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Before You Walk Out My Life.

Blaise Jones sat there, with her head down, taking in the news she just received. Her heart pounded and her hands shook. Her throat was dry. She swallowed the lump in her throat.

Noo." She whispered. "Why?"
Just then, the voice on the other end of the phone sighed.
"I'm so sorry. I know this is hard to deal with-"

"I gotta go." She barely choked out. Blaise removed the phone from her ear and stared at nothing but space. The only man I ever loved is gone, she thought as hot tears fell down her face.

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The sun poured in from the bedroom window, waking Blaise. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. A strange feeling came over her and her heart began to race. She instantly dreaded the upcoming events taking place. I can't do this, she thought.
There was a soft knock at the door.


It was her mother. Blaise buried herself under the covers.

"I'm not going." She whined.

Her mother walked in, wearing a white blouse topped with a black blazer. She wore a black skirt and her favorite pearls. She came in and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Honey, you can't hide."

"Yes I can. I'm not going."

Her mother pulled the covers from her face.

"You don't have to go if you don't want to, but I would if I were you. It's your only chance to say goodbye." Blaise's mother was right. She would go and get it over with. "So get dressed and hurry up because the limo will be here soon."

With that, she left the room and closed the door behind her. Blaise mustered up the little bit of courage she had and rolled out of bed. She laid her dress on the bed and went to take a quick shower. Twenty minutes later, she got out, lotioned up, and slid her dress on. As she stood in the mirror straightening her hair, she stared at her reflection. She was expressionless. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't. She was all cried out. Just as Blaise began to brush her hair, there was a knock at the front door. Her heart pounded all over again. She heard a knock at her bedroom door.

"Come in." She said, softly.

"Hey Ms. Kim."

"Hi sweetheart."

They locked eyes through the reflection in the mirror. She turned around and they embraced in a hug.

"You look beautiful." Said Ms. Kim.

"Thank you."

"Are you ready?"

Blaise slipped into her heels and strapped them on. "No, but I'll never be."

The sun settled high in the sky as the clouds began to surround it. Blaise rubbed her arms as she felt a cool breeze brush past her. It was a beautiful but somber day for she and Carter's family. She stood next to her mother while Carter's closest family took a seat surrounding the casket that was placed on the lowering machine. She couldn't understand what caused him to take his own life and she concluded that she never would. Why didn't he tell me he wasn't happy? She thought. This was the worst part. She knew that she would never see him again, but this made it all real and it felt like a thousand knives to heart.

Everyone put the last of the flowers on top of the casket and joined in for the last prayer. The casket began to lower into the ground. Carter Johnson was finally being laid to rest. She reached for her mother's hand and held on tightly. A single tear rolled down her cheek. As she watched Carter being taken away from her, she promised herself she would never love again.

Run it

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(I think I f***ed up w/ the character links but "Blaise" is Meagan Good, "Carter" is Tyga, "Khaiyri" is Rita Ora and "Jayla" is Courtney Cameron from For the Love of Ray J.)

Blaise and her friends hopped into Jayla's convertible and drove off in search of a restaurant. They agreed on a nearby Italian restaurant a few blocks away. They parked, got out and were seated right away.
As they looked over their menus, Blaise was glad to have her friends by her side. She wasn't sure how she would get through this painful experience, but they would do their best to help her. Khaiyri and Jayla were her best friends and besides Carter, they were her only friends. After a few minutes, their waitress walked over and asked if they were ready to order. They ordered, the waitress collected their menus and they talked amongst themselves.
Once again, Blaise unintentionally excluded herself from the conversation. No matter how hard she tried to focus on other things, she could not stop thinking about Carter. Going from seeing him everyday to never being able to see him again was tearing at her heart. She had just spoken to him the other day. Everything seemed fine. It all felt unreal to her. Her phone vibrated in her lap, taking her out of her deep thoughts.


"Hey sweetheart."

Suddenly, a rush of sympathy came over Blaise. It was Carter's mom.

"Hi Ms. Kim."

"How are you? Are you okay, Blaise?"

"I'm okay." She lied. "How are you feeling?"

She paused. "I'm fine. I'm just taking it one day at a time."

"I understand."

"What are you up to?"

"Out to eat with my friends."

"Oh okay. I'm at the house. James and Aaliyah are keeping me company."

"That's good."

James and Aaliyah were Carter's older brother and sister. Carter was the baby. Carter's mom loved Blaise and ever since Carter and Blaise got serious, she treated her like her own.

"I just called to see how you were doing. Talk to you later baby."

"Okay Ms. Kim."

"If you need anything, don't be afraid to call me."


"Alright honey. Have a blessed day."

"Same to you Ms. Kim"

With that, they disconnected. The way that Carter's mother worried about Blaise was the same way Blaise worried about her. Her grief magnified. She made a mental note to stop by her house to check on her. The waitress returned with their dishes and Blaise devoured her meal. A few minutes later, the waitress returned to clear their table.

"You guys need anything else?"

"No thank you."

With that, she came back with their check. They passed it around the table as if it was a hot potato. All eyes landed on Jayla.

"Why is everybody staring at me?"

"I'm broke." Khaiyri admitted.

"I didn't bring any money with me." Blaise added.

Jayla pulled out her wallet. "Y'all hoes get on my nerves."

They all shared a laugh and got up to leave. Jayla's parents were rich as hell. There was nothing she didn't have growing up. She was spoiled and she knew it. But as she got older, she started making her own money.

"Can you drop me off at my place?" Blaise asked Jayla.

"Yea, sure. Are you gonna be okay? Me and Khaiyri were gonna chill at my house tonight."

"Yea, I just need to pick up a few things."


Blaise watched as her friends pulled off and put the key inside the door to unlock it. When she opened the door, she sat her bag down on the couch and examined the room. The living room was neat as usual. She made her way to the kitchen. The dishes were piled in the sink, just as they left them. She opened the cabinets, took out a glass and poured a glass of water. She walked up the stairs to their bedroom and noticed the door was cracked. When she opened the door and looked around, a feeling of emptiness swept over her. The bed was unmade, and Carter's clothes lay on the floor next to it. She went to the closet and grabbed her suitcase. She began folding and packing clothes and shoes and things she really needed. She told herself she would come back for more things another time.
After about twenty minutes, Blaise grew tired. She glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. It read 4:15 p.m. She climbed into the king sized bed and pulled the covers over her body. Feeling more lonely than ever, Blaise drifted off to sleep alone for the first time in a while.

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run it

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Yes, they were! I'm writing the next chapter. It will be up shortly.

awww poor Blaise =( i wonder why Carter took his life? They seemed like a happy couple

Run it!!!

Blaise woke up in fetal position and stared down at the phone in her hand. She gripped it tightly and pressed down on the power button. The screen lit up. It read ten fifteen a.m. She closed her eyes as the events of yesterday suddenly hit her. Tears escaped the corners of her eyes. She sat up and quickly wiped them away. She made her way to her bathroom and flicked on the light. As she stood in front of the mirror, she stared at her reflection. Her eyelids were red and puffy and her sandy brown eyes held a sadness that would never leave. She turned on the faucet and placed her hands under the warm water. She splashed the water on her face and once again looked at her reflection. She tried to look alive, but she couldn't. It was a weak attempt because she felt like she wanted to die.
She crept back into bed and hid under the covers...

Blaise tensed up as she felt a gentle touch on her shoulder. She opened her eyes to a blurry female figure.

"Aww, poor baby." Said the blurry figure, stroking her hair.

"You okay?" Said another female voice.
Just then, she sat up and reached her arms out to the person in front of her. It was her best friend, Khaiyri Williams. She pulled her close and hugged her tight. She held her for a while. After that, she reached for her best friend, Jayla.

"Are you okay?" She asked as they embraced.

Blaise could feel all her emotions bubbling to the surface, getting ready to burst out.

"We had texted you, but you didn't text back so we came to check on you."

She shook her head as tears fell from her eyes. "It hurts." She tapped her foot impatiently. "I don't know what to do with myself."

"It's gonna be okay." Said Khaiyri.

"We're here if you need anything." Added Jayla.

"I don't understand..why?" She continued "What did I do wrong? Why would he do that?"

"It's not your fault, sis." Khaiyri replied.

"I just don't know what to do."

Blaise and her friends spent the day in her room talking about life, love and death. She mostly listened. Every two minutes or so, she would occasionally glance at her phone, waiting for it to ring or waiting for it to vibrate. Deep down inside, she knew that wouldn't happen. But she didn't want to believe it. She didn't want to believe that Carter Johnson, the love of her life, would never ring her phone again. She didn't want to believe that she would never wake up to his beautiful smile again. She didn't want to believe that the only man she ever loved had taken his life, and in addition, taken half of her along with him. So she didn't.

Blaise stared at the pastel pink walls of the childhood room she once lived in. She remembered those same walls where she held all those late night phone conversations in. All those memories began flooding her mind and suddenly she was seventeen again:
She could hear Carter's voice, gentle and deep, as clear as day. The sound of his voice instantly made her smile and she loved everything about him.


"Hi." She smiled.

"Hi." He smiled back.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Laying down. What are you doing?"

"Thinking about you."

"Oh yea? What are you thinking about?"

"How I wish I could see you."

"I wanna see you too."

"I miss you." She sighed.

"I miss you too sweetheart."

She smiled.

"You will see me soon." He promised.

"How soon?" She asked impatiently.


Blaise began to huff and puff and sigh. She hated that he wouldn't give her a straight answer.

"Baby don't I always keep my promises?"

"Yes." She relaxed. "I just wanna see you, that's all."

"I know you do."

At least thirty minutes passed as they continued their conversation and she could feel herself getting tired. Just then, there was a tapping sound at her bedroom window.

"What the hell is that?"

"I wonder who that could be." Replied Carter.

Blaise sat up, threw the covers off of her body, and went over to the window. She pulled back the curtains and her face instantly lit up.


He smiled and held up a bag for her to see. Without hesitation, she lifted up the window and let him inside. He tossed his plastic Wawa bag in first and struggled to fit through the window. She couldn't help but giggle.

"Shh! My mom is asleep in the living room." She couldn't believe he had walked all the way to her house that night just to see her. Once inside, she closed and locked the window then turned to face him. She looked up at the man she loved. His 6'2" frame towered over her 5'3" body. He gently cupped her face in his hands and her heart skipped a beat when he kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his waist and never wanted him to leave.
They sat down on the bed and began emptying the contents of the bag.

"I got your favorites." Carter handed her a bag of sweet and spicy chili Doritos, a bag of gummy worms, and a can of sprite.

"Thanks." She smiled.

He took out his things and they ate and talked.

"I told you you would see me." He said and kissed her forehead.
Blaise couldn't stop smiling. She knew that he would do anything in the world for her and she cherished him. Carter Johnson had a hard past and a tough exterior, but when it came to Blaise, he was like putty in her hands.

Later that night, Carter and Blaise made love for what seemed like the rest of the night. As she lay in his arms and listened to his heartbeat, he kissed her forehead and she wished they would stay like this forever..



"Did you hear what I said?"

"She must be daydreaming."

"I heard you."

Khaiyri shook her head. "I said we're about to get something to eat. You wanna come?"

She nodded. Blaise had not eaten since yesterday evening. She felt like her stomach was practically touching her back so she couldn't decline. She grabbed an outfit from her closet and made her way to her bathroom.

"You sure you're okay?" Asked Jayla.

"Yea." She said, convincingly. The truth was, she didn't know if she would be.

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