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She was very quiet remained to herself never feeling the need to fit in because she felt like she could never belong in this world. No one could get close to her and even if they tried they would get pushed away if they did. No one knew her pain and she damn for sure was not going to tell them her story. A lot has happened to her and still she survived it all.

Slowly she rose off the bed as she grabbed her trash bag with her belongs as she left out of the homeless shelter. She began to walk down the street on a hot summer day not even remembering the last time she actually had a real bath.

She entered the gas station going into the restroom and locking the door behind her as she undressed her self. Turning on the facet she let the water run first splashing it over her face. She looked into the mirror in front of her seeing her reflection that <a href="">she</a> hated so much.


chris is a smart a$$ lol! run it

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You would think that chris has a thing for her but then again .. Brother sister love RUN IT !!

that was good, i cant wait to see how chris is gonna act when he meets blaze
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@teek711 you don't have to worry you always comment thanks for the love you showed my stoies appreciate it. You kept me going when no one else noticed or read them and I could always count on you so thank you.

@teek711 you don't have to worry you always comment thanks for the love you showed my stoies appreciate it. You kept me going when no one else noticed or read them and I could always relay on you so thank you.

Im already readn those lol run them all please

If you guys wouldn't mind could you check out my other stories. I promise you wont be disappointed.

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(Chris P.O.V.)

Even though Pain feels like I'm annoying her I really do care about her even though I have not know her for so long. I know she keeps asking me why I do all this stuff for her but its complicated and I rather not go into detail about why. It still hurts some day's because I still think about her and what happened. Teyana told me to stop blaming myself by I cant, it's hard not to at times it still feels as if she is here. I took Pain in because she reminds me of her, from her attitude to the way she looks.

Chris exited the shower with a towel wrapped around him as he walked into his room as he jumped when he saw <a href="">Pain</a> sitting on the edge of his bed.

"What the hell Pain!" he said annoyed

Pain looked at him "What you do it all the time to me Christopher"

"its different" he said walking over to his dresser as he dropped his towel and put on a pair of basketball shorts since he already had underwear on.

Closing his drawer <a href="">he</a> turned around to see her still sitting there watching him "What"

"Who's that girl" Pain asked as she pointed to the picture on his dresser

Chris didn't answer as he turned on the tv and laid down in his bed as Pain burned a whole into his face. She soon looked down at his tattoos and saw that he was now looking at her.

"How many do you have?" she asked changing the subject

"Lost count after the twenty-one"

Pain scooted closer as she ran her hand over his tattoos studying each one as Chris felt a chill go through his body from her touch. He looked over at her as she kept looking at the tattoos.

"Pain" he said

She looked up giving her his fool attention

"Just know I do all that I have done for you is out the kindness of my heart, no catch"

Pain studied his face knowing there was more to the answer but settled on it for now "Okay"

He turned away from her and looked at the tv again "So how was your date last night

Pain was caught like a deer in headlights "How did you know I had a date"

Chris looked at her like she had two heads "You and Teyana whispering, looking for an outfit and the fact that a couple of weeks ago your ass came in the house smiling like a damn kool aid man. Just cause Im a man doesn't mean I don't notice s***, I know everything that goes on in my house and that includes you" he replied flipping through the channels

"Well if you know everything why do you ask me first?"

"To see if you will answer straight and honestly which you don't. You beat around the bush and avoid the question at hand"

She knew he was right but he did the same thing also "So takes one to know one"

"Which is why I know" he said smartly


"So his name is Blaze huh" he said raising his eyebrows

Pain looked at him

"I already know"

"Then why ask" she replied sarcastically

Chris grabbed his phone and replied to a text and looked over at Pain.

"Bring him to the pool party tomorrow, I want to meet him"

Pain crossed her arms "Hell no"

"Either you bring him or I will meet him my damn self"

Pain groaned as she got up and walked to the door "Fine I will" she said walking out closing his door

Chris set his phone down and laid back down "Better had" he said with a smirk and turned back to watching tv

Pain returned to her room as she sat on the bed and pulled out her phone to text Blaze.

<strong>Do you want to come to a pool party tomorrow at my house, there's someone wants to meet you.</strong>

<strong>Sure what tiem do you want me to be there</strong>

<strong>At around 2 if that's okay</strong>

<strong>It's fine I will be seeing you soon, beautiful</strong>

Pain smiled at the message as she exited out putting her phone down. She wonder how tomorrow would go and hoped for the best at least but with Chris she never knows.

I want her with Chris !!!
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Loving this story !! Run it !!!!!!

I mean.........later in the story I'd like to see her with Chris! But right now I want her with Blaze.....GOSH I can't get over how cool his damn name is! I promise you I'm taking it.

What do you guys think about Blaze so far

Do you want her with Chris or not.

@_Cheerio_ that's one of my favorite names and its different Thats why I like it

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I freaking love his name!! I'm stealing it! It's mine now! Lol, Chris and Pain stay butting heads. It's hilarious. Oooo They're totally feeling each other now. I love it!!
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i cant wait for more
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Author's note: I suggest you to listen to the twilight hour by still corners to get into the moment, it helps.

Teyana dropped Pain off as Blaze waited for her since she did not want to chance it because of Chris. Walking over to him on the side walk as she exited the car. He smiled as he saw her and greeted her with a hug.

"You look beautiful" <a href="">he</a> said as he smiled at her releasing from the hug

"Thanks, you look handsome and smell good" <a href="">she</a> said as they stared intensely at one another

Soon they brook their staring as Pain looked around "Where are we going she asked"

"In here he pointed as he opened the door for her as she entered and lending her into a coffee shop where there was spoken word.

Blaze pulled back her chair as she took the seat thanking him as he sat next to her.

Pain listened as she felt at ease letting the words of the person as they spoke about real life and the ups and downs. Looking over at Blaze she saw he was also really into it as she smiled.

After awhile they left and got something to eat and went to a quiet spot over looking Los Angelos <a href="">view</a>. The sat on the hood of the <a href="">car</a> as a soft melody was heard as it eased them both calmly as the breeze blew over them.

Blazed glanced across as he took in the beautiful view in front of him "I love coming up here, allows me to think when I really need to get away from it all"

<em>Heart just skipped a beat</em>

Pain looked at him and could tell he had a story but just like he said hers was different his was too "Get away from what?" she asked as she felt a little cold

Blaze took off his coat and put it over her shoulders as she smiled thanking him as he answered" I would come up here when I was younger to get away from problems at home"Pain nodded as she understood exactly where he was coming from "You know every one has their special place that they got to, well this is mine and Im sharing it with you"

Pain reached over and touched his hand as she felt a strong shock go threw her body "Thank you for sharing this with me"

<em>When you looked at me</em>

"No problem, do you have a special place" he asked as Pain began to smile thinking about it

"The beach" she said closing her eyes as she felt the breeze pass over them as she thought of it "The sand between my toes and the waves crashing as the sunsets over the horizon" she smiled as she opened them

Blaze looked over at her admiring her beauty" I hope to see that with you one day if you let me in"

Studying his features her eyes softened as she felt her guard being let down a little with him "I hope so too" she replied simply

<em>Don't you think it's strange</em>

"As a child I would look around as people passed and wonder how was their life or was it as bad as mine back then"

Pain felt like he was reading her mind because she had these thoughts all the time still" Do you still do that" she said looking over at him

"Yeah all the time, which is what lead me to you. Your eyes suck me in Pain every time I see you. In there its something that you bury
away I feel it"

<em>To live without pain?</em>

Pain looked away as she released his hand "Why do you want to know me more. Im just another girl like someone else that has a past"

"I want to know you because I wishing that maybe one day you will let someone in and release what has been holding you back for years. I believe your name is Pain because that is all you have know your entire life. But Im gonna show you something different. I want to stripe you of this hurt and let it go to allow goodness into your heart again. I want to see you naked and not in a physical way now but mentally and emotionally as you let down your guard fully. I want you to trust me enough to allow me to see the real you" he said as he stared at her intensely while holding her hand

Pain took in his words as he felt he was telling her what he felt in his heart. "What if I cant"

<em>It was surreal</em>
<em>Your eyes so real</em>

"I know you can" he said as he intwined his fingers with her "You just have to want it as much as I do"

<em>Like a fire</em>

(Four weeks later)

Sitting under the tree on campus as <a href="">she</a> enjoyed the view while
writing in her notebook. Hearing a branch break she looked at the shoes and traveled up she smiled returning the greeting as he took off his bookbag placing it beside him as he sat down next to her and began to open up his plastic container of grapes as <a href="">he</a> popped one in his mouth.

He put the container in front of Pain as she took a grape out "Thanks" she said as he nodded and sat back looking out around the campus.

"Best view isn't it" he said as he continued to eat another grape

Looking up from her notebook as she put her pen down and closed it looking over at him as she studied his face while he looked forward.

"Take a picture it will last longer" he smirked looking at her

Pain chuckled "You wish"

"Okay Pain" he replied as he ate another grape and soon put the container back in his bag as he soon pulled out his drawing book and a pencil.

Pain looked over as he began to sketch out whatever his mind was telling him to do as she looked amazed not saying a word incase she interrupts his flow. She opened up her notebook and continued to write as he drew.

Finally Blaze sat down his pencil and looked over at Pain as she kept writing and smiled "Pain" she looked up as their eyes connected and felt a feeling neither knew without even touching one another "Would you like to go out with me sometime?"

She was hesitant because she did not want to get hurt or played by him but when she looked into his eyes she knew he was a genuine person. He was a deep and different from anyone else she encounter in her whole twenty years on earth and she only knew him for a couple of weeks. "Sure" she said with a smile

"Cool he replied as he continued to draw

They enjoyed each others company in silence as the breeze blew by them.

Later on that day <a href="">Teyana</a> and Pain were in her room as she talked about her date with Blaze tomorrow night.

"What do you want to wear?" Teyana said as she looked through her closet as Pain was on the other side looking for a outfit.

"I don't know he said to dress casual but Im not sure what to wear"

Teyana nodded "What about this" she said pulling out a shirt?"

"Yeah I like that" Pain agreed

Soon they were done picking out her outfit and began to talk.

"So what's his name?" Teyana asked

Pain smiled "Blaze"

"With a name like that I know he gotta be fine"

"Yes Ill show you" Pain said as she grabbed her phone and going to her instagram and showed Teyana the picture, handing her the phone.

"Oh my goodness, do he have any friends or a brother"

Pain laughed as she took her phone back "I don't know" she said sitting on the bed next to Teyana

"I hope you aint tell Chris"

"I aint telling his over protective ass s***, did I tell you that he came in my room being nosey a few weeks ago asking about him. Saying Ima find out who he is or else you better tell me" Pain said imitating Chris voice as Teyana laughed

"Yeah that's my brother he like that with me, so don't take it personal he just wants the best for you"

Pain nodded and understood since she never really had anyone looking out for her and what's in her best interest "I guess so"

Soon <a href="">Chris</a> came barging in the room as he took a seat on her desk as usual. Pain groaned as Teyana looked over at him and shook her head.

Chris looked over at Pain and Teyana as the two stayed silent "What was ya'll doing in here"

"Stuff" Pain said simply

"Stuff like what" he said eyeing the two

"Girl stuff"

"Mmmh whatever, so Kelly told me he saw you handing out with some dude today on campus.

Teyana stood up since she didn't want to be in the cross fire between Pain and Chris as she closed the door making her way downstairs and sitting with the crew.

Pain gave him a deathly glare and if looks could kill he would be dead right about now"And you point is"

"Who is he"

"A friend"

"What's he name?"

Pain stayed silent as she ignored his question. Chris got up and stood in front of her as he gave her a cold stare. "What's his name he repeated?"

"That's for me to know and you to never find out" she said sticking her tongue out at him like a little kid as she crossed her arms

"Better tell me or else"

"or else what" she challenged him

Chris smirked"Or else Ima come to your school tomorrow and everyday after and got to class with you. We gonna spend every waking moment together and Im gonna annoy the f*** out of you"

"You wouldn't"

"Try me"

Pain sighed"His name is Blaze"

Chris smiled as he finally won "Okay and he goes to school with you"

"Maybe or maybe not" she said smiling



"Why you gotta be so difficult?"

"Why you gotta be nosey?"

They stared at each other neither breaking eye contact. Chris reached in his pocket and pulled out a pair of keys.

"Here" he said handing them to her as she took them

"What are these for"

"What the hell do they look like"

"f***ing keys" she said smartly

Chris ran his hand over his face as he felt his anger rising "Its your damn car, now say thank you"

"f*** you" she replied

"That can be arranged too" he said with a smirk as he walked to the door


Chris laughed "Go check the garage" he said as he closed the door


In the middle of the night Pain got up and went to the garage as she clicked on it she was in awe at what she <a href="">saw</a> as she smiled.

"Thanks" she said to no one

whats his issue? if he like it he should tell her instead of being a hater. run it

whats his issue? if he like it he should tell her instead of being a hater

what the hell is with him lmao! he got like super hearing. whats his story with her? run it

Aww Chris is jealous how cutel lol
Run it!

Aww him jealous already lol
Run It!!!

Lol wat the hell is up wit chris run it

Sitting down in the coffee shop <a href="">she</a> began to read her favorite novel, The Great Gatsby as she sipped on her coffee. While looking down as she was so into her book that she did not see someone standing in front of her.

"You mind if I sit here?" <a href="">he</a> asked

Pain looked up to see him standing and pushed the chair a bit telling him to sit down as he did so. "Thanks"

"No problem" she said as she continued reading as she felt him staring a hole into her face

"Why did you want to sit here" she asked not looking up from her book

"You're interesting"

Sitting down her book she looked over at him and resting her arms on the table "You some kind of phycology student trying to do a experiment on the human mind. If so I'm not your test monkey" she said sternly

He studied her for a second "You interesting to me because you're not like anybody else"

"So is the other thousands of students that go hear are" she said picking up her book

Taking a sip from his straw as he sat back "You have a story I can tell something meaningful and real I see it in your eyes." he spoke honestly

Pain looked over at him trying to read him" What's your major? "she asked sipping on her straw waiting for his answer

"Art and you"

"Creative writing" she answered as he nodded

"My name's Blaze"

"Pain" she said

"I like it" he said

Pain gave him a small smile as this was the first time anyone has ever complimented her on her name "Thanks, yours isn't so bad either"

"So you do smile" he smirked at her as she blushed looking down "Beautiful girl like yourself should hide her smile" he said touching her chin as he made her look up

"Nice pick up line"

He chuckled "No line just the truth" he soon got up out the seat and looked down at Pain "Hope to see you again soon"

Pain looked into his eyes as she felt a feeling like never before "Maybe" she replied as he nodded and walked out of the coffee shop.

Pain smiled to herself and soon picked up her book and began to read where she left off at.

Arriving home later in the day after leaving the coffee shop on campus getting dropped off by Teyana. She saw that all they guys were over playing Call of Duty as they greeted her when she walked in but Chris was not down there.

"Hey Pain" they all said

"Hey guys" she said making her way upstairs as she entered her room closing it behind her as she sat on the bed and took off her heels and jacket and laid down.

Soon there was a knock and someone entered as she sat up to see <a href="">Chris</a> walking in as he sat down on top of her desk putting his feet on the chair in front.

Pain mugged him "You rude as hell" she spat

"My house, my s***" he replied simply

Pain looked at him wondering why he was in here when his friends were all downstairs" What do you want Chris?"

He studied her looking her over" How was school?" he asked ignoring her question

"School was school" she said as she smiled thinking about her little meeting with Blaze earlier

"Mmmh why the f*** you grinning like the damn cheshire cat for" he said grilling her "What's his name?"

"None of your damn business Christopher" she replied smartly

He clenched his jaw "I told you not to call me that" he said coldly

Pain looked at him and could see that he was annoyed now "Well don't question me about my personal life, doesn't concern you"

"Whatever you do concern me Pain so don't even try it. Either you tell me his name or Ima find out who he is and you know I can."

She knew he would find out who she was talking about with just one phone call "I just meet him today damn can I get to know himwithout your deranged ass"

Chris got up off the desk as he walked towards the door and stopped turning to face her "Lose the f***ing attitude or will put my foot in your ass, quit testing me Pain" he said sternly as he slammed the door behind him

"Bastard" she whispered as she laid back on the bed

"I heard that s***!" he yelled from downstairs

She rolled her eyes" So" she whispered

"Better quit rolling your eyes up there before I knock the motherf***ers out now say something else." he yelled up the stairs

Pain sucked her teeth and ran her fingers through her hair not making another sound.

they're making progress so far so good
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