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`Chapter .001 | <strong>Above The Rim</strong>

"Your next assingment for this semester will be a hands on assignment. I know you all are over the writting assignments so, I selected a few names with the highest grades to do physical therapy for this fall and winter sports events, which includes football, basketball and baseball". Professor Miller walked around the room passing out personal assignment sheets.

<a href="">Dakota</a> twirled her pen around staring up at the clock on the wall. She knew she would recieve an assignment, she had an 100%, nothing lower. Was she nervous to know which sport she had to attend every game? Hell yeah.

"I picked a sport I'd think you'd really enjoy". Proffessor Miller said handing Dakota a thick packet. The front sheet was a list of the Pitt Panther Basketball Roster.

Her nerves quickly went away. She was a fan of basketball. Was she familiar with the guys on the team? Not at all. But now, she had no choice but to get to know them all.

"Okay students, you're dismissed. Goodluck". Professor Miller smiled.

Dakota grabbed her books and purse from the table as she made her way to my <a href="">dorm room</a>. Dropping everything onto the floor, jumping into her bed. She reached for her grinder on the night stand next to her bed. Rolling up her palma she waited for her dorm door to swing open with her friend <a href="">Ariel</a> walking through the door.

"Right onh time". Ariel smiled, kicking her shoes off at the door. She grabbed the door from behind the door, laying it on the floor against the door so the smoke wouldn't go into the dorm hallway.

"You're always on time". Dakota said as she hit the blunt.

"You know what's funny?". Ariel say down in the computer chair next to the window. "You here for physical therapy, you smoke weed and you still manage to make straight A's. That's what I'm talkin' about Kota!". Ariel laughed as she hit the blunt.

Dakota blew O's as she laughed a little. "Weed doesn't make you dumb or lazy, that's your choice. It makes me focus more to be honest". Dakota stood up grabbing her packet she recieved in class.

"It makes me sleepy". Ariel passed the blunt.

"Because you're lazy". Dakota mumbled.

"Shut up. What's that thick packet for?". Ariel asked.

"Boys Basketball roster. I have to go to every game and help out with physical therapy sh-t". Dakota skimmed through the packet.

"So, you'll be at the game tonight helping out?". Ariel looked over at Dakota.

Dakota's eyes got big. "You're bullsh-ttin' right? There's a game tonight?".

"Yes. 7:30. I'll go with you". Ariel grabbed her purse heading to the door.

"I'll meet you there. I'm sure I have to go meet the coach and everything". Dakota stood up.

"Ok. Call me when you're ready". Ariel left the room.

Dakota searched her room for something to wear. She began to get nervous all over again. She didn't expect to jump right into her assignment in the next three hours.


run it!!!!!!!! Julian need to chill out ol cold a** lol

Lol that nigga j is rude as hell i would hav called him every name dat nigga dnt no her he a straight pussy for dat s*** smh run it

Julian better take that stuff on elsewhere.

Wheeeeewwwww!!! I almost jumped in this computer!! Julian need to calm his ass down before I put it on blast! He is such a damn douche. I swear if I was Kota, I would've shut his ass all the way down. I would've called him every name in the book! He just doesn't know.
Run it!!!!

Julian is a f***ing a**hole for no reason I understand that he has walls up but that doesn't mean talk to anyone rude or disrespectful.

I like the rest of the guys they seem cool

Run it!

Well damn Julian...that's a real d*** headed f***ing move! Douche

Sorry it's so short. I appreciate the comments :)

`Chapter .003 | <strong>Above The Rim</strong>

8:30 a.m. rolled around quick. Dakota fixed her <a href="">clothes</a> while brushing her teeth in front of her bathroom mirror. She had twenty minutes to get to the weight room. She rinsed her mouth, lighting up her palma as she hit it a few times before she walked out of the door.

Julian walked into the weight room with his headphones in his ears. He did a head nod to everyone in the room but kept to himself. He checked the workout sheet on the wall. Beside his name he seen <em>Dakota Love</em>, <em>Trainee</em>. Julian's eyebrow raised as he snatched his headphones from his ears.

"Yo, who's Dakota?". Julian looked around the room.

<a href="">Cam</a> stood up with the biggest smile. The new trainee, she's bad".

"Beautiful". Brandon added.

"How long she been here? I never met her". <a href="">Drew</a> laced up his shoes.

"Yesterday, today's her first day working with us". Q sat down.

"'Bout damn time, we finally got a female trainee". Drew rubbed his hands together.

"Yeah, f-ck all that. Lets hit the court". Julian tossed the basketball up in the air as they all walked to the gym.

Dakota turned her phone on vibrate as she walked into the weight room. She seen that they guys had been there by the gym bags that were all over the place. Coach Tucker knocked on the glass window trying to get her attention.

"Hey, what's up coach?". Dakota smiled.

"What's up? The bums are in the gym. There's really not that much to do. You can help out with the leg warm ups after they shoot around. I'm making your schedule now for this week".

"Okay. I'll be in the gym if you need me". Dakota walked out of the weight room.

She could here loud voices and laughter from the gym. As she made her way to the bleachers she heard everyone screaming her name in flirty voices.

"Dakota, come here". Brandon waved his hands.

Dakota stood up grabbing her notebook as she met Brandon halfway.

"Let me introduce you to Drew and Julian". Brandon put his arms around her neck.

"Jules, Drew. This is Dakota". Brandon put his arm down.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Drew". Drew shot the ball before shaking her hand.

Julian shot the ball, not looking over at Dakota. He ignored her. Dakota laughed to herself as she walked back to the bleachers. She knew he'd be the as-hole, but she wasn't going to take the time out of her day to break him. Time went by as she helped the guys stretch. She shared a few laughs, answered the crazy questions they threw at her and told them a little about herself.

"Ay, Kota. We're having a party tonight, you should bring a friend or <em>friends</em> and slide thru'". Q grabbed his gym bag as he walked beside her.

"I'll think about it". Dakota looked up at him.

"What's there to think about? We invited you, so bring your as-". Cam said.

"What makes yall think I want to be around yall during the day, everyday then seeing yall again at night?". Dakota stopped walking.

They guys laughed as they walked in frontof her. "Party starts at 9". Drew yelled.

"Who said shorty can come to my dorm?". Julian looked back at her with a blank stare.

"I won't come if it's a problem?". Dakota looked over at Julian.

"Good. Don't come then". Julian walked out of the gym.

Drew shook his head. "Yo, don't pay him no attention. We got your number from coach T. I'll hit you". Drew and the rest of guys left the gym.

Run It Run It

run it!!

I like this!
Somebody needs to bring Julian and his ego down a notch or two cause nobody has time for that.

Run It!!

Run it !

OMG! Coach Tucker reminds me of my highschool coach. She was just like one of us. Jukian is going to have to calm his ass down. I'm sure Dakota could give two s***s about your ego. She's just there to get her credits and get the hell up out after!
Run it!!!

Julian is something else. Dakota seems cool. I like her. I wonder where this will go. Run it!!

I like what I'm reading! You've got yourself a loyal reader... whenever I'm actually able to get on. This looks like it's going to be a great story. RUN IT!

Run it!!

J betta get it together ass holes aint cute and cam pic aint shown but run it

`Chapter .002 | <strong>Above The Rim</strong>

Dakota sat outside of the boys locker room. Twenty minutes until the game started. She checked her text message from Ariel and her mother. Seconds later the coach opened his office door.

"Dakota Love? I'm coach <a href="">Tucker</a>". Dakota stood up to shake his hand.

"Nice to meet you coach". She smiled.

"Nice to meet you as well. I've heard good things about you and I'm hoping you can keep my boys in great shape. Now, before I introduce you to some of the guys and you'll get a chance to meet them all. Some are rough around the edges but are soft as hell on the inside, some are sarcastic, funny, and some are just..well you'll witness for yourself". He laughed as he lead her into the locker room.

"Hey, listen up!". Coach Tucker yelled. All eyes were on the coach and Dakota. Dakota slowly looked each player up and down. Some were cute and some weren't her type. She tried to figure out which ones were the <em>hard</em> ones but sweet and which ones were as-holes.

"I want you all to meet Dakota Love. She'll be helping out around here for the season. Helping you bums get into shape". He laughed as everyone else in the room did.

"'Sup Dakota". The boys yelled.

Dakota smiled and waved as they began to introduce themselves.

"Dakota, I'll start you off with the active players first". Coach Tucker led her to a group of three guys goofing around as the got ready.

"Chumps, meet Dakota. Dakota I'd like you to meet <a href="">Brandon</a>, <a href="">Cam</a> and <a href="">Q</a>".

"Hi, nice to meet yall". Dakota shook their hands.

"You're beautful". Brandon looked her up and down.

"Thank You". Dakota chuckled.

"None of that B. Relax". Coach Tucker added.

"C'mon coach, don't block". Brandon laughed.

"You bums better block some shots tonight".

"Coach just keep calling us bums". Q laughed.

"I'm joking. Where's Julian and Drew?". Coach asked.

"Court". Cam continued to get ready.

Coach Tucker took Dakota around the gym. Showing her the weight room, locker rooms, her station and equipments.

"Okay, two last people you need to meet. <a href="">Julian and Drew. Julian is a hard shell to crack but I think you can break him".

"Which one is he?". Dakota asked.

"Taller one, tattoos with a huge ego". Coach Tucker saidwith out looking up from his play book. The game had started. Dakota watched the game as she took notes as well. Ten minutes later Ariel had arrived.

"Thanks for calling!". Ariel playfully smacked Dakota's arm.

"Sorry. I had a meet and greet I guess you can say".

"How was it?". Ariel looked over at Daktoa.

"Cool. I just haven't got the chance to meet Julian and Drew yet". Dakota picked her head up from taking notes.

"Well, Julian's an as-hole. I'll share that with you now". Ariel continued watching the game.

"You know him?". Dakota asked.

"Yeah, it's his second year here just like me. Met him at a party, typical as-hole. Some people say he's really cool once you break his wall down. But me, I don't have time for that. Either you're cool with me or you're not. Don't be a b-tch just for me to dig and search to find out if we'll ever be friends". Ariel popped her gum.

"Amen to that! Just sucks I have to be around someone like that". Dakota sat up.

"Hey, he might let his wall down for you".

"I'm not going to keep throwing stones just break it either". Dakota continued watching the game.

The first game was intense. A few fouls, heated moments and two ejections. One ejection was Julian. Julian sat down on the bench putting a towel over his head ignoring everyone who tried to speak to him.

<em>This is going to be a <strong>long</a>season and semester</em>

Run It

Lol, I like Dakota and Ariel, they seem real chill and laid back.
Run it!!!

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