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Hollywood Divorce

"<strong>Mr.Brown and I correct?</strong>", the Marriage counselor confirmed as he walked into the room to start the meeting.

"</strong>Yes correct</strong>", <a href=>Chris</a> spoke back taking his hand from him his as if everyone was ok...lies.

I rolled my eyes ignored already before the meeting even had started and was ready to leave. I didn't want to be near Chris or even see him after what he has done to me...

"<strong>I see you seem to have a attitude Mrs. br-</strong>", before he could finish his sentence I cut him off, "<strong>it's <a href=>Jesse</a></strong>", I corrected as I raised my eyebrow.

He gave a low chuckled jotting down what I had said I remembrance, "<strong>got it!</strong>", he shot back turning his attention from me to Chris.
"<strong>So...Jesse</strong>", he he turned back to me smiling, "do you love Mr.Brown?", he asked waiting for a answer.

I shrugged sucking my teeth, "<strong>no</strong>", I shot back as it grew quiet. Chris clenched his jaw taking a deep sigh placing his hand on the chair arm. I watched from the corner of my eye and smirked as The Counselor cleared his throat to clear the tension in the room.

"<strong> you love Jesse?</strong>", he asked getting ready to write down his answer. "<strong>Yes...I do</strong>", I get as his eyes shifted over to me waiting for me to at least give a look or sometime of movement but I didn't...Chris didn't deserve me showing any emotion after all...he did cause the hurt.

The counselor took a deep sigh shaking his head at how quiet it was and how he could already tell where this was going.
He took off his glasses looking directly at both of us as we sat across from him, "<strong>You both...are completely hard to read....but you two are defiantly not meant for each other</strong>".

I laughed sucking my teeth as I place my hand on my chin sensing Chris staring at me. "<strong>so can you sign the papers?</strong>", i asked taking m hand from my jaw getting annoyed just by siting here.

He chuckled shaking his no, "<strong>no...I can't just yet ONLY because I have to be both sides of the story...why you two have gotten the way you've gotten</strong>".

<cite>What the f***</cite>, i thought to myself as i scoffed rolling my eyes.
"<strong>You have to be kidding me right?</strong>", I questioned coldly as Chris began to smirk.

He blinked at me and turned his attention over to Chris, "<strong>I tell you what....ill give you two days to get your story together on how this divorce came about and we will go from there....until then this meeting is over with</strong>".

I smacked my lips huffing as Chris and the counselor stood up shaking hands talking and I got up grabbing my bag storming out the office.
I made my way down the hall as my hands and lips began to tremble trying to hide my anger before I lash out anyone that got in my way. I quickly stepped on to the elevator as I heard him calling my name...Chris.

"<strong>Jesse...JESSE! JESS!</strong>", I heard as he voice grew louder catching the elevator door. I rolled my eyes as he stepped on to the elevator straighten out his suit jacket smiling straight ahead.
I by my lip holding what I wanted to say end because I knew what I was capable of and I knew what he could do it.
The 2 second elevator ride seemed so long and I was desperate to get out.
Once the elevator door opened I jetted out walking out the door and into the parking lot. I felt had his manly hands yanked at my arm causing me to fly back into him.
"<strong>What do you want?!</strong>", I spat coldly to him as he clenched his jaw chuckling.

"<strong>When are we going to stop doing this?!</strong>", he questioned as his voice grew soft yet angry so that I heard hear and feel his pain.

I chuckled sucking my teeth looking in the opposite direction, "<strong>stop what?! There's nothing left to say or do Chris....</strong>", I cleared my throat finally looking at him, "<strong>we are's done!</strong>", I spoke softly letting my voice trail away.

He finally let go of my arm sighing looking directly into my eyes finally letting his face soften, "<strong>ok....</strong>".
I straighten my blazer back up cutting my eye at him before walking away and walking over to my car.

I felt him staring at me as I opened my car door as I tried to fight back the tears and hurt I had inside finally letting him know how I felt...or did he really know how I felt.
I cleared my thoughts finally shaking away the memories we had good and bad as he called my name one last time.

"<strong>I'll be there to pick up my child tomorrow... iight?</strong>", I nodded my head as I opened my car door, "ok...", with that I got in starting up my car and pulled off speeding out the parking lot as he stood there watching me leave....


New reader...I'm very curious as to what happened exactly. Jesse seems really hurt on the inside. I don't buy the fact that she says she doesn't love him anymore...I think she is quite in love with him which is why she can't get over this.

he must have messed up really bad but im excited for the next add run it please

run it

Damn I feel bad for Chris
But he should have kept his d*** in his pants.
I hope one day he and Jesse can fix their issues
And maybe start over.

Run It!

Run it

<a href="">imessage conversation</a>
-__- link keeps messing up. sorry. lol..

the correct link-->
<a href=http:/>Chris and Jesse's Imesssage conversation.</a>

"<strong>How did the meeting go girl?</strong<", Naya asked me as we both sat on the back porch of my apartment.

"<strong>Everything was so sur I couldn't believe it was happening but it was...I never imagine having to go to a counselor bout my marriage</strong>", I confessed taking a sip of my sweetened tea.

"<strong>How was he acting is the real questioned</strong>", she chuckled placing her class down.

I shook my head slowly shrugging, "<strong>he was acting as if everything was ok saying he loved meee , and I was sitting there the whole time like...really Chris?</strong>", I song in my whiny voice looking over to Naya as she shook her head.

"<strong>Say what? After all he put you through he's acting as if everything is all roses and daisies? Well that's Chris for you</strong>", she confessed running her hand across her chin.

"<strong>And not only that the counselor didn't sign the official papers saying we could get the divorce AND we have to come back in two stays to reveal why and how we split...I don't think I sit in a room with him anymore Naya I swear</strong>", I kissed my teeth sighing annoyed with having to still deal with Chris, I was really done with the whole situation.

"<strong>As much as I know you hate Chris think about Christine Jess...what about that little girl that's getting caught in the Cross Dre between you and her dad?</strong>", she asked with an attitude. "<strong>That little girl is the real one getting hurt out of all of this and you both dont even realize it Jess</strong>".

"<strong>We he should've thought about that before he actually cheated on me and his child Naya...what about how I feel huh?</strong>", I shot back leaning forward pointing at myself.

My lips trembled and eyes began to gloss up as I looked at her with hurt and hate. All she could do was look at me with concern and not say a word. I was right and she knew it.

The silence was then broke as I heard Christine's little feet coming from inside and she slid the door open stepping on to the porch.
I quickly put on a charade smiling as she ran over to me clinging her little arms around my arm.

"<strong>Mommy can I go play?</strong>", her little voice boomed into my ear as she grinned waiting for my response.

I nodded my head smiling, "<strong>sure you can sweetie</strong>", she began to walk away but I grabbed her arm pulling her play to me playfully , "<strong>aren't you forgetting something Christine?</strong>", I asked as I tickled her causing her to giggle.
"<strong>Yesss mommy</strong>", she finally broke away giving me a kiss and ran off in the back yard to the swing set.

I sighed shaking my head as my smile crept away watching her smile and play looking over at us. "<strong>She's so much like her a good way</strong>", my eyes began to water up again, "<strong>and I hate that but I love it...that little girl has a heart and smile no one can turn down...I just wish Chris wasn't her father so I wouldn't have to deal with the hurt he has caused</strong>".

Naya sighed as she rubbed my back, "<strong>you don't mean all, that little girl is a blessing may I remind you?</strong>", she shot back as I waved her off not wanting to go back down memory lane.

She sucked her teeth taking her hand off my back and c**ked we head to the side, "<strong>look you need to woman the f*** up, let all your emotional a out and start back over, the more you dwell on the past the more things with get difficult. You both know you're going to have to deal with other because of her so get ready and prepared, it's going to be along 13 years sweetie before that girls turn 18</strong>".

I bit my lip as I wiped the tears that laid on my cheek and took a deep breath taking in everything Naya was saying to me...time to be a mother and only be a mother worrying about mines.

"<strong>Man I bent that b****ing over and told her give it to daddy</strong>", Mijo song as everyone In the studio laughed and clowned with him as he told one of his false stories about girls he smashed.

While they were playing I was zoned out thinking of my child and thinking of Jesse. Lately that's the only thing I could think about even after hurting her and my baby girl, I was a mess.
And I damn sholl couldn't think at all and focus on writing because my consciousness was eating me up after all these years I've done dirt.

"<strong>Aye nigga!</strong>", I quickly snapped out my trail of thought as Kevin yelled making me turn my head to my niggas.

"<strong>Yeah wha?</strong>", I shot back shaking my thoughts away.

He frowned tapping his watch, "<strong>my nigga we've been in here all day and you haven't wrote a song yet?</strong>", he questioned taking the blunt fro his lips.

"<strong>Man...</strong>" I said before taking the pen from my lips and fixing my fitted cap, "<strong>my mind is some where else now bruh</strong>", I confessed sinking down further into the couch.

"<strong>Jesse eh?</strong>", he asked shoot a smirk. I only nodded my head as he stood up, "<strong>Chris..come on man, I understand that's your baby mama and yall going through yall soaps and s***...but time is gone have to do something before we leave this studio...</strong>".

I nodded my head agreeing as I stood up taking a deep breath, "<strong>start up the beat bruh</strong>", I demanded. He walked over to the equipment as hit play and the melody began to flow. I nodded my head and moved my fingers to the beat. that's when the words began to pop up in my head, i quickly. I walked into the booth closing my eyes taking a deep breath as the words began to flow.

<cite>It kills me to see you cry
Even more when I tell a lie
And it's always something I do, to you baby
And I'm so sorry for all the things that I did
And I can't say goodbye or let you just walk away
So I'll admit my wrongs and I hope you hear this
Cause it's a song I made for you
And I'm hoping maybe I could win back your heart
So please don't say goodbye I know that loves still there somewhere

Wish I could give the world
And I know it hurts sometimes when you deserve the world
Nothing comes in between us
So you can never separate me from your love, oh darling
I'm never ever letting go
Cause I love you more than life itself

Just want you on my team girl
And I don't give a damn about nothing else but the way I feel with you
It's so amazing yeah
If I never get to see you oh
Then I might as well never even know open my eyes
I love you so that I can't let you go
And I ain't trying to be selfish no
Just here to tell you that you got my heart
And only you can tear it apart

Wish I could give the world
And I know it hurts sometimes when you deserve the world
Nothing comes in between us
So you can never separate me from your love, oh darling
I'm never ever letting go
Cause I love you more than life itself

Make it easy, easy to love ya
So I ain't gotta look no where else
I know I felt the right one, call me crazy
But I love my baby more than anything
And something's taking over
Anything you want I'll hand it over
Imma ride this thing till the wheels fall off
Till the end of time I'm forever yours

Wish I could give the world
And I know it hurts sometimes when you deserve the world
Nothing comes in between us
So you can never separate me from your love, oh darling
I'm never ever letting go
Cause I love you more than life itself
Ohh no I love you more than life itself</cite>

The beat faded away as i opened my eyes looking out of the booth window seeing Kevin smiling and gave me a thumbs up.
I sighed in relief yet pain as i just poured out my heart into a song i dedicated to Jesse.
I stepped out the booth and made my way back into the studio as Kevin stood up playing the song back and nodded his head feeling it.
After the First verse he turned it down and looked at me ,"<strong>you really love that girl huh?</strong>", he questioned smiling.

"<strong>hell yeah...but things aren't good right now..the marriage counselor meeting went bad...</strong>", i chuckled , "<strong>she doesn't even want to be in the same room as me man</strong>", i took another deep sigh sitting down on the couch taking my hat off my head and rub the back of my neck.

"<strong>wait...Jess at marriage counselling? i'm know she stubborn as hell bruh</strong>", Mijo chimed in as he looked away from the game.

I furrowed my eyebrows together as i bit my lip recapping hoe everything went earlier.
The look on her face showed she didn't give a damn whether or not we tried to work...she wanted the divorce, separation wasn't enough for her.

'<strong>yeah i know...and not only that we have to go back for another meeting and confess what really happened to our marriage..itll all depend on whether he'll grant the divorce and push it further to court or if we willing to fight for my love man...i cant see myself with out her</strong>", i confessed looking over a Kevin and Mijo.

"<strong>you better hope your side proves you still want to work it out... after all the s*** you did bruh</strong>", he chuckled shaking his head, "<strong>and knowing Jess..her word would beat your word, look at all the chicks you f***ed and been with?</strong>".

I scoffed smacking my lips, "<strong>NIGGA YOU WAS THE REASON ALL THIS s*** HAPPENED!</strong>", i yelled annoyed with the truth.

he placed his controller down looking over at me and threw his hands up, "<strong>wait...dont blame that s*** on me, i didn't put a f***ing gun to your head, you are responsible for your own actions so take responsibility of them Chris, you f***ed up! let it be and do something about it instead of sitting here complaining, get your woman back, prove to her you're not that chis that f***ed up...</strong>", he shot back in a demanding voice.

I only nodded my head placing my hand on my chin as Kevin And Mijo began to play 2k again and fuss about the game. "<strong>aye nigga after this game we getting back into the booth, so gone head and get your head together and let them lyrics flow out</strong>", Kevin said as he still kept his eyes on the tv.

I nodded my head as I fixed my fitted cap on my head and reached into my pocket pulling out my phone. I unlocked it looking down at the the screen and scrolling to Jesse's name thinking of whether or not to call or text her.
I bit my lip as i sent the message watching the loading bar swoop across and wait for her reply.

<a href="http:/" title="iPhone Text Screenshot Created By">Chris and Jesse's imessage conversation.</a></a>

After telling her i missed her i waited and waited for a reply but she never replied back. I finally threw my phone on the couch as the 20 5 sign flashed, not giving a damn i went on head letting it die and began to focus on my music again.

run it!!!!!