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Keep Chris in your prayers right now. I was just reading he had a seizure an I am just sitting here like can anything else go wrong right now. I am keeping him in my prayers right now. He has just been through so much an I am really sad right now for him. He is thinking about quitting his music and people won't let go what he did in his past. It just seem like more and more stuff is piling on him right now an I feel like things might not get better for him. This stuff is just becoming too stressful for him an I understand how he feel right now. I am trying my best to stay positive and to let him know that he needs to not listen to what his haters r saying right now. He has come to far in his career to just give on himself right now. But it seems like he can't catch a break right now. i am just praying for him to get better and to just take care of himself and stop stressing out about what people r saying about him. I know it is hard to not listen to the negativity but sometimes u have to just positive and know that u have so many people who love u and want to see still be here to what u love to do Chris. I love so much an I wishing u the best and get well Chris.


i kinda figure that but i am glad he is resting fine and doing alright now

On his Facebook page he said that he add an attack and had trouble breathing but he is fine and resting. He said that TMZ is blowing it up to be something bigger as always.