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She was very quiet remained to herself never feeling the need to fit in because she felt like she could never belong in this world. No one could get close to her and even if they tried they would get pushed away if they did. No one knew her pain and she damn for sure was not going to tell them her story. A lot has happened to her and still she survived it all.

Slowly she rose off the bed as she grabbed her trash bag with her belongs as she left out of the homeless shelter. She began to walk down the street on a hot summer day not even remembering the last time she actually had a real bath.

She entered the gas station going into the restroom and locking the door behind her as she undressed her self. Turning on the facet she let the water run first splashing it over her face. She looked into the mirror in front of her seeing her reflection that <a href="">she</a> hated so much.


"Where am I " Pain called out looking around in the dark "Blaze! Chris! Help!"

No one answered back as she heard nothing but silence.She looked around to see a window but it was too high as she cursed her self.

Suddenly she heard movement on the other side of the room as she sat on a dirty mattress with her hands cuffed behind her."Who's there"

The person walked over towards her as she could only see them in the light that the window had beamed on them from the moonlight. They moved their hair out of their face as Pain looked over to see the person.

"Oh my god" she said

Suddenly Pain shot up from her bed as she looked around into the darkness. She looked down to her hands seeing they were not tied as the dream felt so real to Jade.

Rubbing her risk she looked around her room seeing nothing as only the moonlight shined into the room. She pulled back her covers as she walked out the room and slowly enter Chris room as she saw him sleeping.

"Chris" she whispered but he didn't budge so she came a little closer and called his name again as he rolled over"Chris"

"What" he mumbled

"I had a bad dream"

Chris rolled over as he rubbed his eyes and turning on his light seeing Pain with fear on her face" Okay what was it about" he said as he sat up in bed as Pain sat on the other side climbing in next to him

"Chris I think something bad is going to happen to me" she said as she felt tears getting caught in her throat

"No ones gonna touch you I promise"

"Is everything going to be okay?"

He looked into her eyes"Everything will be fine"

She shook her head as tears fell as he hugged her pulling her closer

"What happen in the dream P"

"I was in a dark room handcuffed and I called out for you and Blaze but no one answered and the I saw someone there with me when I asked who was in there in the darkness"

Chris looked into her eyes"Who was there Pain your dad"

She shook her head no

"Then who"

"It was Jade,Chris I don't think she died" she said as she looked him in the eye

Chris couldn't say anything, he didn't know what to say.

Authors Note: More coming later just wanted to add a little something for you guys. Enjoy

Time is ticking he won't be waiting FOREVER.. RUN IT !!!!

dam i think that dream officially made her mind up
run it!

Run it

(One Month Later)
Pain and Jesse were going on a date tonight as she got ready at Teyana’s <a href="">house</a> since she did not want Chris to question her. Lying on the bed <a href="">Teyana</a> flipping through a magazine as Pain was in the mirror putting on her makeup. Pain could sense Teyana eyes on her as she turned around.

“What Tey” she said as she put down her lipstick tube

“Nothing” she said as she resumed looking at the magazine as Pain turned around putting on her mascara

“Why are you so in denial” she finally said as she looked up from the magazine as Pain backed still faced her but her reflection was in the mirror

“About what” she said trying to play it off
Teyana rolled her eyes “Blaze”

“I’m not in denial I just need my space that’s all”

“For what its been over a damn year P come on now”

“Tey I don’t want to talk about this now okay” she said as she comb through her hair

“It never is the right time for you”

“I just need to figure stuff out Tey” she said as she turned around to face her

Closing the magazine she looked over at her friend “Well time is almost up P its wrong for you to string Jesse along when your heart lies in another place”

“I like Jesse a lot and I want to see where this goes”

Teyana stayed silent for a minute trying to find the right words “Every time anyone brings up you loving Blaze your only reply is you don’t love. But not one time have you ever uttered the words that you are not in love with him too. You keep running but how long can you run from what the heart wants” she said as she got up and left the room

Pain watched her as she sat there stuck and finally turned around to face the mirror as she looked back at her reflection

As <a href="">she</a> sat across from <a href="">Jesse</a> in the restaurant in the back of her mind Teyana’s words haunted her. Jesse called her name as he waved his hand in front of her.

“Pain, Pain” he said
She snapped out of her thoughts as she looked across the table at him


“Did you hear what I said?”

Pain tried to play it off”Umm..Yeah” she said as she took a sip from her glass

“Well what did I say” he said as he looked over at her with a smirk

“Okay I wasn’t listening, I’m sorry Jesse”

He reached across the table his hand on top of hers “I know you must be stressed about exams and all its okay”

She looked over at him as she smiled looking into his beautiful blue eyes “Thanks” she replied

They continued to eat as Pain sat thanking the Lord that no one could read her mind of what she was thinking right then and there.

After dinner she returned home and went to her room as she peaked in to see <ahref="">Chris</a> was gone or either in the study downstairs. She dropped her jacket and purse on the bed as she went to the study as she knocked and hearing a faint come in from Chris. She saw him going over papers as he looked up from his seat.

“Hey P whats up” he said as he stood up and walked over to hug her as she returned the favor

“Nothing much I just came to say goodnight” she said as Chris rose an eyebrow at her knowing something else

“What do you want to ask me” he said as he leaned on the desk in front of her

Running her hand through her hair she sat down on the couch in front of him “What do you think about Jesse honestly?”

Chris folded his arms as he pressed his lips into a thin line and looked into her eyes “Honestly “she nodded as he continued “He’s not the one for you and I don’t trust him at all and with him I’m I don’t see that glow that you had with Blaze.”

“Why do you think he isn’t the one”

“Pain you may like him and all but to be completely blunt you don’t really give a f*** about him. You’re just trying to distract your heart from the truth” she stayed silent “Cant keep running P that waiting forever type of love comes once in a lifetime and for you to ignore it just isn’t right.”

Pain nodded as she stood up and walked towards the door but was stopped by Chris words” I had dream about you”

She turned around “What was it about?”

“You were getting married and I was walking you down the aisle towards the altar” he said looking down at his phone

“Who was standing at the altar?” she said

Looking up from his phone he smirked “That’s for you to decide”

Pain looked over at him as she soon left the study and going to her room with Chris dream in her mind.

Run It...

We love it!!! Well at least I know I do. It's a mystery and full of surprises.

what do you guys think so far about the story?

run it

Ok y she leaven wit ppl she dnt no n she pissn me off she no she want blaze she need to let her hart hav wat it wnt run it

Smh Pain stop the act !! , Before its too late. RUN IT !!!!!!!!!

Run it!!!!!! Pain needs to stop running away from what she feels for Blaze she know she loves him

Authors Note: I was writing Pain and Blaze part while this song came on my iTunes describing them perfectly called Slave to Love(Cover) by Roisin Murphy and the second song is Emotional Champ by New Buffalo one of my favorites :)start at 2:07.

The stare between the two was so magical neither wanted to turn away. The moonlight was the only resource of light in the room as it came through the open doors as Pain stepped in as Blaze remained where he was.

She looked away as she pressed her lips into a thin line and then out again.

"Nervous" he asked

At the sound if his voice made her heart feel a spark."No" she said trying to put on her poker face as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

He tilted his head and studied her"Then why did you do that?"

Pain looked at him then around as she avoided his question"How did you know I was here?"

"Chris" he simply said"Now answer the question"

Pain looked around the room as she tried to find another way out in here but it was no use. The only exit was behind Blaze as she made a mental note to curse Chris out for this"Because I just do"

Blaze took a step forward but still blocked the door"You do that either when you're nervous or frustrated and by the way you're looking around you were trying to find a way out to run again."he looked over at her knowing he was right as he continued to talk as she listened"See there's only two exits out of the room. One is behind me and the only is the balcony and I know you're not gonna climb down because you have a fear of heights and your dress is not made for it."

Pain rolled her eyes at him knowing he was right as he read her like a open book. Blaze eyed her as he saw how beautiful she looked even in the moonlight as it hit her skin"You look beautiful by the way" he said as he messed with his bow tie for a minute

"Thank you, you look handsome"she said avoiding his stare as he smirked over at her.

"I need you to explain something to me" he said looking at her

Finally she looked at him"What's that"

He walked over to her as he towered over her frame. By him being even a little close to her and the smell of his cologne made her body feel electric"Why did you avoid me I mean its plain as damn day that I love you but you never said it back"

She bit her bottom lip as she felt his stare on her" If I answer this will you let me leave"


She exhaled as she tried to find the right words but there weren't any"I just did okay" she replied

"That's not good enough"

"What do you mean it's not"she said raising her voice a little

Blaze studied her as he watched her get frustrated" Like I said not good enough try the f*** again" he said firmly but calm. The music from the party could be faintly heard in the room as others danced and mingled.

<strong>Music Begins</strong>

The way he said those words made her feel wetness for him."I did now f***ing move" she said pushing him as she rushed to the door as it opened and was stepping out when she was pulled back in and pressed against the door by Blaze as he locked it.

<strong>Tell her I'll be waiting in the usual place </strong>
<strong>With the tired and weary, and there's no escape</strong>

The stare between them was so intense as Pain began to get hot at how he roughed and pinned her against the door"Let me go Blaze" she said trying to get free"

He didn't budge as she tried to get out if his embrace but his hands were firmly on hers as he pinned them behind her. Blaze looked down as he took one if his hands as the other had a firm grip still and ran it down the middle if her dress where her skin showed. Pain instantly got weak at his sudden touch as he stared into her eyes not once breaking contact.

<strong>Slave to love, slave to love</strong>

"I hate you"she said as she tried not to let a moan come out as her heartbeat quickened even more

"I love you too" he replied as he brought his hands going down to her center as she became instantly wet as he breathed on her neck and soon kissed it.

<strong>When you're running with me don't touch the ground</strong>

"Mmm" she moaned

He looked back at her" You love me but you're afraid to admit it. I'm not going anyway Pain and believe that.
I'm gonna wear you down until you come to realize love was standing in front of you all along. I'm fighting for your love until I take my last breathe. You can say you don love me as many times as you want but I know you do I can see it in your eyes. You're gonna be my wife one day you just don't know it yet." He said as he released her as she soon caught herself looking over at him

<strong>Though your world is changing I will be the same</strong>

"I don't love" she said as she opened the door as Blaze simply smirked

"Til the end my love"

Soon the door shut as he sat down on the bed and rubbed his hands over his face"Til the very end" he said to his self

<strong>Slave to love, slave to love</strong>
<strong>Slave to love</strong>
<strong>And I can't escape, I'm a slave to love</strong>

Pain made her way downstairs as she walk quickly past everyone as tears began to fall. Chris ran after her as he finally caught up with her a little down the street

"Pain!" Hold up he said as he turned to stop her as she stared at him with tears coming down her cheek

"You always meddle in some s*** why couldn't you just leave it be" she said angrily

Chris soon mugged her"You needed this Pain because you're too f***ing stubborn to admit it"

"Admit what there's nothing to admit" she said as she swung her arms out to the side

"You love him but you know what Im f***ing done with you and your coward ass. All you do is ran away and push people away when they love you" he said but anger taking over him

"Go f*** your self" she spat back

"Those people in there care for you Pain" he said referring to the crew "Quit being so f***ing stubborn and let us the f*** in"

"I don't have to do s***" she said as she walked away further as Chris watched her and going back inside knowing it was no hope at all in getting through to her.

She sat down on the curb as she cried not knowing someone was behind her as they walked closer and took a seat next to her" Are you okay?" He asked

Pain wiped her tears away as she looked over to see him there"Yeah I'm fine" she said as he handed her his
handkerchief as she took it"Thanks"

"No problem" <a href="">he</a> replied

They sat there in silence for a moment.

"Was that your boyfriend?"

Pain looked over at him"Oh no just my brother"she replied

He nodded"Good cause I would have been bummed if he was"

"Why is that? She said

"Because I couldn't ask you out on a date" he replied as he smiled

Pain laughed at little and smiled at him "Oh really"


Pain stood up as she fixes her dress as he stood also she held out her hand as he looked down at her smiling"How about we get out of here go somewhere else"

He took her hand in his as she felt the butterflies in her stomach again"Sounds good to me plus I've been waiting to leave this party" he said as he gave his ticket to the valet
while they waited

"Why is that?"

"This is my fathers party for his investors and connections not really my scene you know" he replied

<strong>Music Begins</strong>

"I understand completely"

<strong>No sleep tonight</strong>

Blaze appeared as he walked over to them"Excuse me but Pain could I speak to you for a moment" Jesse looked between the two as Pain nodded and they walked over a little as Jesse gave them privacy

"What do you want" she said annoyed

"That's who you're with" he said with a smirk

"Why are you jealous" she said

<strong>Say keep tonight</strong>
<strong>Cause it's all I wanna</strong>

He chuckled a little " Not one bit"

She rolled her eyes as she put her had on her hip"Just go back inside"

Blaze stared at her as he pulled her into a hug quickly placing his hands right on he back as she felt a tingle up her spine and leaned down towards her ear so only she could hear"He's not good enough" he simply said kissing her on the cheek and walking back inside leaving her there as his words lingered

Pain snapped her out of her daze as his car pulled up and he opened the door on the passenger side as she got in as he quickly got in on his

He looked over at her"You okay?" he asked

Pain put on a fake smile as he she looked over at him"Yeah I'm fine"she said as he took off into the night as she looked out the window as Blaze words still lingered in her mind.

<strong>All I wanna do</strong>
<strong>Emotional champ so sorry</strong>

run it

Run it!!!

who is the "she" tho??
run it

Run it !!!!!!

Run it

Awww mane they set her up lol karma's back lets see how this goes.
Run It!!!

(Next Day)

Chris picked Pain up from school and headed to Gucci store in which he had shut down to shop privately. They arrived at their destination and got out the car.

The doors opened for them as Pain stepped in first and Chris was behind her as the sales clerk locked it back up.

"Mr.Brown so nice to see you again" the lady said as she smiled

"Pleasure is all mine Stacey"

"So what were you looking for today?"

"Actually we come here today for my sister,Pain" he said as he smiled at the lady"She needs a dress for this party"

She looked over at Pain and smiled as Pain returned the gesture"Nice to meet you" she said

"Like wise"Pain said

"So what kind of dress are you looking for Pain"

"Something form fitting yet a little revealing but not too much" she said

The lady nodded"Right this way" she said as Pain followed her as Chris sat down drinking his champagne that was brought to him as he waited on Pain

(2 hours later)

"Pain how many dresses are you gonna keep trying on" he said as he texted on his phone

"I already found the dress I was going to wear an hour ago I just wanted to try on others" she said emerging from the dressing room with a smirk

"You had me wait another hour for nothing" he said looking up from his phone

"Basically yeah" she said waking past him as she handed the woman the dress at the register when Chris saw it

"Isn't that a little to low in the front" he said

Pain looked over at him"Chris don't start"

The lady ranged up the dress as Chris gave her his black card. It was wrapped up to be safe as the lady handed Pain the dress."Have a nice day you two"

"Thank you and same to you" Pain said turning to leave as Chris followed behind after he thanked the lady

Once they reached his car out front she put the dress in the trunk and got in the passenger side as Chris looked over at her.

"What nigga"

"I like the blue dress better"

"It look like a sheet on me"

"That's because it covered everything up" he said starting the car as he took off

"Whatever Christopher" she said folding her arms and looking out the window as he clenched his jaw

"Don't call me that"

(Saturday Evening)

Pain prepared to get ready as Chris was doing the same in his room. An hour later he was still waiting on her down stairs as he sat on the couch.

Growing annoyed he called out to her"Pain hurry up before I leave your ass" he said

"Shut up I'm almost ready" she said putting on her earrings as she grabbed her clutch purse

"You said that a f***ing hour ago" he said as he stood up and turned around to see her as she looked beautiful as ever

Chris smiled for a minute as he thought about Jade looking at Pain.

"So how do I look" <a href="">she</a> said doing a spin

<a href="">Chris</a> walked over to her and stood in front as he took her hand"Beautiful" Pain smiled"But you should have got the blue dress to not have them out" he said pointing to her breast

Pain snatched her hand back" Way to and go mess up a compliment you d***" she said waking out the door as see got into the car as Chris followed her out.

They arrived at the event as valet came to park Chris car as he helped Pain out on the passenger side as she hooked her hand around his arm as they entered.

One inside Pain took in the beauty surrounding her as she looked around. As they entered Chris could feel some eyes on him and Pain as he felt a certain feeling in his gut just like the night with Jade.

He spotted his crew as they walked over to them.

"Got damn" <a href="">Sean</a> said as he eyed Pain

"Boy get back you know that's my baby mama" <a href="">Shad</a> said

"Man she dont want your ass" Sean said as the two argued back and forth as the other ignored them

"P baby you look stunning" <a href="">Mijo</a> said as she kissed on the cheek giving him a hug

"Thank you and you look handsome your self" she complimented him back

"Look at my girl all beautiful we the baddest ones in here" <a href="">Teyana</a> said as she left Trey's side giving her a hug

"As always"

"Ghetto ass" Chris mumbled as Teyana gave him death glare"I was going to say you look handsome but you f***ed up now with your high yellow ass"

Chris sucked his teeth" Go to hell"

"I'll see you there" she replied

"Pain" <a href="">Trey</a> said as he held his arms open smiling as she entered his embrace hugging him back and pulling away

"Look at my Trey on his suit as tie s***"

"We'll you know how I do"

Sean gave him a stale face"No we don't know"

"Shut your ass up" <a href="">Wiz</a> said as he shoved Sean and then went to hug Pain" You look beautiful sis but I don't know how you came out the house in that dress without Chris fussing"

Pain rolled her eyes"He always b****ing but he know I don't listen to his ass"

Chris looked at them"You know I'm standing right here"

Wiz looked over at him and shrugged "So"

He flipped Wiz off and soon tuned his attention to Teyana"That ain't no dress what the hell you wearing. You and Pain gonna have me kill somebody tonight I see"

Teyana rolled her eyes"I think she looks beautiful" Trey said as he kissed her cheek as she blushed

Chris rolled his eyes"You mushy now you with my sister and s***"

"So what I be that and whatever else she wants me to be or do" he said whispering the last part

Chris faked gagged" That s*** nasty nigga I heard that last part."

Pain hit Chris" Quit hating"

"I'm not "

"Yes you are" as they argued

Soon the crew left the two there as they went to go dance. Neither realize that they left until they looked around

"Did they leave us?"

"Yeah cause you was b****ing as always" Pain replied

"f*** you"

"No thanks I'm good"

Chris flipped her off an soon the strange feeling he felt in his gut came back again. He grabbed Pain by the waist.

"You want to dance"

"Sure" she said

Soon Chris pulled out his phone and sent a quit text message to the guys since he couldn't send it when he arrived.

<strong>He's here</strong>

Then he sent a another message to someone else

<strong>She's here</strong>

Chris dance with Pain until she told him she has to go to the ladies room real quick. Teyana went with her and once she exited she told Teyana to go ahead since she wanted to see more of the beautiful place as she went upstairs overlooking the party.

Pain found a room that was empty as she overlooked the balcony and out into the distance. Soon the room door opened and closed as he heard it.

As she turned around her heart began to race at the sight of him as she looked over and stared into his eyes.

"Hi Pain" he said sticking his hands into his pockets

"Hi.....<a href="">Blaze</a>"

Run it !

Man pain if u dnt gt yo ass back wit blaze ima kick it for his ass u being so slow rite now man like really u gn break his hart like dat n not talk or see him for a whole year man smh she betta nt start talkn to dis jess guy i hope chris setn her ass up to meet blaze like she did him n if he not i hope she see his ass at this party wit sum one and see wat she missnand wat she could hav had damn she dnt see he really care for her dis man went almost a yr of tryn to gt u to see that he care for u he love u smh pain really pissn me off lol run it

She's stupid.

Awww Poor Pain and Blaze. at least Chris is tryin to help her by taking her out.
Run It!!!

although i feel bad for blaze i kinda like the break they have
hope the party goes well :)
run it

(One Year Later)
Blaze had tried everything to win Pain back for months but she never responded back, heartbroken but he decided to let her go but in his heart he still held hope for her to return to him someday. Pain was in denial of her feelings for Blaze as everyone around her knew different but was too stubborn to admit it. Chris felt like he was stuck in the middle because Blaze was his best friend but Pain was also like a little sister to him and he wanted them together but he thought it was best if he didn’t involve himself in their relationship or whatever they had. Pain and Blaze had not seen each other in a year since Pain would either go the other way on campus just to avoid him or when she was at home she would go out the back way to Teyana’s house or Teyana would go to the room but neither had spoken to one another.

<a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Pain</a> was looking down as she walked across campus when she felt a force knock her down as he books went falling. “What the hell!” she said as she hit the ground

“Im so sorry” he said as her vision was blurred not seeing his face but only his hand as he held it out helping her up off the ground

She took his hand as she touched it instantly getting butterflies as she stood up now seeing his face as his head blocked the sun”Its okay, I wasn’t watching were I was going” she said as she bent down to get he books as he helped her when his hand touched hers as he looked over at her

“Thanks” she said as she stood up now facing him

“Never seen you here on this side of campus” <a href="">he</a> said

“Yeah well I usually don’t take this route until now. It’s a short cut”

He looked over at her beauty”Yeah, Im Jesse by the way” he said

“Pain” she responded as she smiled at him

“I like it, its different” he smiled at her
“Thanks” she said pushing a piece of her hair behind her ear staring into his beautiful blue eyes admiring his face a she glance him over quickly “Well I have to go I don’t want to be late for my last class” she said shifting her books to her other arms

He snapped out of his trance as he looked at her”Yeah me either I hope our paths cross again Pain” he said as he walked away as she stood there smiling for a moment then remembering she was almost late to her psychology class

Pain returned home in the evening as she sat at her desk doing homework when there was a knock at her door.

“Come in” she said as she stopped what she was doing as they entered the room and sat on her bed

Pain turned around in her desk chair as she waited for <a href="">him</a> to say something “You gonna talk or did you come to be nosey”

He smirked as he looked over at her “Both” soon his face became serious “Also I wanted to ask you for a favor”

Pain rose her eyebrows as she looked over at him “What do I get out of it if I say so I do this favor for you”

Chris sucked his teeth “A dress and a night out”

“Keep going” she said as she leaned forward waiting for him to continue

“There this big glamorous party that I go to every year with Teyana and since she is busy and can’t make it I wanted to ask you if you would go with me” he said as he rubbed the back of his head nervously


Chris looked at her” And what”

“Say please”

Chris glared at her “Please” he said clenching his jaw

Pain folded her arms as she looked on in humor “Say it nicely”

“Man what the f*** for I already said it” he said as you could
hear the irritation in his voice

“Well I guess you can go by your f***ing self than” she said turning around resuming her homework

“Alright fine” he said giving in “Pain will you please go with me to this party?”

She turned around in the chair looking over at Chris” Wasn’t that easy and of course I would love to go with you” she said smiling at him

Chris got up as he stopped at the door “It’s a fancy party so tomorrow we will go shopping to find you a dress and it’s on Saturday” he said as she nodded when he closed the door

Pain resumed back to doing her homework as she smiled thinking a night out was what she needed the most.

ok but if she with blaze there like no way she can be with chris unless blaze some how dies cuz they were best friends... but if his sister is alive i guess chris will be with her
ahh i dunno i like them both for her but i kinda like chris more for her since he helped her out
.... good set up lol
run it!

Adding later

run it

@teek711 yeah my bad I didn't even see that mistake good looking out