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There she was holding hands with another man. Kissing him, smiling at him. Giggling at everything he was saying. I bet he wasn't even as funny as me. He couldn't dress like me. & he damn sure wasn't as cute as me. But he was to her.

My luck had timed out the moment I looked back. I thought I was missing my old ways. My wild out days. My out all night, don't give a f*** days. My serial cheating ass days.

Damn. I missed her & every single thing about her.

"Ay nigga, so what's up?" my nigga <a href="">Jeremy</a> called out to me. "umm.. I don't know." I said not knowing what was going on as everyone in my living room laughed at me.

"We was thinking about Club X tonight, if you down?" I looked at my phone and read some unread texts. "I don't know, I mean..." "Boooo!" All my niggas yelled as I rolled my eyes. "You always got an excuse man. Ever since 'you know who' moved back all you've been saying is 'I don't know and maybe next time. Yo ass trippin." Said Tyga as <a href="">Ron</a> laughed and clapped his hands. He tried grabbing my phone as I sighed. "Maybe he brings her to the crib when we aint around. I know you hittin something." He threw my phone back at me. "Who is her?" I said catching it. "Manny." Everybody chimed in together.

"We don't roll like that. I mean...we friends." I shrugged. Jeremy shook his head "I think you whipped!!" Ron said giggling uncontrollably. "I aint whipped. I only hit once!" I screamed.

"That's why you whipped." Jeremy said as he went into the fridge. Ty shook his head and raised his eyebrows. "Yall need to lighten up. He aint whipped." Everybody else booed Ty.

"Foreal! The last time he was is when Kailani and him use to date. Yall remember her?" They all got excited. Even Ron stopped laughing and found her on Twitter. "Damn, she still bad!" He shook his head and showed me.

"I know how she look nigga." I slapped the phone out his hand. "Somebody mad!" Jeremy said aloud. "I aint mad." I yelled. "Yeah he is, you must've seen her new nigga." Ron pitched in. "I thought she turned gay." Ty said picking. They all got serious then.

"Ty stop playing. Where you heard that from?" Asked Jeremy. "I talked to her last month. We blood." "Oh yeah." Everyone said together. "Well, on her Twitter it says she's 'strictly d***ly'." Ron rolled his eyes. "and she has a nigga for a year now.. look just like Chris too." Jeremy and Ty looked and shook their head. "He right."

"Man, yall get out with that s***!" I headed to the front door and opened it for them. "We'll let you be a grouch then." Ron said walking out. "Ima follow her on twitter Jeremy said. "Aight nigga." Ty dapped me up. "I'll holla." I said before I closed the door.

I grabbed my phone and called <a href="">Manny.</a>

"Hey daddy." She answered on the first ring. "What you got on girl?" I asked licking my lips. "Nothing." she giggled. "Well come over." "I'll be there in ten." She said and I hung up.

Ten minutes later I heard a knock at my door. It was Manny looking bad as f***!

"Hey papi." She smiled and dropped to her knees. I didn't even have this b**** in the house before she was ready to suck my d*** but I didn't give a f***. She was a hoe and I just wanted to bust a nut tonight.

She took out my soft d*** and started licking on it which made me hard instantly. "you sure you don't want to come inside first?"

"I want to suck it right now though." She replied. "but I want to grab on to something while I'm busting inside of you girl."

"Mmmm!" She moaned as she stripped naked and pushed me inside and locked the door. She started jacking me off as I grabbed on her ass and titties. "Put it in your mouth girl." I whispered softly in her ear. She immediately did as I told and started sucking like her life depended on it. "Yeah girl, oooooohhh!" I groaned as I stroked her head. "You like that daddy?" She asked me in a sexy tone. "Yess! Keep doing it! I'm about to nut soon!" I said shoving it in her mouth and laying back. Damn this hoe could suck the black off some black beans. "Ooooh. I love it in my mouth. You taste soo good! I'll suck you everyday papi!" She screamed in between sucking me off. All I could think of was this b**** is crazy and she need to shut the f*** up so I can nut in her mouth already.

A minute later I bust in her mouth as she smiled and licked all my cum up."Mmmm papi, now it's my turn." She laid back and spread her legs open for me to eat her out.

I wasn't about to eat this nasty b**** out so I grabbed a condom, put it on and shoved it in her pussy.

"FUCCCCCK! Ohh s***!" She screamed like her pussy was tight, but we all know she was a little looser then usual.

I busted again and grew tired of satisfying this b**** because it would take her years to have an orgasm and like I said I wasn't putting my mouth on that pussy.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and all I heard was my niggas talking.


run it

⇨⇨⇨New Reader here. ⇦⇦⇦ ... umm how old is Lya lil ass??? Bc she still sneaking out the house, she not grown!!! ..and oh Lord, Manny raunchy ass! Chris better check hoes, & he needa get checked!! I hope he don't have anything!! ..well Run It please ma'am!!!


Run it


Lani took me to the beach where Sean awaited me. "Is that Sean right there?" She said pointing to a guy looking at the ocean smoking a cigar. "Yes." I said smiling and jumping. She looked at me and laughed. "Girl, calm down." She parked the car and I jumped out and ran. "Be careful and don't drink or smoke! I love you. Call me." She said then rolled off.

"Hey bae." Sean said as his lips touched mine. "I missed you." He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. "I got a nice little picnic set up for us over there." He pointed and grabbed my hand to go over there.

"Sean, this is nice." I smiled while trying to take everything in. "Yeah. Happy Anniversary babe." I grabbed him and pressed his lips unto mine. I smiled and and picked up a fork to eat. "Damn girl." He grabbed a strawberry and ate it.

"I'm soo glad you remembered." I said chewing on some chicken. "It's been three years, I haven't forgotten." He said moving some hair out of my face. "I love you." He said smiling. "I love you too Sean."

We both continued eating for another ten minutes and decided to pack up and put everything in the car. We were just sitting there listening to music and smiling at eachother.

He looked at me. "You know, I've been meaning to ask you something tonight but I don't quite know how to ask. I don't want to be pushing anything and..." I cut him off. "I'm ready to make love with you Sean. I know that..." He cut me off. "It's not about that baby." "Then what is it Sean? Is something wrong?" I touched his forehead as he laughed and grabbed my hand. "Baby, I want to marry you." My mouth grew wide with nothing coming out. "I'm in love with you Lya. You mean everything to me. I need you to be my wife. I want to hold you every night and grow old with you. Will you marry me?"

I swallowed spit and nodded my head. "YESS!" I said hugging him. He placed a ring on my finger and we both kissed. "Okay." He said smiling. "We have a party to go to." He backed out and left. "Where we going?" I asked smiling. "Hush. It's a surprise."

We pulled up to some house. "Wow, this is nice!" I said. "Baby, what are you up to?" "Nothing." We parked the car and got out. "Why all the lights out?" I kept asking questions. "I should've put blind folds on you." He said shaking his head and knocking on the door.

The doors opened and it was black as f*** inside. He tried to push me in but I refused. "I aint going in there like that!" "Bae, come on!" He yelled.

The lights turned on and "SURPRISE!"

lol they caught his ass! and manny better take her nasty ass on some damn where!

hopefully kailani check this 'date' before she let her step sister walk out that house

Run It

Niggas are dumb! He can still get Gonorrhea from her giving him head without a condom.

Ohh. I had a typo. Nick is Kailani's ex boyfriend :)


run it!!!


Me and Jeremy saw Manny walking up to Chris' doorstep so we decided to ruin their little moment. I know that sounds f***ed up and we should probably be good friends and let Chris bust a nut but naaa! We were trying to be 'better' friends and inform this nigga on how Manny was going to set his ass up. This b**** was spreading gonorrhea around the neighborhood and we aint want our nigga to find out the hard way.

"Chris!" I called out while banging on his door. "Chill." Ty said shushing me. It was 3 in the morning and we were out in the cold with nothing but our sweats on. "He good. Chris wouldn't put his mouth on no hoe. He smarter then that. I'm about to go back home man. It's 1 am. My girl gonna beat my ass." Ty said looking at his watch. "Shut the fck up!" Jeremy said as Manny opened the door.

"Umm..hello fellas!" Manny said licking her lips at all of us. "Where Chris at?!" Ron asked rudely. "He's sleeping." She smiled and bit her lip. "Looks like yall need to be put to bed also." Ty shook his head and gagged. "Naa babygirl we good!" Jeremy then pushed her to the side and we all walked in.

"That's rude!" She said grabbing her clothes and storming out.

<a href="">Kailani</a>

I was up at 1 am rewriting my resume when my step sister <a href="">Lya</a> came in. "Sooo! Should I wear my black Gucci dress or my red Vera Wang?" She smiled and held them both up to her body.

I shook my head. "You should be in bed right now getting some sleep. You have things to do tomorrow. You know...helping dad out." I said closing my laptop. "but I have a date with Sean tonight." She said dancing.

I grabbed my phone opening a text from <a href="">Nick</a>, my boyfriend. "At 1 am? You must be crazy. What did Angel and David say about this?" I smiled at the text. "They said nothing because I didn't tell them and you won't either because you're taking me.. Now help me do my hair and makeup!" She said extremely fast and grabbed my makeup and a brush.

"Lya, I am not taking you. You have to be up at 7 to help dad." "f*** dad!" She yelled. I shook my head. "He just wants to work me because I'm his 'little princess' and would be obedient to everything he says and since I'm such an angel he thinks he could use me while he goes above and beyond to please Sira and her monkeys!" "Fine. I'll do it." I said helping her get ready.

35 minutes later.. I finished her hair and makeup and she looked really cute for her little date. "Thank you sis. I look soo pretty! I owe you." She said cheerfully. "I'm only doing this because I don't want to let you down like Dad did. Since none of our moms are in the picture anymore I have to play mommy and you're growing up anyway." I lectured. She giggled and hugged me. "Thank you! but I'm not 'growing' up, I'm already grown sista. Now chauffeur me to my lovely date."

& inform me when yall change your name. I knew it was D cus she has Cassie in her picture lol.

I`m about to update in a bit.

Ohh man. I`m sorry Soso. I thought your name was still sosoclassic. My bad! :( I missed you too though! You finished Road Trip?

no Tropical Sweet Love this is SoSo not Lexi

Hey D & Lexi I missed yall!!! :)<3

Thanks for the love ladies.

Adding shortly..

Run it!

yay you're back i missed you guh

LOL chris so jealous; hatin' on his ex's new nigga smh
don't even wanna go out nsht. he need to put them feelings
in his back pocket. and shame...chose a hoe over his boys!
thas why they probably didn't even leave to see what his ass
was gonna do! chris need to get his life together he slippin

Run It <3

Run it!


Girl, I'm so glad you're back

i'll be back with a real comment

run it tho