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Hate Sleeping Alone

As <a href="">I</a> opened my eyes i realized it was morning as the bright sunlight peaked through my bed room window. I looked over at the man who was laying bed to me with his arm over my waist and let out a sigh.

"aye uhh dude, it's time to get up" i said pushing his arm off me and getting up for the bed as he lied there giving me no response. Sucking my teeth i kicked the bed a few times trying to wake him."yo you don't have to go home but you gotta get the hell up outta here" i said as he let out a frustrated groan
"yo ma chill out, it's still early" he spoke in a voice filled with aggravation as he looked up at me.

Ugh this is the part that frustrated me the most, why do they always put up a fight when it's time to bounce. I tell these guys from the jump this is a one night this when i'm up they out, end of story.

"look homie i'm not tryna fight with you but i got people coming over and i need you to get up and bounce" i spoke as i threw his clothes and sneakers at him."i'm sure your WIFE is worried sick about you" i added as his eyes popped open.
"what the hell is wrong with you hoe" he said as he sat up and began to get dressed.

I laughed to myself knowing this part was coming. They always get all dramatic when they get called out and the first this they go to is name calling like b****, Hoe, and slut i've pretty much heard them all they don't phase me anymore.

"ya'll b****es wanna take a nigga home and kick him out in the morning, thats why mother f***ers don't repect yall hoes" he said as he slipped out his sneakers.
"okay, you done?" i asked with a chuckle.
"i'm out, don't call me" he spoke grabbing his keys, phone and wallet and walked out my room and out the front door.

Now that, that was over i could wash my ass and get ready for my day with my besties. I didn't want them to see him here, i didn't want to be in that awkward situation again. But let me tell you these girls are my day one b****es. They knew a lot about me no else didn't and they always told me about my s*** when no one else wouldn't, although i didn't really listen. They were the only one's who tried to help me instead of judge me because they knew my story.

Cast Call!!
I need 3 best friends and 1 little sister.

Age:(the little sister has to be 21)
Personalty:(make it short and sweet please)

First come first serve so no hard feelings, and if you're in my cast you HAVE to read and comment/run. No Silent cast members.


whyyy i knew this was torture to read knowing u would only add to one story hahaha
u making it harder to choose just one !
ill just be patient waiting :)
run it tho

It seemed weird that he turned her down idk seemed like he was hiding something maybe hmmmm
run it!

Run it

Toast to cliches and the dark past...

She really dealing with something deep and I wonder what it is....

Run It Sugga!


Me and my girls spent most of the day shopping. We bought a few of the things we needed and a whole bunch of other things we really didn't need. After shopping we decided to go to our favorite place fore lunch called Paul's. We were seated at our usual outside table as the hostess gave us the menus.

"hello ladies, it's always nice to see guys" our waiter Marcus spoke. He always made it appoint to be our waiter when ever we came here, which was a lot.
"hello marcus" we all said together.
"should i give you a minute to look at the menu or is it the usual?" he asked knowing the answer.
"the usual" tamirah spoke with a smirk.
"okay, i'll be back soon with everything" he said walking away as he wrote down the order he had memorized on the order pad.

"maybe it's time for a new spot" chas said laughing.
"no body makes a mimosa like they do, its the perfect ratio of Orange juice and champagne" eden spoke as we laughed at her.
"you got issue E" i laughed as i looked up and saw <a href="">him</a> walking up. Cursing myself out in my head i played it cool on the outside and smile as he smiled at me.

"alexis, whats up mama" he spoke as my girls looked at him with confused faces.
"guys this is trey, a friend of mine" i spoke looking at him hopping he went along with it, after all we is kinda like a firend.
"if thats what you wanna call it" he chuckled as i felt chas burning a hole in my head as she sat next to me as i gave him a'i will kill you' look. I don't know why he was tryna blow my spot up and s***.

"anyway you doing something tonight?" he asked me.
"working" i answered quickly feeling a bit uncomfortable.
"maybe i should come through" he said with a smirk.
"uh maybe you should not" i said while my girls probably sat their trying to decipher the hidden message in out conversation.

Trey knew whats position he played i'm pretty sure he's just acting out for attention.

"oh it's like that" he asked with a with one of those jerkish chuckles that made you scrunch up your face."well text me if you need me" he said with a wink.
"i always do" i spoke as he leaned down and peeked me on my cheek and continuing on his walk down the block as i looked at my girls who were giving me that 'what the f*** was that?' look.

"he's really just a good friend of mine" i spoke as i looked them all in their faces and seeing they didn't believe me one bit."let just enjoy the day, please?" i asked as they all nodded agreeing to drop the conversation before it took place.

"so are we going to get to party with the turn up queen tonight?" chas asked.
"depeneds on if dav lets me off early" i told them
"he better or we gonna jump his ass" eden spoke.
"is face and body is to heavly for yall to go and mess it up, nope not gonna happen." tamirah spoke as we all laughed.


Later that night i walked into my place of work 'Club Nocturnal'. I made my way behind the Bar and stashed my bag away. Noticing my partner wasn't here i went straight to work handing my first order of the night.

"look who finally here" i said as i looked over to see <a href="">her</a> walking behind the bar and stashing her bag and jacket away quickly.
"i am so sorry girl my bus was running late, you're not gonna tell dav right?" she asked.
"teek you know i got you" i spoke."now come on and help me, it's getting hectic" i said as jumped right in and began working.

As i worked walking back and forth behind the bar filling up peoples drinks, and handing out new ones i noticed a new face out of all the regulars seated at the bar. <a href="">He</a> was definitely a cutie.

"hey, can i get you something?" i asked walking over to him. As he thought about it real quick.
"it don't matter, give me whatever you recommend" he said in a stress full tone.
"judging my the tone in your voice i recommend something strong" i said joking earning a laugh from him as i picked up two bottles and began to mix a drink for him.
"am i that easy to read?" he asked as i handed him the drink as i shrugged.
"i'm just good at what i do" i said with a smirk.

"AYE! yo can i get another drink over here" i heard a guy call out as i turned to see some douche bag leaning over the bar.
"you need to move" i said pushing him back.
"get me another drink than" he spoke as i did as he wanted handing him another beer and went about my business handling the other people.

I looked back over at the new guy to see him looking out into the crowd with his drink almost done so i walked back over to him.

"need a refill?" i asked as he looked at his drink.
"yeah, i guess so" he said handing me the cup so i can re-fill it.
"so you doing something after you leave here?" i asked him.
"probably not" he answered.
"want to link up?" i asked as his eyes grew wider realizing what i was hinting.
"ohh, i'm sorry i'm, uh with somebody" he spoke as i nodded i could tell he was lying but i'm definitely not the pushing type no means no.
"thats cool, let me know when you need another drink" i spoke as i went to handle a few other demanding customers.

A few hours later the clock struck 11 and i hadn't seen my girls. I was wiping off the bar top as i heard my name, well my second name being called. I looked up to see my girl walking up and take a few seats at the bar.

"wassup chickas" i spoke.
"wassup" tamirah spoke.
"hit us with some shoots" chas spoke as i looked over at teek.
"aye teek pass me that bottle of henny" i said as she did what i asked.
"we taken shots over here?" teek asked laughing as i pulled out 5 shot glasses.
"yuup you down? can't tell dav though" i said to her.
"f*** dav lets take these shots" she spoke as i pour them up.

I took my shot and shook my head feeling the burning sensation down my chest. I had a whole dance i did when it have to taken shots, i was not experienced all. I looked over to see the new guy looking at laughing at me.

"alexis dav is on his way over" teek told me as i calmed myself down after taking that shot.
"act natural" i said to teek as we tried our best bust busted out laughing anyway.
"whats so funny?" i heard dav asked as i looked up at him.
"nothing just seen something funny" i spoke.
"yall better not be fooling around out here" he spoke.
"definitely not" teek spoke.

"yall tripping" eden spoke laughing as me and teek.
"he aint bout s***" teek said lowly but loud enough for them to hear her.
"aye alexis i'm letting you off tomorrow, teek gets off early today" dav spoke as teek stuck her tongue out at me and got ready to go.
"does that me we can't turn up with the turn up queen?" tamirah asked.
"unfortunately" i said to them."but you get free shots!" i said low enough so Dav wouldn't hear.

As time passed as i was having a good time with my girls at the bar keeping me company. I knew they couldn't stay for long since they did have morning jobs like normal people. As they got ready to go i quickly realized i hadn't found my partner for the night. Everybody i hinted the idea to tonight turned me down, i didn't wanna be left alone with those thoughts, i refused to so without any other option i took out my phone and text trey.

<em>Me: i need you tonight
Trey: daddy will be there to pick you up</em>

Shaking my head i put my phone back into my pocket and waited for Dav to tell me i could go home.

Run it!!!!!

loving it so far.. interested to see what her past was like.
def run this..

Lauren I mean Alexis lol is funny. She seems like she has a few issues involving her past and hr family thou
hopefully things will work out :)
Like it so far!
run ittt!!!

Hiding in a dark past with a fake present will consume and devour any hopes of a bright future! Lauren/Alexis should see that before she starts her downward spiral!!!

I like how me and Chas bicker like an old couple!!! Makes every moment unpredictable!

The story line is a bit choppy but I'm sure it will all come together just fine!

Run It Love Bug!!!

Run it

Run it!!!!!

lol me and Eden are crazy, I likeeeee

But Lauren or rather Alexis(lol) seems like she got a deep past, can't wait for more.


As i looked at <a href="">myself</a> in the mirror running my fingers threw my hair i was pleased with the cute but casual look i went with today. As i walked out my room and into my living room their was loud bagging on the door and want sounded like rapping on the other side. I laughed as i walked to open the door knowing it was Tamirah on the other side.

"who do you think you are 2pac or something?" i asked opening the door with my hand on my hip.
"nah f*** the west coast this east coast all day BROOKLYN!!!" she shouted as <a href="">she</a> walked into my house.
"oh so you biggie?" i joked closing the door behind her.

"better than biggie, but since when where you a red head?" she asked turning to face me.
"since yesterday, i needed a change" i spoke looking at my hair in the reflection of the TV.
"you always need a change you dye your hair way to much that s*** gon fall out" tamirah spoke.
"ehh" i shrugged."s*** happens" i added.

"where these other chicks at?, they always late for something" she asked.
"i thought yall were coming together" i told her as she shook her head quickly.
"you know i have no patients to be waiting on those diva friends of yours" she joked as just then i heard multiple knocks on my front door.

"aye Lauren! open this damn door" i Chas yell on the other side as i made my way back over to the door.
"not until you say the magic word" i joked on the other side looking out the peep hole.
"girl if you don't want me to break this door down you better open up, pause!" Eden said on the other side.
"come it 1 simple worked" i laughed on the other side.
"please!" chas spoke as Eden sucked her teeth and nudged chas playfully.

I opened the door and let both <a href="">Chas</a> and <a href="">Eden</a> in and closed the door behind them.

"i would have made her open the door" eden said to chas.
"well i got it open faster" chas said as they playfully bicker back and forth.
"pause!" me, eden and tamirah spoke spoke laughing.
"i can't stand yall, like really" chas joked as we all sat in my <a href="">living room</a>

"lauren you work tonight?" tamirah asked me as i sucked my teeth hearing that name.
"i told yall not to call me that" i spoke.
"my bad, do you work today? ALEXIS" tamirah asked again as smile spread across my face.
"yuup friday night, my night" i told them.
"good cause we're coming through and we want free drinks" chas spoke laughing.

"i am not about to get fired for yall, yall gotta pay for yall drinks like everybody else yall aint special" i spoke.
"but we are, special" eden said as all three of them at their with 'angelic' smiles on their faces.
"yeah yall special alright" i joked as they all sucked their teeth and side-eyed me."what we doing today?" i asked.
"OH frozen yogurt place just opened up by my job! we should go their" chas said excitedly.

"that place been there" eden spoke to her.
"it opened yesterday, i was out there when they open the doors for everybody" chas spoke.
"nah that place been there" eden said shaking her head.
"how you gon tell me i work right across the street from the damn place eden" chas said.
"so? that don't mean--" i cut her off before they could continue bickering.

"hush! yall bicker more than a married couple with 7 years under their belt" i said.
"eden ass always got something to say thats why" chas spoke pushing her playfully.
"yo ass always think you right" eden responded as i looked over at tamirah and shook my head.
"i guess we're the sane ones" tamirah said to me as i nodded.
"definitely" i agreed.

After the back and forth session between eden and chas my sides were hurting from all the laughing i was doing. This is why i loved being around these girls, they got my mind off of the f***ed up s*** that is my life.

"lau.. i mean alexis have you spoken to your sister?" eden asked.
"no" i spoke rolling my eyes."why?" i asked.
"i seen her recently... with a baby carriage" she told me.

Damn i was a aunt and i didn't even know. Oh well i haven't spoken to my sister or anybody from my family since the day i left and i don't plan on starting now.

"really? how is she?" i asked not really caring about her but more about the baby.
"she fine, she seems happy and daughter is beautiful" eden told me as i nodded.
"well thats good" i said with a small smile on my face and shrug.
"maybe yall should talk, don't you want to mend your relationship with your sister?" chas asked.
"i have nothing to say to her" i spoke."i left all that behind me, i really don't have time to revisit the past" i told them as they looked at him with sad/knowing eyes.

"enough about all that can we go before i have to come back and get ready for work?" i asked as they nodded and hopped up off the couch. Eden and tamirah walked out first as chas grabbed my arm and held me back.

"theres gonna come a point in time where you have to face them lauren, you need some type of closure or else you're gonna keep running around calling yourself alexis doing things you don't normally do" chas spoke as i tired to look everywhere but at her. Eden and tamirah new about my pass to an extent but chas new every detail because she was the one who helped me out of it.
"i don't need anything chas, i am who i am not because of them but it because its who i choose to be" i told her."can we just drop this?" i asked as she nodded and we made or way or the door.

(More soon, i hope i didn't confuse anybody with this first chapter it kinda seems everywhere but it gets better)

Souped Up to read this one!!!

Run It!

Lil sister 21 really cool cute with a lil to boyish style. really nice until you get on my bad to be around

Can't wait to read the next post!



Im shy till i gt to no u cool to be around laid back fun silly agressive sum times but hav a temper wen sum one push me to it im smart loveable respectful honest

You can choice the pic

Teek i actually do need a extra girl
so if you wanna leave some info you can. :)

I should have the first chapter up tonight or tomorrow morning

Run it i like already ima read even doe i cnt be in it

Skye Townsend
21 (lil sis)
Really sweet a lil dramatic silly funny and creative with a smart mouth at times lol

Name:Eden Renee
Pic: Taylour Paige
Personalty:Very eccentric and earthy. Very blunt yet sweet. Very intellegent and wise. I'm definitely the fighter!

My bad I was in a rush, I messed that all up (on my phone Smh)

Chas (chassidy)
Megan Fox
Highly intelligent, wisdom way before my time, great advice giver, but also an a**hole lol

Kelly rowland
Im fun, loving, nice, sweet, caring.. could have a bad attitude when im mad but other than that im fun to be around, outgoing ,freaky

Meagan Foxx
Hmmm, highly intelligent yet the biggest a**hole