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From Above

<em>What would you do if your prayers were answered?</em>


yay its his ex ggf isnt it. she coming to apologize. i smell drama run it

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“That’s exactly right.” She beamed as she pulled pieces from a muffin she found on his kitchen counter.

He looked at her, “But it can’t be right. I mean, angels don’t just come down from heaven.” This was all too much for him to take at the moment.

“Of course they can, we do it all the time. I was sent here to fulfill some purpose. I don’t know I wasn’t really listening. Something about a guy or other.” She shrugged and finished her food. “Got anything to drink?”

He went into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of Sunny D, handing it to her. “You weren’t listening? Well that’s a big help.”

“Hey, calm down. Don’t yell at me! It’s probably your fault I’m down here in the first place. What did you pray for?” she looked at him, putting him on the spot.

Mel looked at her, “How do you know I prayed for anything?” He didn't want to just come out and say it. He wasn't even sure if he wanted to believe her story. For all he knew, she could be an escaped patient from some mental asylum.

“Humor me.” She smiled, piercing his soul with her stare.

He sighed and leaned on the counter close to her, “I prayed for a change.”

“That’s pretty vague.” She said and looked around. “Well I’m gonna need some clothes.” She jumped off the stool and walked into the back.

He followed. He noticed that her attention span wasn't that long. Mel know understood how she could've tuned out during her instructions. If her theory was indeed true.

He found her in his room, in his closet. “My ex-girlfriend left some clothes over here. You look about her size.” He went into the drawer and handed her some clothes.

“Why is she your ex?” she asked as she grabbed the clothes from his hand.

He turned around as she started to get dressed right there. Apparently, angels didn’t know anything about privacy. Or another person's comfort zone for that matter. “We just didn’t work out. She did a bad thing that no one should do to someone they love.”

“Is that why you prayed for a change?” she asked as she walked around to face him.

He sighed, “Part of the reason.”

“Well what’s the whole reason?” she asked as she traced the many tattoos on his arms.

He moved her hand and went to sit on the bed, “Doesn’t matter. How long do you all usually stay down here?” The last thing he wanted to do was talk about his heartbreak.

She shrugged, “I don’t know, depends.”

“On what?” he asked.

She smiled and sat next to him, “On the person we’re sent down here for.”

“Huh.” He muttered and laid back, covering his face. He was thinking about all the information that he had learned this morning. It was somewhat overwhelming. He couldn’t possibly believe that a prayer sent her down to him personally. That would mean that God really does listen, and furthermore that there really is a God. His mind was officially blown. And if that wasn’t enough, his doorbell rang. “Oh Lord.” He sighed.

“Hey!” she looked at him offended.

He sighed as he got up and looked at her, “Sorry. Look, stay back here and be quiet.” He instructed as he closed his bedroom door.

you always been real good at cliff hangers oh why?? run it please


Run it

Run it

Run it

loving this!! run it!!!


Mel woke up to a warm body next to his. He was dreading it to be, Samone, his ex. He just knew that she hadn’t snuck into his home and lay in bed with him. He turned over only to meet gazes with the young strange woman from last night. “Good Morning!” she beamed.

“Goodness woman, what’s wrong with you?!” he leapt out of bed.

She giggled and propped herself up on her elbow, “Nothing, what’s wrong with you?”

Mel wiped his face as he tried to calm himself down. “Who are you?” he asked folding his arms and leaning back on his dresser.

“I don’t know.” Her pleasant face turned into a more sullen one. “Could you tell me?” she looked to him with hope in her eyes.

He looked at her as if she was crazy. Surely she doesn’t think that he could tell her who she was. Hell, he didn’t even know who he was half the time. “I can’t tell you. I don’t even know you.” He answered in a matter of fact tone.

“Well, why am I here…where ever this is?” she sat up with her knees to her chest, placing her chin on them.

That’s when Mel noticed that she still had on no clothes. She was naked and was in his bed next to him. This lady had to be crazy. What woman gets into bed with a strange man they don’t know? He walked to one of his drawers and pulled out a shirt, tossing it to her. “Put this on.” He then went back in front of his dresser where he leaned again.

“How do you not know who you are?” he asked.

Her blank gaze turned into a more puzzled one as she struggled with the shirt. “I’m…not…sure.” She then let out a deep sigh and turned to him, “Can you help me? I’ve seemed to have forgotten how to clothe myself.”

A very hesitant Mel walked over around the bed and stood before her, looking down. She handed him the shirt and he took it. He took in a huge breath as he put the shirt over her head, “Put your arms through here.” He instructed as she obeyed.

When she had it on she clapped and cheesed, “Yaaay! Thank you….uh. What’s your name?”

“Mel.” He answered as he took his spot back in front of the dresser.

She looked to be thinking, mulling his name over in her mind, “Mel. Short for anything?”

“Melvin.” He answered, hating the dreaded name that his mother gave him after his father. “Family name.” he recovered.

She smiled and then it faded. “I can’t remember mine. I haven’t had one in a long time.” She put her face in her hands; she had never been so frustrated.

“Where are you from? Do you know that at least?” Mel asked getting a little frustrated himself.

She looked at him and then pointed up, “I’m from up there.”

“Up there? What do you mean, like the sky?” he chuckled knowing that no one could fall from the sky and still be alive, especially without any safety gear. And she was clearly not wearing any safety gear.

She shook her head, “Higher.”

“Space?” he continued. This girl was crazy! What does she mean? She couldn’t be from space, what was she an alien? No wonder she doesn’t have a name. Mel just stood there, looking at her waiting for her to confirm her belief.

She sighed, “No, higher.”

“Higher?” Mel smacked his lips, “That doesn’t even make sense.”

She got up and walked over to him, “Sure it does, think about it.” She left the room, roaming around his apartment. She was famished.

Mel stayed put and thought about what she had said. Higher? He thought about the night before. Him looking up in the sky, praying for something to change in his life, the beam of light, and then her. It dawned on him and he raced out of the room to find her.

Run it!!!

Run it!

i like this. i like it alot. you must run it i need to know run it please

run it!!

Run it

This is it.

Oooohhhh Mel...I like him. I want to know his story!! I definitely want to know the mystery girls story!! Run it!!


<a href="">Mel</a> stood in the middle of a deserted field as the rain poured profusely, drenching his already soaked clothes. He was in the middle of nowhere. At least to him that’s what it felt like. After what he witnessed tonight, his life needed divine intervention. He looked to the heavens as if for a sign that something was yet to come. Mel closed his eyes and parted his lips, “Lord please if you’re listening, send me a change. I just need something different.” As if answering his prayers, a stream of light fell from the sky touching down not too far from where he stood.

He looked around, almost looking for another witness but there was no one in sight. He weighed the pros and cons and then sighed. Without hesitation, he wandered over cautiously. When he reached the place where the beam of light ended, he slowed his pace. There was smoke everywhere and he could barely see through it and the rain. He fanned and coughed until finally he could make out something.

The rain had stopped instantly as the figure stood before him. "Are...are you alright?" Mel asked, slowly moving towards whatever it was to get a better look.

"I'm cold." A female voice answered before she collapsed suddenly.

Mel moved to catch <a href="">her</a> before she could hit the ground. He then noticed that she was unclothed. Without reluctance, he took off his wet track jacket and covered her with it. Rising with her in his arms, he started his walk to his car.

As Mel drove to his home, he kept looking warily at the woman on his backseat in the rearview mirror. She was out cold. This means that he had to carry her into his condo. He parked in his normal parking spot right in front. He released a breath before he got out and opened his back door, retrieving the dead weight of the nameless woman. After fumbling with his keys at the door, he entered his humble abode and carried her to the spare room where he laid her on the bed. He covered her and closed the door.

Mel took to his room to get out of the rain soaked clothes he wore. He then took a warm shower and put on a white v-neck and black sweats. He sat on his couch, turned on the television, and popped open a beer. He flicked aimless through the channels as he sipped on his alcoholic beverage. The events of earlier tonight ran through his head and he closed his eyes. He went into his room to retrieve his phone from the charger that he put it on when he first got in. He could already see the countless missed phone calls and text messages he got from his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend.

He sighed and pressed her name to call. “Hello?” she answered worried. “Look Mel, I can expla---”

“Stop! Look, I was just calling to tell you to leave me alone. It’s over if you haven’t gotten it by now, you made that clear when you did what you did. Quit trying to reach out because I won’t reach back.” He hung up and then proceeded to erase her number and all remnants of her from his phone.

He sat his phone down next to him and looked around his condo. His life had changed drastically in the midst of only a few hours. Not to mention the Jane Doe in his guest room. He then thought to himself about what happened in the field earlier, the beam of light and the strange naked woman was a mystery. A mystery that was too big to figure it all out tonight. As he killed the rest of his beer and shut off the TV, he made his way into his room. He fell back on the bed where he lay awake for a while and then dozed off. He made a mental note to probe the strange woman for answers when she woke up.