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Black as Naight (Loosely based on Coldest Winter Ever)

1: Not So Sweet 16

"There go Keri," my homegirl, Aniya said between her teeth while we sat under the dryer.

"Yeah, so?" I replied knowing Aniya's Miss Info ass was gonna hip me anyway.

"She's f***in ya man Buck!" As soon as she said that I checked this b**** the f*** out. She had on a pleather jacket with the cloth cuffs, leggings, and tan Uggs. She tried to cover her bald head with a colorful scarf that she wore as a hood. Her clothes, combined with the fact that she had on way too much make-up lead my to my final analysis--basic light skinned b****!

"You not gonna take your flexies out, boo?" Kim asked before I went to Ms. Liu's nail station.

"Naw I'ma keep them in till the concert. I'ma look a lil ratchet walkin home but it don't matter. Ain't no b**** round here got s*** on me!" I bragged, locking eyes with everyone, especially Keri.

At home I got dressed in my Alexander McQueen dress with matching glass slippers. After I got dressed mama came in the room to help me with my hair. After she spritzed every curl just right she used her iPhone to click away endless pictures until the limo signaled outside.

At the concert we were jammin as opening acts-- Miguel, J. Cole, and Mindless Behavior took the stage. My enjoyment was put on pause when Lady Prince took the stage. "I know y'all want Rihanna but I have one more opening act, my protege, that I wanna introduce y'all to!"

I watched and listened in misery as Keri sang her three songs--"Energy" "Quicksand" and "Bayou." Bayou was a joke to me cuz how you gon demand a nigga to have money and his own s*** when you don't even look the part?

Finally Rihanna came on stage. She performed all of her hits in a timeline style format from "Pon De Replay" to "Pour it Up." When the concert was over me and Aniya's excitement intensfied. We were on our way to the Marriott in Greenbelt. For an extra $1,500 I paid the driver to be quiet about our whereabouts.

"Love,get in!" I looked around for the voice.
"Get it now!" The aggressive voice yelled again.

The aggravation in Buck's voice could not be erased by any joke. I kissed my teeth and got in Buck's ebony colored Impala. In the car I saw Aniya face: jealous and mad. Mad that I dipped on her and mad that she didn't know why.

"What was the meaning of that bulls***!" I yelled to Buck as he sped down the F Street without a care in the world as if my sisters weren't in the back.

He sped faster as he ignored me, I kissed my teeth. "What is the meaning of this bulls***!" I said extra loud. When he ignored me again I honked on his horn aggressively, never taking my hand off the steering wheel's horn.

"The last thing you wanna do is cause a f***in scene!" He finally spoke.

"I'ma make a goddamn movie if you don't f***in tell me what the hell is going on!"

Out of nowhere he screeched his brakes to a sudden stop and blocked off the whole street. Quickly, he popped the hood. "C'mon!"

"I know we not leaving the in the car!"
He kissed his teeth then he yanked me from the passenger seat to the driver's and in front of the hood.

"I was gonna wait until we got on the highway but since you wanna be a bad ass I'ma tell you now!"

After taking a deep breath he told me the bad news. "Ya mova got shot in her face!"