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Hate Sleeping Alone

As <a href="">I</a> opened my eyes i realized it was morning as the bright sunlight peaked through my bed room window. I looked over at the man who was laying bed to me with his arm over my waist and let out a sigh.

"aye uhh dude, it's time to get up" i said pushing his arm off me and getting up for the bed as he lied there giving me no response. Sucking my teeth i kicked the bed a few times trying to wake him."yo you don't have to go home but you gotta get the hell up outta here" i said as he let out a frustrated groan
"yo ma chill out, it's still early" he spoke in a voice filled with aggravation as he looked up at me.

Ugh this is the part that frustrated me the most, why do they always put up a fight when it's time to bounce. I tell these guys from the jump this is a one night this when i'm up they out, end of story.

"look homie i'm not tryna fight with you but i got people coming over and i need you to get up and bounce" i spoke as i threw his clothes and sneakers at him."i'm sure your WIFE is worried sick about you" i added as his eyes popped open.
"what the hell is wrong with you hoe" he said as he sat up and began to get dressed.

I laughed to myself knowing this part was coming. They always get all dramatic when they get called out and the first this they go to is name calling like b****, Hoe, and slut i've pretty much heard them all they don't phase me anymore.

"ya'll b****es wanna take a nigga home and kick him out in the morning, thats why mother f***ers don't repect yall hoes" he said as he slipped out his sneakers.
"okay, you done?" i asked with a chuckle.
"i'm out, don't call me" he spoke grabbing his keys, phone and wallet and walked out my room and out the front door.

Now that, that was over i could wash my ass and get ready for my day with my besties. I didn't want them to see him here, i didn't want to be in that awkward situation again. But let me tell you these girls are my day one b****es. They knew a lot about me no else didn't and they always told me about my s*** when no one else wouldn't, although i didn't really listen. They were the only one's who tried to help me instead of judge me because they knew my story.

Cast Call!!
I need 3 best friends and 1 little sister.

Age:(the little sister has to be 21)
Personalty:(make it short and sweet please)

First come first serve so no hard feelings, and if you're in my cast you HAVE to read and comment/run. No Silent cast members.