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My Soul Mate

<a href="">I</a> sat in the livingroom of my new <a href="">home</a> playing NBA2K13. I was eating my snack while concentrating on the game more than helping my siblings unload the truck. ”Mulan! Mulan!” My mom yelled in her thick Vietnamese accent, calling me by my middle name. ”Yeah ma!” I yelled, pausing the game. ”Come down heyah and help you brotha and sista. They don't need to be carrying you boxes!” I facepalmed myself and stood to my feet. I dragged my tired body downstairs and looked over at my <a href="">mom</a> holding that stupid ass dog. ”Ma. I told you. It's your. Y-O-U-R.” I slowly spelled. She smacked her lips. ”Mulan get damn boxes! No correct matha!” I turned and rolled my eyes. This lady needs to work on her english. ”She was ugly as hell!” I heard my sister yell. ”So? Her pussy don't got a face! So I'm f***ing that!” I heard her huff and then open the door. ”But pussy carries dieseases and I'm going to laugh when ya ass catch one.” I smirked at the <a href="">two.</a> They were a real comedy show once you get used to them. ”Mayleen! Tell your brother that he is being a dumbass. Foo' keep thinking with his d*** and not his mind.” I shook my head and grabbed the box from her. ”My mind and d*** think alike so either way, imma be thinking about getting pussy.” I rolled my eyes and took my stuff back upstairs. ”You ready for that ass whooping?” Michael asked coming into my room. ”You must be talking about yourself, because I'm going to wax that ass from beginning to end boy!” He waved me off, sat down, and picked up a controller. I was so busy picking my team, that I didn't notice him munching on my hot fries. ”Nigga! The f*** you doing dude?!” He smirked and took another hand full. ”I'll buy you some more May, chill.” I glared at him and finally settled on my team. The Miami Heat. Been a fan way before Bron got there. ”You picking them just because they won the championship. f*** heat, I'm going with the bulls!” I chuckled and shook my head. ”Dude! I've been picking the Heat since Vietnam got the Playstation. I miss that s*** hole of a place already.” I admitted. ”Why? We stayed getting left out of s***. We were outcast. Nobody wanted to hang with us, all because we had more money and a whole lotta swag. Man f*** Vietnam! I'm glad America won the damn war!” I busted out laughing. He stayed saying f*** something. ”Her highness has entered please no photos.” Sochitta said walking in and posing. ”Chitta! Walk yah ass in my room right!” I yelled, throwing a pillow at her. She huffed and walked out my room. She knocked on the door and I smirked at Michael. ”Who is it?” I sung. ”Sochitta......b****!” She exclaimed. ”Come in......hoe!” I yelled back. She ran in and jumped on my bed. ”I call controller from whoever loses.” I started the game and looked at Michael. ”You might as well say your goodbyes now.” He shook his head and bit his lip as he concentrated on the game.

”You were cheating!” Michael yelled. I shook my head as I collected my 50 bucks and smiled. ”Thank you for investing in my new shoes.” He flicked me off and Chitta got the remote. ”I want yall to start calling me Honey.” She randomly said. ”I wanna be called Tyga then.” They both looked at me and I looked back at them. ”What?!” I said, getting annoyed. ”What's your name gonna be?” She asked. ”Hmmm.....May to the muhf***in Leen b****!” I exclaimed. ”No cussing in ma house! God no like ugly!” My mom lectured us. ”Get ready fo' skoo gon be late tomorrow.” I huffed and rubbed at my eyes. ”Yeah okay.” Michael mumbled, brushing her off. ”Ma! I'm hungry!” I whined. ”Go eat Taco Bell!” She yelled, walking away from me. ”Yall wanna go to Taco Bell?” I asked, looking at them. ”I'm with it if you with.” Michael said nudging Chitta. ”Yeah. I could eat. Gotta get used to this American food someday, right?” Me and Michael nodded and got up. We walked out the house and went to get in the car, but I remembered my car wouldn't be here until next week. ”f***!” I yelled in frustration. ”Guess we'll walk.” Michael said. We began to walk to Taco Bell and on the way we passed a party. ”Yall wanna check it out?” He asked. ”No way! Mom would kill us if she knew we went there. No paty! You lady, not child! Why you lie to me?!” Chitta said, acting like our mom. We all laughed and I looked at the <a href="">house.</a> ”I wonder what the inside looks like.” I thought aloud. ”Come on. It can't hurt to at least check it out.” Michael urged. ”Fine. I'm in. But if ma finds out. I'm blaming you. What about you May?” I stood there for a second and then inhaled the magnificent scent of  American food. ”Hell yeah.” Michael smiled and wrapped his arms around ours. ”Shall we?” I smirked and laughed. ”We shall.” We began to walk into the party and it was packed! I mean wall to wall, hoes, niggas, ugly b****es, bad b****es, everybody and they damn mom was in this party. ”Damn. Shawty looking good.” Ty whispered in my ear looking at some <a href="">chick.</a> ”Ass fat, check. Boobs big, check. Face good, check. She's a winner.” I said. He looked over at Chitta and she nodded. He smiled and unwrapped his hands and made his way over to her. ”Ooo! They got barbecue wings!” Chitta dragged me over to the kitchen. We grabbed plates and started to pile up food. When we were finished me sat down and grabbed a cup of punch. I drunk it and instantly my throat burned. ”Somebody spiked that.” Chitta lifted her cup to her nose and shrugged. ”Now I can go to sleep faster.” I smirked and we started to chug and eat. It was like cycle. ”Whew! I'm feeling it noooowwwww!” She slurred. ”Yo. You see them two over there staring at us?” I turned to see who she was talking about and for sure two <a href="">dudes</a> were staring. ”I wonder if they know we don't belong.” She whispered in my ear. ”I don't know, but we're about to find out.” I whispered back as they made their way over.

I pretended like somebody had called me so I wouldn't have to talk. ”Hey mama!” I said as they approached us. ”Oh Honey, she's right here.” I glanced over at Chitta to see her staring at the two dudes. The darker one took my phone from my ear and showed it to the light one. ”Wow. Oldest trick in the book. Nobody talks to their mom like that when they at a party. Especially when they know they not supposed to be here.” I shrugged and reached for my phone, but he snatched it back. ”Give me my damn phone.” He smiled and looked at the other guy. ”Look Chris. She wants me to give her phone back. Not before me giving you my number though.” I rolled my eyes and finally snatched my phone out his hand. ”Thank you.” I huffed. I sat down and continued to eat until the light one, I think his name was Chris, snatched my plate. ”Nigga the f***?!” Chitta exclaimed. ”Who you calling nigga b****?” The darker one spat. ”She ain't even mean it like that. But who the f*** you calling b****?” I snapped. ”You.” Chris stepped up to me and I laughed. ”You cute. But I suggest you step the f*** back before I blow ya brains out.” I knew at the time I wasn't packing but Chitta was and I could pull a gun, kill a nigga, and blame it on somebody else in ten seconds. ”Chris and Trey stop! I'm sorry. They always pick with people. I'm Heather.” <a href="">She</a> smiled at us. ”I'm May. That's Honey.” Chitta smiled back and then mugged the hell out of this Trey character. ”You want these dirty ass chinese b****es at yo party?” I slammed my hand down on the table and they all jumped. ”First of f***ing all. I'm Vietnamese. Not Chinese, get that s*** straight. Second, you will not disrespect me or my sister. Third, I'm about two damn seconds from killing a b**** nigga right now.” Chris smirked. ”Try it.” I reached back in Chitta's pocket, c**ked the gun, and pointed right between his eyes. ”I expect an apology. You don't even have to mean it. I just want to hear you say it.” He quickly wiped that stupid ass smirk off his face and looked over to Trey. He pulled a gun out on me and I laughed. ”So we gonna play this game? Chitta.” She pulled her gun and aimed it at him. ”I just want an apology.” I said, still smiling. It was amusing they thought I wouldn't just blow their heads be honest, it was pretty cute. ”Whoa! What is going on?” Michael said walking towards us with that chick. ”These pussies disrepected us! And I'm not putting s*** down until I get an apology.” Michael sighed and stepped between the gun and Chris. ”Just put the gun down. I'm sure they were just joking.” Trey chuckled. ”I meant every word.” Michael looked back at him. ”You acting real ignorant right now. These girls were trained to be killers. I'm trying to save you, so will you please just stop talking.” Trey clenched his jaws and Michael looked at me. ”Put it down.” He gritted through his teeth. I looked at him then glared at everybody who was looking at us. I smirked at Chris. ”Until next time cutie.” I bent down and grabbed his face. I pecked his lips and at first he tensed up, but he started to kiss me back. I pulled back biting his lip. ”Until next time.” I patted his cheek and put the gun away. ”Okay nothing to see here! Move along! The party ain't over!” Heather yelled. ”I like you two. Here's my number. I hate being the only female in this circle.” I smiled and took her number. Chitta finally put her gun down and smirked. ”Your cute too. Here's my number.” She wrote her number in pen on Trey's arm and pecked his cheek. ”Hit me up.” She said before all three of us walked out the house getting stares. ”Yall always gotta start s*** man.” Ty mumbled. ”They started. They called us b****es, hoes. They called us Chinese Michael! I don't look f***ing Chinese!” Us Vietnamese people took that s*** serious. We became highly offended if you called us Chinese. ”Whatever. Let's just hurry home before ma come looking for us.” I sighed and we trudged home.

Chris' POV

”I like 'em.” My little sister Heather squealed. ”I don't want to see you around them. Right Chris?” I was still stuck in a trance. Those lips and smile had my heart beating fast. ”Chris?!” I snapped out of it and looked over at Trey. ”Huh? Oh yeah. Yeah. Don't hang with them.” I mumbled. ”Yall can't tell me what to do. I run my own damn self. Get it. Got it. Good.” She said rolling her neck. I shook my head and turned to see my <a href="">girl</a> staring at me. ”s***.” I cursed. ”s*** is right Chris! What the hell is wrong with you?! We letting b****es kiss on us now?” I rolled my eyes and looked her. ”SHE kissed ME baby-” ”You couldn't stop her?!” I heavily sighed and rubbed my neck. ”Chill. It caught me off gaurd.” That wasn't the right answer because she threw an empty cup at me and started to yell. ”No Chris! It didn't catch you offgaurd! I bet you liked that s*** huh?! You just a damn dog! Just like your father!” She spat. ”You know what? I did like it! It felt good as hell too. At least her breath don't taste like cigarettes and bitter b****.” I spat back. Her eyes widened and she looked at me. ”f*** you Chris.” She ran out the front door and Trey got down on his knees. ”Finally! The leach is gone! Please lawd don't let her ass come back!” I chuckled and shook my head. Chaos was my girlfriend. We've been on and off for the past five years. I was starting my senior year and she was the last person that I would let ruin it. ”Soooo, you ready to rule the school this year. Or you think somebody is going to take your spot?” Trey asked. I glared at him. ”Now nigga. You know ain't no damn body about to take our places at the top of the throne.” Heather smacked her lips. ”I hope May and Honey do. Yall niggas starting to bug me with this royalty s***. It's stupid just like you two.” She spat. ”Shut up.” Trey said, mushing her face. ”I'm about to go twerk my ass for one of these niggas see you after the party.” Heather said, walking off. ”Your sister is a hoe.” Trey said. ”Nigga what?!” I exclaimed. ”I'm just saying. She need to slow her ass down before her ass get pregnant by one of these deadbeat niggas.” I just looked forward and continued to bob my head to the music. I touched my lips and smiled a bit. She was a good kisser. Too bad shawty got on my bad side. Can't believe she pulled a gun on me.....on me! I run these damn streets! Ask every f***ing nigga in the city who run L.A and bet me or Trey's name is the first thing they'll say. No hesitation. ”Can't believe she did that.” I thought aloud. ”Me neither. Her sister was bad as hell though. I might need to hit and quit it one good time.” I shook my head. ”Nah. They f***ed with the wrong niggas. Don't associate with them. They might think we weak.” He nodded and turned on his heels to get another beer. ”Well. I might as well f*** a few before school start tomorrow.” I stretched and walked up to some hoes that were easy. They better be worth my damn time too.

Mayleen's POV

I finally stopped texting my friends back home and looked at the clock. ”Two f***ing a.m.” I sighed and put my head under tthe covers. ”I miss you daddy.” I cooed as I looked down at my newest tattoo. It was my dad's name Charles Michael Stevenson. I was what most called blasian. Back home, it was very uncommon to see a Vietnamese woman with a black man. Hell, if you loved an American they hated you. I only had three REAL friends. <a href="">They</a> all went throigh the same thing. They were Black, Vietnamese, rich, and hated just like me. ”I wish you were here with us. I'm sorry we left you.” Tears started to build up in my eyes as I saw flashbacks of that night. The night that changed my life, killed my soul, and ruined my trust. I hugged the pillow tight as I cried myself to sleep once again. That night was the main reason we had to move. It wasn't safe anymore. My friends had to leave too, but they are somewhere else in this country. I believe Lin and Ying are somewhere here in California, but I have yet to find out where Lien was. ”I hate my life.” I mumbled. I closed my eyes and replayed that night over and over.


I was sleeping peacefully until I heard my door open. ”May....Mulan.” I turned to see my <a href="">dad</a> walking to my bed with Michael and Sochitta behind him. ”What's going on?” I asked, worried that the moment we've been preparing for had arrived. ”It's time.” Was all he said before we heard our front door bust open. I got up and ran to my drawer. I was only in a shirt with underwear so felt kind of exposed, but now wasn't the time to worry about that. ”Mayleen! Run!” I heard Ying's voice. ”Shut up! Charles! Come out right now!” My dad hugged all three of us and pecked our cheeks. ”I love you guys so much.” He turned to my mom who had tears in her eyes. ”Be strong for them baby. I love you.” He pecked her lips and put her forehead against hers. ”I love you too.” I began to cry as Chitta held onto him. ”Daddy no.” I cried. He hugged me and then took Michael by the shoulders. ”Your the man now. Please take care of your mother and sisters. I need you to come thrpugh for me on this one.” Michael nodded as a tear slid down his cheek. My dad blew us kisses and turned off the light. ”I'm coming!” He yelled from up the stairs. I placed my shoes on my feet and got the luggage for all of us out. I looked out the window to see the truck, that was going to get us out of here, pulling up. I took a deep breath and stood at the top of the stairs where I would be unseen. My dad slowly made his way down the stairs. ”Well well well. Charles has finally given up. I know yu kids up tere. We kill them after yu.” Just like that. One gun shot went off. ”You b****!” Yelled my dad's nemesis. Next thing you know hundreds of gun shots filled the house. I looked down to see my dad lying on the ground. He had bullets everywhere. ”No!” I screamed as I ran to his already dead body. ”Cha no!” I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> laughing. ”Bastard!” I pulled my gun out and shot him in between the eyes. All his men started to fire at me and I took off running. I ran to my room locked it and saw my mom putting the timer on the bomb. I saw Ying had gotten away when they started to firw at me, so I'm sure he was in the truck by now. I started to help Chitta and Michael drench everything in gasoline. ”We got ten seconds!” My mom yelled. We all started to climb out the window. By the time I got to the window. There was two seconds left. ”I love you.” I said. The men had bust the door down and started to shoot at me again. I jumped down and landed on the matress that was placed below the window the night before. ”Go!” Michael yelled. The driver stepped on the gas pedal and we raced down the street. ”M-Ma-Ma-MayLeen? Are you hurt?” Chitta questioned. I shook my head and hid my arm. I couldn't be the reason my family didn't make it out alive. ”She's lying! May look at your arm!” Michael yelled. ”Oh my God! Pull over!” My mom ordered. ”You better not stop Ying! I'll be fine! Just keep on going!” I yelled. I looked back at the house and saw something on fire. I squinted my eyes and gasped. It dad's head.

*Flashback Over*

I woke up drenched in sweat. ”Let me go!” I screamed. ”It's me Mulan! Just me!” I opened my eyes to see Michael holding onto me. ”I miss him so much.” I cried in his chest. ”I-i-i wi-w-wish that w-wa-was me!” I stammered. He rubbed my back as my body shook and twitched. ”Don't say that Mulan. Dad did what a real man would. Gave up his life his family. I promise you that nobody else in this family will have to do the same. Not as long as I live.” I started to calm down. ”I'm so sorry that I didn't listen to you. He probably would've been here now if I did.” He shh'd me and kissed my sweaty forehead. ”I don't want you to think about that right now. Okay. He loves you so much. Just know that.” I nodded softly and then my door opened. I jumped up to see Chitta with her head in her hands as she cried hardly. ”I can't get it out of my head!” I opened up my arms and she ran into them. Michael held us both like mommy and daddy would when we were younger. ”It's gonna be okay. Just make daddy proud and I promise you'll be happy.” I felt something wet on my hair and I looked up to see him crying. I didn't comment on it, knowing he probably would've stopped holding us. Michael was far from the emotional type nigga. I've only witnessed him cry three times in my LIFE. I hugged them tighter and he kissed my cheeks and laid back. ”Sleep it off.” He said the words that made my whole body shivered. Those were my dad's words for everything. When we were in trouble, mad, sad, confused, or just plain bored. He told us to sleep it off. I listened to his heartbeat and began to fall asleep. I tried to force myself to stay awake. But I couldn't. My body and mind were tired. I needed to rest.


i love this. you are a good writer. thats sad they had to go through that though. atleast they can protect themselves. Who ever stole you laptop was ratchet as hell. Run it please

I freaking love this story.!!!
mayleen and honey are crazy as hell but I love that they can hold they own without no hesitation lol. its funny though because I feel like quan and Michael are scared of them.
chris and trey dumb as hell for taking so long to stop with that b**** word. trey almost lost his life this time. but him and honey are cute together.
I cant wit to see where the relationship between chris and mayleen go because they are both stubborn and I know they gonna clash again.
run it.!!!

run it!!!!

Awww they cool now yay lol n trey n chitta kissn new it was cumn chris n may is next love birds n the maken lol run it

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this story!!

Run it!

aww now they know and called a truce. maybe it will be civil and not freakin gun point.
Run It!!!

run it

Run it !!

Chitta's POV

As I sat on the couch with my head in my hands crying, I felt it go down and somebody clear their throat. I felt a strong headache coming on so I tried to calm myself down. "Here you go." The deep voice said. I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> staring at me intensely. I couldn't seem to pull my eyes away from his, they were stuck. I was so into it, that I hadn't noticed the tissue he was trying to hand me was still in his hand. "Oh......thanks. I guess." I heard him softly scoff, which caused a VERY VERY VERY small smile to appear on my face. "You should smile more." He said, readjusting himself on the couch. "Think so?" He nodded and turned on the TV. "Yeah. You have beautiful smile." I blushed and hid my cheeks as I felt my blood rush to them. "Ahhh, she blushes." He smiled causing me to smile too. It was so infectious. "Sorry for punching you in the stomach. That was unnecessary violence on my part." I genuinely apologized. "Sorry for calling you a b****. That was way out of line and my mom taught me better than that." I raised an eyebrow at the word "mom" I have yet to see her. :Where is your mom? I never saw her." There was a long pause as he stared blankly at the TV and then at me. "She died about five years ago of cancer. She was my rock, my heart, my everything." He cleared his throat his voice broke a bit. "I know exactly how you feel." He continued to stare at my side profile, as I continued to stare straight forward. "You lost a parent too?" I nodded and blinked away the tears that threatened to fall. "Yeah. My dad." The tears started to win and one slowly dropped from my left eye, but Trey couldn't see it, He was sitting on the right side of me. "How?" He asked. I gathered myself together and took a deep breath. "You don't have to tell-" "No. You shared with me. might as well share with you." He waited patiently as I tried to tell him. " father died about a week ago. He was shot and killed and his body burned in a fire." Trey looked at me with sympathetic face which caused all the waterworks to start again. I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around me and I started to cry harder. "That's why you got so angry when Chris said what he said." Trey said, but more to himself. He planted soft kisses on my forehead and I started to calm down. "I'm so so sorry." I looked up at him to see his once hard and cold face, had turned warm and soft. He stared into my eyes as I stared into his. Suddenly, his full lips were on mine. I tensed up causing him to pull away. "I'm sorry, I don't know what- mmm." I cut him off as I began to kiss him passionately. Sparks went off everywhere in my body. He leaned his weight on me causing me to lay down and climbed on top of him. I parted his lips with my tongue and he opened them wider. Our tongues began to wrestle going back and forth, until they started to caress one another. He bit my tongue, then my bottom lip before he pulled out the kiss. He pecked my lips one last time before somebody cleared their throat. We both jumped up to see May and Chris standing there. May had a smile as Chris just mugged us. "Your first kiss! OMG! I'm so happy now!" She squealed. "That was your first kiss? Sure didn't feel like it." Trey whispered. "Yeah." I said with a big ass smile on my face. "Uhh. I'll be back." He kissed my lips and walked into the kitchen as Chris just stood there looking at me. "What nigga?! Damn!" I yelled as he shook his head and followed Trey.

Chris' POV

I can't believe this nigga just kissed her. He was the first on to say don't f*** with them. "Ole traitor ass." I spat as I walked in behind him. "What you tahm bout?" He asked like an innocent b****. "Nigga I'm talking about you kissing Honey. You was the first person to say, you don't like 'em, don't f*** with them, you was the first to call them a b****! The only reason I ain't go after May, was because of you." He smacked his lips and grabbed a Corona out the fridge. "Nigga, you's a grown ass man. I don't control s*** you do. But on a serious note. You gotta chill with the b**** and daddy jokes, that s*** is mad disrespectful." I scrunched my face up. "Why you care about them b****es?" He chuckled and shook his head. "I know part of their story. You know how you're dad died of natural cause, theirs didn't." I ROLLED MY EYES AND LOOKED AT HIM. "Do it look like I give a damn about they dad-" "Their dad was shot, then killed, then he was set on fire Chris. And she watched it all happen. It only happened a week ago! Have a damn heart for once. Witcho big headed ass! You need to apologize to May for what you said yesterday." My heart stopped for moment and I instantly felt terrible. "Wow. That's amazing how good b****es- I mean females can hide something so good. You said it only happened a week ago?" He nodded and handed me a beer. "Damn." I took it and walked out to the back porch to see <a href="">her</a> sitting there playing with a charm. I quietly walked closer to get a good look at it. It had fire in the background and the words "I love you forever dad," was engraved in it. I honestly didn't know anything about that. I felt so bad right now.

I sat down by her and she scoffed and scooted away. I grabbed her arm softly causing her to finally look at me. "I'm sorry for disrespecting you. You did nothing wrong, yet I felt the need to put you in your place when you were already in it. You deserve to be treated like a queen. s***, any woman does. But you got some serious balls. I'm sorry for your loss too." She scrunched up her face and wiped away her tears. "Who told you that? Was it Chitta? She can never keep her damn mouth shut." Is hook my head and took in the beautiful <a href="">view</a> of kids playing on the beach and their parents playing with them. I want that someday. "That'd be nice to have. A family." She whispered, saying exactly what I thought. Other than Trey, I had no family with me here in L.A. I was lonely as hell when I went home. "Yeah it'd be nice," I agreed with her. "Thanks....for apologizing. You can have your girl and school back if you want it." I laughed and she did too. "That easy huh?" She nodded and smiled. She was a beautiful creature. Everything about her looked as if she made from the finest material. I, subconsciously, reached out and touched her soft, big, beautiful hair. "What yah doing?" She asked slowly. I quickly pulled my hand back and handed her the beer. "I don't drink unless it's a special occasion." I nodded and popped it open. "Sorry for pulling my gun out on you so many times. I just couldn't figure out why I didn't shoot you the first time. So I figured if I did it again, it would come to me, but it never did." I chuckled softly and shook my head. "You really were trying to shoot me? Baby I'm royalty! You can't shoot royalty!" I joked. She smacked her lips and waved me off. "Whatever nigga. I'M royalty! Just ask everyone at YOUR school." I gently pushed her causing her to laugh. "You got some muhf***in' jokes now? Okay, I see you. Truce?" I held my hand out and she bit her lip and looked at me. Ooo! She just doesn't know. "Truce. Now about the Last Kings?" I shook my head and smirked. "Sure. Why not?" She started to smile at me. "Christopher Brown.....You're now officially royalty!" She exclaimed causing me to laugh. She was pretty cool when you weren't on her bad side.

run it

Chris and Trey better stop calling them B****** before they end up 12 feet under dealing with May and Chitta....hopefully they'll start to get along but if chris and trey call them a B**** one more time....I'm taking the gun myself and make sure i shoot them lmao

Runt it!!!

Run it

They're all extra.

Chitta's POV

”Ugh! I'm so damn stupid!” I yelled in frustration as I walked in the front door. ”What's wrong?” Quan asked. ”KWAAANNN!” I rolled my eyes as my mom ran up to him and squeezed the life out of him. He chuckled and kissed her forehead. ”Hey ma.” She started to cry and I shook my head. ”I left my damn phone at Trey- I mean at Taco Bell.” Quan scrunched up his face and MayLeen whispered something in his ear. ”Oh. Well, I'll take you there.” I nodded and grabbed my purse. ”I'm coming too.” May grabbed her phone and tapped her hip as I nodded. ”Bye! You betta come back with phooonne! I no pay 400 dollas fo no damn reason.” My mom yelled after us. ”That lady needs highschool more than us.” May mumbled. ”Forreal. You coming Ty?” He shook his head and nodded over to my mom as she stared at a picture of her and daddy. I blinked away the tears quickly and nodded back. ”Bye ma. We love you!” She waved and went back to staring at the picture. ”Their house is the last place I want to be.” I said. ”Well, yall shouldn't have been there anyway. Yall know how I feel about you two going to a party.....TOGETHER.” He lectured. ”Okay dude. I get it. You've been on my ass about this gun s*** since we were 12. Get off of it.” He looked at me and I looked down. I climbed into the car as May began to laugh. ”Oh. You in trouble.” She teased. ”Nu uh! Quan already dealt with me. Now it's your turn.” I flicked her off and let my hair blow in the wind. I swear if Chris or Trey try me again, lights out for them muhf***as.

We made it to the house and it still had cups and trash in the front yard. ”So nasty. I know they see that s***.” MayLeen mumbled. We got out the car and walked up to the door. I banged on it hard, just to piss 'em off. ”Who the hell at my door?!” I heard Trey's voice. ”It's Quan.” You could hear laughing, yelling, squealing, and then silence. ”What up- the f*** yall doing here?” I rolled my eyes and looked at him. ”I left my phone here the other night. May I get it back?” I asked nicely. ”Hmm. You mean this?” He held up my phone and I nodded. ”Sure. You gotta come get it though.” He held my phone high above his head. I glared at him and then smirked. ”Sorry.” He scrunched up his face and looked at me. ”For wh- f***!” He groaned loudly after I punched him in his stomach. ”Man get yo b**** ass sister!” Chris exclaimed helping him up. ”See I done told yo ass about that b**** s***. Apologize.” Quan demanded. ”I ain't apologi-” ”Apologize Chris.” Chris smacked his lips and gave us the stank face. ”Sorry.” I smirked and thanked him. ”Heather wanna see you.” Chris said, looking up the stairs. ”Me?” Quan asked with a smile on his gace. ”Yeah you nigga.” Quan dashed in the house, but stopped when he got at the top. ”Treat my sisters like royalty nigga. They took your place so know you've got to obey them.” Chris sighed heavily and looked at us. ”Sit down. And don't touch s***.” He gritted through his teeth. Trey finally stood up on his own and stared at me. His stare was intensive, yet intriguing. ”f*** you staring at boy?” I snapped. ”You b****.” He pulled a gun out and pushed me up against the wall. ”Hell naw!” MayLeen snatched the gun out his hand and he pushed her. I jumped on him and repeatedly punched him until Chris came in breaking s*** up. ”Don't touch them they might give you a disease.” May laughed wiping some blood off her mouth. ”The only thing I could give you is-” ”Aye! Stop arguing!” Quan yelled down the stairs. ”This ain't f***ing over......uh oh. Trey run!” MayLeen yelled as I paced the floor. ”This nigga gonna pull a gun on me! On you Honey! Maybe he just don't f***ing know? Show his ass!” I spoke to myself. ”Run nigga damn!” She yelled again. ”I ain't scared of that b****.” Soon as he said that I pulled my gun out firing at his ass. ”Call me b**** one more time and I guarantee it won't miss.” He smirked and looked at the hole I had shot in the wall. ”You're gonna pay for that.....b****.” I shot again and it grazed his jacket. ”s***!” Chris yelled as I shot again, this time aiming at Trey's feet. MayLeen grabbed the gun out my hand and threw it across the room. ”Look at me. Look at me Chitta! Calm down! Breathe in and out. In and out. When we go home........we can sleep it off.” I nodded as tears filled my eyes and I started to make elephant noises trying to keep in my anger. ”f*** that nigga!” I pulled her gun out of her pocket and was about to shoot him, but he was blocked by MayLeen. ”Move May.” I ordered. My vision soon became blurry from the tears that were pouring.

May's POV

I moved Trey behind me as she took the safety off. I wasn't trying to save this nigga, but I wasn't trying to make enemies either. I was watching out for my sister. If she killed him, which I couldn't give two s***s if she did, she was going to jail. Plus we from Vietnam, they probably were going to name that as some terrorist act on an innocent American citizen. ”Say sorry.” I whispered to him. ”Hell no! I ain't saying sorry to that crazy b****! She f***ed up big time!” I turned and looked at him. ”You're gonna stop calling my sister a b****. I could've let her kill your ass, skin you, make a jacket out of you, and wear that s*** like it's real ass leather. But I didn't. Now apologize.” He clenched his jaws and looked behind me. ”I'm sorry.” He mumbled. ”I don't want that sorry ass apology. It means s*** to me. I promise you just entered a game you don't want to play. Too bad. It's you and me cutie.” Chitta smirked and looked at Trey. ”s***. f***. f***.” I whispered. ”Stay clear of her path. Don't look at her, speak to her, or even think about her. Now, I'm telling you this now. She's going to have people watching you. At ALL times. You'll never see them. I don't f***ing like you one bit, but if saving your life means keeping my sister out of jail, then so be it.” I warned. ”I'm a grown ass man-” ”Trey! This is L.A! We from Viet f***ing Nam. We do s*** grimier, more disgusting, more violent. We make yall look like s*** when it comes to planning a death. They kill five year olds, you wanna know how?” He just stood there and looked at me. Unfazed. I'm about to get his ass. ”They feed them some meat each day. This meat is injected with some drug that causes not to grow all over you. The knots get so big you stop breathing and they start busting. Every f***ing organ of yours busts! Then they feed your remains to a dog.” He cringed a bit and then I smirked. ”Wanna know how we kill men? We tie them up by their ankles and turn a fan on by them. We start to swing them until they d*** gets cut off. Then we let the kids eat their testic-” ”Alright alright! Stop! You made your point!” He yelled. ”The worse thing is witnessing this s***. Just like I did. Or even worse, actually doing it. Like I did also.” Chris grabbed his stomach and ran to the bathroom. ”So something you should know. Nigga I'm bout that life.” Trey went in the same direction Chris went. I turned to see Chitta crying on the floor and I walked over to her. I got on my knees and hugged her tightly. "Calm down. Just shhhh. Take deep breaths and slow your mind down." She closed her eyes and after about five minutes, she opened them again. They weren't their usual brown color, instead they were a grayish blackish color. She was mad and sad at the same time. "Think happy thoughts boo." She nodded and in less than ten seconds, she had a big ass smile on her face. "There's that smile I love." She hugged me and I hugged her back. "Can yall move out of the damn way? We need to clean up the house." Trey said, interrupting our moment. Chitta clenched her fist and looked at him. She took deep hard breaths and got up without saying a word. "On a serious note, please stop f***ing with her. She is going through hell right now, and everytime she gets in a good mood, you gotta f***ing ruin it." Trey smirked. "Baby you ain't the only one that been through hell and back." I took a deep breath and slowed my heartbeat down, because these fools had it racing. "I've been through hell, but it seems like I just can't get out." I said and walked away. "Where's your bathroom?" He mugged me and pointed to the back. "Go back there, turn left, and it's the last door on the right." He instructed me. ".......Thanks." I mumbled and walked away. I got into the bathroom and slowly walked to the mirror. I looked at my reflection, and frowned. I guess I was pretty, my hair was long, I had a good body, but to me that is far from true beauty. Society makes it seem like you have to have a fat ass, flat stomach, beautiful face, long hair, and pretty eyes you're better than everyone. b****es stay wanting to be something they're not. Everything about my appearance represents me. Especially the pain in my eyes. I ran some cold water, and then splashed it in my face. I went to grab a paper towel, but there was one left and I refuse to have these niggas thinking I owe them. I pulled the door back and jumped when I saw Chris. "Why are your hands dripping?" I rolled my eyes and looked at him. "You only had one paper towel left and I refused to use it." He smirked and moved me out the way. "Get out." I sucked the air in and blew out hard. "You could ask nicely." He turned around and shrugged. "b**** just get out." That set me off. As he pulled up his pants, I kicked him in the back of his knee and he fell to the floor. "You...and...your...friend...gonna...stop...addressing b****!" I yelled in between punches. He covered his face and pulled my arm causing me to fall and straddle him. I was slow to sit up, but when I did, Chris was biting his lip and holding my hips. "Ummm.....are you going to let me go??" I asked, trying my hardest to hide these moans. I could feel him getting hard under me. He smirked and nodded. He let my hips go finally and left the bathroom limping. I got up off the floor and grabbed the last paper towel. "Shiiiit. I'm not even sure why I cared about respecting them enough not to use their s***, when they still calling us b****es. f*** that!" I thought to myself.
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Run it !!!

run it!!!

oh mane I love this story already!! Chris and Trey need to just give it up and stop makin shiid difficult lol
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Run it !!!!

run it!!

Run it

Chris' POV

”What'd you do?” Tyga asked me. Trey, Quan, him, and me were walking down the hall. May and Honey hit us all so we had to go to the nurse. ”f*** you mean what I do? Tell that sister of yours not to try me. I almost put my hands on her ass.” Before I knew it, Tyga had slammed me up against the locker. ”I want you to lay a finger on my sister. That'll be the last f***ing day you breath.” He threatened. I chuckled and he tilted his head a bit. I looked into his eyes and they were turning a red color so I knew this nigga was mad. ”Man get the f*** off me.” I pushed him off and Quan stopped me from beating his ass. ”Now Chris and Trey. Yall my niggas and all, but yall gon stop disrespecting my family. That b**** and Chinese s*** is gonna have to stop. I'm suprised she didn't shoot yo ass right then and there. She used to kill people in the V all the time. You probably did over about three people, she probably did over about 300. Don't f*** with her. Next time she put a gun to your head, I ain't stopping her from pulling the trigger. Yo disrespectful ass probably deserved it. You know if any nigga talked to Heather like that, they would've got dealt with on the spot. Am I right?” I clenched my jaws and nodded. ”Okay then. Stop disrespecting my damn family. Those are my sisters and I refuse to let them get treated like this. We in the States now. Her ass can go to jail, but she doesn't know any better. Stop fooling with your life Trey. Talking slick s***, Chitta knock yo big ass out.” I just looked at him and then remembered the question I needed an answer to. ”Why the hell she get all upset for? After I said, I wouldn't want to be your dad, I'd burn myself alive, she started crying and s***. Next thing you know the bit- I mean your sisters attacking me.” I looked over at Quan and he had a vein popping out of his neck, Tyga's eyes had tears in them. ”You said that?” He gritted through his teeth. ”Yeah....but....i ain't know it was going to set her off like that. Why yall getting so mad?” I asked looking at the two. ”Because dumbass our dad-” ”Nah. Let his ass figure out. He's going to feel hella bad when he find out why she went off.” Tyga glared at me and turned to walk back to his class with Quan behind him. ”What's their problem?” Trey asked. ”I don't know......i don't know.”

It finally time for lunch! Thank God! My stomach felt like it was touching my damn spine. Our school food is actually pretty good, so the cafeteria is filled everyday. Me and Trey walked in and as usual, all eyes were on us. ”Still got they attention.” I boasted. ”Move.” I heard someone say. I looked down to see May with red, puffy eyes. ”What was you crying for?” I genuinely asked. ”I only have two words I need to say to you. f***. You.” She spat and sat at my table. ”Uh uh. This our table. You ain't about to take over my damn school.” She smirked. ”I already did.” She stood on the table and clapped her hands. ”Excuse me everybody! What's the name of this school?” All the niggas and some b****es said, ”MayLeen and Chitta High!” I smirked and stood on the table. ”Umm. Let's tell MayLeen here the real name of this school.” All the b****es and some niggas said, ”Chris Quan and Trey High!” I smiled in her face. ”You damn right!” She smirked. ”Hey Q. Hey Ty.” She got off the table and ran over to Quan and Michael. ”Hey babygirl. Did he say anything to you?” Tyga asked her. ”No.” She looked back at me and just stared at me. ”Here comes lunch.” I announced as all of our favorite <a href="">hoes</a> came rolling by with a tray for us. ”Top that if this your school.” I challenged her. ”Everything has to be a challenge with you. I hate you, so therefore I'll accept this challenge.” She clapped her hands and about five niggas carried her and her sister to the table and MY hoes escorted Tyga to MY damn table. They did that s*** like they had been rehearsing it. ”Yall might just have to step down.” Quan teased me and Trey. ”Nigga that means you too.” He smacked his lips. ”I'm family. I'm royalty either way.” MayLeen smirked and pointed to the other side of the table. That was when Hether sat beside her. ”Pesants are allowed at the table.” When she said that, I felt my blood boil. These b****es came in here and got what I had worked for for a year, in a damn day. I clenched my jaws as I noticed there weren't no more seats left anywhere else. ”Let's just sit down man.” Trey went over there and sat down and I followed him. We ain't say s*** to these b****es though. ”Weird that I hate you, but I find you cute. Funny right?” I gave a fake chuckle. ”So you a hater?” She smirked and looked up at me. ”Jealousy and hate are two different things. Trust me. I can have everything you do with the snap of my fingers. Yo house, I can have that. Your clothes, I can have that. Yo car, got it. Yo b****.....well let's let her answer that. Get that ass over here!” Everything went silent as I heard heels clacking. She couldn't have......could she? I looked up to see <a href="">Chaos</a> with her arms around MayLeen. ”Yeah. I got that.” I smirked. ”Do you think this makes me mad?” I asked, trying to play it like I wasn't mad. ”Seeing that you keep clenching your jaws and staring at her like you wanna do something, I know your mad.” I finally laid my eyes on MayLeen and her greenish brownish orbs had me stuck. ”Yeah okay.” I rolled my eyes and continued to eat. ”Why yo ass in school? Aren't you supposed to be suspended?” Heather asked her. ”Nah. This my school. I run this. It's funny how when you tell a nigga you from Vietnam, they quick to give you everything you need.” She smirked over at me and Trey. ”I'm sure yall don't know about that though. Yall actually had to work for this. Took you a year......only took us three hours.” Honey spoke. ”Shut your twelve year old brace face ass up!” Trey spat. ”Nigga you in my world. Brace faces are in now.” She said, popping her rubberband in her mouth. ”So Christopher and Tremaine.....we can put you on the team. But you'll have to work for that too.” She offered. We scrunched up our faces. ”Howvthe hell yall know our names? And what team?” I asked her. ”I got people. And the team is........The Last Kings baby.”

lol may and chris are something else. smh Buti know may is hurt by what chris said but i know he didnt mean it

run it!!

Run it

May's POV

I was in a deep sleep until I felt somebody shake me. ”Yes...” I whispered, still half sleep. ”Wake up Mulan. It's time to get ready for school.” I opened my eyes to see Chitta with red puffy eyes. ”Visine?” She smiled and handed it to me. This was a routine now. We cried ourselves to sleep at night, woke up in the morning, go through the day with little to no problems, and then come home sad again. ”I gotchu.” She handed me the Visine and I squirted it in my eye. ”Well. Better get ready.” I said in groggy voice. ”It's that time already?” I turned to see Michael looking at me sleepily. ”Yes. Now wake up. Can't be late.” He smirked and brushed some hair out my face. ”You look ridiculous.” I smirked and looked in the mirror. My <a href="">reflection</a> caused me to laugh. ”All that hair is crazy.” Briana said. She ran her fingers through it and pretended like her fingers were stuck. ”Ahh s***! It cut me!” She joked. I glared at her and Michael. ”Oh come on. I was kidding. Make sure you call Quan so he can pick us up.” She reminded me. Quan was our oldest brother. I hadn't seen hin in about a year due to the plan. He was sent here a year before us to check everything out. He's the reason we have a house. We're all going to the same high school so he can keep tabs on us too. ”Alright. I'll see you guys downstairs.” I said walking into the bathroom.

”Damn. Where this nigga at?” Michael asked. <a href="">We</a> were all waiting on Quan's slow ass. ”There his dumbass go.” I pointed to the left and he was pulling up with a smile on his face. ”Gia đình!” He exclaimed. That meant family. ”Family my ass! Got me waiting for fifteen minutes. I kill family, I hope you know that.” Chitta spat. I shook my head and laughed. ”Twin!” I squealed. I ran into his arms as he opened them wide. ”I missed you girl. You done grew a body over the year.” I smirked and nodded. ”Look at that head boy. It finally fits your body. I'm going to miss calling you kẹo (lollipop).” I joked. ”Whatever. Let's go before we late.” Michael rushed. ”Sup man! I ain't seen my little bro in forever!” Michael dapped him up and climbed into car and we soon followed suit. ”So how you like L.A?” Michael smacked his lips. ”Man. Your sisters pulled out they glocks on some random niggas yesterday and we was at THEY party uninvited!” Quan glared at both of us through the mirror. ”đúng (true)?” I put my head down and nodded as Chitta did the same. I stared at <a href="">him.</a> ”You mean that nigga Chris party? He got a friend named Trey?” I slowly nodded and Quan laughed. ”Those my niggas! We run this town together.” I huffed. Although Chris was cute, I hated that nigga's damn guts already. ”He called me b****, hoe, and chinese. Chi to the f***ing nese Quan!” I stopped laughing and shook his head. ”I told that nigga we different than them muhf***as. We don't all look the same.” He said. ”See! Michael over here acting like it ain't a big deal.” Michael sighed a sigh of relief as we pulled up to the school. ”I got you guy's schedules. My bud Heather has classes with you two. Michael you're with me.” Michael cheered. ”Pussy here I come!” He exclaimed. ”Just like the old days.” Quan said. I shook my head and rolled my eyes as <a href="">they</a> walked over to us, saluting Quan. They then gave me and Chitta dirty looks. ”f*** yall looking at?” Chitta snapped. ”You b****.” Trey stepped up, but Quan pushed him back. ”Nigga that's my sister. Both of 'em. Now yall are gonna stop disrespecting them, ya hear me?” They kept mugging us and then nodded. ”Yo sister had a damn gun up to my head last night. She better be lucky she cute.” I stopped in my tracks and looked at Chris. ”Was that a threat boy?” He looked down at me and sized me up. ”And if it was?” I clenched my jaws as Quan stepped between us. ”Stop. Damn. Chris you better stop. She will kill a nigga on school grounds or not. She'll make yo ass look like a pussy when it comes to fighting. She know how to paralize somebody by touching a certain pressure point.” Chris scrunched up his face. ”Would you like me to demonstrate?” I lifted my hand and he moved it. ”You good. Just don't run up on me the wrong way. I don't take disrespect kindly.” I scoffed. ”I will disrespect you as long as you disrespect me. Treat people how you want to be treated. Witcho chó cái mông (b**** ass).” I spat. ”What the f*** you say?” He whipped me around and I pulled my gun out. ”I suggest you take yah hands off of me.” He clenched his jaws and let me go. ”You gon stop f***ing putting guns up to me.” He gritted, putting his finger in my face. ”And you're going to stop acting like you my damn daddy.” He smacked his lips. ”I wouldn't want to be your dad.” I smirked. ”Good.” I turned and we walked into the building. I swear everywhere the same damn thing. ”Why people always gotta stare?” I asked. Quan draped his hand around my shoulder and kissed my cheek. ”You entering a new school with royalty baby. They gon stare.” I smacked my lips. ”My nigga! Yee'n s***!” I joked. ”Oooo! That girl don't know who she talking to! Quan is about whoop that ass! Poor thing, she doesn't even know.” Was all I heard after that. ”Excuse me b****es and niggas. I am MayLeen, I prefer to be called May. Me and my other two siblings are new here. My older brother is Quan. I will be treated with respect. Due to the fact Quan is a pesant when it comes to being compared to me and my Queen Honey. Ain't that right Quan?” He put his head down and nodded. ”Now everyone this is Michael. b****es are to flock to him and he shall have anything he wants. Welcome to MayLeen and Chitta High!” I exclaimed. They all applaused and I smirked. ”What the hell?!” Trey and Chris yelled in unison. ”It took us a damn year to get where we are. I ain't letting no Chinese b****es take that.” Chitta turned and looked at Trey. She felt on his stomach and smirked. ”My nigga. By the time you reach in your bookbag to get that gun. I would've been shot your ass. Stop f***ing disrespecting me and get with the damn program. Welcome to MY school!” Trey glared at her and she smiled. ”Those my b****es!” I turned to see <a href="">Heather</a> racing through the crowd. After the party we talked all night and clicked. ”Hey booskies!” I greeted pecking her cheek. ”Hey babies.” She hugged me and Chitta. The late bell rung and we all looked at each other. ”They'll wait.” I said. We walked to our classes being admired by every boy and hated by every girl. I made it this far without b****es liking me, I think I can keep it going for a little while longer.

We walked into class laughing and then stopped when the teacher looked at us. ”We've been waiting for you.” He said. ”I'm Mr. Jamison. You two must be the transferred students. Stevenson, right?” I nodded and looked at Heather. ”Hey Mr. Jay. We'll just sit down.” He nodded and watched as we walked to the back of the class. ”Alright. Now that we're done waiting. We can start the less-” ”What up! What up!” I rolled my eyes at Chris and Trey as they entered the class loud and rude as hell. ”Aye! Mr. Jay! We just gonna take our reserved seats.” Trey announced as all the girls drooled over them. ”They in our seats.” Chris pointed to me and Chitta. ”Nigga we ain't in second grade. Pick a seat and sit down so I can f***ing learn. Thank you.” She said. I gave her a high-five and laughed. ”Yall need to move.” I looked up at Chris as he towered above me. ”Or?” He flipped my desk to the side causing me to fall. ”Oh three strikes you out!” I pulled my gun and pointed it to his head. ”Ugh! Not another one. It's the first day of school. Can't we go a day without you trying to kill each other?” Mr. Jamison pleaded. ”Get the f***ing gun out my face.” Chris ordered. ”Didn't I already tell yo ass? You ain't my damn daddy!” He smiled. ”I already told yo ass that I wouldn't want to be. If I was I would burn myself alive.” When he said that. My heart stopped and I started to have flashbacks. Tears poured down my face and Chitta got up and started to punch Chris in his face. ”You f***ing bastard!” She yelled at him. Next thing I know. Michael, Heather, and Quan are trying to pull us off of him. I stopped fighting him and dried my tears. ”f*** you b**** ass nigga!” I screamed before walking out the classroom. I was hurting deep down, I knew Chris probably knew nothing of the situation, but that was a low blow either way. Me and Chitta walked into the office and sat down. She put my head on her shoulder as I cried. ”Shhh. He didn't mean it.” She comforted me. I hugged onto her tight not wanting to let go, afraid I might lose her too if I did.

Im loving this story so far!!!!! May, Michael and Chitta are hilarious lmao!! I cant believe may and chris pulled out guns on each other that was too funny. And her mom definitely needs to work on her english smh lol.....Hopefully they stay strong and stick together as a family since there dad isn't there anymore. Anyways love the story run it!!!!!!