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She was very quiet remained to herself never feeling the need to fit in because she felt like she could never belong in this world. No one could get close to her and even if they tried they would get pushed away if they did. No one knew her pain and she damn for sure was not going to tell them her story. A lot has happened to her and still she survived it all.

Slowly she rose off the bed as she grabbed her trash bag with her belongs as she left out of the homeless shelter. She began to walk down the street on a hot summer day not even remembering the last time she actually had a real bath.

She entered the gas station going into the restroom and locking the door behind her as she undressed her self. Turning on the facet she let the water run first splashing it over her face. She looked into the mirror in front of her seeing her reflection that <a href="">she</a> hated so much.


Gt confused for a min cus u clled pain jade but i gt it together run it

Run it !!!!!

Authors Note: I wanted to make it a little more sad so I used Twice by Little Dragon because it inspired this add. Also tell me what you guys think so far and your predictions. Enjoy!

<a href="">Blaze</a> stared out the window of his condo as rain hit the glass with the music surrounded him consuming his thoughts as he thought of Pain. He wondered why she ran away that day just a week ago and was not returning any of his calls or text. He called Chris and told him what happened and said he would talk to her for him but she was avoiding Chris so he wouldn’t ask her.

<em>Twice I turn my back on you</em>
<em>I fell flat on my face but didn't lose</em>

Not hearing his bedroom door open in walked <a href="">Chris</a> as he sat down in a chair by his desk as he looked over at his best friend seeing him heartbroken for the first time. Of all the girlfriends he saw Blaze have they never had the effect on him like Pain did and he understood because Jade was his Pain. It was like déjà vu looking at his friend because this is what Jade when he told her he loved her, runaway and avoided everyone including Blaze.

<em>Tell me what led you on I'd love to know</em>

“What’s going on man “Chris said as he leaned forward in the chair waiting for a response from him

Blaze just shrugged and continued to look out the window watching the rain fall

“She loves you B I know it” he said as Blaze never even moved from his position

“Has a funny way of showing it” he finally replied

<em>Was it the blue night</em>
<em>Gone fragile</em>

“You have to fight for her like I did for Jade.” He said with sadness evident in his voice by her name “Jade ran away for a week avoiding everyone and you because she kept her guard up but you know what after two months of constantly showing up and telling her I loved her even when she ignored me she caved in and realized she loved me too”
Blaze looked over at Chris finally “Jade was stubborn”

Chris nodded “So is Pain, just the same”

Blaze turned back looking out the window

<em>Was it the light ways</em>
<em>So frightening</em>

Across town <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Jade</a> looked out watching the rain pour down as she sat on the window <a href="">seat</a> as it rolled down. She was avoiding everyone and especially Chris the most and Blaze. Even at school she would got the other way to avoid any type of contact with him. Once her classes were done she would got straight to her room and only come out to get something to eat and got right back in. Chris tried to talk to her but she would ignore him and not respond.

<em>Thought I had an answer once</em>
<em>But your random ways swept me along</em>

She heard a faint knock at her door as she didn’t even turn to see who it was but felt their presence in the room as the door closed behind them. They walked over to her slowly and sat across from her as she continued to look out the window at the rain falling.

“You gotta talk to someone Pain” <a href="">he</a> said

<em>Colossal signs so I got lost</em>
<em>With so many lovers singing soft</em>

She didn’t respond, Trey sighed as he knew this would be difficult task just like it was with Jade when he talk to her. He was close to Jade just like Pain was close to him and looking over at her reminded him of her so much.

“You love him and you know it “Pain turned her focus to Trey “Don’t let your past stop you from loving someone you deserve the best and that is what Blaze is for you”

<em>Was it the blue night</em>
<em>Gone fragile</em>

“I don’t love I just hurt that’s all, that’s what everyone has done to me all my life hurt and leave me”

Trey studied her seeing the hurt in her face “Until now that is” he said “You have so many people that care and love you Pain but you’re too blind to see it. You gotta tore down your walls and let love in because it will be there waiting with open arms.

“Love is filled with heartache and pain” she said crossing her legs as she hugged a pillow

“But it is filled with happiness also” he argued “It’s not easy at all but it’s worth the fight. The feeling of having someone in the world that cares for you more than life itself is beautiful. But of course there are hard times and lows of love but if you work them out in the end it is all worth it “Pain listened to him as she thought about Blaze “Blaze is a good guy and one my best friends the way he looks at you is the first time I have seen him in love. He has had girlfriends before but none of them compare to what he loves which is you.”

<em>Was it a two wills</em>
<em>One mirror holding us dearer now</em>

Trey looked over at Pain as she turned back looking out the window. In his mind he thought she was stubborn just like Jade was.

Run it

run it!!!!

RUN IT !!!!!!

Aww man come on now Pain...
Run it....

run it

Authors Note: I used Florence and the machine song never let me go and Trespassers William song lie in the sound. Listen to both while reading the add it helps.

Pain walked down the hall in the west side of the house as she entered a dance studio. Chris had it built for Teyana and hisself when they would dance or just to relieve stress. She set down her water bottle and towel as she made her way over to the speakers as she plugged her phone in and scrolled down the playlist she had set and pressed play.

<strong>Looking out from underneath</strong>

As she began to <a href="">dance</a> she thought about everything as it flashed like vivid pictures through her mind as she danced. The weight on her chest began to lift off as she danced her heart out.

<strong>Reflections still look the same to me</strong>
<strong>As before I went under</strong>

<em>“You aint nothing but a stupid b****”</em>
<em>“I hope you die”</em>
<em>“I never wanted you”</em>
<em>"You will be nothing in life"</em>

She kept dancing her heart out as tears began to roll down her cheeks but she never stopped to wipe them away. Tired of feeling the hurt and the nightmares of her past, tired of the sadness she just wanted to be happy again.

<strong>Never let me go</strong>
<strong>Never let me go</strong>
<strong>Never let me go</strong>
<strong>Never let me go</strong>
<strong>Deliver me</strong>

She broke down to the ground as she sobbed loudly “Why” she yelled out

<strong>And it's over</strong>

Soon she felt a pair of arms around her as she found comfort in them. Her vision was blurry but she saw that the arms had tattoos all over them as she hugged him back. <a href="">He</a> held her tightly not letting her go from his grasp.

<strong>So cold and so sweet</strong>
<strong>(Never let me go, Never let me go)</strong>

“No ones gonna hurt you ever again, I promise” he said as rubbed her back as she conitued to cry into his chest.
<a href="">Blaze</a> and <a href="">Pain</a> laid on the bed as a soft melody was heard from his beat pill as it filled the silence.

He rolled out of bed and held his hand out to Pain as she looked at him weirdly.

<strong>I love you more than I should</strong>
<strong>So much more than is good for me</strong>

"What are you doing Blaze?"

"May I have this dance with you my lady?" He asked as he bowed with his hand still out

Pain was hesitant"I don't know how to slow dance"

Blaze looked into her eyes"You trust me don't you"

<strong>Oh, the timing is cruel</strong>
<strong>Oh, I need and don't want to need</strong>

"Yes" she said as she grabbed his hand and felt a sudden tug in her chest as he knees got weak but soon she managed to stand up as Blaze towered over her small frame.

He lead her to the middle of his room and eased his hand on her waist as he took the other intwining hands with her.

<strong>I am falling, say my name</strong>

"Just look at me and not down"

She nodded as they began to move around as he held her closely looking into his eyes deeply.

He smiled at her not breaking eye contact as she blushed and smiled also.

Pain put her hand on his chest and fully wrapping her arms around his necks he held her closely. Their hearts beated as one together.

<strong>What is love but whatever</strong>
<strong>My heart needs a round</strong>

She felt so safe in his arms as she closed her arms as the continued to rock back and forth.

Neither said a word not wanting to ruin the moment with words.

<strong>So I say I can't sleep because</strong>

"I love you" he whispered to her

She looked up at him"I have to go" she said as she pulled away grabbing her things as she left his house.

<strong>And if you were just near to me</strong>
<strong>Would you go?</strong>

Blaze stood their as he tried to recollect his thoughts about what just happened. He was hurt and confused at what he did to make her ran off like that.

<strong>My heart needs a round</strong>
<strong>And it needs you too much now</strong>

Run it...

A part of me wanted Chris and Pain together but right now I just love how he treats her like a sister.

Oh it

damn her pops messed her up now she's haven't nightmares again. Whose back??? What's going on??? This is interesting.
Run It!!!


Blaze drove Pain home from school. The car ride was silent for once and she knew that only meant that one thing, he was thinking.

"What's on your mind?" she asked as she looked over at him touching his free hand while the only was on the wheel.

"Nothing just thinking that's all" he said softly

Pain didn't want to push him but deep down in her gut she felt something was not right.

"It's Jade isn't it"

Blaze showed no emotion as he simply looked over at her and faced the rode again"Something like that" he simply said as the silence soon resumed as he speed down the express way

Pain turned looking back out the window

Pulling up in front of Chris house Blaze got out as he opens the door for Pain. He looked around and soon led her into the house quickly and shutting the door.

All the guys were on the couch as their attention turned towards him. They greeted the two as they entered.

Blaze looked directly at <a href="">Chris</a> without saying a word as he walked down the stairs with the guys following.

Blaze looked over at Pain"I need to talk to Chris about something okay"

Pain looked into his eyes but could my figure out what was wrong as she nodded letting it go for now"Okay I'll be in my room when you're finish" she simply said kissing him and walking up the stairs as he watched her disappear and made his way into the room and shutting the door.

Everyone stood there waiting for him to speak as he looked at them with blackness in his eyes as he soon looked over at Chris finally.

"He's back"

(1:00 am)

<em>"YOU STUPID LITTLE b****!he yelled as he slapped her causing her to fall to the ground</em>

<em>"Please stop" she said as she scootered away trying to get up but fall back down from dizziness</em>

<em>Soon she felt a pain in her said as he hit her in the stomach as she yelled out in"AHHH!!!"</em>

<em>"SHUT UP" he yelled as he came closer and picked her up off the floor in her room</em>

<em>She stood face to face as he smelled liquor on his breathe and could see the darkness in his eyes"Please let me go" she cried out</em>

<em>Soon he knocked her on the bed and punched her in the eye as she cried even more"Just like your f***ing mother, I hate you. You're worthless and a piece of s*** you should have died not her" he said as he slammed the door</em>

<em>Cradling up into a ball on her bed she rocked herself back and forth as she stared straight ahead"Its okay,Im okay he didn't mean it"she kept repeating over and over as she heard the front door soon close as she let the tears fall down even more.</em>

Pain shot up from her bed as she looked around.Taking the covers off her body as she was shaking and walking to the bathroom. She turned on the shower as she stepped inside and began to rock herself back and forth.

"It's okay, I'm okay he didn't mean it" she kept saying over and over as they water soaked her pajamas and hair

"Pain!" Blaze said as he looked at her with Chris followed behind him as he stood at the door

Shutting of the water he held her as he looked up at Chris as Chris looked at him worried also.

"Pain baby what's wrong?"

Pain didn't answer as she kept rocking back and forth in the same place" He said he was sorry but he's not sorry" she said as Blaze wrapped her in a towel that Chris handed him and she sat in his lap as he kissed her forehead.

"Pain what are you talking about" Chris said as he stood in front and stooped down looking her in the eye

"It's okay, Im okay" she said again

Chris looked up at Blaze as he looked at Chris not knowing what to do

Pain looked at Chris"He didn't mean to" she said looking at him and them over at Blaze

Blaze looked at her with so much worry and sadness on his face.

"It's okay, I'm okay" she said as Blaze carried her to the bed as he held her tightly kissing her forehead.

"He loves her but won't love me, why wont he love me" she said as she cried into Blaze chest

(Two Hours Later)

The crew had returned back from eating as they all sat down on the couch and chilled. Pain, Trey and Teyana on the long couch as Wiz and Shad sat on the love seat while Sean laid on the floor by the coffee table.

Teyana turned on the tv as they sat down watching it.

"What hell is going on down there?" Wiz asked as he looked at the movie thinking of Chris and Blaze

"I hope they ain't kill each other" Sean added

"When those two fight it can get pretty heated" Mijo said

Pain wonder for moment as she thought about Blaze and Chris hoping nothing bad had gone wrong.

"You okay Pain?" Trey said so only she could hear as he sat next to her
as Teyana feet laid on his lap

"I just hope their not mad at me about this"

Trey nodded"their not trust me" he assured he

Pain looked over at him and nodded as she turn back facing the tv.

(4:30 pm)

Everyone had falling asleep when suddenly they were woken by laughter as the door opened. Their attention turned towards the front door as Chris stepped in followed by Blaze close behind.

"Where the hell have y'all been?" Pain said as she stood up putting her hands on her hips

Chris mugged her as Blaze starched the back of his head with his hat covering his eyes.

"Out" Chris simply replied

"Out that's all you can say when been sitting up here worried that you two had killed each other or something. You ain't even have the time to call and tell me you guys were gone" she said

Chris and Blaze looked at each other and shrugged as Blaze answered for them"Didn't cross are minds P next time will let you know okay baby" he said as he walked over to her giving her a kiss as he wrapped his arms around her

Once he touched her she instantly forgot everything and smiled at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck"Okay"

Chris looked at them and began to make a whipping sound as everyone laughed and Pain mugged him.

"Go f*** your self Chris oh wait that's what you been doing already" she said letting Blaze go as she stood in front of Chris

Everyone eyes were on the two

Chris soon pulled her into a head lock as he messed up her hair as she tried to get lose"LET ME GO YOU a**hole"

"No say you're sorry" he said as he messed it up even more

Blaze looked over at the two as he thought about him and Jade and soon a little sadness swept over him.

"No you get on my nerves Chris I'm telling"

Chris let her go"You better not tell my mama nothing"

Pain fixed her hair and stuck her tongue out at him" Yes I am"

"No you're not"

"Yes I am and I'm telling we you been mean to me"

Chris eyes her" You wouldn't"

Pain pulled out her phone holding it up"Want to bet?"

"f*** you Pain" he said as he sat down on the couch by Trey

She put her phone away and sat down on the other couch next to Blaze" Thats what I thought"

Chris stuck his middle finger at her and turned toward the tv.

"Y'all new to go to church" Wiz said

"You got that right" Teyana said

"Y'all need Jesus" Sean said as Chris and Pain looked at him

"Shut the hell up" they both said

As everyone laughed

(Eight months later)

<a href="">Pain</a> sat under the tree as she wrote in her journal when she felt a presence around her. She sat down her journal for a minute and looked around as she saw people going about their business.

Suddenly she felt a touch on her shoulder as she jumped a little as he sat down next to her.

"What the hell <a href="">Blaze</a> you scared me" she said as she grabbed her chest

Sitting down his bag he kissed her on the cheek"My bad baby I didn't mean to forgive" he said giving her that puppy dog look

She smile and pecked him on his lips"You're forgiven"

She resumed writing in her journal as Blaze took out his drawing book and began to draw.

Soon a black truck zoomed away unknowingly to Pain but Blaze saw it.

lmao!!! run it!!

Run it

ok lol, that whole locking them in a room didn't work out how they wanted it to. chris didn't have to take but he chose to. run it

Run it !!

Lmfao! Tey how you get the rooms mixed up! Or did she even really get the rooms mixed up, because they did go to that secret room...Awww...I can't believe he tried to commit suicide. That's so sad. I'm glad Blaze and him got their s*** together because it would've been hell for a long time if they didn't. Aye! Bounce it! Bounce it! They about to throw a couple thousands! Lol!
Run it!!!

Blaze stared down Chris as he did the same in return.

Blaze walked to the long couch and sat down as Chris sat behind the chair as he looked under the desk and instantly pressing a button as a secret door opened.

Looking up from his seat Blaze got up and walked through the secret passage with Chris right behind him.

(With the Others)

Everyone was on the other side of the door as they tried to listen.

Sean walked over as he put a glass cup to the door and everyone looked at him funny"I can't hear s*** man" He said

"What the f*** is you doing?" Mijo asked

"Trying to hear duh" Sean said looking at him as made a funny face

"Nigga move" Trey said pushing him over so he could hear "Pain" he called looking over at her


"You know this room is sound proof right" Pain looked up as she ran her hand down her face and let out a groan"No Teyana said it was the other room"

Trey and Pain looked over at Teyana as she pretended to text away on her phone

"Ain't nobody on the damn phone" Mijo said smacking his lips

"Her ass done got the room mixed up" Shad added

Teyana looked up from her phone and over at Trey and Pain "How the f*** was I suppose to know it was sound proof"

Trey looked at her sideways "Umm I don't know how about ask him"He said as Pain nodded in agreement

"Whatever I'm going to get something to eat anybody else coming"

"I'm down" Sean said as he pulled his ear from the door

"Yeah it might be a while before these two come out." Wiz added as Shad and Mijo nodded

Trey looked over at Pain as he answered for them both "We coming too"

"Alright, shot gun" Sean yelled out as he went up the stairs

"Didn't he drive his damn self here?" Shad said shaking his head

"Yeah he did" Wiz answered

"Slower than a motherf***er I swear" Trey added

"Was he dropped on his head as a baby?" Pain asked walking up the stairs in front of Trey and behind everyone else

"Dropped, fell and ran into s***. It's a miracle his ass still can function" Mijo said

Soon they all left out the front door Shad, Mijo,Wiz and Teyana all got in one car as Pain and Trey got into hers.

Sean looked over at them" So don't nobody want to ride with me okay"

Trey looked over at him as he was about to get in"Nigga hell naw your ass can't drive for s*** and you accident prone. Not finna happen" soon he got in and shut the door

The others laughed as they got in as Sean mugged them" f*** you Trey and the rest of y'all." He said as he got in slamming his car door and trailing behind Pain and Mijo cars

(With Chris and Blaze)

Chris sat down on the couch as Blaze sat on the desk as he twisted his hat backwards to get a view of Chris.

Running his hand over his face he knew it was time to let everything out that he has been holding in for a year now"I loved Jade so much and you knew that hell anyone could see that. I didn't mean for her to die because of my actions and I wish it was me that died that day and not her. If I could go back and tried places with her I would have done it in a heartbeat so she could be here with you" he said looking Blaze right in the eye as he talked "That night-" he stopped as he felt a sudden lump in his throat as he held back his tears"That night haunts me everyday, i should have protected her more that night. Seeing her like that it just stays in the back of my mind. I could never love a woman as much as I loved Jade she was my world my other half and when she left I was incomplete and will forever be. I understand why you hate me because I would feel the same if anything happened to Tey. I even tried to commit suicide a month after her funeral but I couldn't pull the trigger" he said as tear rolled down his face

Blaze sat next to Chris as he put a a hand on his shoulder" I could never hate you Chris, you're my brother and my best friend. When Jade died I was so angry at everyone including you the most. I felt like I should have protected her or at least been there to stop it from even happening but I couldn't it wasn't in Gods plan for us to stop it from happening and we couldn't. I dont blame you for what happened i never could. Chris looked over at Blaze and nodded as he continued " I know you loved Jade with all you heart and I couldn't see her with anyone else but you. You were a good man to her Chris an treated her like a queen that she was. I miss my sister a lot she was my twin and now I feel incomplete because she was my other half too.

He pulled Chris into a brotherly hug and pulled away" I should cuss your ass out for even thinking about suicide. Did you even think about who would be left behind and hurt if you did the boys, Tey, your mom and especially me" he said seriously

"I know B I wasn't thinking at all" he said shaking his head

"You damn right" he said as he smiled at him and Chris smiled back and doing their handshake since they were kids

Soon they both sat back on the couch in silence for moment before Chis looked over at Blaze"Want to go to the strip club?"

Blaze looked over at him and smiled" Lets go" he said

Thy got up and exited the secret room as it closed behind them as they soon made their way out the front door and got into Chris car and left.

It seems like her relationship with blaze its like they can talk to each other about anything more than she can with chris because chris won't really let her in I guess. And when she's with blaze like she's just bring herself & everything but with chris its not much if a convo. I guess that's how lol :)
I think blaze does have a lol more qualities BUT chris does to at the same time it's just hard for him to show them right now, but I'm sure over time he will show them.
I think blaze & pains relationship is on the path of lasting but something always has to happen.
I don't think jade is actually dead, I think like maybe chris is leaving out a piece of the story or maybe he doesn't know she lived idk just a guess :P

lol! smh. she too much. run it

Thanks for all the support and comments on the story.
I will be adding for my other stories since I have been neglecting them for a while so comment on those until futher notice.

Also for this story there will be a lot of twist and turns and surprises in store. In the next few chapters it will explore Pain's past to understand her more.

Do you guys think Pain has let her guard down a little bit or not so much?
What do you think Pain's past will reveal?
What are your thoughts on Blaze and Pain's relationship as it grows, do you think there connection is strong to last or will it end?
What do you guys like about the relationship between Chris and Pain as opposed to Blaze and Pain do you think Chris has certain qualities that Blaze doesn't?
Do you think Blaze has more quailities than Chris?
What do you guys like more about Pain and Blaze's relationship more than hers and Chris?
Do you guys think Jade is really dead or not if so why?

Any thoughts on these questions will be valuable.

Lmfao! I like how Trey said he didn't speak 'girl'. That was funny how she acted like there was a bug! s*** in Chris' mind Blaze was the bug. Uh oh........s*** just got real.
Run it!!!

Run it !!!!

run it

They got set up lol now they have no choice but to talk it out.
Run It!!!

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