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<a href="">Tyler Smith</a>
<em>Ugh,there's nothing in this closet to wear. I hate debating on whatto throw on every day.</em> Frustrated Tyler thought to herself. She flipped her hair back from out of her face. She grabbed the smallfoot stool from out of her closet, standing on the stool reaching on her top shelf grabbing her size six Concords. <em>I guess I'll dress down today.<em> Tyler shook her head walking over to her that she shared with her boyfriend of a year and eight months. <a href="">Mike</a>. Mike was definitely Tyler's back bone. He'd do anything and everything for her, even though she drove him crazy at times, handling her at her worse was never a problem. Tyler put on her <a href="">clothes</a> while dialing Mike's number.

"Yo, what's up babe?". Mike spoke on the other end of the phone. "Just calling my man since he hasn't called or text me since he left our apartment!". Tyler gave a smirk at her cellphone as if Mike could see her. But he knew exactly whather face expressions were like. "Yo, chill out. I'm out here doing what I do". Mike let out a sigh over the phone. "I hear that all the time. Would it kill you to check up on me?". Tyler smacked her lips as she hit the speaker button on her phone. "You done?". Mike asked. "Whateve, I'll seeyou later!". Tyler yelled and hit the end button hanging up on Mike with out letting him get the last word. Not even five minutes later, Mike sent Tyler a text message. <strong>I Love You</strong>. A instant smile popped up on Tyler's face. She knew Mike would neverdo her wrong, just like he knew the same about her. She only started with him because she knew she'd get exactly what she wanted as soon as he walked through the front door.

<a href="">Kassidy Wright</a>

Kassidy walked through the front door of her <a href="">apartment</a>. Barely making it to her bedroom, she stopped right in her living room. Tossing her gym bag that she kept her stripper heels in. She flopped down on the couch, letting out a big sigh of relief. It's been another long night and morning. Out of town, driving three hours away. As of now, stripping was her side job. She wasn't planning on making a career out of it. Her money was finally coming in the way she wanted as she still collected a every two week paycheck at <em>Forever 21</em>. Her phone began vibrating around on the glass table. She smacked her forehead knowing it was her boyfriend of exactly two years. <ahref="">Aubrey</a>. Kassidy hit the ignore button twice, hoping he'd stop calling, at least after she caught up on sleep. She reall didn't want the confrontation as soon as she stepped foot into the door. The front door knob was being twisted as Aubrey made his way into the living room standing over her.

"I guess you don't hear your phone ringing?". Aubrey looked Kassidy up and down looking around the room, shaking his head once he seen her gym bag. "I thought I told you to stop that, Kassidy!". Aubrey kicked her gym nag around. Kassidy sat up with her face turning red. "Aubrey, what the hell are you doing? My sh-t is in there!". Kassidy stood up trying to grab her bag that was being kicked around the room. "I don't give a f-ck about what's in here! Itold you to quit that sh-t!". Aubrey pushed Kassidy to the side trying not make her fall. "I need money somehow!". Kasside sat down on the couch with a disgusted look on her face. "Look, I hate to say this but, I'm fed up. So, either you keep disappearing for days doing what you do, or you stay here with me and make our relationship better?". Aubrey walked out of the living room. "Are you serious?". Your making me choose between me money and you?". Kassidy followed behind Aubrey as he closed the door in her face. <strong>F-ck</strong>.

<a href="">Alyse Hill</a>

"Hi, Can I help you with anything?". Alyse stood behind the cash register of her full-time job at Footlocker. "Yeah, I need a size ten in these J's". A tall dark skinned boy pointed to the shoes with out turning his head. <em>"Ever hear of the word, Please?"</em>. Alyse mumbled under her breath while walking into the stock room. She searched around for a size ten. After five minutes went by she finally found a pair. Alyse made her way back into the front of the store to see that the boy who had asked for the shoes had left. <em>What the f-ck?</em>. She thought to herself. "This b-tch got one more time!". Tia, came walking into the store throwing on her Footlocker work shirt over her white cami. "What's up?". Alyse smiled, knowing Tia was only b-tching and complaining about their Manager, Gabby. "Why the f-ck am I being called in to work when I told her I needed today off?". Tia's voice began to get louder as she opened her register. "Calm down, we're short today". Alyse laughed as she watched Tia struggle with getting her register open."I don't give a f-ck! That's why we have a manager, she needs to get off her a-s and do something!". Tia pulled her hair into a ponytail. You would've thought she was ready to fight. "Don't lose your job over nothing, you have a baby Tia!". Alyse tried calming Tia down. Knowing that if she'd quit, she'd have no one to work with and no one to be stuck with Gabby. Gabby walked up to the front of the store with a smirk on her face, knowing she had pissed Tia off. Seconds later, Alyse's boyfriend of two and a half years had walked in. <a href="">Trey</a>. Gabby and Trey had walked passed each other making Gabby look him up and down licking her lips. "Yo Lyse, you see that sh-t?". Tia smacked her arm. "See what?". Alyse picked her head up looking around.

<a href="">Lauryn Taylor</a>

<em>It never fails. People can be so rude, staring like they've never seen a Interracial couple before with an biracial child. I felt like all eyes were on us like wewere the weirdos at the resturaunt. I tried to block out the ignorance but it was kind of hard when all eyes are on you</em>. "Babem you ok?". Lauryn's fiance of four years, <a href="">Justin</a> asked, waving his hands in front of her face as their two year old son <a href="">Junior</a> copied him. "Yes, I'm fine. Just day dreaming". Lauryn laughed a little, handing Junior his sippy cup. "Snap out of it and focus on your favorite boys". Justin leaned over and kissed Lauryn's lips. "Boy, hush". Lauryn laughed. "So, about our wedding. I seen this nice diamond at the jewlery store today!". Lauryn put on her big smile taking a sip of her drink. "Oh really? I bet it talked to you too, wanting me to know the price, right?". Justin laughed. "I mean it did speak up as little, $22,000". Lauryn looked away not wanting to see Justin's face expression. "Daaaamn Lauryn! How big of a wedding do you want?". Justin's mouth dropped. "BIGGG". Junior shouter not knowing what they were talking about. "That's right baby, we want a BIG wedding!". Lauryn raised her eyebrow up at Justin. "I'll be right back,I'm going to the bathroom". Lauryn stood up from the table, makingher way to the bathroom. Justin continued feed himself and Junior. "Excuse me miss. Sorry to bother you, but my name is Melissa Williams. I'm the owner of <em>Candy Coated Beauty</em>. it's an Modeling Agency. And I would love for you to take one of my flyers and to stop by sometime this week, you're defintelythe the right fit for what were looking for". She smiled handing Lauryn a flyer. "ok, thanks, I've heard about this company before". Lauryn looked over the flyer as they changed exchanged numbers and went their seperate ways. "Babe, I just got invited to stop past Candy Coated Beauty, you know the modeling agency?". Lauryn sat down at the table smiling ear to ear. "Don't they do nude posing?". Justin looked over at Lauryn. Rightthen ad there Lauryn was annoyed and her smile quickly left her face.

<a href="">Dakota Jones</a>

"Ugh, this printer is taking forever!". Dakota sat in her computer chair shaking her right leg being impatient. "What you printing out?". Dakota's boyfriend of three years <a href="">Shad</a> yelled from the kitchen. "Pictures that I took today, we need a new printer". Dakota yelled back grabbing all thirty pictures she took of any and everything. But they all had a meaning. "No, you just need to chill out with all them damn pictures!". Shad mumbled under his breath, laughing at himself. "Excuse me?". Dakota walked behind him poking him in his sides, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Nothing. Just talking to myself".Shad kissed her cheek, continuing to cook. "Yeah, I thought so". Dakota laughed as she let go of his waist and grabbed two plates from the cupboard. "You know photography is my passion". Dakota placed the plates on the kitchen table as Shad made both plates. "I know, and I want nothing but the best for you, but tonight, we have the house to ourself. No god daughter, just us two. Can we enjoy it, with out pictures?". Shad looked over at Dakota. "Yes!". Dakota grabbed the wine glasses and bottle as they sat on the couch next to each other turning on a movie."Listen, you know Ilove you and you take the best pictures, sh-t better than half these famous photo--". Shad was cut off, "Don't feed me what I wantto hear, Shad. I'm not that good. Dakota kept her eyes on the tv. "See, here you go. I'm telling you the truth, I'm not feeding you no bullsh-t!". Shad shook his head, Dakota always showed insecureness towards Shad and he hated it. Sometimes it pushed him away, but he continued to try with her, but he could only take and hear so much of it.

<a href="">JorDyn Noelle Daniels</a>

<em>12:27 at night andI'm still wrapping birthday gifts by myself. Who am I tryingto fool?I should've known my boyfriend of three years and the father of my child <a href="">Jay</a> would pop up and help out. Seems like the decision that we made for him to leave me the house and for him to move out was wrong. But I hope it'll all get better in time. I tried my best to avoid texting and calling him, but I couldn't help it</em>. "Just seeing what you were doing?". I sat down on the couch,taking a break from wrapping gifts. "Nothing, on my way intothe house". Jay sighed over the phone. "I guess your not coming to help out for <strong>our</strong> daughters birthday?". I put my hands over my eyes. "Nah, I'm going in. I'll be over in the morning to help setup. I won't miss her third birthday Jor". Jay sounded annoyed as he stepped out of his car with another female mouthing her to bequiet while he was on the phone. "Wow Jay, everything is already setup, nothing else to do. Make sure your as- is on time tomorrow!". I yelled through the phone hanging upon him. I was pissed. I hated theway he acted towards me, like we don't have years under our belt, a family. <em>Forst Loves</em>. But I guess he'd rather run the streets? I guess once youlet a dog roam, he'll find his way home, <em>right?</em>. Sh-t, hopefully in my case.

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