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Why Me Chris?

Authors note: something i've been working on and decided to post. if you like it comment, don't be a silent reader, i hate those. If do you comment , thank you and most likely i will ad, with that being said ENJOY!


I wasn't the type to get chose to be someone's girlfriend, or the type to pull niggas and this and that, I was your average girl from Atlanta, Georgia. But things were going to change , whether it's for bad or good, things where gonna change, but why me???

I'm <a href="">Amanda</a> by the way , 18, and senior at Martin Luther king high. I wasn't the popular type but people knew me, I didn't have friends. I only had one in particular and her name was Stacey. She was one of the well known females round the school , cheerleader as well as top 10 of our senior class, just like me I was number 2 and she was number 5 . I mean you could say I was type of nerd or what not. I loved learning.

Today was the first day of our senior year. I wasn't all excited but I was glad that my school year was coming to an end.

I jumped up out of bed hitting the snooze button sighing as I rose to yawn and stretch.
I went down the hall to bang on my sibling door (Natasha) she was a freshmen in high school, and was in a rude of awakening.

"<strong><a href="">Natasha</a> wake your ass up , time to get ready for school</strong>", I pulled back her covers and pulled her by her pjs.

She groaned and hissed at me while kicking, "<strong>noooo it's too early Manda damn!!</strong>"

"<strong>We'll you should've thought about that before you went out trying to be grown last night knowing school started back today, getup!!</strong>"

That was another thing, my younger sister did things ive never done because I was trying to take care of her instead of being focus on having fun. I had to group up early after my mom passed away , my dad was never there, he threw a few dollars every now and then , my grandma tried taking care of me and my sister but he dovetails started breaking down. She's pretty sick right now and now it's me, left to pick u all the pieces and try to take care of my family.

My mom left money for us after we passed but I just could now touch it because my so called dad tried to take it away from us. Lucky us, he couldn't touch it.


I went back toy room and did my daily hygiene thing and threw in some jeans, some chucks and a good and tied my hair in a messy bun.

I went back down the Hal and enter my grandmas room where she laid with an oxygen mask on her face.
"<strong>Good morning grandma</strong>", I say down beside her on the bed.

She took the mask off and smiled while touching my hand, "<strong>good morning baby girl, ready for your last year?</strong>"

"<strong>Yeah</strong>", I sighed and looked at the tv, "<strong>I think you should be asking miss party hard that question</strong>"

I looked up and watched as she walked in grandma rooms with a mini skirt on and a bandeau top with a blue jean jacket over it.

"<strong>Child where do you think your going looking like that? I hooker house?</strong>"

I chuckled laughing at what my gma just said , Natasha frowned and rolled her eyes, "<strong>gma this is the still now, but you and miss nerdy Wouldnt know that</strong>", she smirked as she walked out the door.

"<strong>Idk what I'm gonna do about her grandma</strong>", I stood up grabbing my bag

she sighed and sat up a little up, "<strong>just watch over her....please Amanda?</strong>"

"<strong>Of occurse gma, well I'm off to school now, see you later, love you<strong>"

She smiled ,"<strong>love you too baby girl</strong>"

I made my way out the door behind my sister as we began to walk down to the bus stop. I placed my headphones in and waited till the bus pulled up. We waited and waited seems like we were going to be late today. I looked down at my phone and saw that <a href="">Stacey</a> texted

<stron>me where you at hoe?</strong>
, I laughed and replied back ,
<strong>still at the buss stop slut.</strong>

I looked up from my phone and head loud music booming some random guy in a black challenger drove my slowly looking at us.

"<strong>OooOoOO Kira did you see him!!! Lawd knows he's fine</strong>", she began cheesing as she nudge me.

I shrugged my shoulders, "<strong>who was that suppose to be??</strong>"

"<strong>YOU DONT KNOW?!?, that's <a href="">Chris</a> he was one of the hottest guys in school and he was real cool</strong>"

I raised my eyebrow , "<strong>so he's a nobody who rides around town all not doing anything with his life</strong>"

"<strong>You're lame as f*** you don't think hes hot Amanda damn</strong>"

I shook my head and stepped I the bus as it pulled up. We made our way to school and I met up with Stacey in the hall.

"<strong>Girl bout time you mad it to school</strong>", she pushed me playfully and laughed.

I rolled my eyes and opened my locker, "<strong>we'll be glad I made it hoe</strong>"

Natasha walked up talking all loud poppin gum, "<strong>we should've asked chris for a ride</strong>"

"<strong>Hold up Chris that went to MLK Chris??</strong>"

Natasha nodded as a smile flashed across her face.

"<strong>Yes girl but, ms. boring ass was being a ass</strong>"

I closed my locker and faced both of them,
"<strong>OMG shutup already</strong>"

I walked away leaving them both there talking about him. I really didn't care and really was tired of hearing about him.


The end if the day came an I was headed out the door to make my way back home. Natasha had cheer leading tryouts so Stacey was bringing her home. That's one person I didn't have to worry about. I hit the sidewalk and began walking and all I could hear was loud music coming from up behind me. I steady kept walking until somebody interrupted my train of thought.

"<strong>Aye lil mama you need a ride?</strong>"

I turned around and saw the same guy from earlier , Chris .

I smiled a little, "<strong>lil ma????...and no I'm fine, but thanks</strong>"

I turned back around and started back walking. Once again he asked the same question.
I stopped and looked at him again as he showed his pretty white teeth and dimples.

"<strong>come on ma, just let me drop you off at your bus stop then, I won't bite or stalk you , just being friendly ma</strong>", he smiled once again as he patted the passenger seat.

I sighed and opened his car door then got in. It was total awkward silence until he spoke once again.

"<strong>So miss..what your name?</strong>", he looked at me as he spoke.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, "<strong>you offered me a ride home....not a conversation sir</strong>"

He smirked then laughed as he turned a block, "<strong>well well we have a feisty one on our hands here, don't be so mean</strong>"

"<strong>Don't be such a flirt...</strong>", I raised my eyebrow an crossed my arm, he smiled again and nodded

"<strong.So I'm guessing you go MLK then right?</strong>"

I nodded my head as I looked out the window, "<strong>I heard you went there as well</strong>"

He smiled again,"<strong>ohhh so you've been conversing about me?</strong>"

"<strong>Nah, just heard stuff....nothing major</strong>"

"<strong>Must be major if its about me, Im the s***</strong>"

I chuckled and laughed loudly, he looked at me with a serious face. I really couldn't take this guy serious.

"<strong>Aha well...Chris this is my stop...thanks</strong>"
He pulled over as. I got out the car and smiled at me while rolling down his window.

"<strong>No problem Ms?</strong>"

"<strong>The name is Amanda</strong>"

"<strong>Ms.Amanda, see you around</strong>"

He sped off as I began walking to my house. It was something about him...I don't know whether or not it's good or bad but I see a nice side of him.