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<strong>Adverb</strong> , <strong>Apart; divided</strong>

Chapter 1 <strong>The Split</strong>

<strong>"Promise me you won't change?"<strong> , I held out my pinky as I looked at him waiting for him to answer me. He smiled back and placed his pinky against my pinky , <strong>"i promise Kira"</strong>.

I smiled wildly as I wrapped my arms around him giving him a hug, it was sad seeing my best friend leave and go off to pursue his career as a young kid. I unwrapped my arms around him as he went through his pocket to pull out a necklace, he held it in front if my eyes as the light for the sun beamed on it making it sparkle, my yes grew big with excitement as he held it up.<strong>"this is for you...I took it out my moms jewelry box"</strong>, he placed it around my neck and straighten it up for me. I began to fumble with it as I blushed , I county believe he gave me one of his mothers favorite necklaces. <strong>"thank you Chris...I'm gonna miss you"</strong>, he his face grew sad as he looked down once again, <strong>"I'm gonna miss you too",</strong>, we hugged once again until his mother called his name. We both pulled away from each other slowly wishing the hug would never end, I grabbed his hand and walked across the street over to his house holding it, I watched as his mother stood up on the steps looking at both if us smiling , <strong>"come one Chris we have to get on the road"</strong>. I watched as he grabbed his last bag and got Ito the car looking out the window at me, tears Began to form in my eyes as the car began to pull off. I grabbed the necklace that hung around my neck and held it tight watching them disappear down the street, to myself I thought I would never see him again.

I walked back across the street to my house and went up to my room, all I could do was cry and cry, thinking why did he have to move, why couldn't he peruse his dreams in Virginia?? I talked and talked my mom into letting me peruse my dreams but she wouldn't let me, now I was stuck here by myself without my best friend, the only one who understood me out of anyone who knew me. I wiped my eyes quickly as my door opened it was my mom coming in sitting I the edge of my bed looking at me. <strong>"everything will be fine Kira..I'm sure he'll call you every chance he gets"</strong>, I rolled my eyes and rolled over turning away from here, I really didn't want to talk to her. She sighed, patted my back and walked out my room shutting the door behind her, that's when the tears began to flow again, I missed him already.


A day went by no call...two days went by no calls, a week went by still no calls. I sat there waiting for the phone to ring getting depressed by the minute, I grabbed a pillow off the couch placed my face in it and screamed. <strong>"girl stop and come help me out out these plates for dinner"</strong>, I looked over at my mom as she stood in the dinning room door way waiting on me. I looked back at the phone and sighed , he wasn't going to call, as soon as I sat down for dinner that's when the phone rung. My eyes grew wide and i jumped running to the phone, I picked up nervously as I said <strong>"hello?</strong>, my fingers began to tremble as I heard him through the phone singing some old school song, a smile grew in my face ,<strong>"what took you so long Chris?!"</strong>. . It grew quiet and I could hear him breathing , I sat quietly waiting for him to answer me, <strong>"Kira I just want to listen to you breath and our heart beat"</strong>. This was some we did every time he would call me when he was nervous or even scared, and right then and there I knew he was then, <strong>"I want to come home Kira...I hate it here"</strong>, his voice tremble has he said those words, even though I know he didn't mean it he wants to be in California. <strong>"Chris don't say that, you're just nervous, everything will be fine"</strong>, he laughed a little as if he was a little unsure. <strong>"I hope so...I just don't want to end up being someone I'm not"</strong>, I sighed and laid back on the chair thinking f something to say, <strong>"just go with it, I promise everything will be ok, just promise you won't change"</strong>. It grew quiet again as I waited for him to talk, <strong>"i promise I won't change or leave you"</strong>


<strong>."GIVE IT UP FOR CHRIS BROWN"</strong>, the crowd screamed as he ran out in stage performing "Yo Excuse Me Miss". As he ran out in stage I flicked off the tv and rolled my eyes getting up from the couch. <strong>"come'on Kira don't be like that, that's your bestfriend"</strong>, She saud as she turned back on the tv bobbin her head to the beat. I turned back towards my sister which who was younger than I was, she wouldn't understand how I felt because he forgot about me. <strong>"you don't forget your Friends and people back home Stacey, I wouldn't had did that to him"</strong>. I looked back at the tv and watched as he finished performing and exit off the stage to go sit with free and Aj, <strong>"everyone welcome Chris brown, so Chris before we get into anything, everyone wants to know if you have a special friend or someone back home?"</strong>, I waited to hear what he had to say if he was going I be real or be fake. <strong>"nah I don't, but I'm looking for a good friend"</strong>, I grew with anger as my heart began to beat fast. I turned off the TV an turned towards Stacey which sat with her mouth open wide, <strong>"wow Kira I'm so-"</strong> , I cut her off before she could even say anything else. <strong>"nah , maybe it'll be better off if we leave it at that"</strong>, I walked out the room and headed up to my room, I began tearing up all the stuff he ever sent me, all the pictures we took growing up together as well. I went into my closet and pulled out a small box which held the necklace he gave me. A tear fell from my eye as I picked up the necklace and watch it dangle in the air, I wanted to break it and throw it away but my heart wouldn't let it. I sat in the floor crying thinking to myself why would he not care anymore, why would he not want to be my friend??


As I walked home from school my 2way kept going off. I looked down to see it was Chris hitting me up, I rolled my eyes an turned if off as I stepped into the house. <strong>"Kira just gone head and see what he wants"</strong>, my sister said as she through we book bag down and sat on the couch turnin on the tv. I made y way into the kitchen ignoring her trying to find a snack, <strong>"why text, 2way me when you weren't even trying to keep in contact a long time ago?!?"</strong>. I grabbed a juice out the fridge and made my way back Into the den where Stacey sat. <strong>"you have to realize maybe he's not the one keeping away from you, maybe they are making him"</strong>. I rolled my eyes and took a dip of my juice paying attention to the tv, I really wasn't worried about anymore, and I damn sure didn't want to see his face or hear his voice.

That's when the house phone began to rang, me and Stacey looked at each other , the phone rung again. She huffed and got up answering the phone, I watched as she answered it to see whether or not it was him. She smiled as she pulled the phone away and brought it over to me, I smacked her hand down causing the phone to fall on the floor. She bent down picked it up and nudge it in my face, <strong>"take this damn phone Kira"</strong> , i sighed and took the phone away from her and placed it to my ear. <strong>"hello?..."</strong>, I said in a dull tone not really wanting to talk to him. <strong>"hi it's been a long time y-"</strong>, <strong>"you don't say"</strong>, I said as I cut him off causing him to get quiet. He coughed a little and spoke again, <strong>"I know you're mad at me as. I would be too, I'm sorry"</strong>. I couldn't take any of this anymore, u hated being lied to an especially when people break promises that blows me, and that's what he did . I sighed slowly into the phone and decided to end the phone call, <strong>sure Chris good night"</strong>. I hung up the phone an threw it back at Stacey for her to hang up.


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