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The Bodyguard Daughter

Autumn Anaya Kelley POV

"Everything happens in life for a reason. Two people meet for a reason. Two people break up for a reason. Two people get married for an reason. Two people divorce for a reason. Or maybe two people people send a lifetime together for a reason." Those are the words from my mother who died when i turned 13 I'm now 19. I live with my dad Patrick "Big Pat" Kelley. I attend Hammilton Community College. Oh yea my name is Autumn Anaya Kelley. Anyways i bearly see my father because of his job he is a bodyguard and has been one for 15 years. He never tells me who his clients are and honest i could really care less. I'm not trying to sound rude but i basically share my dad with someone I dont know but i can say when my dad comes home he tries to me there for me and make sure i dont need anything. Today my dad is coming home from being gone for 6 months. I'm bout to head out with my boo (the best friend Alex) shopping.

Autumn girl im here. Alex said coming busting through my room

Well damn i could have been getting my freak on and you come in here like u crazy.-Alex coming over hugging me all tight.

So Autumn when yo daddy coming back - walking over to the mirror and fixing her hair-

Today-trying to find her other shoe and fone ringing- hello wassup dad

Autumn i'm having company when i get home so can we hang out the next day. he said sounding like he was tired.

Yea dad thats fine i'm actually bout to go shopping with Alex.

Okay well tell Alex i said hello and yall need to act like young ladies understand now i got to go. -Hanging up the fone-

Christopher Maurice Brown POV

Wassup wassup wassup this yo boy Christopher Maurice Brown but you can call me Chris, Chris Breezy, or just CB it dont really matter. Today im coming back home from a long tour when i say long and it was crazy too girl getting naked, people fighting, or just something plain stupid just to meet me backstage. thats why i was lucky to have my main man who tries to protect me from all harm as much as he can Big Pat. Big Pat is like a father to me when im on the road he tell me what aint right and what is right cause i knoow if i didnt have him i would be in some big ass trouble all the damn time so i thank him for that. When i got back to the States i wasnt going straight home i was going to Big Pat crib for the week since his birthday is next saturday. i didnt really know alot about him cause he said" i dont rreally share my personal business because im in a business where people found out they would try to use the thingy in your life as a hold back." the only thing that i really knew was that he always got on the fone at the same time everyday. i tried to get Big Pat a date the other night but he said " i have other things to worry about besides some females". yup that was Big Pat for you. Now its time to board this plane and head to the States.

Yo yall ready to go home. I said -walking on the plane finding my sit-

Naw Chris it's to many beautiful women here. Hood said and everyone laughing. Why the hell yall laughing i'm dead serious.-stopping what he doing.

Man what women you gonna get. Red said -sitting across from Keeis-

Well for yo infromation i got about 10 numbers. Hood saying-pulling out all these different pieces of paper-

Man okay yall need to stop so Big Pat wat u got planned for yo birthday. I asked-looking at him-

Well im might just say at home and just enjoy myself there. Big Pat saying-looking at his fone trying not mention Autumn-

Naw Big Pat you got that look on yo face like u hiding something. I mean you can tell us. I said -everyone looking at Big Pat-

Okay well i'm thinking about my daughter. he said-everyone looking like Big Pat got a daughter-.

Wait you got a daughter?. Hood asking-sitting up now-

Yea her name is Autumn she is the reason i do this cause i want to be able to support her and take care of her. Big Pat explaing

You got a picture of her. Everyone said-looking at Big Pat-

Yea her she go. He said-passing Keeis his fone-

Wow yo she pretty Big Pat. Keeis saying-passing the fone to Hood-

Damnnnnnnn i need to get one with that.Hood saying-everyone looking at him like nigga is u serious-

Hood just pass the damn fone-Red snatching the fone from him- she pretty real talk. said red-passing the fone to me.

When Red gave me the fone all i could think was wow she was beautiful everything about her. I had to look at Big Pat cause she aint look nothing like him but i wasnt gonna ask him infront of these niggas but in private i could tell me was upset about some of the comments so i decided it would be best for me not to say nothing. But she was light skin like she had a little asian in her she looked short but who know and she had swag that was bananas. Hopefully when we get to Big Pat house she is there i need to see this beauty in person. I didnt even know her but i mean damn she had my heart.

Autumn Anaya Kelley POV

So my dad called me while i was shopping with Alex and told me he was home so you know i had to hurry up so i could see my father. I brought a couple of things mostly shoes. I'll wear sneakers, heels, wedges, sandals, boots, and flats. Now with clothes ill buy it if i think its cute just to say i have it. I'm not a materialistic girl i buy my own i dont even depend on my own father to buy me stuff. I also know to save money and i have my own job which i have to be at work at 5. So me and Alex walked in the house and went into the living seeing a bunch of niggas with my father all of them was light skin except one. When i got closer i saw who one of the light skin niggas it was Chris Brown. He straight dont get me wrong his music is dope but i dont like him enough to where i would date him but damn he was looking really good(In the Multimedia) anyways let me get this out my head im tripping thats my daddy boss.

Hey daddy!! i said walking in the livin-room holding my phone acting 'like im texting

Wassupp honey, i see you went shopping again.-looking at all the bags by the door

I mean they are my bags but not all of know i got you somethings i cant leave my pops hanging.

Autumn!!!!! girl tell me where i......Alex saying-then she realize that Chris Brown and OHB is there

Hey Alex. my dad said"

Alex: hey Mr.Kelley its so nice to see you

Big Pat: you too so how long you staying

Alex: idk yet

Big Pat: oh yeah these young men are my clients

Autumn/ Alex: hey

Dudes: wassup

Big Pat: well im bout to go play some golf with my friends im leaving yall to do what twenty-somethings do

Autumn: okay dad love you bye


run it

Keep going looks like its going to be an interesting story