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Why Me Chris?

Authors note: something i've been working on and decided to post. if you like it comment, don't be a silent reader, i hate those. If do you comment , thank you and most likely i will ad, with that being said ENJOY!


I wasn't the type to get chose to be someone's girlfriend, or the type to pull niggas and this and that, I was your average girl from Atlanta, Georgia. But things were going to change , whether it's for bad or good, things where gonna change, but why me???

I'm <a href="">Amanda</a> by the way , 18, and senior at Martin Luther king high. I wasn't the popular type but people knew me, I didn't have friends. I only had one in particular and her name was Stacey. She was one of the well known females round the school , cheerleader as well as top 10 of our senior class, just like me I was number 2 and she was number 5 . I mean you could say I was type of nerd or what not. I loved learning.

Today was the first day of our senior year. I wasn't all excited but I was glad that my school year was coming to an end.

I jumped up out of bed hitting the snooze button sighing as I rose to yawn and stretch.
I went down the hall to bang on my sibling door (Natasha) she was a freshmen in high school, and was in a rude of awakening.

"<strong><a href="">Natasha</a> wake your ass up , time to get ready for school</strong>", I pulled back her covers and pulled her by her pjs.

She groaned and hissed at me while kicking, "<strong>noooo it's too early Manda damn!!</strong>"

"<strong>We'll you should've thought about that before you went out trying to be grown last night knowing school started back today, getup!!</strong>"

That was another thing, my younger sister did things ive never done because I was trying to take care of her instead of being focus on having fun. I had to group up early after my mom passed away , my dad was never there, he threw a few dollars every now and then , my grandma tried taking care of me and my sister but he dovetails started breaking down. She's pretty sick right now and now it's me, left to pick u all the pieces and try to take care of my family.

My mom left money for us after we passed but I just could now touch it because my so called dad tried to take it away from us. Lucky us, he couldn't touch it.


I went back toy room and did my daily hygiene thing and threw in some jeans, some chucks and a good and tied my hair in a messy bun.

I went back down the Hal and enter my grandmas room where she laid with an oxygen mask on her face.
"<strong>Good morning grandma</strong>", I say down beside her on the bed.

She took the mask off and smiled while touching my hand, "<strong>good morning baby girl, ready for your last year?</strong>"

"<strong>Yeah</strong>", I sighed and looked at the tv, "<strong>I think you should be asking miss party hard that question</strong>"

I looked up and watched as she walked in grandma rooms with a mini skirt on and a bandeau top with a blue jean jacket over it.

"<strong>Child where do you think your going looking like that? I hooker house?</strong>"

I chuckled laughing at what my gma just said , Natasha frowned and rolled her eyes, "<strong>gma this is the still now, but you and miss nerdy Wouldnt know that</strong>", she smirked as she walked out the door.

"<strong>Idk what I'm gonna do about her grandma</strong>", I stood up grabbing my bag

she sighed and sat up a little up, "<strong>just watch over her....please Amanda?</strong>"

"<strong>Of occurse gma, well I'm off to school now, see you later, love you<strong>"

She smiled ,"<strong>love you too baby girl</strong>"

I made my way out the door behind my sister as we began to walk down to the bus stop. I placed my headphones in and waited till the bus pulled up. We waited and waited seems like we were going to be late today. I looked down at my phone and saw that <a href="">Stacey</a> texted

<stron>me where you at hoe?</strong>
, I laughed and replied back ,
<strong>still at the buss stop slut.</strong>

I looked up from my phone and head loud music booming some random guy in a black challenger drove my slowly looking at us.

"<strong>OooOoOO Kira did you see him!!! Lawd knows he's fine</strong>", she began cheesing as she nudge me.

I shrugged my shoulders, "<strong>who was that suppose to be??</strong>"

"<strong>YOU DONT KNOW?!?, that's <a href="">Chris</a> he was one of the hottest guys in school and he was real cool</strong>"

I raised my eyebrow , "<strong>so he's a nobody who rides around town all not doing anything with his life</strong>"

"<strong>You're lame as f*** you don't think hes hot Amanda damn</strong>"

I shook my head and stepped I the bus as it pulled up. We made our way to school and I met up with Stacey in the hall.

"<strong>Girl bout time you mad it to school</strong>", she pushed me playfully and laughed.

I rolled my eyes and opened my locker, "<strong>we'll be glad I made it hoe</strong>"

Natasha walked up talking all loud poppin gum, "<strong>we should've asked chris for a ride</strong>"

"<strong>Hold up Chris that went to MLK Chris??</strong>"

Natasha nodded as a smile flashed across her face.

"<strong>Yes girl but, ms. boring ass was being a ass</strong>"

I closed my locker and faced both of them,
"<strong>OMG shutup already</strong>"

I walked away leaving them both there talking about him. I really didn't care and really was tired of hearing about him.


The end if the day came an I was headed out the door to make my way back home. Natasha had cheer leading tryouts so Stacey was bringing her home. That's one person I didn't have to worry about. I hit the sidewalk and began walking and all I could hear was loud music coming from up behind me. I steady kept walking until somebody interrupted my train of thought.

"<strong>Aye lil mama you need a ride?</strong>"

I turned around and saw the same guy from earlier , Chris .

I smiled a little, "<strong>lil ma????...and no I'm fine, but thanks</strong>"

I turned back around and started back walking. Once again he asked the same question.
I stopped and looked at him again as he showed his pretty white teeth and dimples.

"<strong>come on ma, just let me drop you off at your bus stop then, I won't bite or stalk you , just being friendly ma</strong>", he smiled once again as he patted the passenger seat.

I sighed and opened his car door then got in. It was total awkward silence until he spoke once again.

"<strong>So miss..what your name?</strong>", he looked at me as he spoke.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, "<strong>you offered me a ride home....not a conversation sir</strong>"

He smirked then laughed as he turned a block, "<strong>well well we have a feisty one on our hands here, don't be so mean</strong>"

"<strong>Don't be such a flirt...</strong>", I raised my eyebrow an crossed my arm, he smiled again and nodded

"<strong.So I'm guessing you go MLK then right?</strong>"

I nodded my head as I looked out the window, "<strong>I heard you went there as well</strong>"

He smiled again,"<strong>ohhh so you've been conversing about me?</strong>"

"<strong>Nah, just heard stuff....nothing major</strong>"

"<strong>Must be major if its about me, Im the s***</strong>"

I chuckled and laughed loudly, he looked at me with a serious face. I really couldn't take this guy serious.

"<strong>Aha well...Chris this is my stop...thanks</strong>"
He pulled over as. I got out the car and smiled at me while rolling down his window.

"<strong>No problem Ms?</strong>"

"<strong>The name is Amanda</strong>"

"<strong>Ms.Amanda, see you around</strong>"

He sped off as I began walking to my house. It was something about him...I don't know whether or not it's good or bad but I see a nice side of him.


run it
Stacy needs a ass whopping, you don't play your best friend

I wonder what he did that Stacey knows.
Her sister Natasha is being a brat and self centered about s***. How you gonna leave the house when your own grandma on her deathbed anything could happen while she gone smh.
I hope she tells him how she feels

I wonder what he did that Stacey knows.
Her sister Natasha is being a brat and self centered about s***. How you gonna leave the house when your own grandma on her deathbed anything could happen while she gone smh.
I hope she tells him how she feels

Man wat hav stacy did i hope she aint playn her friend run it

Amanda's POV


Saturday finally came and Stacey had me down her house getting ready for this dumb ass double date she had planned out and that i didn't want to go to....or did i? I mean Chris was cute and all but why all of sudden would he come out of no where talking to me? that's one question I will and have to ask him by the end of tonight.

I made Natasha stay home and watch grandma for the weekend because since i was going to be gone. Even though she fussed the whole time as i packed my bags she finally gave in and i even had to promise to take her shopping, go figure.

Yesterday we went shopping and Stacey picked out an outfit for me, I never a day in my life dressed like this before. But it was worth a try I guess, no I wasn't dressing up for Chris, it was for myself...I needed to try something different for once in my life.

I smoothed out my <a href="">skirt</a> looking in the mirror as i took a deep breath smiling. I had to say i actually looked pretty good with a skirt on, i hope Chris likes it.

Moving on with our day I got a call from Chris while we were getting ready for the double date.

"<strong>Hey what's up little ma?</strong>", he coo'd into the phone as i rolled my eyes sitting on the bed.

I smiled as soon as. I heard his voice, was I liking him?, "<strong>hey chris, what's up?</strong>"

he smacked his lips, "<strong>s*** tryna see what your pretty self doing</strong>"

"<strong>We'll I'm getting ready at the mo-</strong>", next thing I knew Stacey took the phone from me and ran down the hallway and went into the bathroom with it.

Stacey's POV

I ran down the hall locking the door behind so she wouldn't come in and even hear what i was telling Chris, had to make sure he understood me loud and clear.

"<strong>Chris, it's Stacey, look I think Amanda likes you, so be nice to her tonight and don't f*** s*** up ok?</strong>", i demanded as he sucked his teeth.

"<strong>Stacey I know...I know the plan</strong>"

"<strong> just go with the flow and once again don't f*** s*** up..iight?</strong>"

he took a deep sigh and mumbled, "<strong>iight</strong>"

I smiled to myself and made my way out the bathroom and back down the hall to my room seeing Amanda was still getting ready. I threw her phone at her.

Amanda's POV

She finally came out the bathroom and handed me my phone back smiling and threw it to me as i caught placing it on her bed.

I turned over to her and squinting my eyes at her,"<strong>What was that about Stacey??</strong>", I asked sitting back down doing my hair.

She smirked and started putting on her clothes,"<strong>oh nothing ....nothing at all, he's just excited about seeing you girl!</strong>"

I shrug my shoulders and started putting on my clothes, I had a long night ahead of me.


Chris's POV

I hung the phone shaking my head knowing that what I was doing was wrong....I didn't want to hurt Amanda..I was actually feeling her, her attitude, her style everything...I was fallen for this girl and Stacey didn't understand or care. I couldn't do it but hell if I didn't that was my ass...Stacey was gonna get her dad and Brothers on me. I wish i could take back what i did in my past...I did some dirt for her dad and more that went down and wish i didn't...i wish i didn't at all...

I took a deep breath as I grabbed my keys and headed out the door to up with the girls and my nigga at Stacey's Place.


Natasha's POV

I can't believe this heffa left me here with this old hag. I did not want to be here with her and take care of her old ass. Like i'm f***ing young why cant i do what normal teens do? go out on weekends and party?? Amanda was the older sister so why couldn't she do it her damn self? Shes always bossing me around, wont let me do anything unless it benefiting her!

I stormed off into my room ,mad as hell wishing she was well enough to take care of her damn self. I laid down flicking on the TV and scrolling down my phone texting. That's when Chris's brother Tae shot me text.

Tae: <strong>hey lil ma you wanna chill tonight?</strong>

Me: <strong>sorry I can't , I have to take care of my grandma :(</strong>

Tae: <strong>man shell be fine, come on I'm outside of your house</strong>

I got up and walked to my window to see him leaning on the car nodding his head at me as he licked his lips, I smiled shot back a text saying "<strong>ok</strong>".

I threw on some clothes and slowly crept down the hall so she wouldn't hear me leaving. I ran to the car and jumped in, time to have some fun tonight.


Amanda's POV

The date was going good so far I must admit, and Chris was nothing but fun and silliness. This is one side i never heard of as i walked the halls of my school and i must admit i'm story to believe that most of those stories the girls told were lies or either over exaggerating. With Chris i didn't see the player type, he was actually sweet and cool to be around

"<strong>Hey Miss Amanda, i don't think you gone win this round tho</strong>", he bragged as he walked to the lane with his bowling ball. "<strong>see...i'm the realist and i'm good at this s***</strong>", he added on stretching his arms and legs as if he was really doing something.

I laugh raising my eyebrows as i took a bite of my loaded fries, "<strong>boy please i'm a pro at this sport me and my girl!</strong>", Stacey gave me a high five as her date stood up sucking his teeth.

"<strong>just know my nigga gone strike out</strong>", her dated said smirking.

I rolled my eyes waving him off and looked back over at Chris, "<strong>gone head Mister. Alley Cat Strike, lets see what you got</strong>"

"<strong>bet it</strong>", he added on turning back around looking at me smiling.

I stood up raising my eyebrow as i walked over to him sizing him up, "<strong>bet what? lets go</strong>"

He shot me a smirk, "<strong>bet if i win you have to give me a kiss</strong>", I chuckled at his bet and folded my arms, "</strong> and if i have to let me drive that nice ass car you got</strong>". He laughed nodding his head, "</strong>lets go!</strong>"

He smacked his lips turning away from me and aimed the ball focusing on striking out. I watched as he took as deep breath and let the ball go as me and Stacey making me lose control as the ball went into the gutter.

"<strong>GUTTER BALL!</strong>", we yelled laughing as he turned around looking at both us mad.

"<strong>that s*** ain't right man, yall cheated me</strong>", he defended sitting back down.

I continued to laugh as i scooted close to him pouting, "<strong>aw it'll be ok, the rule book didn't say anything about yelling, so hush, MY TURN!</strong>".

I got up and made my way over to get my ball and poked out my tongue as he flicked me off. I winked turning back to get ready to strike out so i could make this win and leave him and his home boy to shame.

Letting the ball go i crossed my fingers watching it go down the lane smoothly knocking down all the pins.

"<strong>f***!</strong>", Chris yelled as i turned around squealing jumping around. Stacey ran over to me laughing and giving me a five.

"<strong>aye we wonnn, we wonnn</strong>", we both song doing the little old school dance. Chris rolled his eyes and waved us off as stacey still dance and i walked over to him grinning.

"<strong>well...i won!</strong>",i said once again smiling, he shot me a frown shrugging, "<strong>so?</strong>", he said acting as if he didn't care, "<strong>what you telling me for you won lil ma.</strong>"

I rolled my eyes crossing my arms, "<strong>come one hand the keys over buddy</strong>", i song as i then held out my hand out. He sucked his teeth digging into his pockets and pulled out the keys placing them slowly in my hand.

i quickly snatched them out his hands turning away but he grabbed my arm pulling me into him as we stared at each other, not saying a word...just taking each other presence in. finally realizing things could get heated and the vibe and connection was strong. We both laughed as I playfully pushed him away, he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him as he wrapped his arms around my waist as he whispered in my ear "<strong>lets get away from here</strong>". I nodded my head as we headed out the door to his car and sped off, was the night to night that I tell him how I feel about him ?

Run it

run it

Awww he likes her :)) She takin him in ALL in lol Stacey is good real good
Run It!!!

I cant wait for the next add this story is good
run it!

<strong>Authors note: <cite>thank you all for the reviews!</cite></strong>

Amanda's POV

I made my way into the house and headed into my gmas room, she was sound asleep.
I stood by the Dream of her bedroom door looking at her as she slept, seeing how peaceful she was. Knowing that my grandmother was sick and was on her death bed really hurt me because she took care of us most of her life.
Sometimes i wish she would get better and some times i wish god would call her home and take way the pain and sickness she was going through.

I smiled and walked inside her room and kissed her forehead and went to my room, I through my bad down and began to work on home work until Stacey called me

"<strong>What's up ma? I saw you today with Chrisssss</strong>", she song and laughed all the phone

I smacked my lips an placed her on speaker phone as I continued to do my home work
"<strong>Girl please he tried his hardest to spit game to me, s*** didn't work (lies)</strong>"

"<strong>Mhmm so why did you get in the car with him then Manda?!, come on now you like ole dude</strong>"

I sighed, "<strong>I just met this nigga plus I'm nt even his type Stacey....I'm a tomboy, I don't know how to dress a- and im not like the hoochies ive seen him round time with g-</strong>"

"<strong>And your pretty Manda, stop all the excuses, we are going out this weekend and I'm inviting Dru , matter of fact....lets have a double date, i bring my guy you bring yours</strong>", she explained as i rolled my eyes laying back on my bed.

"<strong>We'll I won't be going sorry , I have things to do</strong>"

She laughed loudly, "<strong>like what?!! Study?, girl please I'm making you spend the night with me and the guys will met up with us case closed, talked to you later b****</strong>"

She hung up on me, I shook my head as I started back at my homework.

But I all could do was think about his smile...his lips...ugh Amanda STOP he's not your type plus you're not his type.

Once I got done with my work, I took a shower , through on some sweats and a shirt and went to sleep.


Chris's POV

I couldn't get ole girl out of my head, she was mad fine, just tomboyish...I liked that though and her attitude turn me on as well. I bet she probably thinks I'm the player type which I am, but s*** I'm willing to change for her...if she gives me the time of day.


Amanda's POV

Friday was here and I did not want to deal with anyone today, I checked on grams, fussed with Natasha and made my way out of the door with her headed to the bus stop. But to my surprise Chris smoking a blunt and some other <a href="">guy</a> was standing outside sitting on his car. I paused for a minute, rolled my eyes and made my way down the steps.

"<strong>Oh my god! what are they doing here?</strong>" , Natasha said while cheesing and s***.

I shrugged my shoulders and made my way down the steps, "<strong>how do you know where. I live?</strong>"

Raised my eyebrow and folded my arms waiting for him to answer as he chuckled.

He smiled and leaned forward, "<strong>well a little friend of mines help me out..</strong>"

He looked at Natasha and winked , I looked at her as she stopped smiling and turned her head clearing her throat.

It was awkward silence until he broke it.

"<strong>Well so can I give you beautiful ladies a ride this morning?</strong>"

Natasha ran to the car ,"<strong>Ye-</strong>"

"<strong>No...come on Natasha we have to go catch the bus</strong>", i grabbed Natasha's arm as she groaned and smacked her lips.

I was going to take a ride from him and neither was Tasha. He wasn't about to use chivalry and this other nice s*** on me, NOPE!
I tried walking away but he jumped in front of me not letting me move. I really wasn't trying to hear what he had to say...or did I?

"<strong>Look acting like I'm trying to play ns***, just let me take you and sis to school and. I promise ill leave you alone ok?</strong>" he glanced at me trying to read and hope i say yes to his answer. He shot a quick smile letting his dimple show as i finally gave in rolling my eyes.


He stepped aside and smiled as he opened the car door for me and my sister. I just couldn't believe that he wanted someone like me to talk to or even be around to be honest.

"<strong>So who's the little cutie in the back</strong>", I said while looking back .

He looked back nodding his head, "<strong>Oh that's my little brother Tae</strong>"

"<strong>I see y'all favor a lot...playas</strong>", I laughed a little while Chris frowned

He shook his head and made a left at the light , "<strong>nah far from me....I try to make him be better than me to be honest...but anyway,what do you got planned this weekend?</strong>"

"<strong>nothing</strong>", I said quickly failing to mention to him about Stacey's little double date.

He chuckled , "really? nothing at all? i heard other wise...."

i furrowed my eyebrows looking over at him "<strong>heard what??</strong>"

He chuckled shaking his head, "<strong>just be ready at 8 this weekend</strong>"

"<cite>that b****..</cite>", i said under my breath thinking Stacey did this s***, i swear my best friend is so sneaky.

I looked over at him as he still had his eye on the road, "<strong>whatever you say</strong>"


We arrived at the school and we y'all got out the car, eyes were all in me as he nudge me a little rubbin my cheek.

That's when Stacey came out of no where ooing and ahhing. I rolled my eyes as she approach us.

"<strong>We'll well why isn't it the infamous chris</strong>", she smiled and stood by me

He laughed and leaned in the car, "<strong>we'll well why isn't ms. Stacey</strong>"

"<strong>I see you two are getting along well</strong>"

He nodded and winked at me, "<strong>yep we are....she's pretty cool</strong>"

she 'mhmmm" and squinted her eyes at us letting a smirk creep on her face, "so she knows about you asking her out this weekend right? ", she questioned pointing at both of us.

I rolled my eyes as Chris laughed nodding his head, "<strong>yes she and nigga will be by your place at 8</strong>"

She looked over at me and winked,"<strong>sounds good, well i gotta go , bye yall</strong>"

She bounced away as she left me and Chris staring at the each other.

"<strong>You're friend is crazy, but ill see you this weekend Amanda</strong>", he said as he pulled me into a hug.

I quickly took in his scent which was Versace "Eros", for men. I let the scent take over my nose as my hormones began to race just wanting to hug him forever and maybe kiss. God i wanted this guy but didnt realize it.

I quickly pulled away and smiled biting my lip.
"<strong>I'll see you too chris</strong>"

Before he left we exchanged numbers and I headed into the school, as i walked up the steps all eyes were still on me and crazy to say i was loving every minute of it.

"<cite><strong>good day for me so far</strong></cite>", i mumbled to myself as i smiled and shook my head.

loving this!!!
run it!!

Nice run it

run it
i cant wait to see what happens with chris and amanda

Awww he was nice he offered her a ride home. Pretty good so far keep it comin lol
Run It!!!

im digging this so far. run it

Run it!

I'm loving this