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She was very quiet remained to herself never feeling the need to fit in because she felt like she could never belong in this world. No one could get close to her and even if they tried they would get pushed away if they did. No one knew her pain and she damn for sure was not going to tell them her story. A lot has happened to her and still she survived it all.

Slowly she rose off the bed as she grabbed her trash bag with her belongs as she left out of the homeless shelter. She began to walk down the street on a hot summer day not even remembering the last time she actually had a real bath.

She entered the gas station going into the restroom and locking the door behind her as she undressed her self. Turning on the facet she let the water run first splashing it over her face. She looked into the mirror in front of her seeing her reflection that <a href="">she</a> hated so much.


She finished changing into more clothes out of her trash bag and grabbed everything as she unlocked the door leaving out of the rest room.

As she looked out seeing the sun shining so brightly tainted her mood. She hated it out wishing is was cloudy to describe her best.Looking around as she walked with her bag noticing the people that she passed.

Everyday there was someone different she had seen. At times she wondered about how they lived did they have a loving family or have a dark past like her.

Her stomach began to growl loudly as she looked down and sighed. She would have to go to the one place she hated going looking for food but got used to it. Making her way to the dumpster behind a restaurant she looked around seeing no one and dropped her bag on the side. She jumped in looking for scraps of food as she found a half eaten burger and a apple.

She hopped out of the trash can and grabbed her trash bag she had sat down off of the concrete leaving the alley.Eating as she walked by passing the strangers.

(Later on that night)

The girl didn't have anywhere to go since the shelter was full. She ended up in another part of town seeing it was a worse area than the one she was in before.She continued to walk the streets passing prostitutes and drug dealers on corners.

Walking she walked pass another person but was soon pulled by them strongly.

"Let me go!" She yelled

"You looking good ma even though you tore up as s***"the boy said as he licked his lips holing on to her tighter"What's your name?"

"None of your f***ing business"

"Oh really" we will see then he said as he tried to drag her but she soon fought back and scratched his face
"You b****" he said and slapped her across the face as she fall to the ground causing her to lose the grip on her bag and her clothes spilled out.

"That's the best you got pussy" she said spitting out blood and standing up grabbing her bag as she tried to run away but he caught her

"Let me go b****" she said

"Let her go" the person said as he stood in the dim light as they were not able to see him

"Nigga f*** you"the boy said

Soon the person appeared out of the darkness. The boy instantly let her go and fear was seen on his face."My bad <a href="">Breezy</a> I- I didn't know that was you"

She stood there watching the exchange between the two seeing the fear that this person put into this boy.

"Get the f*** outta my presence now" he said coldly as the boy took off down the street

Soon she grabbed her bag picking up her belongings. She could feel him starring a hold into her face as she turned around to face him. "What" she said

He continued to stare at her until he finally spoke"What's your name?"

She didn't say anything as they eyes never left each other"Why"

"I asked didn't I" he replied coldly

Pain rolled her eyes at him"Don't have one" she replied smartly

"Roll you eyes again when I ask you a question and its gonna be a bullet between them understand." He said coldly sending chills down her back "Now lets try this again what is your name" he asked again

She sighed"Pain" she answered and soon turned and begin to walk away as he stood there watching her as she disappeared into the night.

I wonder why she's homeless. That's so sad......she's so young. What happened to her parents? All these questions I have.
Run it!!!