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"We're finally seniors,"<a href="">I</a> said excitedly to my girl Sharnique as we walked to first period together.

"Girl tell me about it! we finally here!!! Did you finally tell Marcus about how you felt," she asked.
"No I haven't got around to that yet...why?"
"He was talking to me this morning about how he was going on a date this weekend and i thought it was know he likes you,"<a href="">she</a> said as we walked in class and took our seats.
"That's bullsh** and you know it! how is it that he talks to you but don't even talk to me?...I just don't get it."
"Maybe he's shy can't expect everyone to step up to you."
"Its not that easy to talk to a guy who looks at you like you disgust him or something....and you call that being shy?"
She sighed. "Natalie I really think you're just overreacting about all of this."

Before I could say anything back to that class had begun with our teacher passing the syllabus around as she talked about what her expectations were for music class this year. My thoughts were all over the place to even pay attention to Ms. Woods...I just find it funny that Marcus talks to all of my friends with no problem but with me its like i don't exist. I just wish i knew why.


They just need to move cause Wtf things niggas can't catch a break!! I heard Alaska is nice this time around...SMH Jazz is a trip Marcel either you gonna forgive her or you not...London just shut up cause you was in the wrong and who the hell gonna just shoot someone in broad daylight and no one can see!?! omgghgggggg man!

run it!!!


I shut my locker as I saw Jasmine gathering her things from hers further down. I walked over to her.

“Hey you ok?,” I asked her.

Jasmine closed her locker as we walked down the hallway. “I’m fine but the question is are YOU ok??”

“I don’t know Jazz…I’m just trying to process everything at one time only to get a big headache afterwards.”
“Just look at it this way Nat…at least you know the truth and now you can be happy with my future brother in law,” she joked.
“Yall and these jokes need to stop,” I said as I shook my head laughing.
“What?!! I’m just saying…don’t waste this opportunity for Marcus a** because that wont be his last time attempting to talk to you….Chris is the one for you Nat"

I took in her words and headed downstairs running into Aminah and London.

“Hey yall,” London said.
“Hey,” I spoke back as Jazz gave London a look.
“What’s up with you Jazz,” London asked.
“Oh nothing….nothing at all,” She replied sarcastically.
“That’s bullsh*t and you know it,” Aminah said.
“Don’t start with me Minah,” she said.
“No how about you just keep your feelings in check and watch how you look at my cousin…she hasn’t done sh*t to you!” Aminah said.
Jasmine folded her arms. “Oh really?! I wonder if Marcel would say the same thing…..thought I wouldn’t find out eh?”
“What are you getting at,” London asked.

Jasmine chuckled a bit. “Oh I see B*****es just wanna act dumbfounded today eh? You know exactly what the f*ck I’m talking about you backstabbing trick.”
“Whoa Whoa!!! What the hell is going on?!,” I said trying to diffuse the argument starting between them. There’s been enough drama for the day.
“Oh you don’t know how London and Sean were talking behind my back,” Jasmine asked me.
“Lon is this true,” I asked her as she looked down and nodded. “So that explains why you and Cel aren’t talking….”

“D*** right that’s why they aren’t talking hell I’m still questioning why I’m talking to her now when she knew that was my man,” Jasmine said.

Well this isn’t going to end well I see….(sighs)

“First of all Sean wasn’t your man in the first place,” London spat.
“He would’ve been mines if you would’ve kept your hand off him…I feel so bad for Marcel.”
“He came up to me first Jazz!!!”
“It doesn’t matter London!!! You knew how I felt and you still went along with the sh*t anyways and we’re supposed to be girls….there’s no telling what yall have done behind closed doors.”
“We didn’t do a d*** thing because he knew how I felt about Marcel who I love dearly but we were just going through things at the time and I just wanted somebody to listen.”
“All you had to do was talk to me about it,” we all turned around and saw Marcel standing there.

“You were barely around Cel!! So don’t pull that sh*t with me!!,” London said.
“I’ve always been there for you London and you know it!! Yeah I know I may have a lot going on that may have put a strain on our relationship but I was still THERE!!! YOU decided that you wanted to venture off and handle the situation your way without even talking to me so you can shut that sh*t down,” Cel said as London sighed.
“Cel what’s done is done and all I can say is sorry to the both of you for my actions and I hope that you both will forgive me one day. I really didn’t mean for this to happen.”
“Oh is that so?! Well I didn’t mean to do this,” Jasmine said as she walked over to Marcel and kissed him as we stood there in shock. Marcel pushed her back.

“YO Jazz what the f*ck was that for?!!!”
“To prove my d*** point,” she said as London looked between Marcel and Jazz before she hurriedly walked down the hall wiping tears from her eyes as Aminah followed her.

My phone rung as I looked down to see Chris and I <a href="">picture</a> pop up…instantly I smiled.

“Hey babe…I’m outside you ready,” he asked as I my mind was stuck on the fact that he call me bae to answer until I heard him screaming my name into the phone.
“NATALIE?! Are you there?!”
“Yeah..yeah I’m here I’ll be outside.”
He laughed. “Alright babe,” he said hanging up as I shook my head walking away as Cel and Jazz started arguing about what she did. I’ve honestly had enough drama for today.


I was outside sitting on my car waiting for Natalie as I heard gunshots being fired in the parking lot. I quickly jumped in my car and circled the parking lot seeing if I saw Natalie but came across London and Aminah cars instead as I stopped to see if they saw Natalie walk out.

“Hey London have you seen…..,” I started to say as I walked over towards them and saw Aminah kneeling down holding Natalie in her hands full of blood as she cried. I immediately rushed over to Natalie.
“WTH HAPPENED?!! WHO DID THIS?!!,” I asked them.
“Chris we don’t know we ran out here as soon as we heard the gun shots and saw Natalie on the ground….we had just talked to her,” London said through her tears.
“Chriiiiisss…it hurts,” Natalie said coughing.
“I know baby I know…stay with me okay..keep talking to me,” I said as she nodded.
“I already called 911,” London said as I shook my head.
“No they’ll take too long to get here she needs to get there asap….go open the back door of my car and I’ll place her in there and I want you to sit in the back with her and apply as much pressure as you can to the wound as possible til we get to the hospital.”
“I think there’s more than one wound Chris.” London said.
“I don’t care London!!!,” I said crying. “Just make sure my baby stay alive ok?!
London nodded as she rushed to go open the back door of Chris car as he placed Natalie in the backseat as she got in with her. Just then Marcel and Jasmine came out.
“What happened?!!,” Cel yelled at me as I rushed out the parking lot trying to get Natalie to the hospital. I had no time to waste….I cant lose Natalie…God please don’t take her away from me…..

updating now...stay tuned

Yesss I'm glad they beat her ass she deserved that s*** and I'm glad Natalie finally stood up for herself and told Marcus off. That's what his dumb ass get for believing s*** out of a another b**** mouth and not the source. Like Rissa she cool as hell so far.

Run it!!

Yesssssssssssss !!!!! RUN IT !!!!

YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We turnt up in that b****!! That's what her hoe ass get!!! That b**** the definition of THOT! AHAHAHA I went in on her ass! Natalie finally beat that b****'s ass!!! I'm too hype right now. I'm so glad you posted this before I went to work, cause in the morning I usually be falling asleep, but now i'm too turnt! Whew!! Marcus f*** you and a f***ing feelings b**** ass nigga! We don't f*** with sorry niggas. Just saying. Lol, Natalie shut that ass doooooowwwwnnnn(sings in The Dream's voice).I can't stop smiling now.
Run it!!!!!

sorry for the long wait!! more drama is coming!!! haha but until then

run it!!!


Aminah, Jasmine and I sat at our usual table at lunch as we caught Aminah up with everything that has been going on while she was away. Aminah would come down during the summers so she was mad cool with everybody. We all found out about what Sharnique said in the paper and she better hope that neither of us see her.
“I hope Natalie is ok…I’m worried about her,” I said.
“Yeah me too but I’m sure Chris would cheer her up,” Aminah said agreeing with me.
“He always does…they’d make a cute couple,” Jazz said.
“I know right!!! Well maybe since Marcus done showed his true colors…she can focus more on Chris.” I said.
“I think maybe you spoke to soon,” Aminah said as she pointed at Chris and Natalie approaching the table holding hands.
“Well its about d*** time!!” Jasmine said to them as they sat down.
“Calm down we’re not together….yet,” Chris said smiling at Natalie who blushed.
We all started laughing but stopped when we saw <a href="">Sharnique</a> approaching the table.


As Sharnique approached the table I felt my blood boiling the closer she got to us. I guess Chris sensed it because he pulled me into his lap holding me close.
“Hey yall! Oh hey Aminah glad to see your back,” Sharnqiue said smiling at us.
“Whatever B****,” Aminah replied.
“What did you just call me?!,” Sharnique said.
“Don’t be stupid trick”
Sharnique got in Aminah’s face. “How about you take yo a** back to where you came from!”
Marcus walked by as Aminah replied. “Marcus you need to get your little friend because she has two seconds to get the f*ck our my d*** face!”
Marcus walked over pulled Sharnique pack a bit. “Yo Sharnique chill.”
“Baby you see that they were trying to get at me…I haven’t done anything to them but they keep tempting me to whoop they a**”
Jasmine stood up walking towards Sharnique. “Well B**** lets go!! I guess you didn’t learn your lesson the first time.”
Sharnique smiled. “Oh Jazz let go of some of that hostility they say it leads you to trouble.”
“I suggest you move away from this table before I start some trouble,” Jazz replied.
“Jasmine,” Sharnique said glaring at her.
“B**** !” Jasmine paused before she continued speaking. “Move the F*ck on nobody has sh*t to say to you.”

Sharnique launched at Jasmine pulling on Jasmine’s hair as Aminah and London jumped in. Marcus tried to break it up but there was no use. I tried to jump in but Chris kept tightening his grip around my waist.

“Chris let me go!!”
“No Nat…leave it alone.”
“After all she’s done to me Chris?!! After all she said in the paper?”
“You fighting her isn’t going to change what happened…..just move on and look forward.
“Let it go,” Chris said kissing my cheek.

A crowd started forming around our table as Marcel. Sean and Drew came busting through to get London, Aminah, and Jasmine off Sharnique as Chris continued to hold me down from moving. Marcus grabbed Sharnique off the floor holding her back as she held her nose that was now bleeding.

“Have any more sh*t to say?! I mean you already look like sh*t,” Aminah said trying to get out of Drew’s grip.

Everybody started laughing.

“You mother******* b***** a*** trick!!!” this <a href="">girl</a> said as she charged at Sharnique knocking her to the ground as they wrestled as she straddled Sharnique and started going to town on her face. I sat and watched in amazement along with everyone else because we all knew she deserved it. Marcus broke up the fight pushing the girl off as she punched him the face before getting up and looking over at me.

“Natalie I do apologize for what all this b**** has said about you…name’s Rissa by the way and I work for the school newspaper but back to this b****,” she said looking back at Sharnique. “You’re a** better be glad that you’re still alive because if it were up to me you’d be dead right now. I can’t believe you asked Marcus out knowing that Natalie liked him and then came back and lied straight to her face about a date…Yeah b**** I sit right behind yall in music class plus I just so happened to walk up on you Marcus conversation prior to that . I also knew it was you who posted that nonsense about Natalie because while the committee was adding the finishing touches to the paper you came through saying the principal wanted you to put in some announcements for the seniors…. but you posted that sh*t!!!!! You got the committee in trouble so you a** deserved that beating!!” Rissa laughed before continuing. “You look like you belong in somebody’s dumpster you piece of trash..miss wanna be ALL THAT trick a** sl*t! Don’t look so stupid now because you and I both know those designer shoes, bags, clothes….didn’t come from your dad….you shake that a** for it don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sharnique said looking dumbfounded.
“Oh really???..So Diamond doesn’t ring a bell to you,” Rissa smirked.

Sharnique gasped. “I…”
“B**** close your mouth h*e,” Rissa said as Marcus Dropped Sharnique on the ground.

“You b**** a*** trick,” Marcus said staring at her in disbelief.
“Marcus its not true I promise,” she said as I launched up from Chris’s lap with so much force that he couldn’t regain his balance in time to grab ahold of me. I started beating the sh*t out of Sharnique as I stomped and kicked causing the crowd around us to go crazy. When Chris regained his composure he picked me up and tried to pull me away from her but I had a good grip on her hair.

“Let her go Natalie,” Chris said as I watched in satisfaction of Sharnique crying in pain pleading for me to let her go. After a few minutes of staring at her I finally let her go as our principal came through the crowd all late.
“Alright alright break it up people,” he said over the megaphone making his way through the crowd. Sharnique McDaniel I want to see you in my office now!! AS for everyone else collect your things and go home…school is dismissed for today,” he said as everyone started leaving the lunch room.
Sharnique slowly got up shrieking in pain. “Why am I the only one going to the office,” she asked.
“Because you’re the one that started this and I don’t blame them…I would’ve done the same thing now lets go!” He said as he walked off with Sharnique slowly limping behind him as people laughed at her.
“If you need anything please call me,” Rissa said handing me her number after Chris put me down.
“Thank you,” I said as I hugged her before she left.

“Natalie I..,” Marcus started to speak until I cut him off.
“Marcus don’t say sh*t to me! Now since you know the truth you wanna give a sh*t?!”
“I’m sorry Natalie…I really did like you and I had told Sharnique about it long time ago and still do.” He said
“Ha! Let me guess that was until she fed the lied about me in which YOU believed and then on top of that yall went out together, Natalie scoffed. “Bet you didn’t like me then did you?”
“I’m sorry Natalie!! She was your friend and I knew how close yall were so…”
“Oh cry me a F*ckin river with your excuses Marcus!!.” I said as I started to walk off.
“Natalie listen to me please,” Marcus said running after her as she turned around.
“What for? I’m a h*e remember?”
“No you’re not and I’m sorry that I listened to Sharnique. I really do have feelings for you and want to talk to you.”
“You have never been there for me when I needed someone to talk to, to listen, to care, or to comfort me when I needed it the most but that man right there…(pointed at Chris) has been there for mw since day one so don’t sit up here and express how much you feel when you never took the d*** time to talk to me!!”
“Natalie I..”
“N**** F*ck you and your feelings!!!!” I said as I walked out of the cafeteria heading up to my locker to grab my things and meet Chris at his car.

lol haha an update will be coming soon!!! stay tuned
thanks for all the runs i got with this story so far!!!! greatly appreciated

<a href="">Pic</a>
YAAAASSSSS!! Thank you!! Sharnique.. prepare for a proper ass whooping!!! Lol.
RUN IT!!!!!

@_Cheerio_ lmao...i think i can fit you in...give me what you want your name to be and everything with a pic and you'll be apart of the next add =)

Omg !!!!!!! RUN IT !!!!!

NATALIE YOU BETTER BEAT THE LIVING s*** OUT OF SHARNIQUE THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE HER!!! PLEASE LET ME HOP IN THIS AND JUST WHOOP SHARNIQUE ASS AND THAT'S IT!!! THIS b**** GOT MY BLOOD PRESSURE RISING!!! Marcus......whew!!! I promised I almost broke my s*** just reading what he said to her. When I meet a nigga named Marcus and a b**** named Sharnique, I'm pulling the trigger on both they asses.!!! Natalie say yes to Chris. You know the things Sharnique is saying isn't true, so don't let it faze you... I thought she was really about to kill herself...I was crying n s***.
Sorry I took so long, my laptop was stolen and I wasn.t able to login on my phone. My b!!!
Run it!!!!!
P.S Please give Natalie the courage and strength to beat that b****'s ass!!!

I’m so heated right now!! I can’t believe Marcus would do something like this to her. I couldn’t find Natalie anywhere and she wasn’t answering my phone calls so I ran out to my car to see if I could find her only to see her in the car holding up my <a href="">gun</a> . I tried opening the door but it was locked.
I banged on the window as the tears streamed down my face. “NATALIE DON’T DO THIS!! OPEN THE DOOR!!!”
“CHRIS JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ALRIGHT?!!..JUST GO,” she yelled as she pulled the safety back off the gun holding it shakily p to her head. My heart froze feeling like the room was spinning.
She pulled the trigger as the chambered jammed. “Thank you God,” I whispered as I ran over to the passenger side and punched a hole in my window unlocking the door.
“UGH WHY WON’T THIS THING WORK!!,” she said out of frustration as she pulled the trigger two more times before I yanked the gun from her getting out the car opening the chamber to see all 5 rounds were still there. She got out of the car and tried to wrestle me for the gun.

“Give it back!!!!!” She yelled at me as I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. She kicked and punched me while I grabbed ahold of my keys that fell from her wrestling with me and popped the trunk throwing my gun in there before I pinned her against my car staring into her eyes.

“Please just kill me,” she whispered as she broke down in my arms. “I don’t wanna be here anymore!!! should’ve let me die!!”

“What kind of man would I be to let the LOVE of my LIFE kill herself?!! Natalie I care about you too d*** much to let you do some sh*t like this. F*ck Sharnique and Marcus and whoever else believes this sh*t…they don’t matter. All five of my rounds were still in that gun Natalie…nothing was wrong with my just wasn’t your time…I cant be without you Nat…I love you,” I said as my voice cracked.

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed with all the passion I had in my heart. She hesitated at first but eventually my tongue danced around with hers. My hands roamed over her body stopping at her a** as I gripped it causing a moan to escape from her lips as she jumped back from me.

“Chris,” she said breathing heavily. “We shouldn’t be doing this”
“And what law said that,” I asked her smirking.
“We’re best friends Chris!! We’re not supposed to be kissing each other.”
“admit it Nat….you liked it didn’t you,” I smirked at her still as she looked at everything else but me.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.

“Stop fighting it….you want me just as bad as I want you Nat. You don’t realize how much I care about you do you? I just want to be the one to make you smile and love you. You’re so d*** beautiful to me taking my breath away everytime I see you. The only thing I want is for your heart to beat in the tune of mines and connect as one with you as my girl…..”

Omg run it !!

updating now!!! stay tuned

Omg run it!

updating soon!!!! run it!!!

sorry about the typos you guys..I'll do better at rereading before i post

much love =)

run it!!


“Are you sure you’re ready to come to school Nat,” Chris asked me for the millionth time as we walked into the doors of the school.
“For the last time Chris I’m fine,” <a href="">I</a> smiled.
“Girl you better stop smiling at me like that gon make a n*gga blush and sh*t,” he joked as I playfully pushed him reaching my locker. I noticed as people walked by staring at me and whispering amongst one another as I grabbed my things I’d need for Music Class feeling uncomfortable. Maybe I shouldn’t have came back so soon.
“Nat stop worrying…no one knows,” he said referring to my encounter with Josh. “You’re make up covers the bruises perfectly so no one can see a thing either way you’re beautiful.”
I blushed as I shut my locker with Chris draping is arm around my shoulder walking in sync down the hallway. I hoped Chris was right.

The bell rung for lunch and I instantly flew out of class ready to put my things in my locker and head home to eat lunch instead. I was getting pretty aggravated with the looks and whispers I’ve been receiving all day and the last thing I want to do is cause a scene. As I closed my locker heading towards the cafeteria to meet up with Chris, I saw <a href="">Jasmine</a> running up to me a paper in her hand.

“Natalie I need to talk to you,” she said as she tried to catch her breath.
“What’s going on,” I asked telling by the look on her face that it wasn’t good.
Before she could answer , Chris, Marcel and Sean came up to me saying the same thing.

“What the h*** is going on??!”
“Read this,” Jazz said as she handed me the paper.
“The school newspaper?! You know I don’t read this,” I said trying to give it back to her.
“Just read it Nat,” she instructed as I sighed looking over the paper until I saw my name in bold letters.

*****Things you don’t know about your fellow classmate Natalie Henderson:
Let’s begin shall we!!! Most of you all know Natalie as a sweet and loving person who keeps to herself or all wrapped up under her Chrissy as she calls him but there are some things that I feel needs to be addressed. Natalie has secrets that no one knows about because she has a different life outside of school with one being her addiction to popping prescription pills. The doctors had to put her on suicidal watch since she tried to kill herself by OD not to long ago….tsk tsk tsk the past is starting to resurface with your ex Joshua back around isn’t it. Heard you were a lil h** back in New York letting guys run a train on you and prostituting your body up on that pole coming back to Cali like you a saint…B**** miss me with that. Heard you let Joshua tap and beat that a** too here recently while Chris sits on the sidelines being played…I feel bad for the boy but I guess H*es will be H*es ….

“This isn’t true,” I said yelling throwing down the paper as the tears fell. “Please tell me you all don’t believe this I would never,” my voice croaked as tugged at my hair reaching my breaking point as Marcus walked over.
“Hey yall…whats going on.” He asked as Chris pulled me into a hug rubbing my back as everyone just looked at him. “What’s wrong with you Natalie,”
Jasmine snapped. “Like you don’t already know…I hate when people ask stupid questions.”
“Oh I know alright…know that trick over there a h**,” Marcus spat.
“Bro you need to chill the F*Ck out of line,” Cel said anger clear in his face as I quickly pulled my self away from Chris looking at Marcus.
“Excuse me?!”
“You heard me h**!!!”
“I’m not a h**!!!”
“I don’t think your so called friend Sharnique would lie now would she,” he asked as I stared at him in disbelief at hearing that Sharnique was behind this. Why would she do this to me?

“She’s lying…I’m not that type of person!!”
“Come on Nat lets go…we’re causing a scene,” Jazz said as she tried pulling me away as she saw people stopping looking at the scene unfold.
“NO!! Its not right and I refuse to let him or anyone else for that matter say things that aren’t true. I have way to much respect for myself and my dad brought me up to always fight for what’s right and stand up for myself. I hate I even liked you in the first place!!!”
“Oh blah blah blah….you’re friend wouldn’t like about something like that so just accept the fact that your truth is now exposed and that you can’t handle the fact that everybody knows that sweet little Natalie is really a trick, sl*t., wh**re,….need I continue on?”

I couldn’t take anymore as I ran through the crowd of people crying. I’ve had enough


“Son of a b****”
I ran up to Marcus and started punching him as we wrestled on the ground until Sean and Cel broke us apart.
“Man WTF is yo problem bro,” Marcus spat.
“Don’t you ever talk to her like that again!! My mom raised you better than that and you want to call her out her name and embarrass her even more like she isn’t affected by it?!!” I said yelling at him.
“That’s her problem she should have never done those things knowing that it would come back and bite her in the a**”
“You can’t go based off on everything people tell you!! You stupid man…stupid….,” I pushed Sean off of me as I ran off to go find Natalie.
“You just had to let this bullsh*t get in the way didn’t you,”
“Man whatever it’s the truth”
I chuckled a bit. “Sharnique must’ve really got a hold on you huh?” I shook my head. “You need to start thinking with you head and not with your D*ck.”
“What are you talking about?! That don’t even make sense,” He said.
“Oh it makes perfect sense….when you get off your high of being p*ssy whipped by Sharnique realizing the truth…the first person you need to apologize to is Natalie. She didn’t deserve that at all.”


Man I don’t give a rats a** about Natalie!! I don’t know why everybody is on my case when I did nothing wrong. I cant help she a h**..she brought that on herself its not my problem so I don’t give f*ck about how she feel


I’m so heated right now!! I can’t believe Marcus would do something like this to her. I couldn’t find Natalie anywhere and she wasn’t answering my phone calls so I ran out to my car to see if I could find her only to see her in the car holding up my <a href="">gun</a> . I tried opening the door but it was locked.
I banged on the window as the tears streamed down my face. “NATALIE DON’T DO THIS!! OPEN THE DOOR!!!”


I haven’t really said too much of anything to anyone since Nicole said I was possibly the father of her unborn child. I pulled up at her place and contemplated about seeing her but I just couldn’t help myself. I knocked on the door and patiently waited until she finally opened the door.
“Sean I’m,” she started to say before I cut her off.
“Why Nicole,” I asked her as she sighed.
“Come on we’ll take about it in my room,” she said as I shut the door behind me following her upstairs to her room sitting in her computer chair while she sat on the bed.
“I’m listening…,” I said waiting for her to explain.
“One day you and I had got into a really bad argument and I went over to Daniel’s house for some advice and one thing led to another. I never meant to hurt you Sean,” she said as she fought back tears.
“But you did Nic…you came to my house that same day and lied to me. You came over my house to talk about things smelling like cologne. I asked you if you were with someone else and you looked me dead in my eyes and told me No!! Then I saw a mark on your neck that resembled a hickey and questioned that but you assured me you had just simply burned yourself with the curling iron and I believed you!! We talked about things and had sex that same day….the F*cking same day Nic!!! I can’t believe you,” I said shaking my head.
“You talked to London,” she spat back at me.
“Yeah did talk to her only because you were blowing me off for weeks and she was there for me through it all and the same thing went for her. All we did was kiss and comfort each other…I never f*cked her never planned on that.”
“Sean all I can do is say I’m sorry.”
“Are you??! Because I have a hard time believing that…..he already knew didn’t he,” I asked her and she looked away from me and nodded her head.
I scoffed. “You were never going to tell me were you?” I said shaking my head as I got up and headed downstairs towards the door.
“Sean wait!! I was going to tell you.”

Run it !!!!!!

Aww that's sad but she did bring it on herself and her friend is right

Run it!!!

Aww that's sad but she did bring it on herself and her trend is right

Run it!!!

run it!!!

He stood there and stared at me with tears in his eyes as I did the same. I forgot all about Aminah being there until she spoke.

“I’ll be in the den Lon….It’s good to see you again Cel,” she said as he glanced in her direction before turning his gaze back on me as she turn on her heels leaving him and I alone.

“Are you going to come in or just stand there,” I asked now feeling uncomfortable as he slowly backed away from the door gazing at me until he turned on his heels headed back to his car.

“Marcel wait,” I called out to him as he turned around with me crashing into his arms. I hugged him tight crying softly in his chest as he stood there fighting the urge to hug me.

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered.
“I’m sorry too,” he said hugging me back tightly with his tears falling on my shoulder. He pulled back and kissed my forehead letting his lips linger there for a moment before he fully pulled away. He opened his car door retrieving an envelope and a box as he handed them over to me before walking back over to his car staring at me one last time.
“Marcel don’t go,” I cried out to him as he quickly got In the car and drove off. When he wasn’t in my view anymore I slowly walked back into the house closing the door behind me as I leaned up against it. I opened the envelope to find a letter:


Words can’t even express the way I’m feeling right now. I have mixed emotions about everything and I don’t know which way to turn. I have my moments where I wanna come to you and tell you we can work things out but all I can think about is you and Sean betraying my trust….my heart is cold. I know that we go through problems but I tried my hardest to be there for you with every ounce in my being and that wasn’t enough in your eyes. I’m not perfect Lon and I know that there’s always going to be guys that are better than me so I’m staying clear of your path so you can choose which road you want to travel down. I’m sure one day that I’ll forgive you but my heart just won’t bend in that direction…. I just want you to be happy and find whatever it is you’re looking for that I couldn’t provide

Love you always
P.s…..Happy Early Anniversary

I clutched the letter to my chest inhaling the scent of his cologne as I slid down to the floor in tears. I took the ribbon off the box opening it to see a charm. It was a heart shaped locket that held both of our pictures inside. I hooked it on with my other charms Cel got for me and noticed our initials were engraved on the back of it. I cried harder as Aminah appeared sitting down next to me.

“How could I do this to him,” I asked myself as Minah held me. “I didn’t mean to hurt him.”
“I’m sure you didn’t mean to but you DID and you have to own up to it and deal with the consequences that comes with it. He needs time to heal and trust he’ll come back around,” she said wiping some of my tears away. I looked up at her with hope in my eyes.
“How can you be so sure?”
“Because yall love is stronger than you both realize…its just slightly shattered. The strength of yall love can rebuild itself becoming so powerful bringing you both closer. But you both have to work together.”
“But he wont even talk to me!!” I yelled frustrated at the fact that he was ignoring my feelings and putting my heart to the side.
“I wouldn’t talk you either Lon! He has every right to feel the way he does because you pushed him to the side and allowed yourself to get caught up with Sean. I don’t care what you and Sean both had going on in your relationships at the time you both were wrong. You can’t expect him to easily forgive you with open arms. He’s hurt…give him the space he needs.”
As much as I wanted to plead and tell Minah once again why I did what I did…I knew she was right. I couldn’t argue with her on that.


I took one last look at Diane as I stared at her with so much anger as negative thoughts came flashing to mind with me beating her a** but my heart wouldn’t allow me to that. Is it wrong for me to say I still loved her? She was still my mother and I know that I have to forgive her someday but right now I can’t. My dad took me to the hospital to get checked out as Chris and them headed off to my dad’s house to unpack my things. The Dr. Matthews gave me medicine for the pain and cleaned up my wounds as my dad stood outside to talk to the police. The police came up to the hospital earlier and took a statement from me and assured me they would find Josh.

Dr. Matthews was about to check my blood pressure as <a href="">he</a> looked down at my arm and looked up at me with a worried expression.

“Continue to fight,” he said looking me in my eyes as I took in his words.
I nodded. “I will,” I replied softly not believing my own words. I was back to square one all over again with pain all around me but in reality it never left. My dad soon walked back into the room as Dr. Matthews finished with taking my blood pressure.
“How is she Doc,” he asked hoping for some good news.
“She’s going to be ok but her blood pressure is a little high showing very high levels of stress. I gave her some medicine for the pain but I want her to take it easy for the next couple of days.”
“Ok thanks Doc….is she free to go?”
“She’s free to go,” he said before he looked over at me. “I don’t want to see you in my office again,” he joked lightly as I chucked as I nodded thanking him before I followed my dad out the room.

The ride to his house was quiet as the music from the radio softly played in the background.
“What did the police say,” I said breaking the silence as I looked over at him. “Did they find Josh?”
“They found him….,” I cut him off.
“So he’s in jail right,” I asked hoping and praying that he’s give me the answer I desperately wanted to hear.
“Its not that easy babygirl,” he said as he looked over at me quickly noticing that I had turned my body towards the window silently crying.
“I know you don’t want to hear this but you need to,” He said as he pulled up into the driveway of his house putting the car in park looking over at me. “Josh said you came on to him and your mom was brought into questioning as well as she said that you both were rekindling the relationship you both had before. I don’t know much about this Josh guy and I won’t pressure you in to telling me about it now but I’m taking this matter to court and our lawyer will need to know everything from the beginning on up to now.”
I looked over at him eyes red and tired from crying as the tears still managed to fall. “Daddy I don’t want to go to court….I can’t do this!!”
“What have I always told you Natalie,” he asked me as I remembered his words like it was yesterday. “Always fight for you believe in and what’s right even if there’s a struggle. Continue to fight and look to the sky to help guide me along the way never giving up hope,” I said as he nodded.
“Exactly! I want you to continue to fight because I’m fighting for you and always will be until I die,” he said as he kissed my forehead. “Everything’s going to be alright I promise.” I took in his words as I got out the car headed into the house with an empty heart and empty soul. I’m numb and the pain is eating away at everything that once lived inside of me. I’m so lost….

I walked in the house to see Drew sitting on the floor in the living room playing with <a href="">Makayla</a> as her face lit up when she saw me. She bounced around in Drew arms in happiness as she reached out to me. Makayla was my little sister from my dad and step mom Camille. She was like a second mom to me and I know that if she were here she would believe me unlike my own mother. Camille died from complications of heart failure after she gave birth to Makayla 8 months ago. She had a lot of heart problems but my dad stuck by her side throughout it all until her last breath….I hate I never had the chance to say goodbye. I grabbed Makayla from Drew as I kissed her all over her face.

“Hey Kayla…I missed you!!” I said to her as she giggled reaching for my dad as he took her from me and kissed her cheek.
“You should be sleep baby girl its past your bed time,” my dad said in his baby voice as Makayla laid her head down on his shoulder. Someone knocked on the door as my dad when to go answer it as Drew got up to give me a hug.

“Wanna see your new room,” he asked smiling down at me as laughed at how excited he was. He grabbed ahold of my hand and led me upstairs to my new <a href="">room</a> as I gasped in awe taking in its beauty and the warmth that calmed me. Although I knew this feeling wouldn’t last long …it felt good to actually smile and feel a sense of peace at this moment.
“Its beautiful,” I whispered.
“Glad you like it,” Drew said as I heard footsteps coming up the stairs revealing Chris face as he appeared at my door walking in smiling at me.
“Alright sis I’m headed off to my room to catch some sleep….school in the morning,” he said as he kissed my cheek hugging me. “Get you some sleep,” he said as he dapped up Chris and headed out the room shutting the door behind him as I took off my shoes sitting down on my bed as Chris joined me.

“How you feeling,” he asked tiredly looking over at me.
“I’m ok,” I replied looking at everything else except him with tears clouding my vision as my lip trembled. He pulled me close as he hugged me, “I’m here….let it all go,” he said softly in my ear as I broke out into a loud sob.
“I’m so lost,” I said through my tears as he rubbed my back kissing my cheek repeatedly.
“You’re not alone in this Natalie I’m here for you but you have to let me in…no more hurting yourself,” he said “I’m forever here”
Chris softly hummed a tune calming me down as my eyes begun to feel heavy as a yawn escaped. He picked me up and laid me down under the covers of my new bed as I fought to keep my eyes open.
“Chris,” I called out to him when I didn’t feel him close to me.
“Don’t worry I’m not leaving,” he said as he climbed in bed next to me holding me close. “I’ll never leave you Marie,” he said kissing my forehead. I was so grateful to have Chris in my life…don’t know what I would do without him.

*Next day

<a href="">London</a>

I’ve been a wreck since my whole blow up with Marcel. I tried contacting him to express how sorry I was but all I kept getting was his voicemail and unanswered texts. He even ignored me at school today…I just miss him so much….A knock on my brought me out of my thoughts as I went to go answer it seeing <a href="">her</a> standing smiling.
“Aminah!!!!!!,” I yelled excitedly as I hugged her. “What are you doing here,” I asked her as she shut the door before her setting her bags down joining me on the couch.
“Didn’t you’re mom tell you? I’m staying down here with you guys and attending your school for my senior year instead of in New York. I felt I’d have better opportunities out here considering the fact that I want to pursue fashion and spend more time with my favorite cuz!!”

I gave her a small smile as she frowned at me. “How are you holding up?” She asked as I knew then she was referring to Cel.
“I still love him you know….I just feel so stupid,” I said as wiped away a stray tear.
“He still loves you too Lon don’t give up on him…he just needs time right now and maybe its good for the both of you to clear your heads,” she assured me as I nodded. “I refuse to let you sit around here and be in a slumber lets go to the mall.”
“Aminah I’m not in a mood to do anything,” I told her as she got up pulling at my arm.
“I wont take no for an answer..You need some fresh air and some fun,” she smiled. I sighed getting up knowing that I wasn’t going to win this battle. I put on my shoes and grabbed my keys opening the door as my heart dropped to the ground.
“<a href="">Marcel</a> ……”

lmao!!! Don't worry more to come soon

run it!!

Yes!!!!!!! I mean not about the rape, I'm saying about Diane getting hers! How we feeling now BBBIIIITTTTCCCHHH! I swear I hope when they find Josh's ass they torture him before just killing him. I hope Nat doesn't turn away from everybody. Aww s***! Sean got his b**** knocked up! Aye! She dirty as hell! I would've called Daniel, told him I was on my way, and soon as he opened the door I would've started to beat that ass!!
Run it!!!