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"We're finally seniors,"<a href="">I</a> said excitedly to my girl Sharnique as we walked to first period together.

"Girl tell me about it! we finally here!!! Did you finally tell Marcus about how you felt," she asked.
"No I haven't got around to that yet...why?"
"He was talking to me this morning about how he was going on a date this weekend and i thought it was know he likes you,"<a href="">she</a> said as we walked in class and took our seats.
"That's bullsh** and you know it! how is it that he talks to you but don't even talk to me?...I just don't get it."
"Maybe he's shy can't expect everyone to step up to you."
"Its not that easy to talk to a guy who looks at you like you disgust him or something....and you call that being shy?"
She sighed. "Natalie I really think you're just overreacting about all of this."

Before I could say anything back to that class had begun with our teacher passing the syllabus around as she talked about what her expectations were for music class this year. My thoughts were all over the place to even pay attention to Ms. Woods...I just find it funny that Marcus talks to all of my friends with no problem but with me its like i don't exist. I just wish i knew why.


Damn! Nat don't see how Marcus playing her ass. If he even liked her forreal, he would talk to her. I'm thinking that somebody said something to him, you don't just stop s*** like that. Chris did nothing wrong, I'm sorry but Nat was being a straight up b**** to him. Chris probably liked her too. I hope she catches herself before it's too late.
Run it!!


Finally school was out! I grabbed my things out my locker and headed to my car to see Natalie sitting on top of my hood waiting for me. This girl here was something else.

"If you don't get yo dirty a** off my hood," I joked with her as I popped the locks putting my backpack in the backseat along with hers. I smiled at her as I opened the passenger door for her as she got in but before she could put her seat belt on..I pushed the lever on the side of the seat making her seat go all the way back as I climbed on top of her while she starred at me in shock. Before she could say anything I started kissing the side of her neck leading up to her ear as I nibbled on it sending chills through her body. I put my sexy voice on as I whispered in her ear, "No don't "you wish" I could f*ck you? I know you want me baby," I said as I got up readjusting her seat to where it was.

"You know pay backs a b****," I said laughing as I closed her door heading over to the drivers side. I looked over at her to see her arms folded looking straight ahead. I know she's mad at me but she should've seen it coming.
"I told you I was going to get you for what you said at lunch," I said smiling at her.
"You're such an a**hole don't ever do that sh*t again," she said trying to hide her smile. She can't stay mad at me forever.
I turned her face towards me as my lips were inches away from hers. "Don't challenge me if you can't handle it," I said smirking at her as she quickly turned away from me. I laughed as I started the car and drove off headed to her house.

"So I heard we're coming over to your house for dinner tonight," I said interrupting the silence between us.
"Yeah I know! I'm so excited...maybe Marcus will talk to me you think?"

I sighed. Here we go with this again.

"I think you should leave him alone."
"What's your problem Christopher," she asked with attitude clear in her voice.
"Marcus is no good for you and you know it."
"What are you my dad now?! I think I can make my own judgments and decisions."
"I'm just saying Natalie...I don't think its a great idea."
"Are you jealous?"
"What kind of question is that to ask?!!"
"Everytime I mention something about Marcus you get upset sometimes and I wanna know why," she said folding her arms starring right at me.

I pulled up at her house and put the car in park as I looked over at her.

"Natalie we've talked about this before..I know how Marcus is..he's a player."
"And?!! Your point?! I could be the one to change all that."
"Natalie are you listening to yourself?!! You sound insane!!"
She yelled,"I'm insane really Chris?! You have some F*cking nerve to come at me like that."
"Well excuse me for looking out for you," I yelled back at her.
"I never asked you to do sh*t! You always act as if you know sh*t and what's best for me but you don't. I'm tired of putting up with this bs."
"He's my d*** cousin Natalie so I believe I know what the F*** I'm talking about. You're starting to piss me off."

She's always throwing that sh*t up in my face. I think I should know how my own cousin is. He does stay with me, my mom, and my older brother Jordan.

"All I asked you was a simple question and now you're all upset about?! I think you're just mad and jealous at the fact that I like Marcus and not your freckled face a**!!!"


I covered my mouth as quickly as those words flew out my mouth. I really didn't mean it. I could tell he was pissed by the way he gripped the steering wheel clenching his jaw.

"Chris I'm.."
"Get out Natalie," He said starring straight ahead as he started the car up and putting the gear in drive."
"But I.."
"GET THE F*CK OUT," he yelled.
"FINE!!!!" I yelled. back as I got out the car and slammed the door. I watched as Chris sped off down the street until he turned the corner. I really didn't mean to go that far with it but his a** deserved it. He needs to learn how to keep his D*** comments to himself.

run it!!!! will be adding more later on =)

Before Jasmine could question me further <a href="">Marcel</a> came over and kissed London on the cheek as he spoke to everyone.
London smiled. "hey baby."
"What I miss," he asked.
"Oh nothing other than the usual with Jasmine and Sharnique and Jasmine getting on Natalie," London said.
He shook his head. "Yall are something else...Natalie you alright over look spaced out."
"Yeah...yeah..I'm fine," I replied as my phone buzzed in my pocket that startled me as I slowly pulled it out seeing my mom picture. I sighed as I answered.

"Hi sweetie I just wanted to let you know that the Browns are coming over for dinner tonight so I want you to come straight home after school. I already talked to your brother Drew about it so I'll see yall later."
"Ok bye."

As I hung up Chris walked up and gave me a kiss on the cheek as he sat down next to me.
I smiled. "Chrissy!!!!!"
"Hey! What did I tell you about that gay sh*t," he said as Marcel shook his head laughing.
"Whatever you know you love when i call you that."
"I swear sometimes yall act and look like a couple," Marcel said.
"You and Chris," As he and everyone else except Chris and I nodded their heads in agreement.
"Yall need to chill with that. Nat and I are just friends and nothing know she likes ol dude."
"Chris don't start."
"Who starting Natalie? You already know how i feel about the situation."
"I don't think I asked for your opinion! I don't see why it bothers you so much anyways."
"Because I care," he said.
"Well if you so call "care" then you'd leave me be."
"He doesn't say sh*t to you and you're happy with that?! Look Natalie I'm just trying to look out for you so you're feelings don't get hurt."
"You trying to tell me something Chris?"
"I'm not even gon go there with already know the deal."

I got in his face. "Oh no you want to go there Chris so lets keep it going...why your panties up in a bunch huh?!"
Chris looked straight ahead not making eye contact with me as he clenched his jaw..something he did when he was pissed.

"Natalie chill the f*** out," he said.
I smiled. "I'm chillin like a villian pimp."
He smirked. "F*ck you!"
I laughed. "You wish!"
Chris had this devilish grin on his face so I know he's up to something.
"What's that face about," I asked him.
"Don't worry about it you'll see sooner or later," he said smiling.
I laid my head on his shoulder as we all continued eating our lunch and talking. Chris and I have always argued especially when it came to Marcus but it never lasts long as you can see. The crew has gotten used to us arguing about it to where they don't say anything anymore about it. I just don't understand why Chris is so against the issue.



It never gets old listening to Natalie and Chris argue about Marcus. I just wish the two of them would get together already instead of her chasing after Marcus. I noticed him at a table further down with a girl sitting in his lap. I swear he has like a new girl every week. I kissed London on her cheek and told her I'd meet up with her after school.

"Yo Marcus," I said as I approached his table dapping him up.
"What's up Cel?"
"Nothing much bro chillin...but I need to holla at you quick fast."
The girl got up and kissed his cheek. "Baby you gon call me later," she asked.
He winked at her."Of course sweetheart."
I shook my head as the girl walked away giggling.

"What," he asked.
"I thought that you were gonna make you're move and talk to Natalie?"
"Change of plans," he said dryly as he shrugged.
"Bro that girl really likes you and I know you do can't be serious," I said.
"Oh I said change of plans I could care less how she feels."

Where the F*ck was this coming from?

"You wasn't saying that before so why the change of heart now? You were just talking to me this summer about how much you like her."
"Man it is what it is...Summer is over and School is in so that thought is long gone. We're dance partners and nothing more...I'm sure you've heard about her," he said.
"Heard what," I asked as I shook my head at him continuing. "Don't answer that..I don't even wanna know. Do what you do but you gone let some bs ruin your chances," I said to him as I walked off from him. I would bring this to Natalie attention but I know her feelings are gonna be hurt. She's like a lil sister to me...I can't allow that to happen..

Damn. Marcus giving her the cold shoulder. She should just tell him forreal, it's only going to get worse the longer she holds it in. Who the hell is this Josh nigga? Calling her like he owns her. I would've hung up on him. Ooooo, I hope she'll figure it out. Damn. Jasmine was just going t'f off.
Run it!!!

I placed the rest of my things in my locker and took my place next to Sharnqiue as we begun stretching with the rest of the crew.

"Good morning class!! I'm so glad to have all of you for your senior year. You all have been my best dancers so far and I must say that I am very proud of how far you all have come along. This semester we'll be doing more solos and partnerships than groups compared to last year. Now today you'll be paired up and create choreography to the song of your choice to perform this Friday for the Dance is a grade," said Ms. Smith.
"So can we pick our partners this time," <a href="">Sean</a> asked.
"For the last time Sean the answer is now lets get started...the pairs are as followed:
Sharnique and <a href="">Drew</a>
Sean and <a href="">London</a>
<a href="">Chris</a> and <a href="">Jasmine</a>
<a href="">Tyler</a> and <a href="">Kiara</a>
and last but not least Natalie and <a href="">Marcus</a> "

You've got to be kidding me!!! As I walked over to Marcus butterflies took over and I was super excited to be his partner. As much as I tried not to let it show I failed miserably tripping over my own feet.
"D*** it," I cursed as I got up only to see Marcus laughing at me. Ugh how embarrassing!! Ms. Smith gave us the rest of the class period to start on our routines so Marcus and I came up with alot of things for our dance but he was still so stand offish towards me like he was only doing this cause he had to. As many questions I had and answers I wanted, I was afraid that maybe being partnered up with him wasn't going to be as great as I thought.



I joined my girls London, Jasmine, Kiara, and Sharnique at our usual table at lunch. As we made small talk about classes and everything until Sean walked over and pulled London away to talk to her.

"Oh the things I would do to that man," Jasmine said lustfully.
I laughed. "Omg please stop and spare me the details!"
"What?! I'm just saying...don't sit up here and act like you don't think about Marcus."
"Marcus is single unlike Sean who has a girl but I don't think of him like that."
They all looked at me crazy.
"Ok! so maybe I do think about him alot but yall see how he acts towards me."
"How about you tell him how you feel already and get it over with? You won't know what could happen unless you try," Kiara said.
"Yeah before someone snatches him up," Sharnique said as she laughed.

"What the F*** is funny," Jasmine snapped.
Before Sharnique could say anything London returned."So what i miss," she asked.
"Them talking about me and Marcus who wouldn't possibly talk to me...he barely looks my way," I said.
"Why not?! You're beautiful and yall are dance partners at the moment so something is bound to happen," London said.
"Same thing I'm saying," Kiara added.
"If it was so called meant to be don't you think it would have happened by now?!," Sharnique said as Jasmine started going off.

"Look here B****! I only put up with you because you're Natalie's friend but that won't stop me from beating that a**!"
Sharnique laughed. "Oh Jasmine please shut the hell up! Nobody was talking to you're dimple faced a**! Catch you later Nat," she said as she got up from the table and left as Jasmine glared at me.

"What," I asked.
"When are you going to start taking up for yourself?" She asked as I looked down...I'm afraid to say they wouldn't understand.

Run it!

I must have been deep in thought because Sharnique started shaking me saying the bell rung. I quietly grabbed my things with her on my trail as we headed to the girls dressing room to change for dance class.

"Are you ok," she asked as she started changing.
"I'm fine just alot on my mind."
"Look if this is about Marcus," I cut her off.
"I don't want to talk about it ok? Just drop it," I said as I placed my things in my locker about to head to the studio until I felt my phone vibrate. I answered it not recognizing the number.

"Hey baby"
"Baby?? Who is this?"
" don't tell me you forgot about me already," he laughed as chills ran through me.
" did you get this number?"
"Don't worry about that just know that I will always find you and get in touch with you no matter what you do. The sooner you realize this the better things will be for us."
"Josh there is no us anymore...please just leave me alone," I said calmly. The last thing i need is him getting upset with me.
He laughed. "Oh I'll leave you alone once you're back in my arms. You are MINE Natalie understand?...MINE and don't you ever forget it!"

He hung up as I tried to take in what just happened as tears filled my eyes....this can't be happening to me. How did he find me? He was never supposed to find me...