said laughing as he walked out.

UGHHHHHH!!!!! I can’t believe he just kissed me!! Why didn’t I stop him?! I really should have stopped him…(sighs)
A few minutes later there was a knock at my door..
“Go away,” I said thinking it was Marcus coming back as the door opened.

“Didn’t I say…,” I stopped mid sentence as I saw <a href="">him</a> standing there with a balloon and some lilies…my favorite flowers…..

All I could think about was how could I possibly tell him what happened between Marcus and I…

(I thought i had typed up the whole convo between sean and nicole but i never typed the last part so here it is...i do apologize)

recap of their convo:

I haven’t really said too much of anything to anyone since Nicole said I was possibly the father of her unborn child. I pulled up at her place and contemplated about seeing her but I just couldn’t help myself. I knocked on the door and patiently waited until she finally opened the door.
“Sean I’m,” she started to say before I cut her off.
“Why Nicole,” I asked her as she sighed.
“Come on we’ll take about it in my room,” she said as I shut the door behind me following her upstairs to her room sitting in her computer chair while she sat on the bed.
“I’m listening…,” I said waiting for her to explain.
“One day you and I had got into a really bad argument and I went over to Daniel’s house for some advice and one thing led to another. I never meant to hurt you Sean,” she said as she fought back tears.
“But you did Nic…you came to my house that same day and lied to me. You came over my house to talk about things smelling like cologne. I asked you if you were with someone else and you looked me dead in my eyes and told me No!! Then I saw a mark on your neck that resembled a hickey and questioned that but you assured me you had just simply burned yourself with the curling iron and I believed you!! We talked about things and had sex that same day….the F*cking same day Nic!!! I can’t believe you,” I said shaking my head.
“You talked to London,” she spat back at me.
“Yeah did talk to her only because you were blowing me off for weeks and she was there for me through it all and the same thing went for her. All we did was kiss and comfort each other…I never f*cked her never planned on that.”
“Sean all I can do is say I’m sorry.”
“Are you??! Because I have a hard time believing that…..he already knew didn’t he,” I asked her and she looked away from me and nodded her head.
I scoffed. “You were never going to tell me were you?” I said shaking my head as I got up and headed downstairs towards the door.
“Sean wait!! I was going to tell you.”
“When Nicole? When the baby was born?!!!....I’m the last one to know your pregnant and I’m the d*** boyfriend…its no telling what else yall are hiding from me,”
“I love him,” she blurted out.
“You what,” I asked her making sure I had heard her right.
“I love him but I want you,” she said as tears ran down her cheeks.
“Wow….,” I said as I turned the knob on the door and headed out to my car.
“Sean we can fix this…we could be a family,” she yelled after me.
“Bye Nicole”

WTF Run it !!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooo! Jazz used to be my b****, but she didn't have to do that. That was f***ed up to the max.....on both of their parts. WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL!!! NAT JUST CAN'T GET A DAMN BREAK!!! OMFG!! When i find out who did this I'll personally shoot and KILL they b**** asses. I just really want to punch something.
Run it!!!

run it!!! will be adding later on