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How do i breath

Mario coco
Chris christina
Tyga rissa
Bow bri
Trey renee
(sam) tamika


It was summer but the end was nearing me and my boys had a good summer we aint do nothing but have fun and party but this was our senior year wel most of us but this year was the year it was gone be different from any other year oh my bad Im Mario see wen i say different it's cuz my boys and cuzn coming to my school for our senior year now i already hav my bro and one of my homies here but the whole team gone be here this our year lil did i no i was in for a surprise this year when i met you how do i breath

Im glad i moved here in the summer n not threw the school year L.A was a ok place but i missed chi town but starting school in two weeks not gone be dat bad seens im goin to school wit my cuzn christina and her sister coco wel coco my cuzn to but by marriage but thats still my fam oh by the way im Rissa and this my senior year as the summer went on i also met sum of my cuzns friends n they was cool and all but i think coco bestfriend tamika don't like me lil do she no i dont f***n care she will learn soon


Mario: ok mama c

Coco mom: and tel them girls n ty that dinner a be ready in a few

Mario: ok

The walk to co room scared me cus she seemed like she aint miss me or love me only opening dat door would tel me my answers only the words frm her lips will make me stop i f***ed up i no dat and im accepting every thing im getn

( opens coco bedroom door and close it)

I wached her lay there wit her eyes closed i guess she was thinkn

Coco: mika dats u (open eyes) ugh i swear my ma dnt listen

Rio: baby jus hear me out ok. Look i miss u so much baby u everythang to me i love you and that lil one u careing yall are my all i cant live wit out yall
Singn: how could i breath wit out u here by my side how will i see wen ur love brought me to the light wer do i go wen ur harts wer i lay my head wen ur nt wit me how do i breathe how do i breathe
End of singn

Baby these pass weeks has been hell for me (wipes coco tears) not being able to talk to u hold u kiss u and not noing if u kept our baby i love u girl and me not noing or doing nun of that i felt like i couldnt breathe and i got tired of that so came ova here to apologize and get my baby back to win yo hart again n neva let go cus u my air and with out u i cnt live i wnt breathe i need u baby ( wipes coco tears pull close and kiss as soft as a feather) i love you

Coco: (sniffs) i love you to baby i accept yo apology and thank u for givn me the best things i could hav

Rio: thank u baby and wats that

Coco: ur love and this wonderful baby grown in me (pecks lips)

Rissa called me told me rio poped up at the house n him n coco talkn s*** out im so happy cus me n sam was bout to put a plan together for them two but now that we dnt hav to ima chill wit my baby chris for the rest of the day


Rissa was spendn time wit ty seens she havnt really tina was out wit chris sum wer so i was lonely layn in bed but not for lng mika pose to be on her way well dats wat she said. I been thinkn alot seens i really dnt do nun now and im nt gone lie i do miss my boo so much but he hurt me im teachn him a lesson

Mom: coco sumones here to see u

Coco: who is it ma

Mom: the father of yo child girl now bring yo self here now

Coco: ma (whining) tel him to go away i dnt wnt to see him

Mom:ok sweety


I was happy to hear wat her mom said she didnt take care of it but i got upset wen she told her ma to tel me to leave i broke rite there her ma shhh me and talked to me a lil

Coco mom: hunny she hurtn but she love u now stop that cryn boy n take yoself up them steps to her room n make her stubbren but talk n listen

s*** aint been the same seens homecoming so i been chilln i was at home helpn co wit stuff seens we found out she was prego and really seens her and mario broke up my cuz been down she cry herself to slp every nite she eat for the baby but barely we be havn to make her sumtimes. I havnt saw my baby n a while I've talked to him but i miss him

Txt msg

Tyga: hey baby i miss u

Rissa: hey baby i miss u to wen ima see u boo

Tyga: :-) now cum here

Rissa: wait wat wer u at

Tyga: im outside baby cum here i miss u

Rissa: :-) k here i cum

End of txt msg

Rissa: (yelln) auntie ill be back im going outside for a few ty here

Auntie: ok tell him i said hey

Rissa: ok


Damn i missed this girl so much jus talkn and txtn aint cutn it i need to fill her hold her i wached her walk out the house lookn sexy as hell (bitn bottom lip) damn i missed wachn her ass switch

Rissa: (runs to ty) baby (kiss lips multiple times) i missed u so much baby omg

Ty: (bit lip) damn baby i missed u to but baby dnt be kissn me like dat s*** girl u tryn to hav me lay u out on this car lol

Rissa: lol(hit his chest) stop it no big head wat u been doin

Ty: nun chilln hangn wit the guys

Rissa: o hows mario

Ty: i dnt no he aint been hangn wit us lately ima go check on him later today but rite now u all mines girl (kiss lips)

Rissa: o ok and (gigles :-) ) ok wat we gone do

Ty: wateva u wnt baby we can go to yo room n chill wach tv if u want

Rissa: ok baby cum on

Damn...the fam know, but he doesn't...that s*** cray! I hope they talk to each other because i'm sad af over here! They had the cutest moments! Coco quit being stubborn and Mario stop f***ing with her feelings that's on some RNS! Cause if you do I'm breaking you in f***ing half...end of discussion.
Run it!!!!


Two weeks hav passed seens I've talked to my baby eva seens wat happn she wnt answer my calls txts emails s*** she wnt even look at me at school in class or wen the crew hangn so i been being by myself its goin on a week seens i hung wit the crew but im missn coco like crazy i wish my baby would just talk to me and me not noing if she took care of the baby is killn me cus i didnt wnt her to today she gn talk to me she aint gn hav a choice


My bro aint been lookn to good seens co broke up wit him
And i dnt no wat to say but even doe he f***ed up it wasnt as bad cus my sis was messed up bout nt seeing mario but it was her choice so she dealn wit and i no she aint get rid of the baby but i aint gn tel my bro he deserves to be on the edge after wat he did to her but hopefully she do tell him s*** our mom even no dats how i font out she so happy its crazy

Sammie:so tina how my sis doin

Tina: she good but i cn tel she miss him

Sammie: yea same wit me

Tina:we gt to do sumn to gt them back together cus i cnt take it no mo

Tina wasn't playing Chris...she showed up with another nigga had yo ass salty! Whoa!!!!! Ummmm, Mario the f*** was you tryna do? Put this b**** and her busted ass friend in the hospital?! Aye we don't do that jumping s***.. She's pregnant?????? And she ain't even tell us....I can't believe imam be an auntie!!!
Run it!!!

Update today n thanks to all my readers yall be havn me rolln but the drama continue run it ladies

Well that was a s***ty homecoming , bxtches gettin buck & all that smh .
Run It !

Why it always gotta be drama b/c of heaux and this heffa didn't even let us know she was preggo??? The shade!

Run It!

run it to the fullest!!

wait, what WOAH? How that happen? Pregnant? it

run it.!!!

We had jus gt to homecoming and i had a filln s*** was gone get real tonite for one even doe chris wasnt gn be here word was gone get out bout tina bringn sumone else to homecoming lil did they no it was only trey lil bro the lil nigga was begging to come see he dnt go to our school and seen trey was gone take her and nee but tina aint want to mess up they nite so she told them she would take him but in the eyes of others he another nigga she wit and for sum reason coco aint been herself i jus hope it go smooth

So far the homecoming is goin good i no the girls been wachn me i they no its sumn different but aint gone say nun i should tel them but i jus dnt no how s*** mario been actn funny to me to im startn to cant deal thats one of the reasons i shouldnt hav came to this damn thing

Rissa: wats up co u dnt look to good

Mika: yea u aint been yo self

Nee: yea spill it

Coco: im good u guys jus a lil tired dats all

Tina: yea and dats the problem u neva tired and wats been up wit u and mario i been seeing how yall act to each other lately matter of fact u sittn here lookn lost and s*** while he up here grindn on sum b****

Coco:wat u talkn bout tina no he not(looks to the dance floor) wat the f***!!!!!

Bri: damn s*** bout to get real

Mika: man wat the hell goin on

Tina: s*** dnt no but im bout to find out

Rissa: wel u gn hav to wait cus here cum chris this way

Tina: wat?!!!!

See now i thought chris wasnt cumn now this nite aint lookn to good smh damn man i no he gone say sumn bout trey bro smh

Chris:so dis wat we do tina huh

Tina: chris chill its trey lil bro he wnted to cum so i told him he could be my date

Chris: trey bro who cus the only bro i no is forrest and last time i checked he aint live wit them

Tina: wel he do now

Chris: u no wat tina wateva (walks away)

Tina:(tear ) is u f***n kidding me man

Rissa: t jus chill its gone be ok the guys gone talk to him n he gone (stops look to the dance floor) o s***!!!

I was heated i had to go out to cool off i aint even notice tyga and trey came out to check on me i was pissed at trey and at tina

Trey: dawg is u good now

Chris: hell naw i aint good wat the hell trey u setn my girl up wit niggas i dnt no

Trey: man quite all that f***n yelln i aint set her up wit nobdy she was pose to me n nee date but she felt like she was gone mess our nite up cus u said u wasnt cumn who she came wit is my bro forrest u no him well he live wit us now but he dnt go to our school he wanted to cum so tina said he cn be her date so she wouldnt hav to mess up my nite and give forrest a chace to cum so u jus blew up for nun

Chris: smh damn man f***

Tyga: f*** is rite now take yo slow as in there lol rite now and tel her u sorry u gt her in there cryn bro and i dnt like seeing her cry

Chris: :-( i made her cry f*** man trey im srry man

Trey: u good now take yo ass n there n make it up to my sis for we beat yo ass for maken her cry man lol

Tyga:lol yea wat he said

Chris:alrit cum on (walks back in) wat the f***!!!!

Trey: aw s***!!!

Tyga: f*** i new sumn was gone happn!!!

All three runs to the crew and crowd...

Man to much s*** is goin down tonite niggas startn to act brand new b****s tryn to grow balls and jump stupit s*** is jus to real at the moment i no at the end of this sum body gone be hurt

while im tryn to get coco so we can go i see chris ty and trey running to us even doe at the moment i was mad at my baby for actn like dat to me he still looked good to me (bits lip) (whispers)damn

Chris: baby im srry for the way i acted n we can talk more wen we leave but is u ok (lookn on her body)

Tina: yes hunny im ok

Chris: ok go wit trey nee sam and mika while me n ty get coco and rissa

Tina: ok be careful and dnt for get bri she i there to

Chris: wait wat how yal let her lil ass get!!!

Bow: i got her jus get the other two we gone be at the car

I saw mario wit dat b**** and all i saw was red i fliped out
He no wats up in he do dis s*** before i new it i was beatn his ass n her ass at the same damn time he was tryn to get me to com down now he want to hell naw wasnt happing i guess her lil friends thought they was gone jump me wasnt popn like dat i saw the girl swing and next think i no my sis yanked that b**** hair back and threw her to the ground and start beatn that b**** ass it was crazy i saw ty grab my sis and run outside then i felt sumbody grab me n take me to the car it was mario then i looked and saw chris walkn behind us

Coco: put me the f*** down mario

Mario: man wat the f*** wrong wit u wen u no u cant be doin dat s*** man

Coco: f*** u im tired of yo s*** ima do dis on my own i dnt need u want act like u care now and s*** cus the crew here f*** that they see how u act to me nigga they aint stupit jus like i f***n aint u no y i jus whooped dat b**** cus i no u cheatn wit that hoe wat the f*** u thought i wasnt gone say nun u mines as wel been f***n her on dat floor

F/v: (running up) b**** im bout to whoop yo ass u put yo hands on my sister

Coco: lol so wat yup i sure did b**** got wat was cumn for her and ill do it again and whoop yo ass to its nun hoe

Mario: man chill the f*** out u nt bout to fight her

F/v: wat the f*** u mean so u taken up for her now mar u pose to be my sister man

Mario: man no i aint n yo sister no dat coco my girl and u not bout to fight her real wen she havn my seed

Coco: o dnt worry thats gone get tookn care of soon

Mario:(turns head) wat?!!!

The girls: wat!!!

The guys: damn!!!

I no me sayn that hurt mario but i was mad at him and wanted him to hurt like me i dnt plan on doin dat im keepn my baby i could neva do dat after i said that to mar i walked off cryn i asked the girls to cum wit me to the room we all had our rooms at the same hotel so stayed wit me for a lil then they wnt to there rooms that nite i cryed myself to slp i woke up to sumbdy holdn me i looked n it was my sis cuzn n the rest of the girls knocked out (smile) sumbdy knocked at the door

Coco: who is

M/v:its me

Coco: me who

M/v: man open the door quite plyn dang

Coco: lol ok (open door)forrest wat u want

Forrest: i was jus checkn on u and the girls them niggas in the room knocked out wel except yo boo nigga had me up all nite cryn n s*** talkn bout he cnt lose u n s*** writen songz talkn bout how can i breath im like nigga inhale exhale

Coco: lol forrest why u got to be so slow man but wateva i dnt care if he was cryn he need to

Forrest: yea but he bad rite now co i aint neva saw him like dis and please tel me me wat u said bout the baby was u jus being mad

Coco: it was i jus wanted him to hurt like i was i no it was wrong

Forrest: yea it was u think ull eva forgive him and work it out and be wit him

Coco: yea maybe but at this moment me and him is nomo i need to work on me and focus on my baby being health n not let nun stress me and finishing school so i can start college

Forrest: yea i fill u but i jus hope yal work it out and get back together

*Coco thougts: yea me to i love him to much*

Coco: thanks for checkn on use

Forrest: u welcum i had to u like a big sis to me all of yall girls are

Update wen i gt off work

oh s***.! run it

I pulled up to homecoming and the s*** was packed already i changed my mind and came nobody but ty new i was coming i had got there before my crew my slow ass should have came wit them cus fore sum reason wen i aint wit tina b****es think they can be all ova me s*** gone get real in here today i spoted one of my homes frm the team

Chris: wats up bro thought u wasnt cum

M/v: lol s*** changed my mind thought u wasnt either

Chris: lol i had to my baby gone be cant be havn these niggas think they got a chance

M/v: i fill u bro cus she is fine (bits lip) damn

Chris: a bro chill dats my girl u talkn bout drake

Drake: o s*** my bad bro so um wat yal getn into after this

Chris: u good n me n tina gn go to the room

Drake: o ok dats wats up but um u sure cus she jus walked in wit another nigga

Chris: wat?!!!!

Ayeeee watch somebody abt to get some homecomin pum pum !
Run It !

Update soon srry yall it wouldnt let me login at first

run it

Anymore runs before i add

run it!!!!!

Any runs

After Chris hung up on me i hoped my ass up and sliped sum sweats on and headed to his house arond the corner u dnt hang up on me n think i aint gn do nun bout it

Knock knock

Mama j: hey tina wat u doin here shouldnt u be getn ready for the homecoming hunny

Tina:hey yea n like a hour ima start get ready i jus need to talk to yo son

Mama j: o ok he up stares n his room tel him im bout to go ill see him later ok bye sweety

Tina: ok bye mama j

I was that tina told me that only thing that would com me was music so i gt my headphones and layed back in my bed n let j.cole ply on repeat i neva heard anyone cum in my room didnt no till she sat on my lap i poped my eyes open to this beautiful girl that i care for so much that i think im falln in love wit her

Tina: so we hang up on each other now

Chris: (shruges)

Tina: ok so u nt talkn either(starts to get up)

Chris: (grabs her waist and pulls her to his lips) baby i miss u but wen u said u was taken sumbdy else i got mad to com myself i hung up and start listn to music im srry but i had to cool off

Tina: (smirks) ur so cute u no dat lol i l- um i would like to see u tonite wen homecoming is ova

Chris:lol ok dork ima get a room for us ok (pecks lips) i love you to baby ik dats wat u was bout to say

Tina: wait wat baby u love me

Chris: yes baby i more than love u im in love wit you ur my hart baby please dnt cry ok

Tina: chris i cnt help it (snif) im happy

Chris: baby im glad u happy but if u dnt get up frm me like dat n stop grindn on me u aint gn make it to homecoming tonite (bites lip)

Tina: lol shut up boy

Chris: lol im for real baby bop

Tina: ok wel im bout to go any way got to get ready later

Chris: damn no love

Tina: (pecks lips) o yea ur mom is gone later bay

Every on was meeting at my so the girls jus stayed to get ready wat a nite dis gn be i cn fill ir should not go jus like chris

Its homecoming day any i been running round for the remaining things i had to get i was meetn up wit trey dude been kinda down cus yesterday he made nee mad so she aint talked to him n 24hours lol got him sad like a lil puppy i told him to cheer up s*** them to cnt stay mad at each other more than a day lol they get on my nerves wit that s*** to

Ty:a man quite that s*** u no that girl aint mad at u

Trey: :-( man yea she is man smh i hope she cumn tonite

Ty: nigga how bout u ask her they ova there

Trey: (mumbles damn man)

Ty: hey ladies

The girls: hey ty hey trey

Trey: hey yal (grabs nee) hey baby im srry

Renee: (smiles)hey baby i acept yes im still goin wit u to the homecoming so stop lookn like a lost puppy lol (pecks lips) i missed u baby

Trey:(smiles) i missed u more baby

Ty: he aint lien either he was gtn on my nerves man being all sad and s***

Renee:lol leave my baby alone

Rissa: lol shut up ty and give me kiss befor we go got to go meet up with the other girls

Bri: o yall kissn now lol um i fill like sumn popn off tonite lol

Rissa: yea dancen lol

Trey: baby txt me ok

Nee: ok bay

I hav been chilln all day every body had been gtn ready for tonite i choice not to go at the last min i no tina mad but im jus nt up for it i told her to go wit out me i wnt to see her before she go


Chris: hey baby

Tina:hi chris

Chris: wyd

Tina: nun layn her waitn on my date to cll n say he on his wsy

Chris: tina dnt ply wit me

Tina: im not plyn u aint want to go so i font sumone who did

Chris; clickk

Tina: hello hello chris ugh no he didnt


Me ,mika, and renee was tryn to get a room for after homecoming but my ma was on sum bull at first but said yea but only if we wached nee make sure nun happn this gone fun and one nite we wnt for get

They cumn up n the next add but they is together i that in one of the adds wen i first started writen

im just curious as to when you will say something about trey and renee cuz I haven't seen nothing about them...are they even together yet.???

Ok u guys im bout to start writen the add i would add pic but i dnt no how so jus bare wit me n image wat they had on please n thank u o n jus a hint things are good now but sum body bout to f*** up n be on break frm there relationship as the others are getn deeper n there's run it if any more runs

Yessss Bow let all these hoes in the school know its real & aww everybody so cuteeee, & I was abt to saaaay I know damn well Chris aint talkin to no other girl . . was abt to be a problem. This homecomin abt to be live tho !
Run It

Gahh I missed a lot , (catchin up now) .